Tim Krul: An example to other youngsters?

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Tim Krul: A fine example
Tim Krul: A fine example
I think it’s safe to say that recently Tim Krul has been on fire, I believe that he has been instrumental to the best defence in the Premiership so far.

Danny Simpson doesn’t turn into a fantastic left back overnight, it’s Timmy who won the 3 points for us at Wolves with a couple of ridiculously good double saves, some of which a certain Mr S.Given would be proud of.

I remember that away game against Palermo when he made his debut so many years ago, whilst looking jittery (to be fair it was a hell of a game to be thrown into) he made some cracking saves, and if memory serves me right, a certain Albert Luque scored to bring home an away win.

With Tim having “matured” so to speak, we must look again to our youngsters to see who else we can promote through the ranks. I think it’s fair to say that the Toon will drop down the league as time goes on, so why not try and integrate a few younguns into the team if and when it can be permitted.

Sammy Ameobi looks more dangerous than his brother ever did, whilst still providing the ongoing Ameobi comedy value. Haris Vučkić is ready to become our very own Jack Wilshere who hopefully can begin to step in when HBA is injured.

Are we beginning to see the Ashley 5 year plan start to mature? With more investment into promising youth such as Mehdi Abeid, I hope that our rich vein of talent can continue to influence the EPL.

These kids are hungry for their chance, and that hunger seems to have rubbed off onto the 1st team, something we were missing in our relegation season.

Long may it continue!

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14 Responses

  1. I remember watching him in the Palermo match and thinking this lad is gonna be special. Long may it continue for the toon. Hwtl

  2. Pasquale Sensibile (then Juventus Chief Scout now at Sampdoria) said in an interview with Tuttosport back in 2003

    “We keep an eye on all the best youngsters from around the world. For example, Krul. The Dutchman is the future Gigi Buffon.”

    The benefit of bringing youngsters through is that they should feel more inclined to stay and play for the club who have developed their talent them but then again there’s Forster :(

  3. Not really AndyMac, unless they’re at a top club challenging for honours. You’re right that they should feel more inclined to stay, but they won’t feel that way. Forsters shite anyway, and he seems to have a right hard on for Celtic, so let him stay there and play Micky mouse football…

    Krul’s looking good, he still has a few things to learn, which will come with experience… I just hope we can keep hold of him, I’m not convinced by Elliot… I’d never even heard of him until we signed him, and a 25 year old ‘keeper playing in league 1, is hardly going to be special is he.

    Anyway, Krul’s doing well, long may it continue.

  4. Andy,
    is capt. sensible really Juve’s scout?

    & does he really wanna end up like/as a buffant?

    Aye, i knaa, little things…

    He’s doing well Timothy, just needs to sharpen up his ‘coming & collecting’/punching by being a bit more decisive. But his distribution ie rolling/throwing the ball out rather than hoofing has come on recently.
    His kicking under pressure can be a bit wayward sometimes. He’s defo improved though.

  5. Overall I think we’re better off having a near world class keeper at the age of 23 as he’s less likely to want to move to the “big time” until he’s gained the confidence that will surely come within the next few years.

    If we’re winning games and maybe some silverware with a regular spot in Europe he should be happy. If we’re struggling then thats another kettle of fish !

  6. Think we lucked out with young Krul.
    He naturally looked a bit shaky in his first few games, but with game practice, he has certainly impressed me.
    He has most of the requirements, height, athleticism, positional awareness, reminds me of Shay with some of his reaction saves and played a big part in our latest win against Wolves.
    Of course still not the complete article, but should be a real good stopper for us and solve our keeper needs well into the future.

  7. Soh !
    Now we all agree Krul is the real deal, what’s the general feeling about PARDEW ?
    Sure we know he has yet to find a subject he does’nt have to comment on, whether or not we can understand what he’s talking about.
    Some claim he is using psychology !
    Some think otherwise !
    A few think he’s doing a hell of a job !
    Others think he’s useless !
    Does he have any actual input into who arrives at the club, or is he just an Ashley yes man ?
    Is he a good tactician ?
    Is he the man to lead this side to a successful future ?
    All opinions welcome and hopefully respected.
    GO !!!!

  8. Aye,
    i know,
    not bad,
    that’s unfair,
    hard to say,
    he does homework,
    could be,

    ps…Krul will eventually leave shay trailing in his wake.

  9. now the reserves win as well! 2 for Marveaux
    youngsters won the other night!
    sorry, I know you all like a good whinge but I just can’t think of anything to complain about!
    oh, and we’re 4th !


  10. supermac,
    he has 6 in 4 so far this season, even while being booed by his ‘fans’ for wanting to leave.
    It is the french ligue 1 like, but anyhoo.