And the winner of the Player of the Season is…

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And the winner is...
And the winner is...
The goalposts are down, the World Cup is just around the corner, and the summer sun will soon be upon us. Yes it’s the end of the season, so what better time to announce the Player of the Season result?

It has been down to you, the reader, to decide the destination of this much coveted award. It’s only fair that we are the ones to pass judgement on how a player has played for us throughout the season, we know much more than the experts anyway. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that the winner of this award, as voted for by you and with 28% of the final vote is….. Jose Enrique.

I’m sure he is ecstatic knowing that he is now the proud owner of our coveted award, but as yet I have been unable to track down the Spaniard to ask him how he is feeling at what must be an emotional and triumphant time for him. Unfortunately he will have to wait to be presented with the widely respected trophy although I can give everyone an update on the progress of it’s construction. I can reveal that the finishing touches are being applied and all I need now to finish the trophy off are some nails, glue and some tin-foil. And to think my mother never rated Blue Peter and wondered why I used to watch it as a child, who’s laughing now eh mother?

All joking aside, it really is indicative of just how well Enrique has performed throughout the season and it’s not often you get a full-back winning a Player of the Season award regardless of the stature of it. Jose is one of the players we have no worries about for next season, although it would be nice of we could muster some cover for the lad and make us less reliant on him.

Jose is a firm fan favourite and also appears to be a popular character amongst his team-mates, as evidenced by some emotional scenes after he scored his first goal in a Newcastle shirt against Nottingham Forest back in March. In short, he has been one of the outstanding performers in a team that has smashed so many record this season. Well done Jose.

Runner up was Fabricio Coloccini who managed to collect 17% of the vote, whilst in third place was Kevin Nolan with 11%.

Coloccini has become a cult hero with the fans this term and has looked a class apart from any other defender in the league. His composure and skill on the ball is not something that is usually evident in a central defender, yet the Argie has it in spades.

As for Kevin Nolan, his 18 goals cannot be ignored despite accusations that he is probably not the fastest or most mobile midfielder we posess. I would counter that by asking people to look at the second goal in what was a 4-0 win away at Ipswich earlier on in the season, plus he also has the uncanny ability of being in the right place at the right time.

To conclude, there has been some cracking season long peformances from a number of individuals, all of which have contributed to such a successful season on the pitch. My only hope is that this time next year we can dish out the award to someone who has helped us to stay in the Premier League and not to the best of a bad bunch who got relegated. In the meantime, sing-a-long…

Jose Jose Jose Jose…

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37 Responses

  1. correct result for me & i can see a couple of big offers coming in for him but i fear..wide-load..wont be able to resist the temptation of the pretty green & cash in.

  2. re: the nufc one – i think someone has hijacked it to be voting for Butt. probably some forum’s idea of a joke?

    jose is a deserving winner. let’s hope he can handle all the premier league wingers as easily as the championship’s!

  3. Craig – It was a bunch of mackems who hijacked the vote on the official site, which is why the result is scewed.

    We all know them Mackems aint right. Obsession is taken to another level when they think about us for some reason. They would rather see us lose than their team win.

    Sad really.

  4. Taken from a web rumour mill…. any thoughts and could the NUFC insider be Ashley himself?

    14 May 2010 13:18:36
    Went to a talk in through week with a member of NUFC coaching staff and he openly admitted the following:

    NUFC IN:

    Vela (Loan)
    Fran Medria (Free)
    Wilshire (Loan)
    Curtis Davis (Free)
    Gamst Pedersen (Free)
    Macheda (Loan)
    Van Arnholt (Loan)



    Newcastle United will spend a small amount of money on a Forward to play alongside Caroll however Harris Vuckic is likely to play a big part next year as he is thought of very highly at the club!

  5. Hey, so whats wrong with Nicky Butt getting it ?
    The man has had a big impact on the side since he came back from loan, why else would he have been pencilled in by Hughton so many times ?

  6. Lesh
    The term free is not exactly a true representation.
    Free agents command higher wages due to the lack of any transfer fee, it`s a wash, if ye kna what a mean !

  7. Either Boyd or his agent have claimed NUFC and other EPL clubs are presently interested in aquiring the Ranger`s striker, if so whats the verdict on him ?

  8. Chuck.. no chance of him coming – he’s broken Ashley’s law about confidentially!

    Ah well, guess we’ll end up wi no butter coming in!!!!

  9. Chuck – Free agents command a higher slary is not strictly a true representation either.

    It’s commonly thought that they do, although it’s usually a signing on fee that sweetens the deal with a free transfer.

  10. toonsy says:
    May 14, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Come on toonsy man!

    Freebees get higher salaries as well as a signing on fee – That’s the way it works.

    All of them!

  11. As far as I know free agents get a higher wage , due to lack of transfer fee ,

    Isnt that why Sol Campbell left Arsenal 1st time as they wanted him to take a reduction in wage as his orginal contract was so high due to no transfer fee.

    There might , as with everything , excpetions to a rule

  12. Williamson believes that is largely down to the team spirit in Toon. He added: “It’s a small, close group of lads.

    “The first week I was here, there were a few signings – me, Wayne (Routledge) and Fitz (Hall) – and straight away the senior lads like Kevin Nolan and Alan Smith said ‘right, we’re going for a meal out’, and that set the standard.

    “It’s all about the togetherness and bonding, and that’s shown on the field.”


    Can you imagine that little prick Michael Owen doing something like that!
    Kevin Nolan, for me as player of the season. His leadership is something that has been sorely missed since Shearer left the club.

  13. I see , thought he might of found out the world was about to emplode and he is happy he was right :)

  14. JJ
    You make player bonding sound like the be all of a successful side, well i got news for you it`s more bullshit that`s all.
    I have known teams that literally hated each other but were successful on the field, so enough with that nonsense.
    Face it the game has more to do with skill and the right tactics than how players get along with each other.

  15. But Chuck, teams perform better when they’re as one as it all goes down to each player being mentally in tune with the others and that cannot happen when players ‘hate’ oneanother.

    Whatever it was it seemed to work for Nolan and the rest.

  16. Chuck

    All I stated was that its nice to know there is some leadership in the dressing room.
    Wether you would care to admit it or not, player confidence is a massive factor. And when you have a welcoming dressing room. It makes it that much easier for new faces to come in and perform.
    It shouldn’t effect the experienced battle worn professionals too much. But it sure makes life easier for the youngsters and newbies.

    We have a lot of youngsters in the team. So they need to feel wanted by the seniors.

    If you don’t think that makes a difference. You havn’t played sport.

  17. Totally agree with Chuck, once again.

    In the last two season Stoke have had at least three player bust ups and a plyer has had a bust up with the manager, yet they still done alright haven’t they?

    So lets not try and cover up our technical inadequacies with all this team spirit be all and end all.

  18. Johno Toon says:
    May 14, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    “Stuck in work , blog ( my only outlet really in ) is all quiet”

    We seem to have been offline for a while, Johno.

  19. Workey
    You know the famous quote in that regard and most of the time I also agree with you.
    I`m talking waldorf and statler here, as great minds think alike, while lesser fools look on !

  20. It`s not that i particularly need to do put downs and of course i`m kidding about the great minds nonsense .
    But I get a bit tired of the were a renewed side and a to-gether side and that`s what matters.
    I believe that talent makes a side and there`s far to much emphasis on to- getherness, dont hurt, but I prefer talent any day.
    As a matter of fact would love to have Bellamy and Ireland, niether known for getting along with team-mates.