Newcastle United – News Roundup – 24 August 2009.

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Sitting pretty
Sitting pretty
I’m all flustered this morning. For some reason my dog took to ferocious barking sessions last night, which had me twice out of bed and searching the premises, cricket bat in hand, ready to cover drive any burglars I found.

However no burglars nor any obvious reason for my dog’s frantic barking was found. Consequently I overslept and I’m now considering which room would look best with a border collie shaped rug on the floor.

Anyway, enough of my problems – what about Newcastle’s? Today is supposed to be D-Day number 147 isn’t it? I wouldn’t bet on it but by a lucky coincidence – given my disturbed night’s sleep – my colleague has covered a lot of the club’s political options so I don’t need to bother. Instead I’ll move swiftly on to other news.

According to the Sunday Sun, Steven Taylor feels he’s being forced out of the club. There are no quotes from Taylor but a ‘source’ said:

Steven feels like he is being forced out of the club and is devastated at the idea of leaving.

He believes he is one of three players Newcastle want to sell, and he can’t understand why.”

I’m suspicious of said source because even if Taylor is being forced out I’m sure he’d understand why. The Sunday Sun’s article goes on to mention Barcelona’s alleged interest in Jonas Gutierrez, about which Jonas says:

I have heard about Barcelona, and I’m obviously very happy.

It is a great club. They have demonstrated that in the last year by winning everything, and winning in style.

I’m not thinking too much about it – I am still thinking about Newcastle – but to join such a great team with such great players has always been my dream.”

More about Taylor: The Mirror is claiming that Martin O’Neil is ready to make a £6m offer for the defender (The Mirror actually calls it a ‘£6m raid‘, which irritated me for some reason).

The Chronicle reports that Coloccini’s call-up to the Argentinean squad will scupper the club’s chances of selling him this week. They also point out that Jonas has been called up too, so presumably we won’t be selling him either, although these international fixtures aren’t until next month – after the transfer window closes – and even accounting for the fact that the players will fly out ahead of the match date I’m not sure it will actually impact any transfer dealings this week. I’m more concerned about how their international duties will stretch our squad for any games they miss.

The Mirror (again!) reports that we’re planning to make a £3m bid for Forest’s Robert Earnshaw. I suppose there might be something in it, although all The Mirror is basing it on is Calderwood’s presence at Forest’s game last Tuesday.

Finally, The Journal reports that Peter Lovenkrands is open to the idea of returning to Newcastle. Lovenkrands said:

Of course I would be interested in coming back to Newcastle. I really enjoyed my time at the club and would certainly be interested in hearing what they had to say.

As far as I know there has been nothing concrete from them although there has been a bit of interest. I have had a few offers from other clubs as well and there are a few things on the table at the moment for me.

I know Newcastle are a Championship club now but they still have great fans and I don’t think they will be in the Championship for long. Of course it is a consideration but Newcastle are a big club. They got 43,000 fans for the last game, it is great the fans are still backing the team.”

Okay, that’s it for now. I guess we’ll know soon enough if this is actually D-Day on the club sale saga.

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13 Responses

  1. Am I the only one who watches BBC1? Colin Briggs on local news bulletins at 6.30 and 7 said that apparently today is NOT going to be D-day for the club. Apparently more time is needed for the decision (or maybe for a streak by Lambias to the Job Centre? – I can hope!)

  2. Magpie6699 – short answer? Yes, t’would be appear so. Great news but I expect more revelations today.

    Hugh – weirdly my dog did the same. Perhaps they sense evil around the club?

  3. does anyone answer the contact us form?? or am i just being ignored?

    Hope some news today, sold or not, either way I actually don’t care as long as we here something so we can move on.

  4. roscoe – I heard on the grapevine you were being ignored.

    Nah, only worky has access to that part of the site so you can blame him but he’s been non-stop with developing the site so possibly neglected the admin side at the min. I’m sure he’ll get back to you asap!

  5. I’m a bit perturbed by the “Hughton wants the job” stories.

    Presumably such a move wouldn’t be supported by the “Shearer doesn’t have the experience” faction – for the same reason….

    Before contemplating such a move however, whoever runs NUFC these days should enter into a search engine the phrases “Richard Dinnis” and “Willie McFaul”…….

  6. I don’t know if this is significant but there have been no flight plans submitted to Newcastle int airport tower for Helicopters in north east airspace to benton training hq or city heliport for today and plans have to be submitted at least 24hrs in advance.So if MA is coming today it aint by his usual way.

  7. UTD111 – I made a point on another article that I wasn’t keen on Hughton simply because I didn’t think he was keen on it and that’s not the sort of fella I’d want in charge. However, judging by the quotes he’s changed his mind. –

    “If they offered me the job, would I take it? Yes, I would,” “I’m very focused. I have a responsibility with this team to prepare, with my staff, this side for football matches.”

    “Management is something that has always interested me. My situation with the times I’ve managed, it’s been for a reason.”

    It’s easy to argue against Shearer because of the poor return on his 8 games in charge. However, Hughton had a couple of stinkers when he had to step in. It’s as likely that the upturn in fortunes is due to poorer opposition and a better attitude within the group because of the reality call of relegation as it is to do with great management, i.e. the siutation has managed the players.

    It’s almost impossible at this point to argue that Hughton has magically found a winning formula but I take nothing away from the guys and they should be applauded and rewarded, particularly Hughton for always stepping in and getting on with it, without any fuss.

    That said, I’m not convinced Shearer is the only option, just a very decent one. There’s definitely an argument to say that having sold players on, we appear to have a better overall mix of personalities and attitudes at the moment. Whoever, takes charge permanently can hopefully build on that.

  8. The rumour-mill is on the go today isn’t it?

    Apparently there were rumours that Shearer had quit his MOTD role (unfounded it seems) and rumours that Ashley has told all NUFC staff to be in at 9AM sharp, although he might tell them that every day for all we know.

  9. On the manager situation, I don’t think it’s fair to judge either Hughton or Shearer on their games in charge of the club to date.

    In fact, I don’t think any manager can be judged properly in less than a full season and I think we, as fans, are guilty of having judged some of our managers too quickly.

    IMHO a manager needs to have a pre-season, a chance to deal on the transfer market, face good and bad spells on the pitch … all those things before he can be properly judged, and I think that needs at least one season, more likely 2 or more.

    A club is always taking a chance when it appoints a new manager because even if they have many years experience and success at other clubs, it’s no guarantee they will at a new club (although it certainly might be one of the better indicators of their chances).

  10. For those of us who lived through the Richard Dinnis and Willie McFaul experiences, the “Hughton wants the job” thingy is just so similar and likely to end up in the same tears……

    It’s important to learn from history.

    I’d love to see Hughton get us promotion and go on to become the greatest United manager in history – winning the FA Cup, Premiership et al…….it’s just very unlikely as from what we have seen he doesn’t possess the necessary qualities and attributes. He’s undoubtedly a nice fella who can do a job – but he appears to lack the hardness and occasional ruthlessness of a “proper” manager.

  11. UTD111 says:
    August 24, 2009 at 11:12 am

    “For those of us who lived through the Richard Dinnis and Willie McFaul experiences, the “Hughton wants the job” thingy is just so similar and likely to end up in the same tears……”

    Why United111? What are the similarities between Chris Hughton, Richard Dinnis and Willie McFaul? And who would you suggest as a good managerial choice?

  12. “I’m all flustered this morning. For some reason my dog took to ferocious barking sessions last night, which had me twice out of bed”

    They do say that dogs are psychic, so perhaps he/she was helpfully trying to tell you there was going a development in the sale saga today?