Arsenal 0-1 Newcastle – Goal highlights and post-match VIDEO interviews.

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Newcastle fought their way to a hard-earned but deserved victory at The Emirates this afternoon.

Andy Carroll heads the only goal of the game to give United a valuable three points at the expense of the title-chasing Gunners.

Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger was naturally sporting after the defeat as he branded Newcastle lucky in his post-match interview.

Meanwhile, on the more dignified side of things, Chris Hughton (below) praised his spririted group of lads as they won for the first time in the clubs history at The Emirates, and for the first time since 2001 away at Arsenal.

That is three wins on the bounce for a Newcastle side that are showing no fear at the moment and are showing the likes of Michael Owen and Damien Duff just how much they held us back.

Right now we have a team in every sense of the word, and I am absolutely loving it.

Hughton for PM!

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138 Responses

  1. andy grey at last admits he wrong about newcastle ??
    but he still thinks we wont stay there i hope he is enjoying his humble pie

  2. Well said toonsy,i have a feeling that we are on the brink of something special here.and i saw your comments on an arsenal blog,telling them to not get too disheartened with the defeat.rubbing salt into the wounds,eh?class

  3. Unbelievable result.

    The best thing about today’s win is, we didn’t even play as well as we did against Sunderland.

    Our passing was off for the majority of the game and we got caught in possession several times throughout. Yet somehow we managed to dig in and still claim all three points. Very impressed.

    Stand out individual victories for me were,
    Jose v Walcott
    Tiote v Cesc
    Carroll v Koscielny and
    Simpson v Nasri

    Also, I have to say that Simpson has really surprised me since coming back.He looks twice the player he looked before his injury.

  4. Toro-Tiote was brilliant, as per today. You could probably count on one hand the amount of times Fabregas had time and space on the ball to run the game. Yes he worked the midfield for periods of the game, but nothing was given to him on a plate. Tiote was the man given the job of shutting him out and he made it very, very hard for Cesc for alot of the game today.

  5. Yes toonsy,i could make that out,but when any opposition fan comes and makes a comment like that after a shock defeat,for sure its gonna be hurting them real bad,dont tell me that you didnt want that to happen also….

  6. Deepak – That’s some very cynical thinking there ;) ;)

    Fair play to them, they didn’t take the bait and have been fine with their reaction. Most of them are giving us some credit.

  7. Ross

    Agreed. Tiote was fantastic. I must say though, Cesc seemed a bit below par from the get-go as he misplaced pass after pass. Tiote has a habit of getting an early yellow card, but he doesn’t let it adversely affect his game. Top professional.

    I almost cr****d myself when he was down holding his hamstring. I hope he hasn’t got a niggle injury. He is vital to us.

  8. Toonsy-I like to rub it in when i can mate,have gotten a lot over the years.its almost 1 in the morning here and am still bouncing up and down.considering that i have an exam tomorrow in which i really have to do well,this win has come at a bad time for me and my mates who are being irritated by me even now:-)

  9. Good luck with the exam deepak, ride high on the euphoria of the toon win today, you’ll be ok

  10. Thanks munich mag,hope so anyway.find myself going through formations and tactics and all those sort of stuff when i pick up the book.!…

  11. After last season’s 7 in a row specials I really didnt think we would get even 3 in a row this season at any point. Plus two were away games and such a convincing derby slaughter. Two home games now to get that monkey off our back and atone for Stoke/Wigan. I really don’t want big sham to spoil our winning streak but it will be difficult because he will turn up very much like we did today at arsenal. One in the eye for Big Sam and we’ll be walking in a Hughton wonderland!

  12. DJG – you were one of the the biggest doom and gloom merchants on here a couple of weeks ago – climbing all ower hughtons back like some cheap monkeys heed imitation – i pulled you up on it and you starting crying about cyber bullying.

    What have you got to say now?

  13. DJG-Would love to send Big Sham back to Casa Del St James or whatever the bloody hell he called it with a sore heed after he’s just taken a battering. After the Mackems and today confidence will be sky high and its a very winnable game. The biggest thing for me is the fact that I dont think Hoots will let any of them become over confident. Like he said before today’s game, the training ground was Euphoric for a few days after last Sunday and then it was heads down, business as usual. Exactly the way it should be, he’s a top bloke.

  14. Just gotta say tho – was offered a ticket last night and had to think twice – its a long way and a lotta money to spend for what i assumed would be nowt more than a spanking.

    Well – you gotta be in it to win it – and i was, and what a belta!

    That’s 2 away games for me now this season – Chelsea and Arsenal and 2 wins! Wonder what odds you would have got on that?

  15. Toonsy I just hope the team dont think B/burn will be easy. But I still think the scum game was the start of a nice wee home run, and it would be nice to cause BSA more heartache ;)

  16. I said I didn’t want to contribute to Barton’s wages (altho toonsy tells me I did at Chelsea in the cup) so I’m happy enough.

    Anyway, fcuk it, if the dirty scouser can go a full season without any bother then i’ll forgive him.

    Lets hope for all our sakes he does. :)

  17. another first for st. Hoots. Thats why i’m not a manager. I would’ve rested some of the quality for the “more winnable” match on wed, and we wouldn’t be in 4th atm.
    To all those who said team spirit counts for nowt, i’d say team spirit got us 3 points today.

  18. we’re 5th aren’t we. but aye JG its a good job u and a few others on here aren’t our manager ;)

  19. Soz lads,
    but some of our fans need to learn ‘how to’…watch a football match.
    Our passing wasn’t a bit off, womever wasn’t a bit below par, blah blah didn’t do much etc.
    We just played one of the best teams in the world at their yard, beat ’em without too much fuss. Have a great away record, still have the refs/assistants/media/press etc against us.
    & still some of us are watching rather than seeing, crapping themselves incredulously in a most hyper-critical way.
    Football is nearly 2 hours of living theatre, anything & does happen.
    It always has, always will.
    F*** what the mongs on tv etc trot out, it’s bullsh & we & they all know it.
    As blackpool & wba are helping us prove.

  20. TC – I’m telling you because that is the case. Have a mooch at the rules;

    19 Financial Rules

    19.1 The proceeds of each match after paying thereout the travelling expenses of the Visiting Club, the ground and other expenses of the match including Value Added Tax, floodlighting of the playing pitch and ancillary lighting (not to exceed £200), advertising, printing, postage, police charges, turnstile operators, stewards, contribution to first aid helpers and clearing the ground of snow, provided in the case of the last mentioned item the Visiting Club is notified in advance of the match in question of the approximate cost (such net proceeds being hereinafter referred to as ‘the Net Cup Competition Gate’) shall save as set out below be divided as follows:

    19.1.1 45 per cent to each Club taking part in such match; and

    19.1.2 10 per cent to the Cup Competition Pool (hereinafter called ‘the Pool Account’) the proceeds of which are to be divided at the end of the Competition in the ratio 1:1 between
    (a) the Clubs in The Premier League; and
    (b) the Clubs in The Football League.

  21. So basically, after everything has been paid, each team gets 45% of what is left. Ergo, a proportion of your ticket money went to Barton :D

  22. I just hope all those singing Hoots praises today, stick with him when the going gets tough. As it most definitely will.
    What he has already achieved thus far has been awesome. What a man too. Well on the way to becoming a legend?

  23. Clint Flick

    I watched the game for myself and our passing at times WAS a bit off compared to the Sunderland game.


    We did get caught in possession far more times than we did against Sunderland

    However, we were clinical and defensively superb. That is why we now have 3 precious points. Just because we got the win, doesn’t mean the performance was faultless. It most certainly was not faultless.

    Wind your neck back in, mate.

  24. Toon Chicken says:
    November 7, 2010 at 7:48 pm
    DJG – you were one of the the biggest doom and gloom merchants on here a couple of weeks ago – climbing all ower hughtons back like some cheap monkeys heed imitation – i pulled you up on it and you starting crying about cyber bullying.

    What have you got to say now?

    A lot can happen in 2 weeks in football. After the Wigan game I really couldn’t see us getting results like this because we couldn’t buy a win at home. I can see us getting 3-4 points in the next two games now. I think its unfair to single me out for critism. Yes I was dissapointed at the time but so were many others. Likewise it’s easy to turn round now after 3 wins and pretend we have been above average all season because apart from 2 games before that we hadn’t.

  25. TC tbf you did tell me that you wouldn’t go to a game if Joey was playing, So I guess you have forgiven him allready, or else you dont stick to your word ? ;)

  26. I personally begrudge my money ending up in Smith or Bests pockets, I dont have to like Bartons personal life but i can see the obvious talent whereas i cannot see what Smith or Best do that i and many others couldnt.

    Its like paying to watch Wagner in concert…

  27. ET,
    no mate,
    we were playing arsenal, they are a great team.
    We won, a few missed passes are par for the course in every game.
    To be ‘that’ critical is emblematic & an indictment.
    Even when you win 10-0 players still make mistakes.
    So, if you don’t get what i’m saying, forget it, but i reckon you get my point, you’re a smart lad.

  28. For the first 10 – 15 mins it was all Nufc. 75% possession. That was the time we should have scored. But we failed to get any shots away and the pressure started to build. Fair play to the lads tho they battled on right to the heart rending end. Interesting that Arsenal have scored 9 times this season in the last 10 mins of a game. I was bricking it big style, but the lads were always so confident in themselves. 3 points well and truely earned no matter who says what.

  29. PS…
    No-one said it was a ‘faultless’ performance either.
    & i didn’t mention any names.

  30. CC you cant say that about Wagner, Batty will be raging mate he has a facebook group for him :) and will be voting away like a goodun right now before the lines close ;)

  31. big dave

    I feel bad already i mean Wagners shit but comparing him to Smith is a bit harsh like…

  32. TC – magnanimus as ever.

    I actually think we passed the ball well today. I don’t think there’s been many teams that have had more possession than us this season.

    Personally I think we’re one of the better passing sides in the league.

    As for the next two games, it would be very Newcastle to go and get 1 point out of both games. It really wouldn’t suprise me. But on the other hand, confidence must be as high as its ever been and the crowd will be up for it too.


  33. Sick of reading/hearing how arsenal, everton, etc were below par & that’s why we beat ’em.
    They were below par cos we didn’t allow them to play.
    i.e. We were good, not, they were bad.

  34. CLint

    Less of the condescending words and childish emoticons, pal. We aren’t kids.

    “Playing against a great team…a few missed passes are par for the course in every game!

    Is that the sum of your analysis?

    Well I’m sorry but since when did playing “a great team” excuse MORE wayward passes and sloppy losses of possession than in the previous game? Were our players overawed by Arsenal’s “greatness” and subsequently left star struck, which resulted in a lack of direction in a fair amount of their passes?

    I am simply stating that we were stronger in those two areas against Sunderland, but we made up for the deficiencies with fantastic defending and a clinical edge in front of goal.

    What is wrong with that?

    As I said earlier, just because we won away at an extremely tough place doesn’t mean the performance didn’t have it’s flaws.

    I hope to God Hughton see’s it how I do, it’s the only way we will continue to improve.

  35. The look on Tim Krul’s face when Joey hands him the bottle and the guy says, ‘can you present this to Andy Carroll’. Class.

  36. NOOOO Clint thats not how it works. come on man next you’ll be getting called deluded.
    Blah !

  37. Also, in regards to us holding possession very well, it would be interesting to see exactly WHERE that possession was held. I am pretty sure 75% of it was in our own half

  38. I am sure I saw Tiote nutmeg Clichy when running up the wing towards the end of the game, can anyone confirm?

  39. El Toro – does it matter where we had the possession? We were playing Arsenal ffs! The idea is to stop them having the ball and hurting us.

  40. El T. it dont matter so long as the lads keep learning and improving. And you cant deny that they are. What more do you want :?

  41. Does anyone think Hughton should take his time finding a coach. Since Calderwood has left we have rocketed.

  42. Toro-He did meg Clichy, with ease. He then followed it up by clipping a cross field ball to Carroll that landed at his foot with pin point accuracy. Top buzzer.

  43. first 15 minutes the possession stats were something along the lines of 67/33% in our favour. Not many will achieve that in 90 mins full stop at Arsenal. For a decent chunk of the game we out passed Arsenal, no small feat. We took a gamble in going two up top today and it worked. Everything was perfect as far as Hoots’ tactical game was concerned.

  44. DJG – But that is blatantly taking the piss surely? I mean the headline has no bearing on the story whatsoever!

  45. Toonsy

    I saw that and was going to say something, but I decided to leave it as I knew someone else brig it up anyway.


    I knew it! I knew I didn’t dream it. Is there anything this lad can’t do? I also noticed how well he dealt with Song’s physical pressure. I wonder if he has a brother we could sign? ha!


    Fair enough. I wasn’t actually moaning about the passing. I was merely trying to highlight that we can dig out victories even when we aren’t playing at 100%. Ah well, forget I said anything.

  46. Toonsy – I wouldn’t bother even putting the link up for that mate.
    Ed’s had to resort to ott headlines to try and get some attention. Sad.

  47. Ha, drawn on points with u Toonsy on the Fantasy league, shocking day for me with Sagna & Koscielny in my team, at least Carroll made up for it a bit!

  48. Come to think about it, I do remember a brief moment in the game where the lads were chanting “Ole!” as we passed the ball around midfield.

  49. Toro-He was asked in an interview if he could recommend players who he thought would do well for us. He mentioned to young lads, one a winger the other a striker/AM i think. Get on the phone to them if they’re anything like him, lol.

  50. cornish-magpie your not doing that bad on the FFL are ye :)
    Toonsy that has to be one of the worst Edlines I have seen in a longtime mate.
    fuk to think that I pull you up on some of your suspect Headlines :lol: I take it back now, for now anyway ;)

  51. Dave – It’s shocking really mate. Redknapp said nowt of the sort. He said, and we all watched it, “if it was HIM, HE would consider walking”. Not Hughton will walk :roll:

    Ah well

  52. ed has lost his purpose… Sad really.
    One of the players tiote mentioned gervinho, is class. He can play any where accross the top. Problem is, he’s no secret. I would imagine he’d cost around 10 mil at least, and i’d also imagine cashley won’t be willing to pay that atm. He would be a good creative partner for big andy.

  53. Yeah, fraid so Big Dave, 201st place….! Should get Nolan in my team maybe. P.S. on FiveLive they were mentioning Nolan for England with Carroll. How about his for an England line up


    Ok, might be stretching it a bit with Routers ;)

  54. Replace Jonas with someone who can cross the ball and we can compete with any one besides that how good is it to be pissed 3 weeks on the trot

  55. 201? I’ve moved up :lol:

    Jersey – I wouldn’t say that, but making headlines out of nothing is tabloid stuff, and we have enough of that to deal with already IMO.

  56. Mick G

    That is a tricky one though, Mick. Jonas has shown over the last few weeks that he really does contribute a hell of a lot to our cause.

  57. I still say that when Benny come back we should try Jonas on the right and Benny on the left. I rckon Jose and Benny would be just as effective on the left, and Jonas on the right would strengthen the right-side, and allow Jonas to play using his stringer foot.

  58. El toro I know I love him he works harder than anyone but no end product. Barton as played just 3 weeks out wide and he crosses the ball better than Jonas as ever done

  59. Im proud to manage this great football club and I’ll do the job for as long as I’m allowed to.

    This contract situation could be resolved so quickly if the right people wanted it to be.

    Two quotes from Hughton in an Irish paper today, Im alittle worried. From the sunday world not on their website to prove.

  60. Toonsy – that would mean dropping Barton, woudn’t it? I think he’s been one of the main reasons behind us winning three on the trot.

  61. I went to the match today, the missus got us tickets sat with Arsenal season ticket holders. It was for my birthday, I thought it was some kind of sick joke but what a day! Almost gave myself away a few times shouting at Jonas to wake up. We were mighty impressive in closing them down.

    The fullbacks were great at channelling everything infield where Nolan, Tiote, Willo and Colo mopped everything up. Even Carroll was playing like a sweeper at times helping out. A few of the Arsenal fans were commenting on how good Colo looked. This is my first game this year and he really seems to boss the defence and keeps everyone calm.

    Tiote was absolutely awesome. He dominated the midfield, they just couldn’t live with him. I also bricked it when he went down.

    We could have threatened more today. Simpson had a lot of space to run into all day long but I suspect he was told to not overcommitt. Jonas too was a little wasteful with his opportunities. We look much more balanced now,’our rhs looks soo much better going forward and defending.

    Gonna drive up for the Fulham game on sat. Is the East stand noisier than Milburn? Last time i was in bar 1892 and it seemed dead, all the noise seemed to be coming from across the way. Im thinking block E, will that be a good crack?

    Talking of dead, the Emirates was the quietest ground I’ve ever been to, what a joke!

  62. Stuart – True, but I still don’t think Barton is the long-term answer to the right side. I’d like Barton on the middle personally, but then Nolan’s place comes under scrutiny…

  63. Ah well back on the road tonight, but back for the match on Wed.
    Cheers Lads n lasses (?)

  64. JerseyGeordie says:
    November 7, 2010 at 9:24 pm
    ed has lost his purpose… Sad really.
    One of the players tiote mentioned gervinho, is class. He can play any where accross the top. Problem is, he’s no secret. I would imagine he’d cost around 10 mil at least, and i’d also imagine cashley won’t be willing to pay that atm. He would be a good creative partner for big andy.

    ha Ive actually got him in my master league newcastle team on pes 2011. On that he seems a bit lightweight for the prem. He plays at a WF, so isn’t really a CF or a winger. Would he be much better than Ranger in the long run assuming he would cost £10M. Similar to Ranger but more skills.

  65. Dave – It’s hard to say at the moment, but I know what you want me to say ;)

    If Barton goes back into CM and plays like he has done then he can’t be dropped. Likewise Nolan, if he plays like he been then he can’t be dropped, and he has played CM since we had Shola and Andy up top. It’s a tugh one,, but I’d prefer to have that probelm to be honest.

  66. dave nolan is quicer in the box than any 1 we got and has an eye for goal so leave him alone ya bully

  67. Toonsy > I know what you want me to say :lol:
    What do you mean ;)
    I think Tiote cant be dropped the way he plays, as he is the one type of player we have needed for years ;)

  68. Batty me a Bully never lad
    I was just thinking there of a few other players that will have problems getting in the team Guthrie, Gosling I think we need to try to shift Smith and a few others on but as ever the problem with Smith is who will take him

  69. With Smith the problem is who will match his wages? Not many people, so unless he drops his demands then we are stuck with him. I don’t mind though to be fair as Tiote will be banned soon enough anyway and he can come in for that one game.

  70. Impressed with Simpson again. Team is picking itself at present and long may it continue. The Special One alawys keeps a settled team even when managing clubs with massive squads as it breads understanding and unity and it’s woring for us. Whoever has the shirt keeps it and the likes of Campbell, Taylor, Routledge etc will have to be patient.

  71. ha, see the sky website have changed that sub-heading, its now reading…

    Nolan and Carroll do not condone the use of drugs

  72. None for Tiote or any of our midfield though.
    No highlights of our 48% ’til the analysis either, weird kinda ‘love’ if y’ask me.
    All they ever do is praise the goal scorer cos they are lazy bastards that no nowt about our team.

  73. Toonsy-I was shocked mate. They said our back four was essentially perfect for 90 minutes. EVERYONE is making the Carroll for England call aswell. Redknapp said on Sky he was the best in the league at what he does currently.

  74. No Olssen and No Mulumbu for West Brom’s next game. Get your money on them losing their next game me thinks.

  75. On second thoughts, it’s against West Ham so The Spammers might scrape a draw now, ha!

    We will need to be at our passing best against Blackburn as they are fully capable of dealing with our long ball game.

  76. I’ve never seen any mention of Tiote ever! Not once this season, barring a mistake he made when he was deployed at rb against Chelsea in the CC. Long may it continue I say. If he’s left as the unsung hero, then hopefully there won’t be any interest drummed up in him from other clubs.

  77. My bad, it appears he isn’t. I thought he was injured but he played yesterday so he can’t be.

  78. We have to beat Blackburn. Also, on SSN they were saying the lawyers are being consulted with regards to the NOTW, which would be great!!

    And uncle ed’s blogs has gone doon the tubes IMHO, shame really

  79. Raffo – Have alook on the last thread to see what the club said mate. It’s all there. Fairplay to them

  80. Aye I have seen the statement and I am impressed for a change. Who knows, maybe things really are starting to turn for the better for our great club

  81. MrT,
    although i doubt other coaches/scouts aren’t as badly researched or as glib as tv pundits.

  82. Of course there will Toonsy mate – I predict Weds night when ‘long ball sam’ and his merry men will probably do a job on us in a game we should view as winable.

  83. Just seen that Tiote is just one booking away from a suspension. I would like to see him strategically take it against Fulham so he misses the Chelsea game, which is a right off in my opinion. We desperately need him against Fulham so hopefully he keeps it clean against Blackburn.

  84. well said el toro what an inspiration tiote has been an amazing buy by sir chris if that would have been an arsne wenger buy the press wouldnt have stopped talking about the genious in aw but there u go this is newcastle and i dont give a fcuk about the f……….. english press come on the toon

  85. Since this team loves to break records right?? Why not break the losing streak against Blackburn at Home~~~

    Incredibly, the men from Ewood Park come to SJP in search of their fifth successive victory here – although their fat-headed gaffer managed to conjure up just a single Toon home win in his last six games in charge.

    ;) :lol:

  86. Slated yesterday, forced to praise him after the win and then more crap in the sun today along with calls for him to be called up by England, Andy is certainly great fodder for the media but cant help but think he is sleepwalking into one almighty ambush.

  87. BBB – It’s lash out because we beat one of their media darlings, although to me The Sund alleges that both players took drugs and doesn’t cover itself like the NOTW yesterday. I’d be ringing my legal team right away for that.

  88. @CLiNT

    Sadly, you’re right mate. But we can always hope. I suppose at least it should keep opposition fans off his scent for a while anyway. Not that that counts for bugger all like!