De Jong rejects Magpies for Champions League Germans.

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Luuk De Jong.
De Jong: Wants Gladbach and Champions League football.
Newcastle United striking target, Luuk de Jong, has discounted the idea of joining Europa League Newcastle United, telling German tabloid, “Bild” that he only wants a move to Champions League German side, Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Having written that, it was for German consumption in a German publication, though it certainly looks as if Newcastle’s plans for the striker are all but dead in the water now, especially with the club being now notoriously unwilling to meet the true valuation of players in terms of both fees and wage terms when the club is in the market for a player.

The Dutch hitman told Bild of his discussions with Gladbach’s coach, Lucien Favre, saying:

“I have spoken to Favre several times.”

“We talked about how he wanted me to play. I’m sure the way he wants to play fits perfectly with the fast pace that suits me.

“I’ve told Twente that I only want to go to Gladbach. Borussia are playing in the qualifying round of the Champions League and I want to take the next step in my career.

“The Bundesliga is one of the best leagues in Europe. To make the next step with the national team I need to go there.”

Oh well. With current owner Mike Ashley’s current strategy for buying players, we would almost certainly never win any bidding war with Gladbach anyway, or virtually any other team if they become seriously involved. We must rely on picking up the ones who fall between the cracks, which has been successful with signings such as Yohan Cabaye and Papiss Cisse, or for otherwise talented players who have a questionmark hanging over them which has deterred other teams, such as Hatem Ben Arfa with the questionmark hanging over his temperament, Demba Ba with the questionmark hanging over his knee, Sylvain Marveaux with the questionmark hanging over his groin and so on.

This transfer window, with the club under pressure to make some signings with several squad players now gone, and, of course, a daunting Euro campaign looming, will undoubtedly be a big test for this strategy. This will be especially true since other clubs know this, and hence have some leverage.


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38 Responses

  1. Do you really think NUFC should go back to the bad old days of winning ‘bidding wars’ with other clubs? Do you regard the ‘true value’ of a player as ridiculously inflated demands of their greedy agents that irresponsible clubs have been stupidly blackmailed into paying, to the extent that major clubs are now going bust? Fans were whinging last Summer that disaster was looming because we hadn’t lashed out megabucks on trophy signings, and had only picked up nobodies like, um, Cabaye, um, Ba, em, Santone…

  2. Papers said it’s blow to us for miss out De Jong. What’s blow ? I don’t see we really want him that much in our team as long as Ba stay.

  3. let him go to the germans dont need him get hoilet or put in a cheeky bid for sturridge or go for him from city

  4. If he want to play in the German league I don’t want him in my team! Such a poor league

  5. Aidan Dunphy says:
    July 10, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    “Do you really think NUFC should go back to the bad old days of winning ‘bidding wars’ with other clubs?”

    Aidan, that’s a fallacious argument straight from Ashley’s PR gurus which oversimplifies in order to deceive. Just because gluttony is wrong, it doesn’t necessarily follow that starvation is right. Just because Fascism is wrong, it doesn’t necessarily follow that Stalinism is right and so on…

    Ashleyism isn’t the only alternative to Fat Freddyism either as Ashley would have you beleive. ;-)

  6. ginkoh says:
    July 10, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    “Papers said it’s blow to us for miss out De Jong. What’s blow ? I don’t see we really want him that much in our team as long as Ba stay.”

    He’s a good player, Ginkoh, and Ba is too, but I’m not that upset about it either. The Dutch player I don’t like missing out on is Vertonghen who’s gone to Spurs for £9.5 million. He’s worth far more that and would have been a great signing like Cisse.

    chris says:
    July 10, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    “let him go to the germans dont need him get hoilet”

    I think that Borussia Mönchengladbach are after him as well, Chris.

  7. We should have knowing Twente would ov played hardball wiv NUFC after we got Mr Tiote for a bargin.
    I remember last year there was talk ov Maiga from am reading fat sam n whu are preparing a bid ov £4.5…surely thats a deal we should have a look at.if we were intrested in him then why arnt we now?plus what we got to lose at that kind ov price.worth a gamble or not?

  8. everyone has to have their price.

    We are right in knowing what ours is and not going past it.

    How many of us would pay over the odds for something with our own cash ?

    There comes a point when you have to walk away from a deal no matter how much you want it and consider your next option.

    yes we might miss out on some we wont miss out on others, thats how it is unless you get into owen situations where your own bravado wont let you walk away from a bad deal.

    no de jong so what, move on im sure the club already has.

  9. Must admit I’m pretty gutted I had been following him and we was a decent player.

    It seems to me a lot of people are following our success in the transfer market and realising that our scouting is good.

    Have we been a victim of our success? Will other clubs be watching and waiting until we bid for a player only to have rival bids from teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, arsenal and spurs out bidding us.

    We have been here before, And unfortunately Ashley’s stance is going to let us all down.
    Fair enough we want our club in a financial paradise where we can be in a position where we are free of debt and making a profit day bt day. But in the long term where will it get us?
    In my opinion it will only get us in a position where other teams outbid us at the final hurdle because we have strict rules at our club that forbid us from bidding higher than a set sum.

    Financially it makes sence, but our investment will have to be in young talent, not players like de Jong who are making there way up the ladder.

    I remember when we first started looking at de Jong, no one knew who he was, not a dickie bird. Now it’s seems our interest has sparked interest from a few. And we lose out at the final hurdle
    I’ve we have in the past.

    So expect more disappointment. We are no longer a silent club, an also ran, a team whom has just been relegated and returned to the top league, we are no longer them mouse, we can’t just sneak players in like cissee and tiote because now because we have been a success in the market with the likes of cabaye, cissee and tiote we walk with giant feet making huge thunder when we step.

    Unfortunately I think we might be in for some difficult time in the transfer market.
    I think we will lose out again. So let this be a warning to mike that he needs to hold onto players we have and not be tempted to risk a few million quid to attempt to balance the books.

    Balancing the books is one thing but in football it’s also about winning and quite often they don’t go hand in hand. What is the point in balancing books it we can spend the cash we make?

    I do agree with ashlys stance on a whole, why should we be held to ransom, buts that’s football, not being held to ransom at all is an impossible task, players have held clubs to ransom for years it’s the genetics of life in football physics. But if we mike won’t be held to ransom at all, on any level then unfortunately this will be a sigN of what to expect.

    We will be back to plan A buying young talent like biriani and guiding them through the development squad. It seems to be what the club are good at. So maybe ashle should take note. Keep what we have and don’t rock the boat .

    IMO we don’t need to sell we need to gel.
    Get more kids in and ŵork with what we have.

  10. Not so much to do with this story although maybe it does in a way, but have a question to pose to other NUFC fans.

    Was listening to Drivetime on TalkSport and they had a long discussion about the whole situation with Brendon Rodgers basically saying Carroll doesn’t have a future at Liverpool, and that ties in with reports they’ll let him go on loan. During this they made a statement saying that perhaps him returning to the Toon would be a brilliant idea.

    I for one would love to have him back, and think he’s just starting to play again like he did before the big sale. I was just curious though to see what others opinions of that would be as I know I’ve read a great deal of comments on here slagging him off greatly. Personally I still have a liking of the guy and think he could do a great job, especially for our European campaign.
    Anyways would love to know others opinions.

  11. Personally I dont blame some clubs for hiking their prices up…especially when we are buying. We have found some bargains overseas and brought them here and other clubs have watched their value triple or quadruple. We are buying him in the hope that he will score over 20 goals a season here as he has in the Dutch league and if he does that and we were then to sell him we’d want at least 20 mill so the value is somewhere in between. At the end of the day if he does not even want to come here it is a dead issue.

  12. The thing wor Carroll, his attitude, his drinking, his thuggery, his reputation with young ladies and their violent families and his temper(Stephen Taylor, the Gateshead player he glassed in Newcastle and the assault on his ex)

    Yes andy Carroll the player I would have back but andy Carroll as above, NO.

    I think this was the contributing factor why he left any way. He was getting threats from some big families in Northumberland.

    If he returns he has a huge amount of baggage waiting for him. In Liverpool he doesn’t have that, anywhere else he doesn’t have that either.

    For andy Carroll it’s a bit like farting in a small room full of people, leaving the room with the fart in the air, and returning moments later. No matter how much you try to pretend the air will still be thick and everyone will be looking at you with contempt.

  13. Apparently aly cissokhos agent is in the country.

    I wander if the toon might scrap the deal for debuchy, switch santon to right back as he stated this week and stick cissokho on the left.

    Must admit I think I would settle for debuchy and cissokho as our only two summer signings and leave the rest for crimbo.

    Who knows ding dong might be looking for a new club after munchengreenback deal falls through. Or they don’t make it through to the group stages of the champions league, they are after all, only in the qualifiers.

  14. No thanx to ac!

    the hoof it/hail mary tactic late in games when you need a goal, against a team on the run…Would cost ower much for that…An ‘occasional’ striker?

    aren’t hitler & stalin cut from the same cloth/interchangeable?

  15. hoosiertoon says:
    July 10, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    “Was listening to Drivetime on TalkSport and they had a long discussion about the whole situation with Brendon Rodgers basically saying Carroll doesn’t have a future at Liverpool, and that ties in with reports they’ll let him go on loan. During this they made a statement saying that perhaps him returning to the Toon would be a brilliant idea.”

    hoosiertoon, Brendan Rodgers hasn’t said that Carroll doesn’t have a future at Liverpool, or that he sending him out on loan. He’s actually dismissed it. TalkShite is usually just a bunch of old has-beens blowing guff.

    This is what Rodgers really said:

    “Andy’s a player I want to assess and speak with, we’ve already had a good chat on where we’re at. Andy’s always going to be linked with clubs, whether he was here or not. I have spoken to him on his holidays, he knows exactly where he stands, but I have had no inquiries about him.

    “Time will tell for Andy and all the players whether they are in my plans. He’s no different to any player we have here. He’s a good kid, a good lad, so we will just see how the formation of the group shapes up over the next four or five weeks.

    “My task is to build a group that can challenge. Hopefully when the bus leaves at the end of pre-season, it will have the people on it who I want.”

    “Andy’s strengths are quite clear to me, that goal for England in the Euros typifies his strengths. It was a wonderful ball and piece of skill from the captain to start it off, a great touch to set it up. Andy got in between people, then there was an incredible header and finish. Simple.

    “There’s no doubt he’s a very, very good player, let’s not make any bones about that. Like every player, there are certain styles and systems they will be playing in which will allow them to flourish.”

  16. Clint for the love of magpie

    I can not rember ever playing hoof it football when andy was here.
    We scored one goal against arsenal that was hoof it, but people forget the way we played, we didn’t play hoof it against villa when we scored 6 and we didn’t play hoof it against the unwashed.

    I remember the gripe was with Gutierrez for not beig able to get in a cross to the big lad, now we play down the middle a lot and the wings aren’t as active with most of our goals coming from in and around the box.

    I think a tall lad would be a good addition, after all we will be needing a new plank when ameobi retires in two or so years.

  17. Oh and we didn’t play hoof it against Liverpool when we scored 3 at home. Carroll scored a screamer and Nolan and Barton scored.

  18. Never believed we’d get him one window after Cisse anyway. With Best gone, however, if this is true then keeping Ba has to be a top priority.

    I’d have Carroll back on loan as a depth forward. No way DL or AC would sanction the move though.

    Back to the drawing board. We definitely need another forward. Pip Spurs for Adebayor, perhaps? Rumor has him going for 5M, which sounds like a steal to me. But maybe he’s over the hill at 28…

  19. Stephen C says:
    July 10, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    “I can not rember ever playing hoof it football when andy was here.”

    Nowhere near as much as some people say anyway, Stephen. In terms of hoofing big speculative passes to big target men, we were strictly middle of the road in the days of big lad and bigger lad.

  20. Charlietoon says:
    July 10, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    “Personally I dont blame some clubs for hiking their prices up”

    Charlie, it’s not that some clubs are hiking their prices up, it’s just that Newcastle are making very low bids. Of course, it has come off in some cases due to contract loopholes, as with Cabaye, or taking risks which have mostly come off so far. Along with the successes though, there have been some which haven’t come off. Marveaux’s groin is pretty knacked and Liverpool were right not to jump in. Ashley should have listened to Hughton and bid a bit more for Moses as he’s worth a bit more than the £2.5 million Wigan paid for him, not to mention the paltry £1.5 million final bid made by Ashley to a distressed seller.

  21. I would play andy at times instead of Ba, and would be the collector and feeder to cisse, that is his strength, one thing you need to forget is andy isnt a number 9 he is a number 10, he is the Duncan ferguson not the Alan shearer.

    Break the thought of him being the main man and you will see a whole knew ball game.

    And one thing we won’t need to worry about is him being unhappy at not scoring goals as last time I checked he hadn’t scored any.

    Unlike ba who got a bit upset playing second fiddle to cisse.

  22. My personal opinion on Carroll is that he is a good player, much better on the ground then people give him credit for, and he showed that recently at the end of the season. We didn’t play anymore hoof ball with Carroll then with Ba up front first half of the season, and yet people went on about how much our style changed when he left, which is completely inaccurate in my opinion.

    @worky I know that he didn’t say it outright, however I listened to the interview and he certainly was very upfront about the fact that Carroll wasn’t guaranteed anything, and the fact that he didn’t deny that he was going anywhere says a lot to me about his situation. It wasn’t that he was definitely going, but most managers if they have any plans at all for the player will say absolutely not, especially when that player hasn’t participated in one single training session yet. Not saying he’s going for sure, but certainly looks like he could. If you aren’t a fan of TalkSport what’s a good sports radio station in England that I can listen to to get my football fix each day when painting in the blazing heat here? Haha it’s gotten me through quite a few days.

    Not saying we will have him but certainly was an interesting topic of discussion. Just was wondering you lots opinions.

  23. Hoosier I don’t mind talk sport, the has beens are often paired with straight talking hosts who give a flippant and often opposite view.

    It’s a good station to listen too.

    There are different stations to listen to at different times of the day.

    Bbc radio Newcastle around 5pm gmt is full of sports chat from the whole region, a good radio if you love the area not just the team.

    Also real radio north east has a show called The Three Legends between 6pm and 8pm gmt mon-Friday and on a Saturday after noon.

    It can be a little one sided our “legend” supper mac talks shite. But it’s a good show for banter.

    BBC radio 5 live is ok for live sport but I prefer talks port. It gives me what I need. 5 live can be a little to PC for me but would go well with PC USA.

  24. Stephen, I wrote up a brief little piece on that Kuwaiti Times story you posted about. Cheers for bringing that to my attention.

    One bit of it was slightly ridiculous though:

    “Ashley has wanted to sell the club since 2009. He bought the club known as “Magpies” in 2007 for £134.4 million and it is said that he is willing to sell it for less than £80 million.”

    Aye, of course he will! :lol:

  25. I also think Andy Carroll is a decent player.great in the air also not to bad wiv the ball on the deck wiv a good powerfull shot.
    This take over sounds good to me.i’ve been hoping a mega rich arab would buy the fat lad MA out for awhile now.lets all hope that theres truth in this story and a deal can be done pretty sharpish so they can get cracking adding to the squad before the start ov the season.

  26. Even tho i rate Carroll i wouldnt want him back at NUFC.defo not at the expence ov Ba anyway

  27. and yes i read it.

    i will be putting in an invoice for chief blog scout in the next 24 hours.

  28. I said ages ago Carroll would go to WHU.after all i think him,Nolan & Fat Sam all hav the same agent.

  29. Carroll will not be back, so fugedaboudit!
    Why? same reason Rodgers doesnt want him, the guys a throwback to the old English center forward of the fifties, he may try to fit in at Pool, but his very style and worth are based on high balls into the box or hoofed up to him by either the goalie or a defender.
    It may be news to some of you , but that game is long gone (even though the English national side still play that way)
    The modern game as played by sides like Barca, lastyears Swansea, Arsenal, etc. dont use center forwards, look why Barca got rid of one of the most prolific strikers ever in the big Swedish guy, not that he was a bad player, simply because he did’nt fit with the tactical game being played.
    They basically use four across the back with six interchanging forwards, the results are what you see from both the Spanish national side and Barca.
    Another reason he (Andy) will not come are his wages, which are way above anything Ashley wants to pay and Andy aint about to take any pay cut to return to a side where many still resent the way in which he left.
    There may be some enquiries to see if we could make some kind of deal (get him for nowt) but no, forget about it!