Manchester City v Newcastle – Match banter.

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Manchester City v Newcastle.
Manchester City v Newcastle.
Welcome to the match banter article which will cover Newcastle’s trip to Eastlands where they will be trying to bounce back from the disappointment of last weekend against moneybags Manchester City.

It’s going to be a tough task, but this this is the kind of task that the players got promoted for. They earned the right to play the best of the best with their performances last season, and in a one-off game I guess you never know. We could grab something from today, although I am already prepared for the worst.

I have posted this match banter article slightly earlier than I normally would as I have to go and pick up some flowers in preparation for a family funeral tomorrow and didn’t want to risk leaving it too late. At least we have an early kick-off to match the early start for the match banter though eh?

As ever, this is the place to come together and piss and moan about the match as we usually do.

For a bit more information regarding the match you can read Paul Reece’s stat-tastic ‘Top ten facts and stats to know about Manchester City’ or you can browse through my all important match preview to take in any important team news regarding both sides.

I’d like to also give a big shout out to the guys from who have been in contact with us and have asked Workyticket about his views on the upcoming match between the two sides. You can read that article here.

I think a lot of us are expecting a defeat today, and that seems to be reflected in our poll where 62% of voters have backed us to lose. We are the underdogs today, but we were underdogs when we beat Everton and Chelsea in their own back yards. That should indicate that stranger things can indeed happen.

I’m still sticking by my prediction of 3-0 to City though.

Howay the lads!

Man City – Joe Hart, Jerome Boateng, Kolo Toure, Vincent Kompany, Joleon Lescott, James Milner, David Silva, Nigel de Jong, Gareth Barry, Yaya Toure, Carlos Tevez.

Subs – Stuart Taylor, Dedryck Boyota, Patrick Viera, Adam Johnson, Roque Santa Cruz, Emanuel Adebayor, Jo.

Newcastle – Tim Krul, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Jonas Gutierrez, Cheick Tiote, Joey Barton, Hatem Ben Arfa, Kevin Nolan, Shola Ameobi.

Subs – Ole Sodeberg, Ryan Taylor, Sol Campbell, Alan Smith, Wayne Routledge, Peter Lovenkrands, Andy Carroll.

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271 Responses

  1. Anyone read Raylor’s comments in Sunday Sun this morning?

    Obviously a good sign that he is showing desire to play, but not sure about the veiled dig at Perch.

    “(Signing him) was a kick in the teeth but he knew Colin (Calderwood) from Forest.”

    Personally, against weaker teams I would start Raylor because of his delivery, but against any half-decent winger he’d get murdered.

    Snatch a draw today, Nolan to score.

  2. Toonsy

    Blimey, it is wet in Manchester

    That must be right up there with the Chronicle headline
    Mark Viduka is not fit

  3. I don’t understand this play Raylor thing? Do people not remember that he spent parts of last season getting murdered at RB? The two games against West Brom come to my mind immediately……

  4. Buda – Who is that in your avatar? The pic is too small to have a mucky moment but if I know the name I can find a larger one ;)

  5. @ Toonsy: You don’t know wet until you’ve spent a monsoon in goa…satellite transmissions jammed at sky’s end. Hope it’s back on soon…
    P.S: You’ve got mail…

  6. I’ve got a feeling that the rain will suit us better than Citeh?
    On a slippery wet surface they won’t be able to play such an expansive game. I think it will suit our gutsy grinding performances like the ones we played away last season, we need to stop city playing football and I think the rain will help this!

  7. To be honest i think our midfield is as good as theirs but up front we need to go with 2 carroll alone is asking to much of the lad against Citeh

  8. Fernando – Will have a look in a mo.

    Carroll on bench, Shola starts apparently. Not official yet mind.

  9. Nothing against Routledge

    But the team needed a change just to freshen us up. Can’t keep going with the same eleven
    Guess were going to be trying to keep it tight and come away with a point.

  10. How far up the pitch do you think Nolan will play.
    Along side Shola?
    or five man midfield.
    He doesn’t have the legs to do both.

    Possibly Nolan will play in the four across the middle and Benny given a roaming roll


  11. I would love to see Benny in behind Strolla today but maybe he will be out on the left with jonas on the right, Do we know if Carroll is injuried ?

  12. Dave – Heard that Carroll is carrying a knock, but also heard he has been dropped. Who knows for sure.

  13. I think Kompany and companywill be expecting an easier afternoon now they are facing Shola,but as someone said earlier lets hope the Chelsea Shola turns up

  14. Well I suppose if he has got a niggle its better safe than sorry. Although I have never been a big Fan of Strollas after the Chelski game he deserves a chance to impress, but I do feel for Lovens has he doesn’t seem to be getting a chance anymore

  15. Has CH decided that Routlidge is not good enough ? can only think that jonas will play right and Ben Arfa left . I would of liked to have seen 442 with Lovenkrands partnering Ameobi with carroll out .

  16. Dave – Lovo can’t play on his own up front. He is too lightweight and will just get knocked off anything.

  17. Agree Asim
    Ranger should be more involved.
    But may be today is not his time. Wigan at home love to see him of one a two pronged attack

  18. Batty – I don’t think anyone can argue that to be honest. Shola has earned his chance to be fair.

  19. I am not a lovenkrands fan.
    Disappears out of games for me.
    When opposition have the ball he doesn’t press hard enough either
    I can see his strengths his pace and clever runs but just don’t think he is good enough.
    Hope one day he proves me wrong

  20. Batty if that was the case then why didn’t he give him the perfect chance last week at stoke ????
    Toonsy I know he is too light weight on his own I was more talking in general this season ;)

  21. I’m glad Jonas is in. Routledge has had some fantastic runs but not really found an end product this season. Jonas is the same but will offer more defensively and is more direct.

    Maybe we will go 4 across the middle with Barton on the left and Jonas right – letting Ben Arfa play off Shola.

    If Silva is playing right side we can play narrow on that wing and stick Jonas on Milner all game.

  22. Got a free preview of FoxSoccerPlus so I’ll be watching the lads in High Definition today!

    Howay the Lads!

  23. Well here we go!

    Fingers crossed, I’d be delighted with a draw, but a good performance will do me!


  24. Martin Atkinson the ref. I’ll get the obligitory “he will give us f-all” remark in now :)

  25. Steve McMahon’s an increasingly growing twat…
    ‘Newcastle nil is a given.Ameobi can’t score anyway.’

  26. His ankle looked a bit wobbly to me in that replay.I hope De Jong gets his legs snapped as well.

  27. TF – I don’t hope anyone looks for retribution on anyones leg. If our players do that we are no better than MickMac’s Wolves team.

  28. FSOTC-aye, if there’s a break I think it could be his leg. The oxygen showed it wasn’t a good one, he’ll be out for months. I’m looking to Tiote to f*ck de Jong up. Confirmed broken left leg.

  29. This is exactly what boils my piss…how long to they possibly think that a defense, any defense, can hold out sustained pressure…??? But still no tactical changes…

  30. BBC live text

    “According to the TV peeps, some replays have been held back from broadcast as they are rather upsetting. I fear that means a broken leg for Hatem Ben Arfa. Heartbreak. On comes Wayne Routledge as his replacement, but what a horrid way to start proceedings.”

    —don’t think we will see Ben Arfa this season again…i feel like crying

  31. The f**cked up commentator
    saying that he doesnt think that it
    is as bad as arfa was making it
    out.wat a k*ob

  32. Who gives a fcuk toonsy

    The fcukinnnnnnnn ref deserve a fcukn leg break now aaaaaaaaaaaaarrfrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  33. THe veetle stream, which is dead now, showed one replay and it looked like his leg was wobbling and unstable as he fell to the ground. I think the shin is broken, but who knows till it’s confirmed?

  34. Williamson always out of position,this is why i don’t rate him as he doesn’t have the pace to recover and reads the game poorly to do well in this league.

    Really can’t be bothered about this game now as ben arfa has been rather unlucky but really don’t know why he stopped and came in like that he should have just carried on running and not panicked the way he did.

  35. Fsotc-true, not confirmed but as good as. Pretty sure he’ll be out, could be 5-6 months.

  36. What was he doing sliding in
    Arsehole all you guys earlier this week shouting praise saying Sol and Saylor wouldn’t oust him.
    Wake up and smell the coffee

  37. TF – I do. Newcastle fans are, and always have been, better than that.

    Obviously not in some cases mind :roll:

  38. feel sorry specially for Arfa. Guy was trying to build his career in PL and here he goes with broken leg. I hope he can come back strong and Newcastle support him during tough time

  39. Really with ben arfa out there newcastle would in with a chance of winning this game,routledge looks scared.

  40. Dave – Yes.

    As for HBA, it depends on how bad the break is. If it’s just one bone or two and so on. We could do with Gerodie Deb to explain it a bit for us :)

  41. Gutted about Ben Arfa….fookin misery.
    Just our luck-get well soon Hatem….Gutted.

  42. As much as i enjoyed Colo’s volley…….he clearly done his groin with it. ha.. Just not our day on the injury front

  43. All the good players are going down,damn what is this,what have we done to the gods of football to deserve this.

  44. Dave – Nope. It’s annoying, but unfortunately the only way is to close them. At least they don’t open new windows and stuff.

  45. we’ve been frustrating at times…
    Steve McMahon can go sit on a spike…
    Newcastle nil my @rse…

  46. ben arfa will not play again this season its a bad break with severe ligament damage just heard on radio…could be career over

  47. If Ben Arfa is out for the season

    Ref Atkinson should be suspended for the season you can’t let tackles like that go unpunished

    Knobhead like all the other Mancs off their heed on charlie

  48. Gutted! For the team and for Ben Arfa! Its about time incidents like this got punished to the degree the deserve.

  49. Speaking of darling Steve…’the challenge by de jong was a good honest one’…

  50. I was ordering a Ben Arfa jersey tonight……hardly worth it now but i hope to God it aint broken

  51. Up to now I think we have done well but Strolla and Nolan have been quiet. But after Benny’s injury I didn’t really care about the result but now I think it would be nice to try to get something for Benny

  52. Well, despite all the bad luck, a penalty that wasn’t, 2 injuries, and a homer referee, I have to say that was one excellent first half performance.

    Apart from our dodgy high line thing which is letting city break a little too often, we’ve played them off the park.

    Our passing in the middle of the park has been superb for the most part, and Shola is doing a great job up front.

    Tevez should have had 2 yellows,one for the foul, one for blasting the ball into the advertising. Little prick. I’d love to see him in black and white though, lol.

    Keep it up lads, and we can get something out of this!

  53. I understand de jong job is to stop people from playing but really what is the need for 2 footed lunges the way he always seems to do,what is he trying to prove,i used to think he was a fair player but really him and kenry are really of the same cloth.

    Poor ben arfa with such a challenge but i really wonder why does ben arfa suddenly stops when he gets the ball,he had so much space to run into but he just came inside and just seems to panic at the sight of the challenge of de jong.

    I hope he can rediscover his strength and skills and that he isn’t out for too long,french players are really not lucky this year ribery and now ben arfa.

  54. to be honest some of our fans need to get real de jongs challenge wasnt nasty lets be honest look at some of the tackles nolan has done that young everton lad for example what goes round comes round am sick of idiots on here talking rubbish

  55. toon factor i agree about de jong but we have nolan who is worse mind you looks like karl henry of wolves is the new baddie in the prem

  56. toonsy you know nothing about football in fact you probably think richard keys invented the premier league no wonder we get called deluded and skyclub now be a good boy and shut up you failed abortion

  57. Later dude ;)

    And for clarity, I attented my first Newcastle match waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy before Sky got in ;)

  58. Lads,kindly summaries for me,what happen in 1st half???? Just came back from work….

    I heard ben arfa is seriously injured…and that we might need to cut short his loan deal,to allow him go back his parent club??? Any truth???

  59. Enrique being the stupid and dumb defender he can be at times,how can you let a left footed player come inside when he is near the box,i mean johnson is so easy to read even a blind man would stop him.

  60. I just find it hard to understand why CH waits till we are down 2-1 to bring Carroll on instead of trying it before they scored.
    Cant believe we never got a pen there

  61. Dave, probably incase we got another injury then we’d have to play with ten men.

    Stonewall pen. Still having a mare this ref.

  62. I think it’s safe to say that the luck has not been on our side today.

    1 x star player injured.
    1 x penalty given against us that wasn’t a pen.
    1 x Penalty not given for us after Lescott brought down Shola

  63. Bit harsh, we’ve played quite well all things considered.

    Can’t complain myself, seems everyone is trying and we’d be 2-1 up with a half-decent ref.

  64. TBH we have played well and as Toonsy Said we have had real bad luck. For me Benny’s injury summed up today totally gutted with that

  65. Aye, that’s the way it goes unfortunately. Looking forward to everyone saying how the city millionaires taught us how to play football. Cause obviously that’s just happened…..

  66. decent performance today but we suffered a huge loss that could severely impact our season…

    …also i don’t know what is going on but we are getting raped by ref’s this season…

    Horrid day altogether…i’m curling up in a corner and crying…

  67. That is too much be just coincidence.
    Atkinson should be ashamed
    Three big decisions that he got hopelessly wrong

  68. This is one of the worst leagues I’ve ever seen for home favoritism. When penalty’s are so important in this game, these officials should at least be held accountable when they aren’t consistent.

  69. Just not our day, played really well but yet again when the big decisions need to be made the officials bottled it. Tiote is going to be a super player

  70. They are accountable to no one.
    A milliion pound business can be influenced by the least talented of all.

  71. Tevez penalty wasn’t even a foul, nevermind the fact it wasn’t in the area. De Jong should have gone for the challenge if not yellowed and we were denied a stone waller. Another example of the brilliant reffing in the premier league. Getting sick of sh!te reffing in our games, it’s costing us regularly.

  72. I don’t think gutted actually covers it!

    Cannot believe we didn’t get a pen and cannot believe they got one!

    I was surrounded by City knobs, but I did have a certain Jonas Gutierrez’s dad sat next to me. He shook my hand and said “that’s my son!” When he scored!

    Still feel fckin cheated..

  73. Whoa,no one wanna reply my question at comment No. 195???

    Lads,kindly summaries for me,what happen in 1st half???? Just came back from work….

    I heard ben arfa is seriously injured…and that we might need to cut short his loan deal,to allow him go back his parent club??? Any truth???

  74. I’m really chuffed with our performance today, we earned a draw at least. Shocking referee. Gutted for Benny.

  75. 1. De Jong broke Hatem Ben Arfa’s leg. Routledge replaced him.

    2. Tevez was given a penalty for a perfectly clean tackle by Williamson, which may have been outside the area.

    3. Jonas scores on a lucky rebound.

    4. Colo goes off with a groin strain, replaced by Campbell.

    Did I miss anything from the 1st half?

  76. Thought that alright, im gutted for Benny…..De Jong and Karl Henry should be sent to the kennels. Hope he’s back for March

  77. Ben arfa loan deal would most likely be cut short,and sent back to parent club.

    Oh My….The black wins the liver 2goals at 1st half.

    We are soon in relegation battle again~~~lol.

  78. Nacho wasnt sent back to Valencia id be suprised if Benny was sent back, not for a few weeks anyway if thats the case

  79. How was De Jong not penalised for a leg-breaking tackle?

    Martin Taylor and Shawcross were both sent off against Arsenal having won the ball. Dangerous tackles (and I think a leg-breaker counts) can earn a red card no matter how much of the ball is won.

    De Jong is just a 20million pound Karl Henry.

    The referee was awful, making inexplicable decisions throughout – why wasn’t Williamson sent off for example?

    Good performance today – Campbell looks strong and Tiote is the real deal.
    Totally robbed- gutted.

  80. They took out our main threat inside 5 minutes, which was cynical. If he hadn’t been injured more hard tackles would have followed. We played some lovely football in the first half but lacked ideas the second half. Nolan was not very useful but I have no real complaints other than their penalty. Still enjoying the way Hughton has us playing.

  81. @ 215 Zinaldo how can you say Enrique is stupid and dumb?
    Heres a young lad who (imo) could step into a top four side any day and not look out of place.
    Seriously man get a grip…

  82. IMO the ref cost us the game , how the fcuk could he give them a penalty and not give us one with shola , it was exactly the same .Still this game shows that we will be safe come the end of the season , we made Citeh look an ordinary side for most of the 1st half after their gift . The team today showed a lot of promise and seem to be progressing with every game (with the exeption of the stoke game) , I am well gutted with Ben Arfa’s injury .

  83. Hard game from which to get out anything.
    Shola was far too Isolated upfront and with our formation we needed to hold on to the ball which we did not do particularly in the second half.

    We did well in the first half but second we were not good.
    Tiote was world class, so was Campbell. I really thought Campbell was going to be the weak link in defence but he proved me very wrong he was solid and used his years of experience.

    Barton was poor too many stray passes from him today. Jonas was classy today offering us an outlet from defence.

    I think we should have tried Lovenkrands rather than carroll but we should not have been chasing the game.

    All in all we would have marked this game before the season started as one of those from which getting anything out of would be impossible bringing us back to the great importance we must place on the blackpools, Stokes etc game where we must get points and all three especially at home. We could have 13 pts on the board considering.

    Our failure to hold on to the ball today is the real reason behind us conceeding the goals although the ref played a big part in the penalty.

    Wigan next that is a must win game, this is doubtless.

  84. 3 years ago city wouldn’t have got the penalty,now that they have got money they will get every 50- 50 decision,when will the FA stop referees prostituting themselves every big(Rich) club gets the crucial decisions.I do think that referees are of the opinion if they keep in with the medias favourite teams it makes them better referees.

  85. well said michael12@267

    Not sure if its part of CH’s tactic
    But we’ve always come out poorly in the 2nd half,sit back trying to defend our lead or playing for a draw, which often results getting us slaughtered

    Case in point? Everton (was lucky), Stoke and today

  86. What is so annoying is that the teams with which we came up are winning the games they would otherwise have expected not to have won.

    Blackpool vs Liverpool and WestBrom vs Arsenal

  87. Just seen an unbiased Player’s rating website which said Williamson was lucky to stay on the pitch for scything Tevez down.
    Mind it also gave Colo a score of 5 and labelled him the flop of the match, with Shola our top player scoring 7.5! Didn’t see the game so I suppose all that must be right – anyone who watched it?