Plenty in reserve? Pancrate to play in free Newcastle v Hartlepool game.

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Pancrate ready to seal a deal?
Pancrate ready to seal a deal?
It’s a cold, damp and blustery day over here in Newcastle, so what better way to spend your evening than to go and watch a reserve game eh? Well that’s what the Bowburn branch of has decided to do tonight, and I’ve even roped in my old man to come and keep me company.

Of course, it’s free and we’re playing Hartlepool United so there’s a little bit of local rivalry going on, particularly as my mate supports them. So there are two good reasons to go. Plus they’ve moved the venue from Whitley Park (where yours truly used to grace the beautiful turf, back in the day) to St James’ and have opened up the East Stand to supporters. That makes it a bit easier with me being in town already.

It’s admittedly been a while since I took in a ressie game, and it gives me a chance to see some of the young ‘uns that I haven’t seen play a full game. Mind you, I’ve once again managed to miss out another potential 90 minutes of football for Nile Ranger because he’s away with England U19s. I’ll also miss out on seeing Shane Ferguson, Callum Morris and Brad Inman who are all away representing their respective countries.

There could be the possibility of other trialists on show but following his trial period last week, tonight will be a final opportunity for Hughton to see Fabrice Pancrate in action and for the Frenchman to secure a deal. Also with the recent break, I’m hoping for a couple of bigger names to get a run out. If not, I’ll just enjoy my bovril and my cold feet.

Kick-off is 7pm and just to reiterate, entry to the game is free via the East Stand for anyone interested in getting along to support.

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14 Responses

  1. At the very least you’ll enjoy the Bovril and we hope to read you waxing lyrical about emerging stars, our French triallist and possibly others!

  2. Thought I’d see what was happening over here. Nowt much. Everyone’s too busy having a chit-chat with the Landan Boys on the other thread.

    lesh – I might even go and have a seat in Kenny Everett’s old seat, seeing as I’ll be in the East Stand.

  3. think i’ll take this one in…though i’d rather be at the brentford – heed game.

    …HEED ARMY !!!!

  4. Bowburn @2…..
    lesh – I might even go and have a seat in Kenny Everett’s old seat, seeing as I’ll be in the East Stand.

    I’m not going to ask but……. ?

  5. There was a fella used to sit the far end of the East Stand (might still sit there for all I know), and he was the spit of Kenny Everett. The Corner used to sing/request “Kenny givvus a song”, to which he invariably responded by staggering drunkenly to his feet and belting out a song which then resounded round the Gallowgate and throughout.

    And to which we eventually responded “We’ve got Kenny, Kenny, Kenny Everett on the wing”, to the tune of the Terry Hibbit song. Hence my avatar, in respect to a leg-end. In my eyes at least.

  6. could never quite make out who that was BBM, looked like Andy (lou & andy) in a NUFC away strip from here lol

  7. Speaking of legends….. anyone remember the peanut sellers? 

    You’d pitch your tanner or whatever down from the stand, he’d catch it, and bingo, a bag of salted nuts lobbed with ease, perfectly aimed to be caught by the buyer!


  8. Yeah, the good old days, standing on a roofless terrace in the rain, with some disgusting excuse for either tea or bovril (hard to tell the difference sometimes) just to have something warm.
    Used to stand atop of the fence at the back of what is now the east stand, on a 12″x12″ wooden beam, through snow, rain or both, awaiting a decision by the officials whether to play or cancel  the game on a frozen snow filled pitch .
    Must say the present stadium is state of the art, great areas for food or drink, excellent seats, not a bad seat in the house, though i hav`nt been to the upper seats, seem quite far from the action.
    The admission prices in the day were pretty steep, half a crown or one and three for kids, only the poshest  could afford the stand.
    Top players were making as much as twenty quid a week, dropping to about fourteen for a journeyman player.
    But four Wembley appearances in five years with three FA cups, a golden era, with genuine hero`s to cheer, would`nt change it for anything.

  9. lesh/chuck,dont get me started on old days,chuck,i go a little further back one shilling and three pence (old cash) for leazes and one shilling 9 pence family enclos,lesh my peanuts had no salt on i must of got robbed,wor jackie was on about 8quid a week+pit work,took bus to sjp,iwas lucky i could walk there,thinking about i would there again at my age even if its 18mls i should be so lucky