Tino wants Toon to aim for Europe

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Faustino Asprilla, Newcastle United
Old rubber legs himself
Newcastle United legend Faustino Asprilla thinks Newcastle should be aiming for Europe this season.

Tino seems a bit more ambitious than Alan Pardew’s ‘eventual top 10’ aims and wants us to aim for Europe this season.

Asprilla, who was at the derby game on Sunday, had this to say:

I know that Newcastle’s main aim at the beginning of the season was to stay up

It was very sad and tearful to see the club get relegated a couple of years ago, but I always knew that they would be back with all of those fans behind them. They are in a difficult league at the moment and there are only a few points between the teams.

That means anything can happen. You can go on a bad run and slide down the league, but if you have a good run in the next six or seven matches you are in with a chance for the last 10 or so games, which is when the season really counts.

And as far as Europe is concerned, why not? If you aim high, you can achieve it, it would be fantastic to see.

This is a young team in many ways and one that is growing together. I hope they just stay in contention.

What I have found from looking at the team is there is a good amount of quality players here. Andy Carroll, Ben Arfa, Tiote are players you can produce a good team around. European football could be the making of them.

Just in case anyone has forgotten what Tino – who was always a particular favourite of mine – was capable of:

Incidentally, I originally picked up on this story from the ‘Bogota Free Planet’, of which I never miss an issue, and I noted a link to the World’s Ugliest Dog competition here. Grief, there are some stinkers there! ‘Pabst’ won, apparently, and got $1600 and a year-long modelling contract.

Anyway, must dash as I’ve got some ‘blog spam to clear out. Amongst all the offers of surprising porn, there are apparently two raccoons fighting over this ‘blog, some excellent discounts on Chinese tea and a girl called Charlotte wants to know why I’m not wearing any pants.

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24 Responses

  1. those were the days when some of the best strikers in the land wore the black and white..i think tino’s crowning moment must have been that epic match against barca!scored a hattrick if i remember correctly.

  2. So, why aren’t you wearing pants? I’m not wearing pants either. It’s too bloody hot wear anything! I often walk around naked during the day. Sometimes I wear my cricket pads, other times I just smear myself with cream. It’s this heat, you see, and the constant rain. It’s the humidity. It makes the brain warp. Makes you think Newcastle can get into into Champs League if only they had a few more players.

  3. Brisvegas says:
    January 19, 2011 at 7:22 am (Edit)

    So, why aren’t you wearing pants?


    I’m more curious to know how ‘Charlotte’ knows I’m not wearing pants. Witchcraft I suspect.

  4. It could be that your missus has a pseudonym and she’s eying you off from the other computer.

  5. “Spaghetti Legs” Tino was one of my favs, the usual kind of enigma we seem so good at finding. outstanding talent, frustraiting consistancy.

    as for some of those dogs – were’nt they in the home supporters end at the stadium of shite?

  6. What would we give for another one like him eh! TINO you are a proper legend mate, TINO TINO TINO TINO TINO.

  7. Tino also one of my all time United favourites !

    BTW, link here….confirming SWP interest on our part….at 29, tho…gotta be loan only.

  8. Ah the mammaries. Tino 3, Barcelona 2. First goal was a penalty wasn’t it? I didn’t actually see it go in as I was so nervous I couldn’t watch. Fantastic night. Town was banging and everyone got drunk. Happy days.
    Pleased to bits to see him in the away end on Sunday. Who’s ticket did he nick? No way has he got enough loyalty points from going to away games. ;-)

  9. Yep, I was actually in hospital for that Barcelona game but made damn sure I found a TV set!

  10. Re the SWP link, most of the Dailys are saying hes going to Fulham but he would be a cracking signing for us as he can play both wings, surely Pardew wouldnt release Routledge without a replacement lined up.

  11. BBB,not a player i love m8,hope he goes to fulham,just my view, yes we need pace with a crossing abilty would prefer a younger guy with something to prove not a multi-mil,looking for pay days imo

  12. SWP ???
    No bloody thankyou. All he’s done is warm bench’s for the last few years ffs. Living off his rep as a great winger, but can never get a game.Ha! Another money mercenary that has been found out.
    If partridge goes for this I wouldn’t be surprised, as he is really clueless. But then so is his backer too :(

  13. when the short arse’d overrated player (swp) turns us down – how many players will that be that have snubbed the – snide – ? that’s my concern.

  14. Routledge is still young, but needs the games as the jury still out on whether he can step up a level with his end product.

    SWP would possibly give us more accurate crossing, although I’ve seen him frustrate as much as impress. I could only see us loaning him tho’…wouldn’t make any sense to buy unless we got him on a free.

    Maybe we won’t bring anyone else in…we’ve got Gosling fit now, Guthrie showed a bit of his form from last season at SOS on Sunday also. Then there’s Benny Boy back in training as early as next month, R.Taylor, Smith-(fan or not he’s still here)- and some of the young un’s…eg we’ve seen nowt of Vukic, even from the bench this season ? He might as well be on loan also.

  15. Should go for Matthew Leckie of Adelaide United. Young guy, has speed, some skill, good shot on him. Or Tommy Orr, ex-Brisbane Roar, now Utrecht. Speedy, good crosser, has some skill, still just 18, capped a couple of times already.

  16. Loan deals have to be the way to go until the end of the season. We have had our fingers burnt too many times in the past by simply splashing the cash upfront. (owen !)

  17. As Tino says, it would be a fantastic acheivement if we did qualify for Europe this season…what would that be these days, Top 7 ? But I think adversly, that if we did, perhaps we’d struggle with limited squad depth next season as a result. You’d practically need two Premier-quality first teams, just to get through the sheer quantity of games…injuries/suspensions, etc.

    When/if some of our younger players step up, and with a couple of older fringe faces replaced, eventually, perhaps we would be somewhere nearer, but maybe next season a bit early for that to happen consistantly enough to make a serious challenge in Europe.

  18. is there any truth in the rumour that Tino didnt see the second half because he was chucked out for smoking ?

  19. forget about signing anybody..enrique needs to get 2 more years on his contract..or we are going to lose a lot of money on the best defending left back in the world..

  20. Good call asim, but I have a feeling that will be taken care of by the end of the season. Even cashley and co can work that one out surely???
    Errr yeah right ! not holding breath on that one then. lol

  21. Agree on Enrique, he’s quailty to be kept.
    Now Ameobi has got a call up for the NIgerian national team – will it make him better? Maybe he could pursuade Victor Moses when he’s there, to come join us…I know he’s not exactly featured this season, but i really liked him at Crystal Palace, and played with Ranger up front we’d have a pretty gangster looking attack!

    Failing that, i say we force Ranger to watch reels of Tino footage, with match sticks holding his eyes open.

    I saw that Everton are sniffing around for Wolves winger Matt Jarvis – another top quailty player imo, who’d fit in nicely wiv us

    p.s – Hugh de Payen, I’m Charlotte, and so’s my ‘wife’.

  22. got to be done..i believe bids will come in buy 2 big clubsb4 the windo shuts..but u cant leave it till summer..becasue if he gets taped up..we will get nothing..he will be a major signing for nothing for a big club..so it is a big thing

  23. i hear Carols Vela is available for loan for rest of season…a contender for young player of season.

    separate note, bet fair offerinf 170/1 for Ameobi being english top goal scorer….worth a bet?