Alan Pardew interview: “I want to threaten the top ten”.

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Pardew: In coversation with the BBC's Danny Mills.
Pardew: In coversation with the BBC's Danny Mills.
Alan Pardew has given a long interview to ex England defender, Danny Mills for the BBC’s “Late Kick Off”. Mills played for Pardew briefly (on loan) during the Newcastle manager’s troubled spell at Charlton Athletic.

In the interview, Pardew speaks on how he had to take the job, but only after making sure that it was right for him. He also spoke on how he hopes to threaten the top ten in the fullness of time, how he see it as imperative that Newcastle keep their current key players as well as build for the future, on the role of agents in the modern game, how he hasn’t quite got the hang of the Geordie accent yet and more.

We previously published some brief selections from this interview in a recent ‘blog. However, below is a full transcript of the interview in it’s entirety.

Danny Mills: “Did you have any apprehensions about taking the job?”

Alan Pardew: “When you get a chance to manage what I think is in the top five clubs in the country, you’ve got to take it, and you’ve got to make sure that it’s right for you, and that’s all I was doing really in the negotiations, making sure that I had a platform that I could achieve success, and I think I’ve got that.

“And I hope that’s proven over the next sort of couple of years as we progress as a club and progress as a team, and not only stabilise ourselves as a Premiership club but start threatening the top ten, and I think it’s possible and if we can keep our best young players. It’s possible.

“Unless we keep the likes of Andy Carroll and the Nolans of this world, if we don’t keep those type of players then we’re never going to get there.

“So if you keep shipping ’em out how are you ever going to be one of the top clubs?

“So my view with the board here, as I’ve tried to prove since I’ve been here, is to secure the one’s we’ve got, the good’uns that we’ve got as best I can.

“You can’t do it 100% because somewhere along the line one of the players will want to go from here, and he’ll give me the attitude that he has to go and we both know that as professionals that that happens.

“From what I’ve seen on the training ground so far, I’ve not had that from any individual player. So far, so good, and now we’ve got to add to it as best we can and make it stronger”

Looking back at his career at previous clubs for a moment, Pardew spoke of learning from previous mistakes at his previous clubs such as Charlton and West Ham. On this, Pardew continued:

“There’s times, you know, as a manager, that you make mistakes.

“I think at West Ham, I made some errors at West Ham in terms of my preparation of the group and my handling of the team, and, you know, I’ve reflected on that.

“At Charlton it was a different scenario. Once we got relegated there was no money.”

Danny Mills: “Don’t blame me for that!”

Alan Pardew: “I know, you took a fair chunk of it!”

“Another scenario is, as a manager, you go to a different club, Southampton I went to which is a completely different philosophy to the other two and all that time you’re gaining experience, gaining knowledge and what you must do of course is understand where players are now.

“Players change and the one beauty, the one gift that the great managers have is they change as the trends in players change.

“Alex Ferguson I spoke to at length about how he’s changed over the years. He tells a story of Roy Keane coming to his office, banging on his door saying: “You’ve changed gaffer! You’ve changed gaffer!” and he said “Of course I’ve changed!”.

“You’ve got to change, and I’ve changed.

“I think I have a better understanding of senior players.

“I think I’m still in touch with that younger group that you can’t lose touch with, because if you lose touch with them you can’t progress any club.

Danny Mills: “This is obviously the biggest club you’ve been at so far. Does it get harder as obviously players become bigger, earn more money, egos get bigger? Does it get harder and harder to try and control that elite group?”

Alan Pardew: “Yeah, I think the biggest change that I’ve noticed at this football club is the politics of people around the game.

“When I talk about around the game I’m talking about agents and people who want to make money out of players who they may not even be representing; ie getting in the middle of a deal or trying to create a deal and therefore you’re unsettling players all the time.

“While there’s this, the way the contracts are at the moment, where you’re not allowed to talk to a player unless he’s out of contract of course you’re going to have agents, you’re going to have middlemen.

“That is the big problem because suddenly there’s a deal going on and you’re not even party to it until the very last minute and it’s almost done.

“That side of it is very, very frustrating, trying to keep players on an even keel when they’re getting these people in their ears telling them they’re this, they’re that, they can get them a move here, there and everywhere and that’s right through the club at the very, very top, and at the very, very bottom with the young players.

“The young players need to learn their trade before they start. They need to understand what this game’s all about before they start looking at the greener grass elsewhere.”

Danny Mills: “So you’re obviously prepared to speak your mind, tell players as it is even if it’s not always what they want to hear?”

Alan Pardew: “No, and you’ve got to do it in the right manner because, you know, some of the performers, I’m not going to go in the press and criticise my players ever.

“You know, there’s times where you get pushed into a corner by the press to say anything critical, and you have to be very very careful when you’re on eggshells at times with the press.

“There are players, even this weekend, I want to talk to. I want to know why they did a certain thing in the game. Why did they do that? Why did that happen, why did you go that? That knowledge is important to me.”

Danny Mills: “Alot of the fans weren’t happy with the way Chris Hughton was sacked. Alot of the fans, and some of the playersdidn’t seem particularly happy. How did you feel? Was there added pressure?

Alan Pardew: “No, I just wanted to, quickly as I could, gain the respect of the players.

“The fans is going to take alot longer [sic], I know that.”

“But you know, when you work with a group of players, you know that yourself, you can get the group, you can get the respect of the group quite quickly if you’ve got the tools to do that, and I believe I have.”

“Fortunately on that day, I thought we played well, we had a good tactical gameplan that worked for us, and that brought me, of course, respect in the dressing room straight away so that helped.”

“But I’m under no illusions about the fanbase, you know, obviously, I’m from London, I’m not from the North East. But, you know, all I can assure the Newcastle public is that, you know, I have a real passion for the game and I have a real knowledge of the game, and that I hope they see that over the period of time.”

Danny Mills: “I suppose being a proper Southerner, you’re happy to move up?”

Alan Pardew: “You keep mentioning that.”

Danny Mills: “I am, yeah, well, gotta be thrown in. Language barrier’s not been a problem?”

Alan Pardew: “The Geordies here speak so fast, that I do struggle to get it, I have to get them to slow down. But mostly, no, I get it. You know, what I get is this, that the fans want their team to win. That’s what they want.”

Danny Mills: “Brilliant, good luck!”

Alan Pardew: “Cheers Danny. Always lovely to see ya!”

There’s certainly some food for thought there, but what do you think? Do you think that Alan Pardew can achieve his aim of thretening the top ten?

Please vote in our poll and leave your comments below.

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96 Responses

  1. I think pardew, has come in a done well, we defo need a top striker. As for a winger we’ve got gosling Ben arfa and for me one of the best players this season in joey Barton

  2. I think our current first team if everyone’s fit can get us a top 8 spot. That’s how much I do rate them. But we need more joey bartons, more andy carrolls, more ben arfas, if we’re ever going to challenge effectively.

  3. I was thinking that aswell Batty… In the 5 years he is here and with the players he already have, we should at least be able to chalenge the top6… I am trying not to be “delusional” as we are often labelled, but a club of our size should actually be where we were when both Keegan and Old Bobby was here, chalanging. With the right man at the helm and with a few additions along the line, that’s where we should be.

    As for players comming in… Kranjar and a fast, creative striker would be the perfect scenario for me, altho we most likely wont get both.

  4. He might be playing down expectations and secretly plan for higher goals in future seasons though, because he does say that he made sure he would get the backing to make the club successfull before he joined.

  5. once we (charlton) got relegated you got to spend a small fortune and wasted most of it on players that werent up to scratch.

  6. I dont see why we cant go for a top ten finish.
    With a couple of new players we could kick on even further next season.
    I think Pardew has got the players performing to a higher standard than before so far so good.

  7. I dont understand why Pardew are loaning out Routledge?? Now we just have one winger fit in the squad and thats Gutierrez. Thats too bad and I tought Routledge can do an impact and that he has to given more chances.

  8. Aye batty, I reckon we’ll finish top 10 anyway.

    Army69, I think he’s a crackin little player.

  9. Did I read that correctly? He won’t talk about players in the press?

    Does talking to a camera not count?

    Am I wrong or has he already publicly criticised Ranger and Krul publicly?

    I’m concerned, but willing to give the guy a chance. Hopefully we will stay up this year, so the time to judge Pardew will be next season. See who he brings in and who leaves. it will be his team then.

  10. Aye MickyT, camera counts in my book.Mind I think he was right with Ranger as CH had already tried the softly softly approach but he was out of order with Krul imo.

  11. Routledge on loan is a strange one unless someone is lined up to replace him, if not and we are just hoping to get someone then we are in trouble.Also it’s a little bit frightening reading what James has to say @8

  12. “At charlton there was no money” That’s because you had spent it all on crap like Luke Varney and Izale Mcleod, pards!

  13. Guy believes his own bull***t, dont like him, think he runs off at the mouth too much, got a lousy record, got his side beaten by Stevenage and blamed it on tired players, failed to mention the Stevenage players hold down full time jobs beside playing football.
    Never critisise my players ? guess he was praising Krul, plus Gosling and the back four for the late goal on Sunday.
    As for agents, part of the game, deal with it!
    I guess he must have come cheap, cant imagine it`s because of his reputation.

  14. Aye kris strange one eh, might be that we have a new player lined up, hope its not s.w.p like, divint rate him at all rather just keep routledge. Anyways think we should finish top 10 this season, as long as te injurys dont start to mount up.

  15. Bent to Villa is a strange one. I said yesterday that Bent must have no ambition what so ever. Hope he has a relegation clause built into his contract.

  16. I haven’t seen Pardew have a go at the players publicly. I have heard people mention it but never seen it, when did he do this?

  17. Bent went to Villa for a pot of gold, that’s the way these days – if agent goes to collo, tiote or any other toon player and tells him he can get him 100k plus a week then we’ll be saying goodbye to them regardless what the club wants – Pardews already alluded to this, fraid agents unsettle players all the time

  18. Chuck… the tiredness excuse was a pathetic one but Stevenage aren’t partimers, they’re all pro footballers ;-)

  19. Stu,
    whomever we have as a player/owner/chairman/manager you’ll get people who take an instant dislike. Take all criticism of anyone at NUFC with a quarry full of salt man.

  20. richie,
    aye but he was hardly likely to say stevenage wanted it more, was he?
    That would be more of a dis, wouldn’t it. :)
    & yea, stevenage are a pro outfit these days chuck, keep up marra.

  21. Clint…he could have always tried the “we were beaten by the better, hungrier side on the night” approach :-)

  22. ice,
    exactly mate.
    JC’s back then? You got y’wish,hey?

    Or he coulda went on the pitch at the end & punched each one of ’em out?

  23. The fact we have loaned out Routledge, and Tottenham have signed Pienaar, Kranjcar must be leaving Spuds.

    Possible cheeky bid for him by us do you suppose?

  24. Going back to a previous thread. Nile Ranger. The lad along with others such as Lua Lua, Vuckic, Kadar etc need a run in the side of ten or twelve games. Not ten or twenty minutes when were trailing or one game standing in.
    Very difficult to blood them in the side but we are not being fair

  25. Auld ‘arry ‘wheeler dealer’/’igor’ rednob likes his little lads, doesn’t he?

  26. CLINT,think the snide has fell-in -line m8 in interview he says he has learnt a lot;not to say anything in pubic aboot player,wonder if young krul agrees

  27. ice,
    you know my feelings on the Harper/Krul thing mate.
    I prefer Harper, for now. I like that Krul’s been getting some game time though. But he ships more goals, he’s learning, but he’s got tons of time on his side.
    I reckon AP was just telling us that Harper was coming back in. Bit clunky the way he did it, but that’s how i read it.
    What d’y’think mate?

  28. richitoon @30 your spot on there could you imagine the hate the anti pardew mob on here would have whipped up if he had off spoke the truth

  29. CLINT clunky the word m8 say nowt is the best way on players in public imo,aye krul had his run and will be better for it,just hope it keeps harper on his toes too

  30. Krul will defo keep Harper focussed mate.
    He’s proved he’s solid back up now.

    If AP had said nowt, people would be up in arms anyhoo.

  31. Always kept a keen eye on Kruls development, looked a good prospect.

    Since his run of games he isnt the real McCoy like, cannot dive if the ball is across him, cant kick.

    Alreet at catching crosses and shot stopping if its basically straight at him.

    Must improve like if he is to be the player we all hope.

  32. Pardew is doing ok. The style of play was never going to differ too much from CH days simply because the personnel was always going to be the same. Lets give him a couple of seasons and see where we are.
    I know the table doesn’t lie and we are ninth but in all honesty we are closer to being 16th rather than 6th.
    The danger with say a 8th place finish is that we will have overchieved and say next season we are 12th or 13th it will be deemed a failure. But think back to May 2009 and if you said in May 2012 we would be 12th or 13th in the EPL you would have been ecstatic.
    Just lets one short step on the road back to the top five

  33. tugboat there is no anti pardew hate mob on here, where did you get that impression from?
    If anything people are willing to give him a chance. I can’t see anyone saying anything that shows hatred towards him.
    Are you sure you are in the right place?

  34. Can someone tell me what Pardew said about Krul please?

    Personally I like the cut of Pardews jib. He talks well and we do seem to be geared up more for attacking, which always helps.

  35. M.T.would agree m8 never seen any hatred of him,jokes bit kid yes,i have myself,as we did with hoots,if lads cannot have a bit joke its a sad look on.imo m8

  36. F**K Alan Pardew!!!!

    Backstabbing ****!!! Going behind Hughton’s back for months!!!!

    He’s a failure of a manager as far his CV reads! Scumbag human being, adulterous, RUMORED(I stress) on Southampton boards to have a drinking problem, and **** for pronouncing Hughton’s name wrong in Press conference, He did it on purpose in my opinion.

    He’s publicly bashed Enrique and Ranger! He should learn to deal with things in house otherwise he’s going to have problems with players again.

    The team is hardly going to play massively different to the passing football on the deck we have displayed under Chris Hughton in many games. Pardew is just inheriting that along with a group of very good first 11 players and a fantastic team spirit, camaraderie and fight that Chris Hughton had built from NOTHING! It is a Disgrace that Hughton is still not in charge of the team after all that.

    Pardew was complicit in Hughton’s sacking in my eyes as there were rumours that his appointment was imminent(within days) a whole 2 and a half months ago! SCUMBAG!

    He has LONG LONG LONG LONG WAY to go before convincing me he is the big name with MUCH MUCH MORE EXPERIENCE to take Newcastle United on to the next level. As if we were not doing well already this season for Newly promoted club when this FAILURE of a manager gets a PL job at NUFC. Like anyone in the bloody Championship would have considered him for their managers job. FFS!


  37. James says:
    January 18, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    “once we (charlton) got relegated you got to spend a small fortune and wasted most of it on players that werent up to scratch.”

    James, I live in London and another Charlton fan told me more or less exactly the same thing. Hence I was somewhat perplexed when he said that he had “no money” at Charlton during the interview, as I was when he said that “I’m not going to go in the press and criticise my players ever” shortly after criticising our goalkeeper’s kicking to the media.

  38. Mickytoon i thought worky was the leader of it & chuck was his assistant but i could have got it all wrong ? Nah i dont think i got it wrong ;)

  39. LIVERPOOL RESULT had F**K ALL to do with Pardew, he even admitted as much himself. we played some fantastic passing football that game like we have in many others this season. if you are going 2 say how well we have played is all down 2 Pardew & nowt 2 do with the legacy Hughton left behind, that is BULLSH*T!!!! hes inherited a newly promoted side that was doing much better than expected under Hughton while playing some nice football. Pardew, has hardly changed how we played under Hughton except making changes earlier. Pardew SHOWED WHAT PLAN B WAS VS STEVENAGE!!!! GREAT TACTICAL MASTERCLASS!

  40. ice,
    na, i don’t rate him mate, ain’t seen him do much of any worth like.
    I know the ‘pundits’ have bigged him up a bit, but that usually means they ‘need’ talking up, bad sign in my book. If y’ a good player, everyone can see it.

  41. sir bob 6 games 10n points 3 games withoot carrol 7 points would clueless have played best a divent think so get over it man we would have struggled under clueless cris 15 games 19 points and on a relegation run ,but i do agree aboot ashley fckin off c,chris hughton got intp bed with fatty and fatty tinned him

  42. Heard an interesting bit on talkshite this morning.
    Some cockney manusa glory hunter phoned in saying he wanted that DM from Nucarsew, don’t know his name (or couldn’t pronounce it? :) ) & the mong bra’s ill said: ‘oh, AC?’ (dumb ass). The bloke goes, no, the DM i said.
    bra’s ill & the other tool go, er, er, who d’y’mean?..Oh! Tiote?
    The fake manc goes, yea, that’s the one, he’s got everything.
    So, Tiote’s not even on the ‘pundits’ gaydar yet, but fans know of him.

  43. Sir Bobby please dont sit on the fence !

    and shame on you CLiNT FLiCK for listening to Talkshite :)

  44. andy,
    i was half asleep, that’s my excuse & i’m sticking to it.
    It really is shite that channel, just thought it highlighted how phucking thick, blind, & pathetic they are on there. Not that the pundits anywhere else are any better like.
    Buncha know nowts that don’t even really watch football. They just repeat any old shite that they hear.
    Sad sacks.

    Nee sitting on the fence for me either, on that one.

  45. oh sir bob pardew has shown his plan b in the last 3 leauge games with out carrol and the last game without tiote ,which is pretty decent in my eyes

  46. batty,
    aw, i get y’now mate.
    Der, sorry mate.
    I know what y’mean, i was trying to keep it simple, but maybe made it harder to get.

  47. Tiote is the buy of the season in the PL for me and that’s being said without a hint of bias.
    He is the player I’d worry about leaving, not Carroll.
    You can just see someone like Chelsea looking at him. They need someone to replace Essien and Abramovich is being tighter with his money than he used to be.

    If we sold Carroll we would ask for something stupid like £30-£40m. If we got say £30m we could use the money to buy some quality replacements, like spurs did with the Berbatov money.

    Tiote would go for what? £7m max?

    Who could we get for that money to replace him?

  48. Aye am alreet m8, see you’ve got the cold! Just finished graft so knacked, funny old day Carver, Routledge. Then Bent over at the scummers!

  49. batty,
    no prob mate.
    That was me the other week, it does y’nut in doesn’t it?

    How mate, remember that mackem song to the the tune of the addams family?
    Well here’s the second verse:
    Their grounds a mausoleum,
    cos no one gans to see ’em,
    they’ve got a shitty te-am,
    the mackem family.

  50. batty,
    thought you’d like that mate.

    Tell ya’, that song, both verses, ringing round SJP would be phucking hilarious.

  51. Hope so Batty, ha ha Micky did’nt realise how I had wrote that! Me eyes are watering now!
    Great song, nice memories Clint!!

  52. tom,
    here mate, looks like batty’s gone.

    Y’fatha is y’brother,
    y’sister is y’motha,
    you all phuck each other,
    the mackem family.

    my verse (2)

    Their grounds a mausoleum,
    cos no one gans to see ‘em,
    they’ve got a shitty te-am,
    the mackem family.

    der der der der click click


  53. aye aye lads , haway then … whos gna b our nxt signing then? im constantly on th net lukn 4 sum name 2 cum up that they are on ther way 2 newc but nowts happend!! wot do u thinks gna happen lads? r we even tryin 2get any1?? let me know ur thoughts lads . . . .

  54. Mickey

    I agree about Tiote. Teams will probably be thinking about how they can tap him up already. I don’t see Chelsea going in for him though as they lack creativity. Spurs on the other hand will probably test the waters if Palacios doesn’t get back to his best.

    Also, how the hell can Bruce be moaning about “being let down”!? This guy is one of the biggest mercenary managers about!

  55. PLAN B IS WHAT WE SAW VS STEVENAGE? WHAT TACTICAL NOUS DID PARDEW SHOW THEN? HE COULDN’T EVEN INSTRUCT HIS PLAYERS TO STOP PLAYING THE LONG BALL EVERY MINUTE! We were without Carroll then, great PLAN B and Tactical nous VS bottom of the football ladder STEVENAGE! Jose Mourinho in our midst and all that!

    Chris Hughton was not clueless and he has proved that last season and this season. Chris Hughton has been behind Leon Best since day 1. Hughton started Best in all our games in Pre-Season and he was our best striker. Best has been injured all this time, the reason Hughton has not played him. How could Hughton just throw him in after months of no football or training?

    Hughton Clueless you say? BULLSH*T!!!! Perhaps a bit scared to make changes to his game plan earlier in games but that was about it. Hughton has had us playing some fantastic football this season along with some fantastic results Villa, Everton, Arsenal, Mackems. AND FOR A NEWLY PROMOTED FOOTBALL CLUB WE WERE DOING JUST FINE IN OUR GOAL TO SURVIVE THIS SEASON! Hughton would have done that NO DOUBT IN MY MIND!!!!

    I would go as far to say that Hughton’s sacking would not have happened had Joey Barton not gotten himself suspended and Kevin Nolan not been injured, and having Sh!te like Danny Guthrie & Smith come in to replace and Guthrie pi$$ing his pants with a pathetic showing at West Brom! Sacking would no doubt have been delayed as Pardew was rumored to be our new manager many months ago, and Ashley appeared to have made his mind up way back then, THE CU*T!

    Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan missing for Hughton’s final 2-3 games was a big blow. Are any of you fair enough to admit that.


    Me sitting on the fence??? I’m guessing there is a hint of sarcasm as how can me saying FU*K Alan Pardew be sitting on the fence?

  56. Clint-That is the Anthem mate, can you imagine the mackems faces? They could not come back from that!!

  57. Sir Bobby,
    hey mate, you make canny points man.
    & i’m sure plenty agree.
    But, CH has gone mate & he ain’t coming back, no matter what.
    I think loads of people are just trying to move on.
    We don’t always like what gans on at NUFC, but we support the Toon all the way down the line, whom ever’s in charge, whom ever plays.

  58. hahaha calm down sirbobby lol!!! we all have our own opinion mate , yes hughton was wrongly treat at n.u.f.c but its history now and lets hope pardue gets the toon army back to great football!!!

  59. Sir Bobby
    You are casting pearls among swine, so to speak.
    Most of those Pardew apologist`s probably did`nt like CH anyway and would`nt recognise the difference between the two.
    Mainly that CH built this side and any success belongs to him.
    Hughton spent most of his post-playing career as a coach and is an astute tactician, plus he worked with some decent managers, he knows the game.
    The fact he kept things “in house” and had the respect of the dressing room, by being interviewed yet saying nothing to the press and never to my knowledge offending any team member in public.
    Whereas Pardew been here for five minutes yet can`t keep his mouth shut, constantly putting his foot in it.
    Just read the interview.
    Hey, I have no doubt time will show what an opportunist he is, with nothing to back it up.
    And anyone fighting relegation with Tevez and his buddy in the side yet left on the bench, what kind of managing is that?

  60. Micky Toon
    Yeah! we do need a guy like Tiote, a stopper to play in front of the back four.
    But lets not get carried away here, he has his limitations, he has to learn when and how much body to lay on, I`m afraid his collection of cards is not sustainable over a season and he must learn to look up and lay on the right pass, not get rid of it to the nearest team-mate as quickly as possible.
    It would`nt hurt to bring the ball forward once in a while and a little shooting practice ,would`nt hurt.
    Hey Momo Sissoko is available, a faster and more accomplished midfield engine room and I would`nt be concerned about Chelsea poaching Tiote, they already have two better DM`s.

  61. Look on the bright sight lads. Anything is possible in football. We lose against Stevenage don’t mean they’re better team than us.It just not our day that night.

    Because Pardew fault and our player don’t good enough? I don’t think so. If that so, it mean Liverpool, Wigan and Westham Sunderland are worst than Stevenage ? We lose because we was not ready for the game in term of physical and mentality. I bet if we play them in PRM, We will burn them to ash.

    Anyone can make the mistake but the real one can use it to be better person.

  62. EZ chuck,
    before y’go having a go at people. Those are your views, which you’re entitled to, but others think differently.
    The difference in style between CH & AP is massive, so you can’t really compare the 2.
    In fact CH is different to any other coach atm i would say. He gives away absolutely nothing to the press, highly individual, almost esoteric. I liked that about him. But to expect AP or anyone to match that is puerile.
    Also, it’s a bit rich telling us that AP likes the sound of his own voice. Kettle/pot/everso slightly tarnished, hey?

  63. sir bob chuckey if ya cannit see that were playing better footy under pardew than we did under ch ,its you 2 who are realy clueless