Toon v Tangerines post match interviews.

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Chris Hughton post match interview.

Post match interviews from Chris Hughton and Blackpool manager, Ian Holloway, following The Magpies’ desperately disappointing 0-2 home defeat to the Tangerines earlier today.

At this point I was going to work in some joke about us being ‘Tango’d’ or somesuch, but it looks like Toonsy got there first in his match report. Let’s hope we have more luck against the Toffees next time!

Ian Holloway post match interview

Toonsy’s match report of the game is available here.

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6 Responses

  1. Ye I hope we dont get syuck at the toffees :) .
    Just out of does anyone know what is a matter with B/Pools coach as Holloway seemed real gutted about him so I guess it must be something serious

  2. The problem we have to address is kevin nolan.
    where does he play?
    Not creative enough in midfield. too slow up front.
    can we drop the club captain? I say yes

  3. budalovesa,

    This roster is filled with players like Nolan, Premier Class except for one shortcoming. CH needs to field the best squad for the match-up he anticipates from his opposing manager. I can see why he picked Nolan & Smith as CH probably did not see Pool being able to outrun those NUFC’ers. When the team played Route 1 ball, the speed advantage was conceded and Smith & Nolan became liabilities.
    So, if the plan was Route 1, then Ranger & Carroll & Loven would have been my choices, making a 3-3-4. But, if speed was to be the main weapon, you have to get Arfa on and Nolan off, IMHO.

  4. Got too say I’m gutted about the result but I had a feeling it might happen to be honest things were going a bit too well and some people were a bit too confident. Now the real test comes it’s how well we can bounce back rom defeat. I must say listening to the interview Ian Holloway is a manager I like a lot he seems so very honest in all of the interviews I have seen him in. Hope Hatem, Lovenkrands and Tiote start the next game.