International exile continues for De Jong over Ben Arfa attack.

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Nasty Nigel doing what he does best.
Nasty Nigel doing what he does best.
Manchester City’s midfield hatchet man, Nigel De Jong, has been once again been omitted from the Netherlands team by manager, Bert Van Marwijk for their game against Turkey on 17th November.

Van Marwijk’s refusal to select the player could possibly for his complete lack of contrition over his assault on Newcastle United’s Hatem Ben Arfa, which left the player with his leg broken in two places, and out of action for several months in what was only his fourth game for the Magpies.

Speaking of his meeting with De Jong after the incident, Van Marwijk said:

“We had a talk but it was not a good talk”

De Jong himself whined that he was being made a scapegoat for the Netherland’s rather robust style of play in the recent World Cup, and that he has been “unfairly treated”. It was during that competition where he launched a shocking attack on Spanish playmaker, Xabi Alonso, kicking him in the chest. De Jong has also been criticised for other violent incidents, including also breaking the leg of Bolton Wanderers and USA midfielder, Stewart Holden, during a Netherlands “friendly” against the USA.

Newcastle United did make an official complaint to the FA over the Ben Arfa attack, but the FA decided to take no further action over the player. Meanwhile, his club, Manchester City, have staunchly defended De Jong, with manager, Robrto Mancini, fearing that the outcry over De Jong’s attacks on oppostion players may be affecting his form.

Meanwhile, Manchester City have seen a remarkable dip in form since the thug’s latest fall from grace, losing their last three games despite record transfer spending in their quest to buy trophies.

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30 Responses

  1. Reckon Mancini will be up for the chop soon – players seem to hate him and his style of play

  2. That’s what y’get with an ‘identikit’ team.
    Got some decent players but too many egos, too many cast offs, too many glory/dosh hunters.

  3. CLiNT – Remind you of anyone? ;)

    I’m not saying that City will go down like we did becuase quite simply they won’t, nowhere near it lol :lol:

    But I do think that having money is only part of the ingredients needed for success. It needs the team to be a team aswell. Look at United, Arsenal, Chelsea…. They work together as a team. City haven’t got that, yet.

  4. Of course NDJ is a thug unlike those choirboys Barton, Guthrie and Shearer (remember the deliberate kick to Lennons head?). And when you finished second in the PL how did you get there? Did you not spend relatively big money at the time on the likes of Cole, Asprilla, Shearer, etc? Rubbish article, I won’t be reading the tripe on this site again.

  5. @6
    what a pathetically weak argument mate.
    I think you’ll find none of them players smashed a young players leg in half with a big mongo lumuxy lunge.
    & what we spent back in the day was chicken feed.
    Cole cost pennies, Tino was £6m.
    But so long as you’re happy with your lot breaking legs…

    Hey mate, they gel yet. But it obviously hasn’t yet.
    Nasty way to run a railroad.

  6. No Idea Hammo, Cole and Shearer in the same team? try talking sense or even reading google. Cole was a £6m profit and sold before Keegan bought Shearer. Asprilla was no where near a Robinho purchase more a Santa Cruz.

    Newcastle didnt spend anywhere near what you are!!! hopefully your owners will get bored with their play thing and leave you billions in debt and in the Blue Square League where Blue Moon would be a great club song. Bring back Man City Supporters with a brain not wankers like this one ffs

  7. More rigs the better for me mate. :)
    If they keep going down that route, it won’t help, as you state earlier.
    As we all know.
    Stability is key.
    That’s why fans have to hold off, even after a few dodgy results.

  8. CLiNT – Thing is, it;;s not the fans who are creating the pressure for them, much like it wasn;t when the Hughton stories were floating about.

    It’s the press trying to stir some blood somewhere, anywhere, more than anything.

  9. toonsy,
    the pressure is all ‘home made’ for manc.
    Hoy tons of money at a club, expectations rise, yet, a lathargic, ‘hey we’ve made it’ attitude seems to have gripped eastlands. Complacency seems to be setting in.
    Amongst all concerned.
    But the owners want results. They aren’t too good on the eye, & have had to resort to clogging & relying on ref favoritism atm. That can only take you so far.
    If they ain’t got it together soon, it could start turning.

  10. He didn’t maliciously break Ben Arfa’s leg. If de Jong hasn’t expressed proper contrition for the challenge then that’s regrettable, but the challenge itself bore no malice, or was reckless.

    Can you really expect anything less than a storm when the word ‘thug’ is used in the article?

    But the obvious intention was to stir things up, otherwise this article wouldn’t have been written.

    Let’s just put this incident behind us eh? I like the Geordies and hope you do well this season. Let’s not try and stir up hatred between the two sets of supporters.

  11. Later toonsy,
    EZ mate.

    Let’s just say,
    I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to SMASH HBA’s LEG IN HALF, IN 2 PLACES.
    But it WAS reckless, it WAS a ‘REDUCER’ & to claim otherwise is churlish mate.
    The fact he didn’t apologize says everything, most players do & show genuine regret.
    I’m sure most Geordies have never had a problem with most manc fans.
    Though this has highlighted a distinct refusal to condemn a leg smashing challenge on most of your lads part, which is sadly depressing man.
    Hope you don’t have to feel the injustice we do, no sarcasm intended.
    it’s over.

  12. Nick – agree de Jong won’t be the last player to break someones leg whether he meant it or not, got some decent mates who are man city fans and they reckon Mancini is shite – to be honest just shows how much expectation has risen now you’ve spent a few quid
    No different with Hughton, start of season we all said survival is main goal, 10 games in and already some people are expecting a mid table finish at worst and we’ve spent jack all !

  13. Never thought there were any bad intentions in the tackle, truth be told, I like de Jong (great to have him backing up the back line) but he should tone it down a bit and he should have shown some regret about the incident.
    I think the problem is that he is infact a very strong player, and when he gives a 100%, with the speed the game’s played now, these things are bound to happen.
    Having said that, I think van Marwijk is right to have dropped him from the team, not perminantly, but for now at least.

  14. FFS ! you fekkin whingein tw4ts. LET IT GO !
    Rarely have I seen such pathetic pap from anyone north of milton keynes. to55er5. yer team is riddled with propper thugs, not solid defensive midfielders. As for ben & arthur, do you people ever read the real news ? The cnut is in andy carrol land for abusing kids in a child prostitution scandal in frog land. If that’s worthy of you concern in n’castul I’d vote for england giving you enforced independance and fekkin you off to live with the jocks. hba deserves chemical castration and a life sentence of living in jesmond

  15. tublu…

    lol, yeah you read some real great sources of info sites dont you.. your a more likely kiddy fiddler you fricking mank prat. i heard you alledgedly sucked off an alsatian so it clearly must be true. get a breath mint and go back to your sister you irish prick fukc.

  16. haha tublu

    yet another coherent and well-argued point. you make quite a strong case there, totally logical and not at all b*llocks.

    i want to write ‘get your facts right about ben arfa and the ribery case’ but there isnt a lot of point.

  17. joppadoni…

    I think tublu was referring to this story that is doing the rounds in the gutter press

    tublu thinks that HBA deserves chemical castration because he’s been abusing kids in a child prostitution scandal in France. What tublu fails to mention is that the ‘child’ in question was apparently a 17 year old prostitute (who probably looked well over 18!)

    message to tublu…

    LET IT GO!

  18. That article was doing the rounds back in April, and we are getting accused of not letting go…… :roll:

  19. Oi Oi daft dafties!!!
    Just a quick update lads! Am at Big Mick’s !!
    What a neet! Proper top rave ! Lambi got his twin decks oot and pumped the tunes aal neet man!
    Anyways, am just eating a bowl of monster munch in milk and sugar ! Pure lush this like.
    Big Mick is on aboot gannin for a ride in his helicopter the day like but ave telt him the bizzies are after is for choring a car the other day. The bizzie copter will be straight up if they kna am oot surfing the skies like. Yi kna where am coming from like divvent yi’s.
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    A hate cockneys like, apart from Big Mick and Lambi so a might just kick Dyer aal owa just to show him Geordies are pure solid nails man!
    Anyways, laters gaters!
    Toon ! Toon!

  20. Morning Geordies,

    I for one am exremely excited about tomorrow’s match.
    A couple of key battle’s were mentioned in toonsy’s article yesterday and i thought id change the ‘Carroll v Koscielny’ clash, to ‘Carroll and Shola vs Arsenal’s back 4’. :-)

    I for one believe that we can take heart from the way Chelsea’s and Blackburn’s (especially) and sometimes Bolton’s big forwards, get joy against a very short and physically weak aresenal back line. IMO
    So, saying that, i believe that arsenal are not going to enjoy tomorrow if Big Andy continues to look like potentially the most powerful forward in the league. Since his Court Case, Carroll has looked immense imo, and that fourth goal against 5cumder1and really excites me about how potent we really could be with consistent delivery.

    I read an article by Arsene Wenger, praising Andy Carroll, which i thought was nice and complimentary, even the journalist started by saying he usually plays down opponents rather that ‘big’ them up. Cheers Arsene lol

    Any way, even if we get beat – everybody else seems to ne way so itll be no big deal, but if we win ill be buzzin about the prosect of going to Wednesday vs Fat Sam!

    Ps. Tiote has to be here for years because I really think he has become one of our top 3 players and that is a big compliment when u look at our team lol. i look forward to seeing the Big Soul train and Benny back in the team!

    3-1 Tomorrow. TOON ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Nice one Nick appreciate it and I think your right I don’t have a problem with Man City fans. I don’t think De Jong intentionally broke Ben Arfa’s leg but did go to use excessive force to try and take Ben Arfa out of the game (not physically but mentally) however what annoys me more about this incident is he hasn’t since apologised to Ben Arfa and I am sure you can appreciate that. However I for one would like to move on and enjoy the last two wins we have had which I am over the moon at.