Liverpool allegedly offer £4m for Enrique and Barton will only stay if Ashley quits

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Negotiations over Enrique's transfer are under way.
Worth more than £4m methinks
Negotiations begin between Newcastle United and Liverpool over Enrique and the Barton situation is explained further.

Allegedly negotiations have begun with Liverpool for their acquisition of Jose Enrique. Although it seems they haven’t begun very well.

Newcastle have placed a £15m price tag on the player and Liverpool’s initial offer was only £4m, so there’s a fair bit of meeting somewhere in the middle to be done before Enrique departs for Anfield.

Alan Pardew is now fully resigned to losing Enrique, saying:

There’s no point keeping a player who has set his sights on a club he has perceived is bigger.

You can’t keep a player that’s unmotivated.

Which is fair enough. If a player is determined to leave there is little to be achieved by forcing him to do otherwise.

The Barton situation is a bit different. As far as I can gather he didn’t want to leave and only feels forced to do so by his disappointment at the contract he was offered. Barton’s agent – the lovable Willie McKay – said:

He was happy to take a four-year deal and less money.

I must say that, to be fair to Newcastle and the current Board, they stuck by Joey. I think he repaid them last season – I think he had a great season.

But they stuck by him, there’s no doubt about that, Derek Llambias especially.

It seems there is no further room for negotiation on this one after McKay said:

The only reason Joey will stay at Newcastle [beyond next season], I think, is if there are new owners, to be perfectly honest.

McKay has indicated that he’s already had some interest in Barton from other clubs, but apparently Joey wants to see out his contract at Newcastle:

I have had a few calls from other clubs because of the news – everybody knows about the situation at the moment.

I have had a few managers on asking what the situation is with Joey, but only if a top club [came in], I think he would move on.

He has set his mind up to stay at Newcastle next season because he loves it up there, he’s settled and he’s playing very, very well.

Hopefully he can break into the England team at some stage.

It seems like it’s all settled in terms of Barton, although I still have some doubts and wonder if McKay is playing the press to try and restart negotiations.

It’s obviously a cause for concern seeing two of our best players leave the club, but it’s part of football and we have to be philosophical about it. The worry of course is that it promotes a mass exodus and we see the likes of Nolan, Tiote, Colo or Jonas follow suit. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen and that we recruit quality to replace those that do leave.

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40 Responses

  1. £15m is unrealistic for Enrique given he’s only got a year left on his contract….I reckon £5m-£7m if we’re lucky

  2. Well we’ve already sign Abein on a 5yr contract apparently & he only signed because of Tiote & HBA, so I doubt those 2 are gonna leave, Nolan will sign a new contracts because he’s being offered better terms than Barton & I’m not worried if Colo or Jonas leave, as I think we’d be able to replace them also….

  3. Forgot to say, does Barton know something we don’t, I mean his comment about staying after next season if new owners takeover the club??

    Is that why he’s willing to stay at the Toon for his last season instead of moving tis summer?????

    As for Jose, I think he’s worth around 7-10m at least, not pozy 4m like the bindippers have offered… robbing gets!!!

  4. Going from Bad to Worse, the whole team is going to get dismantled.

    @ Hugh how much can we realistically eek out of enrique. ozil went to madrid for around 10 million similar situation

  5. I think McKays comment re new owners is designed to try and make the fans angry at Mike Ashley. Barton looked exceptional as he linked up well with Andy Carroll but he is by no means irreplacable. I dont want to lose him and I’d love to see him get offered a four year contract as I think he could well be our scholes for years to come. He has a lot of experience and we will need old heads when the games are coming thick and fast.

    Hatem, Nolan, Tiote and Gosling will be our four main central mids. If we lose Enrique we could see Gutti go next season so Ferguson will be brought on and hopefully used in the left wing position. I dont think he is a left back and that will need to be sorted out very soon. With a new coach coming in a t Chelsea and the money flowng we should make a serious bid for Pat Van Aanholt.

  6. The players worth depends on so much. At base he is worth 10mill. For us he is one of our important players and we dont have a replacement. 12 mill. The fact that the names that are after him include Liverpool, Man U and some big Spanish teams and we could have a bidding war shows his quality and these teams have money so lets make em use it. 15 Mill.

    He has one year left on his contract. 10 mill.

    If he is going he is going but I dont think we should sell him until the last second so he does not get a pre season with his new team and we get maximum value.

  7. Sorry I was talking about Enrique above not Barton. I’d offer him 3 years on 50gs and another years option

  8. hummmmmm, sh1t start to window and so much for AP’s statements about wanting to keep our team together blah blah. Full of crap the lot of them!
    so, barton finished, jose going now, sol gone and shefki gone already. Not bad. Nolan saying Barton had to be kept as he wants to stay with him so Nolan now has to be major doubt. Jonas going cos jose is… humm, there goes the backbone lads. our promotion was built upon these guys. the wheeels arecoming off … and why? its not for money, the fat knacker is making on nufc now…greed and ego are a terrible thing mr ashley.

  9. I would rather insist Jose sees out his contract and lose him for nothing next year than get £4 million from L’pool. If he wants to get in the Spain squad he’ll still need to perform next season wherever he plays.

  10. 10…thing is though, if we keep him just out of spite then he will not give a toss and its counter productive. The actions we see now are the very reasons why jose never signed. cos we are a selling club. we sold carroll, lettign barton go…where are the positive signs that ashley has at last got some serious intentions towards our football club? i think the only players we wil lattract are unknowns who might or might not turn out right (tiote did) or ones in decline after one last pay day.

  11. The main point in selling players is not how much money we get for them, but how we replace them. The club will go on, whoever leaves, but how well we do without them relys on who comes in.

    Enrique, over the last 2 seasons has probably been our best/most consistent player. He would be a big miss. If someone like Van Aanholt comes in and begins to show the signs he did a couple of seasons ago, we might forget Enrique quicker than people think.

    I personally believe that we will be struggling to keep all of our midfielders happy next season anyway. With Ben Arfa, Gosing and possible Vuckic coming through, I think it is obvious that one or two first teamers from this season might have to move on. I don’t think Barton will be as big a miss as others. That said, we need quality replacements in the right positions.

    Positions that we will need to fill –

    Right back (we’re short in that position)
    Left back (if/when Enrique leaves)
    Right winger (vital even if Barton stays)
    Striker (we could probably replace our existing strikeforce with 4 new ones).
    Other positions are ok, but I’d welcome signings in any position as long as the above are covered.

  12. What if we bought Charlie Adam from Blackpool. I’d not be too upset about Barton going then and I think we would get him for a decent price especially if we offered them a player or two in return. They may lose Dj Campbell and Vaughn as well so including Shola or Mclovin into the deal could bring the price down significantly. On top of that we could also look at loaning them out Ranger or Xisco for 6 months so they could get some game time in England.

    Seb Larrson is a probable.

    From West Ham we could try for that German fella they have. He seemed pretty good after coming back from injury. Also Demba Ba might be worth a buy. He is only on a pay as you play contract os surely that have must have some get outs from someone offering a regular contract.

  13. with the prospect of some of our main players going newcastle turning back to its old self we cant afford to go back to old habits of selling players and bringing in new ones it only disrupts team togetherness and understanding which the current squad have built up since the championship

  14. Charlie – you’re talking sense and you’re right about going for Van Aanholt now as their new owner won’t know how good he actually is and see him as surplus to his requirements. I’ve always said that we should go for him as the kid is clearly a class act and still so young.

  15. What a lot of bollox – McKay’s bang out of order going public about Barton.

    And our friends on the Mersey have clearly been tapping up Jose and it appears he wants away.

    That being so, then we should get the best we can for the pair of them and sell Jose to anyone but the opposition!

  16. JP… van has just this week signed a new contract at cheski. Evidently they know exactly how good the lad is and unlike ashley, i very much doubt that they have extended his contract just to increase sale value… aka carroll and tiote.

  17. Blah blah we are a selling club

    every club is a selling club and getting a fee who has sold the most in player values in the last 10 years Man U Newcastle Arsenal Tottenham. Who is the biggest selling club now ?

    Why is being a seeling club a bad thing ? would you rather we bought expensive players and then moved them on for nothing in return.

    The fact is players and more importantly agents need to sell players for the sign on sgn off fees that they make and the transfer windows mean they have to do all their business in a couple of months.

    As for Barton jose as long as the players replacing them are better then move them on if they arent then dont and if you are going to move them on get a fee rather than nothing. Barton has had a great year 1 in 5 how most people on here wanted him sacked for nothing not so long ago.
    Id rather the club became more canny in buying and selling.

  18. I also wish I proof read and spell checked more especially early in the morning !

    Dont crack lads this is a long transfer window be patient.

  19. Barton is being moved on,

    We will see tommorow bumper new deals for Shola Ameobi and Alan Smith.

  20. bb……..the only diff is when other clubs sell they tend to replace or already have a ready made replacement or at least a plan. For instance, chelsea were going all out for torres in january but liverpool dictated the price to chelsea as that money had to cover buying carroll and that other player they bought. Ronaldo went cos he had to at 80 million but they had nani and valencia who will not as good are still world class. yo uare right 100% about its not about who you sell, its about how you replace them. Clearly the AC saga had been going on for a little while and was not a last thing deal as it involved chelsea adn torres too. Who did we have lined up to replace carroll? Lets expand on that even more… since january we have had 4 months to nail down carrolls replacement…. We seem to be able to sell at break neck pace but getting them in is always such a problem or so it seems.
    Speaking of selling clubs etc…. from time to time even the very biggest clubs have to sell their players as sometimes they just want to go… such as ronaldo etc. However, them instances are few and far bestween and not a regular thing. Lets look at us this season…we sell carroll, barton, jose and prob Nolan will not now sign and Jonas will want to move on also. Thats our five main players or at least, five defo first tema choices at worst. If man united sold jose is our best player, then barton and then nolan i think, just about. What would we all think if man utd sold Rooney, valencia, vidic, fletcher, all key players and did it without any people coming in to replace them? Like wise for chealsa selling Drogba, Essien, ashley cole etc … all without replacements lined up.
    Yes, sell if you have to but top teams dont have huge clean the decks with their very backbone, its not condusive to stability. we are in constant choppy waters and it is not the correct way to do business.

  21. At the end of the day its difficult to keep players who dont want to stay i.e. Jose. As for Barton yes been great this season but he hasntlived up to his whole contract. Didnt do much as part of the relegated team and was injured for most of the championship.

    Ok less money Barton is willing to take, but a longer contract. This basically equals the same so he is not doing any favours.

    Whoever leaves we get money to replace them, there are few standout players in our team, all can be replaced. After all I doubt Ashley wasnts to see his investment relegated again so he will invest. Im glad the days of long contracts and stupid high wages are over, it should be committment, youth and experience at NUFC.

  22. I try to translate to Mckay word and I got ” Pay me money I want, Fat Ash ! Your best player is on my hand ! Your offer is Shix ! I want it more and if you don’t pay me, I will sell him out there. Everything is your fault not me. Only way you can do is show your fuxxing money to me, you understand ? ”

  23. A bid of 4 mil is completely ridiculos. If leighton baines is worth 20 million; albeit with more years on his contract then i imagine “king kenny” was laughed out of town. Especially when the same chap shelled out 35million for Carroll (every newcastle fan was dissapointed he was sold but we in particular all know how injury prone he is and has been over the first few seasons of his young career).

    Jose won’t be allowed to leave unless it is for big money. With Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Man U interested (surely at some point Barca/Real will have a look) then i’m confident when (sadly not if) he leaves then we will have another bag full of money to replace him with.

    I’d spend a couple million of it on the young lad we brought in from chelsea last year when jose missed a couple months; “Van Aahnholt”. That kid was a class act and a top player in the making. Other than that the other options would possibly be the guy at Celtic (perhaps use Fraser Forster as part of the deal), the young kid at Boro “Bennet” or Warnock who is out of favour at Villa. None of those are unrealistic targets and we are where we are at Newcastle at present. When bigger clubs come in the majority of players see the flashing lights and the money.

    Not many players leave newcastle and go on to better things so beware jose; still i wish you all the best after what you have done for us over last couple seasons.

    The other players i’d be looking at in the summer would be as follows;

    Charlie Boy…10 mil or Jarvis around 7-10 mil
    Gameiro or Gervinho…10-12 mil
    Sturridge…i can dream :-) 15 mil
    Borini (on a free as he is leaving chelsea)
    Sinclair from Swansea around 3-4 million
    Gunter…competition for simpson (2-3 million)

  24. Hey Toon Army,
    Liverpool fan here, I’m surprised you don’t value Enrique at least £10 worth. After watching him since he signed for you guys (Maybe not the first season) he’s been fantastic and this season he’s been in the top 4 or 5 LB’s in the league. I’d be happy to have him at Anfield, but I think any less than £10 is a bit rude.

    Also on the Barton thing, his agents comments about him only staying if new owners were at the club aren’t hinting at a possible takeover (In my opinion anyway – Could be wrong) they are more just saying that he cant reach an agreement (probably over length of contract) with Mike Ashley, so the only way he could stay is if someone who wanted him for that length came in and took over. I dont think you should read too much into that comment.

    Best of luck next season and congrats on a good season back in the league. Was shocked to see you drop and happy to see you back amongst it.

    Whats the NUFC fanbase’s opinion of your longer standing players, like Smith, Shola, Guthrie etc? It seems from an outside POV, the younger players are the ones that are outshining the established ones.

    Kudos to HBA, that kid looks awesome, cant wait to see him off injury.


  25. Jose is worth 15 to 20 mil of any teams money,4 million is just sick joke.Hes as good if not better than ashley cole.

  26. I agree if a player doesnt wanna stay wee got to sell. Van Aanholt did look really good in his brief spell here but hes obviously being groomed to replace cashley so i would be doubtful if chelsea wud let him go. I think a good signing would be Vila forgotten left back Stephen Warnock, was class at blackburn and his initial villa career before the wheels came off. He must be wanting to move on and i reckon he would be cheap because hes essentially a reserve player now.

  27. Enrique can leave, but i think we should play hardball here… If he wanna go to Liverpool they have to cough up big time, else sell him to a Spanish team for 3-4 million.

  28. Some good comments made today-but also some pure pap!!! charlie-you make sense as does our scouse mate Benj-nice 1 mate,,,,Barton has spent a lot of time out with injury-he cant help that but he`s the most committed player in that team-he is what has made it tick-Tiote looks awesome when he has Barton covering his ass as for Enrique??? supply and demand!!! we have arguably the best l/B in the land others want him-we have him I would want 15Mil+ WHY? cos nobody else has a great L/B as for Stephen Warnock?? an average player who couldn’t get into a relegation threatened team-no thanks,,we MUST keep our committed players and get rid of the lads who simply cant make the grade-shola,Ryan Taylor,smith,Guthrie-etc-etc-etc we also desperately need a new R/B as Simpson is not good enough and has cost us 10s of points this season by constantly backing off and giving the opponents as much room as they demand,,as for gutti??? take any decent offer as the man is a liability,cant cross(ok-occasionally)scores once in a blue moon and spends most of his time out of position-moaning-on the ground-adjusting his hair or standing with his hands on his hips in that “I cant be ar$ed”pose..No warnock or other 2nd raters/lesser club cast offs please-if they aren’t class-I don’t want them-I`d rather keep what we have apart from the above mentioned and before the ameobi fans have a go-I hoped the lad would come good but if your honest,it`s NEVER going to happen-he is also a liability-his commitment(apart from 1 header/assist??)in the last few games has been ar$e-the worst player on the pitch by far-that’s on EITHER team. I may appear harsh but I don’t want to see any more`smith`type farces happening..In my opinion the Barton thing was announced/orchestrated so we can get a decent fee for him-go for nothing next year?? haha-yeah right…

  29. re comment 22

    thanks for educating me about my post, and us not being the same type as selling club as others, Id really never thought about having a replacement lined up in advance.

    “Newcastle United have invested in their future as they captured the signature of Lens teenager Mehdi Abeid on a long-term deal” apparently he visited last week before the Barton agent saga played out.

    Also Gosling gives us more than adequate cover for Barton.

    Fact is just like Varol and others once an agent wants a move its over unless you call their bluff like they dd with Taylor. Taylor ultimatley when push cam t shove proved his commitment will Barton do the same.

    Have we signed cover in advance or got cover in advance probably
    Re Carol they probably werent looking for a ready made replacement because unlike Ronaldo he didnt give us a years warning , having signed a new contract at the the end of October they probably (fairly) didnt expect to be discussing his position again some 12 weeeks later

    thanks for the lesson tho

    all the best.

  30. We need Barton and Enrique need to stay ! End of !!! when are we going to stop being a selling club. How can you build when the foundations are shot to hell ?

  31. Toon69 wrote,
    Forgot to say, does Barton know something we don’t, I mean his comment about staying after next season if new owners takeover the club??

    No, he just thinks Ashley is a C..t and there’s no real chance of us being anything other that a mediocre club under his ownership.

  32. I think with the Jose situation he has already made his mind up and he should go, but we should look to get at least 8 million for him as he is clearly a great LB and anything lower than that takes the mick.

    The Barton situation is a difficult one as we all know that McKay and Ashley are some of the worst people associated with football meaning we can’t believe a word either of them say. I wouldn’t be too fussed at losing Barton as he’s only had 1 good year with us and we could easily replace him with a more natural right winger. The only problem is that the other players may see this as letting one of our stand-out players go and then the likes of Nolan, Gutti and Colo might look to leave which definitely won’t bode well for next season.

    I think we should look to get rid of Smith as his injuries have hampered his ability and without his wages we could spend that on a couple of youngsters but should look to keep Raylor and Guthrie. I think they will do good in cup matches when we need to keep our 1st teamers fresh for Premier League matches. It’d be good to see some younsters come through next season or go out on loan so then they get some valuable experience i.e. Lualua winning League 1 with Brighton.

    I’m sure there will be many ups and downs throughout the summer in regards to players coming and going but hopefully it’ll all come good at the end of the transfer market. HWTL!

  33. if we need a world class striker, what about Jan ‘Class’ Huntelaar. Schalke wont be playing in the CL next season, might as well offer him some PL challenge.

  34. if we do sell joey which i hope we dont! bagsy goin to spurs and buying niko kranjcar, unbelievable footballer thats way too good to bench warm! And who wants Nzogbia bk anyway, he couldnt leave quick enough a couple of yrs ago and is sulking more often than hes hot. He would prob be 10m where niko would prob be less than 5. A no brainer in my eyes!

  35. Jose for £4m – HA!
    Hilarious the ‘dour scot’ is, what a joker!

    Try £15m mr dogleash.

    it seems like Jose’s been tapped up & now has his mind set on a move. Best we can do is make it as expensive/difficult as possible & create a bidding war, then end up selling him to his least favored choice, for kicks.

  36. What i dont understand is the double standards here ?
    “The loveable Willy McKay” bit of a dig init ?
    Just dont get it, we got one guy who wants away (Enrique)
    Who plays when he feels like it and a guy who gives his everything for the side and wants to stay (Joey)
    So who gets abused, not Enrique, by the way does anyone even know who his agent is? no!
    Strange logic here ?

  37. It`s not brain surgery !
    Joey wants a three or four year contract, for which he`s willing to take a cut in salary.
    He`s reported to be on sixty grand a week and intends, if not given that new contract, to run out the current one.
    A win win situation for Joey.
    He refuses to go until he`s a free agent and then can command a higher salary , due to there being no transfer fee.
    Every player should have a Willie McKay representing him.
    A losing proposition for wor Mike !

  38. Behind every cloud is a silver lining, If Enrique fails to accept the “bumper” deal rumored to be on offer from Ashley.
    There`s always Forster,(who impressed @ Celtic it seems)plus a few bob and in exchange we could get Izaguirre.
    Who ?
    Thats the left back from Honduras currently the SPL player of the year and by some accounts, better than Enrique.