69 videos of Davide Santon for your viewing pleasure!

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Davide Santon – Cesena v Lazio, March 2011.

On the news of former Inter Milan defender, Davide Santon, to Newcastle United, I have trawled the Interweb for some more extensive videos of our new player. The ones I have posted above and below are merely a quick taste from ‘YouTube’. No less than 69 more videos of the player in action are available for download here. They encompass extended Santon action from the last three seasons and more.

Alternatively, they are also available here, either to watch on YouTube once again, or to download to your own machine using ‘megaupload.com’. It’s a Polish site, so click on ‘Zobacz’ to watch the streaming clips, or ‘Pobierz’ to download the files.

Having watched quite a few myself, he seems to be a very good defender indeed with a huge amount of potential, who can raid and run with the ball as well as purely defend and tackle. The stuff about him having the abilty to be a good wing back was certainly true if what I have seen is anything to go by.

Happy viewing!

Davide Santon – Italy v Ukraine, March 2011.

Davide Santon – Cesena v Fiorentina, April 2011.

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56 Responses

  1. 1st team looking goooood!!!!!

    ————–Ben Arfa————-

    not bad reserve team either:

    ——Gosling– Gutherie——

    SUBS: Sammy, Abied, Macheda ? , McLoven, etc…

  2. 69…Bit excessive though considering when I was doing my ‘Legends’ blogs I couldn’t find one Gary Speed video!

  3. milner don’t ya’ think Best is our ‘Best’ striker atm?
    He seems most clicked in, knows the league, the players, holds up play, good header/shot, eye for goal, can get any part of his body on the ball to score, strong, gaining in confidence etc?
    Ba looks good ‘on the shoulder’, i reckon that’s more his game, at least most of the goals i’ve seen him get were done that way.

  4. Jimbob says:
    August 30, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    “69…Bit excessive though”

    I’ve just realised ’69 videos’ may give some dorty gadgies the wrang idea when they’re searching on Google.

  5. good addition to the squad does this signal the end for kadar left back postion looks out of reach and center back could be his best bet of making it into the team, has to really push through and make a name for himself.

  6. worky,
    he looks like that kinda striker, basically, he looks like a goal scorer.
    Tap in, header, pile driver, chip it over the on rushing ‘keeper, turn & shoot, scuff.
    Don’t ya’ think?
    You’ve seen enough strikers mate, every goal he’s got so far has been different, just about.

  7. It looks like Santon likes to cut to the inside a lot to be able to use his right foot. Hopefully Santon and Simpson can keep more to the outside and provide some more width to allow our attacking wings to cut inside more and to not over congest cabaye’s working space.

  8. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    August 30, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    “Don’t ya’ think?”

    I think that if he could score with any part of his body, he should be in a Circus Clint.

  9. workyticket says:
    August 30, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    “I’ve just realised ’69 videos’ may give some dorty gadgies the wrang idea when they’re searching on Google.”

    Especially if they’ve been watching Sky Sports News all day…


  10. This could be a good buy. He had to compete with Maicon and Chivu for a place in the Inter team, which would restrict playing time for most players.

    Plus, Rafa (I know he is not there now) probably took a dislike to him as he has been known to do with other players.

  11. Looks like Sochaux may have their man.

    “Followed by Brest and Saint-Etienne, Rennes striker Abdoul Camara finally took the direction of Sochaux. The transaction involves a transfer sec.

    After unsuccessfully approached Max Gradel (Leeds United), which finally joined Saint-Etienne, Sochaux records the reinforcement of the Rennes striker Abdoul Camara (21), appeared to twenty-four times last season in the league. The transaction involves a transfer sec.”

    So does that mean Maiga is now available to make his move? will Batman and Robin thwart the Jokers evil plans? Find out tomorrow…

  12. worky,
    circus’s are evil mate!


    Are you suggesting that i’m suggesting that he can score with his middle leg mate?

  13. Clint: agree that Best currently better than Ba, and I’d actually like to see the new striker, lets call him “MaiGoal” for now, paired alongside Best.

    But i also hold out hope that Ba is our 1st team man, and within a month it’s him and MaiGoals scoring many goals together.

  14. Is it just me or did not one video have him playing left back? Cutting in on your right foot to cross every time gets a bit predictable. Just ask Jonas. Nevertheless, looks a very decent signing but I’d rather we signed another left footer and moved Santon to right back.

  15. milner,
    aye, why not?
    Do you agree though that Ba seems to like to play on the shoulder of the defender, as he showed with his shot that hit the ba(r) at the end of the fulham game. That looked like ‘typical’ Ba to me, from what i’ve seen of him.

  16. Could be an amazing signing from what I hear. A bit off topic but does anyone know what is going on with William Remy and Darnel Situ I know they were on trial with us but does anyone know if we are looking to make them permanent?

  17. wardo did seem to be at RB wardo,
    but he has been played at LB with inter up against cheataldo. So i’m sure he can do it as i doubt inter would do that for a laugh.

  18. lualua, Mark Douglas spoke to Situ’s agent this morning and a deal will be done. Don’t know about Remy. I don’t think it matters about the deadline with those two anyway.

  19. Sochaux appear to have signed a striker, Camara or something, so Maiga set for tomoz unveiling?

    Will he play best alongside: Ba, Best, strolla, sammy or McLoven?

  20. I would really like to see us get a striker that was LCG, we’ve got enough lanky f***ers.

  21. jimbob,
    not chowed either mate, we’ve got some canny ‘keepers, have had for yonks, we’re a veritable ‘hot-bed’ for the bazzas.


  22. Clint:

    best seems a natural paocher to me, always seems to know where the goal is, but not amazing at heading…whereas Ba looks for a flick on header, or bring it down and do a snap shot or quick lay off…being good on the shoulder is one of his many assets imo, for a versatile striker that could benefit from a similar player style to himself…hopefully found in Maiga.

    But in essence Clint, yes, you’re right, prize in the post!

  23. Always read how he loves Celtic etc. He talks as if it’s his club so let him go, who cares.

    The ‘keepers we got are good enough. Soderburg looks like he wont make it, meaning that Vuckic is the only Dennis Wise youth signing who looks too have a good future…

  24. jimbob,
    the former re: LCG. :)
    & ya’ probably right about the ‘keepers to mate.

    what did i win mate?


    I’m not knocking Maiga either mate. But i ain’t that keen on 442, i reckon we’re capable of a far more fluid system now, with a whole series of forms available to us. Obviously, we should use 442 when necessary also.

  25. ‘cos that would be total shite, buying a replacement before selling the replaced.


  26. Nah, I would imagine a buy clause is in his loan agreement, though if that were the case, wouldn’t make sense to sell him now and get some more funds in?

  27. jimbob,
    they probably know it’s ‘nailed on’ anyway & that celtic are skint & wouldn’t pay ‘up front’ so wouldn’t have the cash in hand anyway?

  28. I dunno man, maybe?

    Funny how ‘ambitious’ QPR have signed some right shite…Traore, L Young, A Ferdinand…Maybe SWP? Wowzers.

    Oh and Joey “I don’t want to be in another relegation battle” Barton. Good Luck with that one! :-)

  29. Thump,
    i think he’s sending you to look at the ’69’ on youtoob if ya’ want mate.
    Though, you could also be correct.


  30. Maybe he could get a loan back to Newcastle when they get relegated? Funny though ain’t it. I mean, they must have been the only club who were really interested, otherwise he’d be off somewhere else. If Stoke were interested he’d of gone there. Thinking maybe the first club who showed real interest and he was off in a flash. I wish him well though and good luck to him.

  31. jimbob,

    my thoughts exactly too mate.
    Obviously his ‘baggage’ (oo er) is too ‘excessive’.
    That’s why he waited to see iif anyone else was interested.

    Good ambition though.


  32. I see the Hooton win % versus Pardew win % brigade have gone quiet. I’m not jumping on the bandwaggon either I said he was a better manager donkey’s years ago on here. Much better defensive unit this time round I see. ;)

  33. jimbob,

    aye the ‘daily fail’ getting things correct has been very unnerving mate, shudders, it gives me the collywobbles, bbrrr!


  34. I see Woodgate is playing brilliantly again – good to see an ex-magpie doing well after all his problems

  35. Reet,
    arm off up the wooden hill to bedfordshire,
    later mate.

    A cherry (or 2) on the top would suck big time tomoz!


  36. Yeah Clint. Very bizzare…

    Cue ‘Twight Light Zone’ music.

    Ditto mate, I’m off too. Night.

  37. @worky: Reading was not part of my job description.

    “Read titles, watch videos, make sarky comments, f off” – workyticket

  38. I don’t suppose anyone will bother telling us why after all the talk we didn’t get Pieters – are we of no importance to this club?

  39. @supermac: €€€€

    What else?

    (Please note: The euro symbol is in a thinly veiled attempt at looking like I’m in touch with the rest of the world.)