Pardew: “The agenda has been set and I have to work to that”

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Alan Pardew talks about the behind the scenes operation of Newcastle United
I'll get me coat
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew talks about the coaching structure and transfer policy at the club.

Alan Pardew has been giving people an insight into the coaching and player analysis setup at Newcastle, which apparently includes a £3k per player GPS system to monitor training.

Pardew said:

I have changed a lot of analytical stuff. I brought in two new analysts who put together reports about how our defence, our midfield and our attack are doing. They look at how our opposition are doing, plus our scouting.

We have four analysts now and we only had two. We have John Carver here, whose brief is to ensure he keeps on top of our attacking side of things. I concentrate on the defence and the organisation of the team.

That, in a nutshell, is the changes I have made. I’ve also used some of the stats that we get more than perhaps this club did in the past.

It seems like quite a technical setup with all these analysts and is perhaps reminiscent of Sam Allardyce’s own ‘technical approach’, although perhaps without the sheer number of back-room staff that Big Sam seemed to favour.

Pardew then goes on to explain that he is following Ashley’s ‘blueprint’ when it comes to the transfer market:

The agenda has been set and I have to work to that. They want players here with value and in defence of Mike, there are times when players have come to this club who bring no future value but have been successful.

That is an area he does not want to be involved in again. Without naming names, that is something I have to understand. I have to bring players here of a good age who can add value.

Personally I don’t have a problem with that as a basic transfer policy providing it’s carried out by people who know what they’re doing and they realise that every team needs some experience and that there’s always a balance to be maintained.

Pardew then goes on to justify how it is that Man United can pay huge wages and we can’t:

Sir Alex Ferguson said it exactly right. Man United players are paid a lot of money but they deserve it because the TV viewers highlight they want to watch them and they are paid to win matches.

Some of the levels of finance to players who make up the numbers in this division are, at times, quite hard to swallow. We have had our share of those type of players, and we have to limit that.

So there you have it – some insights into what’s going on.

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51 Responses

  1. He won’t say it, but I will. Michael Owen.
    I have no problem at all with us not signing players like Owen. A few more Tiote, Ben arfa, types will do me just fine.
    I see redknapp is unhappy with bassong. Let’s put in a £2m bid for him. That way we still made money on him and have an excellent defender.

  2. Aye good old michael owen, glad we are no longer in the game of lining the pockets of these types, they make me sick.

  3. this is pardew’s first softener over the summer plans in the window. its a stupid statement he has made about man united. people do want to see them all over the world and that is cos they are sucsessful etc. But that success came at a price and it involved investment. It also involved not selling on your best players at the first chance of making a shortsighted few quid and then when you have sold them players, not reinvesting the cash. In short, you only get out of it what you put into it.. fatso has put zero in.. less than zero infact on the pitch.

  4. The real Agenda is

    To finish 14th – 17th every season.

    Suck the last drop of blood out of the club.

    Make the air in and around the club poisonous

    transfer budget – 10 million Y – o -Y, Ahley budget @ the casino 30 – 40 million.

    Derek Llabias
    Md – NUFC

  5. craig chisholm @ 3

    It would be more accurate to say ‘But that success came at a price and it involved massive unsustainable debt.’

    When you are winning it is investment whereas when you are not winning (and therefore not generating sufficient income) it is debt’ Newcastle under Shepherd is a good example. Borrow money, pay over the odds for overated, overpaid under achieving players that fail to bring any success to the club except saddle it with massive debts. Under Ashley this is not going to happen.

    Also ‘It also involved not selling on your best players at the first chance of making a shortsighted few quid’. Sir Alex (and all the good boot room Liverpool managers) has always sold on players, often at their prime. He rarely hangs onto dead wood. The only exceptions appear to be Giggs, Scholes and Neville.

    BTW, would that ‘few quid’ be 35 million pounds?

  6. they said some time in march… prob just in time to ensure the ireland never gets a game hahaha

  7. Kamar, Its easy to criticize Shephard and Hall due to the frugal outlook by the current board but they gave us the best years with top star players and the only reason it went tits up was failure to negotiate the Champions League qualifier against Partizan when they spent zilch in that summers transfer window.
    Yes they left debt but also one of the best grounds in the country, do you think Man U or Spurs fans give a toss about profit and loss?
    I will settle for something in between but what isnt up for argument is that under this board, we will never threaten the top 5 clubs.

  8. there is an article in the chronicle about Ben Arfa coming back against Wolves…

    my post with the link isn’t showing for some reason?

  9. Roscoe says: “my post with the link isn’t showing for some reason?”

    It is now.

    Sorry, sometimes the spam filter is a bit keen on comments with links.

  10. I am all for the Club being run in a transparent senible manner but still after all these years under the Ashley regime we seem to either stand still,move backwards,push forwards and then back again and from left to right and it just goes on and on without really doing much.

    We lack any Football Dynamics at the head of the club,the timing and the sheer audacity of some of the decisions under this regime have been clueless to put it mildly.

    I am still of the opinion that Mike Ashley hates NUFC to it’s black and white core.

    All clubs sell players that’s the game but surely when they are sold and the money is in the bag a decent portion of it should be used to bring in even better players?
    That’s called progression and development right?

    My gut feeling is and judging by ther noises coming out of the club Pardew will just dance the dance while Mike plays his fiddle….Pardew is grateful for such a big job and will do what he is told and say what he told to keep the fans pacified.

    Towards the end of the season we will hear Pardew raving about how great his players are that Best and Lovenkrands are the new Shearer and Ferdinand blah blah that we won’t need to be spending in the summer cos he is happy (Mike told him he is happy so he must be) and we chased this player and that and we scouted europe etc etc


  11. bigbadbob @ 11

    I have never critized Sir John. In fact, to me he is a hero. He more than anyone else is responsible for the fantastic stadium and laid the foundations for a fantastic football club and teams. Before I left the area, I used to go to all the matches back in the 1960s and what an absolute dump it was and run by an inner closed fuddy duddy clique. Yes, Sir John rewarded himself handsomely but he stuck his neck out and put himself on the line to oust the old guard and create a stadium, club and team we are all now proud of. I have no fond feelings for Shepherd. People critize Ashley for not making public announcements and thank goodness he doesn’t say anything as Shepherd was often a complete embarrassment and disgrace to all Geordies.

    There is a balance between success and financial stability. Arsenal have done it. Under Shepherd we spend lavishly (and often foolishly) and achieved nothing (according to the record books).

    Yes, we had some of the best years of the club with top star players and we remember it fondly but I would suggest that it is only because it compared with what came before and much that came after that was dire and dross.

    I am optimistic that the club is now on an upward curve both financially and in terms of players and performances.

  12. of course you’ll work to the agenda alan,what real choice do you have,you bulls****ing walter mitty.
    well you will carry outheir bidding until you’re sacked in late december.
    sirjasontoon,stick to your guns mate,there are still a lot of us out there,who are not buying into this con game,that ashley’s up to.
    i read some of the bloggers giving you stick,for you least you are consistent in your view of the regime,i am the same,i’ve never changed my view on them from day one,they would have to do something pretty special to win me over,but we know that will never happen.

  13. trojan and sjt nice too see all the fans arnt taken in by the fat b@stard ;) keep up the good work lads

  14. Well,
    it’s seems there’s a lot more ‘communication’ coming out about players injuries, ‘blueprints’ etc.

    Are we happy with that?


  15. Imagine what NUFC would be like with a Tevez, Ronaldo etc..

    I dont disagree that we need a policy to keep out Michael Owen and his like, but we do a world class performer to excite, make the difference etc.

    Shouldn’t this be what Pardew is saying to the press!
    And I swear if Pardew had a longer neck, he would be blowing more than his own trumpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. It’s also a PR exercise to let all & sundry know that we won’t be fleeced on transfers, as in the past.
    Just cos we have, potentially, £35m to spend, we won’t be paying over the odds for wastrels.

    Howay lads, have a think.

  17. Different Day, but the same pathetic bleating, whining and nashing of teeth.

    No No. I’m sorry you’re all right, I must be so thick and clueless.
    Of course I see it now, Cashley is just going to sell all our players one by one naver buy anyone, get in loads of loan players, until relegation is assurred. Then he can sell off the training facilities, burn the stadium to the ground and walk away with his pockets bulging with all the cash.
    Marvellous. A master plan. Pure genius.
    No wonder Hughton got sacked. The clown was not supposed to even get us promoted again. Talk about clueless. Put a right spanner in the works that did.

    FFS ! If it wasn’t so downright pathetic it would be funny.
    I mean it must all be true because you go on about it so much like you must have inside information and all that and just want to keep all us deluded souls informed.


    If its so bad supporting NUFC then why not go and support the filth down the road. Now they’re not a selling club….oh wait a minute.
    They have spent millions on great players….errr NO
    They have a great fan base….in the pubs

    WTF do yous really want? Cus I dont think you’ll be happy no matter what. Oh yeah I forgot, Ashley Out. Like thats ever going to happen any time soon.

  18. Mick G says:
    February 23, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    “paul toon@20 he makes fat sam seem positively shy.”

    Fat Sam does take a bit of beating mind, Mick. Here’s one of his gems:

    “I’m not suited to Bolton or Blackburn, I would be more suited to Inter or Real Madrid. It wouldn’t be a problem to me to go and manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time. Give me Manchester United or Chelsea and I would do the same, it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s not where I’m suited to, it’s just where I’ve been for most of the time.”

  19. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    February 22, 2011 at 11:00 pm
    Well there’ll be no spending of any part of the £35m with the transfer window closed ’til summer, so might as well wait ’til then, then.
    Otherwise it’s gonna be sore fingers of hatred & doom.

    Well said Clint and it probably will be too :(

  20. It’s called debating……….

    And while no one has, or is likely to have any say in how our club is run. This is the nearest we can get to voicing an opinion.

    And beleive me people at the club read this blog!

    I for one have nothing personally against Ashley or anyone else currently in power at NUFC.
    They just need to realise that their plaything is a very important part of the Geordie nation and culture.

  21. Doug says:
    February 23, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    “Imagine what NUFC would be like with a Tevez, Ronaldo etc..”

    I think you can cross Tevez off the list, Doug, I don’t think that they would work with each other again after West Ham. Pardew left him and Mascherano on the bench as they struggled against relegation, and Tevez said that he was surprised that Pardew wasn’t sacked sooner than he was!

  22. BB,
    you too mate.

    It’s a hard life being a Toon fan, isn’t it?


    It’s all well & good voicing opinions, no problem with that at all.
    It’s just when those ‘opinions’ start to be passed off as ver batim truth.
    Opinions, for & against, good.
    Opinions passed off as truth, bad.

  23. It’s definitely not all roses in the Toon garden, but conversely, it’s not all bad either.

    Fans asked for more communication, we’re getting more.
    What’s gonna happen in the summer window?
    We won’t know ’til summer. it’s not even spring yet & the window has just closed.

    So, try & enjoy the run in lads & see where we end up.

  24. Yes Doug its a debate alright.

    Some are spreading the message that its all doom and gloom from now on.
    I on the other hand am trying to be more optimistic, and hopeful that the club is turning things round for the better.
    Somehow I doubt tho that anyone at the club reads or takes any notice of any comments on this or any other blog.

  25. Unfortunately we all see things with different eyes.
    We the fans its like an addiction we can’t break!
    For Ashley its a business.We will never fully understand each other.Having said that I don’t have to like the man or the way he does things.For instance if a player peforms really well he should be rewarded with a immproved contract bonus or what ever.At least this will give an insentive and keep some of our better players at the club.Any business should be run on insentive and reward.Wage caps should only apply to incomers as a starting point.

  26. @ 33 – will you stop twisting & moaning @ people twisting & moaning.

    who the f@ck do you think you are like – the twisting & moaning inspector or sumit!.

    ffs we all just want what’s best for the club & express it the way we feel best – but i doubt we’ll get it with this slug in charge & regularly witnessing his horrible little yes men licking his – fat ring piece – just makes people dislike the c@nt even more – obiously not all people coz it stands out like a sore thumb that at few on here would love to be a fully paid up member of his – licking brigade – but hey ho whatever turns you on i say.

    these sites are the places for a good bit twisting & moaning.

    twist & moan – over for now!

  27. I will as always support the toon and am certainly positive with recent performances.
    My opinion is however that I will not be satisfied until our club is established and recognised once again as a top 10 prem club.
    I dont think this is beyond one of the best supported and richest clubs in Europe and personally I dont care if the funds come from Ashley, El Arab or a Rushki.

    Liverpool fans wont settle for second best…Why should we?

  28. Wow ! we now got how many ? Four analysts !
    So how many did BSA have ?
    Bet BSA had more therapists though.
    Cant figure out who is the biggest bull***ter of the two.
    At least BSA had some success and we all knew how his system worked, Al on the other hand only takes credit or places blame as an afterthought, but can anyone tell me what his system is, maybe it`s a secret ?
    The three musketeers or is it the three stooges, The Retailer, The Casino refugee and Mr.Teflon.
    Hey were ganna be the new Arsenal man !

  29. I spent some time at Wasps rugby and they have been analising players for years with GPS/Overhead cameras etc.
    If you watch the England game at Twickenham on Sat you will see ovhead cameras on wires, this is analising individual fittness and movement performance so there is a science behind subs. How long before we see this at SJP?

    You could say they have already coached skills out of our kids. Now their gonna analise the flair out of them too!

    Suppose it’s efficient, and progress.

  30. Well its about time we got our subs pedalling like f*ck on exercise bikes by the dug outs instead of sittin in those lovely warmed seats. :evil:

  31. Well must admit only having an opinion on this topic and no inside info makes for splendid reading I’m sure. I’m joking I’m jogging. I personaly think ashley may be what we need. The new regulation coming into force very soon would mean clubs like man u, man city, chelski, Liverpool and a whole host of big clubs not being able to compete in Europe because they did not stick to spending rules. Alternatively it could also mean that if we don’t invest that 30 million plus 25 % sell on fee we got for Carroll we might be the only club who can purchase any decent players in 3 years time. As far as I’m aware the new rule stands as you can only spend a percentage of the profits you made in the season 3 years previous to the season you purchase a player in. I.e. if we make 50 million profit next season then in 3 seasons after that we can spend cash. Not many clubs will be able to do that. Some clubs won’t be able to spend a penny. Maybe should have invested in some new bogs. But who knows maybe ashley is taking us on a long haul journey worth sticking around for. What do you all think? Taking into account the rule changes where do you see us competing if profits our the main goal?

  32. big man, I’m not completely up to date with these new UEFA rules but I did see a summary of them somewhere and as far as I could tell there are so many exclusions and get out clauses that it makes them a bit pointless.

    I have my doubts as to how much they’ll really affect things, at least as they currently stand.

  33. Hugh as far as I’m aware the basic ethos is. From season 12/13 a club can only spend a fraction of the profit they made in the 3rd previous season. Not the previous three seasons. So we spends in three years what we made this season. Exclusions as far as I’m aw

  34. As far as I’m aware the rules apply to all clubs competing in European competitions . If uefa intend on enforcing this rule change it would mean big clubs like Manchester city will be banned from Europe if the don’t comply. So if we can’t get into Europe via the front door the air of

  35. Of 1969 where Newcastle were the only remaining club to qualify for Europe when the clubs above us did not qualify at all. And we when on to win the fairs cup