Jonas content but still urges Ashley to reinvest

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Jonas Gutierrez content as Newcastle (ish)
Happy but wants to see investment
Newcastle United winger Jonas Gutierrez professes contentment at the club but – like a few other players – urges Ashley to reinvest in the squad.

Jonas Gutierrez has, I think, made a lot of progress this season.

In the past he has sometimes been criticised for his inability to deliver the ‘final ball’ but – as the two assists he gave in the Birmingham game prove – he’s starting to get much better in that respect.

His work rate has never been in much doubt and he’s tireless in his attempts to get the ball forward up the left wing, often ably assisted by Jose Enrique with whom Jonas seems to have an excellent understanding on the pitch.

But whilst Enrique’s future at Newcastle might be in some doubt, Jonas seems a lot more settled at the club, saying:

I am happy here, and yes I do want to stay. My family is happy as well.

He does however raise the same ‘issue’ that a few other prominent Toon players have raised, which is the reinvestment of funds in the squad. Jonas raises this issue subtly compared to the likes of Barton, but the implication is there.

The only issue is that the club has to decide what it wants to do next season. We do not want to be back in a position where we have problems with relegation,” said the ponytailed player.

We are in a good position at the moment, with the players to make a strong team, but we need to add a few more to make sure we continue to move forward. That is the key.

We are all part of a group, and it is important that group stays together. Sometimes, things happen that mean it is very difficult for a player to stay. Look at Andy Carroll in January – £35million, Liverpool, that is difficult for the club and the player to turn down.

But in general, I want all of the players at this club to stay. That will make it much easier for the team to be strong next season.

I must admit I am beginning to wonder if this some sort of planned ‘assault’, with one player after the next coming out and encouraging Ashley to splash out on transfers in the summer. If so, what motivates it? Some genuine fear by the players that he won’t reinvest?

That’s pure speculation on my behalf of course!

Players come and go at football clubs and for all I know the club will end up much stronger after the summer transfer window. Providing there’s no ‘mass exodus’ of players and we add to the squad intelligently, I see no reason to be too pessimistic as we already have a decent core of players that looks capable of a mid-table finish or better.

But the proof of the pudding is worth two in the bush and all’s well that goes through the eye of a needle, as they say.

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38 Responses

  1. I’m beginning to wonder if the players don’t trust ashley as much as some of us do?
    I wonder if the sale of Andy Carroll is the equivalent of our bosses saying they aren’t going to close the office/site/department as they are a vital part of the company and then a month later closing it down. If you were still working for the company you wouldn’t trust what the boss said ever again!

  2. Hugh mate you are contrdicting yourself here. looking at your Comment @ 2 and the paragraph just after Jonas’s quotes.

    i tend to agree with Micky.

  3. Hugh, bit like the team fouling that the Argies and Italians perfected, hope it gets the message across.

  4. Indian Magpie says:
    February 25, 2011 at 7:28 am (Edit)

    Hugh mate you are contrdicting yourself here. looking at your Comment @ 2 and the paragraph just after Jonas’s quotes.

    IM, I simply don’t know. We can all speculate but I have no idea whether it’s actually true or not!

  5. bigbadbob says:
    February 25, 2011 at 7:29 am (Edit)

    Hugh, bit like the team fouling that the Argies and Italians perfected, hope it gets the message across.

    Aye. It’ll be an interesting summer anyway, one way or the other.

  6. you godda be kidding me hugh man!! This is soooo obvious that the players are coming out one at a time saying what they think and its obvious why too. Jose has alrady said why…. TO MANY BROKEN PROMISES. Ashley goes to the ground, spouts out a load of pap that he will bring in the right players blah blah and invest in the squad but to date he has invested NOTHING and everyone knows it. He has presided over a fair few windows now and everyone takes the same shape… we the fans talk about this player and that player; the mangers (and there have been many) all say the same, they want to keep what we have and will add a few new ones but they must be the right ones etc etc, ashley does naff all and the window closes, often with money being made and not spent. He is like the boy who cried wolf.. no one believes a word he says anymore and he has zero credibity left. It does nto take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The AC sale is having huge ramifications throughtout the entire squad and all our best players will be gone unless the entire amount minimum is re-invested. In theory we should be able to invest the 35 million plus the normal amount any other prem team would spend in the summer window – thats another 15 million at least… so all in all, we should without any hassle at all be able to spend 50 million in cash (as he was paid up front for AC). We know it, the players know it, everyone knows it. Thing is though, everyone knows what he is going to do. He will chick about 10-15 million at us only and pocket the rest siting that the other 30 million etc went into the day to day expenses of running the club etc etc… its one big black hole according to him and it gives him the ever present built in auto cue response of he is our saviour – boll@cks.

  7. Cheers Craig, that’s cheered me up no end!

    I do beg to differ regarding MA & investment…didn’t he loan the club £120m at 0% interest rate just keep us afloat. Also we signed new players maybe at net zero spend due to players being sold but I honestly dont think that’s a problem. As I said the other day we have a better squad/team now than many season prior to relegation.

    Don’t forget, that £35m includes wages so I’d expect 2 or 3 player max with that…

  8. Ashley in my opinion has made profit i all windows. weven last january we brought 6 players in 2 on loan and i think their combined wages even now would be less than Geremi’s.

    I know its easy to criticise any one but ashley has lot of making up to do.

  9. Witters, Ashley and the “Club” are one and the same so how much he spends on this part of his empire will determine how succesful he wants it to be.

  10. Such short memories on this website! Some people are never satisfied. If you had been shown our position in the league now during last summer break – 8 points off relegation and much superior goal difference, outside chance of top 7 finish, you would have grabbed it! Before the window opened, people were begging Ashley to get Ben Arfa signed (he always seems to be missed out of our transfer window dealings), same people drooling over Tiote – and what do we get? Doom and gloom constantly because we sold a young player for an exorbitant, unprecedented amount of dosh and we want to see what sweeties we’re going to get in the summer! FGS, get a life! As for Joey Barton, in my book he still owes us and not the other way round – for all those months when he couldn’t play and all the bad stuff we had to put up with.
    And before anybody says it – I’m not an Ashley apologist – I have a lot of things to criticise him about (CH sacking for one) – but let’s face it, when there’s nowt happening in the news, the journalists have to print something so a few rumours, negatives and downright lies are all they can resort to! I’ll say it again, until some FACTS actually happen, I can’t see the point of all the misery.

  11. Bloody hell lads and lasses!!!! FFS man listen to you!!!!

    We are currently 9th in the PL after having just come up after cruiding to the championship title! If we win tomorrow and results go our way we will be 7th…Flaming 7th…!!!! Now at the beginning of the season most of us would have been happy to stay up.

    Look everyone; we’ve tried the multi million pound spending route and where did it take us? Where? Relegation thats where! We went down with a team that included owen, martins, viduka, duff, bassong, beye etc etc…that team included all our current players i.e. nolan, barton, smith, jose, jonas, collo….

    Boo flaming hoo…we sold Andy Carroll…for 35 flipping million after less than hald a season in the top flight! Every team in the PL is a selling club other than the top 4 or 5 who are competing for the champions league. If we have to sell Jose because were not an elite club at present then so be it; its part of the re-building process. Sell one or two; bring in 4 or 5. Which is exactly what we did last january after a summer of claering the decks!

    Look; i’m not mike ashleys biggest fan; he has made some mistakes and i didnt like the way we got rid of CH. But the days of spending multi-millions on transfers never won us anything and are long gone. We are now a stable PL club with a sensible wage bill. We don’t want players to come here anymore if money is there only motive!

    If Jose leaves he will be leaving to further his career and a player of his talent should not be denied that having stayed with us following relegation.

    If we bring in 4 maybe 5 decent players in the summer for sensible wages and sensible fee’s then that won’t upset what is a fantastically solid and well balenced squad in terms of personailities and willingness tyo work for one another.

    In a couple of years time with some look and shrewd investment (i.e. your tiote’s and hatem ben afra’s) if we can become a top 7 or 8 club again and look to conisitently qualify for the europa league then we can start to hope holding onto our better players again.

    Right now if a chelsea, a man utd, an arsenal etc comes in then they usually get there man.

    Stop flaming whining and enjoy the successfull season we are having. Get behind the lads and FFS start being optimistic x

  12. Magpie6699 you just beat me to it :-) at last i come across a newcastle fan who has tasted the same dose of realism that i came across after dropping into the championship!

  13. witters ffs……….stop banging on about MA investment …….he has spent ZERO on PLAYERS

  14. MY …… trust ashley as much as we do? Even if the players trust ashley the same zero is something we will have in common. We fans only trust him because we accept every time he opens his mouth its bullshit and tripe. I would say the relationship wee have with him is similar to the one we had with our teachers when we forgot our homework they trusted us to think of a genuine excuse but over time we realised they had heard it all before.

  15. Breaking news:Collo to have his interview next week.

    May not be an organised activity, but these players certainly share same ideas.

  16. Sorry Craig…let me get this right, you are asking me to stop banging on about MA investment! That’s the funniest I’ll hear all day…pot, kettle & black. You do nothing but whine about MA investment, just cos you bang on about lack it you’re talking about investment nonetheless.

    For what it’s worth if the club bought in new players & sold a few then I might agree with you. As it happens we’ve bought new players in…as I said I don’t care that net spend is zero. We are better now than we have been in a long time…

  17. Mint news on the Tiote contract…best news in a while!

    Craig…does this investment meet your approval or does it just increase his price tag when we sell him in the summer?

  18. Oh Hugh, you’re reeling out the old saws this fine summers day.

    What with the proof of the pudding being worth two in the bush and all’s well that goes through the eye of a needle, you’ll be tarring us all with the same feathers next!

    But now to thread, I must say this seems like an orchestrated player initiative and I do hope MA takes them as constructive suggestions rather than threats.

    There are those among us who feel that MA’s ‘assett stripping’, not spending anything, making a profit on player transfers, but let’s not forget that he did lend the club £120m or so at 0% to keep the club solvent and I don’t think it unreasonable that he should want to recoup it. Go to the bank with looking for a loan of £1200 let alone £120m and the bank’d charge a fortune in interest. Think about it, by taking no interest, he’s actually gifting the club money.

    Perhaps we forget that MA’s running a very profitabl business and seems to have seen JJB Sports off – he’s shrewd, very very shrewd and not to be underestimated. Of course he’s made mistakes but he surely must realise that a close season without good investment in transfers (and that could include outgoings) should ideally add to the quality of the squad with a view to building on what’s been acheieved so far.

    IT may be a bit premature to make such assumptions, we can only wait and see but he has committed the recently received £30m or so to covering new players and wages and yes, we know……… Once bitten, don’t count your chickens, never eat on an empty stomache etc etc.

    We can only but wait.

  19. Northern Jedi – spooky! Your post is so similar to mine – twilight zone stuff! Now I believe in teleptha…telethap… that thing!

  20. Re Northern Jedi

    We tried the multi million pound spending route and where did it take us?
    Well it took us to Milan, Barcelona, Feyenord…..need I say more.
    Lets be honest mate Multi million pound spending does work. Look at Chelsea, Man U, Tottenham to name but a few. You just have to have an owner who knows how to pick a manager who can spend it wisely. Clearly in the last few years, this wasnt the case however it worked with Keegan and Robson (although we won nowt)Lets hope hes got one in Pardew if we’re to spend this 35 million.

  21. Reading more into the Tiote bit, apparently Ashley wanted to make a statement to the fans to show he is trying to commit the players we want to keep to long term deals.

    Get in there.

    Proof is in the pudding as they say.

    Pardew seems to be getting things right. Could it be that Ashley is now also turning a corner?

  22. Ah yes but signing Tiote up is just a ploy to get more money into Fat Ash’s pocket cos the voices told me that and any way he could still leave you watch my words I have a mate who works in the bogs and he heard blah blah blah……



  24. Pipe doon – and look where over-spending took Leeds, Portsmouth etc. – unless you are Sheikh whatsit or Roman Candle it can really stuff you.

  25. Gawd, even Micky Toon’s jumpin’ on the maxim bandwagon now.

    Ne’er cast a clout ’til May is out

  26. Magpie 6699

    Was Ashley not worth 2 billion when he took over? At the end of the day he bought us to sell on not to invest in. Unfortunately for him he didnt do due diligence and he got saddled with us. Hey, dont get me wrong, now that we arent at the top anymore lets see how we get on with this agenda.
    I fear though that although we seem to have an unbelievable bunch of honest lads at the club now. Theres only so much crap they’ll put up with. Then we have new additions having to fit into the club and this is where problems might arise.
    We’ll just wait and see….

  27. Hey now there is a funny thing… is it just co-incidence that on the same day titoe signs long term deal its leaking out a few hours later that we have agreed a 6 million deal selling jose to them in summer??? isthis ashleys idea of givign us somethingto shut us up before selling the best left back in the prem?? Also i would have a guess that as well as jose now sold to liverpool tiote+ long term deal = barton gone.

  28. 28…why would you be happy if we get allthat money for tiote Indian?? i would agree if it meant investment on the pitch from fatty boy but it would not equate to that mate. It only means fat boy gets richer while our team gets weaker.