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Posing for Simon Bird.
Italian starlet gives his first interview in Toon
We learned today that Davide Santon was officially a Newcastle player and that, begrudgingly the Daily Mail was correct. Again.

Personal bias aside, the 20 year old utility man gave his very first interview to nufcTV and discussed a few things. An interesting note is that, like many of the new lads through the door, he barely speaks a word of English so perhaps communication could be a problem on our back line?

As always, Rob Scanlon conducted the interview with the new lad and as always, I’m here to give you a taste of what was said.

RS: Davide, welcome to Newcastle United what made you decide to move to England, and why this club in particular?

DS: I came here because it’s always been my dream to play in the Premier League. And to play for Newcastle is even better – to play for such a historical club and such a great club.

RS: Was it a difficult decision leaving the country of your birth?

DS: It’s never easy to leave any country, never mind Italy. It was a difficult decision, but I’ve only been here a short while and I feel comfortable. There are some good people here, it’s a beautiful place, therefore I am very, very happy.

RS: What would you like to achieve here at the club?

DS: Without a doubt, I’ve come here to do well and I’ve come here because with this team, I want to win something important.

RS: You joined Inter at age 14 and played a number of games for them. What have been the highlights of your time there?

DS: Being at Inter was a fantastic experience because it allowed me to grow. It helped me at many things because I left home at 14 years old; it was difficult, but I succeeded! At 18 I played quite a few games and I also played for the national team, and for that I have to thank President Moratti but now I’m here and I’m beginning a new life.

RS: You marked Christiano Ronaldo on your Champions League debut and he said afterwards that you looked like a great player. So it doesn’t look like a big ocassion worries you?

DS: It’s always an honour for a player like him to compliment me! Before playing against him, the only time I’ve played against him was on the Playstation! So you understand it was a strange thing but that game was fantastic, I’ve got fond memories of it. On the return match at Old Trafford, he gave me his shirt so it was a beautiful thing.

RS: Jose Mourinho is another man who praised you highly; what did you learn from him as a manager?

DS: He’s another person I should say “thank you” to! He had a lot of trust in me and he allowed me to play at age 18 in the first team and through him I achieved successes therefore I need to thank him from my heart and I always gave him my best on the field.

RS: Mourinho said you could be the next Paolo Maldini, do you agree?

DS: Yes, of course – I agree 100 percent!

RS: You’ve played a number of positions so far, you started your career in midfield – what position do you feel most comfortable playing?

DS: I can play many different positions – whether it’s in midfield or defence. My first instinct is to attack, but I can play in whichever position – right, left, midfield etc.

RS: Having achieved 7 caps for Italy, how many caps would you like to achieve in your career?

DS: Lots! I’m not going to say how many but I want to play in many matches for the national team.

RS: Do you think you’re more likely to get more appearances for Italy with this move?

DS: Certainly! Prandelli always said: “Davide, I’ve got faith in you; if you are playing in the first team then you will play for the national team.”

RS: Just away from football – what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

DS: I just like to stay at home and relax! I like playing on my Playstation and then as soon as I get used to my surroundings, let’s see here what this city can offer me!

RS: Any nicknames we should know of?

DS: No– Oh! Mourinho called me “Baby”!

RS: And finally, are you keen to learn English and will you be taking lessons?

DS: Yes, I’m looking to learn English as quickly as possible. Also, it’s always been a dream of mine to learn English.

RS: Thank you for your time and we hope you do well here!

DS: Thank you to you! I’m really happy to be here!

An attacking left back? I feel a tad moist!

Howay the Lads!

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10 Responses

  1. So great that you give the interview to us who don’t want to donate more money to sportsdirect by signing up for NufcTV. Now if there is any way to tell Pardew that he should replace simpson rather than raylor, people should try to get that message to him. My opinion at least, though I guess others may think different.
    Howay Santoon!

  2. What position does this player play at ?? Utility man , is he an out an out winger ? or inside right or inside left as they used to be called , Are we going to get a LB or an out an out feching striker like Malcolm Macdonald or big Al ?


  3. Worky , Thinking of felching at any time of day is bad ! At 3.04 am in the morning it is a serious offence and you are punished to one days leave from the blog sorry ….

  4. i don’t know about any of you guys,but Regardless of the on and off nature of his career so far,i think we’ve pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this one.he’s young,very young,and even if he makes mistakes,which he’s bound to,i say a good long run in the team can really turn him into an absolute star!
    great job on this one graham carr!i’m actually Very excited about this signing.
    i pray that now,we can keep up our good start to the season and see where that leaves us by may!

  5. i hope he can be as good as jose was! if not then our left back position will be weaker than it was last season.

    & now for the fannying on to get a loan striker in before the window shuts.

    how very exciting.

  6. From what I have seen of Davide on U tube etc. he seems to have quite a few of Enriques skills. Good prospect I would say. And what aboyt Cisse (fingers crossed) he already wears the number nine.