Newcastle United – News Roundup – 08 July 2009.

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Malaysians revisit Newcastle.
Malaysians revisit Newcastle.
The Chronicle reports that the mystery Malaysian consortium that visited Newcastle last week were back visiting the Benton training ground, apparently arriving in an Apache Gunship.

They also report that a players’ revolt is imminent, with the likes of Beye, Taylor and Bassong having already ordered AK47s to help assert their position. US President Obama is said to be ‘concerned’ and plans to address the UN about it right after he deals with North Korea.

The Journal claims that the new owners will be unveiled this week, stating that at least two of the four serious offers the club has received have, incredibly, matched the £100m Ashley wants (Sky Sports is a more specific – they believe that three of them have met the £100m asking price).

The Journal goes on to say:

Although all of the interested parties have shown they have the funds necessary to go through with the deal, The Journal understands one of the groups has significantly more financial muscle than the rest.

The Telegraph and The Mail also think we were born yesterday and go with the players’ revolt although, like The Journal, there are no direct quotes or anything else that might indicate there’s any truth in the story.

The Star, no doubt due to having superior journalists, have managed to find a ‘club source’ to speak about the revolt (sort of). Their club source says:

“Relegation was bad enough but what’s happened since – or rather what’s not happened – is just rubbing salt into the wound.

“And it’s fair to say there could be a few transfer requests handed in if this awful situation drags on any longer.’’

The Mail is also running a story about how doomed we are but I picked up on one quote from it which demonstrates how the press set us up for the ‘overambitious’ and ‘deluded’ charges often aimed at our club and its fans. They say:

“Tick Tock. Time is already running out for a side who believe they will be among the front-runners in the race to return to the Barclays Premier League next season.”

I would ask who from our club has said that we’re front-runners for promotion? In fact, who from our club has said much about anything recently? The way things are currently going we’ll be doing well to survive in The Championship next season.

On the transfer front, The Mirror tells us that Jonas is off to Roma because he fears he won’t get in the Argentine World Cup squad if he’s playing in the Championship. Apparently the Italians want to ‘rent’ him for a year first though to see how he gets on.

Anyway, there’s a brief roundup of the current news. I may have made up some bits of this report.

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13 Responses

  1. Anybody else’s eyes still knacking?

    It’s like Christmas Eve of ’83.

  2. Hugh – by the way, good round-up.

    Better to round-up sometimes than do several pieces IMO. Especially with our current low numbers. Makes it easier to keep the banter going.

  3. Sorry 52 – I was referring to something I said the other day and the old saying “you’ll get sore eyes” looking out for the someone or something you really want to see. Like the bloody conclusions of this sale, for example.

    Christmas ’83 – I waited patiently (impatiently?) for a set of A-Team figures. I got them so I’m trying to be that same persona I was, when I was 6 under these circumstances, with the knowledge something will happen eventually.

  4. I got my commas a bit mixed there but I’m sure you got my message. Banal as it was.

  5. bowburnmag says:
    July 8, 2009 at 9:16 am (Edit)

    Christmas ‘83 – I waited patiently (impatiently?) for a set of A-Team figures. I got them so I’m trying to be that same persona I was, when I was 6 under these circumstances, with the knowledge something will happen eventually.


    I read somewhere that they’re making an A-Team fillum.

  6. Its no suprise she writes rubbish about us. She is a Sunderland fan.