Are Newcastle future Champions League material?

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Champions League - Is It A Realistic Target For Newcastle United?
Realistic? Or pie in the sky?
Shola Ameobi urges Newcastle United to push for a Champions League place in coming seasons.

Shola has been talking positively about our chances of Champions League football in the coming seasons. He believes that’s what we should strive for and that, if we think positive and push on, we can indeed achieve that.

Shola said:

There’s no better feeling then hearing the Champions League music and lining up in a black and white shirt – why not strive for the top?

If you aren’t striving to get back to the top then why are you here?

As a player you want to play in the biggest competitions.

It was a great period in Newcastle’s history, and certainly the highlight in my career.

Playing top teams in Europe is something you cherish.

Being a young lad at the time I took it for granted that we would be in it every year after that, which you just can’t do.

But you can strive to get back to it and strive to be better as a player and a club.

If you aren’t striving to get back to the top then why are you here?

As hard as it might be, we have to think positive, and one day in the not too distant future we can get back.

Yes indeed, that is what we should be aiming for Shola. But how realistic is such a goal?

It seems to me that you need one of two things for a top 4 finish in the Premier League these days:

(1) A willingness from both owner and manager to spend a stack of money on the very best players, such as Chelsea, Man City, Spurs and Liverpool.

(2) A first-rate manager and a top class scouting network such as Arsenal.

Or both, such as Manchester United.

It’s very difficult for other teams to get a look-in at a top 4 slot. For the last 8 years the top 4 has been dominated by Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, with big spenders Man City and Spurs putting themselves in contention too for the last two seasons.

Everton were that last team not of the ‘big 6’ to break into the top 4 back in 2004/2005 and before that it was us in 2002/2003.

I quite agree with Shola that we should be pushing for a Champions League place. Hell, we should be pushing to win the Premier League.

But, taking the emotion out of it for a moment, how realistic do you think it is?

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17 Responses

  1. Different question – Could ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and ManCity suffer such a catastrophic loss of form over the next five years that other teams like Newcastle can secure a position at the top table?

    This season Liverpool have had a major loss of form but
    they are now 6th and 11 points above us. It’s hard to see how we can break into the stranglehold but there is always a hope.

  2. Kamar,
    tbf mate, it looks like no one actually wants the title this season, doesn’t it.
    manusa are probably gonna win by default, as the best of a inconsistent bunch.

  3. The step up seems like a mountain but realistically it should’nt be.Take the silly points we lost this season Sunderland Spurs Man City away we won that game only the ref gave it the other way.It would have only taken a bit of luck and some consistency and things could look a whole lot different.This with what is a makeshift team in its first season back in the PL.This summer will prove more than any other if the managing powers of our club are up to the challenge.

  4. it depends on development. right now we have a solid team that plays out of form here and there, which is understandable given the tumultuous last few seasons.immediately, Ashley would need to reinvest the 35 mil and Pardew would need to make solid buys- no overspending, no inconsistent big name just for big name’s sake. With some good buys this summer, we should be able to aim for at least top 8 next season (look at what we’ve done in the first year back from the championship). Another thing that needs to happen is SJP needs to become a fortress – no losses at home regardless of who were playing. That trend of development would need to continue and after 4 or 5 years I can easily see challenging for champions league

  5. With this manager never!
    With Ashleys parsimonious attitude very unlikely !
    With an unusual amount of luck in the market (great scouting network)errmmm ! maybe.
    But without spending, no way !
    What do the top six teams have in common ?
    You got it, they have dug deep.
    Now had we got Arry at the club, coulda been a different story, guy knows how to wheel and deal, Christ he made Portsmouth a side to be recconed with and look at what he`s done for Spurs.
    Afraid thats Ashleys problem, too much of a control freak, hired the wrong people and continues the same old policy of only yes men.
    Ah well, you asked !

  6. why not? bolton looked to be pushing the top with their early season form, so why not? think player for player we have a better, or at least comparable squad.
    thing is, teams like lpool and chelsea this season have the players who have dug in and got them back on track. i’m not quite sure we have that mentality just yet.
    continuing to develop the young, talented players while complimenting them with experienced heads to lead the charge and european qualification isn’t out of the question.
    it’s gotta be done gradually though. always aim high, but the expectation should be gradual improvment from this season – so i’d say solidify us as s top 10 team (7-9) and a bonus incentive of qualifying for the europa league.

  7. What scares me is first we were reported to be interested in people like Gervinho, El Araby,
    Taiwo, well you get the picture.
    Now it`s Snodgrass (who ?)and his Leeds teammate Gradel or whatever his name is, another Routledge it`s been said, plus a defender from one of the Welsh clubs. Players I guarrantee most of us have never heard of.
    And i think, hey we (the NUFC fans) must be footballs biggest suckers, we fall for the same shit each season.
    Just read where ticket sales are going through the roof on expectations.
    My point, dont let your expectations exceed Ashleys willingness to spend.

  8. I’m taking a wild stab in the dark here & saying:
    That’s a no then chuck?


  9. For all hte naysayers out there:

    NUFC seems to be settling in financially. No worries about the FIFA accounting rules or player nationality biting the operation.

    The scouting and academy seem to be bringing along EPL talent.

    AP has managed well considering what the bench looks like in some games. If more good players are brought in, he will be like SAF or Wenger, being able to make strong substitutions when needed.

    While there might be some “if” to each statement above, I think the team is on the upward swing, and Europe can be achieved.

  10. well it’s not beyond the realms of possibility,but we are a long way off from that.
    if it’s possible to make the champions league,with an owner who wants to buy all his playing staff,with two bob and a bag of apples.
    even if we could achieve those dizzy heights,the sort of class players we would need for that level,would cost money,will billy bunter stump up for that?

  11. 10 years of stupid shola quotes!!!!! not only has he been a cancer at the club for 10 years but he talks some shite aswel. thats up there with im going to score 20 goals a season and be the new shearer!!!! and become englands number 9!!!!

    this season should have been the springboard for us becoming bigboys again. like our first season back with andy cole leading the line and kk pulling the strings
    sacking houghton and not replacing him with a better manager! selling your goalscorer whom had just broken into the england squad without any sort of replacement lined up! weakening and not streghtening the squad in jan! all signs that the regime in charge are not after success

    do nufc want champions league football? to be honest i think Ashley is only after making as much money out of the club before selling as he can and cant see him in a million years doing what the guy at spurs, levy i think it is in backing redknapp to the hilt and allowing him to spend big money and push for champions league

    unless we get new owners with big ideas the toon will never see champions league im afraid

  12. No, with our owners etc europa league is more likely, your talking about investing more money in the team than arsenal, tottenham, man city, man utd, chelsea and liverpool. We may produce some gems through the academey but the bigger clubs will poach them until we can compete with them on the pitch, and finish in that top 6, regulary.

    In five years, i highly doubt pardew will be here, as for ashley who knows.

    Sorry shola but i doubt you will be playing in the champions league.