Get Inman! Do Toon believe the children are our future?

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Wizard from Oz?
Wizard from Oz?
I guess you’ve got to look out for some positives in all of this uncertainty. Well we could look no further than the fruition of our glorious leader’s preference to ‘develop’ rather than ‘dabble’. Our new youth policy has been one thing which most fans, albeit some begrudgingly, have recognised as being a beacon throughout this whole sorry affair.

Pre-season friendlies are an ideal opportunity to blood youngsters and this term has been no different with several of our kids getting decent run-outs against Darlo and Huddersfield. Kadar was impressive in his centre half role in the latter game and Lua Lua’s willingness and ability to get at the opposition in both games.

Last night, admittedly against lesser quality but no lesser willing opposition at Hillheads where we were entertained by Whitley Bay, Newcastle gave more of our youngsters the chance to impress in front of the watching management pair Hughton and Calderwood and the pie-purchasing Peter Beardsley (I assume he also ate it but that is unconfirmed).

Aussie-born and highly rated Brad Inman, in particular, stood out in an eagerly contested and entertaining game. Current FA Vase holders, Bay, started the game well but we took the lead after 27 minutes, against the run of play. Sammy Ameobi found space down the left and pulled the ball back for Inman to take a touch and shoot past Whitley stalwart Terry Burke.

We doubled our lead in the second half after a great run from Baheng who slotted the ball past the stranded keeper. Whitley pressed as well as they could and had chances before former Mag trialist, Lee Kerr, brought it back to 2-1 with a cracking goal from about 20 yards out. The game was put beyond any doubt in the final minute when Inman scored his second with a shot that bobbled in front of the keeper.

Last night’s stats –

WHITLEY BAY: Burke, McFarlane, Reid, Robinson, Coulson, Ryan, Moore, Kerr, Johnstone, Bell, Fawcett.
NEWCASTLE UNITED: Forster (Krul, 46); J Taylor, Tozer, Morris, Lough; Danquah (Ferguson, 67), Donaldson, Inman, Baheng; Zamblera (Grieve, 81), Sammy Ameobi. Subs not used: Leadbitter, McLoughlin, McDermott.
Goals: Inman 28, 90, Ngo Baheng 57, Kerr 73

Attendance: 1,075

Considering the hugely-rated Nile Ranger is continuing to push for an opportunity in the first team, young ‘keepers Krul and Forster building big reputations. We have Ryan Donaldson, Ben Tozer, Harris Vuckic and Sammy Adjei and others showing more and more promise and even Andy Carroll who is a veteran in comparison but still with years ahead of him it seems, like Kylie and Williams sang, we’re doing it for the kids.

Which is great to know because they could be called into action sooner rather than later. The way our sale is going, or not going as the case seems to be, Ashley may need to bankroll our 2009/2010 season whether he, or we, like it much or not. In order to do that, the potential fire sale we all fear is a real potential may become a reality, so that he can balance the books. Our top earners and performers (the former undeniable but the latter being debatable of course) will be out of the door. Therefore, the stature and readiness of the kids will become even more important. We may come to rely on them. Let’s hope they’re up to it because the children really could be our future.

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11 Responses

  1. As the great football pundit, Whitney Houston, once said:

    “I believe that children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way”.

  2. BBM – As you mentioned, whether some fans like it or not, a key part of the strategy implemented by MA ie the focus on finding good young talent and developing it to either keep as a method of bringing low cost but good young players into the squad or selling at a considerable profit, was at least showing signs of working.If we can remember him for anything positive apart from bringing the club back from the financial abyss, it will be for the focus on the young kids.

  3. Deb, it looks like even the loony sites think NUSC/NUST are loonies! :-)

    From NUFC mad:

    Does Anyone Take The NUSC Seriously?

    “Apparently the NUSC are getting together a petition “that aims to make supporters opinion very clear to Mike Ashley”. Can someone please tell them … he’s selling up and GOING!

    Yes he’s taking his time (which boils our piss just as much as anyone else’s) but the club is OFFICIALLY up for sale … bids have been made … and we await the outcome.

    What the hell a petition is going to do …. when the NUSC know full well they are not recognised by the club … is beyond me.

    What we DON’T need right now is bunch of supporters trying to act as though they run the club … when we are trying to get a buyer to get us out of the shit.”

  4. worky

    agreed he is trying his best even putting the club up for sale on the internet

  5. worky why dont you send them an e-mail to tell them i would do myself but my e-mails are still fekked oop

  6. beyethegreat says:
    July 23, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    “worky why dont you send them an e-mail to tell them i would do myself but my e-mails are still fekked oop”

    Beye, normally I’m the most helpful gadgie in the world, but do I really want to help that lot in their attempts to bugger up the sale of wor club? :-)

  7. worky thats the idea to stop them ruining the sale of their club ask them how they think there actions are helpful and remind them that he has already stated his intent to sell

  8. The reason NUST continue to make statements etc is because they’re megalomaniac Communists.