Newcastle 6-0 Aston Villa – Video highlights.

Posted on August 22nd, 2010 | 82 Comments |

I have managed to track down this video of all the goals from todays 6-0 win over Aston Villa at St James’ Park. Enjoy!

It doesn’t get much better than that, and I suggest we enjoy it whilst we can. Not every week is going to be like this, so let’s make the most of the high points whilst we can.

Goals: Joey Barton (12), Kevin Nolan (31, 86), Andy Carroll (34, 67, 90).

Howay the lads!

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82 Responses

  1. It doesn’t get much better than that, and I suggest we enjoy it whilst we can. Not every week is going to be like this, so let’s make the most of the high points whilst we can

    Your right it wont happen every week just every other week :lol: :lol: :lol:

  2. ahh here man, cant stop watching it, what a great result. They won’t all be like that so im savouring this one :)

  3. Was talking about this at the match and anyone else notice that we are actually a quite big team now. Every corner and free kick we are causing all sorts of trouble, only remember Carroll loosing one header!

    Corners and free kicks, might be a way we nick some goals this season, especially away from home.

  4. I wonder how the spread bets went this weekend?

    35 goals scored so far and there’s still Man City v Liverpool to come tomorrow.
    Three teams score six this weekend, Arsenal, Chelsea and us. Not bad company to be in eh?

  5. I will be :lol:

    No doubt the Man Utd game will be on first. I can’t wai to listen to them masterbating themselves into a frenzy over Paul Scholes :roll:

    As good a player as he may be, it doesn’t change the fact he is ginger! That should not be overloooked :lol:

  6. :) :) :)

    What makes me smile is the makem predictions on the legends all week. ‘Ah I think we’ll beat the Baggies’. ‘Newcastle will get beat 2-0 of Villa, 3-0 Villa, 2-0 Villa’ All week. Can’t wait for tomorows show, they will be hiding under the quilt covers. :)
    Looking forward to MOTD2 aswell. :)

  7. Awesome game, purely awesome….

    A couple of things tho…. what was Nolan doing after his goals???? looked like he was trying to walk like a duck or fly or summit, anyone know??

    Also, I noticed while Barton was taking the corners, our lads were getting a good service but as soon as R.Tayls came on, he took the corners & they were crap, not getting past the 1st player… why did Barton stop taking them??

  8. I Love Mike says:
    August 22, 2010 at 8:39 pm
    Was talking about this at the match and anyone else notice that we are actually a quite big team now. Every corner and free kick we are causing all sorts of trouble

    Thats right mate. I think the champ has actually done us good, we are ace at corners now, far cry from the little shi##y team with MO, Martins and Emre ect.

  9. Cyprus..I said that at the match.Raylor came on and his first touch was to take a corner,not even a chance to get the feel of the ball(ooer missus).

  10. I think Barton should be our corner taker from now on… :)

    I can’t believe I’m saying that, I couldn’t stand the guy until today but after his performance today, he’s gone up in my estimation :)I’m big enough to admit that like :)

  11. toonsy – had to listen to the paul scholes love-in on 5live on my way home, it was enough to make you spew. Graham Taylor had some good things to say about AC tho, reckons he’s been watching him & thinks he could get a call from capello.

  12. ref the booing of Beye..where I was sat there were just as many clapping as booing but obviously booing is louder.

  13. Yeah most of the papers predicted a villa victory , the star said 2-1 to villa , i know the star is not a paper, but the journo need to eat humble…big time… and me I thought we would get beat , being as they were top 5 or 6 last year. Bartons goal magnificent strike so hard, and for me the way the whole team rallied round especially after first goal showed terrific team spirit…Howay the lads…

  14. nz……….ya need to trust my gut………it got the score wrong 3-1 but got the result spot on ;-)

  15. Dave :lol:

    I did neither cos I liked him as a player,but he deserted us so I wasn’t gonna clap him on either

  16. Thought Harper was poor giving away the penalty, why didn’t he just stand up, he had a load of time to evaluate the situation, way too slow imo..

  17. Munich I like him but he has started to look a little suspect at times :( the back four took a lot of the pressure of him today like

  18. I know villa missed the early penalty , so I suppose it is important to discuss , how we would have reacted being one – nil down after just 8 minutes would we have come back and won , it would have been interesting to see our spirit in that light as well , but cracking game all the same ….and did anyone see big Als reaction to AC’s third !! Great

  19. Big Dave, me too, but the lad seems a bit slow to react in general. Still, don’t wanna be a party-pooper tonight, we’re all on cloud nine !!

  20. anyone noticed the media have already tried to have a pop saying Barton did a Nazi salute after his goal?

    if they took their blinkers off for a second, they’d have seen he was waving bye bye to his ‘tache – and that carroll did the same gesture (waving his hand in front of his mouth) after he scored his first too.

    but nah, why let facts get in the way of calling Barton a nazi sympathiser, eh?

  21. NZ I thought it looked like Big Al had a docket or a bit of paper he was waiving in his hand :) when he was celebrating maybe he had Carroll down for the hat trick ;)

  22. Big Dave, it was a wedge of cash – something tells me he’d stuck a few quid on AC getting a hat trick!

  23. Ice he shouldn’t take it to heart he doesn’t have any other toon players in it ;) . but im sure lots of fans will be happy with the points Andy got them today for their FF team :)

  24. if he had some money on the carroll hatrick cant have been many people who would have had that, I did see he had someting in his hand , wonder what odds were, and if it were shearer it would have been at least a ton…

  25. well least you know i wouldnt pick on joey ;)

    toonsy friends with most at the mo,hes had a few drinks after today,get moody these conplusive drinkers m8

  26. Williamson, as well as his solid performance at the back, managed two asists for AC. If he keeps that up it’ll be a tough call for Hughton when Campbell/Taylor eventually get fit.

  27. Still feels like a dream, I was feeling sick beforehand expecting to be on the recieving end of another defeat.

    Unbelievable performance from all the lads. Williamson was brilliant. Perch settled in very well today. Enrique dominant as ever. Midfield 3 showed they can pass a bit. Nolan may not be quick on the run but he’s sharp in the box – our Cahill. Barton bossed the centre and what a beautiful strike for the goal. Carroll immense and scored 3 very different goals which all showed different skills – the last one was amazing.

    Arguably, Harper and Routledge were below par on the day.

    What I want to see happen now –
    -Ben Arfa in.
    -Loan out Ranger and Vuckic- genuine talents who need football and can be brought back in case of an injury crisis.
    -Krul to be in direct and fair competition for the keeper spot – questions about Harper so far.
    -Williamson not shunted for Sol.

  28. Just listening to the radio on the way home here. Don’t know who was on talksport but they briefly mentioned Tiote whilst talking about us. The lad in question on the radio said he’d went over to see mclaren at twente and had been told only one of their players would be a success in the prem, that player being Tiote. Was described as a “nasty, energetic, hard hitting, hard tackling, no nonsense defensive midfielder”

  29. I’m happy with everyone at the moment :lol:

    Getting back to Barton, I had a feeling that he would get this sort of comeback as soon as I saw him do that. if I was him I would sue the papers for image damages. He gets image rights money, and such slurs could damage that income ;) ;)

    Do it Joey

  30. WTVH,thought perch did well as a lot ran him down without giveing the lad a chance,might just turn out a canny buy for a mil or so

  31. Not been home long
    What a brilliant day. The team and I say team were very very good. Barton’s passing must put and end to his doubters. Smith was a rock in the middle. But these two lads get a raw deal from referee’s. One tackle and they are booked. The media bigged up Albrighton after his display against West Ham but Enrique extracted the urine from him.
    Carroll was unplayable. Dunne a very experienced defender had no answers.
    If you had to be critical Routledge who was excellent on the right must deliver a better cross

  32. Toonsy its funny its only the rags that hate us have started that sh1t. on the one day they have good stuff to write about us and what do they do :( total tossers

  33. Move aside Arsenal and Chelsea, we have a new 6 goal side. Premier League title hear we come. Like to see them do that to the modern Villa side.

    Did you hear about the whole Joey Barton tash Nazi salute thing??!! apparently because he pointed to his tash and raised a hand up he did a Nazi salute! trust the papers and critics to focus on the Barton controversy and not the 6-0 thrashing of Villa. If that’s the case then every time Shearer scored and raised that one hand in the air, he was really impersinating a Nazi! Load of shite!

    Hopefully we can get a creative midfielder, tricky winger and a pacey striker in before the transfer window closes.

  34. WhoTheVuckicHaris

    Not taking anything away from our brilliant performance, but I think Friedel was poor today like and me da thought so aswell. Particularly for the Nolan goal, he should have either caught it or put it over the bar not straight back at Nolan, for some of the Carroll rockets sure he had no chance but what is he now 40 or something. At that age it can just gan overnight on you and I’ve been worried about Harpers form since end of last season. Can’t remember last time you could say he had a good game tbh and thats worrying. Krul at Stanley please Hughton, although I doubt he will get much of a test.

  35. Cant wait to see what Robbie, ‘we thrashed them’ Savage has to say like, and Dixon he’s another one. :)

  36. I like that start of MOTD like!!
    What a shock, Man U on first, was a canny game to be fair…

    Ohh and I agree Re the Nazi stories, sue them.

    Not only is it obviously not a Nazi salute, its also obvious what he was indicating. Papers can not go around insinuating such things and getting away with it. Ridiculous

  37. Robbie Savage, he’s a w@nker, he’s a w@nker. Love the fact he said we were gonna go down and didn’t have the legs before that game. Crap pundit, fake hardman, all round twat.

  38. ive commented on JB story on the Mail web site saying I hope the club and JB seek legal action against their paper, doubt they will like, they’re not worth it

  39. Apparently O’Neil was rubbing his hands together and firing his pistols in the air. ;)

    Reet neet lads im off.

  40. DJG…….I thought that at the match that O’neill must be loving it watching at home :lol:

  41. Lets get one thing straight – Barton was the best player on the pitch today, by a million miles. When he plays like that he’s awesome and like a new signing.

  42. Stuart.. we’ll need to see that sort of performance from him regularly.
    Just as getting beat of Man ure didnt send us down then so winning today doesnt keep us up.We need to play like that against the teams who’ll be 12th and below.If we can do that then happy days :-)

  43. you’d think that the daily mail would love Barton if he was doing a nazi salute. Also, how crap was Savage as a pundit.

  44. We have certainly had our poor days the past couple of years as Newcastle supporters, but today was just superb. Promotion day was great, but we knew that one was coming for several weeks prior. Today came out of nowhere. A 6-0 drubbing is one thing, but each of the lads ooked outstanding and we played very pleasing football as well. Plus a new signing…happy day indeed!!!

  45. Still can’t believe how amazing the result was today. I agree about what you are all saying about Barton sueing the papers however not sure it would go anywhere because it says “comments on the internet”.

  46. Can anyone tell me WHY we are only getting 43,000 fans , so we were 9000 light at SJP , must have been a few gaps, is this bad marketing by Nufc or are we still refusing to put money in Cashley’s pockets ??

  47. Anyone notice our manager is the only one,who don’t wear a suit and a tie during match?? Or put it in a way,Our Manager is the only one who wear a training T-shirt and track pants. :lol:

  48. ben arfas dads gone off on one:

    Kamel Ben ArfaFather Hatem ( Press Photo – Sports ), is a man very upset. His son does not train more with the OM , with whom he is cold, a situation that upsets many . Blame it on the entourage of midfield as guilty of putting him under the influence . What is happening now ” I am saddened and deeply sorry (…) Hatem is totally lost in the hole “, says he to Parisian. The father of the International does not mince his words and denounced a guy calling “Michael Ouazine , while his real name is Ali, who serves as adviser . It has almost brainwashed my sonLaunchers, he said. Someone who knows him since qu’Hatem is small and only thinks of making money with it. Hatem is like a cult and should be out of the clutches of this type. ”

    Hatem ” is the victim of a guru

    According to the father of Ben Arfa , his son is simply “Victim of a guru . Ouazine was away from his family and he lives at home in Marseille says he. Home! Can you imagine ? He lives with money from my son , he never pays his planes and hotels. Oh , I forgot : he has no license to act ! ” . And this is just the beginning . Furious , Kamel Ben Arfa can no longer reason with his son : ” Hatem ‘m 23 years old , is still a kid . When he has something in his head, it’s hard to make him see reason . ”

    Ouazine be the man who would have ‘ flipping Hatem . “It was he who advised him to speak ill of Didier Deschamps and that made him believe that it was super- easy to find a new club. And strength to go against the whole world, he loses it as the day he sent waltz everything he had on the office of Jean – Claude Dassier. However, this does not justify such an attitude. ” Kamel Ben Arfa deplores today ‘s reputation ” rogue ” his son and would do only one thing: ” see him happy . ” “We need to help my son “He concludes .