Sammy Ameobi sparks pitch invasion at Darlington

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...and yet we still lack depth.
...and yet we still lack depth.
Interesting scenes today as Newcastle United fans chanted “If Sammy scores, we’re on the pitch”… and then Sammy Ameobi decided it would be a great idea to score.

Needless to say, on fled hundreds of Toon fans, some of which travelling all the way from Newcastle upon Tyne, forcing the referee to actually postpone the game. During the madness, a steward was hit in the face by a Darlington supporter, which I’m sure we can all agree is simply out of order.

Newcastle United were at the Northern Echo Arena for the second time in as many pre-seasons to open up their pre-season campaign. Fraser Forster began between the sticks with Hatem Ben Arfa making his first appearance since his horror tackle by Nigel De Jong. Joey Barton scored after just 3 minutes and at some point afterwards (relying on Twitter for information here!) Sammy Ameobi dared the Newcastle fans with his goal.

I had the fortune to be there for the last game and there were many chants of “if [player] scores, we’re on the pitch” and at most 6 or 7 lads would run down to the touchline, dance around a little bit and then dive back up to their seats before the stewards could get a hold of them. There may have been a Darlo fan run on the pitch when they scored but there were so few of them to actually notice.

Joking aside: this is not something we should want to see from the fans. We’re passionate and we’re committed but interrupting the game for no good reason is simply unacceptable.

Alan Pardew and John Carver braved the Geordie hordes and talked the fans down, returning them to their seats so the referee could continue play and so normal service was resumed. Let’s hope that this does not become a popular trait amongst Newcastle fans because at the end of the day, a steward has been hurt (we’re awaiting reports) and the lads who involved themselves hardly made themselves, and by proxy us as a fanbase, look good, did they?

Credit to the referee, the stewards and of course Pardew and Carver for quick thinking and sorting this mess out so the match could resume.

Full image can be viewed here.

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31 Responses

  1. And now the Unwashed are saying that Newcastle fans attacked a disabled Darlo fan?

    Can the Mackem’s possibly stoop any lower than this?

  2. Cabaye did great from what I’ve been told! Kept it simple and clean. Haven’t heard much about Ben Arfa but he was subbed at around 70-odd minutes so he can’t have played badly!

    There’s also some rumours that when Cabaye came off for Donaldson, he was injured but I’m only hearing about injuries to Guthrie (13 minutes according to the last update on and Fergie. Fergie really needs to put on some weight like, he can’t keep physical at his size – he’s just asking for injuries!

  3. Also just been told that Darlo fans actually got into our allocation and tried to cause some bother there. My mate plays for Darlo (he was on the other day) so no doubt I’ll get the full story from him.

  4. I heard HBA was pretty good, playing just behind Best.
    But we did use 24 players.

  5. @Clint: Are you taking the Michael? Short of a small handful I know, most of the Darlo fans eat cat food and lick their sack while looking like an overused tampon!

  6. Any problem with ‘darlo’ fans will be with the odd one that lends their support to the mackems & smoggies. Who are in the minority amongst darlo fans.

  7. Thump,
    taking the piss about what?

    I had the misfortune to spend some youth there & believe me, you see 10 Toon tops to every mackem/smog round the place.

    Never said they were house trained like.

  8. I was at the match..Ben arfa played really well…held the ball a bit to much like but apart from that he was brilliant… And no I wasnt 1 of the daft lot that invaded te pitch I just casually took out my phone n recorded it :)

  9. Haha I only spent about a year and a half on and off around there… no offence to any Darlo visitors but it really wasn’t my place. Too small, too cramped and a lot of bad eggs.

    Wor Colin on Twitter is trying to spread rumours that Llambias was physically attacked in a bar. Please set the record straight that he has difficulty reading.

  10. Thump,
    aye mate, the right place to gan if it’s a scrap after the pub ya’ looking for, believe me, angry mid-town vibe.
    But to their credit, when that mong george renolds tried to change the colour of their strip from B&W to red, cos he’s a mackem get, the town went mental.
    He did manage to install red seats in their stadium though. What a tw@!

  11. Fergie supposedly has been sent for an X-Ray immediately… as if we didn’t need another LB before, we definitely need one now.

  12. Thump,
    now ya’ knaa mate.
    Aye, they were black at the old one.

    Downer about Ferguson like. Just what we didn’t need. Although we do have Kadar & a couple of other young ‘uns got a run out the neet.
    So it would seem AP is more open to playing/trying out some of the bairns.
    You don’t know ’til ya’ try like.

  13. I divn’t understand this, like?!… Why the f@?k would you have a pitch invasion on a friendly?! I can understand an F.A. Cup semi-final, but come on… A friendly??!!!

  14. michael richardson is my cousin and he told me it was scary when all the geordies ran on the cousin is the ginger one who got subbed for ben arfa

  15. WOW IS HE REALLY YOUR COUSIN?????????????????????????? HE’S A GOOD PLAYER (LOL JKS)

  16. i’m a mackem and i actually think newcastle are an amazing football team i honestly wish i could support them sorry to all the mackems for what i said but its honestly true!