West Browich Albion v Newcastle United match banter!

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Another draw in prospect?
Another draw in prospect?
Hello, good afternoon and welcome to NUFC ‘Blog’s “Match Banter”, with Newcastle United facing the mighty Throstles of West Bromwich. NUFC ‘Blog’s Toonsy will be at the game (and hopefully writing a match report) while I hold the fort.

Of course, both teams are recent promotees from the Championship, and there have been similarities in their respective campaigns so far. Both have been led by extremely talented individuals who, while steeped in football, have been new boys when it comes to management. While both have aquitted themselves well overall compared with the norm for promoted teams, with respectable mid table positions going into the game, there have also been times when both have been frustratingly erratic. Our previous league encounters in the Championship (1-1 and 2-2) would tend to indicate a draw, however with the Premiership form of the two sides so far, you never know.

On team news, perennial naughty boy, Joey Barton will be back from his three match ban for a crafty dig at Blackburn’s Morgan Gamst Pedersen, though fellow naughty boys, Fabricio Coloccini and Mike Williamson will continue to languish in purgatory for their own sins, with their places being filled (probably) by the more than able Sol Campbell and Steven Taylor, who both turned in creditable performances in Newcastle’s draw with the stuttering Pensioners of Chelsea last weekend. Meanwhile, captain. Kevin Nolan, will almost certainly remain on the sidelines with a crocked ankle. In other news though, there have been encouraging stories of a sooner than expected return of wonder boy, Hatem Ben Arfa, though that is still a longer term thing.

Meanwhile, in the usual pre match interviews with the respective managers, West Brom’s Roberto Di Matteo has expressed his disbelief at the recent questioning of Chris Hughton’s leadership, saying:

“I just find the speculation about Chris incredible.

“He has done such a brilliant job since last year, when he was temporary manager. Basically he has stabilised the club and got them promoted and got them in a good position.

“Yet he is being questioned. It is incredible and, as a fellow manager, I can’t believe it. But other people might have a different opinion.

“It is definitely strange looking from here. We don’t know the facts, but looking from outside it seems incredible.”

On Newcastle’s Andy Carroll, Di Matteo added:

“Carroll has continued his development and he is very good.

“We could see last season that he was a good player and, when Newcastle got promoted, you could see they had a good centre-forward in their team in Carroll.

“He is just confirming that this season.

“It is difficult to play against Andy Carroll because he is dangerous and he is good with his feet too. It’s not just in the air.

“He is almost unstoppable and we have seen it in the Barclays Premier League so I don’t think it is just one person’s job, it is for the whole back four and the team to stop him.”

In another interview, Newcastle manager, Chris Hughton looked back to previous encounters between the two sides, saying of our games in the Championship:

“In our quest last year, it was very much an important game – it was our first game in the Championship.

“And we had to make some type of impact.

“As we’ve made progress, this would be no different to any other game in the Championship.

“But now this game coming up against West Brom is just as big.

“This is a team on the same points as us, and in the same type of situation as us. Therefore the need to get something out of it has never been bigger.”

Howay the lads!


Newcastle United: Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Sol Campbell, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Cheik Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Andrew Carroll, Shola Ameobi.

Subs: Tamas Kadar, Ole Soderberg, James Perch, Leon Best, Peter Lovenkrands, Nile Ranger, Alan Smith.

West Bromwich Albion: Scott Carson, Gonzalo Jara, Paul Scharner, Gabriel Tamas, Marek Cech, Somen Tchoyi, James Morrison, Graham Dorrans, Jerome Thomas, Chris Brunt, Peter Odemwingie.

Subs: Giles Barnes, Simon Cox, Ibanez Pablo, Marc-Antoine Fortune, Boaz Myhill, Steven Reid, Nicky Shorey.

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380 Responses

  1. as stated on previous post we seem to play badly against teams near the bottom and play well against team in the the top half – west brom are mid table so anything could happen, we’re due a win, lets hope we turn up and get at them from the off


  2. We’ve lost to teams who come to SJP and park the bus. WBA at the hawthorns gives us room to counter attack. hopefully 3 points provided we don’t give away any silly goals

  3. Newcastle
    26 Krul
    03 Jose Enrique
    05 Campbell
    12 Simpson
    27 Taylor
    08 Guthrie
    10 Routledge
    18 Gutierrez
    24 Tiote
    09 Carroll
    23 Ameobi
    33 Soderberg, 14 Perch, 28 Kadar, 17 Smith, 11 Lovenkrands, 20 Best, 30 Ranger

  4. Might be good for Guthrie personally but it is not good for the side. All he’ll do is turn a half circle when he gets the ball and pass it sideways or backwards. As for set pieces god only knows what sort of delivery will come

  5. not good news about barton – hopefully guthrie can have a decent game and put some decent passes together

  6. F*CK! I was so looking forward to barton and cheick back in midfield together. B*llocks! Seriously bad news I thought we were strong favourites with Joey back in the side. I hope Guthrie steps up cos I personally thought he looked absolutely sh*te last week..

  7. One thing , Guthrie can only improve on his last performance , its a big blow missing Barton again . Still think we will win , shola needs a good game though and Routlidge to run them ragged.

  8. Don’t panic lads – I think GUthrie could play a blinder today – remember he’s a West-Midlander and will have a personal point to prove. He’s in the middle, so no excuses – c’mon Danny, give CH a selection headache!

    3-1 us.

  9. Whumpie says:
    December 5, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    “Nicely written article, Worky – very eloquent!”

    Thanks Whumpie. I wonder what’s happened to some of the usual radgies today?

  10. Whumpie

    Good job my Mrs doesn’t read this. She is from Telford the same as Guthrie and the last thing she would class herself as is any type of midlander. She is from shropshire. The midlands is for Brum and Wolverhampton

  11. DAVE going for a 2-2 m8 but would have liked ranger in place of shola has that bit more pace,and shola keeps going for the same ball as carroll,nee good that like

  12. Wouldve liked to have seen pace instead of lazy ameobi. he doesnt press enough and tiote is going to have a busy day by the looks

  13. Front two isolated. nobody from midfield going forward. tactic to keep it nil nil for as long as possible. dangerous tactic but hey ho

  14. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    December 5, 2010 at 1:38 pm
    Cyber–looks okay to me. Maybe refresh.

    Kazaa! Success!


  15. FSOTC – Actually the football fraternity have got it all wrong. a snood is a net women put their long hair in at the back. 1940s stylie. I don’t know the real name for what Tiote is wearing – but it isn’t a snood.
    (I may never live down knowing that)

  16. Carroll and Ameobi are just too similar to be a combination. They are always attacking the same balls getting in each others way. I’m shocked Hughton hasn’t picked up on that. It has to be one or the other for me. And that one is Carroll.

    Jonas for me is also a weak player. He often gives the ball away and despite getting into good positions, hardly ever creates anything.

    Where is Barton?

  17. A serious question though for all other fans?

    Does anyone actually rate Jonas and WHY? What do you see in him that I don’t?

  18. Thats four times Jonas has had the ball running down the right, and four times he’s lost it. Just no football brain at all. Always makes the wrong decision.

  19. It’s 5:50 AM here on the California coast…any good (non-Spanish) links. Too early for my non-native language.

  20. lol @ 69 – that would be the way wouldnt it. I think he just wastes it so much but we dont really have another option. I would give Ferguson a go but Houghton doesnt rate him it seems.

    Ameobi just looks lazy and clumsy and doesnt appear to work hard at all. He also looses it too easily

  21. @74, I only see half a screen though…what do i do to get rid of the half that is an add?
    Thank you, by the way.

  22. i am apparently a moron, but that didn’t work Cybertoon. I have half a page add for MyP2P.

  23. Pathetic defending.

    West Brom get the ball on the edge of the penalty, and all our defenders go standing on the goal line thinking they are a goalkeeper instead of closing down the man.

    Quite pathetic, and TBH West Brom look the far better side so far.

    On paper we should be better, yet we look like a team set on defending and playing for a draw, which results in losing football.

    Poor today, and poor tactics from Chris Hughton. We arn’t playing Man United or Arsenal!

  24. “72
    budalovesa patsy budalovesa patsy says:
    December 5, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    JJ you have had too many ales mates. Jonas is on the left”

    Haha, ye, Budalovesa, but he’s on the right of my screen ;)

  25. we need ameobi off, and go 4-5-1. we arent pressing them or playing football. its all fat sam football at the moment

  26. Look how many men they are getting in the final third. Total opposite to us. We have to score
    Attack Attack Attack

  27. “Ameobi just looks lazy and clumsy and doesnt appear to work hard at all. He also looses it too easily”

    Whats new?

    Two players that are consistantly bad are Ameobi and Jonas.

    Jonas I get as we have no one else, but Ameobi, my grandmother could play better. So give her a go…

  28. How many years are we gonna be forced to watch ameobi lumber around the pitch like a poor mans hesky,.
    He is awful always has been

  29. if we were going to play this way we should have shoala out and put an extra man in the middle and go all out for the bore draw. at the minute we are getting a hammering

  30. Much as I like these blue kits, the lads play terrible in them. WBA completely having their way today. Burn the kits.


  31. Our midfield four are just in front of our back four. we are giving them two thirds of the pitch to do what the hell they want

  32. what really annoys me is our players are capable of so much more, its simply not good enough to turn up and play so negatively.
    So I hope CH gets into them at halftime and tell them to start to earn their wage and the backing of the fans.

  33. Guthrie having another poor day hard to imagine he is picked to be our creative playmaker

  34. Why when getting into Chelsea last week from the start havd such results are we back to this negative long ball dross that makes sides like West Brom and Bolton look like Barcelona ??

  35. Chris better not wait until the 80th minute to make a change. It’s gotta happen now. Midfield and shola have been awful. Carroll looks slow and off pace. Guthrie has been a terrible defensive mid!!! Where’s your creativity. He’s had so many chances – just not good enough for any premier side

  36. Jose and Simmo have to help out in attack more if guthrie and tiote are going to sit so deep

  37. Maybe CH said “Dont bother with the first half, conserve you energy for the last 45 minutes” ?

  38. The worst 45 minutes i have seen them play, howay chris, get it sorted out, wrong formation and selection, Jonas is having a mare.

  39. if we continue to perform like this we’ll def be in relegation mix at end of season – unbelievably poor, reminds of of when we went down, worst display of the season by far.
    We def need to improve in 2nd half tho on the upside we cant get any worse
    Wrong tactics today for sure

  40. What’s with all the Jonas hate? Jonas has allways been like that, doesn’t seem too interested and suddenly he creates something. On another note, am I the only one who thought Krul maybe should have got a hand on the goal?

  41. Erlend

    Yes you are the only one who thinks Krul should have got a hand to the shot. How tall or how long do you think his arms are

  42. bigdadbob, we have nobody else to put in for Jonas. Would you rather see Lovenkrands struggle out there? No.

    Shola definitely needs to come out, and CH better not wait until the 75th minute to take him out again. We need Ranger out there, or hell even Best would be doing better right now

  43. Quite simple the day like. We’re making no attempt what so ever, to push up the field and press them when they have the ball. They pass it very well and if you just sit off them like we have, they’ll make you look stupid. The goal was awful, 3 players around him and he gets a shot off with ease. We just don’t look like we’ve turned up. No one looks like they can be bothered which is annoying.
    Jonas has been awful. Missing Barton, Shola and Carroll both v quiet. Tiote the only one that looks like he can be bothered thus far. Hopefully we get a kick up the arse at half time, we bloody need it.

  44. budalovesa
    Hehe okay. Nothing against his arms or height, just thought his jumping was a bit sloppy

  45. Erlend,

    Jonas is normally crap, just more so today, because he hasn’t had his little mazzy dribbles that end up in nothing anyway…

    As for the goal, Krul could never have saved it, because he had three retarded defenders blocking his line of sight, instead of closing down the West Brom goal scorer.

  46. Yeah Krul is better as substitute..Fraser Froster is far more better then him..I hope we get him back in januray

  47. when we have the ball,we need to keep passing first and now straight away hoof high and long ball.

    percentage of it being to opponent is 100% in 1st half.

  48. “What’s with all the Jonas hate? Jonas has allways been like that”

    Its all about the performance eriend. If we’re playing poorly people will pick on targets whereas the reality is that we are collectively poor. CH needs to give them a plan and get them playing to it because there clearly was none in the first half.

  49. Enrique and Tiote are playing amazing the rest are utter sh1te….

    Can’t see us winning Guthrie is useless…we got no one to turn this around.

  50. Alright Loverman. Get in there, work hard, run around and get a goal.
    Glad to see Shola off. Hopefully this inspires Carroll a little more cuz Best & Ranger are still on the bench to replace him

  51. Krul had no chance Erl – Cant believe how were so bad today – we really need to take a bit of risk and push a lot higher up the pitch and get Simp & Jose into decent crossin positions –

  52. Lovens coming on :lol: thats the 1st time CH has made a change at halftime, unless Strolla still isn’t 100% fit but you couldn’t tell by looking at him :)

  53. Our squad limitations are there for all to see.

    CH has to make substitutions to make a difference. Is Best or Lovenkrands really going to make a difference?

  54. Great effort from Taylor, surprised Carroll left it for him, need more pressure in 2nd half

  55. if only the team were as good or had as much belief as the travelling toon army we would be top of the league.

    Other clubs must be amazed with our supporters

  56. Routledge is one of many who needs to look in the mirror and ask have I done my best today

  57. Well, Carroll couldn’t have played worse if he tried today. And in all honesty, if we lose today, that’ll be loses to West Brom, Stoke, Blackpool, if I were a betting man, I’d say Newcastle would join the favourites for the drop with fixtures coming up we’ll find ourselves in the bottom three in no time. :(

  58. to be fair to routledge the whole team has been poor, you could take any of them off

  59. Christ, our football is pathetic.

    No calling for the ball, no body, looking for the ball besides Tiote, no movement of the ball.

    We have no idea what to do without when we get it besides hit and hope.

    Things really have gona downhill since a month ago. We just have no structure in the team.

  60. Guthrie has been horrible whenever he has been on, we are really in trouble when either Barton, Tiote or Carroll is missing… Funny how Routhledge gets so much stick while people tend to forgive Guthrie his wastfull set pieces and his backwards passing.

  61. Ok… now I’m convinced. Carroll is playing for West Brom today!

    Again, well deserved goal from West Brom. They are a much better team. And for me, I’ve seen enough to see that for me the team have lost it. And unless Hughton gets it right fast, we are in big trouble if this is the rubbish we are churning out.

    Out of 10 today, I’d give the team a big fat zero. Totally clueless, and Chris Hughton must shoulder the blame for poor tactics from the start.

  62. Substitutions are 15 minutes too late.
    That is why Ashley is correct not to give CH a longer contract

  63. I give up – we are shite, smith his usual lunging crap
    back to championship we go 2 points out of last 12 and unlikely to get any in december bye bye to enrique and tiote in Jan

  64. Surely someone like Vuckic and Ranger can’t do worse than Ameobi and Guthrie on current form, so why not give them a chance?

  65. Guthrie was pathetic last week and the same this week. His passing as distribution from set pieces is terrible.

  66. Guthrie has been wasteful caught in several minds when on possession, indecisive and now costly. He has been given his big opportunity with Barton being out but if this is the best he can do with this opportunity sadly he should not be playing.

  67. Good practice for Krul
    Having to save all these shots will bring on his development

  68. yeah wishing guthrie an injury is piss poor – hughton should have had vuckic on the bench in order he could have subbed him at half time

  69. This is why we get a bad rep from the press for daft comments like that.

    If Guthrie is injured, and tiote and smith keep getting booked we wont have any option but to play vuckic.

    Sholla has done nothing for me for ages and I think the big man big man expt is over, it doesnt work. Carroll needs to play with someone to get on the end of his flicks and actually KEEP the ball to open up the opposition

  70. Smith seriously need to reconsider on his decision play as a defensive player.

    if i was the manager,i would play him as attacker,if he doesn’t wants,sorry he has to leave.

  71. shite performance today – they just passed it through our midfield and had target practice, can’t blame any individual as they were all terrible

  72. So that’s another one of the ‘poorer’ sides that have taken points of us.

    We cannot keep getting beat by these sides we’re going to be competing with.

  73. This match would have been so different with Barton instead of Guthrie from the beginning. Also, I think we should acknowledge that Tiote and Enrique has been outstanding today. Saylor has also been solid enough, and I really hope we tie him up. Colo and Saylor again would be dynamite. And Hatem Ben Arfa, please get well soon.

  74. Games like this just raise more questions than answers. It looked like we had settled on a formation that was working for us. Again CH must be thinking he was wrong to play with two lumps up top against a midfield five. Yet sometimes it seems to come off.

    Also people should lay off Guthrie a bit, why is he expected to come in and seamlessly replace our best player this season in Barton? With little game time behind him? And with two lumps not closing down their men in front of him? He was always going to be the fall guy today.

  75. Stuart but we will still get people saying “its only one match” but its not how many games have we gave away this year that we should be getting pts from. As we said before once you start sliding down the slippery slope its so hard to climb back out, then you have to rely on other teams fuking up but the saame as the year we went down we couldn’t capitalize on the other teams misfortune :(

  76. unfortunately we need west ham to win to keep a gap between us and relegation – looks like we’ll be reliant on other teams dropping points, we’re well in the relegation mix now with performances like that – tough bunch of games to come and they will all believe they can beat us
    we really need to up our game Taylor and Sol looked poor today but given that collo & willo let in 5 against bolton its hard to see them doing any better

  77. Be interesting to re-run the poll now – how many points will Newcastle get in December? I bet we’ll have a lot more 0-3!!

  78. Nah mate its not all guthries fault. this cannot hide the fact we have been well and truely outplayed, outfought and they had the desire. We did not want it at all. Sholla as captain was doing anything but leading by example and he should be relegated down the pecking order for me. Guthrie has been poor for a while and yes his mistake let them in but prior to that he gave the ball away a few times in good attacking positions. We mustnt forget that we have 4/5 first teamers out through injury and suspension, but this does nothing more than show that the reserves arent really up to stepping into the gaps when needed.

  79. Been saying it for a while. Guthrie just isn’t good enough. However, the rest of the team were also poor today. Always thought it would be a difficult game today, but we never even turned up in the 1st half.

  80. @powerranger – don’t think anyone was expecting guthrie to come in and be a world beater but passing the ball is a basic of football, he’s played in his preferred position the last two games and looked poor
    you don’t get many chances in the prem league and it looks like he fvcked his up – time to go in Jan along with Smith and Ameobi

  81. @ Power ranger: Nobody expected him to ‘seamlessly’ fit in but we did not expect him to be this bad.

  82. And it is the scum we now need to win not west ham. We must rely on them to try and keep a decent gap to the bottom clubs.

  83. can i change my prediction from4-6 to 0 please. im not saying we will be relegated far from it but fock me,that is not acceptable.

  84. Like i mention way long before season starts,other than Nolan,we need a leader/boss in mid-field who can do decent job and scoring goals.

    With both Nolan and barton out,we don’t have any.

    Is guthrie being played out wide.

    for the very odd first time,he keeps moving out wide for no good reason. WTF is wrong with him.

  85. Are you allowed to vote s second time on the December points total. No more than two after that performance. Con fidence will be shot to pieces. Will take a better man than CH to lift them players to beat Liverpool

  86. as bad a display as we’ve seen – we def dont have the squad to stay in this league if we get injuries to a few first teamers – we need nolan and barton back asap
    we need to stop putting smith and 2/3 strikers on the bench and put Vuckic on
    We may as well start Ranger or Lovenkrands with Carroll, shola plays the same game as carroll but is a poor version.

  87. Raffo

    share your disappointment mate but no way am I going to wish the unwashed win a game. Be happy with a draw

  88. @bigdave – its not one match – we’ve now taken 2 points from last 15 so that’ll be 5 matches, think it’s fair enough to say we are in a slump!

  89. Guthrie was terrible today. But it was his first opportunity to play in the centre and he needs more time, we know he can do it their…
    If we judged Carroll on his one game today, we’d say he is the worst striker in the league but we know he isn’t.

    The players that I get upset about (not with them because they don’t pick themselves) are the ones that are consistantly poor: Ameobi and Smith stand out here.

    I feel Routeledge get stick for nothing. He was decent compared to the rest. Put in some decent crosses. Its not his fault Carroll, and Ameobi can’t get on the end of them because they always in each others way.

    Lovenkrans was decent and looked more dangerous than Ameobi.

    Enrique and Tiote are our best players. Need to keep hold of them.

  90. That’s a good point:
    ameobi as club captain on the pitch is a absolute embarrasment, he is obviously our worse player, and because of his relentless poor performances over the last ten years he gets grief from the toon, and rightly so… Is CH blind to this?!
    Same today as agaisnt Chelsea, the gap between the midfield and attack far too big,. Our defence can cope better with the power play of Chelsea, that the neat football west brom played today.
    From what I’ve seen in the last half dozen games, only: krul, Taylor, tiote, Enrique and Carroll are premier class,. But didn’t we know that already?

  91. Reality check needed by people on here. In the grand scheme of the league west brom are the same as us. A newly promoted side. Why are some so arrogant that they think we just needed to turn up?

  92. 4411…thats what Dave is saying that we’re not doing well, he said other people will say “it’s only 1 game”

  93. JJ – Guthries had enough chances, his delivery has been shocking this season
    Agree with Routledge, he wont even play when Ben Arfas fit but is a useful squad player
    Bye Bye Smith, Guthrie and Ameobi

  94. anyone reckon nufc will pay for a new keyboard – I smashed mine when west brom scored 2nd goal in frustration :(

  95. Don’t get be wrong, Guthrie was bad. I think the team may have looked better with the 4231 rather than straight 442. I think for the 442 your central midfielders have to be outstanding. And Guthrie was far from that. However he has consistantly good last season with Nolan linking in the 4231. To say he’s blown his chance at this level is just a bit reactionary in my opinion.

  96. trouble is that teams are bound to come sniffing round Tiote if we have a bad December and poss Enrique – Enrique might stay but I reckon Tiote will be off if a top four team come in for him

  97. Another big thing for me is that Jonas will play when available because he is the only LW. Whilst the same can be said for Jose, I rate Jose but we need another decent LW to put pressure on Jonas. You can argue that Ben Arfa can be that player, but he will drift inside too much and I think that is the position to strenghten


    Krul – 6 (dodge kicks and poor coming out, decent saves)
    SIMPSON – 5 (looked slow and weak)
    TAYLOR – 7 (solid enough)
    CAMPBELL – 4 (off the pace and at fault for first goal)
    ENRIQUE – 7 (had a good game against a tought opponent)
    ROUTELEDGE – 6 (did okay for me, no support from Simpson)
    GUTHRIE – 1 (shocking game, did nothing right)
    TIOTE – 8 (good game, would have been rugby score WO him)
    JONAS – 4 (terrible first half, better in the second)
    AMEOBI – 3 (typical Ameobi, never good, can’t expect mor)
    CARROLL – 1 (worst I’ve seen him play, terrible game)

    LOVENKRANS – 7 (decent, good energy and scored)
    RANGER – 6 (not bad, no help when in possession)
    SMITH – 2 (about as good as he gets, still pathetic).

    HUGHTON – 2 (persists with two lumps up front, terrible football, team had no idea what the game plan was, did well to take Ameobi off but shouldn’t have started him)

  99. “fourfouroneone says:
    December 5, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    JJ – Guthries had enough chances, his delivery has been shocking this season
    Agree with Routledge, he wont even play when Ben Arfas fit but is a useful squad player
    Bye Bye Smith, Guthrie and Ameobi”

    He has been played out of position all the time, which has probably effected his game. Feel sorry for the lad. But he needs to play CM in the reserves and get his confidence back.

  100. bye bye fourfouroneone..ch isnt strong enough..to tell them or let them go..every player was shit today..tiote was ok..nobdy ran off any of the players today..to get the pass back..to get the space..very very bad day.no balls didnt expcet that we didnt realy put it in..against a very poor side like west brom..

  101. Richie ya could be right mate. To think that I turned down the chance to go out scrambling on Ice’s scooter today to watch that :(

  102. Don`t feel sorry for guthrie he`s useless and should not be picked again. i`m sick of watching his substandard performances, why the hell does hughton pick him? Harper will be back shortly Krul is learning his trade but Stevie is experienced and we will need him as the season progresses. Tiote played them by himself in midfield, thanks mate for the effort and commitment to the cause, shame others did`nt follow your lead.

  103. I think the biggest thing now is for CH to get a number 2 ASAP. He needs fresh ideas and a sounding board and someone to point these things out.

  104. Dave, he’s fitted ice chains on it now like ;-)
    Whey I’m gonna go for a couple of pints, drink to forget :-(

  105. It might not have been a deliberate tactic but to play two banks of four so deep and leave the strikers isolated up front in an effort to frustrate the home side and rely on the odd breakaway, hoof up the field or a set piece is not the way forward.
    Big Sam got the sack for implementing those tactics. Only in England do sides play 4-4-2. Pass and move with all players interacting that is where we should be going.

  106. Apart from Tiote, the players and coaches, including Hughton should donate this weeks wages to the RVI, absolute disgrace the whole lot of them.

  107. It is the same thing on here every time Newcastle get beat Guthrie is the worlds worst player, how long before you start on Carroll after today? Guthrie has been awful since he came back from along time out but he needs games and confidence, the same applies to Lovenkrands also. Most of you have wear blinkers! Ameobi and Smith are both championship material, I agree. Guthrie was quality for Bolton in the premiership. Jonas needs a rest but there is no back up. Keep the faith and get them blinkers taken off. Try staying on the bridle as it is a long race.

  108. Guys come on, how can you blame CH? The man has done wonders with what he have available… We are missing Barton big time and Guthrie and Shola isnt up to it at all. Dont get me wrong, Shola has been a good servant to the club, but he is more of a substitute for me as he dont have the engine to play as much as he does these days and Guthrie is just bad, full stop.

  109. Whumpie, I seriously hope thats sarcasm, if not. Where have you been the last 10 years?
    Ameobi has 4-5 good games a year.

  110. Geordie69… What a load of bull… You look at the game and you decide on a players performance its as simple as that, no conspiracy or dark plans to hate your own players.

  111. When things go well you take the plaudits but I`m sorry when you produce that shite you accept that you have fallen well short. It is not a case of getting on players backs it`s about been honest and showing respect to Tiote whilst acknowledging that we have weaknesses that needs adressing in the January window. We need to move one or two out and freshen things up by bringing one or two in. The likes of Jonas needs a rest and competition for his place.

  112. If you were Mike Ashley on the evidence of our recent form would you offer Hughton a three year deal

  113. 292 budalovesa patsy says:
    December 5, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    Guthrie is the worlds worst player

    I said take your blinkers off man! Have a word with yourself!

  114. buda – you’re embarrassing yourself fella.

    do yourself a favour and switch off your computer and make a cup of tea.

  115. Certainly we need Nolan back as he is always a goal threat.

    Shola was poor and he knows it, that is why he was removed for the second half. Guthrie was poor all day from bad passing to dithering and constantly indecisive. Jonas what has happened to him, he no longer takes on players. Carroll was also not very good today but we cannot expect him to score every game. Campbell and taylor were not bad today despite what the commentators said.

    CH next game should not start Shola. Lovenkrands looked hungry and put effort in the little endeavors getting a goal. Shola has had an opportunity by being a regular starter and frankly he is not taking this opportunity as best he can.

  116. A sign of deterioration in a side is the lack of discipline on the pitch. We saw it at Bolton and again today. Presumably no player wants to criticise CH from within but his recent performances have illustrated how much he needs assistance.

    As I said during the week, Wally Downes has helped transform West Ham within a couple of weeks, CH needs to bring in someone to take some of the pressure and also help with strategic planning. Whatever the plan was today it didnt work and CH needs to address this pronto.

  117. We were the shittiest i have seen in a long time. Tiote did his best but the rest need a feckin knock!!!!!

    we r in relegation form, forget mid-table, pointswise we r not far from trouble.

    That reminded me so much of our relegation season.

    P!sd off.

  118. Newcastle get beat = Most find someone to blame, therfore easy target in the manager, same old story season after season, or blame the players. Yes we were shit and yes it is simply not good enough but Guthrie does not turn into the worlds worst player. He needs confidence and support. Look at the Wolves player Stephen Hunt, Mick McCarthy said it would take hime months to produce his best form, he has been awful since he came back from injury, don’t mean he is the worlds worst player all of a sudden. Most of you have not a clue on football, you just like to find something or someone to blame when things are not going your way. Ameobi is a different story.

  119. Survival is the name of the game this season but on that performance coupled with the perfromance against Blackburn and fulham means we are already struggling. 2 points out of the last 15 says it all, we now have Liverpool, Brum, Man city and Spurs and I can’t see us getting many points out of those games

  120. we look a completely different team to the one that beat west ham, sunderland and arsenal wtf has happened

  121. Now is the time for Ashley to back Hughton. He badly needs an assistant and that is not going to happen unless ashley gives him a contract. If ashley does`st think hughton is up to it then do something about it don`t dither. Personally I hope he gives him a new contract and gives him the opportunity to select his own right hand man.

  122. How long are Barton and Nolan out for ? because today proved we need them both back asap . Its time to put Ranger in ahead of Ameobi and drop Jonas for someone else because the guy has just not performed for a while now . Ferguson should maybe given a chance in that position .

  123. hate to state this do we not want the team West ham are playing to win !!!!

    We all know it was not the best today far from it, we had 4 poss 5 missing regulars. We tend to this every 4th week.
    Just perhaps it the best things with the transfer market soon to open.Never nice loosing in that manner.

  124. “we look a completely different team to the one that beat west ham, sunderland and arsenal wtf has happened”

    We were a settled side playing with confidence then morale dips as we lose Barton to indiscipline and Nolan to injury. Bolton was a massive backward step as we were outplayed and so confidence drops even further.

    The players know at the moment that we’re short of ways to turn this around and that affects the performance on the pitch.

    CH needs to get a grip and start thinking outside the box and show the players he can lead them out of this slump.

  125. Geordie 69
    I have played a lot of football in midfield and I can tell you that taking free kicks and corners should be child`s play to the likes of guthrie whether he been out or not. His delivery is shite! He passes the ball sideways or backwards instead of penetrating and can`t tackle to save himself, enough said

  126. @Geordie69: I must agree with you. It is a long race and we played well earlier in the season we know we can play well much the same way Chelsea played well earlier and are in a bad spell.

    Cool heads under such circumstances prevail. Let us lift the team rather that slag them.

  127. West Ham look even worse than us so todays not all bad, tho means sunderland have a fairly easy game – I’d prefer a draw to be honest as dont want to see scum winning

  128. fourfour what game u watching..they have been better then us and who couldnt play better then are shit today..

  129. That was rubbish. No spark. No desire. We really missed Barton and Nolan. Shola is off form and Guthrie is not good enough.

  130. There isn,t really anywhere to start is there cos we never got started. There,s not one posative to come out of this except that thank fick that it,s over.Where has the neet tidy football gone from the first couple of weeks of the season. We look like wer,e shit scared of everyone at the moment. No positional sense, nobody pressing the ball, no commitment , no running off the ball,no tactical nouse,no pace, etc, etc, etc. I,m struggling to find any positive,s from this absolutely woefull performance. We can,t even go back to basics, because I don,t think there are any, The Baggies fully deserved the win cos they were the only ones that turned up and good luck to them. Disappointed , yes Disalusioned, definately.HWTL.

  131. no deire thats what it was all about today..nothing else apart from tiote they were a f..king joke..why didnt we press the ball lazy bast..ards

  132. Hahahaha, “Shola is off form…” hahahahahahaha, good one!

    Shola only hits form for about 20 minutes a season. ;)

  133. Barton groin injury, ……….. this was a massive pain in my groin. Makes me look a right twat with my points forecast for the month. Just shows what it does to you after supporting the Mags for 55 years. However, hope springs eternal. Come on lads, get a few fingers out. HWTL

  134. Simple,we need newer better wingers.

    Mid-field needed 1 more who can actually scores and command the place well.

    that’s all.

  135. I don’t know why we got so many options in strikers yet,CH always stick that two fellow up front.

    hopefully,Peter goal can start off his season from now.

  136. Ye thats right AOD

    We just need new wingers, a commanding CM, and a new striker, and a couple defenders. Thats all… ;)

  137. On a positive note , i have just read that HBA is recovering so well that he is targeting our match against the scum as a comeback date .

  138. Although i applaud the support of every player wearing a Newcastle shirt i am a bit tired of these self rightous crusaders on their high horses who cant accept any negatives… Well if you can only accept the positives in life, then you are living in a different world or at least receiving medicine for your condition i hope … When your team have played well you meet on the blogs to talk the positives over, when your team played like shite you meet on the blog to discuss where things went wrong in your own humble opinion… So yah… Guthrie was shite today and have been ever since he came back into the team recently, deal with it? Its not like every player wearing our colours must be treated like his freakin holiness… Dont boo your team, i agree with that, but to say that you cant bring discuss here or in the pub one of your own players who you beleive are shite is simply a failure to accept the facts. Then i guess Marcelino, Andreas Anderson and Paul Robinson to name a few were just lacking form as well and it was our job to give them their confidence back? Heck lets get them back and if we just love them enough they might win us the tittle.

  139. Well hughton apparently kept the players in the dressing room for an hour after the game and gave them a telling off . I hope it was a Alex Ferguson hairdryer type telling off .

  140. How long are Nolan and Barton out for? (Never thought I’d hear myself say that – oh, I didn’t. I typed it)

  141. Whilst I support the work that hughton has done, I think he is painting himself into a corner by saying that they will be no players coming into the club in January. They are players here who we need to move on and bring new faces in. Don`t tell me we can`t get rid they are deals to be done if ou really want too. Charlie Adam from Blackpool would be my first recruit even if I had to sell a popular player. He would give us balance with his left foot, penetration with his passing and has a great shot. Sell Nolan if necessary it`s all about injecting new life into the team.

  142. Mossa, Guthries set pieces have lost the plot I agree, it is all down to confidence. He along with Perch seem to be lacking alot of it. Guthrie does not turn into a bad player over night. He has proved he can cut the premiership in centre midfield, as he had shown while on loan from Liverpool to Bolton. He was fantastic for them. He needs time. Dan Gosling is going to need alot of time also, people will soon slag him on here and say how bad of a player he is, if he does not start with a bang. Guthrie would not be behind Tiote, Barton and Gosling and possibly Nolan anyhow when all are fit. Guthrie is not a bad player, just out of form and lacking confidence big time.

  143. Should of read, Guthrie would be behind Tiote, Barton, Gosling and possibly Nolan when all are fit.

    Budaslova – Ameobi has been average since his youth day’s at the club. That is clear for every fan to see. As for Guthrie, a lot of people on this site where crying out for him to play centre midfield not to long ago. Probably the same people saying how he is a shit football now.

  144. Georgie 69
    It`s all about opinion and your entitled to yours but i think Guthrie lacks pace, strength in the tackle and the ability to pick a pass and create. I can`t comment on his Bolton performances but I don`t feel he fits in at newcastle sometimes the case with a player!

  145. I think Guthrie needs a bit more than 2 or 3 games in CM to get back to where he was before when he was real good and helping us to win the CCC, I know he has been poor but I just think he needs more than that after coming back from injury and trying to get his game back.

  146. Well what a day. Went out fully expecting us to have a good away game like most of the season, maybe I was being silly. What a let down, I don’t think any of the charlies that come on here can turn around at me and say; ‘leave them alone they tried and we are surviving which was the aim’. They didn’t try, when they did it ewas 3-1 and by that point they may aswell have kicked it in their own net the difference it would have made to the points. I won’t go into the performance and the shortcomings of it. We all know it was kack, another not bother in first half against a ‘lower’ team performance. To top it off I watcheed the mackems beat the resurgent West Ham and then had to chase the bus to the bus stop, getting taste of blood in my mouth and chest pains whist lacking the inhalor I need for my asthma. Thanks Newcastle, next time i’ll not bother. If it wasn’t on ESPN next week I would stay in.

  147. Chris Hughton, today was awful, and this id now 4 games of nothing, forget about what has happened before and the ‘3 wins’ sign C.H up to 50 year contract brigade. 4 games of nowt Hughton,

    I said thisd was an important game; I think this could be the beginning of a capitulation. We may completely nose dive here. I said we would get between 7-9 points in december, can I change it to 2 points please after watching that performance.

    Like our relegation season that was.

  148. What a shite day! Nowt positive can come out of that performance. No players moved to try and get a pass they just stood static. WBA nullified Jose which took a lot away from our game. Guthrie was utter garbage, in fact it’s pointless naming them all. We were collectively poor!

  149. Toonsy

    Well done in your honesty, im glad your not trying to defend them. They let us down today big time and i feel gutted. I feel sorry for those that travelled.

    What did I say beforehand. West Brom have been inconsistant, and at times shyte; but they will be up for us and we better turn up. And I don’t think we did, any of them, they were a disgrace to the geordies who went there. Im so pleased I didn’t go coz it probably would have put me off going to an away game ever again.

  150. ‘And I don’t think we did, any of them,’

    Can I correct that and say Tiote turned up. not that he should say at NUFC when a big club come in for him in the summer. He has too much ambition to say here with these losers and half-way there’s.

  151. Worst performance I can remember for a long long time.

    The most frustrating part for me was that every single player was static all game.

    Some k**b behind me kept saying ‘pass it’ but to who … no f****r was moving.

    And to top it all the vine wasn’t serving food. Crap day all round :(

  152. shrews mag

    Ive been saying that for 3 years now, Hughton should drum it into their heads to pass and MOVE

  153. TF – its even more frustrating as its school boy stuff.

    There was also a general lack of desire today. Very poor.

  154. “We know with the way West Brom play, there are times where you are going to have to concede possession, with the numbers that they play in midfield”

    CH post match quote. Why then do we put Shola between front and mid to try to address the imbalance ?

    Its time CH realised we are not playing to our strengths but we are playing to a format – which isnt working ?

    Gutierrez playing wide left yet is right footed
    Carroll is the top target man in this league yet rarely given the service
    Enrique is one of the best left footed players in this league but needs to use his ability to greater effect
    Tiote is undoubtedly a great central midfielder but dont put pressure on the guy by abdicating responsibility in the rest of the midfield

    We need to play to our strengths. We arent gifted in the creative midfield/forward area and defensively we’re not too solid either. CH needs to look at formations that suit what we’ve got now thus making players feel more comfortable in their roles.

    3-5-1-1 or 3-5-2 would work with our defensive team as it stands plus it gives the midfield more support and allows at least two players from midfield to support the front two.

    For starters we could go with

    Saylor, Kadar
    Barton, Tiote, Nolan
    Gutierrez Enrique
    Ranger, Carroll

    The key here is that both wide men must have the energy to attack but also drop back when possession is lost and reinforce the defence. Also they must prevent attacking flow on either flank. IMO Jose and Jonas can perform that role.

    The two forwards must play in close contact with one another without the need to drop back to the midfield to “help out”. This gives us two options up front which means the opposition has to keep players back to mark them.

    CH tries to use Shola as his preferred attacking midfielder (who’s really a forward) but he’s not the player to
    a) drop back into midfield and compete
    b) quickly move into position alongside Carroll up front
    or c) act as a foil for Carroll

    Yes 3-5-2 may seem outdated nowadays but Blackburn effectively used a variation of this system when they beat us at SJP last month. Above all CH needs to give the players a formation where they feel comfortable in their roles as well as proving effective in those positions.

  155. Last winge … If jonas and routledge were taken off and repllaced by no-one I wouldn’t have noticed.

    There was no outlet at all and the front men were totally isolated.

    Rant over :(

  156. Well I was suprised Barton didn’t come back in. Hughton wants to protect him, but protect him from what? He’s had 3 games to rest and cure any little niggle he had. Im sorry Guthrie I have wholeheartedly defended you from people this season but now I have to say you have had 4 games to ‘get fit’, or ‘get your foot through the ball’; and you havn’t done it at all. To to it off their second goal where he lay there in embarrassment to get stretchered off, what has happened for him to be bossing the show last season and crumbled this. There isn’t THAT much of a step up and I suggest he/C.H isn’t motivated/pumped up for it enough.

    I could go on and on and on about the other players but I won’t and people saw it for themselves. This is worrying, there was a suggestion HBA could be back end of Jan; HELP! I sincerly hope he is and someone else in Jan aswell. Jonas and Routledge were hopeless apart from one little attempt by Jonas which was by the by. HBA we need you right now. I hope he is watching in Tunisia like he said and ready to appear in his superhero cape! :)

  157. Just got back from the game. All I can say is, wow!

    After about 10minutes I said to the lad next to me that we would struggle to pass the ball about with West Brom outnumbering us and pressing so much in midfield.

    First point I want to make is that today wasn’t really Hughton’s fault. Take a look at the bench and you can see our squad is down to the bare bones. We needed Barton and Nolan today. I’m not a massive fan of Nolan, but we needed a 5 man midfield to compete with West Brom.

    In regards to individual performances I thought our entire left side were useless today. I include Enrique in that too. Lazy performances from Jose, Jonas and Carroll today. Ameobi wasn’t lazy, but was ineffective against West Brom’s CB’s who played out of their skin today. Especially Scharner, who always seems to have a stormer against us. IN fact, the reason Carroll was so poor today was down to Scharner. He kept giving as good as he got to Carroll and our no.9 was the first to wither.

    Our right side wasn’t that bad, but West Brom were just better. Thomas is a very good winger and should be playing for a better side than West Brom.

    As poor as we were today I have to take my hat off to West Brom and congratulate them on a fantastic performance. They were almost faultless.

  158. “Last winge … If jonas and routledge were taken off and repllaced by no-one I wouldn’t have noticed”

    I was walking the dogs listening to the game on BBC Newc but didnt know the team that CH selected. It took Fatso (from the BBC) at least 20 minutes to mention Routledge as, up to then. I thought Barton was back on the right :)

  159. MarkToon will be doing the match report today as my laptop is being gay. I can use my phone for the internet, but I can’t write on it :mad:

  160. ‘First point I want to make is that today wasn’t really Hughton’s fault. Take a look at the bench and you can see our squad is down to the bare bones’.

    Please don’t say that. I was suprised Odimwangi and Brunt played because they were supposed to be struggling but West Brom had AT LEAST as many if not MORE injuries than we did. All the people who came in like Campbell, Guthrie, Lovenkrands are ‘proffesionals’ on hugely competitive saleries and they just let us down today. There is absolutely no defense for Hughton or them today in afraid court dismissed. rant over.

  161. “After about 10minutes I said to the lad next to me that we would struggle to pass the ball about with West Brom outnumbering us and pressing so much in midfield.”

    “First point I want to make is that today wasn’t really Hughton’s fault”

    You know El Toro that those two statements are contradictory.

    We knew that West Brom would play with five men in midfield yet we went with a 4-4-2 (sort of) with Shola dropping back to help out. How in God’s name is that not the fault of the manager ?

    OK Nolan and Barton were missing but we could have gone with Smith and Tiote (to counter Dorrans and Mulumbu)as CDM and played Routledge, Guthrie and Jonas behind AC.

  162. Actually I should say WBA played to their strengths and played well.

    Their right winger (Joy?) Was very good and made enrique look average.

  163. No defence for Hughton??

    How about a wafer thin squad with decent cover in about 3 positions, No where near enough to spend in the transfer window to expect a comfy season and a complete lack of support staff to assist him.

    As for Guthrie being the worst player in the world, Some people should give themsels a shake, He was massively instrumental in our promotion, He may no be good enough for top level football but he deserves respect for his contribution to saving the club from god knows what last season.

    As for tiote having too much ambition to stay here with these losers, He joined a promoted club who are in massive transition if he cannot understand the shortcomings of some of his team mates then he must be fcuking stupid…

  164. Andy

    No they are not really. I believe Hughton may have gone with a a 5 man midfield if Nolan or Barton had been available. Hughton clearly has no faith in Smith starting games and probably felt we stood more of a chance with two strikers and try to outscore them.

  165. “Hughton clearly has no faith in Smith starting games”

    You know what I’m going to say next dont you ?

  166. Ner Nah. Im sorry… Thin squad or not. (We have an above average sized squad) The performance was still poor. They could have been beaten by quality; and fair enough, but that wasn’t the case today. Lack of effort first half all round.

  167. DJG – I think that is being incredibly arrogant, big-headed and disrespectful to West Brom. Granted we were shit, but West Brom were good aswell

  168. CC

    Yes but what has he done after 4 games?

    Blast the freekick (with Campbell, Taylor, Ameobi and Carroll) out for a goal kick. After he was taking excellent corners and freekicks in the low pressure environment of the champ last season. Fair enough 2 bad games but not 4. He HAS to put it into a dangerous position HAS TO. If he doesn’t someone else needs to take it.

  169. Aw gerraway man. Their goalkeeper couldn’t kick the ball properly. If Im the only one who will stand up and say we were sh!te today then fair enough. I’ll be interested to here what you’s say after Liverpool.

  170. DJG – Stop acting the twat mate. You commended me earlier when I said we were shite. Now you claim you are the only one who has the balls to say it? Make your mind up?

    As for Liverpool, I really hope we get stuffed so you can come on the blog and tell eveyone how Newcastle losing makes you right.

  171. At least Hughton kept them locked in the dressing room for an hour after the match and ripped into them. If it was me they’d still be there now :lol:

  172. Well thats just silly. I would much prefer we won every single time. Yes you are right to say we were crap and Im glad I didn’t travel hundreds of miles to see that, goodnight one and all.

  173. We were total sh1te and the effort the players put in is not acceptable, you can understand a one off but this wasn’t a one off. We have seen it before and IMO Ch has to fuking drill it into them that it is not good enough and wont be tolerated :(

  174. DJG I’m pretty sure we’re all in the “We were Shite” camp today. The issue is whether a shit hot, motivational manager could have made a difference to the performance ?

    El Toro’s said we were outnumbered in midfield and CH said that he knew that would happen because West Brom would go 4-2-3-1.

    So we choose a 4-4-2 with Shola playing a sort of midfield “now he is/now he isnt” role and yet our subs bench has only one midfielder in it yet it also has three forwards ?

    I’m sorry but that tells me we’re either not thinking clearly or we dont have faith in the rest of the squad, in which case why bother to have them in the squad in the first place.

    We either have midfielders who are capable of playing at this level or we dont ?

  175. Ah well, no good getting p##d off. We are due a spell of tripe and a relegation struggle this season and I think december will be it. If it makes Ashley put his hand in his pocket and start sweating like a guy on drugs then excellent. We need a squad of Tiotes at this club and Benny was one. Carroll is another, Taylor, Enrique, Barton all can be. These quality players make the difference, in part. Teams don’t always give 95% that is just fact. Players like Benny who get the ball and cause the other team huge problems are what make the difference.

    By the way how long did it take Smith tho get booked, 30 seconds. 8O

  176. We have a good first eleven, good enough on its day to beat any team, the problem is that if we lose a player through injury or suspension then we struggle bad. Our squad has no depth for the premiership. Losing Arfa meant no quality on one flank or behind the front man. We have seen what happens when we lose Barton or Tiote, we struggle. If we lose Enrique or Carroll then it is going to be the same old story. I know we have no money to buy in January, so lets hope we keep the players we have got regardless of how bad some of them might be and get behind them as any end position in the premiership other than the bottom three will be a massive result. Hopefully we will then improve in the summer, as Houghton has proved he has a good eye for talent. We have smashed the scum and are still in a good position in the league, so all is not that bad. We surely wont play as bad as we did today so Howay cheer up and get behind the lads!

  177. Ha Toonsy, you have to love the man, with his injury surely there is no way he will be ready until late March at the earliest.

  178. Well what about that shower of shite…
    Lethargy will not be accepted by toon fans, in fact by ANY fans.
    Sorry but Guthrie is just not up to it, Jonas lethargic, Enrique and Simpson very poor, Amoebi…forget about it, garbage.

    Man oh man what a disappointment today.

    Houghton…sorry mate you got your tactics ALL WRONG. Couldn’t he see that Guthrie wasn’t perfoming, set pieces, free kicks he was just WAY OFF FORM…

    Not a happy camper today, noone desrevs to where the black and white stripes I’m afraid after that performance

  179. ‘ Newcastle finished eleven points above us in the Championship last season, so great credit has to go to Roberto Di Matteo for building a Baggies side that played them off the park today.’

    From WBA fan site. Sums it up, they wanted it, we didn’t bother.

  180. For me Jonas needs to be got rid of , the guy tries but there is just no end product , switch him to the right side might get something more out of him but i am starting to doubt that too . Today is a real wake up call unless we have our best 11 on the field then relegation is staring us in the face again . We need Barton & Nolan back quick time and HBA as soon as possible without risking him, for me Routlidge needs moved on as well , he has loads of pace but like Jonas no end product . Against Chelsea he put in a decent performance but today he was lacking again . Its time to give the kids a chance Ferguson for Jonas , Ranger for Ameobi and lets all start praying , its starting to go pear shaped and we have some very hard games to come in December .

  181. Why is it whenever we have a stinker Andy Gray and his little bum chum Savage are there to rub the salt in.

  182. Actually made the trip down today, wast my first time at the Hawthorns, and I have to admit I was pretty much sick as a chip making the trip back up. Yeah, all round good craic on the day, but such a disappointing result for a game I think a canny few would have had down as a game we maybe should have looked to win initially.

    Got taught the hard way about the golden rule of Premier League survival – taking your chances. For all of the constant pressure and posession that West Brom exerted, we never got going to a pace that could have competed with their quite obviously superior desire for the goals. Load of the same old typical Toon really, despite good performances from the pretty much ever reliable Tiote – again, even Jose could be looked at for moments of sheer complacency and the link between the midfield and attack was basically non existent. However to look at it a bit more cheery haha, Good ol’ big unit Sol even at 36 put a pretty good shift in – great ball for Jonas (who was nearly as poor as Guthrie mind) and I have to be happy seeing Great Dane Loverman get a goal he most likely dedicated to his late father.

    Although it should be said that our goal pretty much summed up today’s game for us – only being able to grab it after a shot Carroll as a number 9, for me, should have banged straight in. Are people, defenders, shutting Carroll’s game out more as he gets a ‘bigger name’? Or probably it was just missing some delivery, lacking desperately in the form of Guthrie, dearly missing Joey Barton.

    Fair play to their lot though, that Odemthingie bloke is a class act striker, obviously showed it in his goals, and was supported by an attack minded talented West Brom midfield.

    That’s my go at today over though, knackered after that bus so i’m going off to catch the Z’s I missed for the 5am wake up haha. Hope everyone else on here who went down at least enjoyed partly the experience :) …

  183. What a pathetic capitulation that was,
    shameful & lame team performance.
    Tiote was the only one to come out of that with any credibility (7), he was the only one to turn up, especially first half.
    Honorable 6.5 to PL for scoring.
    The rest, 2 each at best, 1 for making it on to the pitch, dunno what the other is for, cos they weren’t even wearing the stripes. Good job really, cos that wasn’t worthy. Stunk the place up good & proper.
    I said we’d miss Nolan, particularly in this game. Didn’t know we’d be without Barton too, then. We were useless without those 2.
    Defense was a mess, MF non-existent, mistakes all over the park.
    No movement off the ball, at all.
    wba put in a good TEAM EFFORT & deservedly beat our shower, without having to do too much. Just pass/move put effort in as a f***ing team.
    This was worse than bolton, at least things didn’t go our way in that game.
    But again, we actually helped a team to beat us.
    Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! FFS!

  184. We were poor but we’ll come back. We Are looking for survival. 4 points off relagation with a goal difference swing of 14. We are still in a healthy position. We do have a very very tough december but we’ve shown we can raise it for the big games. The votes suggested 4 points was what we expected with twelve still to play for we’ll see how it pans out.

  185. Those who say that we should have had more midfielders in the squad should get the facts right-
    Whom do you ppl propose ch should have played?squad is down to bare bones.and if he had started with smith instead of ameobi,it would have been too defensive.it would perhaps have got us a point but ch clearly said we were looking at all 3 points for this match.and we were a team that actually outpassed Arsenals,yes Arsenals 5 man midfield off the park with 4 guys in midfield.ch had no reason to drop rout after perhaps his best match of the season and he wanted to attack so he started ameobi.had we not been a goal down at half time,perhaps smith would have been on but we were chasing the game and he had to put loven on.
    I put the blame squarely on the players who were defo not upto it today.everyone except tiote,jose and loven were piss poor.even carroll was so not up for it.it was so much illustrated in the 1st half when a decent jonas delivery to the far post went wastefully over carroll.normally he would have atleast drawn a save from the goalkeeper or atleast got his head to it.the amazing thing was that he didnt even jump and was rather pathetically asking for a corner.saying that,cant expect him to be brilliant every game i guess.but the rest of the team needs a real kick in their backside.

  186. West Brom weren’ t that good – we stood off them and let them pass it around, it looked like we were just parking the bus by having two lines of four sit deep and not challenge them – they hassled us continuously when we had the ball and froze out the left side.
    Hope Guthries ok, he had a terrible game but he’s a decent squad player and needs to get his confidence back asap – those on here saying sell everyone are plastic fans, wtf do you think we’ll replace them with
    We have a perfect opportunity to bounce back against liverpool, we seem to play a lot better against the perceived big clubs

  187. fourfouroneone says:
    December 6, 2010 at 7:44 am
    West Brom weren’ t that good…

    stop talking through your ring piece they were fantastic & completely played us off the park infact if we had played like that you’d probably still be pulling your plonker over the performance.

  188. “Those who say that we should have had more midfielders in the squad should get the facts right-

    Dunno where you get your facts from Deepak but both Physio room and NUFC.com confirm (by their absence) that Vuckic and Ferguson are both available to play.

    However thats not the point. The issue with CH’s team selection was West Brom play 4-2-3-1 and pack their midfield. We, on the other hand, went sort of 4-4-2 with an assumption that our midfield could somehow overrun theirs and supply the ammunition for our two big strikers.

    I have criticised CH in the past for being too defensive at home but 4-5-1, or variations on that, has always seemed common sense to me when playing away from SJP. Bearing in mind the onus is on the home side to attack and we are then in a position to counter attack.

    What happened yesterday was the very reason why you should pack your midfield against opponents with two pacy wide men. In addition to which Campbell was hopelessly exposed at times for his lack of pace so putting Smudger in alongside Tiote may well have helped out the defence.

    With no wins from four games before yesterday this game was all about not getting beaten. Yet we played the wrong formation and got five players booked in the process. Players losing their discipline is a sure sign that things are not going well. Its OK having hour long inquests afterwards but maybe CH should look to himself to see where he could improve in future ?