Newcastle v Chelsea – Match preview.

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Snowy St James' Park.
Snowy St James' Park.
Newcastle need to start winning games again, especially at home, and that is what they should be aiming to do against Chelsea tomorrow.

Of course it is very easy to write that, but it will be much harder in the real world to beat the current Premier League champions and FA Cup holders.

However, they have been out of sorts recently, which perhaps opens up a window of opportunity for Newcastle to spring another surprise this season. I mean we have already beaten some top teams, so why can’t we add another to the list? Naturally the bookies and pundits will fancy Chelsea to end their recent run of poor form, but they are still missing some key players, so perhaps we have a chance after all?

Throw the rather cold weather and thick blanket of snow that has covered the North-East into the equation and perhaps those conditions could play into our hands? Will the Chelsea mega-stars be up for the fight? Hit them hard, but fair, and hit them fast I say.

Forget Chelsea though! Newcastle have their own run of poor results to try and recover from. It’s been three games since Newcastle have won a Premier League game, wth the last victory being that marvellous 1-0 win away at Arsenal. It’s a tough ask to beat Chelsea, but we have proven that we can beat good teams this season.

Anyway, moving on to team news…

With regard to the home side, it’s very much a case of ‘same old’ where injuries are concerned with Ryan Taylor, Hatem Ben Arfa, Steve Harper, Dan Gosling all still out with their respective long-term injuries. Leon Best is rated as doubtful as he continues to have problems with his ankle, whilst Shola Ameobi’s fitness is also in doubt.

I can forsee a return to the 4-4-1-1 system for the match tomorrow to be honest, with Kevin Nolan playing off of Andy Carroll in the Newcastle attack. I also have a feeling that Wayne Routledge will start the match tomorrow, which will allow Danny Guthrie to slip into the centre of midfield and play alongside Cheick Tiote who returns from suspension.

Speaking of suspensions, Fabricio Coloccini and Mike Williamson both start their three game bans tomorrow, whilst Joey Barton misses his third and final match. Taking all of that into consideration, I’d like to a team of;

NewcastleTime Krul, Danny Simpson, Sol Campbell, Steven Taylor, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Danny Guthrie, Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

Chelsea are missing some very notable names from their team-sheet at the moment, and their results in recent weeks kind of show that even the best can struggle if they lose their better players. Michael Essien will serve the final game of his three game suspension whilst John Terry, Frank Lampard and Yossi Benayoun will miss the match through injury.

The Blues suffered a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Birmingham City last time out where they lined up with a team of;

ChelseaPetr Cech, Branislav Ivanovic, Ashley Cole, Paulo Ferreira, Alex, Ramires, John Obi Mikel, Florent Malouda, Soloman Kalou, Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka.

Chelsea hold the upper hand with regards to the head-to-head record. Out of 130 league encounters, Chelsea have won 52 times compared to Newcastle’s 44. If Chelsea lose the game, it will be the first time that they have lost three league games in a row since October 1999.

Sol Campbell will make his 500th career league appearance if he features, whilst Jose Enrique is set to make his 100th start for Newcastle. Paulo Ferreira and John Obi Mikel could also start their 100th league game for their current club, whilst Florent Malouda looks likely to make his 100th appearance.

I think this will be a game that will turn out be a lot tighter than a lot of people think. To me it has the hallmark of one of those games where we play really well but ultimately get nothing from it. Chelsea need to get back to winning ways, and on paper, even missing key players, they are still stronger than us.

My prediction: Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea.

Howay the lads!

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112 Responses

  1. Im really not sure about what will happen tomorow. I think whoever gets the first goal will really have the upper hand even moreso than usual. I might back us at 4/1 actually I think we’re due a gud’un. Drogba won’t get much change from big Sol and Taylor and They have a defense that has taken a few hits, the regulars that are there arn’t 100% either.

  2. TOONSY thats a good team shout m8,about the best we can put out at the mo.long drive up to get that photo of the snow its deeper now like :)

  3. Sol and Taylor have everything to play for – who knows, perhaps a clean sheet is on the cards, I would take a point.

  4. My prediction. Hoots to sit on chelsea bench to confirm his acceptance of assistant manager.

  5. Prediction John Carver will be sitting alongside Hoots shortly. Sheffield United are going through a bad spell at the moment and my brother in Sheffield tells me that Gary Speed is under pressure likewise John Carver

  6. I personally think we’re going into this game with our best centre defensive partnership. Not sure if it’ll make any difference though.

    Wouldn’t be suprised if we got battered, but also wouldn’t be suprised if we won. Its just been like that so far this season.

    I think Carroll will cause huge problems for their centre halves but its whether he gets any support for me. Most homes games have been pretty poor so far but hopefully Chelsea will come at us so we can play on the counter a bit, otherwise we’ll never break them down.

    0-2 for me unfortunately.

  7. I didn’t really fancy our chances but seeing Toonsy’s prediction has made me feel better, just hope it doesn’t get snowed off as I think this is the best time to get at Chelski.
    Ice I agree mate I would take either 1 of them or even the 2

  8. toonsy got it reet last game :( dave saying game is on but heavy snow forcast for the neet,its doon to the council now, doesnt fill me with hope

  9. Dave – Remember that movie d/l link you got us last week? Any chance you could have a look and see if you can find the film “knowing” on there mate? :)

  10. Game will be on, especially with it being on Sky. Keys, Redknapp and Gray will get shovelling themselves if need be.

  11. Newcastle to win 2 nil and shola to get both goals. The southerners, wont be able to handle the weather and ashley cole will be on his sleigh at halftime heading south….

  12. Cheers Dave. That will be tonights viewing sorted then ;)

    May aswell chill whilst I can. I have 85 hours of work coming up next week, and that is if things run smoothly :(

    They better do. My reputation as a logistical genius is dependant on it :twisted:

  13. 2 or 3-1 either way although probably to us as Toonsy’s tipped them ;-) …reet I’m off to spend me GG winnings(shouldn’t tek long!) laters.HTL

  14. TOONSY aye m8 just lightly at the mo,forcast heavy overnight 4in they are saying :(,lets hope there like your forcasts,hospital trip off for me looks like

  15. There were some pretty scary results in the Prem today, West Brom cuffing Everton, Wolves beasting the makkems, West Ham turning over Wigan. It seams that EVERYONE is up for the fight, there are NO easy games. I fear we’ll be flirting with the bottom three come Christmas if we don’t start getting ourselves pulled together

  16. tell you what lads

    I live around the corner from St James’ and if this match goes ahead it will be a miracle.

    It’s looking awful around here, the only place that is looking partially clear is Leazers Park Road, next to the Trent, apart from that, well, less said the better.

  17. Munich – Totally agree. We cannot keep expecting our away form to be so good, which means our home form has to improve and considering we’ve played most of the poorer sides and lost at home it doesn’t bode well.

  18. Big Dave says:
    November 27, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    “Ice thats the good thing about working to live ;) plus my eyes would give up after a while”

    Your poor eyes have nowt to do with working too hard Dave ;)

  19. ILM-That’s the thing mate. It’s nowt to do with the pitch. If there’s a single street used regularly by fans that’s deemed unacceptable there’ll be someone looking for it to be called off. Hopefully all goes smoothly.

  20. PEARCEET saw local news hour ago they said club had brought in more staff to make sure outside areas would be ok,that said it will be council/cops who will have last say

  21. pearceet – Anytime. They can call it off 5 mins before KO if they wanted to.

    I reckon we’ll hear about 10am if it’s off.

  22. Toonsy if you had to look at some of the things I have to look at you would change your mind :lol:
    That link is sending me somewhere to download ??? is it ok

  23. stuart79 dead right mate, considering we have played all of the “lesser” clubs at home, and got absolutely nowt, we could have our work cut out when the big boys come to the toon. We shouldn’t be lulled into thinking we’re too good to go down, though I still think we’ll turn things round eventually, but it’ll be a battle..

  24. DJG you have point :) kna have 2 dogs named ice and satan,used ice as there is plenty devils on blog already

  25. Ice – If the club have hired extra help they must have borrowed them from the community service lot as the cheap fcking twats won’t pay for them.

  26. DJG-pretty sure he can mate. If it starts to snow again and he cant be arsed we could be 5-0 up and the game is stopped and replayed, lol.

  27. and the club will give them all a free seat and a box of popcorn for their efforts….not…

  28. DAVE batty have mates theres a shock only ones i know he has is D.S.S.oh there is one at the scrap/yard that must be him,saw yous talking about him l/night

  29. really hope the game goes ahead tomorrow and we can get the 5-1 wellying at Bolton out of our system…Chelsea are currently there for the taking imo…fingers crossed with the weather…..

  30. Dave – He is on every Frin night/Sat morn 1-3am. Gets me through the night, and is part fo the reason why I got back into messing around with my music again :)

  31. Ross

    I think it’s funny how a scab referee travelled in from Isreal or somewhere to scotland and the game got called off anyway because of the snow. :)

  32. Dave – Aye I know Fergie. I used to go to Sundissential and Godskitchen and places like that. Used to like the harder stuff he started out with.

  33. DJG-Rumour up here is that two Portugese ref’s got off the plane, turned round and immediatly flew home. Nee idea why but the whole scandal has been ridiculous.

  34. The volley from about 7 yards that probably ended up on the road outside goodison was quite amusing like. I do like Chris Brunt alot though.

  35. Feel a bit sorry for Beckford. He is better than what he is showing. Just severely lacking confidence.

  36. Tell you what, Bolton’s long ball football tag has been well and truly destroyed, they’re playing some lovely stuff and scoring great goals. Petrov was an excellent signing.

  37. Like i mention way long ago,we only will get 4 points in both the Month of Nov and December.

    But from yesterday game,if we win against chelsea,we will go 7th,but even we lose,we will stay on at 12th,unless we get beaten real bad,and drop to 13rd or maybe 14th.

  38. We need to hope the players we put in can step up to the occasion and prove they are good enough to wear the shirt over their counterparts.

  39. I put a bet on wolves beatin sunderland and I got 950 back so thanks wolves, so I am going to put a tenna bet on newcastle getting first and to win !!!!!!

  40. Ross – Aye mate, been to global a few times. It’s only 20 miles or so down the road from where I am.

  41. Pitch inspection taking place now. How can they possibly call a game off 4 hrs before kick off I don’t know.

    If its off I will assume the club didn’t want to put the underfloor heating on, to save a bit of money.

  42. Batty – You know me too well. The mrs isn’t too happy about it ;)

    It’s alrght though. Another mini spending spree will sort it all out :roll:

  43. I’m taking my 8 yr old lad today for his first ever Toon game. We’ve got matching UG boots, skinny jeans and snoods!
    We look great!

  44. Loved shearer’s sneaky dig at fat sam and megson, saying how Bolton fans were now getting to watch decent football. Bet Bolton fans wouldn’t take fat sam back now.

    I saw some fantastic football yesterday wth Arsenal, WBA, Blackpool, Bolton and manu putting the likes of Blackburn and stoke to shame.

    Just hope we can play some stuff on the deck today too, instead of the endless hoof ball in the last 3 matches which bought us absolutely nothing.

  45. “We do have a small staff. Most are aware of that,” hughton said.

    A little dig st the owner and MD?

    Games goes ahead.

  46. Hi folks – wats hapnin with weather? im in red hot thailand now nd waiting for the game ti kick off at 830pm local time!!
    cant believe the pictures of the snow, will game be played?

  47. jettson…aye mate its going ahead, bit nippy tho I might have to put a t-shirt on under my Toon top ;-)

  48. Stu, that story is typical made up bollox. Its so poor it could have been written by bobby shinton.
    Why is Hoots under pressure? We are doing miles better than anyone could have hoped. More rubbish to try and get the bed sheets back out.

  49. Richietoon
    cheers, all the bars here in pattaya have the game on, football daft in thailand, pleased im missing the snow, another 14 days left of 40c plus heat!!
    haway the lads,trying to convert some thai folk to the toonarmy religion!!
    3 1 win i hope for!

  50. Micky – He shouldn’t be under pressure for the results, but I think his relationship with the owner and MD is probably getting worse with every passing day. He must surely be pissed off about his contract and will be pissed off too about his lack of assistant.

    These problems bring their own pressures imo.

    I don’t think he’s happy, put it that way.

  51. What a load of rehashed bollocks, Its because we havent won in a couple of weeks so shit rags like the express pipe up again.

    Martin O’Neills name slid in to try and get a reaction from some supporters…


  52. This is typical paper talk, and each and every supporter is allowed to read into it what they will. The same journo is stirring the cack with Chelsea btw.
    There are several points in the articla which are known, and probably shared by toon fans, and several which are made up, or which will come as a surprise to toon fans.

    At the end of the day, as fans we need to remain united and convinced that “our club” is heading in the right direction. There is a misnomer that delusional fans get managers fired, but at the end of the day bad results (and unrealistic and impatient club owners) fire managers. MA owns the club, and he signs the checks. At the end of the day he has the final call. The things that scares the majority of the toon fans is MA’s ability to put his foot in it. TBH things have stabilised some what, but this is down to CH’s level headedness and control of the media…

    Howay the lads, fettling Chelsea today will help, but this media blah blah won’t go away, its Football after all !!

  53. Stu, that would make more sense. But for all we know he could be perfectly happy. Or like you said he could be irritated as hell.

  54. I’ve been telling you exactly what’s going on behind the scenes at sjp according to my source in previous threads.
    Hughton is not bothered . He’s lined up for the Chelsea job. He’s hacked off with the pressure he’s under being the manager. Chelsea had to sack Wilkins cos he threatened to knock Hughtons head off when we played today and Chelsea would not take the risk. Hughton is allowing Ashley time to get a replacement being the gentleman he is.
    If kinnear was fit he would be here now. They are waiting til January for him to be given the all clear by the docs.

  55. I’m quite surprised this is not in the open forum and I can’t believe the papers haven’t cone out with it yet. It’s the talk of the corridors in SJP.
    He will be getting more money at Chelsea as no2 than no1 at the toon .
    Hughton knows he can only take the Toon so far on ashleys limited budget and knows the fans will get on his back once we go stagnant.

  56. just walked past St James’ lads on my way home – yup just got in from last night – and there’s nee chance of it being called off, the council have done a mint job, (don’t think i’ve ever said that) the roads around the ground are really clear, so game on!!!


  57. I think sly sports will have more say in the game being ‘on’ than any of the ‘officials’. Use the force Luke Skywalker. Its frightening. :)

  58. I think if the officials had called it off for health and safety Murdocks empire would have shown pictures of our pitch compared to some of the white pitches of some of the ‘premier’ clubs yesterday in News of the World. Its probably a mixture of money and blackmail. Go old corrupt sky. They have more power than any manager, ref or FA official.

  59. Im pleased it still on, I would much rather face them without Essien, Lampard and Terry, In this weather which they wont fancy and i would rather have Barton available for West Brom next week and their in pretty poor form.

    This is as good a chance as well get to beat these cnuts…