Kuwaiti al Arabi chief plotting Toon takeover by next week?

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Jamal al Kazemi: Plotting Toon takeover?
Al-Kazemi: Has a few bob.
A report has come into my eyeline from the Kuwait Times (via site user, Stephen C.) saying that the chairman of Kuwait’s al Arabi Football Club, Jamal Al-Kazemi, is:

“Seriously thinking of buying the British Newcastle United football club.”

The report goes on to say that:

“He has finalized all conditions that enable him to acquire the club by next week. The actual negotiations with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley will be clear.”

Next week! Oooh er! Sounds a bit more positive than Ashley’s player negotiations!

However the story then takes a slightly absurd turn when the writer of the piece then added something of his own, writing:

“Ashley has wanted to sell the club since 2009. He bought the club known as “Magpies” in 2007 for £134.4 million and it is said that he is willing to sell it for less than £80 million.”

Errr, well I think that quite alot of water has passed under bridge since then and that if there is actually anything in this story, and their doesn’t seem to be anything that substantial at the time of writing, then Mike Ashley might have a slightly higher figure in mind than £80 million!

Well as always, time will tell and as always, I shall keep probing away. Once again, thanks to Stephen for pointing this story out.


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35 Responses

  1. We’re either waking up to this being splashed all over tomorrow or some United “insider” saying it’s all a load of rubbish.
    If it’s true would rather it have been done weeks ago not just shortly before the season starts. Wrong time.
    Would explain though why we haven’t yet got these mooted major signings “over the line”.

  2. Porciestreet says:
    July 10, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    “Wadya reckon Worky, 80 mil + what we owe him sounds a bit more like it eh.”

    Porciestreet! I wanted to ask you something. Didn’t you used to keep the sacred turf at the Temple once?

    As I write in the piece, I divven’t knaa about the story at all yet, but that bit was daft.

  3. i hope its true we need to step up2 next level and ashley wont take us there Toon Barmy

  4. If true hope it happens fast,due diligence could slow things right down,perhaps the buyer old work with alike Ashley who,s plans now seem to be coming together,if it does happen I hope Alan Pardew keeps his job

  5. Fugedabout it! hell anyone with the money to-day would be crazy not to buy the club for £80m.
    I think it’s a hoax, or someone got the price wrong.

  6. chuck says:
    July 11, 2012 at 1:39 am

    “I think it’s a hoax, or someone got the price wrong.”

    It’s straight from the camel’s mouth Chuck. We’re gannin’ to be the new Man City! :-)

  7. Smith finally off the books & to MK Dons not sure how they can afford his wages we barely could. :-)

  8. Totally rubbish report.

    Some thick rag head Arab has got Notts Forest mixed up with their neighbours the Magpies and put two and two together and got us.

  9. My Polish mates say: ‘the light at the end of the tunnel is just builders bricking up the end of the tunnel’…

  10. Goes to show what a fifth place finish will do, the Ashley and Pardew fans are coming outta the woodwork.
    hey ! whadda ya gonna do ?

  11. Guess we live in hope and die in despair.
    Hell i would settle for getting rid of those cheap -ass Sports Direct signs evey fecking where you look and Pardew could go with them.
    Hell not a lot to ask!

  12. On every single sports page of the Chronic, they are now running two of those awful “Premier League / Euro 2012 news” videos which play over the top of each other, both the same, but playing slightly out of time with each other. It makes a horrible discordant racket every single time you go on to one of their pages. What a stupid idea, and what a contemptious way to treat the site’s users to expect them to have to endure this every time a page is loaded.

  13. Face it the local papers are no more than adjuncts to the NUFC PR department.
    Who are fed the occasional news flash and give their reporters access to player, who in turn supply feelgood stories about how much harmony there is in the dressing room, etc,
    Standard stuff at any pro clubs.
    From accounts Anita appears to be someone we could use, with £8m. the asking price, probably get him for around £6.5, then there’s Jr. Hoilett (who needs De Jong)who
    has apparently reduced his asking wage.
    Would be terrific as a winger on either side or behind Cisse and will get his goals.
    Palace are looking to unload Clyne,would add a bit of depth to the defence, but Debuchy should be a special target.
    Cissokho at Lyon has been mentioned for the left back spot, lets see !
    So not all is lost, but having dumped a few players and the fact we have a tough schedule ahead we have to go into the season with some depth.
    And every buy may not be as cheap as Ashley wants to pay,
    hey ! if you want success, there’s a price to pay.

  14. Who’s still at the toon, the official site has Fraser F (now Celtic) and Harper in – is he still with us??

    Xisco’s not in there…has his time of bleeding us dry for nothing in return, finally ended?

    I see Rangers keeper Allan McGregor is one of those jumping ship, could he be a good 2nd choice?

    And Carroll looks set to loan at West Ham, or return to us for £10m (zero chance of that i reckon tho)

  15. Always sounded like bs.

    Kinda OT: It’s cool to say “rag head” here?

    Finally: did we not even kick the tires on Rodallega? He’s 26 years old, available on a free with PL experience. I can’t imagine his wage demands are that high. Hmph.

  16. Aye tunyc,

    ‘rag head’ is a bit much, no need, have a think!

    Rodellega, i wouldn’t like, he’d be a back up, no more.
    & could slow some of our youngsters progress.

  17. tunyc says:
    July 11, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    “It’s cool to say “rag head” here?”

    Or even “Some thick rag head Arab” and no, it isn’t, tunyc.

  18. it depends who you say “rag Head” in front of and who you are.

    if you are a member of the royal family (prince harry)
    and you say it whilst on “duty”, filming a documentary.

    then its a shocker.
    not being able to express yourself is why this country is so depressed.

    i would have to think what they call us.

    apparently they think when we drink alcohol we shit and piss our pants.

    personally i haven’t had a night that good in years.

  19. On the subject of racism and our pre season “friendlies,” I certainly wouldn’t want to play in Chemnitz if I was one of our black and/or Muslim players. It’s a big neo-nazi centre, the fans are notorious and I don’t know why NUFC want to play a friendly there.

  20. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 11, 2012 at 5:43 pm


    how do ya know that stuff mate?”

    Clint, I knaa people from all over the the world, including one or two Saxons, and I also study alot of stuff about racism.

    Some parts of what was the old East Germany, including places like Chemnitz, Leipzig and Dresden can be very dodgy places for people from ethnic minorities and there is alot of neo-nazi activity there. Obviously, theres alot of bitterness there over decades of Soviet oppression, and besides being a little behind the times on certain social issues, many of the more basic units over there have lurched to the opposite extreme, ie the far right. There have been some rather awful incidents involving Chemnitzer fans in the past.

  21. Phew!
    Isn’t weird how the oppressed become the oppressor!
    Like you say, lurching from one extreme to the other.
    Although, the soviet totalitarian & fascist stance are very & strangely similar.
    A point obviously lost on the perps!
    Amazing what a generation or 2 can do to a political ideal!

  22. worky,
    i gotta say that i’m amazed at the amount of right wing/fascist sympathy in europe/the world these days.
    What is wrong with people?

    Distinct lack of ideas out there.

  23. Clint, I knew a Saxon lass who looked like something out of a Leni Riefenstahl film and she had a white German boyfriend, though he had darker hair. They went to an East German resort called Usedom once and she told me that even they were getting dirty looks from the locals there because he had a bit of a sun tan and may have looked a bit Turkish!

    From just before the World Cup in Germany:

    “A former government spokesman on Wednesday suggested that dark-skinned visitors to Germany should consider avoiding the eastern part of the country where racism runs high. “There are small and medium-sized towns in Brandenburg, as well as elsewhere, which I would advise a visitor of another skin colour to avoid going to,” said Uwe-Karsten Heye, who now leads an anti-racism organization called “Show Your Color.” “It is possible he wouldn’t get out alive.”


  24. Hell it’s obvious you dont have to go to Germany to encounter racism, it’s right here on this blog.
    Right Kamar, Monkeysan and Stephen c ?
    By the way Kamar, i am assuming by your name you are of Indian extraction and is the wearing of some form of turban not commonplace there ?