Barton, Enrique and the goalkeeping dilemma

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Joey Barton, Newcastle United
The moustachio was a mistake
Joey Barton wants to pledge his future to Newcastle United, allegedly. Enrique is more of an enigma, but what about our triplet of talented keepers?

The summer will be interesting in many respects for Newcastle United, not least to see who leaves the club and who comes in. However, if the recent comments of a ‘source close to Joey’ are anything to go by, Joey Barton won’t be one of the leavers.

Joey wants to stay at Newcastle because he is happy here.

He may be opinionated at times, but he hasn’t forgotten what Newcastle did for him during his time at the club, and he’s got a lot of respect for all of the staff there, from the manager down.

There has been talk that he was ready to quit the club, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

His main priority is to stay here – and always has been.

Joey has got a great rapport with the Newcastle fans who obviously appreciate his efforts on the pitch, and he wants that relationship to continue.

Of course a ‘source close to Joey’ could be his cat for all we know but I do tend to think that he wants to stay at Newcastle. No doubt Ashley will want to reduce his wages but if it isn’t to an insulting level then, personally, I’d expect him to be lining up in black and white next season despite alleged interest in the player from Hamburg and despite the fact the club failed to get him on a new contract in January.

Jose Enrique is another matter. He claimed that he would not talk about his Newcastle future until the club’s Premier League status was assured. I think we’re pretty safe now, so I presume Jose is indeed talking with Pardew, Ashley and Llambias about his future at the club. Although personally I’m not hopeful.

Pardew has been said to be trying his best to keep both players as Newcastle.

The goalkeeping situation is another matter. Thump recently posted an interesting article about our goalkeepers and a recent article in the Northern Echo suggests that Pardew would like to keep all our current keepers.

Harper is 36 and seems to be our number one choice at the moment, but with Krul and Forster there are two decent keepers who could serve as number one and number two when Harper’s footballing days are over. The Echo speculates that Pardew is likely to loan one of them out again next season and this time it may be Krul. He wants to play for Holland but has missed consideration for the international squad after manager Bert van Marwijk said he didn’t have enough first team football.

Forser recently said:

I will worry about Newcastle when I get back there at the end of the season.

That has to be my approach. I’m at Celtic until the end of the season, and what happens after that will be up to the managers.

I suppose Newcastle are a bit special in that we’ve got so many great keepers on the books. But that competition is brilliant because it brings out the best in us.

And Krul recently said:

I’m here to be number one.

I’ve been here now for six years working hard. Harps has been really important because he’s told me how difficult it is to be patient. He said, ‘I’m 36, your chance will come’.

At the moment, I’m not looking at the summer. I’m looking at the near future and nights like Manchester United are really important because they show I’m there.

Let’s hope we can find a way to hang on to all three keepers.

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13 Responses

  1. I agree with your thoughts on Barton, as for Enrique, think he’ll pen a new deal on better wages, probably inline with Tiote & Barton, then we just need to get the rest of the good players signed up & get shot of the dross..

    Didn’t Ashley say not long ago that he’s already included an extra 10% rise in the wage budget due to new players & extra wages, lets hope that will keep our best players here… if not, then they obviously want something the Toon can’t give them at the moment & that European football…

    As for the goalies… that is a dilemma.. 3 very good keepers & only 1 net.. mmmmm I think the way Krul is playing, he maybe the one to go out on loan for some 1st team action as Forster has already had 2 seasons as a No1 & needs to do bench duty imo….

    Tho Pards has already said, all 3 will fight it out for the No1 shirt in the summer,,, should be interesting :)

  2. i hate to be such a inconsiderate prick but harper is really getting on in age and i think we should cut our ties with him and let our talented young keepers develop.we should keep harper on as a member of the coaching staff who can occasionally step in and play.
    i hope we can bring in some quality players over the summer.really looking forward to a quality striker.wonder who could do a job for us?our midfield seems too overcrowded in the central area.i don’t see how keeping alan smith any longer would help us given the sort of wages i hear he’s on.

  3. buys for the summer:

    Arshavin – 13m
    Adebayor – 18m


    ___Arshavin___Ben Arfa




    Bench: Nolan, Loven, Best, Guthrie, Williamson, Ferguson, Keeper

  4. Arka I think we’d have gotten rid of Smith but he is on 60k wages and he does not want to go until his contract runs out. He knows he wont get paid anywhere near that elsewhere so he wont go. He’s here picking up a check like Xisco.

  5. Roscoe sorry mate but I expect no more than 15 mill to be available in funds , he wont spend all the cash from AC sale , he has no reason to ….

  6. Gervinho 10 mill
    sturridge 11 mill
    elmander free
    larsson free
    Ireland 5 mill
    wendt free
    sandro 6 mill
    taabart 7 mill

    lovenkrands 2 mill
    perch 1 mill
    sol Campbell 1 mill
    ameobi 1 mill
    nile ranger loan
    vuckic loan

    Gk: harper
    rb:Simpson. Cb:coloccini. Cb: williamson. Lb:Jose Enrique

    Rm:Barton. Dmf:tiote. Cam:taabart. Lm: ben arfa
    St: gervinho St:sturridge

  7. ah of course when harper retires have heard he also has a referee license so it would defiantly help us if he where to become a official when he refs at the toon ;)

  8. We also have Ole Soderberg who is also a pretty good keeper.
    I think it’s time to move Harper on and let Krull and Forster fight it out.

    As for transfer in, I would give all the £35m from the sale of Carroll to Villa for Darren Bent.

  9. Roscoe

    Adebayor is trouble, forget it.

    Arshavin is good, the nearest thing to Beardsley but not at 13m.

    Alex Toon

    I haven’t seen Gervinho so there is a doubt about his adaptability to the Premiership but that would not be the case with Sturridge who has impressed me everytime I see him. If Enrique leaves then we should buy Van Aanholt and Sturridge from Chelsea. I would also buy Josh McEachran who is cracking young English player who doesn’t get a look in against all the high profile high wage stars. In any other team he would be playing regularly.

    I would, like you, buy Taabart from QPR. Him and Ben Arfa would be quite a handful for any opposition. Both at the right age too. I would buy Ireland as the quality is there. I wouldn’t buy Elmander, too old. Sandro is good but I feel he would be too similar to Tiote. I wouldn’t buy Larsson. Great at free kicks but doesn’t do much else over and above what we already have. He wouldn’t really make a difference to the squad unlike Van Aanholt, Sturridge, McEachran and Taabart.

    I completely agree on putting Ranger and Vuckic out on loan. Ranger needs a good kick in the pants.

    I know people like to put prices on players on how much they would cost to buy but having now watched Hernandez of ManU over quite a few games at 7m he is probably a far better buy than Carroll at 30/35m. So money does not necessarily equate with how well a player performs. Tiote, Williamson and Simpson prove the point for us.

  10. Krull on loan and Foster No.2, Harper is still best of the bunch.
    Can’t see Enrique signing but if the reported 15 million quid transfer fee is true is then let’s take and move on. As for Barton his agent said that both parties weren’t far apart in agreeing a deal so I expect it to happen.
    Ben Arfa.
    7 quality midfielders that are as good as any bunch in the premiership. Emphasis on strikers please and we’ll challenge the top 6 easy.

  11. my dream for next season if the club want to push on

    gk – harper to become 3rd choice and gk coach to cover any serious injuries and work with soderberg and let krul and forster fight it out for the no 1 spot
    i expect campbell and enrique to go and would go for arther boka from stuttgart and eboue from arsenal to strengthen up the full back roles and give competition to ferguson and simpson. colo williamson and taylor to fight it out for a centre half berth while allowing our youth players to cover serous emergency’s and to allow them some first team experiance when the time is right

    mid – if jonas stays would keep him on the left and work on his final ball. the way we play with nolan pushing forward titoe sitting in the hole and barton cutting in from the right has served us well this season but this allows us to bring back ben artha and gosling to suit are needs we are strong in mid and i would try and sign ireland. if guthrie smith routledge go they will need replacing

    fwd – i would like to see if drogba would come here he is 33 and give him a 2 year contract with tiote his pal at the club he might like the idea of being the big fish in a small pond as our main striker? dont think chelsea would want a big fee probably looking at about 4 million? then i would go for conor whicham from Ipswich anything between 10-15 million but with drogba and best at the club there would be less pressure and time for him to bed in at the toon. i like lovenkrands but i think his best days are behind him and would let him go. would also ship ameobi out to any club daft enough to want him asap. if best is prepeared to stay and fight for his place keep him and loan out ranger for a season to strenghten the boy up. maybe we would need one more stiker but im hearing good things about this airy so would try to promote him into the first team and see what hes like.

    boka, colocini, williamson, eboue/ferguson
    jonas, nolan, tiote, barton
    drogba, whickham

    im basing this on the good performances against the scum and arsenal away this season with droba acting as the holding centre forward and whickham acting as ameobi did playing off the holding centre forward which allows nolan to push forward.

  12. Barton stay
    Jose gone
    Harps stay for another season then become goal keeper coach
    Krul number one unless Forster proves himself in prem