Santon latest: Announcement later if medical and wage problems overcome?

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Davide Santon.
Santon: Wage problems?
Inter Milan defender, Davide Santon, is currently undergoing a medical for Newcastle United on Tyneside today.

However, though there have been some reports that a deal for Santon has been agreed in principle pending the medical, with a bid for 4.5 million euros, or 6 million Euros including bonuses being allegedly accepted by Internazionale, Italy’s Corriere dello Sport are reporting that while the two sided wing back is thinking seriously about a move to Newcastle United, an agreement on terms might be a problem, or as the Gazzetto put it:

“The ‘Child’, as Mourinho called him at the time of his debut, is thinking about it seriously, but there are problems of engagement.”

Meanwhile, another Italian sports journal, Calcio Mercato News are reporting on the “problems of engagement” thus:

“For Santon, however, a five-year contract will be marginally lower than his Inter contract which expires in 2014.”

It then continues encouragingly though:

“The player left yesterday for England today and will undergo a medical. After that we will be signing the contract and the official presentation.”

Meanwhile, one of the Santon’s agents (I have seen at least two quoted in the media recently), Claudio Vigorelli, when questioned by the abovementioned Corriere dello Sport on interest from Inter’s Italian rivals, Roma, commented recently:

“At this time, there is no possibility that Santon can join Roma because right now the aim is Newcastle.”

Although once feted by figures such as former Inter manager, Jose Mourinho, and ex italy manager, Marcelo Lippi, who went as far as comparing him with a young Paolo Maldini, Santon’s star has been on the wane recently with Inter eventually deciding to loan him to Serie A club, Cesena.

Whatever happens, we will know one way or the other within the next day and a bit as supreme deal makers, Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias, attempt to iron out any difficulties get their targets “over the line”.

Watch this space!

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58 Responses

  1. Not too worried, as there are often last minute hitches in contracts that are nearly always resolved. The only concern I have is whether he can adapt to provincial Newcastle after the glitzy city and club he has been accustomed to.

    Found this on the web which I thought was well balanced and not the usual Newcastle bashing:

    I was struck by this, which sort of sums up our approach:

    Players we’ve hardly heard of – which doesn’t mean they don’t fit the bill and aren’t talented – are mooted as new recruits in the next 24 hours.

  2. Boring window so far.
    Any bids in for Tiote or Collicini yet?

    Santon seems to have really lost his way since his initial promise….he also crys when he has a bad game :lol:

  3. glitzy city? it’s in the most industrial area of italy, it rains and snows i don’t think there’ll be a huge adjustment to make

  4. Agreed Kamar, good article in the Mirror. It almost feels like the fans need to do a whip-round to put into the coffers what Ashley and Llambias are unwilling to pay for some of these players. Crazy…

  5. Seems slightly odd bringing in a right footed left back when we’ve already got one of those ?

    Just hope its not because he’s the cheapest we could find ? :(

  6. tony says:
    August 30, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    “Italy international and no one has heard of him lol”

    tony, lots of people, including the media, persisted in referring to Tiote as an unknown who came out of nowhere after he shone in the World Cup playing with the likes of Yaya Toure and Dider Drogba.

  7. This guy is a seriously good left back who has the potential to be better than Enrique!!

  8. sirjasontoon says:
    “Boring window so far.Any bids in for Tiote or Collicini yet?”

    No but Cheick says he’s happy here :)

  9. why not pay that bit extra for pieters or cissokho [or however it is you spell it.] and what about all the homework promised about a good replacement for carroll.pure shite .

  10. Andymac (8)
    You might just have something there about being cheap. ( tongue in cheek). you and I both know He’s not going to spend what he doesn’t have to. We’ll get the bare minimum we need and that will be it. Probably get more off Santa.

  11. You know this lad would be a well known good signing with a lot of potential yet some people on here still want to moan about him and the deal— glitzy city ? on the cheap– unknown— ashley hates us blah blah

    why on earth would we want to pay more than we need to
    yet the same people who moan would have him as a world beater if we paid opver the odds for him

    for some newcatle fans it seems the glass isnt even half empty its smashed to pieces and any good news is turned around as a moan

    get over yourselves and support the team manager and players and keep your whinges to yourselves

    its funny but if someoe like moyes at everton had picked him up it would be bargain of the year but if lambias does the deal its rubbish— the club cant win in some peoples eyes

    I echo the comments made well on here before me this lad is a good signing and a good replacement for enrique and has the pottential to be better

  12. Aanholt said on his Twitter that we do not want him. He also asked Simpson if we had signed a LB yet. Seems like he want’s to play for us. :(

  13. Shows wat some people know about soccer when they haven’t heard of santon…… When I heard on d radio he could be coming I thought. Not a chance…. This is an unbelievable bargain and some fools who are not giving him a chance now will be singing his name in a months time……

  14. Anyone heard the rumour about llorente? Seems to be a few people saying he is on his way???? Doubt any truth in it but just want to know if anyone heard owt???

  15. Aye Andy but not as happy as AC said he was.
    Love a good perm me Worky you know me to well mate.

  16. sirjasontoon says:

    “Love a good perm me”

    There was a fat lad called Mike
    Who nobody in Toon seemed to like
    He had pockets so deep
    full of money to keep
    Thats why we all said “On your Bike”

  17. this doesnt seems like a very strange transfer? the fee is very low? and it doesnt add up him leaving inter for us?

  18. And another perm…….

    And there’s Mike’s best mate wey’s called Derek,
    Wey’s known to his mate as wor Dekka,
    But like his mate Mike
    He’s all over disliked
    Its Llambias, wey’s Dekka the wrecker!

    Boom boom

  19. geordiedug says:
    August 30, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    “this doesnt seems like a very strange transfer? the fee is very low? and it doesnt add up him leaving inter for us?”

    Geordiedug, Ben Arfa – good player but question mark on temperament. Ba – good player but questionmark hanging over his knee, Marveaux – good player but questionmark hanging over his groin. Finally there’s Santon, once hailed by the best as a top prospect, but who’s star has fallen in recent times. It’s Ashley footballer roulette.

  20. Macheda not coming according to Lee Ryder. That’s a good thing, if we were to get in him on loan he would make no difference and hardly a Carroll replacement is he?

    Sunderland seem to be spending their Darren Bent fee, they’ve just bid 10 million for Crouch. Even if you don’t rate Crouch, they’re still showing some ambition. Hmmm…

    Geordiedug, I’m happy Santon’s coming here (hopefully), I’ve read some shite on some blogs today complaining because he’s a right footed left-back! Some people have no clue about how football has changed…

  21. WT says:

    “It’s Ashley footballer roulette” Could make a good board game ?

    Good points well made though. So who’s the dodgy striker we’ll pick up on window deadline eve ? Oh wait we’ve already got him :(

  22. Jimbob says:

    “Geordiedug, I’m happy Santon’s coming here (hopefully), I’ve read some shite on some blogs today complaining because he’s a right footed left-back! Some people have no clue about how football has changed…”

    Football may have changed JB but right footed players on left side invariably have to check back and cross with their “good foot” thus leaving that little bit extra time for defences to regroup. I’d far rather have a left footed left back getting to the by line and crossing early into the danger zone.

    Call me old fashioned if you will :)

  23. I see after all the fuss the Charlton goalie is on Tyneside having a medical.

    Wonder what we did to appease them? 5 free spins of the the wheel in owl heeds casino?

  24. AndyMac, true mate, I’d rather Santon and Pieters…But we both know that it ain’t going to happen! :-)

    It’s not really about crossing any more and since most teams play with their left-footed forwards on the right side and vice versa, would it not be beneficial for the full-backs to be like-wise?

    My point was merely that I’ve read some strange comments today, you’d think most would be delighted about his potential arrival, but some people still find a flaw.

    I am however hoping we get in a striker and Machedia on loan would not suffice with me, but we’ll see I guess…

  25. Since I’m going to be watching a lot of Sky Sports News, I’d think it would be nice if they ditch the male anchor and have both Sawyer and Thompson, simply because they are better broadcasters…

    Santon’s a done deal according to that dreaded yellow breaking news bar.

  26. For 20 & 23 – Variations on a theme…

    There was a fat owner called Mike
    Who said to the Toon “On yer bike!
    Now go read your ‘Beano’
    I’m off to the casino,
    And I’ll spend my money how I like!”

  27. I tried to start this on sunday, but no one was interested

    He’s, hear,
    He’s there,
    He’s got big curly hair
    Colochini, Colochini..

  28. Jimbob says:

    “I am however hoping we get in a striker and Machedia on loan would not suffice with me, but we’ll see I guess…”

    Well I think its finally safe to say that Erdinc isnt coming :)

  29. Jimbob says:
    August 30, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    “I’d think it would be nice if they ditch the male anchor and have both Sawyer and Thompson, simply because they are better broadcasters…”

    You’re fooling no one Jimbob!

  30. workyticket says:
    August 30, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    “On SSN

    “Liverpool have also spent big as well as the BIG teams.”


    Worky that slip of the tongue from that transfer window presenter should in fact mean that he gets replaced with the responsibility by…Oh I dunno…How about…Olivia Godfrey?

  31. all u moaners not wanting santon what ive seen of him he is a class act two footed very quick likes to get forword can put a ball in the box the lads class give him a chance he will have u singing his name

  32. Left-footed, right-footed, at least we’ve got a player who has experience at LB. Never thought we’d get a player like Santon who I thought was destined to become an international regular. Only time will tell whether he can fulfil his potential at NUFC. Now we need a striker!

  33. santon has signed a 5 year contract now go and get a top striker and a centre back then things can start looking up

  34. finally we sign someone thank god for that welcome davide santon he will be class in the black and whit jersey lets get a striker in now and we will be in europe next season… Sunderland have bid for CROUCH omg why o why would you pay 10 million for him he is shite lol if i was arry id snap their hand of for it

  35. Well if it’s a done deal, we will just have to see how he turns out (santon) ? how bad can an italian international defender be ?

    Seems everyone is hip to which clubs have money to spend and seem to be ranking up prices accordingly, though i read where Wenger couldda had Jones for half the price Fergie paid for him at (the beginning of last season), you snooze you lose.
    Now Bolton are looking for £20+m. for Cahill a decent player but obviously second choice.

    Guess our scouting system has been fairly active, not only in the French league, a good scouting system pays dividends in the long run.

    But there’s something that concerns me and thats a lack of the one or two veterans, that could provide both experience and leadership to what could be described as a fairly young side overall and before anyone mentions Smith, “fugeddaboudit”! i mean veterans who can provide something apart from collecting a nice piece of change every week, but i guess unlike Joey he does’nt annoy Ashley.
    Clearly a case of cutting one’s nose off to annoy ones face, jerk !

  36. chuck says:

    “Spite ones face that is !”

    Yeah we knew what you meant :)

    Could be wrong about this but was Santon only on the radar because while we were sniffing after Cissohko at Lyons they in turn were allegedly lining up wor Davide as his replacement ?

    Good luck to the lad lets hope he settles in with the rest of the United Nations :)

  37. nice one harry your not the only one that thinks we have signed a class player jose who now get that striker does any one else think we are short with centre backs

  38. Yeah Andy, just cause you are paranoid does’nt mean that was’nt the case (Davide as Sissokho replacement)
    been so many sissokos since the one who played for Liverpool i lost count of em.
    So you think anyone else comming through the doar or the window before it closes, or is that too much to ask ?

    We really screwed up not signing Long, kids gonna be some player, ah well !

  39. chuck says:
    August 30, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    “So you think anyone else comming through the doar or the window before it closes, or is that too much to ask ?”

    The Charlton goalkeeper gadgie, er, Rob Elliot, has also been checked over by the NUFC Quacks today Chuck. He kind of got lost behind Mourinho’s favourite bairn / Lippi’s new Maldini though.

  40. chuck says:

    “Yeah Andy, just cause you are paranoid does’nt mean that was’nt the case (Davide as Sissokho replacement)”

    I mentioned that Chuck because I’m already seeing “Graham Carr does it again” posts on t’interweb and I’m thinking that maybe WT had a point !

    If Carr was the “Messiah” then he would have found a striker that could score 20 goals a season, costs nothing to buy and is paid peanuts for a weeks work.

  41. Pleased we’ve signed him. He was great in Football Manager and Football Manager never lies!

    Would love to get Sturridge on loan…. but i’d settle for anyone who can threaten an opponents goal more than most of the strikers we have at the moment.