Pardew: The season is in the balance.

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Pardew on Arsenal ecstasy and "mood swings".
Pardew on Arsenal ecstasy and "mood swings".
In shock news, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, has been talking once again about life at the club.

In an interview with local newspaper, “The Chronic”, he outlined how he thought it took “a certain type of player to join Newcastle United”. He also spoke on how the team must take advantage of what he described as a “mood swing” in the second half of the 4-4 draw against Arsenal, and how it established a momentum that was continued in the following games against Blackburn and Bimingham. He went on to say that the Magpies can’t lose that momentum as the season is now “in the balance”

Firstly, speaking on the qualities required to play at St James’s Park he said:

“You do have to be a certain type of player to join Newcastle United.

“It’s difficult to put that into players.

“You have to understand the passion, and the level of concentration you need to play in the first team at this club.”

He then went on to say how he already had the players who had that spirit at the club, adding:

“We have good players here who can do that.”

Moving on to his recent loan recruits, Stephen Ireland and Sheffki Kuqi, he continued on a similar theme, saying that:

“Stephen Ireland has settled in well because there’s a good group round him.

“It makes life easier – and Shefki Kuqi has been the same because he has that group around him.”

On the “mood swing” of the Arsenal game, and the momentum that Pardew feels it has given the team in their most recent two matches, he commented:

“There was a mood swing – you saw it in the players. They came off the pitch ecstatic with the draw.”

“The Blackburn and Birmingham games were important and set up the next two games for us.

With the Blackburn and Birmingham games being played away from home, Pardew then looked forward, with Newcastle United’s next two games being played at home, where performances have sometimes been erratic. Pardew continued:

“OK, against Arsenal it was an amazing day – but we only got one point at home.

“We have four points to show from the other two games away from home.

“That has put us in a position where the season has been put in the balance. We can’t lose momentum.

“The 45 minutes against Arsenal in the second half established that momentum and we needed it.”

Well if it did, here’s hoping that it continues for the rest of the season. With Newcastle currently standing at ninth the Premiership, a good string of results may find us challenging for European places in what has been a fairly unpredictable Premiership season in general.

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25 Responses

  1. The fact that we’ve got 11 games remaining and have a real shot still of getting European football shows just what a great season we’ve had in our first season back.

    Avoiding relegation was the aim and we could realistically consider ourselves safe if we win our next 2 games since I only remember West Ham going down with 42 points, that’s with 9 games spare!

  2. He has done well so far, long may continue. Hopefully we still make it this against Bolton.HWTL !

  3. pardew doe’s seem to have the lads organized better with more of a plan b when things arn’t going are way, we also look more of a threat from set plays. Onwards and upwards TOON TOON.

  4. At least he’s talking and letting supporters know what’s going on.

    I like his approach better than that of Hughton.

    But results will be what he is ultimately judged on.

  5. He seems to be able to talk a good fight but I still can,t work the man out. I,m not sure if he,s with them or one of us . ?

  6. haway lads who would of predicted us being 9th at this time of the season after just coming back up from the championship???????????? we are doing brilliant!! any1 know if pardue is gna gamble 4 cisse???

  7. BREAKING NEWS- alan pardew has been seen in a field in northumberland talking the hind legs off a horse, police arrived to arrest him for his strange behaviour and told him he had a right to be silent but he declined there offer.

  8. Question is, would you buy a used car from any of these guys, Ashley, Llambias or Pardew ?
    Got to say that loosing Enrique`s a bummer and could have probably have been avoided.
    Apart from that, i like the addition of Ben Arfa, Ireland and Tiote, cant comment on Gosling havent seen enough of him.
    Hope Joey does`nt get upset and decides to f**k off, after being insulted with a two year offer.
    Love to see Kranjcar brought in, guys talented can play across the midfield and gets his goals, but doubt if he will come.
    There`s the thirty million quid question, how much and who are we gonna spend on ?
    Decent striker would be nice, Bentner looks good but would he come here ?
    Probably go to Italy with Milan mentioned, ah well !
    Definately need a replacement for Toro, plus another CD would`nt hurt, not impressed with Williamson and Campbell does`nt look to be in the picture.
    Still a work in progress though.
    I remember a time when we heard bugger all from anyone,
    now we got a guy who cant shut up, be carefull on what you ask for is the moral here.
    Ah well !

  9. Where has joey said he’s insulted with the offer? Let’s get some facts from the lad himself before we close the door behind him. Jesus wept.

  10. I’m what you might call ‘neutral’ on Pardew.

    I think he’s doing okay in terms of the football we play, but he still needs to be tested on:

    – how he fares in the transfer market,

    – how he fights his corner when he and Ashley disagree,

    – and how he manages during a string of bad results when everything’s going against us, we’re dropping rapidly down the table and the pressure’s on (that undid Hodgson at Liverpool and is – IMHO – the true test of a manager).

    Until then I will remain ‘neutral’ about Pardew.

  11. Newcastle may be short on bodies on the roster, but when you think about it, there is a lot of class on the pitch. The midfield and defense are all at or near international or England team quality. The strikers are not world class but they are not hurting the team. Goal tending is solid. Not too many teams that would be unwilling to swap their left side for NUFC’s.

    Reflecting on this, I think that maybe AP has the squad recognizing their ability and carrying it on to the field. Look now how NUFC can score goals with the best team, which means other teams are plaaying to defend NUFC more than NUFC worries about others attack.

  12. Aye, Hugh, you’re right there like.

    He did have a similar drop with West Ham and he got sacked as it appeared he couldn’t stop the rot. He may have learnt from that though.

    Still he’s had an encouraging start.

  13. Stuart79 says:
    February 24, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    “He did have a similar drop with West Ham and he got sacked as it appeared he couldn’t stop the rot. He may have learnt from that though.”

    He went to Charlton after West Ham and had an absolutely catastrophic time, Stuart. While he didn’t do too badly with Southampton, they had alot of resources for a League One club once they were taken over by new owners. I hope he has learned though.

  14. Hugh de Payen says:
    February 24, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    “I see another Steven Seagull fillum is on tonight.

    Grief he stinks.”

    He wouldn’t last five minutes against a West End radgepacket, Hugh.

  15. workyticket says:
    February 24, 2011 at 9:34 pm (Edit)

    “He wouldn’t last five minutes against a West End radgepacket, Hugh.”

    True. I think I must find some sort of morbid curiosity in his films. I continually moan about the poor scripts, the bad acting and the general naffness of Mr Seagull, but I sometimes sit through them.

    Maybe it’s some bizarre form of self-flagellation.

  16. Hugh @11- what happens if we dont have a string of bad results and plummet down the table? What will your opinion of Pardwho? be then? Still neutral or will you give him some cred?
    He’s not done bad so far, bu these next two games are a big enough test for me. If we get 6 points, then imho we cant knock him, but any less and he no diff from Hughton.
    He has said how important these two games are, cant wait for the ansa.

  17. @9 Chuck, Enrique has gone? Joey is insulted?

    These are things you’ve decided in your own mind, mate. I wouldn’t buy a used car from you. I’d prefer to go to the guy who can tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

  18. Beardsleys Boots says:
    February 24, 2011 at 10:52 pm (Edit)

    Hugh @11- what happens if we dont have a string of bad results and plummet down the table? What will your opinion of Pardwho? be then? Still neutral or will you give him some cred?

    I already give him some cred for the football we’re playing BB and if we don’t have a bad run then I won’t complain!

    We will though. At some point in his 5 and half year contract we’re bound to. Most clubs do and I believe that’s one of the big tests of a manager.

  19. Hugh, you say that a bad run is inevitable, but why? I’ve been thinking about this and to use an analogy, a good pilot isn’t someone who can pull a plane out of a nose dive. A good pilot prevents it from happening in the first place.

  20. You have to give Pards some credit for the way we are playing, and whether he was involved or not I would shake his hand for tying down Tiote for 5 years.

    A big test on Saturday, but if we put Bolton to the sword you have to admit we will become Alan PardWho’s black and white army!