Newcastle United – News Roundup – 13 July 2009.

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Tony Talks Toon
Tony Talks Toon
There simply isn’t any significant news that hasn’t already been posted on this site, so I’m afraid this will be a short report.

Scratching around, I did manage to find out that Tony Blair is concerned about Newcastle. According to The Express, His Tonyness told BBC Radio:

“I would not get into criticising anyone who has the onerous responsibility of running a football club.

“It is a tragedy what has happened. We have to regroup, reassert ourselves and move back up again. Newcastle had the third biggest gate in the Premier League and we are in the Championship now. There is no doubt they are a massive club. They will have to come back, but they will have to do a lot of sorting out in the meantime.”

Insightful stuff from the former PM and no mistake.

Staying with The Express (as they’re the only ones with any news to report), they suggest that Steven Taylor is a £10m target for Chelsea to replace John Terry who will leave for Manchester City.

My erudite colleague has already reported the Chawke speculation which, along with The Profitable Group’s supposed bid, is most likely a non-starter on account of them having gone public about their bids.

I managed to find a report in the News Of The World suggesting that our potential American investors fear we’re going into ‘meltdown’ and will ‘do a Leeds’. How do the News Of The World know this stuff about top secret bidders? Well they have a ‘Toon Source’ of course, who allegedly says:

“They [the American bidders] are worried the situation could turn into another Leeds United. That is not the case but they are going through a lot of financial models. They are the preferred bidders and they have a long-term plan.”

And so it drags on. We’re starting yet another week without an owner or a manager and it’s now a mere 26 days until we kick off against West Brom for the first match of the season. Hopefully we’ll finally hear something solid this week and we can end this misery.

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  1. i thought blair was meant to be a toon fan but he says they instead of we

    also part of the pic is cut out