Last chance to win signed Cisse and Ben Arfa photos!

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Cisse and Ben Arfa signed photos.
Up for grabs this week!
Welcome to the second and final part of our latest competition to win a 16″ x 12″ signed photo of Papiss Cisse, and a 12″ x 8″ signed photo of Hatem Ben Arfa. Both are genuine, hand signed photos signed by the players themselves and would look great on any Toon fan’s wall!

Before we get to the second set of questions, the first part is here, but I will also repeat the first questions below, as well as rules of the competition.

Please note! Someone entered the answers for the first three questions on Papiss Cisse in the comments section of the last post (though one was actually incorrect, I won’t say which one!) so I’ve added another. Before I get to the second part (on Hatem Ben Arfa) here are the first four questions again.

1) Papiss Cisse holds the record for the most goals scored by an African player in a season in the Bundesliga. What season was it and how many goals did he score?

2) In the same season, Cisse won an award for being the most “efficient” striker in the Bundesliga. What is the name of the award he won?

3) Finally, most of you will no doubt know that Cisse scored 13 Premiership goals in a mere 14 appearences last season, but what was his Premiership minutes per goal scored ratio? ie how many minutes of game time it took him on average to score each of those 13 goals.

4) Papiss Cisse played for five clubs before coming to Newcastle United (including clubs where he was on loan but not including the football academy, “AS Génération Foot” he attended in Senegal). What are the names of those clubs?

So now, without further ado, here’s the second set of questions on Ben Arfa:

1) Before Ben Arfa first signed for the club on loan, Newcastle United and his former club, Marseilles eventually agreed on a fee for his season long loan. What was the amount of the fee?

2) In Ben Arfa’s fourth appearence for the Magpies, he was hacked down by a vicious scissor tackle from Manchester City hatchetman, Nigel De Jong, which broke his leg in two places. Which bones were broken?

3) Hatem Ben Arfa scored a goal for Newcastle United which manager, Alan Pardew subsequently described as “technically the greatest goal I have ever seen.” Against which club did he score this goal, in what competition and what was the date?

That’s it! But before you send in the answers, please read the instructions below very carefully, and please, please don’t put the answers in the comment section (again)!


As with our other competitions, this is only open to registered users of the site for security reasons (we wouldn’t want anyone else nicking your prize!), but if you aren’t yet a registered member, never fear, it only takes seconds to join! Just click on the “Register” link in the login section of the site (right hand side) and follow the instructions from there.

Then, all you have to do is post the answers to us along with your username on the site using our contact page.

When the competition is over, I will put the ones with correct answers into my bucket, then close my eyes and select the winners at random. The first one I pick put will win the first prize, the larger signed photo of Papiss Cisse, and the second will win the smaller signed photo of Hatem Ben Arfa. We will then announce the winners, along with the correct answers in a third post on Saturday. If it’s you, you can then send us your delivery name, delivery address, your username (again). Once again for security purposes, please use the same e.mail address as the one you used to answer the questions.

If you are an overseas user of the site, don’t worry, we can post the prizes worldwide too if you win!

The deadline for receiving receiving answers is midnight on Friday, 13th June.

Good luck!

Some larger photos of the prizes.

First prize - 16" x 12" signed photo of Papiss Cisse.
First prize - A 16" x 12" signed photo of Papiss Cisse.
Hatem Ben Arfa signed photo.
Second prize: A 12" x 8" signed photo of Hatem Ben Arfa.


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7 Responses

  1. So, with all of these young and gifted managers going to better clubs we will struggle this year, yes? As Chuck has pointed out we have Hughton, Martinez, Rodgers, AVB, Lambert and even O’Neil to contend with, just to get to mid-table.

    Never mind a resurgent Chelsea, Arsenal spending money, and the Mancs.

    How is poor old tactically inept Pardew going to cope?

    Maybe the fact that we have 3 proven goal scorers (Dembas and HBA) and two of the best mid-fielders in the league might help?

    The glass is still half full gentlemen, the glass is still half full.

  2. I don’t see why, with the talent we have, that we should play other teams’ games. We should take the game to them. To be sure, we might get tonked a few times (Fulham, Spurs and Liverpool away) but we will win more than we lose and have fun.

  3. Not really tattyheed. I need to take my mind off something that is making me very sad, and these guys on here normally amuse me or are interesting.

  4. GS says:
    July 10, 2012 at 10:59 am

    “How is poor old tactically inept Pardew going to cope?

    Maybe the fact that we have 3 proven goal scorers (Dembas and HBA) and two of the best mid-fielders in the league might help?”

    Yes, it will certainly help, GS. But putting aside all these long convoluted arguments about tactics, with the strangth of the squad Pardew has at the moment, his benchmark should be roughly around seventh, however he gets there. Fifth was very good, but it was also in a season when two of the clubs who should have been above us had bigger wobblers than Chesty Morgan and Jordan put together.