Whoever comes in will have a hard act to follow.

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Hughton - A class act, and a tough one to follow.
Hughton - A class act, and a tough one to follow.
A lot of people are still trying to come to terms with the unexpected sacking of Chris Hughton on Monday.

It’s a move that has left many Newcastle fans, neutral fans and media-types scratching their heads, but it’s been done now and can’t be reversed.

Naturally all of the speculation at the moment is regarding just who will be the successor to Hughton.

Names are being thrown about left, right and centre but nobody really knows anything. A lot of the rumours are being pushed by eager journalists who are dying to be the first one to get it right. Whatever, listen to them if you wish, but nothing is certain as yet.

One thing that is certain however is that whoever is charged with building on all the good work that Hughton has done will have a bloody hard act to follow, in more ways than one.

I’m not really talking results here as Hughton can’t be held responsible for the new managers record as a Newcastle boss, but first things first whoever that new manager ends up being will need to win the fans around.

I recognise that there are some fans who weren’t behind Hughton, but they are in a very small minority. I’d wager that the vast majority of fans were right behind Hughton and understood that he was working in a job essentially with his hands tied.

Hughton was having to act like Oliver Twist, begging for “more please sir” when it came to receiving some backing from the board, and I think a lot of fans realise this and respect the fact that Hughton was doing the best with what he had. My feeling is that everything Hughton achieved was despite Ashley, and not because of him.

Hughton earned the respect of the majority of fans. He wasn’t perfect and had his faults, but he was learning as he went. The new man will have to earn that respect, especially if it is someone like Alan Pardew who is being strongly tipped to become our next manager. That will be obstacle number one.

Obstacle number two will be how the new boss manages to get along with the players. I know they are professionals and should get along with their jobs, but we all know that it doesn’t work like that. I have colleagues that I dislike, and I dare say that some aren’t to keen on me, but we all have a job to do.

The players loved Hughton and have come out and said as much since his sacking. Most of them are shocked by the news as they were right behind him, in the public eye at least. The new gaffer will have to get his charges on side quickly if we are to stick to our aim of surviving in the Premier League this season.

Then there is the fact that this decision has opened up old wounds between the fans and the board. In many cases those wounds had remained open anyway, but there was also a lot of people willing to leave Ashley well enough alone as the club had looked to be stable for the first time in a long time. Bang goes that idea.

There will be a backlash over this, and I expect that Chris Hughton will be the name that is sounding around St James’ Park against Liverpool on Saturday. It’s pointless, but at least it will show just how unpopular the decision to sack Hughton has been in front of a worldwide TV audience.

We are back in turbulent times now, and the level of that turbulence will depend on who is named as our new manager. If it is to be Alan Pardew I feel that there will be a lot more discontent shown than if it was, say, a Martin O’Neill for example as Pardew will be viewed as a sideways step as opposed to a move forwards.

All we can do, as ever, is wait!

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100 Responses

  1. I can’t believe he’d sack the guy who brought us some stability

    I can’t believe he’d be so short-sighted as not to have a replacement lined up, not after last time.

    I can’t believe he’d go for Pardew as the somebody with management experience to take us to the next level.

    Then again I couldn’t believe he’d appoint Hughton over Shearer, but he got that right. As you say, Toonsy, all we can do is wait and see.

  2. It’s Mike Ashley – He has worked out that being a ‘yoyo’ team and him pocketing the parachute payments works in his favour.

    Alan Pardew is not a sideways move it’s a down move. No one, not even a proper big name could have done what Chris was doing.

    Newcastle need a scarf thing like Man U going and an Ashley Out campaign.

  3. Pardew is the yes man he wants because they are all mates, three stooges.

    I am clinging on desperately in hope it is not true but the signs arent good. I do feel a little smidge of pity for Pardew, if it is him, for the backlash that will occur. He is not going to attract any decent names, CH wouldve much like HBA because of who he is and the spirit he had and the groups spirit.

    I fear for who we may lose, or have to sell for him to buy cheap crap

  4. ‘morning each.

    To a certain extent, Hoots has done a lot of the hard work already. He got us promoted, has us mid-table and has united the dressing room.

    If whoever comes in is any good at all and gets some money from Ashley to strengthen the squad in January, he should improve our situation.

    Then of course Ash will point to the wisdom of his appointment.

  5. I was as surprised as I was disapointed at Hughtons sacking… But then again, shame on me, for I should have known better than to get too comfortable being happy as a NUFC fan.
    I thought Hughton was doing a solid job but I must admit that I was doing a bit of forward thinking about his position last week. As good a job as he was doing now, I really belive that he would eventually lose his players and they would stop performaning for him in time. I couldn’t put my finger on why these doubts keep gnawing away at me but they continued to do so. For some reason Chris Coleman keeps coming to mind.. He did a great job early in the piece but eventually fell by the way side. And where is he now?
    Anyway I have a feeling that Ashley will have a replacement in place already. Call him what you will but you don’t become a billionaire by being a total f*ck up..
    Dark days indeed….

  6. Well as I said on the dark blog, you become a billionaire by being tight and frugle. I have no problem with either, with him looking into wages, bonuses and transfers, but need a decent manager.

    Also, I was only on the dark blog to complain about his latest sensationalist headlines!

  7. They say, ‘you know a man from the company he keeps’. Well God help us if Pardew is a friend of Ashley’s and Llambias’s. We have already suffered Wise and Jeff Vetieres (spelling?) underhand ways, looks like more is to follow. I always thought Hughton was Ashley’s yes man, but maybe he grew a spine and told Ashley what he didn’t want to hear. I just kept praying that Ashley had let Hughton go as he was selling the club and doing the ‘dirty deed’ for the new owner. I really couldn’t think why else Ashley would let Hughton go as he was on the cheapest wage in the Prem and we were mid table. But him bringing in one of his cronies fits perfectly with Ashley. Hughton was too decent, too honest for him.

  8. Ashley wants to run NUFC like a business, …but he’s a retailer, so that means getting in cheap product (ie young kids), wait until the product gains in value, but not actually spend money on adding value to them (ie merely holding on to the kids, until they get a little older and play some games – obviously he expects them all to be like Carroll !?!), then sell the kids on, at a substantial mark-up, …and do it a lot – churning, just like they do in retail. NUFC is going to become a low-budget, conveyor belt of mediocre talented youngsters.
    BUT, Mr Ashley, you cupid stunt, football is NOT retail, its entertainment. If you want to run it like a business, take a look at all the successes in the field of entertainment – movies, music, ballet, opera, TV, novels – the stars all rake in BIG $$$. Why? Because you have to sell it to the fans, and the fans want the big names, and that costs big $$$. Churning kids to find the “Carrolls”, will succeed less than 5% of the time – one success for 25 kids who have to be dumped and then you have to find replacements for them. It won’t even pay for itself, let alone make you any money. A football club isn’t a business, its a social club. The nearest analogy (if you don’t understand what makes a social club tick) is a Church!!! So, get the magpie faith, …or go to HELL.

  9. What if Ashley indeed had someone in place, but now that someone wants no part of the toon now due to the backlash over hoots sacking. I’m hoping for the best right now but preparing for the worst.

  10. Being a fan of NUFC reminds me of the movie The Crying Game. You fall in love (club) and in the end you find it has a large cock attached to it!!

  11. I’m loving comment 12 Aussie Mag!

    If it’s pardew I’m going to end my alligence with the toon! I haven’t been this ashamed of the club since Sir Bobby was sacked…

  12. It was pretty obvious that MA wasn’t backing Hughton even back in the championship, why else give him a 1 year contract when we were flying in the championship and very little money to spend in Jan 2010 and again prior in last transfer window – McLaren recommended Tiote.
    I just find this whole situation bizarre especially as we looked like we would probably survive in the perm this season
    God knows what went on but the rumours that fat ash and owl expect him to discuss team selection and partake in some sort of fantasy football game and the fact that CH is rumoured to have went along with it is quite frankly beyond belief
    The chuckle brothers obviously had a complete lack of respect for CH and if the rumours are to be believed they sound like they were just taking the piss out of CH

  13. Really scared about what is going on. If you applied MA logic to cricket Staruss would get sacked now!
    Makes no sense! If indeed he is a business man like a few on here claim, then surely he should have some sort of customer satisfaction awareness!! Why is it hard for him to see that he is really Fucking a lot of people about! And don’t tell me that it was financial motive behind the sacking because I doubt there is any sounder and cheaper investment than CH out there!

  14. It was pretty obvious that MA wasn’t backing Hughton even back in the championship, why else give him a 1 year contract when we were flying in the championship and very little money to spend in Jan 2010 and again prior in last transfer window – McLaren recommended Tiote.
    I just find this whole situation bizarre especially as we looked like we would probably survive in the perm this season
    God knows what went on but the rumours that fat ash and owl expect him to discuss team selection and partake in some sort of fantasy football game and the fact that CH is rumoured to have went along with it is quite frankly beyond belief
    The chuckle brothers obviously had a complete lack of respect for CH and if the rumours are to be believed they sound like they were just taking the piss out of CH
    Pardew will be a complete disaster in my opinion – west ham fans are lapping it up as they know we’ll end up replacing them at bottom of league! If he’s Ashleys man then he may back him and drop the fantasy football games but I’d question Pardews ability to spend money wisely or motivate players – he didn’t just lose the dressing room at WH but the whole staff !

    Btw – all this crap about Ashley wanting us to be a yoyo club is rubbish – you can make at least three times more money by staying in prem. More likely that he wants us to make champions league with a team of kids and low earners

  15. Im amazed that i am saying this, but i would actually rather have fat Fred owning the club at this time… And we are talking about a man who will NEVER be forgived for sacking good old Bobby and appointing Sourness instead.

    As for our new manager… Pardew is the most likely since this comes down to who will accept Ashleys terms rather than who will be the best man for the job… I wouldnt be suprised to see fecking Joe back neither.

  16. I hope the fans don’t blame the new manager, whoever that might be, as it isn’t his fault for the situation at the club. It will take a brave or foolish or desperate man to take up the poisoned chalice that is manager of Newcastle United.

    The new manager probably needs sympathy not hostility.

    As most fans didn’t think much of Hughton when he took over, perhaps in a perverse way we should think the same for the new manager. Start off with really low expectations and be surprised and pleased when he does well, until he is sacked of course!

  17. When they said experienced, i assumed they meant up in class, should have read the little writing but Laurel and Hardy have been too quiet for too long and are obviously bored.

  18. If Beardsley was MA’s fly on the wall as is being widely reported and he is a conditional assistant manager to any new manager then this stinks even more, and after this latest farce i fear more than ever that we will never get anything but heartache while MA’s the owner.
    Question is… How do you force your owner out without affecting the players like we did last time?

  19. I am praying to all sort of gods in all the religion that Martin Jol is accepted as New Newcastle Manager.LOL’D. =.=””

    And Oh by the way,i guess we can put in a new guniess world record for the most number of sacked managers within 6yrs time frame.

    we change 8 managers during that period. 8O

    I guess if Mike Ashley Loves to sack Manager,i rather he appoint a Manager like Jose Mourinho who doesn’t loves to stay at one club too long. HAHAHAHAS.

  20. Well folks according to all the press and twitters this morning, Pardew it is. Once again I find myself utterly disheartened and disillusioned with what’s going on at NUFC and, at the risk of sounding completely childish, it’s just not fair.

    If MA wants us to be good, then do something that will make us good. If he wants us to be sh1t, then let us be shit. DO NOT raise hopes of stability only to dash them at the next opportunity. I can draw no other conclusion that this is a man who has been stung by the vitriol of 52,000 fans and is hell bent on having his revenge no matter what the cost to his bank balance. At the end of the day, it’s not like he’ll struggle at Xmas like most of us.

    Ask yourself this. If you were in a relationship with someone who treat you like this, how much longer would you put up with it before you called it quits??

  21. MrT76, The only thing a fan can do to get the message over to him is to stop going to the match, its a hard thing to do and will also affect the team but its better than going to the match and booing and protesting.
    I was just starting to think about going back to games as i havent been for ages due to my lip on with the board but thats it for me now. Hughton was hitty missy but he didnt deserve this although he was mates with them and should have seen it coming.

  22. One good thing to come out of this is that it shows ch wasn’t ashley puppet like a lot of the people, who are now moaning that he’s been sacked by the way, said he was.
    Someone in a previous blog said they just feel empty about the whole thing. Just about sums it up. Ashley is starting to drive us down and wear us out. Either people will stop attending and go out with a shrug or something is going to explode. Knowing football fans in general we will all talk. about the direct action, but nowt will happen.
    Look at manu. So they wear differed coloured scarves to matches. Big whoop.

  23. It’ll be interesting to see how many turn up on sat to see new manager unveiled – if it’s pardew i ain’t going and imagine a few others won’t bother – 30+ thousand ?
    Yup I’ve already given Ashley cash for this game but I won’t be giving him anymore if he’s bringing in a donkey like pardew

  24. If people do stay away, then the fans need to communicate to the players this time and explain that we are still fully behind the team but for the sake of our club we will force out our owner by cutting his income.

  25. Hughton’s sacking was a suprise, but did nobody see this coming? I think MA moved to get a new manager after the Bolton defeat, giving Hoots more time but the defeat at the weekend was the last straw.
    Pardew is meant to be confirmed today, to be honest I think we should get behind him and the players. you can’t judge a book by its cover can you? Maybe he will turn out to be good for us

  26. The problem with boycotts are the more money the club loses the more that tw@t puts in, the bigger the debt to him, the harder it is to find a buyer.The vast majority of the crowd are season ticket holders anyway so he already has the cash.Even the final payment on my 3 year ticket went out last month so he bloody has all that :-(
    A poisonous atmosphere in the stands affects the players as was seen last time and will it help attract a new owner? At the end of the day if there’s no buyer then there’s no way he’s going anywhere, there may well not be any buyers anyway regardless of where we are and how we’re doing.The whole things got me sick to my stomach and I feel as bad as when we got relegated, at least being in Tenerife at the time helped me over that.
    Absolutely gutted.

  27. I think CH was sacked because he wouldn’t have Beardo as a number 2, wanted to hang on to people like Smith, was reluctant to play youth and was turning us in to a long ball team with no plan B. When you add people like Perch and Best in to the mix, the warning signs were there.

    I also think performance related pay is the way to go and would sort out all the wasters like Owen, Dyer, Duff etc.

    But today is the most depressed I think I have ever felt in 49 years. Appointing a complete no mark like Pardew when we’ve got 50,000 fans in the ground every week and once had SBR as manager. This would be the biggest fall from grace and embarrassment since….oh yeah JFK !

    Why can’t we at least go and get someone who is up and coming like a Poyet, Lee Clark or Paul Lambert or just keep Beardo in charge, not a never – wasser or a has – been and a serial sh…er to boot.

    A total failure at West ham, Charlton and Southampton is now seemingly the criteria to boss one of the biggest clubs in the country. But that’s ok because he goes to the same casino as those 2 charmless and classless oafs Ashley and Llambias.

    In all conscience I don’t think I can go on supporting this circus, it’s ruining my life and I spend far too much time thinking about it! It’s like Anne Widdicombe winning strictly, a total joke and complete farce.

    The only way to end this misery is to vote with our feet and just not turn up. Sadly people are not prepared for short term pain for long term gain.

  28. If it is a complete nonentity like Pardew he will have his work cut out to get the players and fans behind him. Maybe, just maybe if we won the next 5 games, I might grudgingly give him some time.
    And how does this fit with the idea that it was the fans who got Allardyce the sack? If that’s how MA thinks then he’s got it 100% (well 95%) wrong this time!

  29. jay jay…you first, I’ll be reet behind you……….about 30 rows behind you in fact ;-)

  30. Said it before and will say it ago, Pardew ticks all Ashley’s boxes. Cheap, desperate and skin as thick as a rhino.

    Appointing Pardew will take the attention off Ashley and Llambias.

  31. we always pre-judge new managers who come in. ALLARDYCE was judged, JFK was judged, SHEARER was judged, HUGHTON was judged.

    Why can’t we just get behind the team, Pardew may not be the right appointment but it will have to do. we are not going to attract a top class premier league manager to this club for a long time until we can establish ourselves again. Jol has ruled himself out, we just need to give it a chance, nobody wanted to give Hughton a chance when he took over but look what he did

  32. Mr Ashley, give me £20k a week and I’ll tell you I’m brave enough to take the job on. I was a Kamikazi pilot in my previous incarnation!

    The clown, in a fit of pique no doubt, has severly jeopardised his investment again and I fear the worst for the season.

    Survival? Not a snowball hell’s chance now!!!

  33. Toon sundae,

    You have to know when enough is enough . crap managers like allardyce and kinnear should never have been appointed in the first place and appointing pardew is just keeping the cycle of mediocrity going.

    Don’t know why we can’t look at either an up and coming manager like Poyet or go abroad and get a good technical manager.

    You would have to be an idiot wrapped in a moron to see Pardew is destined to be a disaster.

  34. Kam @18 of course the fans should show hostility to the new manager if it’s Pardew.He is Ashleys gambling mate,and from what I know from people who knew him at Southampton just as slimy.He probably knew months ago that he would replace CH, no doubt just after being sacked by Southampton for screwing a directors wife.This is so tawdry it brings Newcastle to a new low.I for one will have nothing more to do with Newcastle as long as this horrendous regime is there.Don’t get caught up with the it’s our club and should always be loyal thing, thats what the slimeball ashley wants.I have more pride and self respect and will not be fooled or used by someone who isn’t fit to clean Chris Houghton shoes, I shall return soon as they have all F$£*ed off.

  35. Pardew would be an insane appointment :lol:
    A joke of a Manager.
    You couldn’t make this crap up.

    It really does show that Mike Ashley is a complete Goon like I have been saying now for Many years.

    Time to unroll the Bed sheets and remove MA and his gang of idiots ASAP.

  36. @Nick Dryden, i agree with you, I’ve had enough aswell, im not going to st james’ while he is still in charge.
    I agree that ashley should be looking for an up and coming manager but ashley’s not clever enough to do that. I just wanted to highlight that sometimes we have been quick to judge.

    Pardew hasn’t been the best choice but maybe he might prove us wrong but i do fear for our season

  37. So, Ashely wants a manager who’s brave enought to take the job on a work to his financial model?

    Give me at least £20k a week and I’ll say I’m brave enough to take the job on. I was a Kamikazi pilot in my previous incarnation!

    In a fit of pique no doubt, Ashley has severly jeopardised his investment again and I fear the worst for the season. What a clown!

    Survival? Not a snowball in hell’s chance unless we get a top drawer manager in pdq!!!

  38. Pardew is now 8/1 on to be next manager with paddypowers , I really hope this is one long nightmare n im about to wake up in a cold sweat.

    N for peoplecalling to give pardew a chance , f**K that , Im not n wont give him the time of day. It will be a joke appointment. Im a fairly easy going guy but this appointment will tip me over the edge n i will be over at some point this season to vent my fury of this.

    Im not asking for Mourhino or anything like that but somebody that could take us forward. I dont know who it is but Pardew is not that person

  39. yup, transfer requests will be flying in.
    Just what the fat coont wants. Get rid of all the quality and run the club with kids.
    Good luck to any player that wants to leave, I cant say I blame them.

  40. Apparently martin jol’s brother is part of his coaching team…his brothers name: Cock Jol

    How unfortunate…

  41. Jose criticizing the board is very dangerous

    MA will want the big earners out and will look for any reason to sell. Expect Jose to be farmed out if he keeps this up.

    Saying that, he will probably want to leave himself once Pardew is appointed.

    Jose’s comments are clearly a sneak peak into the dressing room, and what I see is a bunch of players thoroughly underwhelmed by the appointment of Pardew.

  42. Beardsleys boots

    Only plus side of that is we have an awful lot of deadwood to clear:- Best, Guthrie,Perch,Shola to nmae a few.

    I do believe performance related pay is the way to go unlike mercenaries like Owen and Rooney etc.

    It’s just I can’t get my head around appointing a joke like Pardew. Why don’t they go after that young Spanish guy they were sniffing around – Marcelino. At least he has been successful and plays good football on a small budget.

  43. The club is not getting another penny out of me while Ashley is still at the helm.

    You can say whatever you want about that, say I’m not a true fan or the club needs money from the fans to survive.

    I’m not paying money to constantly be made to look like a twat by the person taking that money. If it’s a business model Ashley wants, well I’m not a satisfied customer and therefore I will not support HIS vision for HIS club with MY money.

    It’s not our club anymore lads and lasses, it’s a Sports Direct advertisement in disguise, and it’s being run as a cheap and nasty club just like his business.

    I’ve been loyal through the very bad times over the past few years, but no more. I’m ashamed to be connected with NUFC these days, and like many others I’m hoping I wake up soon and realise it was a bad dream.

  44. Are you guys being serious!?

    Performance related pay the way forward? Yeah, that would be great I’m sure, but there is one problem..


    This performance related pay stuff is not about players, not even Mike Ashley is that stupid. It’s just solely to do with potential managers. Even then, I suppose the same questions could be asked. MA is trying to run a football club like he does his cheap, tacky shops.

    I hope he fails miserably and is forced to sell for a cut price in order to recuperate a mere margin of what he has laid out. I’m sorry, but I would rather suffer a few years in the Championship than support this buffoon.

  45. If they appoint Pardew, they might aswell sell now and save some dignity. Pardew will be howled and rediculed by fans along with owl heed and the fat controller. We might as well turn in a resignation to the PL, because no way in hell well the top player or the fans turn up to see Newcastle under Pardew. + If Pardew is appointed it will be clear that sacking Houghton was personal and had nothing to do with the professional job Houghton was doing. Shame it has come to this. Pardew = Rioting.

  46. What I don’t understand is why hasn’t Pardew already been announced if what the BBC states is true that he has been in discussions with the chuckle brothers for the past 10 days. Surely all the relevant T&C’s would have been agreed so what the hold up, why wait until Friday. That’s the one small ray of hope I’m clinging onto that the fact they haven’t given it to Pardew yet.

    It’s clear that Ashley wanted to do this a while ago and you would like to think that somebody was lined up which just makes all this waiting and seeing confusing.

  47. I’ll not be giving anymore of my cash to the club either, and for those with season tickets, just don’t buy anything else. Things have to change if Ashley appoints that sack of shit :(

  48. I have a sneaky feeling that O’Neil will be our next manager… Apperently Pardew is in Germany so the local papers believe him to be a smokescreen.

  49. This is the only article I’ve seen that tries to put reasoning behind this stupid situation. It doesn’t give me much hope, though – there are reasons suggested, but they’re wrong-headed.

  50. Johno @ 73 – hehe. Id actually do anything to get a new owner. even move the stadium to qatar? :)

  51. I’m just ignoring any bookies odds or rumours cos I just can’t see pardew coming! Ma etc aren’t the most clued up but after the kk jfk and relegation saga why would he risk it all again on a subpar manager? Doesn’t make sense at all!
    Coupla mates in torquay who are Southampton fans and they’re peeing themselves at the thought of us with him as manager. He is the complete opposite of the class and gentleman that ch was.
    I’m just hoping its Media hype and rumours massively blown out of proportion. I stupidly signed up for 1/2 season ticket but that is being cancelled if a sideways or backward manager comes through!
    furious over the whole thing! Fingers crossed Qatar want us!

  52. Can somebody throw eggs or something to fat Ashleys face at the next game, please. Wanna see that live on television. Would be nice after all this shite!

  53. All over the news!!!! Pardew set to be announced!
    I have solely felt this let down by our club…

  54. Just a question guys-cant those people living in the newcastle area go upto sjp and protest against pardew?wont making our feelings known there have more effect?and that too before he has gotten his feet under the table?

  55. CLiNT FLiCK @69…….

    but the Qataris want a Prem club and if Ashley appoints Pardew, the the chances of remaing so must be slim!

    If AP is apppointed, then Ashley’s actions make me think he could’t even manage the part of being the a**e end of a pantomime horse.

  56. And so it begins. As much as I salute the likes of Jose coming out and making it known that the players aren’t happy, it’s terrible for us as fans and the team. He’s one of our best players and teams like Spurs will be interested. I’m pretty sure of that. Ashley will happily sell him as he’s w high earner who demands a high price tag. I can see transfer requests appearing, when, not if, Pardew is appointed. Embarrassing and depressing state of affairs from top to bottom.

    Clint-I’ve moaned about the likes of City et al ruining the game with these billionaire owners willing to plough hundreds of millions onto the field but after yet another crying shame of an Ashley decision, I will no longer. Come and get us Qatar. Please. I’d much rather be a top 6 club with endless amounts of cash than sports direct fc with a dinosaur manager/footballing style.

  57. Totally angry and depress !! If he appoint Pardew, No way Ashley can come to St’James Park or Newcastle again without any protest. Attendance 45000+ for Hughton this season I don’t what happen under Pardew. Less than 30000 maybe.

    Even Championship club still don’t want Pardew to be their manager so why us ? Ashley you basxxxx !!!

  58. I apologise to the moderator and sorry he felt the need not to publish my statement,was it the words, fatty,die or f£$k off that caused the problem?

  59. According to someone on ed’s blog,david craig has just been on ssn and he is saying that it might not be pardew after all,they think there are other parties also involved and nothing has been decided as yet.oh my god,let it be true….can somebody confirm if this is right?

  60. deepak, yes he was, and he did say that.

    The club will just announce it when they’re good and ready though. I wouldn’t build your hopes up. David Craig is an @rse, and knows just as much as we do.

  61. If Ashley has built his fortune by giving customers what they want, cheap sports gear, why is he ignoring his fan base and antagonising them so much, doesnt make sense to me.

    I know he is a very determined businessman but surely he has looked at the flipside of his plan – empty stadium and no cash coming in, it could happen.

  62. What has happened in the world since saturday that Chris Hughton has become the best manager in the world and Alan Pardew the devil reincarnated.

    As for all of you saying you will not go to SJP and support the team well stay away please you are not worthy of being called supporters. If you had lived as long as me you would be well used to this.

    To coin a well known Roy Keane phrase “nobody has died get on with it”

  63. Mick G – No need to apologise mate. It’s all done automatically so if it picks up a swear word it will hold it for modeartion. Nowt to do with any of us ;)

  64. I think its an incredible realism that Mike Ashley is no longer interested in cultivating the club.

    I am utterly deflated and for some reason this sacking has hit me the hardest, just when it seemed we had turned a corner, we are pegged back again.

    Hughton needs to praised in the best possible way by the players and thats on the pitch against liverpool.

    If pardew comes in he needs to know that whatever geordie he tries to ‘win over’ he will need to first put results on the table.

    Whether or not hes good enough doesnt matter but whether he keeps the spirit so integral with team at the minute is crucial, otherwise he will fail….