Newcastle United : My Favourite Waste of Time.

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Who said this was meant to be fun?
Who said this was meant to be fun?
I’m just about beaten into submission because of this sale saga and to be fair there’s not a great deal to write about so I’m changing tack. Clearly this could be seen as reverse psychology, in the hope we’ll hear something the moment I publish this. Yeah you’re right, probably not.

Anyway, rather than recount numerous currently unsubstantiated rumours about who our owners will be, or state for the umpteenth time what a mess we’re in, or how next season is going to be a disaster. Let’s instead, attempt to look back fondly at our relationship with Newcastle United. Specifically, let’s look back at a particular game that really stands out in your memory as being the game you most enjoyed. Could be for any reason – the journey, the result, the overall experience, whatever.

I know this is the sort of conversation you’ll have had a million times over a beer with mates or acquaintances but isn’t that partly what life is about as a football supporter? Sharing your woes and your fondest memories as much as your knowledge about the game. That’s certainly what I intended to contribute, at least in some small part, to the site. So now seems as good a time as any to give ourselves a break about the future and look to the past.

My fondest memory is of going to the Blackburn away game in ’92, which was Keegan’s first away game. Thousands tried to get tickets but we were lucky enough to be part of the 5,000+ that got there. It was at the time when I was getting my independence, going to games on my own but I travelled down with my dad, his mate Dave and his mate’s son, John. I remember certain things vividly, like the Noel’s House Party wind-up with Dave Lee-Travis being live on DLT’s radio show. Like millions of other listeners, we just thought they were thick contestants until we saw the show at a later stage.

It seemed, as per the norm, we took over the sleepy Lancashire town and as I sneaked the odd illegal pint of lager outside a bar, I watched Biggles arrive waving a huge flag out of a 4×4. The place was jumping.

At the game, the dads stood in one place and because John was a bit older, he went into ‘the mental’ part of the terracing. I stood at the back and just tried to take in the occasion. The away end had this low roof and the noise that bounced off it was so loud that I couldn’t hear it anymore. I couldn’t even hear myself singing in my own head. We got beat 3-1 and I remember a few people getting hurt when a wall collapsed on the way out but we gave David Speedie some right stick and the atmosphere was electric. Despite the result, that was the start of a special journey for the club and is prominent in my mind.

The journey back across The Pennines was perilous as the snow and sleet was horizontal but we got back in one piece. As I settled my head down to sleep on the pillow, 5,000 thousand unified voices still buzzing in my head, I had a good feeling that for a few years Newcastle would not be looking back.

I’m sure there’ll be better anecdotes than that one but I’m just getting you started….

Monaco was a canny trip too but the coach trip back with a full toilet spoiled it a bit :eek:

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  1. It’s nice to try and think of the good times.

    I have lots of good memories of watching Newcastle with my dad and Uncle Stan when I was a bairn in the 70’s but if I stick to Premiership years and just try to pick the most enjoyable match, I think one of them was certainly our February 1997 game against Leicester City. 3-1 down with 15 minutes to go and Shearer gets a hat trick to win it 4-3 for us.

    Sure, the 4-3 games against Liverpool were classics – particularly the first one – but we lost those, and that 4-3 against Leicester was all the more satisfying for winning.

    Of course then there’s the 5-0 over Man U … undoubtedly one to remember but, well, it was too easy!