Newcastle face a goalkeeping headache.

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Krul, Harper and Forster.
Krul, Harper and Forster.
Newcastle are preparing for life back in the Premier League and are looking like they are going about the business of strengthening the squad in the required areas. But what about the areas in which we are already too strong?

Now there isn’t many of those areas and by process of elimination you will probably get which area I am alluding to.

It is of course our goalkeeping situation, and just what is going to happen with regard to giving our top three ‘keepers the playing time required to keep them happy and continue their development.

Much of the focus has been on Fraser Forster heading back out on loan again next season, probably to Norwich where he had such an excellent time on loan last season. That opportunity now looks to have passed as Norwich boss, Paul Lambert, got fed up of waiting for a decision from Newcastle on whether or not they would be sending Forster back to Carrow Road, to the point where he has gone out and got another ‘keeper already. So now that avenue is closed, what can we do to keep them all happy?

Tim Krul has been mentioned as a possibilty of going out on loan next season, although to which club remains a mystery. On one hand, should we loan Krul to a Championship club knowing full well that he may not be tested to his full ability? Or should we try and get a Premier League club to take him on loan to get him playing at a level that is more suited to his talents?

I would prefer that latter option, but are there any Premier League clubs out there now that need a ‘keeper? Particularly a relatively untested ‘keeper? I don’t think so. Blackpool possibly? Who knows. If Krul was to leave on loan then I think it will be just after he signs a new contract anyway, so at least that would be a bonus.

The Fraser Forster decision baffled me really as I always thought a move back to Norwich would be pretty much nailed on. Turns out I was wrong, and that doesn’t happen too often! It just seemed to be the perfect fit, Norwich loved him, their fans loved him, he played games and would continue to play games at a higher level this season, thus helping Forster’s development.

This is where the problem kicks in, how can we keep three goalkeepers happy?

I would tend to lean towards sending Tim Krul out on loan again as he hasn’t played too much first team football as yet. One stipulation would be that I would insert a recall clause so that if anything happened with either Harper or Forster we could call Krul back at anytime to deputise.

One thing is for certain is that if either Krul or Forster go out on loan then they will need to be playing first team football. One of them has to go out on loan as it would be pointless in keeping them hanging around here rotting away with the reserves.

I would say that Harper will be first choice, that is pretty much a certainty as we can’t afford to take risks in a position as vital as the goalkeeper. That is not to say I don’t have faith in the others, more the fact that I believe Harper has the mental aspect of his game more well developed than the other two.

There are decisions to be made regarding an area where we are blessed with talent, young talent, but what is the right way to go?

Who should we loan out?

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58 Responses

  1. I would prefer if we sent him to a championship club, I dont think we should strengthening any of our premiership rivals would do us much good, Im confident we wil stay up but helping someone who could take our top flight place doesnt make much sense to me.

  2. Hislop should start. Srnicek on the bench and sell hooper because he’s shite.

  3. That makes no sense.

    “I dont see how strengthening any of our premiership rivals would do us much good.”

  4. 1. Keep Harper as no1
    2. Loan out Krul since Forster was on loan last season
    3. Play Forster in cup matches

    No headache

  5. Quite a cute bit of man-management by houghton keeping all 3 keepers together for pre-season,it gives both krul & forster the chance to stake their claim for the number 2 spot & keeps them both involved with our squad.

  6. Harper has been a great servant to the club n deserve no1 but after this season its gotta b krul or forster who r no 1

  7. its a no brainer. we cannot let loyalty get in the way. Krul is our number one. Harper should be released so he gets another club without any hassle

  8. Not sure Norwich got sick if waiting toonsy…I’m sure I read an article saying CH hadn’t made a decision regarding who to loan out, Paul Lambert accepted that & had to explore other options so bought a keeper.

    Anyway, I’d loan out Krul & keep Forster here as second keeper & be our carling cup 1st choice keeper.

  9. on another subject Ed’s blog is reporting (one of many stories) that we are interested in dave jones. now this guy is the real deal and would be a wonderful signing

  10. My understanding is that training is going to be pretty rigorous between now and the start of the season. If any of the three ‘keepers find themselves with a broken leg/perforated bowel/concussion after a kick in the face from Shola we’d be screwed. I understand Hughton’s decision to keep all three until he knows he’ll only need two.

  11. TOONSY its sunday, time for paper guff,nice to read your post which at least has some “fact” in it disagree with you on harper being no1,he looked very weak towards the end of last season when pressure was on imo

  12. krul is a decent shot stopper but he’d be murdered by teams like bolton on corners and crosses. Harper with forster as backup, flog krul for top dollar before he gets shown up

  13. The Jury is still out on both Krul and Forster, albeit we do expect great things from them, though we can’t expect to keep both for too long if they prove they are the real deal.

    I’d have loaned Forster back to Norwich as it seemed ideal & told Krul he’d be fighting for the first team with Harper a la Steve & Shay & ensuring he got opportunities. Now its off I’d loan out Krul, to championship or abroad, giving him exposure & keep Forster as backup.

  14. I wonder if Arsenal wants Krul or Forster on loan?? Hmmm…

    Cause Arsenal No.1 And No.2 are simply crap. :lol: :lol:

  15. krul comes for crosses! against west brom he came for every thing when we were under pressure and caught everthing are u getting harper mixed up who is small compared to krul.some people dont watch football it looks like. krul no 1 cc champ is more like long balls then prem.

  16. Icedog – There is only really one line in the NOTW that says we aren’t interested in Jack Wilshere anymore plus a bit about how Hughton is the worst paid manager in the Prem, by some margin.

    One line about Wilshere doesn’t justify a whole article IMO, and we already know about the other, which is why I tried something original(ish), something that definately isn’t in todays papers anyway :)

  17. Icedog – There is always the Sunday Sun ;)

    Djalo – Already covered
    Gosling – Already covered and is flogging himself to the highest bidder.
    Kelvin Wilson – Why?
    Stefano Okaka – Striker who scored 2 (two) goals for Fulham
    Paul Scharner – Really wants to go to Liverpool
    Nasssim Boukhelifa – Can’t even find a wikipedia for him

    Conclusion utter shite ;)

  18. *Why are we Looking at utter shite ? Havent past history told a story ?

  19. Ciaran – Probably aye, but I was referring to the Sunday Sun on this occasion :lol:

  20. Dave – Your half right. I am actually in a foulf mood today, but not with Icedog, or anyone really, just generally.

  21. OHhhhhhhhhhh.


    What exactly happen to those Newcastle representatives who went to supposedly look at Gignac???

    Let’s just say,Gignac wasn’t the one they looking at,then who???

    I am kinda piss that till now,we have not got cover for LB,and Are we still looking to buy strikers???

    Come On CH,say something about which area you looking to buy. :(

  22. Dave/Ice – Dunno whats up. I’m just in a fecking foul boisterous mood.

    My career meeting this coming week doesn’t help either!

  23. Its canny when we’re link with good young players for the future,But the future is in the future and Present is now !.What if “we sign” these good young players and dont play well ? We would get on they backs and start nasty groups on facebook etc. ?

  24. see O.MARTINS has left wolfsburg after one season strange that,was going to break eggs with a stick when he left sjp

  25. TOONSY take it from a old dog m8,fate is fate which-ever way it goes it will be right for you so heed up plough on

  26. Icedog – I just hate not knowing things mate. Does me napper in. Everything is in place for me to get a new job and a pay rise, if I don’t I can go German. Of course I could get laid aswell, which is unlikely but you never know, and that would weaken my hand with ze Germans.

  27. sell ameobi, replace him with kevin davies (another leader for the team), loan carlos vela (dont think this would be possible though), loan victor anichibe (more likely than vela), loan van aanholt or danny rose from tottenham, try our luck with kevin prince boateng and maybe even loan for wilshere or kakuta from chelsea, all a bit unrealistic but its worth a try getting some of these isnt it?

    they are who i would try and get anyway, especially since davies is much better than ameobi and nolan even could put in a word with him ;) worth trying in my opinion.

  28. haha good point, i didnt think about that :D well, if we were to get him, maybe he could play and carroll could learn from him for one season? i dunno, i got myself in a dilemna there haha, still, davies is better than ameobi and i would trust daviues alot more than ameobi anyway.

    What about gyan from ghana? hard worker and looks pretty good to do all the running while carroll wins everything in the air.

    Then again i liked dos santos up front for mexico, a loan bid may be good for su and tottenham?

    Either way, i think chris hughton should start looking for better, quicker players as the ones we have now are not the quickest or good enough for mid table, to be honest i would be happy with 17th this season and then build from there.

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  30. just letting you all know, im not one of the deluded newcastle fans who think we are going to make top 10 next year, im a realist with everything to do with newcastle, including the transfers, thats why i put in earlier that they may be a bit unrealistic the targets i said, but then again, loan moves for them may be pretty good and the both clubs would benefit.

  31. Tummy – You fibber. I’m sure I have read that you said we were dead certs for the top four? I’m slightly less deluded and think a Euro spot is up for grabs.

    We are all deluded though, if you listen to opposition fans or the press so we might aswell pander to the simple people and play along with.

    Newcastle – Premier League Champions 2010/2011


  32. haha i guess i am fibbing, obviously newcastle are gonna win the league this season and next and conquer Europe for ever :D

    if gyan is out of our range, then i like mphela from south africa? he looks strong and quck.

  33. Icedog – I have a massive loing blog coming up that you might like :)

    £20 million for Gyan? Who said prices don’t rise because of the World Cup, Chuck? ;)

  34. anyone heard anything about this so called scoreboard yet?or was it more lies from owlheed?.

  35. JAY JAY@54 said the same earlier plus any injurys they may have fair chuck out of season m8

  36. TROJAN – I don’t want one mate. I have never like video screens and such. However, all World Cup stadiums need one, and as we have been provisionally named as one then I expect we will get one. It will probably one of those coin operated ones though, to minimise costs.

  37. Toonsy
    What i believe i stated was, prices for “known players”
    dont usually raise following a W/C.
    That it is usually relatively unknown’s who’s prices soar and in Gyans case, not exactly a household name prior to the competition, except for Tom Toon perhaps.
    Get it right dude !