Newcastle confirm Tiote signature.

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Cheick mate. Signed, sealed, and almost delivered!
Cheick mate. Signed, sealed, and almost delivered!
Newcastle have made signing number four of the summer by securing the services of Ivory Coast midfielder Cheick Tiote from FC Twente for a fee believed to be around £3.5 million.

The move is still not 100% completed as both clubs and the player have to wait and see whather or not a work permit will be granted for the 24-year old.

That shouldn’t be a problem in all honesty as the lad has had enough caps at international level for it not to be a problem. Once that is granted though, Tiote will join up with The Magpies squad and take his place alongside the other new recruits of the summer – James Perch, Dan Gosling and Sol Campbell.

Who really knows anything about our latest signing though? I will hold my hands up say that I don’t really know a lot. All I have heard is that he is very phyical and seems to enjoy the tackle. You can judge for yourselves now though as I have found this video of Toite in action. I now understand what is meant by him being physical!

The signings don’t appear to be ending there either, not if you go by what Derek Llambias has been saying in the match programme anyway. Here is what Dekka said in full:

“Nobody inside this football club is under any illusions about the challenges we face this season and there is no doubt that this is a hugely important campaign for the club in lots of different ways. But the most important aspect is that we get things right out on the pitch.”

“We’ve been working hard this summer to bring in the type of players required to make sure we’re still a Premier League team this time next year. And while we’ve been delighted with our signings so far in James Perch, Dan Gosling and Sol Campbell, we’re still working behind the scenes to give ourselves the best possible chance of competing in the top flight.”

“To get this club back into the Premier League at the first time of asking was a fantastic achievement and was a real team effort. Everybody played their part including the supporters and we need to do it all over again.”

That echoes roughly what Chris Hughton has been saying when he keeps mentiong the “one or two new faces” with regards to new signings.

So a 6-0 win, a new signing, and some communication from above. The hierachy will need to be careful as today, even it is only for one day, Newcastle United are resembling something like a well run football club.

Long may that continue!

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77 Responses

  1. prompt article toonsy.
    i have a question guys,and this goes in general,
    what happens when a player from another country signs for a club but doesn’t get a work permit?

  2. Great buy, lets just see if we can wrap up ben arfa which i am beginning to doubt will happen now =[

  3. he either doesnt sign or we have t send him on loan to a club tht allows him t gain a permit belgium is normally a place wher players go on a year t gain one

  4. Well,most probably we can appeal again. And generally appealing will be mostly granted successful.

    And that video seems inappropriate.hahahas. Basically seeing A player who injured opponent badly. :lol:

  5. @GeordieToon89:k, just struck me as an awkward situation for any club or player for that matter.i wonder if it’s ever happened?

  6. it happened with alex at chelsea. bought him from santos and loaned him to PSV for 3 years.

  7. @arka: it did happens when we were about to sign Aston villa current Gk. :lol: Work permit failed alot of times. ;)

    Friedel was signed by manager Kevin Keegan of Newcastle United, but was again denied a work permit. While awaiting approval from the British authorities, he practiced with Newcastle as an on loan player from USSF. When the work permit was not approved, Friedel negotiated a loan from USSF to Danish Superliga club Brøndby IF. He stayed at the club for several months in 1995, as back-up to Mogens Krogh, without playing any games. Friedel remained with Brøndby until he returned to the U.S. to rejoin the national team, then preparing for the 1995 U.S. Cup and Copa America.

    After the two tournaments, Friedel attempted a third time to join an English club, this time Sunderland. However, when Friedel again failed to receive a British work permit.

  8. man utd had a player a couple year ago had to go on loan to royal antwerp, aresnal’s carlos vela did aswel he went to spanish teams thou

  9. wow!i never knew friedel had once been one of our happened so long ago(i must have been only 2)..wicked memory ‘AngelOfDeath’.where did you even find out something like that??

  10. Toonsy good job mate for putting Deeka’s words up that proves that he can speak ( well write ) to the fans.
    So the question is after today who is going to make way for Tiote

  11. Well the media here in holland say that it will take a week for him to get a permit. Because he does not have enough international caps , NUFC will have too prove that he has exceptional talent at a tribunial too meet next week . I personally dont see this as being a problem as he played in all his countries games at the world cup . This lad is very good , imo in the same class as Essien he has the pace strength and skill too do a job in the premiership .

  12. It was discussed by the commentators during the game. I thought he went to Liverpool a year later though.

  13. Well,he failed a miserable 4 times work permit before Liverpool appealed it successful. 8O

  14. Would be absolutely delighted if we got Arfa too! He really would make us an above average team in this league.

    Although some of the balls Barton was playing were pretty impressive. Really caught the Villa defence on the hop.

    But just off topic slightly, does anyone think we’ll see a more inept defensive performance this season at SJP?

  15. some donkeys on Eds blog !! accordingly for wage demands– i might be a bit inebrietated afte the game but if its a loan wud that be one of the first things we looked at!! loved todays result especially as im a midlander

  16. Hmmmmm..if u all want some’s one. But is nothing much actually.


  17. #

    GeordieToon89 // Aug 22, 2010 at 6:09 PM

    alryt mactoon, have you heard the latest rumour about Ben arfa supposidly one of his reps has been in discussions with werder bremen nd he wants to go there now, blaintly just for the wages

    5 GeordieToon89 // Aug 22, 2010 at 6:10 PM

    rich a read some of them before game sayin he should be sacked for playin the same line up they need to get a grip of themselves

    6 Angryman the Angry fan // Aug 22, 2010 at 6:11 PM

    If nowt else its blew the 2 eedjits on twitter out the water ” just waiting Ben arfas clearance n both will be announced Monday” nobody noticed it’s the same 2 twats that told us arshevin had signed 2 years ago…… Pair of virgins!! ( ps I did try n say this threedays ago but maybe 2 forcibly n got sensored) :-(

  18. Opps,above link is the wrong one.

    Dassier: “A sporting solution for Ben Arfa”

    Hatem Ben Arfa is still not returned to the center DRC. There’s not much time before August 31 and the end of the transfer window. “I hope he will find a club. There are still ten days and European clubs are interested. The agent and advisers Ben Arfa cares actively. I hope we find a good solution for his sport, admits Jean-Claude Dassier Sunday Telefoot. His behavior has not helped and I’m quite surprised that we find it normal. One can argue rather than adopting attitudes incompatible with the professional world. I will do nothing to disrupt the careers of Ben Arfa.

  19. Been to the game today. Take nowt for granted, we murdered a sh!te villa side. However, below 12th, most sides will put up a similar fight. Welcome back to the premier league, Newcastle.

    I know it was only 1 result, and as do need signings. But where are all the lads who reckon we’ll struggle all season?

    Would like to see the statsfor newly promoted sides beating top 6 sides… 6-0. Couldn’t happen that often, surely.

  20. well played to the Toon 2day, a real team effort that hasnt been seen in the Prem since Bobby Robson’s days. let’s hope we carry on this way, which leads me to Ben Arfa, for all he seems a canny prospect, we should learn our lesson with French wingers, esp Robert and Nzogbia, as class as they are.. do we need the petulance that comes with them. Ben Arfa did get his move to Marseille by refusing to play for his previous club, just as he’s doing now.. I say leave him and let the team spirit flourish, some may think he’s worth it.. I don’t.

  21. just watching Weiss coming on for Rangers, christ the lad looks about 12! Looks canny though just set up a goal with a nice one two

  22. commentators on espn said that we are talking to citeh with regards to some fringe players. any ideas who?

  23. Daverism – Agreed. Temperemantal players have to be harnessed right to get the best out of them. Igf Hughton can do that then fair play and we could have a real player on our hands.

  24. just read that forster will be joining celtic tomorrow after a medical on loan for the season as backup ! why ? We would have been better off loaning him back too Norwich where he would have been first choice and got every game in a division which has more quality than the spl . Apart from Celtic and Rangers all the spl teams are be no better than mid table ccc at best .

  25. Sky News…

    Three of their headlines are aboot us.

    See we are a mass, bi, pretty large club. :-) )

  26. nathandio waddler mentioned Santa Cruz in the commentary, but he wages would be a sticky point. I would like to see him come here, but others have said he’s always injured. Could do without another Michael Owen. Who, by the way has looked below average when playing for ManU.

  27. ranger is the only1 of are strikers who can play the way andy carrol plays.the others cant..just saying that if he gets injured the others wont be up to playing that if u look at the bigger picture we would and will not be the same side with the other strikers in ranger is the only1 thing too him..butt ch isnt going to do that.. by the way not bringing harris on..he has to play that way against accrington with ranger he did play that way last season when we had no strikers are best game away was against ipswich and he was superb.

  28. Richie glad to see you shaved that monster tash off,ye must have had a brill day out mate it sounded like the place was rocking :)
    wonder if Toonsy has got round to it yet

  29. With predictions like this there was only one possible outcome:

    I say 4-0 to Villa :)

    Mags are a good fizzy team at best, there team is poooooo!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  30. fantastic Dave,like I said trust the gut its never wrong.lost me voice.not even bothered that I had to pay £7.20 for 2 pints in the ground………….bit strange like but about 1/2 the villa fans left wi 20 minutes to go :lol:

  31. CC aye I seen that one.didnt even have to abuse the tw@t who sits behind me…only heard his whiney voice once

  32. CC – Good old Lardy that was. He is the Sunderland Mad editor, whih he is quite good at to be fair, better than the NUFC editor anyway!!! Lardy did wan’t me banned off Footymad though because I said he was a pussy and had no balls :lol:

  33. Seems tho that Carroll(3) & Nolan(2) are gonna be competing again for Toon Top goal scorer :)

    Got to say, I’m not a big Barton fan but that goal was toot sweet today, awesome shot!!! :)

    Also wanted to say, I’ve also got Carroll in my Fantasy footy team too :)

  34. cyprus me too :-)…still slid doon the league tho :-(
    Still got 3 citeh players to go yet tho

  35. Baboon – He does write a good article though. His spell-checker must be top drawer. Thick bassa :lol:

  36. Up to 56th in fantasy football from 88th, got my sky+ ready for MOTD2, I’ll be keeping that for a while

  37. This Barton ‘nazi salute’ shite is pissing me off already. On the upside Carroll and Barton in my FF team. If Tevez does some business tomorrow I’ll be thrilled. Always liked city( manc by birth, only there till I was 2 mind) so don’t feel too bad supporting a money team that much. Don’t feel so daft for having Enrique,Barton and Andy in the team now.

  38. must say good signing to compete with smith as defensive mid, although 1 signing made which worked well in championship and he has been solid in the past 2 games for me has been mike williamson, hughton pulled off a right good signng there.

    england call up for any of the lads?

  39. What a marvellous result – right out of the blue!

    Must say the torygraph’s making a meal of Joey’s tache celebration – they’re obvously oblivious to he background to it – sh*t-stirring ba*****s! Even Talk-Sport were having a pop at the rag for making something out of nowt.

    An impossible quaetion to answer I know but the crowd of 43k was surprisingly low for the first home game – any feelings as to why?

  40. An impossible quaetion to answer I know but the crowd of 43k was surprisingly low for the first home game – any feelings as to why?….

    if people like you – whimper & chicken shit got off your arses & attended the games instead of sitting behind your computers watching dodgy streams then we’d soon get full houses again.

    the club needs your – PROPER – support.

  41. Good morning to you Roy…. had your happy tablet have you.

    Roy, I don’t have access to ‘dodgy streams’as you so eloquently put it, neither to I have Sky (on principle of not giving Murdoch a penny – although I’d guess that you do) and would love to get to the games.

    However, as my mobility is restruilimited and being based over 400 miles away, I trust you appreciate the difficulties associated with getting to games. Trust you understand Roy and think twice before launching your vitriol!!

    Have a goood day… if you can bring yourself to.