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The legends of '66 - Can it be repeated?
The legends of '66 - Can it be repeated?
This time tomorrow, the World Cup in South Africa will be in full swing as the hosts kick-off the tournament against Mexico in Johannesburg.

So what better way to celebrate it other than nailing our colours to the mast?

As most will know, I’m an Englishman, although admittedly I’m not in New York, and that should give you all a massive clue as to who I will be following. It will of course be Fabio Capello’s England team, along with the majority of course. That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t have the banter between fans from different countries on here, that should always continue, it is part of the fun after all! Don’t worry though, this World Cup malarkey wont detract from the main purpose of this ‘blog, that is to bring you the latest news and a bit of debate and discussion regarding all things Newcastle United, that will still continue.

The World Cup only happens every four years, so it makes sense to celebrate it. Can you imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have it? Exactly! So it also provides a welcome distraction from some of the things that are happening involving our club at the moment, or indeed things that aren’t happening.

Anyway, enough of my waffling on. I have managed to track down some emotional words from a fantastic wordsmith, something to invoke the emotions and arouse some passion in us, so here goes;

You’ve got to hold and give
But do it at the right time
You can be slow or fast
But you must get to the line
They’ll always hit you and hurt you
Defend and attack
Theres only one way to beat them
Get round the back
Catch me if you can
Cos’ I’m the England man
And what you’re looking at
Is the master plan
We ain’t no hooligans
This ain’t a football song
Three lions on my chest
I know we can’t go wrong

We’re playing for England {En-ger-land}
We’re playing the song
We’re singing for England {En-ger-land}
Arrivederci its one one one

Fine words from England legend and former Newcastle player, John Barnes, to get us in the mood.

It took a bit of soul searching for me to decide whether or not run with the World Cup, but after listening to some of you guys it appears that there would be some desire for it, so here you go. To run alongside all this, we will be doing the all the match previews for England, as we would for Newcastle, aswell as the regular match banter articles. That leaves me one last thing to say;

Come on England!

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169 Responses

  1. come on england!! im an english man but in france and i tell u dont put ur money on them!!!
    England all the way!! =D

  2. Talk about belief, you guys think each time you qualify for the world cup it`s yours by some kinda divine right.

    Well i got news for you, you aint gonna win it cause you aint got the horses, got a great manager, but aint gonna happen, sorry !

    But dont let that put you off watching.

  3. Nowt wrong with believeing Chuck. 3rd favourites for the World Cup, and with a bit of luck we can get to the semi finals.

    Aren’t you an ex-pat, Chuck?

  4. chuck – i got news for you mate – there aint no horses at the world cup!!!

    i think you’re getting soccer confused with one of them daft yankie sports your lot play.

  5. If we cannot get to the semi’s with the route we have, we don’t deserve to even think we can win it.

    If we get to the semi’s anything can happen.

  6. for someone who says they can’t stand them fuzzy zellas you do gan on a lot aboot them SJTOOT!

  7. sirjasontoonloves-stuart says:
    June 10, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Well, you’re only human…

  8. chuck shut the f*ck up no one here has mentioned England having a devine right to the World Cup. What country you supporting there big boy?

  9. anywho – i’m off to play footy so if you see anymore “foul” play you’ll naa its not me!

  10. Over There, Over There
    Send the word, send the word,
    Over There
    That the Yanks are coming,
    The Yanks are coming,
    The drums rum tumming everywhere
    So prepare,
    Say a Prayer
    Send the word,
    Send the word to beware
    We’ll be over, we’re coming over.
    And we won’t be back till it’s over over there!

  11. I’m glad you’re on to it, toonsy.

    I have never been so humiliated! Well, there was that one.. Ah never mind.

  12. the yanks would love a buy through to the semi finals without playing group matches,because they only like to get involved near the end.

  13. MDS says:
    June 10, 2010 at 7:29 pm
    I guess it’s a lot to expect Stu to start posting sense now.

    Aye, you’ve been on here long enough now. Why should you start now…

  14. Oh and another thing – Drop it with the BP moaning. They’ve got a leak – Get over it!

    Someone needs to remind Obama about 1988 – Was it 167 people killed when that Yank oil rig blew up? Not to mention the environmental impact it had on poor Aberdeen.

    Glass houses and big fck off bolders, Mr Obama!

  15. Feel better Stu? A couple of deep breaths and maybe a happy pill should help as well…

  16. Well as an expat living in the Netherlands i would love an England Holland final with an England win of course . Why are the Yanks even turning up at the WC they can only hit balls with sticks or run about all padded up with helmets on :)

  17. AXEL- because we’re a well-rounded nation…

    Spent some time living in Maaastricht about 10 years ago. I always root for the Dutch after USA and England.

  18. AXEL – I reckon that the US could be brilliant in a few years time. The y have amassive population to dip into, and more chance of finding the better players within that larger pool.

    That said, they need to ignite some interest in football (not gridiron, proper football played with feet for the majority if the time), if they can do that then they have the infrastructure to become one of the worlds best teams.

  19. I’m refusing to goad them in case we lose :lol:

    If we win though, it could be what I need to get over the hangover on Sunday ;)

  20. toonsy says:
    June 10, 2010 at 7:49 pm
    I’m refusing to goad them in case we lose

    There’s more chance of us winning the PL next season then winning the Champions League the season after, while winning the FA cup, than the USA beating us on Saturday night.

  21. Stu just wants to complain about something other than Ashley for awhile…I think he was runnigng out of material.

  22. Big Dave – Yes, about time too.

    It’s been hijacked by the Yanks though – Friendly fire they call it.

  23. I’ve got an outstanding day ahead of me Saturday. I’m off to York races in the afternoon and then wathcin the World cup winners in a bar in York after.

    Cannot wait!

  24. I do see what Stu means about Obama though. Some of the stuff he is saying at the minute can be construed as anti-British.

    It’s not exclusive though. The US congress had a certain Japanese car manufacturer in the docks a few months back over some recalls of cars. All, in my mind, to deliberately smudge the brand name a little and get the Americans to buy American. Interstingly though, US congress failed to mention just how many GM produced vehicles were recalled in the same period. Suspicious? Me? ;)

    Much the same with the oil. Trying to run down a multi-national that can stand up to anything they can offer. Thats my conspiracy theory done for the moment anyway :D

  25. Well Stuart they are known for being good at that :lol: .
    So Toonsy will you be doing a thread for all the England matchs ?

  26. toonsy – Basically Obama is under intense pressure as his popularity is on the wain and he is losing the left wing of his party.

    Mid term elections are on the horizon, so what better way to gain a bit of kudos by bashing a big company.

  27. Dave – Aye, as i said in the article, match preview and match banter as normal :D

  28. @ 61 – i’m also at york on saturday & if i bump into you & your mother i’ll buy the pair of you’s a drink.

    i cannot wait!

  29. Toonsy @ 62 you cant be surprised at that mate its allways been the same. They allways tend to forget all their own shit that they cause.

  30. I guess you can call me too liberal if you want- but running down multinational companies who through sheer incompetence destroy the economic livlihood of millions of people isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. It doesn’t matter that they’re British. Look at how bad Exxon got it after the Alaska spill.

  31. Stu – It’s omendable in a way though, looking after their own interests etc, and it is something we dont do enough of over here, in my opinion.

    That said, to do it to your closest ally is a bit of a pisstake, especially in light of what Piper Alpha done for this island just over 20 years ago.

  32. Roy Cropper says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    Well I won’t miss you will I? I’ll just look for some geek with a shopping bag hanging over one arm and a tranny hanging off the other arm.

  33. toonsy says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    That’s my point, toonsy. The hypocrisy of it is shameless. Why nobody has even got the guts to stand up to Obama and just remind him what happened in 88′ is a disgrace.

  34. @ 70 – i’ve already explained this to someone else but i’ll tell you aswell – hayley kept leaving the bog seat up after she’d been for a piss & i got sick of it so i booted her out.i’m going speed dating with kirk in a couple of months time looking for the new – mrs cropper.

    looking foward to seeing you & your mam @ york.

    good bye for now.

  35. MDS – Was the Gulf of Mexico oil spill incomptence though? Or was it just an accident? It was caused by a methane blow out, which can happen. Hence an accident.

    Piper Alpha, the American rig over this direction, was caused by maintainence not being carried out properly. I would call that incompetence.

    The point is Obama is being very hypocritical with his taunts of wanting “to find out who ass to kick”.

  36. Toonsy yer right you did mention it, but 1st time round I just got to your Digger Barnes quote and that was it, I should have remembered its allways yer last words that are important.

  37. Icedog – Judging by the rate in which I am losing my hair, more like my 60th :lol:

  38. Actually Toonsy- it blow out preventer had shown signs of wear. As I understand it, pieces of rubber from the seal were turning up on the surface. When it was brought to the attention of manegement they intentionally ignired it becuase it would have taken time to fix and they were already behind schedule. Other corners were cut to save time.

    US government also to blame due to lax inspections and an easing of regulations under Bush.

  39. Icedog – Comb over mate ;)

    MDS – Aye, there is blame on both sides, but not just one like Mr President is making out.

  40. Why hasn’t every other leader in the world rounded on the US over the banking debacle? It was there banks and financial institutions that got us into this whole mess.

    The US are on the verge of going from one and only super power to 3rd or 4th and they know it.

  41. MDS
    Maastricht is a nice place must of been great to have lived in that area for a while . As Toonsy pointed out you yanks have a massive population and have a wealth of talent to pick from could you see Football becoming as big in the states as it is here in Europe , after all you yanks have so many sports of your own that you all love does soccer as you guys call it have a real chance to rival those sports .

  42. Stuart79 says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:28 pm
    Why hasn’t every other leader in the world rounded on the US over the banking debacle? It was there banks and financial institutions that got us into this whole mess.

    you got that one right m8,trouble is we bought some of the shite off them

  43. Stu @ 53

    F*ck you. I’ll personally fly to England, wear my USA strip, and kick your @$$ with a rubber chicken. Rounders. BAH, I say to you! Besides, gridiron football may suck compared to real football, BUT any one of those players could destroy any English footballer in single combat. Even Rooney. It’d be like a Roman gladiator vs. a pedestrian jogger. lol.

    Other than that, I luv ya bruthah :)

  44. OHurley – Is this the football where they wear this namby pamby padding?

    We play that over here, without the padding. It’s called Rugby :D

  45. OHurley says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    I take it you don’t like rounders then?

  46. Trojan 69-

    Ok, enough of this tripe. Just cuz we’re gonna teach Capello’s team how to play footy on Saturday is NO reason to make fun of us for being fat. You guys have just as much of a problem (or DAMN close to it).

    Besides, not ALL of us are fat.

    Oh- and cops here carry guns because our criminals carry bigger guns. If you chased down a Blood or a Crip with a bobby stick, he’d laugh, take it away from you and beat you over the head with it.

  47. AXEL- it was a great place to live. i miss it often.

    Saw soemthing recentlly where 30M Americans play in some sort of football league. That’s only about 10% of our popuation but still a pretty big number overall. It certainly wasn’t like that when I was a kid.

  48. OHurley says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    “BUT any one of those players could destroy any English footballer in single combat. Even Rooney. It’d be like a Roman gladiator vs. a pedestrian jogger. lol.”

    So why do they have to wear all those pads like big girls then, OHurley? Rugby players don’t. You Shermans are as soft as shite! ;-)

  49. Toonsy-

    Yeah they wear padding. They run into each other and put a helmet in someone solar plexis at about 25 kph. Trust me- people would DIE without pads.

    In rugby you can’t hit someone directly above the waist. Now THAT’S namby pamby :D


    I like baseball… does that count?? :)

  50. I used to play american football. All I got to say is that rugby players are tought bastards. Got to give credit where it’s due.

  51. OHurley says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    Well I suppose it’s like rounders – Just easier.

  52. Actually in gridiron football, numerous people have died. WITH pads. Back in the day before they started wearing facemasks, people died of bone spurs getting lodged in their brain. Not to mention blood clots and strokes. Oh yeah, and it wasn’t a game unless you had a concussion.

    Rugby ain’t that hard.

  53. OHurley says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    “In rugby you can’t hit someone directly above the waist. Now THAT’S namby pamby”

    Of course you can. Above the neck you’re not supposed to but, but you still can.

  54. Stu-

    You’ve obviously never been hit in the chest with a 100mph fast ball. Try it out sometime. It’s worth it… lmao

  55. toonsy says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    “Worky – Should we not be going England mad here at NUFCblog.org?”

    It’s up to you, Toonsy. I’ll be watching wor Jonas with the Argies closest of all, probably.

  56. Toonsy-

    I’ve played rugby with pro’s. And throwball. Trust me- throwball is much more dangerous.

    BUT- forget about that. It sucks compared to footy anyway, so let’s stop talking about it:)

  57. OHurley says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:39 pm


    That for their complextion?

    And you wanna try getting hit in the chest with 100mph cricket ball, mate! That ain’t worth it!

  58. addendum-

    I have NOT played pro rugby lol… girlfriend’s dad used to be a pro for South Africa. Her little brother, Hanno, plays for Swansea actually.

  59. OHurley says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    “In rugby you can’t hit someone directly above the waist. Now THAT’S namby pamby”

    My brother used to play Rugby. He used to get his unprotected head stamped on by 18 stone props with metal studded boots on. I thinks that’s “above the waist”.

  60. OHurley – One last word on gridiron, what kind of sport has two team playing on the side time?

    Attack: oooo its your turn
    Deeefense: coooey our turn

    And yes I spelt defence wrongly for the benefit of our American counterparts ;)

  61. once watched a live irish curling game,talk about hard,they use them sticks as clubs

  62. well if we are going to go on about tough sports then Aussie Rules makes Rugby and gridiron look like kids play

  63. Worky – I live in Rugby, the pace where the game was invented. It’s mental around here and it’s played so much.

    Still a shite game like, but I can definately see it isn’t a nice game to play.

    One lad I know broke his back playing Rugby, and another lost his eye as it was gouged out, by someones finger presumably. And that is just people I know 8O

    Will you be doing the Argie reports then? You could call it Spideywatch ;)

  64. Icedog has the winner with hurling. Absolute nutcases, and the fatest field sport in the world. Another game that is played a lot where I live due to the high level of Irish people living here for some reason 8O

  65. TOONSY i hope you go watch it,if that does not cheer anyone up i dont know what would,except maybe a team i know going down

  66. Icedog – One of my mates plays in the local league for it. He spends his time recovering from cuts on his heed or bruises anywhere. Mental, but cracking to watch and I have little sympathy for him. He supports Liverpool ;)

  67. Whoever said anything about Hurling-

    You’re ABSOLUTELY right. Hurling might be the hardest core sport around. Leave it to the Irish lol!

  68. you want to see how tough rugby league players are,that is the game gridiron was modelled on.
    o’hurley i think your stetson is on too tight.

  69. Trojan-

    I actually wear an Irish Donegal Tweed cap. Stetsons are for losers. Unless you have a model 1870 Colt .45 revolver to go along with it hehehe ;D

  70. toonsy says:
    June 10, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    “Worky – I live in Rugby, the pace where the game was invented. It’s mental around here and it’s played so much.”

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, Toonsy, but Durham had the best school Rugby team in my day and my brother’s day (he’s eleven years older than me). I remember when Durham played them once, and we beat the @$*3£ out ’em! Didn’t used to play them very often as though as they were a different area. Hawick and Sedbergh were the other top school teams. We knacked them too!

  71. Sorry lads england wont win the world cup , the team is very over rated, im not english im irish maybe one the reason i think this. best of luck do and i hope you knock out France :D

  72. o hurley, most of the contact in rugby is above the waist….it is merely the face and neck that are off limits legally!!!

    hurling is something else though….play rugby myself but always been too scared to play hurling….didnt realise it was so popular in rugby toonsy

    much prefer rugby to soccer as the commitment,passion, humility and the sense of team amongst many other things far outweigh what soccer has to offer with its over paid prima donnas

  73. we dont expect paddys sweaty socks or welsh cheering us on good to hear the st george flag flying above downing street then again there will be immigrants who it will probably offend then we will be told to take it down in our own country and live by there rules and religouns as everything aboot us offends them thats my twist of the day finito

  74. buddy – I never thought it was that big in rugby until I went to see it. It has its own league round these parts, obviously an amateur one like.

    So that means you get however many players there is on each team, chasing each other round with big sticks, most of them have hangovers and most don’t really know what they are doing. Which makes it amusing to watch lol

  75. danny says:
    June 10, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    “we dont expect paddys sweaty socks or welsh cheering us on good to hear the st george flag flying above downing street then again there will be immigrants who it will probably offend then we will be told to take it down in our own country and live by there rules and religouns as everything aboot us offends them thats my twist of the day finito”

    Cut out the BNP speeches or eff right off, danny.

  76. Ha on Sat its gonna be everybody vs chuck.

    Better get the Amstels chilled chuckle, yur gonna need them son. :)

  77. danny, it’s that very attitude that makes the rest of the UK, Europe and the world hate the English. The delusion and sense of superiority and entitlement is mind boggling.

    You ask 9 out of 10 people from any other country in the world and they refer to the UK as “England” and proceed to think we are all yobs and thugs. You then tell them you are from one of the other “Celtic” nations in the UK and then they become your friend and usually get drunk and tell stories with you.

    The English proceed to get hammered on their own and try and attack you with patio furniture. I don’t expect to wait too long before an England fan gets done in with a machete weilding psycho in South Africa due to “‘avin’ it large”.

    I’ve lived in England most of my life and the majority of the time, English people are normal people no different to anyone else – getting abused by bent Governments and losing rights on a daily basis. As a Scottish person, I am as moderate and English appreciating as they come.

    But the moment any sort of international sporting event comes around, people seem to lose their minds and morph into idiots. Surely even English people can see the unbelievable amount of crap that is spouted.

  78. Well said wickywoowoo. I’ve met many people from England,(and a couple from Wales), due to my music networking (dnb/dubstep), and they’re all class people.
    Every country has people it seems who are poor representatives of their respective countries.

    As far as England vs USA, of course I’m rooting for USA, and I joke about the game with my English friends but good natured :). Also, Onyewu, the former Newcastle man is in the squad :).

    Another thing related to NUFC, I have heard from an English friend,”A yank is a Newcastle fan??” lol..Been watching since the Shearer playing days, really liked the tradition of the club, etc. This was before the Glazers owned MUFC, but I didn’t switch loyalties because their new owners are from the city next to mine in Florida.

    I prefer calling it football rather than soccer, and yes it’s not a huge sport here. I don’t see it ever becoming big here, too many “anti-soccer” people because,”It’s boring” or “They don’t score enough..” It’s almost like it’s trendy to hate the game.

    To end my novel here, Go USA! But good luck to both sides really, hoping for a good match, regardless of outcome as I have respect for both sides.

  79. very true wicky, most of those ive met properly are class acts but its the mentality at times like these that make them such targets

  80. Dubstep. That’s like the new stuff version of what I used to spin. I would die for those days to be back again :(

  81. And forgive my ignorance if not toonsy, been more of a dnb fan since mid-90s, dubstep fan only a few years now, not a knowledgable about it, etc.

  82. Nah, kind of what would be called old skool rave or old school hardcore nowadays, but generally it was music from around 1992-1995.

    Too young to catch it forst time around, well certainly too young to go to the raves, but I managed to catch it on the second wave of popularity when it became kind of cool in a nostalgic kind of way back in 1998-2000.

    Then it died down again but I got into trance and techno and managed to catch that bubble and squeeze a few years on the scene out of that until it all died down. Then I just sort of lost interest in it and gave up whilst I was still on a high.

    Still do a bit of mixing and that but only for pleasure purposes, and to keep my eye in just in case. I record quite a few when I get into a rhythm and bang them online for people to download.

    The rave stuff is my favourite though as it has bits of jungle, D&B, everything really, and you can be more creative with it.

  83. wickywoowoo says:
    June 11, 2010 at 12:10 am

    “danny, it’s that very attitude that makes the rest of the UK, Europe and the world hate the English. The delusion and sense of superiority and entitlement is mind boggling.”

    So you take the comments of one person and use them to judge the rest of the country?

    I’m sorry but that kind of anti-english rhetoric makes you no better than Danny.

    “You ask 9 out of 10 people from any other country in the world and they refer to the UK as “England” and proceed to think we are all yobs and thugs.”

    Which “other countries” are you talking about? Wales and Ireland? France, maybe?

    Seriously you might as well have pulled those FACTS (ha, don’t make me laugh) straight out of your @rse for all their worth.

    I’ve been to countries all over the world and the only time I’ve encountered the type of predjudice and anti-english behaviour you speak of is when I’ve been in Scotland. Yeah there’s some good eggs too, but the vast majority have chips on their shoulders the size of Glasgow when it comes to the English.

    There’s no need, and there’s no place for it on a blog like this. So before you start bashing some other mindless idiot, use your noggin first, eh.

  84. Toon Chicken says:
    June 10, 2010 at 6:28 pm
    chuck – i got news for you mate – there aint no horses at the world cup!!!
    <<<<< no but there is donkeys and they are call americans

  85. qtr finals at best – even with england being in the easier half of the draw, we’re massively over hyped by the media in order they can sell merchandise / papers etc on the back of patriotism – you have to blame rupert murdoch who was the first to force his editors to expand sports sections of newspapers and push jingoism on the front pages

    blah blah

    come on the toon

  86. i thought our national anthem was LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY,we should change it to LAND OF DOPE AND TORIES.

  87. God save our gracious Queen!
    Long live our noble Queen!
    God save the Queen!
    Send her victorious,
    Happy and glorious,
    Long to reign over us,
    God save the Queen.

    Thy choicest gifts in store
    On her be pleased to pour,
    Long may she reign.
    May she defend our laws,
    And ever give us cause,
    To sing with heart and voice,
    God save the Queen.

    Come on England!!!!!

  88. I think this World Cup might be a turning point for me and you, Stu.

    We’ve actually found some common ground.

    Saying that we’ll probably go back to squabbling like a pair of b!itches as soon as England get knocked out! :)

  89. God doesn’t exist
    Royal family is a relic of our imperialist past and has no function in todays society
    England are sh1te and full of overhyped, overpaid tw@ts – well maybe apart from Michael Dawson, James Milner

    “I’ve met the common man and he’s a c*nt” – John Lydon


  90. Can I just add about Scotland… the only place I have ever been to that puts the failure of another country ahead of their own success. Pathetic!

  91. Aye, exactly, Richie. If Sunderland was a country it would Scotland, minus the scenery.

  92. I remember when we were in the UEFA cup semis and Sunderland were in the Facup semi and we went out with my mate and his lass(both mackem season ticket holdrs) and I’d said I wouldn’t mind them winning the Fa cup if we won the Uefa.My mates lass said she’d rather we both lost than the Toon win the UEFA..unbelievable!!!.I still see him but have never been oot with her since,can’t stand her.

  93. LOL…whey I am ‘too sexy for my shirt’…….or maybe I’m just ‘deeply dippy’ ;-)

  94. @144
    Ah ok toonsy. Yeah I started out a breakbeat fan @’95, then shortly after was exposed to d&b/jungle thru the likes of Goldie, Shy FX…I listen to house, trance at times, but prefer more to my beats than those style ;)
    Peace & respect bro.