Don’t be Krul!

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Tim Krul.
Krul: Sparkling form.
After the victory over a very average Fulham team, it is still far from being all rosy in the NUFC garden.

Apart from the obviously self imposed transfer chaos, club policies, missing transfer revenues and off field dramas filling up the headlines before, during and after the game, some fans don’t seem content with another vital three points and are fault finding at every opportunity. I am dismayed at the criticism being directed towards Newcastle and Holland’s current Number 1 after arguably his man of the match performance on Sunday?

It is has been an excellent start to the season with the momentum picking up nicely on the pitch and we are looking in decent shape so i am quietly optimistic that with a few extra faces though the door before deadline day, we should be ok this season.

But am I in the minority when it comes to Tim krul?

In one of the few areas i think we can all agree on, NUFC are not short in the goal keeping department with Harper, Krul, Forster and Soderberg all making up a strong cast of youth and experience to ensure we have very good options, with another keeper now in the shape of Rob Elliot to cover an injury crisis, it is one of the few areas of the squad we are healthy in, with good competition for the number 1 shirt.

Tim Krul has started this season in sparkling form and is repaying the faith Pardew has shown in him. He has shown remarkable improvement from last season and looks physically stronger, more assured on crosses, and seems to have an excellent positioning sense which has allowed him to make a series of top saves in the opening fixtures. He is fast becoming one of the most promising keepers in the league. He deserves our support and understanding to help him continue this progress, one moment in particular comes to mind during the Fulham game was Krul coming for a cross towards the edge of the box with strong hands after his mistake a few minutes prior, which shows to me he has the confidence in his own ability and he should keep improving the more games he plays.

Some senior members of the team who are yet to hit the ground running this season (Tiote and Simpson) deserve far more criticism than our new number 1 seems to be getting? Krul’s naive positioning was at fault for the goal and I’m sure he will make a few more mistakes along the way and unless he totally loses the plot and goes ‘wobble’ criticising his every move is not good for his confidence or development.

Surely this lad is one of the few shinning lights in the darkness of the regime that currently blights the club? Tim Krul has more than earned his keep this season and the right to continue between the sticks, so lets back him to the hilt as i believe he can become Harper’s natural replacement and has a very promising career ahead of him.

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49 Responses

  1. krul has been a shining light so far some top class saves and match performances deserves the number 1 spot. only thing that im a bit nervous about that he will make the odd error in a game which could potentially cost us, but when he gets the games in im sure he will iron out those mistakes and will be the perfect keeper

  2. just to add really just needs to improve on his ball handling,positioning and kicking. his confidence at the moment is at sky high so keep it up timmy boy

  3. totally with you on this, i’m thoroughly of the opinion that Krul deserves a run as the number one choice. He’s young, with ample scope to improve and by far the best way to do so is to get genuine match practice.

  4. The one thing I’ve noticed about Krul is that he doesn’t ever seem to make the same mistake twice.
    Hopefully, the days of us mercilessly hounding a player are behind us, as it’s something we’ve been more than guilty of in the past..

  5. Tim has been worth a few points to us already this season.
    I don’t see much criticism of him from supporters in any way. Have I missed something?
    Think he’ll go on to be a goalkeeping great at this club – unless Ashley gets pound signs in his eyes again!!

  6. One thing I have noticed so far about this season is…

    … that NUFC fans f**king complains about EVERYTHING, even when they dont need to complain and when they don’t have something to moan about. In this instance Krul.

    For once we have an area we do not need to worry about, GKeeping. A keeper who is young who will make mistakes, but will learn. A player who has been the best player so far.

    A player who I am worried we will get a cheeky £8million bid in from someone and he’ll go…. maybe this transfer, or next.



  7. not really criticizing just merely highlighting he would be prone with the odd mistake and praising him for his outstanding performances

  8. harper’s replacement?he’s already taken harper’s spot.steve is more or less just a goalkeeping coach now.
    and for all those idiots who go on about krul’s occasional mistakes,here’s something to think about.
    David De Gea,new man utd keeper.already made a shed loada mistakes in Big fixtures,not something you’d want from your keeper,especially for a Huge team like united.But Sir Alex has faith in him.why?’coz he’s young and he’s learning
    same thing with krul.
    so this is for the faithless:
    go suck a potato!

  9. Almost every keeper in the league is prone to the odd mistake, it’s how they learn from them that counts
    Kruls been great so far this season, would harper have made those saves?
    Actually think Harper has fallen out with Pards and will be on the move today

  10. @Chancer:
    I totally agree with what you say and i’m Very Very worried that one of the big fish might just swoop in and pull the rug from under our feet.
    Basically,we Have to keep a hold of krul,And all the other promising youngster’s at This club
    the way Ashley’s been going about with our beloved team,seems like we’re a glorified academy now,a feeder club for bigger teams.
    That is UNACCEPTABLE!!

  11. Yes ! i have allready commented on this matter and totally agree, to get on the guys case following the game he had is a bit over the top.
    Every goalie makes the occasional mistake, but most learn from it.
    You dont get to play for your country, especially Holland, by being average.
    This kid has it all, size, reaction, positioning, good outlet, talks to his defenders and can only improve if given the opportunity to play regularly.
    OK ! leave the guy alone, nitpickers !

  12. Greetings Lads

    Tim Krul is newcastle Number one keeper, and hopefully he will have a long striong as Steve with this club. We need to be in the european leauges constatly to not feed other clubs. We get good players that hopefully see the progress that we are making and lets us attack the 8 spot this year. This team is so good that should be a distinct possibility of magageing this season especially if we get a reown striker as Maiga or Cisse.. So it is time to get cracking. We can not have players like Shola if on the pitch if we ever going to make the cut for Europe. The Need that I see is another Fullback, One Central Defender and Two strikers. Would Prefer Pieters, Rouge, Maiga, but I am sure that the marvellous scouting team should manage to get some good suprise today. Santon is absolutley cracking like the rest of the new guys. I truly believe we have a better team this year, and a team that allow yougsters develop in peace with possibillities of first team performances now and then…

    Really Good Crack in the Market, now lets finish this day with a bang…..

  13. Criticism towards Tim Krul? Who the he’ll are these people? He has been outstanding this so far this season and is one of the best and most promising YOUNG players at the club. One word, muppets

  14. Interesting from lee Ryder:

    #nufc Nolan Roux was offered to NUFC last week, they have been looking at other options but considering Brest’s offer
    4 minutes ago


  15. Wont happen Phisix, I doubt we will bring in a striker with 9 hours or so left unfortunately.

    David Craig earlier was like a human vessel with Llambias’ words coming out of his mouth:

    “They wont pay over the odds and will wait until January if they have to. Believe me, strikers will be available in January”.

  16. Whilst I agree with supporting our goalkeepers, I think that Steve Harper is still a very good one and we should support him too. Despite Krul’s recent heroics, Harper is more experienced, less prone to mistakes and he’s waited far longer than Krul.

  17. i will always rate Steve Harper but you cant get the jersey just because you have waited in line and its your turn next

    with the big void in English goalkeepers over the last 10 years since Seaman played, if Harper had had the ambition he could have moved to another team established himself there and been England’s number 1? but he chose to stay at nufc and he is a loyal servant but a wasted talent at the end of the day

  18. arka @12.

    I think Im one of the few to behind the buy ’em young, selling ’em on – making profit. Admittedly I want to hold on to youngest and built a team that will ‘take on the world’, but if bigger clubs (and silly little clubs with silly money) want to part with huge amounts of cash that goes back INTO the club (and buy that I’m not talking about spending it all on new players but investing it into the future) then I will happily say, ok thanks for your time and thanks for helping NUFC.

    In an ideal world the only young players then I personally should never be sold are local lads, however, as the AC case it, if silly money comes in – you can’t turn it down – no one can.

  19. @ Geordiebug.

    That’s harsh on Harper. I think the club have done him a huge favour tho in keeping him at number two. We know he’ll be used at some point this season. Maybe Krul will have a small amount of bad games and Harper would step in.

    Harper, yes could have moved and been England No 1. He stayed because he loves the area and the club, the club have been good to him. Hopefully he will stay on as coach – I think, from what I’ve heard about he and seen, he will be a very good one.

    I feel for him tho, being in the Given situation again (at no 2), but I think he knows that Krul is good, is on form, its hard to drop him. But then he knows when he gets the chance, he needs to make sure that he is hard to drop !!!

  20. I reckon Krul made the mistake for Dempsey’s goal solely because he assumed the defence would handle it and he switched off for a few seconds. I can’t say I begrudge Fulham for scoring, though, if it wasn’t for Krul, we’d have had been dead and buried!

  21. I see NUFC fans like any other fans ofa sports team. Being a big fan of the Jets, Yankees, and NUFC I see nothing different. Yankee fans are never happy with Arod hitting 30 HR and 100 RBI every season or an aging Jeter not able to hit .290 in a season. Krul although young has showed so much promise is the opening 3 matches and probably saved all 3 of those games for us but what a lot of fans will rememeber is his positioning on the Dempsey goal.

    Fans will never be satisifed until the team wins some trophies but right now fans need to the many positives that have come from the first 3 matches a long with the direction the team is going.

  22. bassong seen driving into our training ground….rumour of Valencia tabling 10m bid for colo – i really hope 2 plus 2 doesnt come true.

  23. Dreamer says:
    August 31, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    “That’s harsh on Harper. I think the club have done him a huge favour tho in keeping him at number two.”

    Harper’s injured Dreamer. If I was him, and was dropped when I got back, I would just tweet about Ashley on Twitter and get myself a free transfer, wage rise and possibly a signing on fee, or even put in a transfer request if I had to. There’s no point in being loyal to Newcastle United, he won’t get any thanks for it.

  24. Worky, he’s in Cameroon mate, it’s BS.

    Loads of crazy shite today…Balotelli, Carroll, Sturridge…etc etc.

  25. Aye, don’t read too much into the Bassong stuff.

    Let’s cheer ourselves up with some Mackem transfer rumours:

    1. Ferdinand is on his way to QPR.
    2. Gyan has reportedly handed in a transfer request.
    3. They’ve tabled an offer for Samaras.


  26. No way.

    Thump, yes agent Bruce seems to be doing a smashing job. Though Ferdinand is shite. Samaras to them would be a fantastic piece of business for the rest of the league. :-)

  27. yea good write up dougie. the only criticism i’ve heard on timmy is that he was a bit out of position on the dempsey goal – which, i think is fair (especially just watching it again on FSC) other than that, i’ve heard nothing but praise for him and rightly so. as others have said, he looks to be repaying the faith and AP has shown by making him our #1.
    I do agree that some of the other players are definitely taking time to get to full speed (tiote and simpson as you pointed out) but for what I’d argue has been 3 ok to decent performances, and getting 7 of 9 is very encouraging. can’t wait to see what we can do when everyone out there is firing at 100%

  28. Milner says:
    August 31, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    “bassong seen driving into our training ground”

    Checked it oot Milner, he’s in Cameroon apparently!

  29. I agree krul was and has been our top player Padrew has done very well too good signingswe look healthy for once…. Dont get me wrong I would love a adebayor etc but one step at a time ay.

  30. ffs, has that c**t llambias,not sorted out a striker yet?
    he’s only had eight month,i hope there not using this hijack the ruiz deal,as a token gesture,like their charles n’zogbia phantom bid.

  31. He’s come on really well, like what I’m seeing he has great instincts as every top keeper should. The save he made off the back of colo’s head in the Scunthorpe game was class as we were already 1-0 down at the time. Keep it up Tim.