Hughton’s search continues.

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Hughton ponders his next move.
Hughton ponders his next move.
The search rolls on for Chris Hughton as he looks to hire an assistant to fill the roll that Colin Calderwood left.

Brian Kerr was a name that had been thrown around, but both Hughton and Kerr, who is currently managing the Faroe Islands, have ruled out that rumour. Another name that was being mentioned was Kevin Sheedy, but Hughton has said today that there is no basis in that rumour either.

Hughton missed out on his first-choice when Steve Clarke turned the opportunity to return to Tyneside, and it seems that the process of finding a replacement for Calderwood is taking longer than anticipated. It’s a situation that needs to be resolved soon though as Hughton can’t keep doing everything on his own.

“There’s no truth to the speculation that Brian Kerr will be coming to the club as my assistant,” replied Hughton when asked by The Chronicle about the rumours of Brian Kerr being appointed as his sidekick.

“Brian, at this moment, is manager of the Faroe Islands and doing a very good job, as he always does, so he won’t be coming in. I hear Kevin Sheedy’s name has also been mentioned but again, there’s no truth in that.”

So that is those two names ruled out then. Despite that though, Hughton is still looking for his own replacement, contrary to some opinions that suggest that he will be told who he is working with.

“Filling the position that Colin Calderwood left is still a work in progress. It’s obviously work that we have to do behind the scenes at the moment.”

“Do I need to bring someone in to fill that role? Yes. Irrespective of last week, a club of this stature needs to have a number two, there is a lot of responsibility on the manager. An assistant has a number of specific roles that he carries out, which is why I’m looking for a replacement for Colin.”

“I’ve lost a very good man in Colin, not only as a friend, but as a coach too. There are, of course, names that I very much have in mind, but like I say, finding a replacement is still a work in progress.”

It would be nice if the situation could be resolved as soon as possible, but it is also important that Hughton takes his time to make the right appointment. Hughton has to be able to put a lot of trust in his new assistant, whoever it may end up being, which is whay it’s important that it is he who chooses who it is going to be.

I just hope it gets sorted, soon.

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9 Responses

  1. Oi Oi daft dafties!!!
    Just a quick update lads! Am at Big Mick’s !!
    What a neet! Proper top rave ! Lambi got his twin decks oot and pumped the tunes aal neet man!
    Anyways, am just eating a bowl of monster munch in milk and sugar ! Pure lush this like.
    Big Mick is on aboot gannin for a ride in his helicopter the day like but ave telt him the bizzies are after is for choring a car the other day. The bizzie copter will be straight up if they kna am oot surfing the skies like. Yi kna where am coming from like divvent yi’s.
    Am just ganna gan doon the Toon on me BMX and howk a few daft doylems !
    Aal the doylems divvent kna what to dee when they see me.
    Wooo hoo hooo hoo!
    Anyways, Big Mick has invited that cockney kid, Danny Dyer roond the neet so that should be alreet like.
    A hate cockneys like, apart from Big Mick and Lambi so a might just kick Dyer aal owa just to show him Geordies are pure solid nails man!
    Anyways, laters gaters!
    Toon ! Toon!

  2. Morning Geordies,

    I for one am exremely excited about tomorrow’s match.
    A couple of key battle’s were mentioned in toonsy’s article yesterday and i thought id change the ‘Carroll v Koscielny’ clash, to ‘Carroll and Shola vs Arsenal’s back 4′.

    I for one believe that we can take heart from the way Chelsea’s and Blackburn’s (especially) and sometimes Bolton’s big forwards, get joy against a very short and physically weak aresenal back line. IMO
    So, saying that, i believe that arsenal are not going to enjoy tomorrow if Big Andy continues to look like potentially the most powerful forward in the league. Since his Court Case, Carroll has looked immense imo, and that fourth goal against 5cumder1and really excites me about how potent we really could be with consistent delivery.

    I read an article by Arsene Wenger, praising Andy Carroll, which i thought was nice and complimentary, even the journalist started by saying he usually plays down opponents rather that ‘big’ them up. Cheers Arsene lol

    Any way, even if we get beat – everybody else seems to ne way so itll be no big deal, but if we win ill be buzzin about the prosect of going to Wednesday vs Fat Sam!

    Ps. Tiote has to be here for years because I really think he has become one of our top 3 players and that is a big compliment when u look at our team lol. i look forward to seeing the Big Soul train and Benny back in the team!

    3-1 Tomorrow. TOON ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Morgen aus Deutschland,vie gehts sie alle? Toonsy stop winding the Mancs up :lol:
    Off for a shower then oot for some german bier,f*cking p!ssin doon here by the way.
    Enjoy the match tomorrow Howay the Lads.Laters

  4. We need Peter Beardsley in man-to succeed Chris when he returns to his native south-go on Peter son!

  5. richietoon…get stuck into the Weissbier matey, and find yourself a nice boozer showing the toon game for tomorra, it could be fun ! All the best from grey and wet Munich…

  6. Don’t want pedro as number 2, a couple of bad results and some supporters will be screaming for him to replace hooters, don’t think we need another messiah

  7. I am seriously concern with only 1 coach and that’s gk coach right Now at our club~~

    that’s horrible.

    Hopefully,the club can quickly get a Assistant for CH,and some coaches,be it for 1st-team or as normal coaches.