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Hughton speaks publicly about his Newcastle sacking.

December 24th, 2010 | 52 Comments |

Hughton speaks.
Hughton speaks.
Chris Hughton has spoke publicly today for the first time since his sacking from Newcastle.

In an interview with Sky Sports News, Hughton spoke of the disappointment upon hearing the news that both he and Paul Barron were to be axed, his thoughts on the sacking, and his plans for the future after what was an unexpected sacking that caused an uproar from many quarters.

I’m trying to transcript what was said, so be warned that it may not be exactly word for word, but I’ll try and get it as spot on as I can. First off, Chris was asked about what happened on the day he got sacked and how the meeting with Derek Llambias was called.

“I got a phone call in the morning from the managing director, Derek Llambias, it was for myself and Paul Barron to meet him at the stadium after training, and of course I was told then.

“It was a surprise, and I think the fact that Paul Barron was with me made it more of a surprise. If it was a meeting on my own then perhaps I would have had a thought that perhaps something could happen, but it was a complete surprise” (more…)

Pardew to get the Newcastle job – Ash to appoint old gambling buddy

December 8th, 2010 | 176 Comments |

New Toon Boss?
New Toon Boss?
In a move that can only be described as astonishing, Mike Ashley sent Chris Hughton on his way earlier this week and – unless it’s all one massive smokescreen – it looks like he’s about to replace him with Alan Pardew.

Pardew’s achievements include getting Reading promoted from division two to division one, getting West Ham promoted to the Premiership, losing on penalties to Liverpool in the FA Cup final, winning a Football League Trophy at Southampton and …. well, that’s about it really. Pardew’s tenure at Charlton was less successful, where he took them down from the Premiership to mid-table Championship obscurity.

I am however sure Mike Ashley will be appointing Alan Pardew for purely footballing reasons and it will have nothing at all to do with suggestions that Ashley, Llambias and Pardew are old gambling buddies and that it’s just ‘jobs for the boys’. So I won’t mention that.

I suppose some Newcastle United supporters may welcome the appointment of Alan Pardew at the expense of Chris Hughton, but I suspect it will make most madder than an albino hitching a lift in a snow storm. Ashley is certainly chancing his hand with this one and for the sake of the Toon I hope it pays off. If it doesn’t, I would anticipate a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth. (more…)

Whoever comes in will have a hard act to follow.

December 8th, 2010 | 100 Comments |

Hughton - A class act, and a tough one to follow.
Hughton - A class act, and a tough one to follow.
A lot of people are still trying to come to terms with the unexpected sacking of Chris Hughton on Monday.

It’s a move that has left many Newcastle fans, neutral fans and media-types scratching their heads, but it’s been done now and can’t be reversed.

Naturally all of the speculation at the moment is regarding just who will be the successor to Hughton.

Names are being thrown about left, right and centre but nobody really knows anything. A lot of the rumours are being pushed by eager journalists who are dying to be the first one to get it right. Whatever, listen to them if you wish, but nothing is certain as yet.

One thing that is certain however is that whoever is charged with building on all the good work that Hughton has done will have a bloody hard act to follow, in more ways than one. (more…)

Which mug will be the next Newcastle United manager? Jol perhaps?

December 7th, 2010 | 244 Comments |

There's only one Martin Jol?
There's only one Martin Jol?
Having ludicrously dismissed Chris Hughton, Newcastle United now begin the search for a new manager, but who are the likely candidates?

Is there a manager anywhere that can live up to the standards required of the top job at the Toon?

Chris Hughton had done nothing short of an amazing job, gaining promotion from the Championship at the first attempt – and breaking a few records along the way – and settling the club into a mid-table position in the Premier League with almost half the season gone.

And in doing that Hughton had to contend with the uncertainty around the sale of the club, a relatively small budget for players and few backroom staff to help him.

Yet it seems he’s not good enough and the club wants someone with ‘more experience’ to manage them. (more…)

Thank-you Chris, for everything!

December 6th, 2010 | 185 Comments |

Hughton can hold his head up high.
Hughton can hold his head up high.
Well the decision has been made to usher Chris Hughton out of the door. It’s shocking, but it’s been and gone and there is very little that can be done to bring him back now.

My own view is that Hughton has been strung out to dry on this one. Mike Ashley has given him very little to work with in terms of resources since he was awarded the managers job, but working within those restrictions and doing a grand job appears to be not enough.

Let’s not forget where we were when Hughton took control of the reins at Newcastle.

We had just been relegated and had a club up that was up for sale. Players were leaving left, right, and centre amid rumours of a poisonous dressing room and infighting. The club could very easily have drifted towards oblivion, but it didn’t, and that was largely down to one man – Chris Hughton.

Chris Hughton will forever have a place in Tyneside folklore in my opinion. Whilst I admit that I wasn’t overly keen to see him appointed as our full-time manager, I have to say that come the end of his tenure at St James’ Park he had completely won me around and I was right behind him. In fact I was even singing his name at The Hawthorns yesterday, along with a large percentage of other fans I hasten to add. (more…)