Ref injustice! Manchester City 2-1 Newcastle.

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Martin Atkinson - The man in question.
Martin Atkinson - The man in question.
As days go, they really don’t get much worse than today given what we had to witness at Manchester City this afternoon.

The performance was sound enough for us, we played well enough throughout the game and deserved something from the match, in my opinion anyway.

Referee Martin Atkinson though had an absolute shocker as he took control of the game this afternoon.

If his decision to award a penalty to Manchester City after Mike Williamson won the ball from Carlos Tevez, outside the box I hasten to add, was harsh then his decision not to award a penalty to the away side was ridiculous after Joleon Lescott took away the legs of Shola Ameobi in the City penalty area.

I don’t usually swear whilst writing ‘blogs, but we really did get the shitty end of the stick today, and the phrase ‘home ref’ should be attached to Atkinson’s performance at Eastlands and displayed to anyone who ever wonders quite what the phrase means.

The match was barely 3 minutes old when Newcastle were dealt the first blow of the afternoon. Hatem Ben Arfa picked up a serious injury as a result of a “tough but fair” (according to some) tackle by Nigel De Jong. TV replays were censored, but it didn’t look pretty as Ben Arfa lay striken on the Eastlands pitch needing Oxygen before being stretchered off and taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary with a suspected broken leg.

Newcastle didn’t let that faze them however and they kept City at bay quite easily in fairness. That changed in the 18th minute when Carlos Tevez chased a long ball over the top of the Newcastle defence. Mike Williamson got back to defend, slid in on Tevez and took the ball.

TV replays confirmed this was the case. In fact they also confirmed that the challenge was more than two-yards outside the box. Yet referee Martin Atkinson saw events differently and awarded the penalty without even consulting his assistant, who was on that side of the pitch aswell. Carlos Tevez blasted home the spot-kick to put the home side 1-0 up.

Newcastle pulled level just 6 minutes later through Jonas Gutierrez. The Argentine was recalled to the starting line-up today at the expense of Wayne Routledge, and he finally showed us what he can be capable of. Jonas sent a cross into the box which was partially cleared by the City defence. Unfortunately for them, Jonas ran onto the clearance and smashed the ball past Joe Hart and score his first top-flight goal for Newcastle in the process.

Newcastle continued to frustrate their opponents and looked the better side heading into the break, although the loss of Fabricio Coloccini will be of some concern to Chris Hughton. The City fans even vented their frustration at the half-time whistle by booing their team off.

The game continued in much the same vein in the second-half as Newcastle continued to look well worthy of the 1-1 scoreline. Roberto Mancini brought on Adebayor to beef up their attack, but it wasn’t him who was the game-changer.

The man who did change it was boyhood Newcastle fan Adam Johnson. Just three minutes after coming off the bench the former Middlesbrough winger and United trainee put the home side 2-1 up. I would personally question just what Jose Enrique was doing by ushering Johnson inside onto his stronger left-foot rather than trying to force him wide, but I guess that is kind of irrelevant now.

There was further anguish for Newcastle as Shola Ameobi was denied what looked to be a stonewall penalty. Joleon Lescott took the standing leg of Ameobi after the forward skinned him in the box, but amazingly that foul went un-noticed and Atkinson waved away the Newcastle United appeals.

I had convinced myself before the game that we were going to lose today, which we did, but the way that the game panned out has left me feeling disappointed that we have claimed no points today. We were definately worth a draw in my eyes, and it’s hard not to look towards the referee as being the deciding factor in the outcome.

My thoughts, and I’m sure all of our thoughts, go to Hatem Ben Arfa who looks likely to miss some months now. Just what that means with regard to the loan of the player will become clearer over time, but right now I just want to wish HBA all the best. Hopefully we will see him again at some point this season.

Howay the lad – For Hatty!

Man City – Joe Hart, Jerome Boateng, Kolo Toure, Vincent Kompany, Joleon Lescott, James Milner, David Silva, Nigel de Jong, Gareth Barry, Yaya Toure, Carlos Tevez.

Subs – Stuart Taylor, Dedryck Boyota, Patrick Viera, Adam Johnson, Roque Santa Cruz, Emanuel Adebayor, Jo.

Newcastle – Tim Krul, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Jonas Gutierrez, Cheick Tiote, Joey Barton, Hatem Ben Arfa, Kevin Nolan, Shola Ameobi.

Subs – Ole Sodeberg, Ryan Taylor, Sol Campbell, Alan Smith, Wayne Routledge, Peter Lovenkrands, Andy Carroll.

Attendance – 46,067.

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96 Responses

  1. I posted on your previous blog about referees favouring the “rich” clubs 3 years ago city would not have got the decisions they go today,soon as you get a rich owner you get every 50- 50 decision fact.When will the FA do something about this? I suspect never because like the referees there bollocks are pressed tightly against all the rich clubs arses

  2. Tbh I would have prefered to get beat 4-0 and have no injuries than what happened today…. disgrace

  3. Complete bollock of a ref… the guy is on the Manc Citey pay roll, he must be, I’ve never been so upset at a ref’s decisions than I have to day… I’m seriously pissed off, seriously… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. agreed, Atkinson was leaning one way all game so much, it was if he had one leg shorter than the other.

    shocking decisions all game, and each one benefitted the team in blue.

    as an aside: they paid what, 20-odd million for Kolo Toure?

    Sol Campbell looked fitter, faster and more tactically aware than the City man, and he cost us nowt.

    Tiote was £3.2m or so? Looked twice the player of Gareth Barry and Nigel “Chopper” de Jong combined.

    Lady luck seems to be giving us the cold shoulder at the minute, going by recent games. We certainly deserved something more from the game today, but clearly some of City’s loose change fell into someones back pocket and it was never meant to be.

  5. Was it not Atkinson who gave City a penalty for a tackle on Robinho from Habib Beye. Beye clearly won the ball and he was sent off to boot.

  6. Referees take the least course of resistance approach, its easier to upset us at the moment because they would get more grief from City, Everton, ManU etc, is it now time for Hughton to slate the useless gets becuase this is getting beyond the joke.
    The bog standard cliche is that the decisions even themselves out over the season, well if thats the case we are heading for a top half finish because i cant remember one generous decision in our favour this season.

  7. All this talk about De Jong fair tackle maybe it was mabey it wasn’t it was subjective, but if Joey Barton had made that tackle what do you think peoples opinion would be?He would have been hung ,drawn and Quarted at least.

  8. I’ve a mind to take that dickhead of a ref to court for unjust reasoning… he must have been either on their payroll or scared shiteless agaist the fan outcry… complete robbery…..

  9. Defeat clawed from the jaws of Victory?

    Good performance disappointing result. Very very bad news if Benny has broke leg, could be his last game for us already and I hope to god the lad fully recovers. Dirty challenge from De Jong, clearly targeted our best player and their players and fans were celebrating as if to say job done there. Can add him to Clattermole and Henry as an utter bas###d.

    Jonas played out of his skin and was a combination of wanting to impress the fans back in Argentina and trying to force his way back into the side. Best away performance ever from him and even scored the sort of goal he would normally miss.

    Nolan was frankly pathetic and embarrassing and Hoots had no choice but to drag him off. Good to see Andy with the armband but too little too late. England player? No way Jose.

    Tiote was a different class to everyone else. Apart from Johnson. Poor but clever display from City. Spirited but fully expected display and result. Campbell showed his experience and at least Krul looks to have settled in well.

    Very worrying injury to Benny, bas###d.

  10. LMAO~~~

    everton vs. liverpool

    17th vs. 18th…after international break~~

    Both Merseyside sides are screwed now~~~ 8O 8O

  11. sad sad day. Very much true as mentioned in blog post. I was not expecting us to win but considering how game went , feeling very down with defeat. On top of that Arfa injury. Wish him good luck. More that defeat, sad for arfa. Hope he comes out strong.

  12. DJG,you’re dead right at this level he is a passenger,his name says it all,and it should be the case every game NO-LAN.

  13. im a man city fan and im here not to taunt u guys or whatsoever, but saying man city buying the ref is just to overdone. i believe the injury on hba also had an impact on us with the below par performance but as stated above it was a tough but fair tackle. ref injustice is a shameful thing happening in EPL, (we experienced that last year when we lose to manyoo 4-3). wht im saying here is that it can happen to any team, n this time the injustice went to ur team. im sorry for the injuries and wishes ben arfa a speedy recovery. citd

  14. Utter disgrace!

    Bottom line however is we’ve now lost two on the trott, our creative midfilder probably won’t play for us again and if we don’t beat Wigan next week we’ll be deep in the shit.

  15. Elliot you are right it was Styles.One interesting fact about Styles he owns a building firm and the day he refereed a Chelsea v Newcastle match 2 years ago his firm were doing work at Abromavich’s house,I know for a fact because a friend of mine who was overseeing the job recived a phone call from Styles an hour before he refereed the match.

  16. What a bloody disgrace that ref Atkinson was! Dont usually go with half cocked theories about back handers but his utterly hapless lopsided (to Citey) decisions take the piss. Hatem has a possible broken leg, Collo’s injured, what a crap crap day.

    Typical go to Manchester and get mugged!

  17. Gutted. But solves the problem for houghton, Nolan plays fo now in the cam role which is a shame. Arfa will be back and I still think he will sign for us as long as he proves himself on his return.

  18. Lads,who got this weird feeling like me here…

    that if can….i wanna recall lua lua and play him instead of wayne….

    if can’t,put ranger there.



  19. we were shat on from a great height, can`t complain about the team they deserved better and I hope that Ben Arfa makes the same recovery as Fuller who we were told last week would be out for months, played yesterday did`nt he.

  20. TROJAN 69

    Your right. Well done to the lad for getting us up, but that was a different league and Nolan and Smith are no longer premier league players. Me dad was say I wonder if Campbell will have pace at critical times, well he proved that he does and VAST experience to boot. Can someone tell me, have Nolan and Barton EVER had pace??

    Gutted about Benny, he would have been a match winner for us. At least Jonas and Routledge are starting to improve.

    I still think we needed to sign a proper striker and that will keep us down the bottom this season. It sounds silly but if Bent moved to Newcastle I think we would be top half and they would be relegated.

  21. blatant penalty denied, Arfa’s horror injury, Colo’s groin injury
    pretty much sums up our day!

    Take a pick between nolan and routledge as the worst player today
    sorry to be harsh but routledge will never be prem class, how many games more until CH’s realizes that?
    he would have and should have seen the difference if not for the thuggery of dejong

  22. Did anyone notice how Perch was hurt and he is just a little thin Ashley Cole type. Benny is just a little dude aswell and De Jong went in with his tree-trunk legs in comparison. Some of them maybe need to get in the gym a bit like Enrique, neebody shoves that lad off the ball. Campbell is probably still playing because he has avoided leg breaks ect, is it any coincidece when he is an absolute beast. Size must matter in tackles.

  23. Toonsy I don’t think referees take backhanders they are just starstruck.Years ago L’pool used to get all the 50- 50 decisions but not now it won’t happen again unless they get a rich owner or reach top 4

  24. Also how quiet was the crowd? LMAO could hear a pin drop. Are city turning into the prawn sandwich brigade aswell.

  25. Gmo16 says:
    October 3, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    ‘Snatch a draw today, Nolan to score’

    Nolan to score, my hairy arse. :lol:

  26. Mick G – I am sure refs dont take backhanders but I am so pissed off at Atkinson’s blood awful decisions today it was the only theory I could come up with.

    Is it me or have they been more than usual terrible referring decisions since the start of the season, not just against us but other clubs as well?

  27. tiote was star man with jonas today..tiote on his own made 60 mil midfield look like pub players..what a player he looks..solid at tackles and great on the ball with pace..27 mil not even in the same league..we will get 20 mil plus for him al that is the only good news today..lads u made me is only a matter of time b4 we get up that table and be safe..2 me the refs are why we have just 7 points..not anything else..

  28. Martin atkinson is still pissed off at us because heartless joe called him a mickey mouse ref. Agreed then, and agree still

  29. Toonsy-I have to disagree with you regarding De Jong’s tackle. I wouldn’t say it was fair. He’s went in and scissored Ben Arfa’s standing leg. Stan Collymore (who I usually can’t stand, to be fair) posted a picture on his twitter where you can clearly see De Jong trapping Benny’s leg between his thighs and forcing the break as he goes to ground. The ball can’t even be seen in the photo. The general consensus from neutral fans watching the game who got in touch was that it was a disgusting tackle and he should have been shown the door. The only saving grace? The fact that because no action was taken by the referee at the time, the FA are allowed to review the situation, and potentially slap a red card and a ban on De Jong should they see it suitable.

    As for the Tevez “penalty”, I didn’t hear it but apparently Williamson was interviewed after the game and he revealed upon immediatly going down and asking for the foul by throwing his hands in the air, Tevez stood up and claimed it wasn’t a foul, or a penalty. Not that he cared, the decision had been given.

    As for our performance, I dont actually think we were that bad. We were stroking the ball about at times with confidence and I feel we deserved at least a point, even if we should have been walking away with 3. We were unlucky in that like ive said, some horrendous decisions went against us.

    All in all we’ve been done by a disgusting refereeing display today and quite possibly seen the last of a creative player i’d have taken great pleasure in watching this season, in a Black and White shirt. Wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully we get to see him with us again.

  30. I’m a Norwegian living in Bulgaria and in this country the top clubs are all involved with the mafia and the premier division more or less nothing but a big laundry for dirty money,so the kind of criminal refeering we witnessed today is the order of the day here,but to see the refs behaviour in the English Premier League sinking towards the same level is shocking as well as disgracefull !!!

  31. Ross

    De Jong should be suspended for at least 3 games imo. It’s needless tackles like that, that ruin players careers. Smith admits himself he was never the same player after his leg break. I would go futher and say he was poor that season aswell but nevermind.

  32. going to be a long season…

    On a different note, we’ll have Ben Arfa and Gosling coming back around the same time I would have thought, like having a couple of new players!

    But still, gutted :(

  33. Just read an unbiased(!) website giving player’s ratings which said that Williamson was lucky to stay on the pitch for scything Tevez down.
    Mind it also gave Colo a score of 5 and labelled him the flop of the match, with Shola our top player scoring 7.5!
    Didn’t see the game so I presume all that must be correct? Gosh – look at that pink thing in the sky going Oink!

  34. DJG, I wouldnt hold your breath on that one mate, but even if he does, it wont benefit us in the slightest although it will show that the referee is incompetent but i bet he says he didnt get a good look at it as a cop out.

  35. what ever people say ..u dont rap both feet around the leg..which in this case happened..this tackle players say is worse tackle in football..i would sue the dirty bast..d and take him for all he has got..

  36. I love mike Ben Harfa and Gosling coming back at same time,is Gosling out till next season as well?

  37. I love Mike

    I wouldn’t be suprised if thats the last we ever see of Benny if he has broken his leg, which it appears so it will probably take a lengthy rehab process. He will lose a yard of pace ect aswell. :(

  38. Lads I still cant believe in this day and age that refs can get away with some of the shite decisions they make. I think they should be marked for all the decisions they get wrong and once the gather a certain amount they should be relegated to the lower league until they earn the right to Ref at the Top level again.
    I was well pleased with how we played but thought a few players wern’t at there best and we still should have won the game.
    But for me the Benny injury just ruined it and I think even if we had of won I would still feel gutted, funny enough I watched them 2 knobs Hansan and Lawro lastnight saying how the ref had to do something about Henry, but still they sat and laughed when he was felling Joey.

  39. DJG-That was the other topic of conversation. The fact that not only has DJ potentially ended Benny’s season with the tackle, but he might have damaged his career on the whole. At 23 years old with the talent he has its a scary thought.
    Mick G-As far as I’m aware Gosling is back in Jan?…Who knows about Benny. Could be 3/4 months, could be 8.
    Do we have a Doc in the house? Is there generally a minimum time for a break/fracture or do they all vary depending on the severity of the injury? If i had to hazard a guess i’d say we wouldnt be seeing any of Benny for at least 4 months, maybe more. But then again I’m not a doctor.

  40. Gosling is meant to be back in January time, all going well. He isn’t anywhere near as creative but our squad numbers won’t suffer too badly.

    My main concern is the loan deal now. I assume if Ben Arfa does recover this season, he would get one or two substitute appearances at the end of the season. We won’t hit our 25 appearances for him now, so do we now lose out on a player who fit into our team perfectly?

    I can’t see Mike Ashley wanting to pay 5 million for a player who won’t play until next season really. He’s already brought in a player who can’t play in Gosling (How did he pass his medical anyway?).

    I really hope we haven’t seen the end of Ben Arfa at Newcastle, but his almost instant injury reminds me of Nacho Gonzales and makes me start to fear a repeat of two seasons ago. We are already following West Brom’s pattern of playing well but still losing.

  41. Mick G
    the gestimate for Gosling was Janurary/February

    If ben Arfa has a ‘simple’ break then I would have though it be around 6 months (March), but hey, what do we know, guess we’ll just have to wait and see eh.

    Not sure about losing a bit of pace, he’s 23 and since its an impact injury on a bone(s) and not a muscular one, I don’t think he should loose much pace. Plus, he seems to dance past people with his close control not blistering pace, so wouldn’t be the end of the world.

  42. I just think if I write something on this wall it will take the pain away. Probably not.

    Let’s face it – every dropped point by us this season we can put down to a lack of professionalism or ability, but, nope this is just sickening.

    Money bags city don’t need – or shouldn’t need help from referees, total jaundiced.

    Their’s was NOT a penalty – outside the box, defender got a touch – take your pick. Ours WAS an obvious, clear, flagrant card-carrying stonewaller. I am gutted.

    De Jong. He’s a butcher. He went into our best player with his fist contribution – and delivered a message intended to debilitate and destroy. ~ Have that. Oot the game, nay season. And still the ref contrived to go on and serve up a thoroughly underserved victory to city.

    At least – we weren’t relegated today. In fact we matched the paltinum spending title contenders away from home. I’ll take the tevez pen with a deep sigh – but not to get the shola stonewaller just brought tears to my eye.

    Have faith.

  43. why ist..every top player who has come 2 newcastle has had a bad injury..jinx area..and sorry to say this..we cant even get 1 season out of these players..we dont no anything yet about his injury..but did u see it bend in 2..but it bent he was on the looks like a clean break..which would be great..but if it is anything else it could be over for the poor wonder we dont like playing big money for players anymore..shit like this happens to us but nobdy else..

  44. Ross

    It is not just the case of the bone healing. I think it is more complicated because the player may have torn muscles/ligaments in the process and they essentially have to go through a period of rehap where they learn to run again. I think Smith was out for a lot longer than 4/5 months m8 but I would have to check.

  45. on benny – just reading the above bleak messages. We don’t even know the extent of the injury for sure yet so let’s put the rope back in the cupboard lads.

    Shit just seen spider from coronation street in my internet cafe. Nae bollox.

  46. De Jong needs to be stopped now. He is one of luckiest players I have ever seen in stealthily avoiding fair punishment. He is a poor footballer and Tiote showed today that he is a totally different class. We are lucky to have him because he could easily be playing for Arsenal or Chelsea with his ability.

  47. Cheated

    Our team can still be better.

    Routledge and Nolan out for the wigan game bring in Ranger and Carroll.

    Williamson was unlucky with the penalty but just does not convince me he is a rock. Will Taylor be back in two weeks.

  48. It also has physchological effects were the player is more likely to change their playing style, how they enter tackles/ pull out of tackles in future ect.

  49. Exactly…if ony Lua Lua can be recall,i would even dare to put Him ahead of Wayne…If not ranger can play at right wing….

    At least ranger crossing is more decent….

  50. budalovesa patsy says:
    October 3, 2010 at 6:23 pm
    WWilliamson was unlucky with the penalty but just does not convince me he is a rock. Will Taylor be back in two weeks.”

    eh? And Saylor has convinced you that he is a ‘rock’ Who you been watching like?

    Colo and Willo have looked the most assured partnership we have had in years, I think we need a longer memory than 2 hours…

  51. I think also if you were playing footbal everyday and then you have a leg in a cast for 5/6 weeks im guessing. That is 6 weeks of the muscles not training/wasting away. It means that they essentially have to get fit again and go through another pre-season.

  52. We need to find out how to win at home quickly. Stoke in the scheme of things wasn’t dreadful as they aren’t likely to go down. Wigan on top of Blackpool would be a disaster. A win is crucial.

    I think we need to drop Nolan- with Lovenkrands partnering Carroll and Shola offering something off the bench.

    Ben Arfa is a hard blow to take.

  53. AngelOfDeath says:
    October 3, 2010 at 6:20 pm
    I am still sticking by my opinion about perch as with this article saying…..”

    Your legitimising your position because of a sentance by a Man City fan who hasn’t seen him play this season?

    Howay man…

  54. I don’t think Hughton will ever drop Nolan, which maybe his downfall. But at least dragging him off today was a start. He was awful today, even by his standards. Nolan and R.Taylor, two Joking Here panic buys.

  55. Listen – all this squabbling about individual players not being good enough. We just outplayed the title-chasing richest club in the world in their back yard.. and only lost points due to the worst and most jaundiced refereeing of the season so far. Calm, calm… FFS!

  56. What we also need to remember is Ben Arfa uses his right foot about 5 times per match and it was his LEFT leg that was broken.

    This will fundamentally mess up his game and likely his career as he will be forever cautious about using it and getting it injured now.

  57. whats up with some lads having a go at some of the players..yes u can say nolan should come in for him or any other player..but dont slag them off…man city spend 1 bil we spent nothing and we were unlucky..they didnt beat us 7 nil..if figures have anything to go bye..ever team who has played newcastle this season no body has hammered us.we have been unlucky..chelsea we beat who are top of the league and aresnal mist 50 chances they took theirs..jterry is crap and slow slag that nobody off he gets beat ever game i have seen this season and the goals dont go in..he played against us and they went in..

  58. Williamson looked good for me today. He has done for a while, I actually think he’s alot safer at the back than Taylor has looked in the past. He was another great bit of business. The tackle on Tevez today was brilliant, timed perfectly. He was also unlucky with his effort on goal. Maybe should have scored but nowt went for us today.

  59. I noticed City replayed most fouls on them on their big screens, but they didn’t replay the dodgy decisions the ref made. Strange…

    Does anyone think we’ll go two up front against Wigan? I think ee need to. I’m suick to death of getting into good positions but having only one player in the box.

    We MUST beat Wigan or I think wekre in the brown stuff.

  60. Dunno what to say after watching that hatchet job…(De Jong, the ref, Tevez…take your pick)…no point really saying owt, other than we should be proud of them.

    Thought Campbell did well when he came on…surprised me with his sharpness. Also, once Slowlan went off, we looked much more of a threat, but seemed too little too late, as we’d lost momentum by then.

    Collo’s injury looked like a groin strain, obv. more short term than HBA’s. Best wishes to Hatem…here’s hoping it’s not the worst case scenario. Fingers crossed…HWTL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. @I Love Mike:

    Oh….Richard Jolly that writer is not an Manchester City fan..btw. ;)

    We will lose to wigan…i am sure….just waiting for West Ham match.

  62. Also we had 4, 6ft 2 + players in the box for corners and Barton couldn’t beat the first man, wtf. May as well get that teenager the mackems use.

  63. lads it is great..that people are saying we should have won..or drawn..anyway this is a good sign we are moving forward..quicker then we think..people are saying we are 1 of the best sides in the league but..luck plays a big part..

  64. Sky just totally avoided Ben Arfa’s broken leg, they only mentioned Johnson’s winning goal. That is disgraceful.

    Maybe if Ben Arfa played for Arsenal then it would get coverage.

  65. Shola and Carrol linked up better in the fag end of this game more than Nolan has managed in all of his 4-5-1 appearances put together.

    Our single forward always ends up like Tom Hanks. marooned…;0)

  66. i am! apart from chelsea..who has been better..yes we have got 7 points but apart from that the league is just crap..which side has stood out..we have in games agianst the so called big to me we are 1 of the better sides.

  67. Asim we wernt better than Blackpool or Stoke and at the min we are only 2 points of the bottom, and as you said Liverpool are in a worse mess we are only 1 point infront of them. IMO we threw 6 pts away because of the way we played against the 2 teams we should have beat.

  68. I just don’t understand us if I’m honest. We raise our game for the big teams, we shouldn’t have that minnow attitude though. Like Dave said we gave up 6 points against Blackpool and Stoke. Granted we didn’t play too badly against Blackpool but Stoke second half was absolutly awful.

  69. can angel of death please explain why the mersey derby is important as both clubs are fooked there has only been 7 games gone but you seem to be gloating. this is because newcastle united are the relegation specialists i bet you both the mersey clubs in the next few games will be above you deludeds and as for ben arfa i admit de jong was bang out of order but i remember that kopite thug nolan doing anichibes leg and you morons was booing the poor lad and you clapped thug nolan off the park. what short memories the deluded have