Shepherd backs Ashley’s decision to axe Hughton.

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Freddy and his pearls of wisdom.
Freddy and his pearls of wisdom.
Former Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd has backed the decision to sack Chris Hughton just 16 games into the Premier League season.

Shepherd claims that the writing was on the wall for Hughton, and had been for some time, so the decision shouldn’t have come as a shock to people. He even claims he would have done the same himself had he still been in control of the corridors of power at St James’ Park.

That doesn’t surprise me to be honest as Shepherd did have a bit of a penchant for sacking managers in his time, usually having to fork out millions of pounds in compensation in the process. The departure of Hughton will have not warranted a large sum of compensation, but it still came as a shock to a lot of people who had thought that Hughton was doing reasonably well.

Shepherd said: “I may be the last guy to tell anyone how to run as football club but no-one should be surprised. The signs were there, no contract, no transfer funds and no replacement for assistant Colin Calderwood. I’m surprised anyone is surprised. The writing was on the wall.”

“Remember, nice guys don’t win.”

So nice guys don’t win then? Is that why Shepherd sacked Bobby Robson after just four games of the 2004/2005 season? Makes you think doesn’t it? Personally I don’t buy that particular well used cliche, but that is just my opinion. Anyway, Shepherd continued;

“If I had been Mike Ashley I’d have been worried as well. I like Chris Hughton, he’s a great guy, in fact I’ve not met anyone as decent as him but it was heading one way in my opinion.

“A lot of people won’t agree with me but I think he’s done the right thing. I would have done the same.”

I find it quite amusing how Shepherd has crawled out from underneath the rock from where he has been hiding to comment on this particular subject. As he said, he is the last guy who should tell anyone how to run a football club, yet here is offering his valuable ‘input’.

I mean let’s not forget just what Shepherd done for this club. Aside from calling the fans ‘mugs’ for buying club merchandise and calling Geordie women ‘dogs’, he also very nearly run the club into the ground, all while he was picking up a rather large wage on top of all the shareholder dividends he recieved.

In ten years he managed to turn a club that had £100 million of cash sitting in the bank into a club that was swimming in £70 million worth of debt and losing £30 million plus each year. Not exactly financial wizadry is it, but some will say that it was ok because we had two years of Champions League football.

Anyway, the fact that Shepherd is backing this decision doesn’t surprise me. After all, it has given him a chance to once again glory in the media spotlight, albeit only briefly.

Now bye-bye Freddy, off you pop.

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432 Responses

  1. Speaking of pearls of wisdom, I wonder why Dave Whelan hasn’t yet graced us with his media presence? He normally loves a pop at Ashley. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when even HE finds our fat controller too much of an easy target.

  2. “I may be the last guy to tell anyone how to run as
    football club”

    He really should have stopped right there…

  3. This is exactly what I mean by being there for the club, not the arseholes passing through it. For some strange reason, power taps in to the dark side of many people as we’ve lo been witness to. Shepherd’s no different. MA’s interests do not reside in the betterment of football for NUFC. He’s just another douchebag with money and power.Support the club, not the witless moneygrubbers on and off the pitch.

  4. Well yeah Fat Freddy is an absolute d1ck and once again has just proved to me how much I hate him now and hated him during his tenure, despite our success. However, whilst last week I would have put Ashley far and away ahead of Shephard, now I couldn’t tell you which one is the more despicable lowly character or which one I despise more..

  5. Shepherd has no love for Ashley and was giving his honest opinion to the question asked but they should have asked him also if he thought Pardew would be an improvement.
    Got an awful feeling about this but then again there are only a handful of managers desperate enough to work for this board.

  6. Klinsmann would be a risky choice (very similar to Ruud) as he doesnt have any experience managing in this league, he would definitely be able to attract some quality players. Whether those players would be within budget is another thing though!

  7. I may be clutching at straws and I don’t know how reliable they are but site called sporting states pardew is coming in as a number 2, its actually klinsman (excuse the spelling) who will be named manager!

  8. “Got an awful feeling about this but then again there are only a handful of managers desperate enough to work for this board.”

    Very true. If the job requirments are:

    -currently unemployed
    -will work for low wages with limited transfer kitty
    -will not have total control over transfers

    there on’t exactly be applications from a who’s who of the footballing world. Ashley has to have known this, right? This leads credence in y mind thta he really just wants one of his guys so that he has more control over the staff

  9. Klinsman = load of crap, cheap way of getting traffic, merely taking advantage of the uncertainty surrounding the club. People will fall for it though…

  10. “Remember, nice guys don’t win.”

    I read this sentence is another way.

    He may mean CH is being too tolerant with Mike Ashley,and eventually lose out.

  11. Klinsmann would be good in a way,as he was the one started to blood in younger german players into national team.

    And he have strong belief in youngster.

  12. if pardew is the new manager then Toon fans should boycott every game until Ashley f*cks off. absolute disgrace that this numpty would employ a manager that got sacked from league 1 with S’ton. It just shows chairman know F*ckAll when it comes to football.

  13. He couldn’t say anything else could given his track record with managers , not even fat fred has got that much of a brass neck.

  14. On Wiki? The user updated encyclopedia? Really? ;)

    Re: Sporting Preview.

    The Klinsmann rumour started there, which is a betting site. Now the cynical side of me reckons that article has been placed to perhaps make punters part with some more cash for a bet that is seen as outside and therefore profitable for the punter.

    In reality it is only making cash for the bookies as it has nee chance of happening. I’ve watched the odds tumble on Klinsmann since that article came to light, which means that people are falling for it. Now where will this money go? Hmmm.

  15. Rob I could change Wikipedia to say presided Obama was our manager.

    Surprised ffs came out in support of fma he usually slags off everything fma does.
    Unless he’s got a good deal on buying back the club. Now theres a bollox rumour for the papers.
    How long before it comes full circle and people are commenting this as fact.

    Actually my last rumor was true.

  16. bigbadbob says:
    December 8, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    “Shepherd has no love for Ashley and was giving his honest opinion”

    Shepherd doesn’t have an “honest” opinion, BBB, so that would be impossible.

  17. I’ve just heard a rumour that Barrack “Road” Obama is gonna be our new manager!!!

    Any truth in this?

  18. Pardew all the way, isn’t it. Well, not long now before we find out.
    Nice to have a bit of a laugh over someone like Klinsman coming, but its not happening.

    I’m actually seriously concerned about ffs agreeing with fma. There’s a shift in the universe and it means trouble!

  19. It hasn’t got Klinsmann as manager on wiki. However, it does have Graham Poll as caretaker manager :lol:

  20. Sky Sports reporter David Craig says talk of Alan Pardew being a ‘done deal’ at Newcastle are wide of the mark.

    GREAT. :lol:

  21. Frederick Shepherd in – Approving of an unscrupulous, self-destructive, knee-jerk sacking during an early sticky patch – the kind of which every club, not least newly promoted ones, will go through at some point in the season- and thus throwing the club, nay city, into mid-season turmoil/depression- shocker!

  22. One question here lads.
    If pardew is really our new manager then why the hold up? He’s available and in the country. Obviously wants the job. Why isn’t he announced already and taking training with the lads?

  23. @JerseyGeordie, thats an interesting point that you have raised. Maybe there has been a late candidate emerge and Ashley is mulling over his options. If it is klinsmann which I would doubt I would see Pardew as assitant. I can’t bear the suspense!!

  24. JerseyGeordie – because they are going through the contracts, terms, plans for the club’s future. etc?

    Why a press conference though ? – as someone said I would be tempted to sneak him through the back door, with the mood amongst fans being what it is.

  25. Andy Carroll is leading revolt for this weekend. He is being placed on transfer list on Sunday !! Along with Gosling and Williamson !!

    Think club are hoping to get £15 million plus for them.

  26. Those were my thoughts too this afternoon JerseyGeordie , if it was a done deal then he should of met the squad today


    Hughton called some of his former squad last night to say goodbye and Enrique admitted the players are struggling to get their heads round the reasons for his departure.

    I still can’t get over it T~T

    hopefully whoever come in will take this club to his heart cuz I don’t give a fck about big name or what just want him to run the club well.

  28. Boater- that would be the obvious explanation, but if they have been in talks weeks prior already, you’d think that would be sorted already. Plus, if your pardew, would you delay and risk losing such a big post since being cast into the wilderness?

  29. Why bring a new manager in before the transfer window? Maybe the Fat Kent has relised that we do need players in January and wants to give money to someone he trusts! Not relising what he has caused by doing it! Pardew was probably nailed on but now he might be reconsidering it. Wishful thinking no doubt!

  30. Just one thing if it is Alan Pardew.

    What the fck in the club statement that said the club want someone with ‘experience’

    I know nothing about him but from all the comments that I’ve read he’s not the ‘experience’ one.

  31. Agreed Jersey. The only ting that gives me hope is that Pardew hasn’t been announced yet. If the reports sayig that talks have been on-going for weeks and that Padew is ashley’s mate, one would think terms and plans would have already een discussed and Pardew could have been announced yesterday.

  32. So! Klinsmann’s gonna give up his millionaire lifestyle in sunny California to come and freeze his bollocks off on Tyneside, managing a club run by a mad man! Stop me at anytime you find this incredulous.

  33. I don’t see how can Pardew will win the players in dressing room if he take the charge because the way he come to us is very unfair.

    If he feel something he should reject this job because Newcastle manager job is not belong to him. I confident after he start the job, he will be the favorite bet for the next manager to be sacked.

    Maybe We’re the club to sack 2 manager in the same season.

  34. JerseyGeordie – you may be on to something, but 3/4 days struck me as standard to finalise proceedings – some of which weren’t possible to do until they got rid of the last poor bastard, Chris. Plus, hasn’t Pards been spotted at the training ground already!?

    I read the club were set to call a press conference for friday – david craig mentioned somthing like that. But I don’t know what’s up or down anymore tbh.

  35. Geordie69- aye. I get the feeling that cashley wants to invest but doesn’t believe in hoots ability to bring in the right players. He probably doesn’t want to throw money away like he did when he gave fat Sam big funds in return for cr@p. Hence the reason for the timing.
    Now that I’ve calmed doon a bit I’m starting to see some logic here. If cashley wants to invest now and ensure survival along with building for a bigger push next year, that I can understand and it’s not as daft a move as I thought yesterday. But, if he brings in pardew, it’s just a huge gamble. No pun intended…

  36. Nufc75 says:
    December 8, 2010 at 5:39 pm


    That story is a joke, Nufc75. It even provides the ‘fact’ that that Ashley is a ‘Spurs fan, which is also completely inaccurate, as some kind of ‘evidence’. Klinsmann will not be managing Newcastle United in a million years.

  37. For gods sake Ginkho – can we have the manager named before we start? I don’t get all this stupid comments like I’m not supporting the club again, the clubs going to die etc. For f***s sake man, these are type of comments that the press and othe fans jump on to label us deluded and thick and moronic and fantasist’s and why ppl now want us to get relegated again. It’s a joke, let’s try and show some class for a change. The club won’t die, we don’t know who the manager is and how many of us we happy to get CH as manager and then changed our minds?! Wilkins on talksport is right, we have great fanbase and that’s about it. We are not a top 8 team and we need to be realistic. FFS I can’t tOe a few of the comments on here. I didn’t want houghton sacked and I don’t think pardew is the right man to get the job, but he ain’t got it yet. And if he does, how about he gets a few games before he’s written off and we are labelled idiotic again by the media for hounding out another manager. Let’s get some class

  38. who are these 27 idiots that agreed with the sacking?! its baffling! If any of ye are still on here please give your reasons

  39. Good points Raffo – Its a bit like booing the team – just cant ever be constructive

  40. Klinsmann does appear to steadily climb at the bookies. He’s now second in the running at 6 to Pardew’s 1/10.

    It’s still going to be Pardew though. :(

  41. JerseyGeordie JerseyGeordie – I disagree.

    Look who CH brought in the team

    Permanent deak : Mile Williamson , Wanye Routledge , Cheik Tiote , Danny Gosling , James Perch , Sol Cambell , Leon Best

    Loan deal : Patrick Van Anholt , Fitz Hall , Hatem Ben Arfa , player form BB ( sorry can’t remember his name )

    They all do the job for us , just some that have a flop.
    and don’t forget that Hughton turned our player to perform some of their best.

  42. @raffo: question is.

    can pardew works under such regime whereby his job will never be safe?

    2nd: if pardew is the Manager with experience,ain’t that directly insulting CH.

    3rd: Ashley doesn’t cares who comes in and manage,able to stay in PL. unable or result bad,manager off he goes.

    Ashley only cares whether he can earn his profits quickly.

  43. I see dennis wise.


    brilliant if he gets the manager hot seat.

    didn’t he enginner Xisco like’s? :lol:

  44. toonsy – The bookies always win, they will make more from that scam than Ashley and his chums will make from them.

    Did you guys listen to the Interview with Ashley, he sounded like he was clueless about running a football club and at times even ADMITED IT! 8O 8O 8O

    Also, anyone else had problems posting/ pages taking ages to load on here?

  45. Yeah fair enough but u answer me this, if all mike Ashley is bothered about is making money, why has he sacked the lowest paid manager in the epl, who had 6 months to run on his contract and will now have to pay compensation to? He couldve let him see out the remainder and say thanks alot see u later in the summer. Maybe mike Ashley isn’t the devil incarnate we all want to see him as. I don’t agree with him doing what he has and u don’t agree pardew is the man to take us forward but let’s wait an see eh? Furthermore pardew has been a manager since 1999 which is 11 years on and off. Houghton was a decent bloke but was also the main coach under KK, JFK and he was coach when we went down too. He has to have some culpability in that as it wasn’t Ashley picking or ciloaching the team was it

  46. Simple.Cause Ashley has no trust in CH at all.

    Hence the sacking.

    he was waiting to have a perfect excuse for the sacking.

  47. DJG,
    aye mate, the site is like swimming through treacle for the last couple of days, slow as a slow thing.

  48. DJG says:
    December 8, 2010 at 6:21 pm

    “Also, anyone else had problems posting/ pages taking ages to load on here?”

    DJG, I’m aware of the problem, what’s causing it, what the solution will be, and when it will happen. ;-)

  49. On yer bike raffo. We.don’t want the likes of you and your level headed view here. We want groupthink and a mob.

  50. And the story went like this. Hello pards what are you doing now. Not a lot Ash The top clubs in this country don`t know what they are missing. Well Pards here is a fellow up there in the north east who dares to challenge what I say. Nobody does that to me. How about you joining me up there Pards. Well what`s your plan? sell off as many greedy players as I can cut the wage bill and put some cash in my pocket. Sounds good ash but what about the supporters? I don`t communicate with that lot just take their money off them. What if you are relegated? It`s Hughton`s fault. If we stay up you will have done a damm good job. But then a rich benefactor from the north east rode in and bought the club and sent the fat cockne back to where he belongs

  51. worky you didn’t say anything against asange did you, and the 4chan kids are after the site now?

  52. OH!
    they’ve got gazza at 250, they’re getting my 1p now, will i be able to get it back from that other bunch?

  53. Hmm, FFS seems to be backpedaling a bit now:

    “If results go the team’s way then Alan Pardew will be the best thing since sliced bread in six weeks.

    “The fans might not want him and would have wished for a big name manager, but my message is to get on over it, get on with it, and the fans have a duty to get behind their manager and their team.

    “Look, who thought Chris Hughton would have made a manager? Nobody, is my guess. They all thought he was a good coach but not a manager, and look what he’s achieved.”

    “He didn’t have a new contract, he didn’t have a transfer budget, and didn’t have the ability to choose his own No. 2,” Sheperd said. “Under those circumstances, of course it was right to sack him – because he wasn’t getting the backing.

    “However, I personally don’t think it was right to sack Chris Hughton. Not at all. He should have been given that new contract, he deserved it, he earned it, he should have had funds for new players and had the right to pick his No. 2.

    “If he had been given that at the start of the season, then I am sure he would have carried on.”

  54. Has anybody given some thought to the fact that the FCB was getting alarmed at the number of United fans who had started to turn to the dark side and actually think he was OK after all?

    Only loonies like Stardust used to spew up that sort of rubbish before.

    So he’s found a new way of taking the pee out of United fans – sack Hughton and appoint “experienced” Pardew. “experience” on this occasion translating into 2 seasons in the Prem? And if you look up those 2 seasons on Google/Yahoo/Bing or whatever you won’t be impressed.

    Well done Jabba – the plan to fook the geordie’s is on track……sadly

  55. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 8, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    “Knew you’d be on it worky, good lad.”

    Thanks Clint.

    The site gets too busy sometimes during match banters and manager sacking fiascos and a new server is required. It’s being worked on. Incidentally, a certain other Newcastle United ‘blog had the same problem with the same webhost, which is shite.

  56. If the ball goes into the back of the net, it’s a goal.
    ffs what a mong-first class.

  57. Blimey! WordPress has slowed down since I used to come here! It’s like loading a DOS program LOL! Post message, put kettle on, walk the dog, clear the snow – check if message has loaded yet LOL!

  58. Magpie-may13
    I’m not saying hoots did or didn’t have an eye for talent. There are multiple reports stating that hoots wasn’t responsible for some of our better signings. They may be true, they may not. Fact of the matter is if cashley thinks he’s rubbish at buying players, and won’t give him funds then I can understand sacking him before the window to bring in someone he will give funds to. Still disagree with the move especially if it’s a hack like pardew coming in. But it’s not as crazy as it seemed early in the week.
    I think cashley has been weary of releasing funds to managers ever since fat sam wasted it when he arrived. Hence the wise saga and king keV struggles.

  59. I actually agree that Houghton was not up to the job. It was clear during the last game that we were being overrun in midfield and that Guthrie was clearly not up to the job. I was screaming at my tv for smith to be brought on to tighten things up. Houghton good coach, good team builder yes, tactician no. Then to lock in the team and yell at them when the main cause was a crocked Scouser who probably was not in the dressing room and your own lack of action to change the way we were playing was mental. Two up front clearly left us overrun in midfield and as we were not even winning the ariel battle these tariff were mental.

    What we have all forgotten is that we were to good to go down in the first place and Ashley then kept the majority of players loosing only the dead wood and those who did not want to play for us. Last year we were just too good for most teams, where were Houghtons acts of genius that turned games. I do not remember seeing many. This year the same, when we have been too good we’d have overrun sides, when bad we have been slaughtered.

    Again nice guy but….

  60. I think all the people who refresh the page every 5 seconds should start refreshing every 30 seconds, It might help a bit but im no expert.

  61. I would imagine finding a proper server for an NUFC blog is much more diffucult than for other clubs blogs, with the “manager sacking fiascos” and other nonsense ocurring much more regularly

  62. Hugh de Payen says:
    December 8, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    “He didn’t have a new contract, he didn’t have a transfer budget, and didn’t have the ability to choose his own No. 2,” Sheperd said. “Under those circumstances, of course it was right to sack him – because he wasn’t getting the backing.”

    LOL! So Ashley was right to sack him because Ashley didn’t back him and give him a new contract? That makes sense, Freddy!

  63. Noel Hopper

    “What we have all forgotten is that we were to good to go down in the first place and Ashley then kept the majority of players loosing only the dead wood and those who did not want to play for us.”

    No. What YOU have forgotten are the lessons we learnt from going down. NOBODY IS TOO GOOD TO GO DOWN!

    Why is it that now we have returned to the Premiership some of the arrogance has returned with us?

    …Oh that’s right, just forget almost EVERYONE in football praising Hughton for what he has done. Let’s all just agree with a very questionable article from The Journal that states the squad were too good for the Championship. Brilliant.

  64. Noel Hopper. If only Hughton had had the benefit of your breathtaking tactical ingenue last sunday he may have still been in a job!?

    But seriously I agree, playing Guthrie – in the absence of barton OR nolan – (who most fans have been imploring to be started in the middle since he returned) in the middle, as opposed to a second ageing, indisciplined, holding midfielder with no pace, against one of the fastest, passing mid-fields in the league – is exactly the kind of tactical err that lost Hughton his job.

  65. @JerseyGeordie

    It’s still under CH though and it happened with every club that not all the player they bring in have to be manager’s recommend.

    Anyway I’m pointing to Ashley cuz like you said if Ashley think CH rubbish in bringing player – that what I fuss about considering the player CH brought in under his management.

  66. DJG says:
    December 8, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    “I think all the people who refresh the page every 5 seconds should start refreshing every 30 seconds, It might help a bit but im no expert.”

    That IS one of the problems with ‘blogs in general, DJG. The current hosts don’t help either though, as they have been a little dishonest in what they say they provide, and what they actually do provide.

  67. Aye, I’ve been struggling with the site aswell over the last few days. Mind you, it has been very busy with everything that has gone on.

  68. @ Noel Hooper 84 – first of all its Hughton no Houghton. whilst yes we were being overrun in Midfield this was not only due to Guthrie being off the pace but also both Shola & Carrroll being way off as well – anytime we’ve played with two up either shola or andy has been asked to come back and help the midfield in order to avoid such a situation. By taking Guthrie off for Smith yes you might have added a bit more steel but by doing so you were taking any creativity away from that area.
    “Then to lock in the team and yell at them” – ha ha have you ever watched and listend to CH??? I seriously doubt he was dishing out the Fergie esq hairdryer treatment.

    “tactician no” – Arsenal anyone? A lot of our game plan (this would be tactics Noel) is based around not giving the opposition clearcut chances, If youve watched us this year you’d see that we have largely been very goos at this.

    “What we have all forgotten is that we were to good to go down in the first place” – No we werent, hence we were relegated.

  69. I’m waiting for ‘experience’ manager

    If that not the case then what the point to sacked Hugton
    it’s exactly like Enrique said if the club not appoint ‘big name’ manager then why fck up with CH but then again it’s NEWCASTLE after all and if anything to go by by this sht I’m now realize what Ashley’s like.

  70. Noel Hopper – everyone lambasted Hughton for over-cautiousness and playing 1 up front. So he plays carroll and shola together and hey we go on an extended run of wins, shola is injured, comes back in to hopefully resurrect what looks like a decent enough partnership (ref. arsenal, west ham, mackem victories).

    We go to West Brom – in what has to be a game we go all out to win – especially considering our decent away form. And you think he should revert to a cautious formation!? He’s done next to nowt wrong if you ask me – and that’ with the glorious benefit of hindsight.

  71. freddy shephard said it was goin one way relegation, i kno alot of us are peed off wit pardew but we gotta keep going n supporting the team, ashly sacked hoots n it was wrong coz he shud had a bit longer but apart from maybe 5 or 6 games we hav been very poor n no on can deny that n as sad as the players are if they had of performed at a consitent level hoots would still be here simple as that

  72. I’ve had a look. WordPress are saying slow running is a plugin problem. But that’s carp (anagram) – more likely they haven’t got the server capacity to meet demand.

  73. I agree in these bit

    – i kno alot of us are peed off wit pardew but we gotta keep going n supporting the team, ashly sacked hoots n it was wrong –

    whoever come in need support from the fan but then again all the sht that we been trough it hard to be okay

  74. u kno been listening to toon fans ringing radio stations allday and i can sort of c why the rest of the country hate us, because we start off by saying we hav the best n loyalest fans out there then go on to say am buycotting matches it really does sound pathetic, a football fan is about supporting your club through thick n thin turn up weekin weekout when liverpool fans wanted shot of the yanks i didnt see a half empty anfield it was full every game but they made there feelings knowing by protesting which is what we hav to wit ashly but we gotta support the team still

  75. workyticket workyticket says:
    December 8, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    “Stupid, ill informed view, CC.”

    Im trying to cluth at any positives i can from this situaion which aint much…

  76. El toro and boater

    Let’s address your points

    1 you are saying that two seasons ago we deservered to go down because we had the worst team!

    2. Your saying that Guthrie, who from what I saw did not do one thing right all game, should also have been in central midfield as he was the best player we had?

    3 you agree with Houghton continuing to play two up front even after swigging to lov, from ameobi, we did not change from 2 upfront.

    Are you submitting any nuggets of technical brilliance from houghton?

    We went down because the sacking of KK and the turmoil that brought, the appointment of a manager that football had already tried to kill, the refusal of highly paid players to dig deep and fight and finally and ultimately because an ageing irish winge..r…..kicked the ball into his own net before promptly leaving the club. When I said we were too good to go down I meant because of the talent we had… Not that we did not deserve to go down. Please do not think I back Ashley as I do not

  77. Davy – FFS lad. OK we have had a mixed start to the season, but then so has liverpool, everton, west ham, birmingham, villa, west brom. Are there managers still there tonight?

    Look at it this way. We’re newly promoted; missing our 2 first choice centre backs, no.1 goalkeeper; both ‘star’ summer signings; and two key senior midfielders. Hughton was given little-to-no transfer fund investment to speak of, had been operating without a no. 2, and no idea about his future situation regarding a contract at the club.

    Hughton was a miracle worker mate.

  78. If it is Pardew. I know a lot of people are really p##d off. Do you not think we should at least get behind and support the bloke.

    I can’t see how a huge civil war will help.

    After all we are ‘supporters’.

  79. magpie may akno we been through cr#p wit ashly but at the end of the day we worship the players no one else thats who we go to watch every week, n like i say liverpool fans turned up every game n they hated the yanks as much if not more than we hate ashly

  80. The Kilnsmann rumour was never a runner, but if any further proof is needed, David Craig was on SSN earlier and said word was running like wildfire through the city but that it should be shot in the foot immediatly, that klinsmann categorically would not be the new man.
    Now obviously DC knows very little to nowt, but i’d have thought he’d maybe keep a rumour running to pull in viewers. The fact he killed it off instantly just shows how ridiculous it was in the first place. Bookies will be loving whomever stuck that rumour up on their site now.

  81. I heard the full interview with the fat twat this morning on Talk Sport, I just couldn’t believe the shite that Shepherd was coming out with.

    It’s plainly obvious now that he was the catalyst, who lit the blue touch paper that sent NUFC down the toilet.

    …He’s just a fat Geordie bastad.

  82. I don’t actually think we have been poor this season. As a club extracting itself from turmoil, having recently been promoted and running on a limited budget, we have exceeded my expectations this season.

    I’m not sure if some people expected us to be straight into European spots, but I didn’t. I thought we’d definitely be lower half and possibly in a scrabble to avoid relegaton.

    As it happens we’re mid-table and if I’d been offered that at the start of the season I’d have teken it.

  83. CC

    I’m glad someone has finally released such an article. Whilst I am thoroughly underwhelmed by the imminent appointment of Pardew, it does feel as though he is being poorly judged on here based purely on his win statistics.

    He simply is an average manager. He is no Joe Kinnear. Pardew is decent tactically, decent in the transfer market and I’m sure he’s decent motivator. That’s the problem though, he is just decent. Was it really worth unsettling things and treating Hughton with such contempt for a mediocre manager? I don’t think so and that’s why I am annoyed

  84. boater i was hoots fan but i giv u that hba is massive miss, hoots done great job but am sorri we shouldnt b losing to blackpool n stoke at home drawing with wigan n fulham am not so much blaming hoots for it all bcoz sum times i think are players turn up n think were gonna walk this n b4 they kno it were behind n they aint prepared ryt, now someone plz tell me why cant hav the standard of effort every game yes ther will b off days were it dosent but what i will not put with is that half arsed effort at wba n bolton which in my opion got hoots the chop

  85. Noel Hopper – Are you familiar with the concept of ‘hindsight’ you buffoon? To vilify the inclusion of Guthrie – who yes had a shocker, well done braniac – on the basis that he performed badly last sunday, is to ignore the overwhelming good sense – not to mention clamour to see him get a start in the middle, in the absence of Nolan.

    I cannot stand it when armchair snobs pursue their own – what they think are tactical – agendas in hindsight situations like this. It’s pathetic. Sometimes managers, no matter how successful will do things that each and every supporter doesn’t agree with.

    I’ll make you a pledge, whoever comes in will do things tactically that you or I, or whoever won’t think comes off. Is that then just cause to sack them – or to question their overall tactical acumen? Probably for you and your armchair it will be – that’s the sad thing.

  86. pardew is not the manager for me but i will give him a chance to prove himself b4 i go on a witch hunt

  87. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    December 8, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    “He simply is an average manager. He is no Joe Kinnear.”

    Joe Kinnear actually wasn’t as bad as people said he was, El Toro. Most of that was just blind prejudice, and people just going on what other people say, rather than relying on any kind of knowledge of football.

  88. Worky

    I was going to add that exact point after posting, but I thought it was utterly pointless because of the whole prejudice factor.

  89. If and its a big IF, Klinnsman really comes in with Pardew as his No2 then i dont know what to think… I still think sacking CH was wrong but Klinnsman would surely be a profile signing and more than that, the media would have been totally and utterly cheated of the news which would please me no end… Highly doubt it though

  90. davy – no you’re right we shouldn’t be losing to the likes of stoke, blackpool, bolton, etc. but then should Liverpool? And they didn’t panic and sack their manager after poor results against those sides, and they seem to have turned a corner and be turning around a bit. We may have been too, but now – as per foooooking usual – we’ll never know what we could have achieved by seeing out a sticky patch with a bit of patience and trust in the guy we had at the helm.

  91. Has no-one considered that the players didn’t help Hughtons case by two home wins all season and the pathetic displays against Bolton and West Brom.

    If they wanted Hughton to stay that bad they didn’t show it to me.

    And don’t say, ‘it’s the prem, it’s all they could do’.

    Im sorry but I was there and they were pathetic against Wigan and I have rairly seen less effort from a football team and I don’t know how we drew that game tbh.

  92. El Toro

    Im not the slightest bit happy but theres nowt any of us can do.

    I personally thought he did pretty well at West Ham after taking them to a top half finish and a cup final in their first season back in the big time and Southampton where he was hindered by a points deduction and managed to get them close to the play offs and win the auto windscreens thingy. (probably should have kept his dick in his kecks like)

    As i said im not happy and find it the most pointless exercise in the history of sport but theres not much we can do other then put up with Ashleys jim’ll fix it style managerial appointments giving has-beens another crack at the big time which brought JFK back and probably had Brian Little and Roy Evans on the shortlist.

    Stupid but if people dwell on it we’ll be back in the championship…

  93. pardew not a big name manager but then again neither was hoots n look how he turned are opion giving time bcoz i dont remember to many shouting for him to get the job after 6-1 leyton orient battering n ryt throughout last season i remember everyone question his decisions n calling him ashly puppet but we giv him time n support n look how much we love him now, whos to say a big name manager wud get ryt

  94. Ross… I know your right mate and i keep telling myself to expect JFK to get his comeback just so i wont get disapointed

  95. boater,
    liverpool couldn’t sack their manager, it’d cost too much & they can’t afford to.
    Much easier for MA to sack CH & cheaper.
    & anyhoo, liverpool wouldn’t go down that road of quick succession sackings, it’s not their style.

  96. DJG @126 great point what ive been saying ppl seem to forget the poor results ya ryt the players are half to blame for is job loss

  97. Well on talksport today there was a player who had played for Pardew and he said give him a chance. Obviously he was bias, but he said he was a great motivator, gets the whole squad involved and one of the most promising english managers.

    Just trying to look for positives like.

  98. davy – I’d like to think it not under the same circumstance between us and lfc.

    for lfc it just this season that they ‘actually’ had problem with their owner and they pretty much still Europe team with a bit of hope and they fortunately to have someone come and rescue them but with NUFC it has started for a few season and we still got the owner that seems to not listen to the fan or not have a good decision and take us to hell before.

    maybe that why this time people have enough of him and think that if he still the owner the sht thing will happened again

    so if the boycott mean he don’t get money in his pocket may force him to sell the club or boycott to make him know how the fan feel

    and I already found a great idea campaign on some web that still show the support for the players but still get the massage known by camping outside the ground for first 45 min and then come inside in second half.

    but one thing I know as a toon fan whatever happened we still support the club.

  99. Nobody can be suprised, surely? I’m struggling to think of any logical decisions Ashley has made while at the club.

    Although I’m still waiting on the apologies from certain bloggers for them poo pooing my theory that something was wrong when they wouldn’t give him a contract and wouldn’t let him have an assistant.

    As for Klinsman, dream on!

    Pardew is supposed to be a bit arrogant so some players may not like him, so expect some departures.

    Also Ashley seems to have forgot that the three year seaon ticket deal ends this season and I think he’ll have a hell of a shock in May!

    How this man ever made so much money I will never know…

  100. I knew people would forget about Hoots but not this quickly.
    Bloody hell bunch of ashley apologists on here tonight.

  101. DJG…we drew the Wigan game cos we scored the same amount of goals as them, see hindsight is a wonderful thing ;-)
    Actually it was because they thought they had it won and decided to sit back for the last quarter of the game, if you do that you deserve everything you get imo :-)

  102. davy says:
    December 8, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    “n ryt throughout last season i remember everyone question his decisions n calling him ashly puppet”

    I certainly didn’t, Davy. I was a Hughton supporter right from the beginning.

  103. liverpool fans also didnt buycott games either coz they kno they hav to support the team through bad times, getting on pardews bk b4 weve even give us more problems than good it like ppl want us to fail jus so they can ha i told u, couldnt careless who manager is as long as he gets results n as much as i hate to say 2 points out of 15 is relegation form can see why ashly paniked

  104. Magpie_May 13

    Are you serious some retard suggested we miss the first 45 minutes of the match.
    Get a grip

  105. to be fair to the toon the results have been up and down,”but” who thought b/pool,wba,bolton ect would do quite well,who would think ars,chel ect would be so poor,just a funny old year,always strange up to xmas,but worse this yr imo,so hoots done well really.

    ashley is a 48hr man and pardew hasnt signed yet so there is hope

  106. richietoon

    Spot on mate.

    I had never seen a team throw away a win like that, they sat back and thought they had the three points and were thinking about something else.

    Anybody who thinks we drew that game because we are some mighty club who could have drew or won easy is just daft. They threw it away completly and thats why they are tipped for relegation.

  107. Stuart79 – spot on as usual

    The cancer in the club is, and has always been Jabba

    Until somebody buys him out this great club will be run on the cheap – with a “stack ’em high, sell’em cheap” mentality that is all the barrow boy has in his locker.

  108. don’t blast on me man.

    I really think it a good idea cuz it might make Ashley come to think of it.

  109. magpie- thats were ppl are so short siteded though yes buycotting sports direct money isnt goin into his pocket, but buy buycotting nufc money not goin into club wud ruin us not ashly he will still b rich no matter what, are cash for season tickets probably dosent even cover the day to day running of the ground, ive got black n white running through and the only way i wont get a season ticket is if i cant afford it not bcoz of the owner even if i do hate him bcoz i go to watch the football not him sitting in his seat

  110. At the end of the day… says:
    December 8, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    Qatar and Russia, Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini, Roman Abramovich, Michel Platini…and Franz Beckenbauer can all go and do each other up the arse somewhere else.

    Did you have a point at all or were you just letting off some hot air?

  111. UTD111 says:
    December 8, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    “The cancer in the club is, and has always been Jabba”

    That doesn’t explain Freddy Shepherd and the other awful owners we have had in the past, UTD111.

  112. STUART@134 thats always bugged my thoughts,how has this guy made so much money,seen chancers make a few mil,but billion jeez!

  113. Magpie-May13
    It won’t make a blind bit of difference to the man.
    To get in for the second 45 minutes you are gonna need a ticket bought and paid for. Once you have bought that ticket MA does not care one iota how much football you watch.
    The only people who would be hurt or distracted is the players. Where is the good in that?

  114. Thank you for the protection from the name calling el toro. Boater is just a little upset. I am a teacher so I have been called much worse.

    Not sure about the hindsight comment though. I do not remember saying that I disagreed with playing 2 up front initially just said that it was bleeding obvious that we were being over run and that I would have changed it much sooner. Armchair fan…. Hmmm well again wrong ….been going to St. James’ for over twenty five years, although I will admit not as often as I would like, due to living too far away, and family constraints which make going more very difficult. I do not remember saying that I wanted any manger in particular but I like others do not think Pardew would be any better than CH

    I have to say though that I am still

  115. stuart79 says:
    December 8, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    ‘Also Ashley seems to have forgot that the three year seaon ticket deal ends this season and I think he’ll have a hell of a shock in May!’

    Depends if he now has everyone in place, (Pardew, Lambias, Carr) that he communicates with and decides to spend some money on players. Who knows Carr brought in Tiote and Ben Arfa.

    Ashley didnt trust Hughton with his money after Best and Perch (Hughton signings). But he may trust Carr after Tiote and Ben Arfa and Pardew will just do what he’s told but probably has more contacts and a history of better signings than Hughton (less be honest and get out of cloud cookoo land for a min).

    If he decides to spend fans will always buy tickets if the team do well. Fans go to watch fooballers not managers.

  116. MA made his money the only way he knows how, by screwing people over.
    Hes done the same with the club.

  117. workyticket says:
    December 8, 2010 at 8:14 pm
    UTD111 says:
    December 8, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    “The cancer in the club is, and has always been Jabba”

    That doesn’t explain Freddy Shepherd and the other awful owners we have had in the past, UTD111.
    Yes – you’re right – I was alluding to the current regime v series of managers.

    I grew up in the Lord Westwood era so I know how bad it’s (always) been.

  118. icedog says:
    December 8, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    “WORKY aye mate your spot on westwood,mkeag ect shall we go on,end of”

    There is a reason why we attract such awful owners, Ice, just as there is a reason why we repel good ones.

  119. but that might make him think he can’t run this club anymore.

    I do understand from you point to keep supporting and the one about boycott too – the one I suggest not just the boycott that not attend the match –

    the bottom line is to supporting the manager , the players and make Ashley know what he has done to the club but then again there were some boycott about him before and he still run the club.

    right now I just hope for the best to happened whoever come in will get my support cuz it’s about the present not in the past.

    just sick and tried all of these sht..

  120. MICKY TOON @153,had to laugh how some sayings are true.

    when i was just a kid my dad said to me,show me a man with a million and 9times out 10 ill show you a crook
    how true :)

  121. In yet another bout of sh!te news, our game away to the Scum isn’t even being televised. It’s a Sunday lunchtime kick off and Sky are showing Brum/Villa instead. Aye, because thats a bigger derby than our’s right enough.

  122. Ice and Worky

    I too was brought up on the Westwwod and McKeag days.
    These young uns complaining about MA have not got a clue

  123. Worky your not going to start with stardusts fans are to blame nonsense are you?
    The reason we don’t attract the right people to run the club is because of two reasons.

    1) too far north. Basically not in London.
    2) lack of success.

  124. off to bed now

    hopefully tomorrow I will come in and find great news , at least news that can clarify on smoke screen right now.

    bye guys

  125. damm ryt am goin to the game on saturday i will always support the team. one thing m n everyone shud do is not praise or critise pardew whatever liverpool result, i will assess him from birmingham game after he has had a week to get his tactics n style of play across although style of play wont happen over nyt

  126. There is a Yank saying “Never give a sucker an even break” Ashley has thousands and he knows it.

  127. Micky Toon says:
    December 8, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    “Worky your not going to start with stardusts fans are to blame nonsense are you?
    The reason we don’t attract the right people to run the club is because of two reasons.

    1) too far north. Basically not in London.
    2) lack of success.”

    You mean like Manchester City and S________d, Micky?

    Though I wouldn’t describe the people who now own Man City as “the right people”, many others would.

    By the way, that was my somewhat controversial hypothesis, not Stardust’s. ;-)

  128. I think its an incredible realism that Mike Ashley is no longer interested in cultivating the club.

    I am utterly deflated and for some reason this sacking has hit me the hardest, just when it seemed we had turned a corner, we are pegged back again.

    Hughton needs to praised in the best possible way by the players and thats on the pitch against liverpool.

    If pardew comes in he needs to know that whatever geordie he tries to ‘win over’ he will need to first put results on the table.

    Whether or not hes good enough doesnt matter but whether he keeps the spirit so integral with team at the minute is crucial, otherwise he will fail….

  129. « Thread Started Today at 12:48pm »
    The surprise sacking of Newcastle United manager Chris Hughton has been justified by club owner Mike Ashley on the grounds that Hughton’s ‘appalling cliché record spoke for itself’.

    ‘There’s no doubt that on paper Chris looked strong, and fair play to him, he never gave the club less than 110%,’ Ashley explained. ‘We might even have pressed for a European spot late doors, but at the end of the day Chris had neither been ‘sick as a parrot’ nor ‘over the moon’ for months. That’s not a great advert for the game, and certainly no way to run a whelk stall.’

    Team Captain Kevin Nolan agreed. ‘If the boss had just once come out and said he was gutted, or that he was taking each game as it comes, he might have saved his bacon. A simple observation that football is a game of two halves, or that the lads were working their socks off, might have saved him from an early bath, but it would have been too little too late. No one’s too good to go down.’

    Other Newcastle players have admitted that week in, week out, Hughton failed to hit the back of the cliché net regularly enough. ‘I never even heard him observe that there are no easy games in this league, or that playing at home was like having an extra player on the pitch. In the modern game that’s just not acceptable. He’s been half a yard off the pace and it would have been a big ask to get back into the game from there. The gaffer’s basically just lost the dressing room. That’s a stonewall sacking.’

    But the Magpies squad agreed that Hughton will bounce back. ‘Form’s temporary, but class is permanent. He might have been sacked, but he stepped down well for a big man. We’ve got a mountain to climb if we’re going to turn our season around, but I really think we can dig ourselves out of it.’

    Hughton was philosophical last night as he arrived home at his gated faux-Georgian mansion in Alderley Edge. ‘I’ve had a bad day at the office and I’ve been done up like a kipper. I’ve always avoided clichés like the plague, but you win some you lose some. It’s a funny old game,’ he told reporters.

  130. think we’re forgetting one thing,

    NUFC fans are fickle as fook!

    Few wins, stay up, sign Ben Arfa and a couple more in the summer, sure people will soon forget all this.

    It could all blow up again though :-D

    You know what though, all I would hope from all this is that people realise it’s not Pardew’s making, he should be given a clean slate by everyone and given enough of an opportunity to prove us wrong.

  131. davy says:
    December 8, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    “damm ryt am goin to the game on saturday i will always support the team. one thing m n everyone shud do is not praise or critise pardew whatever liverpool result, i will assess him from birmingham game after he has had a week to get his tactics n style of play across although style of play wont happen over nyt”

    Davy, that’s an excellent comment. It really would be a better club if more fans were like you.

  132. @169 whats is not goin to the match gonna achieve at the end of the day we go to support the players

  133. davy

    love the attitude of supporting the lads in black ‘n white

    but be careful you don’t give the new manager too long of a honeymoon period. I mean 7 days that is a long time to get his tactics across

  134. yea 7days isnt long but i jus mean am not gonna judge pardew on liverpool performance or result but if the players care about hoots as much as they say they do they will go and beat liverpool saturday n say that one is for him

  135. I love Mike

    I think things won’t improve in december an we will probably be in or just above relegation zone in Jan. After that though iv’e just got this feeling that Ashley will actually support ‘his man’ no-matter what, and I think there are 3 worse teams even this year. I just have the feeling that Pardew would get more signings out of Ashley because its his longer term appointment who he feels can take the club forward. He never wanted Hughton. Hughton was a fantastic coach and bloke but I don’t think he is a manager. Notice how everyone critical of his sacking, including Lord Sugar, said ‘chris will get a job straight away, he will be a great NUMBER TWO somewhere.

  136. davy you really are a ignorant fool, SUPPORTING Fat Ashley after what hes done and continues to do to this Club…is there a Reward out on Ashley yet ???? Batty is desperate for a bit of extra Christmas Drinking Money….

  137. “Hughton was a fantastic coach and bloke but I don’t think he is a manager. Notice how everyone critical of his sacking, including Lord Sugar, said ‘chris will get a job straight away, he will be a great NUMBER TWO somewhere.”

    Rubbish. He will be appointed as MANAGER of a Championship team within the next 12months.

  138. Possibly. I think he could do with a VERY experienced assistant though. He doesn’t really have the contacts and hairdryer yet to be a successful manager in his own right. It would be interesting to see how he does with an average championship squad though because we wern’t and average championship squad.

  139. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Chris Hughton managing West Ham by the end of the season.

    He grew up in the West Ham area, supported them and ended his playing career there and Avram Grant is on life support at the best of times there and West Ham want someone who can work in a budget – we know first hand Hughton can. Seems written in the stars really.

    Either that or his miracle man management/confidence skills with get him the England job and he will inspire England to glory….

  140. so a little diversion lol who has had a bet on our nxt manager? who did u pick nd wat odds did ya get?

  141. It’s time we took a stand.

    Those who haven’t bought tickets, either don’t turn up or turn up and just protest peacefully.

    BUT – most exposure will be during the 90 mins.

    Those who have tickets go in and 5 mins in, give it “Walk out, if you love the Toon” just get up & walk out en masse. All live to the world. Not the kind of profile he’s looking for.

    Those who don’t give a ****, go or dont. Do whatever, it’s your prerogative. I understand why you might want to go.

    But even though he already has my money, whether it’s the cliched ‘cutting my nose off…’ or not, I feel like I need to do something, rather then just bending over.

    Just have to keep pushing the idea so everyone is ‘United’, or at least enough of us. My lass will go ballistic for wasting money but sometimes you need to take a stand.

  142. BBM saw this idea on talk of the tune. I was wondering when you’d pitch it in here.:-)
    Great idea BTW.

  143. Great idea bowburnmag…. just trying to get the rest to follow suit, but live on tv.. yes would be brilliant

  144. walking out after 5min is sham u mite think it sounds good we will be the laughin stock of all football fans we wud never b able to call our selfs the best supporters in the land, n b4 ppl say were already a laughin stock ya wrong ppl think ashly is a laughin stock, ive said b4 liverpool n manu fans put us to shame they wud never not turn up they hated there owners still there every game though

  145. sorri like but its the fu#king worst idea in the world, any who thinks players will want away in jan well if anydo it will b bcoz there fans turned the bk on them

  146. gateshead did u see a half empty old trafford or a half empty anfield last year or start of season i dont think coz they stick by there team n support it, we were already being called a joke on the radio b4 for even suggesting to do that

  147. No its because our football clubs being ran by an idiot and i imagine they want the same as us. Trophies, european nights etc. buts it not going to happen with cashley

  148. Can one of you ADMIN boot this TWAT davy off the blog, i think its Fat Ashleys rent boy…

  149. whey what ideas do you suggest because if my employers messed me around like that i think i’d jump ship

  150. instead of coming up if with pi#s poor ideas how bout u support the lads instead n the new gaffer who ever it is after all it werent him that got hoots sacked

  151. davy – no disrespect, I’d take my chances on not giving a fck what the rest of the country think about us. It’s probably no surprise to your good self, but we’re not exactly held in the highest regard anyway.

    I think if you listen and read carefully though, that this might in fact be supported by outsiders. They’re as disgusted as we are.

  152. I will support them but come the end of the season i will not be renewing.. if its not pardew then ill feel a twat but as far as im concerned the clubs being made a mockery by ashley. Dont you think he wanted people to sign up for 3yr season tickets because he might have ballsed things up? just wait come next season there might be a lot less in attendances

  153. fu~k off robert why bcoz i wanna go n support my team on a match u organise a protest b4 or after a game ill b there ryt with everyone but i aint walking n if any players leave ill blame anyone who walks as much the shambles owner

  154. bowburn divvy davy would follow the fat c unt if he jumped of the tyne bridge ,which i wish he would

  155. If any of them players left you couldnt blame any of them… I’d want away theres just no stability

  156. why will they batty bcoz am sorri like am big hoots fan n they all loved him, but it is a well known fact that the commity of harps, smith barton n nolan sorted everyone out who wassnt up for it n its well known fact that nolan runs the place

  157. davy you ignorant TWAT, Ashley is taking us Supporters as idiots, you have no reason to complain on that issue but the rest of us been a Newcastle Supporter for how many years ??

  158. half the reason we got relegated was the hull game and all the rest of it. ashley doesnt care what we do it serves no purpose other than leading to our own downfall. saturday we should be behind the team 100%.

    ashley doesnt want us relegated hes just a f*cking pri*k with no footballing sense.

  159. players are fickle they will b behind the new gaffer n team spirit will b the same as its nolan who gets the lads together, batty u organise a protest n ill b there ryt next to u i aint no ashly lover, i jus think things through instead jumpin to reactions, the reason theres no stability is bcoz we dont giv any gaffer more than 5mins in the job b4 are minds are made up

  160. Aye,
    self defeating.
    If y’really bothered, like gatesheadmag says: ‘Start your own new team like fc united did.

  161. davy says:
    December 8, 2010 at 10:18 pm
    why will they batty bcoz am sorri like am big hoots fan n they all loved him, but it is a well known fact that the commity of harps, smith barton n nolan sorted everyone out who wassnt up for it n its well known fact that nolan runs the place<<<< this just proves you talk oot of ya arse divvy

  162. Yes davy.. thats why im saying you couldnt blame any players for leaving.. plus replacing a very popular manager with fans staff and players with pardew doesnt make sense. Plus the clubs statement gave the impression we were going to do a lot better than pardew

  163. robert supported the toon 29years bcoz i wanna keep supporting them your questioning my loyaty i shud b asking how much of a fan r u n the others who wanna turn there bks on the club

  164. davy ashley has proved he couldnt give a fck what us fans think ,5 fckin managers he gave the chop too ,he and no 1 else has coursed the instablity of the club

  165. batty it well known fact nolan rules the roost at the training ground if u kno ppl who r in the kno, dont accuse me of being ashly fan bcoz i aint i jus refuse turn my bk on my team n ill b there through bad n good shame everyone else isnt like that

  166. Saying that davy you could be right we could be really good fans by forking out at least £500 a year but we could really do the fat man damage by… and this really pains me to say but, we could stop by kappa and donnay tracksuits from his crappy shop. thatll make him pack up and leave

  167. na gateshead not attending or walking out of games aint turning ya bk on ashly its turnin ya bk on the players no one was ever behind ashly, + weres the logic in buying tickets to walk out coz then ya giving money to ashly he got ya cash he wont care if we walk but the players will

  168. Aye,
    phuck up ashley through sports direct if y’must, but phucking up NUFC is dumb & shiteing in our own nest.

  169. i am all for buycotting sports direct gateshead n ill protest any were outside the ground n in the ground but i wont walk

  170. Even if 20% if the ground does what BBM is talking about it would get noticed.
    As an addition, may I suggest the five minutes is taken up by a chorus of hughton wonderland.

  171. I dont intend the wreck nufc but i think the players will know why actions being taken. I will be there every home game this season but there still must be ways to damage him without physicality

  172. think ile take a walk round sports direct with a stanley tomoz , divent grass me too ya boss divvy

  173. lads to be honest not buying season tickets will not even work it probably dosent even pay for the running of the ground, it wont matter to him if we dont buy food n drink at game coz he has already franchised them to companys so any money made by therm on matchdays goes to them he has the cash upfront off them alredy

  174. divvy davy why are you disrespecting chris hughton by bumming nolan up ,and at the same time sucking fattys dick

  175. anyway…. does any1 think ashley will make an appearance saturday? the only way i think he’ll show his fat face is if he unveils jose mourinho tomorrow

  176. who notices the protest and actually cares about them. The players thats who and then they will go and lose. ashley couldnt get less , no point at all. singing for hughton yes anything else pointless

  177. so you hav paid for ya season or buy a ticket for the match then walk out, so ya giving him the money n turnin up wud it not b wiser to jus not turn up

  178. DJG@153.

    I think you could be spot on there mate.

    If I became a billionaire football club owner, I’d certainly surround myself with pals who I’d trust to spend my cash wisely. Spot on, man.

  179. Frig me. How many more double nicknames are there. I sometimes think there’s only me and two others on here and those other two have about ten names each.
    Don’t see the point of it myself. Nor does my other nick.;-)

  180. batty hoots was great manager but he werent no genius how long u been this blog if its long then surely u can remember many fans on here callin hoots ashly puppet n yes man coz i can remember them saying that even as late as jan still, n batty tell me this do u blame the players for hoots sacking coz i do they turned up 6 games 2pts out of 15pts against bolton,blackburn,fulham,wba n more teams shocking displays against bolton n wba to me they had of tried harder he wud still b here

  181. I don’t know how much is left to pay, but the money for the ground extensions was borrowed on the basis that we had to fill the ground at 52k supporters in order to meet the payment.
    Even if its paid off how fact are you to think ticket sales don’t have an impact in club finances.

  182. Davy…some supporters are so pissed off with ashleys poor decision making that they are no longer willing to give the club money anymore. If people keep buying tickets and merchandise Ashley wins. I’ve had enough.

  183. batty , if you spent a good couple of hours in one of shit holes you’d only manage aboot 20 quids worth of damage.


  184. Oh and Pardew is in Newcastle ready to be unveiled tomorrow. All journalists on Twitter talking about it.

  185. if the players love hoots as much as they say they do they will go win saturday for him, his parting message to the players was remain profesional n finish what we started

  186. divvy davy no i blame fatty ,what aboot away wins at everton arsenal westham home wins villa scumberland and chelsea in the cup and drawing at home ,beating teams that normaly beat us ,oh and dickheads like you

  187. Haha @ 252, it would cost more in stanley knife blades than the damage you could do to that tat

  188. Just to confirm guys, Pardew is in NCL now. For what its worth I think he’ll do ok.

    BBM – Dissapointed in you,mate. The team is the most important thing always. We need to all turn up on Sat, sing our hearts out and show our support.

    If Pardew does a good job Hughton will be forgotton in no time, that’s footie.

    He’s also pretty good with supporters apparently so people will change their opinion pretty quickly.

    Good luck Alan, I hope you do us proud.

  189. if u dont but tickets n merchandise it only effects the club n how much does the club make off seasing tickets 10mill less maybe it a drop in the ocean what they make off sponsorships n tv money, if u dont go bcoz u cant afford it thats fair enough but turn ya bk on the club its not really, every fan has had enough but i go to watch football not ashly

  190. To be honest the whole thing is a joke – pardew WTF he’s a fvcking muppet, I’m done with going to games. I’m well aware it ain’t the players fault and I should support the team but I’ll now be doing it from the pub – it costs me 200 quid to come up from Brighton so fvck em

  191. yes the wins at everton, west ham arsenal n scum were great, but why do ppl brush over shambles displays at bolton,wba,blackburn n stoke n poor draws against fulham n wigan, draw with chelsea good but birmingham beat them scum beat them am jus saying wernt lookin as good as ppl are making out n whos to say pardew will b worse or better than a big name or hoots

  192. Hoots weren’t great but was doing a descent job – fair enough sacking him for a better manager but pardew – ashley is having a laugh – he must owe him a huge gambling debt

  193. Right people im going to bed now… being a typical toon fan, ive had my rant, i hate ashley love hughton, bouycott everything, hate my life… but no doubt if we beat liverpool ill love pardew and everything will be rosey.. nite people

  194. Well Lads I see we are still in limbo, and I see Batty is still getting picked on.
    I seen BBM’s suggestion and a few saying that it wouldn’t help the players, but im 99% sure that the players would know that it is against MA and nowt to do with them even if they didn’t help CH by not turning up for games or not putting a full shift in when they did bother to turn up.

  195. any of them reporters on twitter sayin length of contract bcoz ive heard 4n half or 5n half year deal

  196. Stu – it’s not an easy decision to make. There’s a financial and emotional tug for me to stay and watch but sometimes you can push a man too far. Everything about the way our football club is being is wrong. For every game I go to and do nothing but support the club, I endorse that.

  197. davy,, david craig said on ssn earlier that this new manager was getting a long term deal and theyd stick by him through thick and thin

  198. Davy – well I work down south and everyone who supports a team, he’s managed has slated him off as incompetent – not sure that’s an improvement

  199. And is it just me or is any1 else sick of refreshing and seeing fat freddys face for a couple of seconds?

  200. Gateshead,
    i’ve got the page made a bit smaller, & when i refresh i get ffs daft piggy little eyes peeping over the bottom of the page-Nasty!

  201. there was a reporter from bbc southampton on radio b4 n said he is very confident guy n will relish gettin toon fans onside, he is great at building confidence n moral n is very tactical manager that likes to play nice football n thinks outside the box, said saints fans were chanting his name after he was sacked

  202. By the way, it goes without saying that I totally appreciate the ‘support the club’ stance. And for those who want to go, I wouldn’t even think to judge you. I think it just depends how you see things.

    I don’t see it as my club any more. Not in the tangible sense.

  203. Pardew can fvck off – the fact that he’s Ashleys mate or is in debt to ashley for 100k to 500k depending on which report you read is indefensible – I’m done with it and will never support the pedophile

  204. davy and stuart f u c k off this is the only way to get ashley to sell up by hurting his pocket and beleave me he getting no more chances off me i am looking for a refund on my season ticket had enough of his shit

  205. Pardew can fvck off – the fact that he’s Ashleys mate or is in debt to ashley for 100k to 500k depending on which report you read is indefensible – I’m done with it and will never support him regardless

  206. trouble is it has never really been are club think we got used to shepard coz we said jump n he said how high, we didnt like or we wanted a manager shephard done it but u cant run a club like that anymore 13 managers in 13 years how many of we hounded out more than 60/70% i bet

  207. no one can seriously think pardew owes ashley money thats why hes doing the job? if thats the case im gonna blow millions in llambias’ casino, u never know i might just get the job

  208. Parpoo has one of the worst prem league records ever. I’m disgusted. I hate pardew. In fairness before he was linked with us I thought he was a cuuuuunt. I don’t want to support him.

    I want to support players like Jose Enrique but he’ll prob foook off now.

    I seriously want to find Ashley and make him pay.

    Anyone got any leads??? Need help in finding him or his office

  209. tino – I’m with you, it costs me a small fortune to goto games, I bought tickets for this weekend but would rather not bother turning up – I know Ashley won’t give a fvck this weekend but I def ain’t buying another home ticket regardless

  210. Seriously anyone know where I can find him? I’m so angry with that cocky pardew. So livid I’m gritting my teeth

  211. the only thing i know is ashley will get sick at the end and sell up when he is bord of us which i hope is soon

  212. God almighty, I have spent the past few days dredging the internet for some sort of glimmer of hope, praying that there might be some good to come of this messy situation. I have had varying emotions during that time, I have to say of all the names drawn from the media/betting circus that Pardew is easily the most disheartening, it’s heartbreaking really, it was so refreshing to have an honest and ethical manager (Hughton) in this corrupt game.. Ashley has missed a trick by getting rid..
    I guess he just wanted one of his own.
    Anyway these are words and ideas that everyone is probably tired of reading now.
    If (when?) Pardew is officially appointed then I’ll stop dredging, until then I’m off to find out who our next manager is..

  213. Tino – I’ll still support toon but refuse to give that fat twat money, I hate Murdoch but will rather goto pub and watch game than put money in FCBs pocket

  214. tino good luck with the refund, sorri but not spending money a the club wont hurt him hurt the club more, the thing is he has got want to sell the club first n i dont think he does

  215. Stuart-To be fair, you say Pardew is apparently good with the fans but when at WH, a video appeared of him in a training session taking the piss out of their supporters. Generally just mocking them seemingly. Obviously nee one realised it was going to leak but I doubt any of them were best pleased.

  216. i am a big newcastle fan and it would kill me to miss the games as ive had a season ticket since i was 11 years old and i am 31 now ? but i am doing this in the hope he will sell up soon ? but i will allways support them no matter what its in my blood

  217. to be honest i agree slightly

    Its a shocking appointment and i hate ashley more than i can say, but we support Newcastle United so all this chat about boycotting is stupid. It will worsen the situation, talk of player revolt is stupid they are getting paid god knows how much and should grow up and get over it. And so should we, we all hate ashley i know that and so do i and pardew is a cr*p appointment but we need to move on and back the lads otherwise we WILL go down

  218. tino am jus saying u cud not be goin to games for a very long time m8, coz i dont think he will sell till he can get sumthing ludicris like 400mill

  219. I’m not supporting any of this “let’s be positive” bulsh1t… Pardew???? As a nufc fan we’re all being laughed at. This is a joke. I want to cry… Lost all faith in football after world cup, FIFA and this.

    We had a manager… And we bloody loved him.

    What a cock.

    I’m making it my mission to find those cockney bastards. If anyone can help with info let me know

  220. I honestly think Ashley will back Pardew because it is ‘his man’. There’s already rumours he has been offered a 4/5 year contract there you go. Ashley wanted Keegan and Kinnear but both left NOT because of being sacked. Don’t you’s see that, Ashley never wanted Hughton in the long term and he knew a donkey could get us promoted if we kept players like Enrique, Shola and Collocini. He didn’t think Hughton would be able to attract the right type of players so thats why he got Graham Carr. Hughton got Williamson who was good and Simpson who is ok but Best, Perch, Routledge, their not good enough. Tiote and Benny are NOT Hughton signings, they came without his knowledge. Now that Ashley has ‘his man’ in place he will back him. Pardew signed players like Yossi Benyoun at West Ham and got them promoted and FA Cup final next season, he is not the dumbass some are trying to make out on here. Charlton was already bottom of the table when he took over and the club basically ‘did a middlesborough’ can’t really blame Pardew if they were poorly run by the chairman/board.

    Please don’t cause a civil war on Sat. Why? Coz of Ashley not the club? Ashley won’t be there and he won’t give a f###. All it will do is probably get us beat 10-0 by Liverpool and the scousers watching on telly pointing and laughing at arguing fans. Don’t support Ashley, support the club.

  221. Just tell me one thing…

    Who the flick are we going to attract now? Especially now benny and Jose will be going..

    Our squad is gonna be crap

    Did u read that article about Hayden Mullins ?? Saying parpoo would be great?? Mullins….

    The new toon


  222. Who says Enrique and Benny will leave like? They are on £60K and £50K approx. They might work with Pardew for 3-4 weeks and get on with him, some probly will some won’t. Thats football unfortunately, managers come and go. Benny knows the fans love him here he will come back for them not the managers.

  223. If Pardew does sh!t (he will in december anyway) people will complain. If he starts getting results and we sign more players in Jan people will start to forget about C.H FACT. That is football, its raw now but do you wake up and think about SBR everyday? Keegan? Souness? Allardyce? No course you don’t.

    As fans there’s nothing we can do, we are the last to know about everything, the ones financing playboy lifestyles, shat on most from a great hight, but theres nowt we can do about it, we cannot choose the team or the managers.

  224. He just got sacked by a league one side…

    Seriously Marta – stop winding me up. I’m pissed off and don’t need any self righteous crap

  225. the same team he got within a point off the play offs with 15pt deuction at start of season, lets not get carried away hoots was no world beater he was once ashly puppet n part of cockney mafia ppl hav short memories

  226. why the hell do ppl think players will want leave jus coz ch got sack they had of pulled there fingers out there arse he wud still b here so how much do they care, a blind man cud of got us promoted with our team fact, n am sorri but nolan is the reason for team spirit

  227. DJG i was hoots fan, but i remeber the 6-1leyton orient n ppl were saying we will never achieve owt with a no2 in charge, hes ashly puppet part cockney mafia ext, were these ppl now probably the ppl saying hoots is the best thing since sliced bread, for every good game u can show me this season i cud show u 2worse, give pardew a chance for christ sake

  228. “Even a donkey could have got us promoted with Enrique, Shola and Colo in the side”

    What an utterly disgraceful thing to say about someone who practically saved us from doing a Boro when nobody would touch us.

  229. I liked hoots also but I think there was only so far he could take us and I don’t buy into this ‘we will win the europe league with team spirt’ and ‘he just needs more experience’ crap. Fact is two home wins and its now december is crap. I think he was starting to lose the dressing room because even the away games, which had been good, Bolton and West Brom were appauling, Ashley must have watched the Bolton game and thought f## this. Can’t say Ashley didn’t give him some time in prem and fact is we were losing against too many teams we will be fighting for survival with.

  230. Howay man, we had a much better side than most. We didn’t even play well in a lot of games and still won. We never lost at home all season it was like shooting practice against Barnsley lol.

  231. ‘i remeber the 6-1leyton orient n ppl were saying we will never achieve owt with a no2 in charge, hes ashly puppet part cockney mafia ext, were these ppl now probably the ppl saying hoots is the best thing since sliced bread,’ True

    ‘for every good game u can show me this season i cud show u 2worse’ Very true, I was gonna say that myself lol.

  232. Ha

    Every time you load the page Fat FuKKer is looking at you as if your a bacon sarnie and he want to eat you and in his head he’s thinking ‘oh what a fine mess, I would have sacked him even earlier, I haven’t got a clue how to run a football club either, it wasn’t me who got you’ relegated, anybody smell bacon’, :)

  233. Cant everyone just see, dont go anymore….support the club, dont go to games. I went for 25 years then stopped going after Hall/Shepherd went with PLC. I aint missed it, went to odd matches. I love NUFC, but wont go to support Nazi like tactics….wake up MAGS!!!! Its a joke. Newcastle will never be taken serously unless the fans (you) start treating them as you would like to be treated yourself (with respect).

  234. Best case scenario, pardew does well and wins our respect…That fat f@ck MA will only shaft us again.

    Ashley must die.

  235. so tell me this what would nufc fans overseas do who are fed up about the whole situation dont watch the games and just look up the results the following day??

  236. could MA be thinking……..survival is the only aim this season and beating the teams around you is crucial. Has he seen enough evidence so far that under CH we were not able to do this. Other relegation candidates have got their tactics right against us and found us wanting far too many times so far this season. Maybe he is looking for someone who can ensure we win these 6 pointers. Yes we have beaten the odd big boy but its against the lesser teams that dictate where we finish. MA knows how much it costs to get relegated and might see it as a bigger risk waiting to see if CH can learn from his mistakes than making the change now.

    Just putting that out there.

  237. For goodness sake – people are laughing at us, the club for this very reaction. Going on strike, threatening to find his family, Pardew actually has a decent reputation and is apparantly a very god coach, as Hughton is, but with a bit more managerial experience. FFS if it is Pardew we should get behind him. People laugh at the fans because we hounded out Robson (he was booed by fans, then shepherd sacked him then the fans were up in arms), got Fat Spam and Sourpuss sacked too. We need to support the manager!

    What I don’t understand is why after he cleared the debts are people not happy with him trying to run the club with more financial sense? Is it that people are still harping back to have big name signings that nearly crippled us in the first place? C’mon man

  238. For those thinking of protesting or showing how much you hate Ashley, please do it before or after the game. Remember Hull? It cost us in the end.

    I think its pretty obvious Ashley doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about him, his only ambition is to get the club in good nick and sell it. That’s what we all want isn’t it?

  239. I think what it is, Raffo, is that he (MA) and the club’s publicity office seems to be continually contradicting himself/itself. There doesn’t seem to be any sense behind the choices made.

    The club was relegated following one Ashley blunder after another. First there was the sale of players behind the managers back and the unfair way that Keegan was dismissed.

    Then the club was up for sale, but no real effort was made to actually sell it (the chaos in Dubai).

    Then there were the revelation from the Keegan courtcase where it came out that NUFC (and this is the judge’s own words) ‘repeatedly and intentionally mislead the press, public and the fans of Newcastle United’.

    When we were relegated, MA came out and confessed his many errors and acknowledged he knew little about football.

    Then the club was up for sale again. We’re told there are three offers, which meet the asking price, to purchase the club. But none of it goes ahead.

    Statements are made about wanting Alan Shearer to be manager, 100%. Then no contact is made with Shearer after that. None whatsoever.

    Players leave. We lose 6-0 away to Orient in pre-season. But then Chris Hughton takes over the team and defies the odds. He brings the players together and builds a great team spirit.

    Confidence grows, we clinch promotion.

    Hughton conducts himself with class. With a pitiful transfer budget, he builds for the Premier League season. After 16 games there have been disappointments and astonishing triumphs in a topsy-turvy season but there is a bond between the players fans and the manager that has not existed for a long while.

    And yet … Hughton is sacked.

    Not to make way for Jol or O’Neill, but, it seems, Alan Pardew, a manager of limited Premier League experience and recently chucked by Third Division.

    None of it makes sense.

    Prior to Hughton leaving we were in a perilous position whereby our saving grace was that we seemed to have a strong team spirit. To most it seemed that a great deal of that was down to the manager.

    Now, I am willing to give Pardew a go, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that we’ve got a Chairman who has a proven track record of lying to the public and also admitting he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    We’ve been bitten on the arse by Ashley several times now … and it tends to make a person very unwary of him.

  240. ‘we will win the europe league with team spirt’ thats supposed to be a quote so who on the blog said that?

    Pardew started with a 10 point deduction not 15

    Some people on here want to give there selfs a shake, yes we were on a bad run, most teams and certainly every promoted team does that.WBA went 6 without a win. The vast majority of us would have taken where we are at the start of the season.
    Was Hughton the man to take us to the next level? we’ll never know now but he’d done a great job so far and deserved the chance to try, apart from that we’re not ready for the “next level” it’s about survival this season.
    Pardew may do well, time will tell but if he does it is no stroke of genius it’ll be pure luck.He hasn’t proven himself at this level so he hasn’t been given the job for his “experience” or past record so whats the reasoning? I think we could guess.
    I hope he does well cos he’s managing my team but that won’t alter the fact that Ashley has acted disgracefully and is a complete tw@t and so has Pardew imo, he’s been in place for weeks as Ashley waited for the opportunity for weeks to get rid.I know thats the way alot of managers are replaced but doesnt stop it sticking in my throat, what a pair of gents!!
    When some keep quoting our bad run when sticking up for Ashley remember that Hughton was working without a number 2 because Ashley wouldnt let him appoint one!

  241. … just to add, I agree with Stu protests during the game make things worse imo and I won’t let Ashley stop me supporting my team.HWTL

  242. Ashley is toying with all you people that say support the club.

    That sort of blind loyalty is what is making him a lot of money, and in turn making fools of NUFC fans.

    You say you all want to support your club. It’s not your club anymore lads and lasses. It’s a cash cow for Mike Ashley, and he is taking the urine out of you all.

    But it’s okay, 95% of our fans will be walked all over, and will blindly follow the team, and continue to buy merchandise.

    Mike is rubbing his hands together and laughing, whilst muttering ‘Geordie mugs, I can do what I want and they keep giving me money!’. Just like Shephard did. Just like the Halls did.

    Personally, I would love St James’ to be empty on Saturday, but with 50000 people outside the ground. I would love the entire team to put in a big transfer request.

    Don’t forget this is just the latest episode in a long running saga of Mike Ashley taking the p1ss out of the fans and his staff.

    The way I see it, if you support the new manager, you are indirectly supporting Mike Ashley and his decisions.

    I’m not bothered if I get slated for my comments. For me, this is the straw that broke the donkeys back. My monetary contribution to the club may be small, but it’s one small amount that Mike Ashley is no longer going to get. Every bit helps.

    I won’t pay to be raped.

  243. rich divent agree with stu man , he hasent got a bit of bottle ,and he,s a dirty manc ,not even a geordie man

  244. Away games only for me from now on – I’ve had enough, if Hughton deserved to be sacked then where does that leave grant, moyes, mcarthy, martinez and every manager of a team below or around us – we’re mid table in a tight league, on Ashleys reckoning any team outside top 6 should be sacking their manager
    Whole thing is yet another piss take of fans

  245. Oi Oi radgies!!
    What a neet ! Woo hoo hooo hoo!
    Pure mental Pardew man!
    Me, Dekka, Big Mick and Pards were off wu boxes!
    Pards was ravin in me front room to me best Ibiza 90s cassette tapes! Hoo lads it’s ganna be great when we score cos he just pure gans off it!
    Didn’t like it like when he took the p!zz oot of Hootz goal celebration! A loved Hootz like cos of that. He had the best goal celebration in the premier!
    Anyways, wu aal cycling doon to SJP for 10 bells cos Pards is ganna be announced the next manager.
    Divvent try and stop wu like on wu BMX’s cos ave got nee brakes and me sand dobblers are worn oot and me feet knack when a scrape them on the groond to stop mesel.
    Anyways , laters gaters!

  246. Good craic troy! Agree aboot hootz goal celebration! Class!
    Sorry tho but I support northern Paul .
    The Liverpool game is the ideal time to show our disdain for the fat bastard and his White shirt by abandoning the game or having a mass walkout after 5 minutes!
    I can’t see us winning the game anyway under the current circumstances and therefore we must take this opportunity.

  247. The sacking of Chris Hughton was a disgrace , I was prob one of his biggest fans , but we do have to move on.

    Im not happy woth pardew but he now seems to be the new manager. Not alot we can do about it. The main thing is survival this season. Hopefully it can still be achieved. And as fans we do have our part to play.Clearly im not going to be there sat but lets not forget Chris Hughton. The man as far as im concern is a legend. He prob didnt get the chance to become a legend to all the fans as his tenure was cut short but to me he already proved it by saving the club last season.

    Pardew you have alot to live up to. I hope n prey u can and this cronyisim appointment ( which it is buts try look past that ) doesnt bring down the club.

    Keep the faith

  248. Boy oh boy… Ashley’s done really well getting Pardew – ha appears to have the same man-management skills as him and Llambias. Just what we need to get the dressing room on board!! There’ll no doubt be departures, and sadly they’ll be the ones that we can least afford to lose.

    This appointment just beggars belief and’ll surely lead to the drop – knocking millions off its value. Ashley must be stark, staring mad!

  249. the game is on sky we all should walk in to the ground wait for kick off ? when it kicks off we all should walk out and go to the pub and watch it, and then protest out side the ground after the game we all need to make our feeling known get out of our club u fat cockney basteds get out of our club

  250. 345.. tino, that’s a sure fire way to lose the game – how do you think the players’d react.

    Demonstrate outside before and after but for hell’s sake, get behind the players. Hughton wouldn’t be happy to see us lose.

    Think about it, the best thing that can happen is that we win and more to the point, survive this season in the Prem and just hope, ney pray that Ashley’s bought out soon.

  251. we all should go down to the ground and tell our new manager that we hope he wont be here for long and we are looking foward to the day he leaves

  252. lesh
    ashley has been messing with us to long enough is enough we need to try something different . pardew will take us down in any way every club he been at he has given the kiss of death

  253. Again…

    It`s time we took a stand.

    Those who haven`t bought tickets, either don`t turn up or turn up and just protest peacefully. Before, during or after. Maybe all three.

    BUT – most exposure will be during the 90 mins.

    Those who have tickets already or are prepared to pay to make a stand, go into the ground and 5 mins in, give it “Walk out, if you love the Toon” just get up & walk out en masse. All live to the world. Not the kind of profile he`s looking for.

    Those who don`t give a ****, go or dont. Do whatever, it`s your prerogative. I understand why you would want to go.

    But even though he already has my money, whether it`s the cliched ‘cutting my nose off…` or not, I feel like I need to do something, rather then just bending over.

    Just have to keep pushing the idea so everyone is ‘United`, or at least enough of us. My lass will go ballistic for essentially wasting money but sometimes you need to take a stand.

    It’s early days, and there are numerous ‘protest’ ideas being suggested. This is mine, let’s see if it’s a non-starter.

  254. The game will not be won or lost on the behaviour of the fans. It will be a distraction for both teams. Probably a welcome one, as I expect us to get a hiding if we’re missing players again.

    Even if it is, it’s a small price to pay on the only occasion when something like this will be really relevant.

  255. bowburnmag
    i am with u on that 1 we need to hit asley where it hurts and stop the far twat walking all over our fans we all been to soft with ashley time to stand up to him and fight back ? give him a taste of his own medicine

  256. Some of you lot are totally barking.

    Sooner or later the truth will come out about this, I seriously think there’s more to it than ‘lack of experience’.

    I don’t agree with the sacking or the Pardew appointment but I also get the feeling there’s alterior motives at work. Who knows, We might just have a warchest this Jan.

    Pardews Black & White Army!!

  257. bowburnmag says:
    December 9, 2010 at 9:37 am

    Disagree. The hostility really got to the players the last time something like this happened against Hull and we got beat. Phil Brown is on record saying his players got a lift when they saw the ‘fear’ in our players faces.

  258. Daverism
    u sad man i would not trust pardew with 1 pound to spend are u for real your a idiot the fat controller is takeing the mick out of us and u are prepared to let him continue doing it your a fool or your 1 of mike ashley spys ???

  259. stu – I’m not going to fall out with you about it. I appreciate your view but I feel like I need to do something. It will be a poisonous atmosphere anyway, so I would be better set walking away and demonstrating my feelings ike that.

    But I refuse to let another Ashley fck-up divide the supporters. I support your stance.

  260. Tino,

    Usually I wouldn’t bite, but considering I’m being labelled a sad idiot for supporting my team, I would like to know a few things, Mr Football Knowledge.

    Explain why you wouldn’t trust Pardew with a quid.
    Explain how I personally am allowing Ashley to continue “taking the Mick”, also, explain how I could stop Ashley taking the Mick while you’re at it.

  261. bowburn,
    i preferred it when you weren’t posting on here. Me and my family (kids and parents) look forward to the match every fortnight. We don’t go to support Ashley, we go to support Newcastle United. How many on here who are advocating not going dont have a season ticket? 8 of my family (aged 70 – 8) go to every home game, love the occassion, win lose or draw and support Newcastle regardless of who’s in charge or even who’s on the field. You must be educated enough to not be one of the ‘ashley’s trying to ruin us’ mob. It makes no sense for him to want us to fail. As said above, a successful Newcastle will be easier to sell. I was an ashley fan until. I beleive he prevented us from being a potential portsmouth, plymouth etc. Yes he has made many mistakes, don’t we all? I was never a lover of Chris Hughton (yet I still supported Newcastle) but did not want to see him replaced by someone such as Pardew. But I’ll still be there with my family – supporting our team in spite of all that’s happening. Even Manchester United’s yellow and green scarf thing is a better idea than your mass walkout and protest. You’ll be advocating preventing those of us who do want to go in from entering next!!! ‘Those who don’t give a ****, go or don’t'(your words) – so we dont care if we would rather go and support our team. Most of my family will still be going to Newcastle United games long after Ashley and his mates have long gone. For better or worse he is the owner of my club and I will continue to give them my support in spite of people like him or you for that matter. Walk-out, protest, give Ashley and Pardew grief, encourage the better players to leave etc are all guaranteed to affect performances on the field. Did you go to the Hull City home game 2 seasons ago? They scored twice while 2 dicks were parading a cockney mafia banner around the leazes end. Being relegated, losing our best players, protesting fans will all make it almost impossible for Ashley to sell (which is what you want). Forget Ashley and get behind your team. HWTL

  262. Hello i am a Charlton fan of 50 years and i can’t believe that fat twat Ashley is appointing Big nose as your new manager.Pardew is an arrogant womaniser who along with that other ex Palace man Dowie brought us to our knees.He bought a load of crap for a lot of money and tied them in to long contracts. When we lost,which was often,it was always someone else’s fault.He even blamed the fans after one defeat.I have got a lot of time for Newcastle and their fans and just when you are making a bit of progress in the top division this happens.Good luck for the future, you will need it.

  263. bowburnmag says:
    December 9, 2010 at 9:52 am

    I respect your stance, BBM. You’re well aware of my hatred for the man but just look at whats happened over the last two years and it still hasn’t made one jot of a diffence to him. The man is a moran but he’s a thick skinned moron!

    I think we’re just going to have to ride this storm, wait for him to get the club back in the black so he can get his money back and bugger off, and hey, who knows Pardew might do a great job for us…

  264. Pardew the man who dropped Tevez and Mascherano for harewood and Mullins says it all !!

    I wonder if one day we’ll ever get it right and appoint a really good technical footballing manager

  265. listen to fans like the charlton fan has to say and its not good this man will destroy us and its important to get rid of him asp

  266. Knocky

    You’re the reason things will never change.
    For god’s sake you’d only have to miss a few matches. I think the message would get acoss pretty loud and clear.

    A boycott is the one thing we’ve never done or tried. SHORT term pain for long term gain.

  267. Stuart u havent got a clue in any way i know there are going to be a player revolt and a few of them are going to hand in tranfer requests

  268. You say no more because you have no answers, Tino.

    You’re a f****** idiot and it’s very very obvious.

  269. bowburn – the very best of luck with your protest m8!

    my own protest will be my seat remaining empty until these – classless southern w@nkers – have left our club forever.

  270. i am a idiot ive been going to away games and home since i was 8 years old this is killing me doing this but i also know whats right and wrong and every thing ashley does is wrong and we keep letting him walk all over us things wont change unless we do something about it its time to stand up to the sad cocney basted

  271. So basically, you’re not going to answer my questions then, Tino.

    Is that because things didn’t go your way? So now you’re having a little protest?

  272. Nick,

    What good do you think missing a few games would do? The club already has my money. They still get the television money, the money from the Premier League etc.
    The only ones to suffer will be the supporters who will be missing the match and the players who will be missing the support. Or do you think the players should boycott a few games as well?

  273. Daverism u never ansered myn did what was the last game u went to ????
    and yes i did DICKPLUMB 362 was my anser y i would not him a pound to spend

  274. I understand a protest must be made, but i agree that not turning up for the game might affect the team. Wouldn’t it be better to arrange a T-Shirt Protest. Everyone with the same message printed on the front and back! Live on the TV. The message would be passed then and the team would still know that we are there no matter what!

  275. By all accounts Ashley, Llambias and Pardew are mates – prety sure Pardew will have been telling the chuckle brothers where CH was going wrong and what he would do if in charge. Dont think he’ll give a t0ss about fans views to be honest and will be the first to blame them when he suffers a run of defeats
    Its pretty obvious Ashley doesn’t give a flying about fans views. End of the day it’s his club, much like FFS said, fans will have to live with it and stop moaning as they can do fvck all about it – well it’s that kind of attitude thats so annoying – we can do something about it by stopping going to home games and therefore contributing to the fat fvckers bank balance

    I’d rather not go then turn up and boo the team/pardew/ashley as this will only end up having a negative effect on players as we’ve seen in the past

  276. Tino,

    Face it mate, You’ve yet to answer any of the questions I asked you, then accused me of working for Ashley THEN accused me of being a mackem.

    Stop clutching at straws, You’re wrong. You have nothing to back up your ridiculous ideas with, you’re a sheep. Follow the herd eh, you total and utter mong.

  277. Tino,

    I suggest you ask Toonsy or Worky about which site I usually post on mate, I think you’ll find, It’ll be this one.

    Thanks again though, for proving how much of an idiot you are. Applause.

  278. How about a little bit of lateral thinking.

    Do we all want Cashley to go? Most of us.

    Do the majority of people think that the best way to try and attract a new buyer is to protest at everything without giving it a chance instead of sucking it up and following the team and supporting the team on the pitch? If I was looking at a few clubs I would be thinking that if I made a mistake that would happen to me and would look elsewhere.

    Some people on here are spouting the type of rubbish that gives us our poor name and reputation in the press and with other fans. We need to show class, grow a pair and give Pardew and the team support from the first minute. Cashley may suprise us with a few decent signings of Tiote and HBA quality and Pardew may bring the added dimension we crave. WHO THE F*** KNOWS. We MUST give them time and support FFS.

    I am sick of being labelled as a deluded mag only thinking about F*****g messiahs etc.

  279. We could go to the game and support our team in scarves with our old team colours on, much like Manchester United. That way we still support the team but still register our protest.
    Oh hang on our old colours were red and white… shit. That’s a non starter. Tell you what I’m going to wear a white and black scarf – that’ll show them I mean business.
    Anyway if any of the anti-ashley idiots had any sense, they would protest/chant etc. prior to kick off but once the whistle goes get behind the team. It will be reported as a sensible ptotest but still show potential suitors that they could buy a club with a loyal fanbase. As far as I know Mike Ashey’s kids do not now choose to go to Newcastle games due to the abuse they would get. Proper fans us!!!

  280. Daverism,, may be i was bang out of order calling u a mackem
    but i am a big newcastle fan and like a lot of people i have had enough of what ashley is doing us ?
    pardew will fail straight away are u from newcastle cos if your not u dont understand the club and the way our fans think

  281. Be wary Raffo!

    You may become a mackem/ashley worker/sad idiot for speaking sense mate.

    Tino, by chance, are you going to answer any of the questions I asked? or are you going to keep all of your words for when they inevitably interview your retarded self on Sky Sports?

  282. Tino, Walker. Born, Bred still live there.

    You were out of order calling me a sad idiot for not agreeing with your moronic ideas. For that, I will continue to pester you for answers to my questions, which you have STILL not answered, haway mate, Step up, back up your words.

    Why wouldn’t you trust Pardew with a pound?

    You have the internet, You COULD find answers to that question, probably. Don’t shy away, Your words are out there in the world now mate, you have to live with them.

  283. I do actually, Tino.

    However, work commitments hinder me from attending as much as I would like.

    Whats your excuse for not having a clue?

  284. I have to say a five and a half year deal is a bit of a joke like.

    Pardew said he’s going to play attractive, attacking footbal and produce good young players. That’s code for the owner isn’t going to spend any money.

    Feel sorry for the guy, he’ll be hung out to dry too!

  285. By the way, I would also like to know, how sitting in a stadium for 90 minutes gives you more of a clue about the goings on at Newcastle United?

    As for Pardew; underwhelming. Still, he’s in now, he deserves a chance as much as anyone.

  286. Stu, I do think Ashley will be a bit more loose with the purse strings having one of his mates in charge like..

    Or atleast I hope so.

  287. Daverism
    i am sorry just pissed off with allis going on did not mean to take it out on u every 1 is just has there opinions i supose , i love the toon as much as u but this hurts what is happening

  288. Whats that got to do with ANYTHING tino? People can support the club who dont live in the area, or are not from the area ie abroad and who may have had to move away for work as I have. To suggest your a true fan because you go to games is a joke of a statement. The stadium only holds 52,000, so is the population of Newcastle City 52,000 exactly? No. So by that rational you cant have a newcastle fan if they dont go to games is that right?

    Complete Bollox

  289. No need to apologise to me, it really doesn’t affect me what you say. However, I’m not letting it go that easy….

    Why wouldn’t you trust Pardew with a quid?

  290. Here we go then,
    Phuck knows!
    I’ll be giving the guy a chance, cos i SUPPORT the Toon.
    Maybe MA will back him with cash, who knows?
    Howay the Lads!

  291. 5 and a half years? Bloody hell. It pays to be good mates with fatty. Make no mistake about it he’s here for the long haul aswell

  292. Raffo, He won’t answer mate.

    He makes knee-jerk statements without engaging any sort of thought process.

    Weirdly, I find it quite amusing and I’m a bit gutted I have to leave for work shortly otherwise I’d sit and carry this on all day :)

  293. lol jokers.

    Well phuck it having read a little of Pardews thoughts in the shields gazzette if he delivers I will be happy. He will develop the kids which we all agree is a massive plus and he does play attacking football.

    I will stick my head above the trenches and I will give him a chance. Cue the bashing

  294. knocky – Thanks for the misquote and for entirely missing my point mate.

    Go and enjoy the match on Saturday. My afternoon and yours needn’t run in parallel.

  295. I’m there in the trenches with you Raffo.

    Though, I’m stunned I’ve had to say that I’m “in the trenches” for giving a new manager a chance.. And they wonder why our club is becoming a total joke.

  296. raff – We’ve heard it before and we know what it means.

    ‘Develop kids’ = stack ’em high and sell ’em on.

    Smoothing his margins. That’s all, time and again.

  297. Pardew is unfairly bearing the brunt for absurd decisions but to be honest, deserves everything he gets if he can’t see what he’s walking into.

  298. With a 5 and half year contract it has to be a set up. There was a rumour that Ashley will sell soon and the new owners didn’t want Hughton in charge but didn’t want to be responsible for his sacking as he was so popular. The only way this makes any sense for Ashley to be laid open to 5 years of compensation is that he is not going to be around or responsible for it. This though in the short-term is a f–king disaster.

    Unbelievable, even for our club and what has gone before under Ashley. Gutted.

  299. Not at all BBM.

    Just seemed a bit of a statement with no substance to it, I didn’t mean to sound arsey if thats how it came across mate, Just curiosity.

  300. BBM – “At the same time, I intend to focus on developing exciting young players through the club’s excellent Academy and development squad, and I know the board here at St James’ Park are very committed to that too.”

    That means there’s no money available to buy players and the owner wants to develop good players and sell them.

    I feel really sorry for Pardew as he will be hung out to dry too, like Hughton.

  301. Daverism says:
    December 9, 2010 at 11:11 am

    Who has he developed and sold so far?

    bowburnmag says:
    December 9, 2010 at 11:19 am
    Daverism – it’s an old debate pal. Do we need to go over old ground?

    Daverism, Don’t ask sensible and practical questions on this blog m8. Andy Carroll ‘5 year contract, one club’ is gonna be away in Jan don’t you know ;)

    (BBM come on then whats the answer?)

  302. Stu/Daverism – stu has made my point.

    At no point during my time writing articles on here or commenting, have I been kneejerk as others perhaps were. I think you can both probably back me up on that. This is a reaction to a consistently inept and dishonest regime.

    I find it difficult to understand Pardew taking it on, following the Keegan fiasco, the tribunal, the way Hughton has been treated. Although it is probably his last big chance to raise his profile and the 5 and a half year deal will ensure decent compensation is due.

    And yet even despite being an alleged mate, he may still be hung out to dry. As all others have and will ever be by Ashley.