Opportunity knocks?

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Taylor made?
Taylor made?
The Bolton debacle last weekend was disappointing to say the least. Not only was our team well beaten, we also lost another two players to three game suspensions.

But with Fabricio Coloccini and Mike Wlliamson both absent from the team, it gives other players the chance to impress.

I’m looking squarely in the direction of Steven Taylor on this one as he looks set to make his first competitive appearance for ten months against Chelsea on Sunday, and it’s a chance he will have to take with both hands, for a number of potential reasons.

Firstly, the game on Sunday will give Taylor the chance to play for his boyhood team again, in front of the home fans aswell. It’s something that Taylor hasn’t experienced for some time thanks to a rather horrific run of injuries. It also gives him a chance to prove his fitness and start to prove that his injury troubles are well and truly behind him.

Taylor is still on the transfer list at Newcastle, and he will be free to leave the club in the summer if he doesn’t sign a new contract, but the fact that he will be in the team for at least the next few games will give him an opportunity to perhaps add some weight to his side of any forthcoming contract negotiations.

It isn’t all sweeteness and light though. Just as Taylor stepping into to the team could reignite any contract negotiations with Newcastle United, it could just as easily work the other way and alert any potential suitors who will be keen to keep an eye on the former England Under-21 captain with a view to perhaps signing him up on the cheap.

Whatever happens, happens, but first and foremost, Taylor must impress in the black and white stripes. He has waited for his chance in the team since he returned to full fitness, and now, through the stupidity of two of our own players, he can have the chance to impress.

He will of course be paired with Sol Campbell for the visit of Chelsea, and it will be interesting to see just how much the veteran marshalls Taylor. For the first time, ever probably, Taylor has a dependable, reliable and experienced defensive partner to help guide him along, so it would be nice to see whether or not the old dog can teach the new one a few tricks.

They will be up against Didier Drogba who will be starting up front for Chelsea, and opponents don’t come much tougher than him, with the expception of our own hard as nails Andy Carroll of course, so it will surely be a stern test for our partnership at the back.

Howay then Tayls, your time has come!

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157 Responses

  1. if he plays – he’ll be anxious to do well and put himself in the shop window. i just cant see him signing his contract offer

  2. wouldn’t count your chickens like, Perch is match fit, and Hughton bought him, so obviously thinks highly of him…

  3. I know through a source that Hughton is leaving in January to take over from Ray Wilkins at Chelsea.
    He wasn’t expecting Wilkins to be peddled until the end of the season.
    Chelsea thought Hughton would come straight away but he had promised Ashley time to line up a replacement.
    Kinnear is expected to come in but was lined up for the end of the season.
    It will all come out when Wilkins sues Chelsea.

  4. Which source is this then BS9 ?

    For the chelsea game i see they will be without Terry , Lampard ,Essien and Alex is carrying an injury as well . With Tiote back for us and hopefully Guthrie and not Smith cm i could see us getting something out of the game . It wont be easy but those players will be a big miss for them .

  5. I wont dis-count kadar depending how hes gone in training,hes a canny player chelsea might be a bit much for him at this stage but will be as fit as tay/sol imo

  6. Bobby Shinton is stardust. Or he is stardusts best mate. He sometimes posts as troy stavers.
    He’s always full of shit.

  7. toonsy says:
    November 26, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    It is. Not on your blog, that’s ok, just the club in general. It’s like a poor version of Aldi or Poundland.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the Saylor/Sol partnership, hopefully with Simpson and Enrique alongside and Tiote in front doing that amazing stuff he does.

    Good point about Chelski’s missing players; shame they can replace all their £20m players with another £20m player straight off the bench due to all that lovely corrupt money they’ve got. ;)

    Still – reckon we could give them a really hard time at the weekend. I just hope Routledge is doing better in training; we need a proper RW for this.

  9. I’m really not that worried about the defence – more just interested to see what happens. More worried about the midfield, to be honest.
    We need a RW, but we also need a spark in the middle. For me you need both Nolan (for experience and sheer ability to pop up and nail one) or Guthrie (for creative spark and final ball). But if you have a RW, that means you have to drop one or the other, or go 4-5-1, which I hate, especially at home.
    Any ideas?

  10. Buggrit. All gone quiet. Everyone done a POETS day cos of the snow, I’m guessing?


  11. Aye i agree about the back four its the one area i think we can lose players and not suffer too badly with Tayls/Campbell/Kadar able to cover all across the back and young Tavernier and Ferguson looking decent.

    We have to try and sign a winger and a second striker in january.

  12. Taylor`s not going to sign a new contract and we`ll be lucky to get £3 million for him. How about Wheater for a £1.5million to replace him? Have you heard that one Bobby Shinton

  13. workyticket says:
    November 26, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    DJG, thanks for the donation! It’s very generous of you.

    No problemo!

    Its from the bets I put on two weeks ago and said I would donate the winnings, would you believe it has taken this long to get it from them! And they’ve just sent me a survey asking what I think of their customer service, hmmm…..

  14. The right side of our midfield is important whoever plays there because Ashley Cole will get forward as much as possible – we don’t want to leave Simpson exposed. Whumpie i see where you’re coming from with the debate in midfield – i don’t like 4-5-1 either but it may not be such a bad thing if Andy is up against two full backs playing centre half like they lined up against the unwashed!

  15. tino says:
    November 26, 2010 at 3:56 pm
    Bobby Shinton i think your just a sad mackem

    Gan on call his bluff. See he’s gone all quiet, why exactly would hughton want to turn down a potential top job to go and be a no.2 again; at a club he has no association with. Howay man go and wash under your armpits and buy that Micky Horsewill a bar of soap and a new cap while your at it. Who your source? Daddies brown.

  16. toonsy,

    Its been a bit quiet the last 3 or 4 nights to be honest.

    Maybe Ed has has initiated phase 3 of nufc blog world redomination. :)

  17. Fiday is always quiet on here dunno why! Staff xmas party ontonight n headin right down once i finsh work at 8! Gonna get hammered!

  18. Have you clicked on the link on his blog that shows how many million page loads his blog has had every year. Thats just showboating that like. :)

  19. Yeah I know DJG , its stupid , not very impressed by it to be honest but I got the tackiest xmas jumper n s snata hat the Jingles so i plan to annoy this shit out of everyone :)

  20. DJG just like to say as worky did well done mate on your gift to the blog,your a goog!n,sure batty will be well impressed too :) :) will still give you stick like lol

  21. Despite what you say boys I’m always right. I was first last time to tell yous Kinnear was arriving at the club and you’s scoffed then. My source is always right and you’s will apologise, although that’s too much to ask from yous, when he arrives in the summer.
    Do you realise, hughton will be offered money as a number 2 at Chelsea than he will ever get as manager of the Toon.
    I’m surprised it’s not in the public domain cos it’s rife within the club.

  22. I just hope if Sol or Taylor make a slight mistake they dont get hammered for it as it is Chelski after all, what a game to get you back up and running :)

  23. Bobby S missed off the rest of the rumour. After Joe Kinnear is re-appointed he appoints Graham Souness as his assistant, sells Collocini, Krul and Carroll and re-signs Boumsong, Marcelino and Wayne Fereday (for those of you with really long memories!).

  24. Whumpie@15
    i dont like 451 either but considering that Barton is suspended i would go with that tomorrow . Guthrie TIote and Nolan with Jonas and Routlidge out wide and Ferguson on the bench to come on if Jonas has another off day .

  25. Guys,am hearing that the game might be postponed due to the snow.what is it like up there now guys?

  26. Haven’t we got state of the art undersoil heating ? We can send Bobby Shinton no 9 with all his hot air to clear the terraces of snow….he he..

  27. Thanks richietoon-but thats bad news.if it were to be postponed,we would get a game with terry,lampard and essien all able to play.crap.and not to mention jb will remain banned against wba too……

  28. My 5-1 dvds in the post, Cheers Brucie for showing us that a fat bloke wearing red can still make christmas special… ;)

  29. No snow down here – still kin cold tho, had to wear a t-shirt yesterday how the lasses gonna see me tats man

  30. snowed in a bit in our village,might not get to hospital monday 7.30am shit wanted it over with like :(

  31. the problem won’t be the pitch. problem will be areas surrounding the stadium. at the ground yesterday and the footpaths were treacherous. the council had guys with shovels moving the ice and snow it was laughable. as soon they moved the snow more fell you couldn’t make it up. council or police won’t give the go ahead if they fear they will be sued for accidents

  32. magpie6699 ;-)

    Ice hope all goes well mate, I’ll be driving around the Durham area mesel next week…can’t wait :roll:

  33. anyone at the Boro match last season? That was a baltic one like, had two pies at half time….. one on each foot!

  34. ILM… aye it was a bit nippy then the police ballsed everything up after the game just to cap it off.

  35. RICHIETOON cheers mate,dont envy you driveing around in this,might stop you speeding like :)got to get to washington hospital,if i dont get you can always drop in for couple of j/d warm you up m8

  36. RICHIETOON aye mate,but its getting an other date like near xmas,always carry a stock of stella nee worrys,have to keep beating the son away from it like :)

  37. Ice…Stella, the good stuff eh?
    I’ll be working around Stanley, Consett area ya get snow up there in June :-)

  38. RICHIETOON,stella aye doon to my last two cases wor lass likes it too :( stanley/consett never gan are you getting danger money?a stab vest at least,if i dont get in your welcome to call wor lass will make you a hot dinner keep you ganning m8

  39. Cheers Ice… nae danger money,most of my sites are in Co Durham, Sedgiefield/Spennymoor area this week.

  40. RICHIETOON spenny aboot 20min from lanchester keep in touch m8.
    big dave good idea m8 me scooter wheels keep spinning in this ice, batty says he will gis a toe but hes owr dear like :)

  41. MOSSA know some nice people from both places mate just not my cup of tea,if i was 30yrs younger maybe,but then again would go to durham city sorry like

  42. Ice, get yersel to Gordon’s burger van at Annfield Plain for a bellybuster, that’ll sort ya oot ;-0

  43. Thought everybody would like a good laugh:

    EVOLUTION Presents: The Human BOTTLE Rocket
    AT-RISK Survivor. We think. Could be a Darwin Award.
    category: private parts, fireworks

    Incident circa November 8, 2006. News only now reaching the ears of Charles Darwin. From HIS ears to your eyes. Sunderland, England paramedics found a prone man suffering injuries including a scorched colon, caused by a Black Cat Thunderbolt rocket. The 22-year-old had, unbelievably, inserted this rocket in his back side, laid down on his front side, and lit the fuse in an attempt to make the rocket fly up into the air. But it was pointing the other way! The regional Firework Association chairman spoke for us all when he said, “This sort of thing is beyond belief.”

  44. RICHIETOON bloody small world, know him well,a nice guy,wor lass eats one of them when we pass and shes still only 9st,he used to own fruit shop in our village till the piggin tax man got him (say NOWT) he loves horses (showing)

  45. BIG DAVE i will type this slow as batty told me you cannot read quick,ill charge you third/party next time you borrow it, three times a week is getting a bit much

  46. Ice…aye I knew he was into the Horses like, the company I used to work for use to keep the equipment in a unit at Greencroft so used to go there for me bait.

    Dave :lol:

  47. Is anyone else remotely concerned about this defensive pairing? I mean both have had injury issues lately. If something happens this weekend who will it be to come off the bench? Kadar or could be be back to the debacle that is James Perch?

  48. Divnt need to worry about the defensive pairing cos I doubt we’ll have a game this weekend :-(

  49. Eeee, when I read the headline, I thought it was going to be piece about Huhgie Green and that great 70’s show “Opportunity Knocks”.

    Imagine my dismay when I realised it was just a story about some toon players getting a chance to play some footy :(

    It puts the likes of the Pop Idol and the X Factor to shame.

    And I mean that most sincerely folks…

  50. Dave-

    That was hilarious, mate!

    I thought the best part was that this idiot was a mackem and inserted a “Black Cat” firecracker into his bum. The wrong way. ROFLMFAO!!

  51. Is that you buddy ;-)

    OHurley…doesn’t work much better the right way around :lol:

    whey I’m away to bed.neet lads

  52. The photos of the snow look really bad. Do you think the game will be on on Sunday? Just remembered why I moved here to Florida, 78F today ;)

  53. The snow graced me last night, although it only started about 30 minutes before I was finishing work so it hasn’t been a problem. The main problem? People who can’t drive in snow! Fannies!!!!!!

  54. From my source.
    Hughton is demanding that Ashley gets a replacement manager lined up as his position is untenable as his players now know he is off in the summer to Chelsea.
    Ashley wants Kinnear but he won’t be available until then so is likely to appoint Beardsley in the interim.
    It’s gonna break within days rather than weeks.
    I’m gutted cos Hughton is doing a fantastic job and Kinnear was clueless on and off the field.!

  55. lads its all over the place that it will be taylor and campbell as the CB’s on sunday. has there been anything said from hoots that confirms Sol as being fit and available? i hope he is
    next decision….. who for RW???

    lets hope sunday goes ahead and the chelsea scum divvnt like the weather

  56. Toondarlow

    Routeledge is the only option. And for me, dispite his poor delivery, he is more effective, if less flattering than Jonas, who I believe is completely overated because of his dribbling skills.

  57. “from my source”
    Never seen a source get a prediction right on a blog yet. Besides, Hughton wouldn’t go as an assistant while occupying a manager role. It’d be a step backward. Makes no sense.

  58. Don’t get this “rumour” at all – my sauce says it’s a load of HP.
    Ashley is not stupid – sorry, not THAT stupid! He knows CH is seen by the fans and the players as successful and popular – if not perfect. The only way that he could replace Hughton is with someone seen as an achiever, who wouldn’t come cheap, OR someone who would be popular / given time (Lee Clarke anyone?). Joe Kinnear achieved SFA, was not respected by the fans and ( I suspect) many of the players, was as popular as the proverbial fart in a space-suit – not to mention his health will now always be suspect. He’d be the LAST choice of the fans, well, this fan at least. So I don’t get where the JFK idea is coming from?

  59. Bobby man, everyone knows your full of shite, what are you trying to achieve? Give it a rest kid, you’re showing yourself up.

  60. @magpie6699
    Since when has Ashley made a popular decision or been bothered by it?
    It’s not Ashley getting rid of hooters you muppet it’s hooters leaving the club cos he’s been offered more money at Chelsea . He’s only waiting to allow Ashley to get a replacement. They are hoping kinnear gets the all clear in January. Hoots wasn’t expecting Chelsea to sack Wilkins so soon but it came to loggerheads when Wilkins found out. They had to do it before the Chelsea game as Wilkins threatened to have it out with hooters in public view.

  61. Chelsea did not intend to sack Wilkins at that time but their hand was forced.
    Hughton has expressed in private that he prefers being a coach and no 2 and the Chelsea job was too big to knock back.

  62. they are saying the game is on,hope the cops and council think the same wouldnt like to put money on it like

  63. Guys -I’m not “fooled” by BS9’s load of BS – I just think if you’re going to start a rumour, make it a credible one!

  64. @Cullen and mag69
    I’ve was ridiculed last time about kinnear and other things but was always proved right. I know the truth it’s up to you to take it on board or not. Means nothing to me.
    Any other person would have just left but hughton has credibility and morals. He’ll wait til kinnear or someone else is ready.
    He hates the pressure of a managers job and it’s getting to him now.

  65. The league is really close now, like.

    We’re gonna be in a relegation scrap me thinks.

    WBA and Blackpool continuing to do well.

  66. I’m in a dilemma! I don’t know whether to wear skinny jeans or low crotch jeans with my UG boots! Any thoughts?

  67. Stuart the problem is once you slide down there its real hard to climb back out, as its then up to others to lose for you to have a chance to climb back up.



    Spread this rumor pls.

    6-0 to Man utd,with half and hour to go.

  69. BS9-

    You’re a fairy if you wear UG boots. And don’t even get me started on the jeans. What are you, an emo kid?


    Hoots to sign a 5 year deal after Mags finish 12th.

  70. Fckin Smackems!

    Their starting to look good now unfortunately.

    Suppose it was only a matter of time before they started playing well and picking up points. That’s what happens when you spend a bit of cash.

    But alas, we’re trying it the other way, the way that has never once in the history of the game been successful – the Aldi way!

  71. @ o’Shirley
    I’m not gay cos I wear UG boots with skinny jeans or low crotch jeans ! I’m 42 and trendy. All 3 go with my crop top tee shirt and fluffy scarf!
    I love it when people are freezing in their trendy shoes and I’m cutting about in my ug’s !

  72. Just shows like Bolton and Blackburn arn’t that great.

    Man u 7 – Blackburn 1

    Bolton 2 – Blackpool 2

    We need to inmprove against the big scrapy sides. Coming into this season I thought we would have been better at that aspect. Puts our 3-0 at Old Trafford into perspective slightly.

  73. BS9 @139

    I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley. LOL

    Mate, maybe that’s trendy ower there like, but here in the US, you’d be called terrible things like. I’m trendy too, but when I wanna stay warm, it’s a pair o’ huntin’ boots and a camouflage jacket. Yep. That’s how’s we do’s things in Tennessee like.

  74. if we win tmr against chelsea we would be 7th,if lose,we will still be 12th,unless we get thrash.

  75. toonsy says:
    November 27, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    “I’ll work on a new article now guys. Been non stop today”

    It’s a hard life being a porn star, Toonsy.

  76. Worky – :lol:

    I waish. I’ve been updating the system at worl in preparation for Monday. I also rescued my brother-in-law’s car from a ditch and did a bit of xmas shopping. I’m cream crackered now!

  77. batty says:
    November 27, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    “i think wel get at least a point tomoz”

    Gannin’ with the old reverse logic, batty? Beat teams like Chelsea and Arsenal, then get knacked by teams like Blackpool, Bolton and Blackburn.