Newcastle United – News Roundup – 15 July 2009 [updated]

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Is Joe to return?
Is Joe to return?
The Daily Mail is reporting that Joe Kinnear is to return as Newcastle manager and that a takeover is not imminent.

The Mail claims this ‘exclusive’ but doesn’t reveal any source of their information and has no direct quotes from anyone about this, so it’s probably worth treating this report extremely cautiously.

The Mail suggests that an announcement will be made today, so we should know soon enough if there’s any truth in this or if it’s the usual garbage from bored reporters.

There are many rumours circulating about potential announcements today and for all I know some of them may be true. But beware rumour-mongers. They are much more often wrong than right and bear in mind that Ashley’s abysmal communication skills probably means he’s good at keeping a secret and ‘leaks’ to junior members of the SJP hierarchy – which is often where the rumour is said to originate – are unlikely.

The Chronicle reports that another Newcastle player – Jose Enrique this time – has decided to vent his spleen at the current disharmony at the club. It’s the standard sort of stuff, so I’ll just pick one quote from Jose:

If an offer came in I would have to study it. Being disillusioned makes me want to return to Spain. I have a good contract in England, but I would be resigned to losing money if I went back to Spain.

The Sun claims that Atletico Madrid will offer Jose a £3m, £30k/week deal.

It’s a sure sign there isn’t much news when I start reporting on ex-players but, according to The Mail (again), Bellamy’s returning to the North East, although to a smaller club this time. Apparently the obnoxious Welshman is joining the Mackems.

That’s all there is – I’ll be watching out for any of these alleged announcements today.

Update: 09:00

According to The Guardian, Joe Kinnear will definitely not be returning as Newcastle manager. It’s more from ‘sources at the club’ – which is wearing extremely thin now – but it contradicts the ‘sources at the club’ who said he will be returning.

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4 Responses

  1. I see it’s been bolloxed by the club on the official site.

    Not sure what to read into it but why would they feel inclined to refute spurious rumours all of a sudden?

    I know they probably realise what the reaction would be but then so much crap has been written they’d have to keep coming out with these statements. And do they really care how we feel or what we’re thinking? Surely, they’re just trying to get out of dodge asap?

    Again, can’t get my head round it really. Could mean nowt but just seems a bit random?
    To keep the waters calm on the sale and prevent upsetting any negotiations or potential interest?

    Unless they’re paving the way for this press conference we’re meant to be having?

  2. Yeah, I just saw that.

    I hope it’s not one of those “the board gives full backing to the manager” type of announcements, which are usually a precursor to the manager getting the boot.

    I hope this isn’t similar reverse intent stuff.