Toon v Tangerines Premiership match banter!

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Mags v Tangerines, this time it's Premiership!
Mags v Tangerines, this time it's Premiership!
Welcome to the NUFC Blog match banter for today’s home encounter against Blackpool with your’s truly, Workyticket, standing in once again. As usual, for more in depth pre match stuff, you can always check out Toonsy’s excellent match preview, and the maiden article from new NUFC Blog recruit, Paul Reece, with his “Top Ten facts and stats to know about Blackpool F.C.

Last time we faced the seasiders of Blackpool at home, promotion from the Championship was assured and there was something of a party atmosphere. However, it should not be forgotten that Blackpool were one of the few teams to beat us last term in the earlier fixture at their place, Bloomfield Road.

Seen by some as the Donkeys of the Premiership, it also shouldn’t be forgotten that the Seasiders have already won a resounding 0-4 away victory at Wigan, something United manager, Chris Hughton was quick to point out in a pre match interview as he warned against complacency. He said:

“I think Blackpool are very dangerous opponents. Alot of their danger stems from the manager. He not only wants them to do themselves justice in the Premier League but he also wants them to play a certain way.

“They will be involved in a lot of entertaining games, that’s for sure. Look at what they did to Wigan on the opening day of the season. Arsenal was difficult for them with their man sent off but they have applied themselves very well.”

The Cockney Colossus then added:

“We are in confident mood but we will have to be careful and we’ll have to be cautious at points as well,”

“For us it’s about getting the right balance between wanting the right amount of confidence in our players and not taking anything for granted.

“But what we can’t do is underestimate the opposition. This is a team who not so long ago went away from home and won and scored four goals.”

This game should see the return of ex Magpie loanee, ‘Marvellous’ Marlon Harewood to the Blackpool squad after recovering from an ankle injury, and he should be joined upfront by their record signing, D.J. Campbell.

Meanwhile our own strikeforce hasn’t been without problems, with Number 9, Andy Carroll recently recovering from an ankle knock, but available for selection.

Of course though, the highlight of the day should be the unveiling of new high profile players, Hatem Ben Arfa and Ivory Coast hatchet man, Chieck Tiote, who should offer contrasting qualities to the Magpies’ squad.

Stay tuned for team news as it becomes available, and of course,

Howay the Lads!


Newcastle United: Steve Harper, James Perch, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith, Joey Barton, Jonas Gutierrez, Kevin Nolan, Andrew Carroll.

Subs: Shole Ameobi, Tim Krul, Sol Campbell, Chieck Tiote, Peter Lovenkrands, Ryan Taylor, Hatem Ben Arfa.

Blackpool FC: Matthew Gilks, Dekel Keinan, Neil Eardley, Ian Evatt, Stephen Crainey, Charlie Adam, Eliot Grandin, David Vaughan, Luke Varney, Dudley Campbell, Brett Ormerod.

Subs: Mark Halstead, Rob Edwards, Matt Phillips, Keith Southern, Marlon Harewood, Jason Euell, David Carney.

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326 Responses

  1. Big Dave says:
    September 11, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    “Worky I dont see yer prediction there
    Mine is hard fought 1-0 win or if we score early we will hammer them”

    I was thinking similar things, Dave. Hard fought win by a goal or a 4-0 or something like that.

  2. Worky what is it they say about great minds :lol:
    Cornish i’ll settle for that or any other win will do, I really do think that we have to win these games.
    Howay the Lads

  3. WORKY nee rest for the wicket eh m8,wonder why ranger not on bench after he was pulled oot of res for this one

  4. would have loved t see Benny start however have to agree wit CH in the fact you shouldnt just change a side for the sake of it and without new players being gradually bedded in – still cant wait to see his cameo tho!!

    hopefully 3-0 Toon however reckon it could be tougher then a lot of people think

  5. BIG DAVE aye i know but c.h.said he left him out of res for cover for carroll and played shola,but hes put shola on the bench,strange like

  6. Anyone know if that sopcast thing is filled with spyware or is it worth a punt if iraqgoals fails?

  7. Our team and the bench looks strong, still Taylor, Gosling, Vukic and Ranger missing so a good squad we have now.

  8. Cheers, got it downloaded but anyone fancy giving me a quick explanation of how to get it running. I click the ‘play’ button on my p2p, choose sopcast then nowt happens.

  9. Pollo – That is exactly why I won’t d/l Sopcast mate, no matter how many people tell me it is fine.

    Perhaps I am over protective as my computer nearly got fecked a few weeks back my something I picked up from somewhere (RedTube probably) and I had to spend a good few hours going through the reg and getting the fecker out manually!

  10. Ice didn’t I tell ye that C@nt would show up :lol:

    PolloDiablo as El Toro says its fine mate I have been useing it for a couple of yrs ;)

  11. Downloaded it but got spybot running and nowt showin up, i’ll just trust Magpie_May’s link holds up i think.

  12. Damn, MyP2P has hardly any links – used to be full up for each game… in my experience Sopcast has no spyware or such gremlins but I can’t get it to work these days… good luck peeps!

  13. Oh gosh,like i say yesterday…not much links will be available…

    And what’s up with Man city Commentary on Newcastle match?? 8O

    in atdhe link.

  14. Anyone have any radio links ? I think we wont find working tv link so better if someone post radio link if available

  15. Aye, cheers for the links anyway, onto radio. I’m in Newcastle but don’t own one and it wont let me listen on the BBC site. FFS.

  16. Williamson just hit the post there, that video stream with the city commentary is good but it freezes alot

  17. I hope ta fuk they throw the book at henry after all his boasting wonder what mick the prick mccarthy will make of that.
    The links today are sh1te

  18. Sky are saying the tackle from Henry was a “superb” one and that it looks like he may have broken his ankle as he went down

  19. Icedog – Aye, just read about it myself. The twat shouldn’t have been playing today anyway!!

    At least it isn’t against Barton now and Karl Henry may get suitably castigated byt the press!

  20. lol… crappy links today but got the ilemi and atdhe links up side by side and they are both freezing at different times so not bad and the best I can get today I reckon… cheers for links lads!

  21. Geordio Cubano says:
    September 11, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    “lol… crappy links today but got the ilemi and atdhe links up side by side and they are both freezing at different times”

    Having two gannin’ at the same time won’t help, Geordio Cubano.

  22. Toonsy :) good to see someone else following gateshead’s soon to be meteoric rise through the leagues.

  23. What the hell?!?!?

    Why did they take away the textcommentary on NUFC’s homepage??? That really REALLY SUXX!!!

    I’m so god damn angry!!!

  24. just remeber lads at least we have spirit now. i think we can fight back for a 1-1 or 2-1 maby

  25. Well the only real chance we seem to have created is Williamson’s header that hit the post. From what i’ve read/heard it seems to be us having more of the possession but them creating the real goalscoring chances

  26. i find ch reluctance to switch tactics a little disturbing. sure its a winning tactic and no person would change it for fun. but still. .. we have loads of midfield options. should guthrie and gosling be fit, there is bound to be discontent.

  27. @Worky@71

    ‘Having two gannin’ at the same time won’t help, Geordio Cubano.’

    …aye I kna Worky, but have tried both on their own and they freeze just as much… reckon the freezing is not on my side as net connection is bloody fast. From the sounds of it everyone’s links have the Man City commentary and are freezing just the same. Any better new links anyone?

  28. Smith should be driven out of Toon. What exactly does he do for his 60k a week? I tell ye what, people get on Nolan’s back for far less, and that is a feckin joke!

    Barton can’t pass for toffee today. They have competition for places now, and them two look scared, as though they can’t handle it!

  29. arfa and tiote on for nolan and smith at half time – hope CH doesnt wait until we’re 2 down before he changes it

  30. you can get on player back after the match guys

    right now be positive and send out your support to our player please !!!


  31. With all the competition for midfield roles, Smith still gets in the team. On his day he is great but too often for me, his lack of pace causes us problems. Still we have 45 minutes left.

  32. Lacedaemonian-I think we’ll see Tiote for smith sometime today. I’d like to see him get 45 but I can see both Benny and Tiote getting maybe 25/30

  33. 4-5-1 at home v Blackpool F’ING Blackpool!!!!!! Get Ben arfa lovenkrands and tiote on and play 4-4-2 for FU** sake!!

  34. can any one give me the radio links???? i cant get the video argh!!! bring big ben i say!!! and let him ring lol xD
    come on the toon i say

  35. Hughton had to show faith in the team that has played this season. Surely changes are justified now!!

  36. 4-5-1 is used to accommodate Nolan. He can’t play CM and his goals are important. However, he will need to be dropped for Ben Arfa if nothing has changed by the 60 minute mark.

  37. Christ, Blackpool sound like they’re completly over running us on our own patch. Can someone give me an update of changes made? I’m miles behind the day like.

  38. We are losing at home to relegation cannon fodder and we’re still playing with one striker. Jesus!!

  39. Lovenkrands is a good choice. His pace will be perfect with Andy Carroll’s flicks and Ben Arfa behind him.

  40. From ”
    Dan King – NUFC:
    Ben Arfa is back in the dugout now, getting stripped to come on “

  41. Ben arfa is on,with Jonas going off.

    Btw,that link i gave,just go click live coverage pls. =.=”

  42. argh getting propper superstitious now, every time I vote on here when I think we’ll get a result we play poorly and lose :(

  43. Sky calling it a “Toon onslaught”, but we’re still 1 down, changes should have been made earlier for me like.

  44. Out of Shola, Loven, Carroll, Nolan and Arfa going forward surely someone can grab a late goal.

  45. The international break coupled with Hughton’s hesitancy has cost us massively today. We seem to have lost momentum.

  46. Gilks seems to have had quite the game. Starting to wish he was in my FF team. That would be a tiny, tiny compensation.

  47. Well we had to try and get a goal I guess and got caught on the break. We did everything but score. Their keeper had the game of his life.

    Still not happy.

  48. I blame Alan Smith. He should know he can’t hack people down in the box for fekcs sake! Get Tiote in next game and make Smith try to earn his place back.

  49. fvckin gutted about that – looks like the villa result was a one off, getting beaten 2-0 to blackpool at home is as bad as it gets and doesn’t look good for us for rest of season

  50. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    September 11, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    “Boo them off. Hughton has done himself no favours here.”

    Are you for real? FFS!

  51. Isnt this just typical Newcastle, the way we have been since Bobby left tho?

    Doing great one week and playing painfully bad the next… I dont think the blame should be laid at CH tho, he had to use the same players who have started so well and it was Smith who gave them the advantage if any.

  52. Bollocks. Benny should have been given 45. Tiote too. Losing our unbeaten home record to Blackpool is embarrassing. These are the type of games you look back at later on in the season and say “if only we’d picked up points there”..not happy like.

  53. To many just not good enough i’m afraid…3 points chucked in the bin here…hope we don’t regret them at the end of the season….. Laying the blame for this one firmly at Hughton’s feet. 4 5 1 at home against Blackpool!! far to negative, should have gone at them from first minute!

  54. Im not saying sack the manager. Im just saying that poor timing of substitutions have cost us largely today

  55. Well… reshuffle the deck and try again.

    With Tiote in instead of Smith and Ben Arfa in instead of Nolan we would look much better i reckon… That wont happen ofcourse with Nolan being captain and all.

  56. Complacency complete.

    Everything by passed midfield ’til the the final quarter.
    That’s what y’get with a big ‘un up front alone.
    Dull as f***.

    Absolute shite streams, what a load of bollox all round.

  57. I am very worried about this season. This was the worst possible result we could endure this season. The worst fooking possible. I still think the international break broke our momentum. This team and formation has worked this season and last but when we were 1-0 down we needed to make changes. These surely should have been made at half time.

  58. Lads, howay. I mean this is the same team that has done well in the first three games. Did you really expect it to be changed? Come on and give yer heeds a shake FFS!

    The blame lies at the door of Alan Smith. Through HIS ACTIONS the team suffered. After the the team tried to equalised and bettered Blackpool, and got caught out because of it

  59. I’m saying Hughton sticking with a 1 up front at home against a relegation rival when he’s got a great attacking player on the bench and someone who can do Smiths role far better than Smith or Nolan also sat there!!

    That has cost us today , forget the second goal that was because we were chasing the game.

  60. Toonsy – thank god someone speaking some sense. Jesus christ we will have the knee jerkers out in force now. Get a grip people

  61. why so negitive? were going down cos we lost 2-0 to blackpool? no were not thats like saying were gunna win leauge cos we beat villa 6-0

  62. 211 El Toro – hope you’re being sarcastice there”

    FFS! I am not saying Hughton needs to go. I am just saying that he has done himself no favours today. His approach and substitions were well off.

    The players should be booed off because they have failed to score at home to the worst team in the league.

  63. Deb that was a big three points to lose in a season where we were always going to struggle. Don’t give me that knee jerk twaddle,that was a massive loss.

  64. Let’s see if we can go and get a point at Everton. The next game can’t come quick enough for me.

  65. bugger… I’m going back to bed to have a bit of a cry. Maybe we’d have been better off only beating Villa by a slim margin so that expectations were kept in check for this game? Wish Hoots had altered formation to be more attacking at home though… :(

  66. Come on boys, why look to lay blame and slag people off?

    Even if Smith had a bad game, which penalty apart it doesn’t seem he did, and Hughton was hesitant with the subs, let’s take a breather!

    It’s knee-jerk comments like ‘sell Smith, we’re going to get relegated now, Hughton is making mistakes all the time’ that give us Geordies a bad rep.

    Get behind the team – it worked last year and look how it went

  67. It’s still too early to read into results after the 4th game. Blackpool well eventually do no better than Burnley and Hull the season before last. If this result makes anyone “very worried” then just think back to after the 6nil against Villa when you thought we would go on to finish mid table.

    It’s very disappointing of course but we have made a habit of losing to the supposed whipping boys over the years, even when we were decent ourselves.

  68. We also played one up top against Villa and scored 6 goals FFS.

    I’m going for a bath, and I’m taking my toaster with me to attempt suicide. It’s better that listening to the majority of twats on here predicting doom and relegation 4 (four, YES FOUR games into the new season.

  69. Starting with 1 up top at home against a team is ridiculous. The moment you go one down and you see it’s not working, two should go up top. With what seemed to be Smiths pedestrian like play, he should have been shown the door for Tiote. Benny should have been given 45 minutes to impress/try to make something happen. I’ve been a huge supporter of Hughton since day one but things seemed to be a little off at his end today. We should be going out to attack and it’s against technically weaker defences that flair players (player-Benny) will have a field day.

  70. This game was absolutely vital for us to win..vital…match that with all the shitty streams and you get a fuming ToonKing.

    Today could cost us really, really bad…

  71. 211 El Toro – “boo them off” ye fookin cock – ur the type of coont that really wrecks my head, already pissed off we lost but boo them off??? get real will ye, granted we lost however we obviously were trying to win. 13 shots on target so clearly we didnt get that bit of luck and from the sounds of things Gilks had a phenominal day. there 2nd was just a break away and dowsent reflect the match.

  72. Disappointing result, obviously, but we’re 13th and if someone had asked me at the start of the season if I’d take that after 4 games – or 38 games for that matter – I’d have said yes.

  73. ah well, coulda been worse… I coulda NOT been in Brazil with my Brazilian girlfriend promising to ‘cheer me up’ in a mo… see ya lads, chin up!

  74. On the plus side, Benny sounded alright when he came on.

    The team wasn’t broke going into the game. It was playing well so was unlikely to get changed. I seem to remember a fair few people bemoaning the fact we onlt started with one at home against Villa, and look what happened.

    Now it is broke Hughton has some food for thought.

  75. Reckon West Ham are pretty awful this year, far worse than Blackpool

    Blackpool played well today

    We had 13 shots on target and didnt score, they had 4 and scored 2

    This is football, next match!!

  76. All fans argue the toss about tactics and the likes. Tis a bit harsh calling us doom merchants. We just lost against a very poor team which I expected us to take at least a point. Surely being massively disappointed is the natural response to this result??? And I dont see anybody talking about relegation. Too much pointing the finger goes on here and on the other blogs.

  77. One thing that did struck me today tho, was that we dont have allot of players who look likely to score… Allot of them seem to prefer the pass and bottle out of shooting, so apart from Carroll (Keeping in mind that Shola and Løvenkrands wont start) who will score?

    Nolan havnt looked that sharp since our return to the EPL and none of the others have a history of scoring, apart from Smith in his days as a striker lol.

  78. Toontastico

    There are very few times when I advocate booing the team…Losing 2-0 at home to Blackpool just happens to be one of those times I’m afraid. Shocking performance for 70% of the game.

  79. To be fair to Blackpool, they aint a poor team… I expect them to finish above Wigan, West Ham and Wolves. They try to plau football which is more than can be said about wolves who will get some trouble later in the campaign after the heat gets more and more turned on with their style of “play”.

  80. And for those who were wanting to see HBA on at HT.

    1) Get real and wake up.

    2) Show me anywhere, any match this weekend, where a team that was losing at HT made a sub at HT barring injuries and sendings off.

  81. I remember being at the cup game where we beat Spurs 6-1 (I think) and on the way out of the ground I heard too old dudes talking about the game. They were saying that Dyer had played a bad game. Too funny.

  82. Ian Holloway says his team had all the luck today and that his keeper had a stormer.

    One of them days. We had one in our favour against Villa remember……

  83. TBH im not really that surprised I said yesterday that B/pool would be a potental banana skin as they have had a super start to the season, Like so many other newly promoted teams start with a bang then go out with a fizzle. But Villa aside I still say we should be starting on the attack at home against the teams round us. I just wish we had of had a decent stream to see how Benny boy done :(

  84. I dont think we needed a deep lying midfielder for this game, Toonsy. Just my point of view. The sooner Smith was taken off the pitch the better. I wasn’t at the game so I really cannot comment on how Smith was playing, I just felt we should have been taking the game to them.

  85. How they managed to keep us out in that second 45 i’ll never know. Every team has days where it just doesnt work out; today was ours.

  86. As long As we get between 24-30 points by end of the year,we are still in for a shout to stay in PL. ;)

    So i am not really feeling upset by whatever games.

    if by end of year we get below 24points,then is time for worry.

  87. Look at the bright side- CH now has the best imaginable excuse to bench AS and play Tiote and Ben Arfa. I think we need to use Ben Arfa as a striker, personally. At least until we can get Victor Moses hehe.

    Also, since Everton got so lucky today against the mancs, they’ll be pretty full of themselves and hopefully be writin’ us off come next weekend. Then we can hit them hard and hopefully give ’em a thrashin. I’d like to see us try a 4-3-3.





  88. Really disappointed but the truth is on another day Gilks would have been beaten four times and we would be saluvating. I did pick out DJ Campbell as a threat to us, forwards with pace and sharp movement always have a field day against us, although the second goal was inevitable as we were going gung ho to get something.

    At the end of the day we support Newcastle United…what do you expect?

    I have to tutor a course on monday and the first part is all about motivation…great!

    Chin up guys, HBA, Tiote and Campbell to come in and hopefully Perch will improve or be taken out. Everton have made a shocking start, but like them I am confident we will be ok…for now! Lol

  89. Tiote could be utter cack for all we know. In an ideal world we would have signed Tiote and Ben Arfa at the beginning of the summer. Now they are both trying to get in to a settled team. I am still unsure why he is picking Smith. Wasnt he dropped for most of the second half of the season? I am probably talking through my hat.

  90. Lets look towards Everton lads!
    Twas disappointing to lose today against a team I thought we could beat, but oh well, like someone said earlier-13place four games in, bloody hell i’m happy with that.

  91. Toonsy-Starting with one up top against a team like Villa is understandable. We were expecting them to counter, plug up the midfield and make it difficult for them when they have the ball. However, when you get a team who are widely regarded as certain for the drop at your bit, surely you want to keep your decent run of games going and you have an attacking mentality? All have said that the home games are where we NEED to pick up points. Blackpool is one of those games that I would have said were an absolute must to get 3 points from, we haven’t even got one.

    As for Benny at half time, the only reason i’d make that call is with regards to Smith. He’s given away the pen and you yourself said he was pedestrian all day. Take him off, go 4-4-2, drop Nolan back and give Benny the “no 10 role he was promised” for 45 minutes. Against a team like Blackpool you’d expect he could do something.

  92. Blackpool come to attack so I believe we should have started Loverkrands and really gone for it, thought we were abit too cautious.

    We can ponder what might have been but its CH who has to prove his credentials and pick the lads up for Everton.

  93. El Toro I think he will start Ben Arfa as for who will be dropped ??? thats a hard one I really do think that Benny best position will be the one Nolan is playing in, but I dont think Nolan is a good CM. I would like to see Guthrie back aswell ;)

  94. That was a very bad result today. I know it’s early in the season, but that was our first relegation 6 pointer. It sounds like we played okay in the second half but these are the matches we absolutely have to get 3 points from.

    Still, at least we created chances and on another day could have scored a few. Thats the difference from the last time we went down, so I believe we can bounce back!

  95. NorthernPaul

    Not being funny, but creating chances against Blackpool means nothing. They aren’t renowned for the defensive ability and most teams will create against them. We needed to outscore them and the players didn’t deliver. First half performance was poor and it didn’t properly improve until around the 65th-70th minute. Not good enough. Vital 3 points dropped.

    Well done to Blackpool though. Can have no complaints with how they approached the game.

  96. Just one of those games. We hit the post, had one cleared off the line, had three one-on-one with the goalkeeper, Gilks made a few instinctive saves, the ball didn’t bounce our way.

    It happens. It’ll happen our way on another day. Disappointing result. On the plus side Ben Arfa had a few decent touches.

  97. Can’t believe some of the negative comments on here. While we didn’t really get going first half it was still pretty even, and we absolutely annihilated them second half but the finishing or last pass was just not good enough on the day. Still don’t know how we didn’t score a hatful.

    Gutierrez was poor first half but really picked up for the second, but his lack of final ball is more telling at this level. Ben Arfa looked really good when he came on, and is bound to start the next match.

    Bad decision for Smith to make the challenge for the penalty, but he’s played well so far this season so can’t understand all the derogatory comments towards him.

    On the plus side losing today will probably make it easier for Hughton to bring in Ben Arfa and Tiote for the next match. Not sure who Ben Arfa will replace though, on todays showing I’d be tempted to say Gutierrez because he just didn’t pose enough of a goal threat. Nolan can look like he’s not doing anything at times but he has got the know how and the class to make something happen,and Routledge got better as the game went on as well.

  98. From what I saw, Smith got a toe to the ball on that penalty. Still, it was slight. He should have done better.


    fair enough it was blackpool who we should have beaten, but we had the chances, alot but we just couldnt convert them, their keeper was magnificent and we got caught on the counter, from a blackpool side who are very good at doing that.

    Im not saying this result is acceptable, but by this stage of the season i had thought we would have this many points, 4 points from 4 games, i expected a loss to man utd, loss to aston villa, draw against wolves and win against blackpool, ok a couple of results are a bit different, but this is the points i expected from this, so i am overall satisfied with the seasons start.

    COME BACK DOWN TO REALITY, LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS (im not shouting, just trying to grab ur attention :) )

  100. Off-topic.

    Do you guys notice,since Fraser plays for Celtic,Celtic don’t concede any goals. :lol:

    That’s 2 clean sheet for 2games. ;)

  101. Just watching Barcelona match. Did somebody say nobody makes substitutions at half time? Barca made two. They were losing 1-0 at home – still are.

  102. It’s like watching the Newcastle match again – Hercules are getting he bounce of every ball – winning 2-0 now. Just goes to show it happens to the best of ’em.

  103. WHOOOO~~~MY curse works….

    If both Inter and Barcelona lose or Draw at least,can re compensate my emotional mood for Newcastle match. :lol:

  104. Too many minuses today – Smith, Nolan especially, even Enrique, Gutierrez and Willliamson weren’t particularly good.
    Blackpool had good movement and passing – but we created enough chances to win if somebody had tried a shot of more than 1 mile an hour and not straight at the keeper.
    Any pluses – thought Collo did OK, Routledge tried and one run by Ben Arfa into the box, with a layback that nobody was wise to, was encouraging.
    Ref was crap – sending a free-kick back in our own half twice cos’ it was 5 yards in front of the right place – and letting Adam and their number 16 get away with persistent fouling.
    Otherwise….trying not to get too depressed. Maybe bring some people’s expectations back down to earth? Trouble is, after that performance you go into a “where’s our next point coming from” mood.

  105. Batty I think Toonsy is lying in the bath ;)
    As for yer bet well done Lad and maybe now ye can hoy Ice a few quid he had to pay to get his mobility scooter fixed.

  106. Well Batty, looks like at least SOMEONE is having a nice posh dinner on the evenin’ ;)

    Let’s try not to get too awful down n out today. Obviously Blackpool played a decent game and their keeper apparently played an absolute BLINDER. 13 shots on goal and none went in? That’s just good ole’ fashioned bad luck right there. Some days you’re the windshield and some days you’re the bug. Now somebody tell CH to make the lads graft hard all week so we can hopefully take advantage of an overly confident Everton side and bag another 3 points. 2-1 the Toon next week!

  107. fukin hell man cheer up the lot of yas we had too get beat at home some time , i had a bad feelin anyway so it was no biggy too me scrape a point against the toffes then beat the shite they call stoke city :)

  108. Batty-

    Talkin’ sense mate! I’d love to see pull all three points from the Toffees. Ahh, the look on Moyes’s face if that happened… hehehe

  109. Yeah, I agree with you about the banana peel.. newly promoted team with a lot to prove AND the luck fallin’ their way today. It’s shite, but I don’t really care. Now if we make a TREND out of losing, then I’m gonna be pissed. But one off game where it’s obviously a case of crap luck doesn’t get me down at all. This is football!

  110. Before we all jump on the Tiote bandwagon let us not forget he has previous for reckless play, getting sent off etc I suppose its the nature of the beast ?

    One thing that we must learn very quickly is not to go all out at home in the PL as we will get caught on the break by better teams than Blackpool. The crowd must learn to be patient and not get at the players like they did at half time. OK we were pretty clueless in the first half and improved after the break but sending on Shola, Ben Arfa and Lovenkrands made us look a little disjointed IMO.

    I felt that we could have replaced Smudger at half time and brought on HBA so he could have played in a “three” with Routledge and Jonas and we could then got closer to to AC.

    Anyway its good to get the crap performance out of the way asap :)

  111. O’Hurley – I was more than happy with second half performance today, we totally dominated and on another day would have scored a hatful. But on the whole the shooting was pretty poor

  112. who was that 6-0 game against in pre season last season? Orient? well, this is our Orient…

    Talk is cheap lads, time to deliver

  113. Just in after my two hour drive home

    massively disappointed with the result but thought parts of the performance was below par. created enough chances to win the game and Nolan, loverboy and carroll will have a sleepless night to night after not converting one on ones

    too many players below par. Perch took some funny positions all afternoon allowing his man in behind him all game and it was from one said move the penalty came. Barton passed it poorly but the two stinkers came from Nolan and Smith

  114. The doommongers were out in force on the radio phone in. some of these guys must have depressing lives. The most unbelievable comment from one guy was it was Shoala’s fault again. He was only on the pitch the last ten minutes!

    keep the faith. we are going to be in the bottom eight we knew that we just have to avoid the bottom three

  115. budalovesa patsy
    Agree with you. Some people are unbelievable they really need their heads shaken see if there are any brain cells in there. They do my head in.

  116. Geordie Deb – Agreed. Was going to give this place a break for a day or so just so everyone can calm down because the over-reaction to it pisses me right off.

    It’s not ideal, we all know that, but it also won’t relegate us! Grip needs to be got by some!!!!

    But then I thought I won’t let the bassa’s grind me down :D

  117. Agreed this may only be a small set back.Unfortunately it puts pressure not only on the team but on the manager for the next game.Another slip and more pressure and so on.(Englands World Cup).The next games will show what kind of team and manager we really do have?

  118. Folks its just human nature after a good result we all think things are going super and the optimisim is up, then after a bad result most fans are gutted and the place is doom and gloom ;)

  119. Toonsy as much as i agree with your sentiments it is hard to take someone seriously when their choice of an avatar is a naked Ron Jeremy making those eyes at us…

    The over reaction is a bit daft, Poor result yes but another day we would have won at a canter, Also if Hughton backs up his words about dropping names then i would hope Tiote or if he’s fit Guthrie would come in for Smith and Benny starts against Everton.

  120. @ 263 boo all you want you cock-erny spunk stain – i doubt very much the people on tynside give a f ck what you think of our football club/team.

    i dont – but i’d still like the odd 10 mins alone with you just for the satisfact

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