Newcastle United – News Roundup – 28 July 2009.

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Oba fancies a move to Wolfsburg
Oba fancies a move to Wolfsburg
A few of the papers – such as The Telegraph – are going with the story that Oba Martins wants to join Wolfsburg, the Budesliga champions. Martins told the Wolfsburger Allgemeiner Zeitung (which I presume is a newspaper and not an exotic fast food outlet):

The Bundesliga is on the up and could soon become one of the best leagues in the world. Therefore I am keen on joining a side that has recently become champions of that division.

I am hoping this transfer is going to be pushed through real soon.”

I suspect Oba will be disappointed on that last issue. Nothing seems to be getting ‘pushed through real soon’ – or indeed at all – at the moment.

The article goes on to suggest that Martins will be hard pressed to get a regular place in the team given that Wolfsburg’s front two – Grafite and Dzeko – scored 53 goals between them last season. Apparently Newcastle have placed a £10m price tag on Martins.

The Chronicle has an article about the ‘crisis talks’ that Hughton held with the team after the 6-1 thumping at Orient. Hughton ordered his team not to talk to the media about the defeat, although Enrique seems to have totally disregarded that order saying:

I think it was important that this happened.

To lose 6-1 now is bad, but it’s better to do it in a friendly game then when we go to West Brom.

If it happens now and we lose, OK, it’s not great but we know that we can’t perform like that in the Championship or we will be punished.

In the first half we didn’t play that bad but in the second I don’t know what happened.

We’re now thinking about the next game – this was very bad for the players.

I speak for myself.

But for me it’s a 6-1 defeat and I don’t want to be part of that as a player.

Yet in some ways it can be a good thing. It doesn’t sound like it now but if we can learn from this and get the mistakes out of our system, it can help.”

He actually has a fair bit more to say along those lines as The Chronicle quotes him extensively but I’ll just pick up on the way he finishes:

All we can do is stick with it. We have Leeds next and I hope that the fans come out and get behind us.

We still need them at this club.”

Well thanks Jose – it’s good to know we’re still needed. Perhaps someone should tell Mike Ashley that.

The Mail, in a typically cheery article, asks whether or not we’ll become the next Leeds and suggests that the best financial move for Ashley might be to put us into administration. They also suggest that Friday is a significant day for Newcastle because it’s the end of the month, although I’m struggling to see how that’s relevant. Is it a full moon too?

Sky Sports is reporting that The Profitable Group have withdrawn their offer to buy the club. Apparently they were unable to provide proof that they could afford the £100m necessary to make the purchase anyway. Sorry, but I’ve never seen this bunch as serious candidates and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were just using the situation to garner publicity.

Rob Lee has joined counless others in stating how much the current situation is hurting the club, as has Steve Howie, but all these complaints are pointless because Ashley obviously doesn’t give a sh couldn’t care less and will just be after the best deal he can get for himself.

So there we have it. A mixed bag of stuff from the rags today.

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36 Responses

  1. The bit in the Daily Mail article that worried me was this extract:

    “As Ashley would be the major creditor, administration would seem an odd move financially. But Ashley could probably take his losses at Newcastle, which would be close to £250m, and set them against profit at his other companies, such as Sports Direct. Ashley’s tax liability would then be reduced and his loss not so great.

    Friday has emerged as being possibly significant simply because it is the end of the month. Ashley has a basic economic calculation: does he make more money from selling the club or from administration?”

    Obviously – only Ashley can do the necessary sums on this choice and decide what’s best for himself. However, the worrying thing from our point of view is that one of the options open to him above would leave us with a 10 point deduction before we kicked a ball…….

  2. Indeed 111. A 10 point reduction could finish us before we’ve started. I’m of the opinion that, unless something happens very soon to sort the club out, a mid-table finish will be a fantastic result for us. 10 points off mid-table could easily put us in relegation danger.

  3. Administration wouldn’t be great news but it certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world.

    If the club went into administration there would be a queue from St James’ Park to Stowell Street waiting to buy the club.

    They would get it at a ridiculously low price and it would be virtually debt free!

    Pefect scenario for any new buyer.

  4. David Craig seems to be in the know somewhat.
    I got the vibe off him, when on SSN that there’s a few other interested parties.
    Dunno really though.

  5. UTD111 says:
    July 28, 2009 at 8:48 am

    “The bit in the Daily Mail article that worried me was this extract:”

    UTD111, The Daily Mail’s whole aim is to sell newspapers by worrying people.

  6. If they were not getting anything from the club before why the club start telling them now? The papers know nothing.

  7. UTD111 says:
    July 28, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    “Agreed Worky – but that bit actually makes sense – scary or not!!”


    Divven’t worry, it’s just specious, ie it sounds like it makes sense on it’s own, but if they brought in some of the details which they’re not telling you, then it wouldn’t make so much sense after all. That’s the forte of professional deceivers like The Mail. The Express tried to peddle the same twaddle months ago, and if they were to be beleived, we would have gone into admin already.

    Newcastle United will not go into administration, not quite yet anyway. ;-)

  8. Anyway I was in Barcelona last week. In the musuem they have the Fairs Cup with Newcastle’s name on it. Do Newcastle even have a musuem?

  9. Museum? Newcastle United’s attitude to it’s own history is appalling. They haven’t even bothered to put Alan Shearer on the ‘Legends’ page of their site yet, not to mention all the other notable omissions.

  10. “Martins told the Wolfsburger Allgemeiner Zeitung (which I presume is a newspaper and not an exotic fast food outlet):”

    It’s the ‘Wolfscastle General Newspaper’, Hugh.

  11. worky agreed if i was chairman i would make great strides on honouring the clubs legends and history in some way

  12. worky i agree i cant believe an ex footballer would do such a thing to a club in need like ours……..its despicable

  13. Most of the papers seem to think we’ve ‘lost out’ by The Profitable Group’s bid withdrawal yet it seems a lot of fans (perhaps particularly those on this site) thought they were a waste of space anyway.

  14. beyethegreat says:
    July 28, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    “btw some 1 has gave you quite the keyboard lashing on the leeds site”

    It’s probably just some bitter, knuckledragging NUFC fan, Beye, as usual. It won’t be a Leeds supporter.

  15. yeah it is but he disagrees that ashley has made the financial situation better

  16. this is what he said

    Mike Ashley wasn’t bad in that department at all, and he had to pick up the tab for the most excessive signings of his predecessor”

    Aye right…. signings on mega wages like Xisco, Gutierrez, Coloccini, Nolan, Viduka, Beye, Enrique, Ryan Taylor, Smith, Geremi, Cacapa, Barton all of who signed under ASHLEYS ownership and none of them with a relegation clause in their contract.
    You [DELETED] clueless spanner!

  17. beyethegreat says:
    July 28, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    “btw worky we arent the only 1s with kncukle dragers for fans

    What’s wrong with that, Beye? They look like quite a nice crowd to me, apart from that disrespectful, Newcastle supporting, obscenity spouting idiot, who got his facts wrong anyway. The deals with most of those players he quotes were set up by Shepherd, Douglas Hall and Allardyce before Ashley took full control in July, 2007.

  18. worky i didnt mean the leeds fans i was just saying that other sets of fans do have knuckle dragging fans i didnt mean lleeds fans

  19. though worky i would say that im sure most if not all were set up by ashley im not condoning ffs im just sayin

  20. beyethegreat says:
    July 28, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    “though worky i would say that im sure most if not all were set up by ashley im not condoning ffs im just sayin”


    Alot of people forget that Fat Freddy was chairman for months after Ashley’s takeover, and that he was still running things regarding player aquisitions. During this spell a whole heap of financially catastrophic signings were made.

    Kenneth Shepherd had his snout well and truly in the trough as well. ;-)

  21. workyticket says:
    July 28, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    Shepherd was only at the club until June 07 after Ashley had completed the takeover by the end of May.

    This isn’t quite the months you have said.

    I think you may have exaggerated to make your point which isn’t true in reality.

  22. Stuart79 says:
    July 28, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    “Shepherd was only at the club until June 07 after Ashley had completed the takeover by the end of May.”


    Fat Freddy was chairman, and Chris Mort was vice chairman for several weeks after that. Chris Mort didn’t take over as chairman until the 24th July, 2007.

  23. BTW Stuart, Mike Ashleys takeover wasn’t completed until well into June, not May as you stated.

    I think you are confusing the completion of the takeover with Ashley’s purchase of John Hall’s tranche of shares in the club, which did indeed happen at the end of May, 2007.

  24. Shepherd agreed to sell his shares on June 7th 2007

    Shepherd left NUFC on 27th July 2007.

    6 weeks…

  25. Give or take a month, we should have run a million effin miles.

    Oh hindsight is such a wonderful thing…..

  26. Shepherd, Ashley, Profitable Group … all a waste of space if you ask me.

    I yearn for a decent owner. Someone like Randy Lerner would suit. Surely he’d rather own Newcastle than Aston Stinky.

  27. Hugh de Payen says:
    July 28, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    “Shepherd, Ashley, Profitable Group … all a waste of space if you ask me.

    I yearn for a decent owner. Someone like Randy Lerner would suit. Surely he’d rather own Newcastle than Aston Stinky.”

    Hugh, you sound like a woman who’s had a string of bad relationships there. Someday our prince will come. :-)

    I know you hate Microsoft, but what about Paul Allen? He’s a highly intelligent computer programmer, astute, experienced at running sports clubs, richer than Croesus, and he’s looking for an English club.

  28. How do we know he’s looking for an English club?

    I wouldn’t mind him though.

    Although I have a deep mistrust of any computer boffins. All seem to be really boring and miserable.

    Maybe we need that now….

  29. Stuart79 says:
    July 28, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    “How do we know he’s looking for an English club?”

    Now I WAS possibly stretching the truth a little there, Stuart ;-) But he was strongly rumoured to be after Southampton for a while, though I think he did deny it eventually.

    He does buy alot of sports clubs though, and has shown that he knows how to run them from what I’ve read.

  30. In a world of rich potential owners we just need a decent one. How hard can it be?

    I have no problem with an owner wanting to use the club to publicize their company and I would welcome the club being run on sound financial principles, but I think they have to want to run a football club too, at least enough to have some ambition.

    That’s not to say they should have to be prepared to throw ridiculous money at it, but I wouldn’t want a Doug Ellis where mediocrity was the aim. I’d like to see us (one day) do the same sort of thing as Everton or Villa. I accept that we might simply not have the funds to be a genuine top 4 team but we still need ambition.

    Is that asking too much?

    Mind you, we’ve got a long haul to get anywhere near that from here, starting with a season good enough to make sure we don’t drop another league.

  31. Hugh – I think you’re a greedy bar stand. :D

    I’ll be happy with top 17 if we ever reach the dizzy heights of The Premiership again!!!

    Seriously, I think most of us are willing someone like that to come to our rescue.