Newcastle release new away and change strip, finally!

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The new away and change strip for 10/11.
The new away and change strip for 10/11.
Newcastle have today released the new change and away strips for the forthcoming season.

There had been some kits leaked on the internet a few weeks back, which were widely disregarded as the home kit looked rubbish.

From them leaked pictures though, it looks like the away and change strips were pretty much bang on, so does that mean that the home strip will look like what was leaked aswell? You would have to think so wouldn’t you? Although I do still cling on to some vain hope that perhaps there was a ringer thrown in there to disguise the situation!

The strips will be on sale from 15th July, although these shirts may be given a miss by me as I just don’t really like them. They aren’t Adidas, and that has been what I have been wearing since I was twelve years old. That sounds a bit like I am in a huff, but I’m not. I just thought that perhaps with it being our first kit supplied by PUMA that they would perhaps make a bit more effort with them as they do look kind of basic.

There are some more detailed pictures of the new strips on the clubs official website, which you can view for yourself here if you wish to do so.

So what do you think? Are you, like me, left feeling a little underwhelmed? Do you like them? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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176 Responses

  1. I’ll happily admit I’m in a huff toonsy mate! These are canny crap and the home kit looks cheap aswell assuming the leaks were bang on. Judging by these, the pics were correct. A shame, could have put some effort into it considering it’s puma’s first go with us. These are just standard templates with our logos whacked on them. Looking like iron on’s aswell.

  2. yep, underwhelmed!
    the majority of the ones people designed on the net had more imagination than these!
    And i agree, i actually hate the home strip with the puma badge under the neck, looks lob sided, i cling to the hope it follows the same pattern as these.
    Im not holding my breath though…

  3. toonsy says:
    June 18, 2010 at 12:39 pm
    What is everyone doing for the match later ? <<<<< nosey sod arnt ya

  4. toonsy says:
    June 18, 2010 at 12:39 pm
    What is everyone doing for the match later?

    Well I will be getting absolutely smashed before, during and after the game.

    That way it might not feel as bad if were shit!

  5. batty says:
    June 18, 2010 at 12:48 pm
    toonsy why have yas still got last seasons fixture list up

    Because he’s a bit dim.

  6. Mike- pretty sure the home shirt will be as is. Pretty crap but nevermind, I never wanted to ditch adidas in the first place!

    Toonsy-given the fact I’m in Scotland, I’ll be watching it at home. With the curtains closed. And the windows locked. Maybe set up an electric fence at half time if we score early.

  7. ed judas is gettin worse >>>Newcastle United Second And Third Adidas Strips Revealed<<< :lol:

  8. cheap and chatty,the only thing that could cap it off,would be a sports direct sponsor on them.

  9. toonsy says:
    June 18, 2010 at 12:53 pm
    Batty – Becasue that part is nothing to do with me

    Is that French for because?

  10. toonsy says:
    June 18, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    It’s not good enough, toonsy. You are the thread master! You should really have the ability to spell correctly.

    Maybe you should enter into a spelling bee – Start off under 9’s and work your way up when your confidence is up.

  11. Batty – Hitman apologised to me and I said for him to come back. The door is open for him…

  12. toonsy says:
    June 18, 2010 at 12:59 pm
    Stu – I’m not in the mood, now fcuk off!

    How very dare you!!!!

    I’ve never been so insulted in all my life!


  13. Why’s Ed saying theyre nothing like the one posted online a few weeks back?… it just me or are they not almost identical to the ones online i.e crap?

  14. By the way, I see Germany are losing!

    Amazing what happens when you play half decent team.

  15. Quality commentary from Mick Mcarthy – “The keepers a big tart, doing that”.

  16. Stuart79 says:
    June 18, 2010 at 1:13 pm
    See the Jerry’s peaked too soon. We are going to grow into the competition.
    <<<< aye a bit like toonsy :lol:

  17. richietoon…cos ed posts a blog every time CH takes a dump man… these are the exact same shit collar shirts as we all saw. crap quality, stupid neck splits -what is the point in them?
    if the white one had normal round neck and also be decent quality it would be ok. These look cheap as shit. Christ… even sc#nthorpe have pulled in Nike for their new sponsor FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. has the white one got Toon Army on the collar do ya know Craig?…..bloody crap.

  19. Stuart79 says:
    June 18, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    “toony’s never peaked has he?”

    Typo alert ;)

  20. toonsy says:
    June 18, 2010 at 1:22 pm
    Stuart79 says:
    June 18, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    “toony’s never peaked has he?”

    Typo alert

    What is your problem? I made a typing error, so what?

  21. The white kit looks excellent.

    Best 2nd/3rd kit we’ve released in a long time for me, remins me of the old Czech Republic kit from when Nedved was playing.

  22. ashley’s probably had some poor young thai kid on a penny a day knocking them up.

  23. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 18, 2010 at 1:51 pm
    ashley’s probably had some poor young thai kid on a penny a day knocking them up.

    They had a rise, like?

  24. lamb’s arse reckons they’ll be well received by the fans,very f***in’ ambitious del boy,you really have not got a clue!!.

  25. stu,that penny will probably be paid to the local hospital to take another needle out of his finger.

  26. got visions in my mind of seeing a news report in a few months time of a huge queue of newcastle fans outside st james’ direct returning their tops as the badges have fallen off.blokes with their sons,”it’s a disgrace etc..”.

  27. There’s a closing down sale at the club shop this weekend – All new kits are available in the metal boxes with the socks.

    RRP £39.99 Sale price – £0.99p

  28. Stuart79 says:
    June 18, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    Stuart, you foget that Sam Allardyce’s always been a one for getting ’em cheap but paying high wages – so I guess Guti’s out of our league.

    It’s interesting that the only strips unveiled are the second and third – I wonder if there’s a plan yo unveil the first strip along with the new signings?

  29. lesh says:
    June 18, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    It’s interesting that the only strips unveiled are the second and third – I wonder if there’s a plan yo unveil the first strip along with the new signings?

    Don’t hold ya breathe! More likely their changing our colours to red and white – Wouldn’t suprise you with this lot…

  30. lesh says:
    June 18, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    “It’s interesting that the only strips unveiled are the second and third – I wonder if there’s a plan yo unveil the first strip along with the new signings?”

    I’ve thought the same thing ;)

  31. “It’s interesting that the only strips unveiled are the second and third – I wonder if there’s a plan yo unveil the first strip along with the new signings?”

    Dream on Toonsy – gosh havn’t you learn’t by not not to get your own and others hopes up…

    They probably busy sowing on the “Toony Army” and “Sports” badges… haha ;)

    Another game ruined by poor refereeing…

    That and the low monotonous drone that blares throughout the game… you all know what I’m talking about. The Sky commentators of course.

  32. This German squad is incredibly young. Their average age must be around 24.
    Mesut Özil only 21, and looks like a superstar of the future. Excellent playmaker.
    Podolski was his usual self, does everything right but can’t finish for sh!t…
    Klose sending off was a joke. Germany will beat Ghana easily though. IMO.

  33. The white kit is awesome!! The blue is alright I’d say… Hope the 1st kit is as good as the white!

  34. On offical website dl says there lookin forward to unveilin home kit in two weeks time why wait till then i fink they ciuld unveil new signings with the home kit two weeks time takes us into july so free agents contracts run out end of june n if we hav signed players wont find out until they announce wit them makin sellin clubs n agents signin confidentality agreements, new strips are mint better than away kit off last year why is it all toon fans hav got nowt to do but moan we could sign messi ppl wud still find somethin to moan about fools

  35. I wouldn’t want Messi davy… he’s a one trick pony,beat 5 players then score a goal…boring ;-)

  36. Great goal from Slovenia, longest range goal of the tournament so far :D

    So if results stay the same, and we win later, the US go home, is that right?

  37. Messi? Wouldn’t cut it in the Prem, too weak. Would struggle in the fizzy aswell.

  38. but what if that happened then we lose our last game and the US win Toonsy?………….still a long way to go here like.

  39. What about that Findlay up front for the US, anyone reckon he could work with Carroll? A bit of pace to go alongside the presence of Carroll?

  40. Rich – Would be goal difference wouldn’t it? We would have 4 points and so would the US?

  41. aye,thats why if we take a lead tonight we need to keep going for it cos I think goal difference will play a part in it.

  42. Rich – I don’t, I don’t think we will get beat by Slovenia in fairness. Hopefully the draw t’other night put the rocket up the arse our lads needed.

    What do you do for work Rich?

  43. neither do I mate,but ya never know.

    I’m a service engineer I monitor domestic water systems,carry out indoor air quality surveys.Its mainly to prevent/control legionnaires disease.exciting stuff…not!

  44. If that ref for the German game had been in charge of this one the yanks would probably have had at least one red card

  45. I want as much time off as you do :lol:

    I’m doing a lot of nights at the minute, as what I am working is a night-time operation. Makes sense really I guess :D

  46. Its not too bad,the office is in Yorkshire but I have my own sites that I visit monthly so plan my own work,so can do less one day more the next…..or do nowt when the world cup is on ;-)

  47. slovenia play the sort of football you could watch all day,that’s football at it’s fluid best.

  48. Anyone know if Capello is doing his silly name the team two hours before kick off thing?

  49. It’s not over yet, hopefully USA can pull level and end the game winning 2-2 ;)

  50. toonsy – If we cannot beat Algeria it won’t be because Capello tells the players the team 2 hrs before kick off. It’ll be because we weren’t good enough.

    They all get told 2 hrs before for their clubs so their use to it.

    This is just a stick the media have invented in which to beat Capello with.

    It’s fckin typical, sad UK media!

  51. yeah i hope we can play some decent footy as we were piss poor the other night. hope the boss man goes with 4/4/1/1 with cole on left instead of swp and gerrard in hole.

  52. i am sure the players know at least the day before. obv any manager wants to keep his team selection as much of a suprise as possible so the other camp have less time to digest the line ups and make plans etc. makes sense to me like

  53. Stuart – Do they all get told 2 hours before? Or is it just an hour, when the team-sheet gets released?

    I’m not saying that it will cost us victory, but why give the opposition time to adjust and select to counter what we have to offer? It just doesn’t make sense, we are the ONLY team that is doing it, why?

  54. I`m watching the game, dont discount us just yet, aint over till it`s over and we are playing a decent side.
    As y`all will find out, beat Russia and conceded the second fewest goals in the Euro qualifiers.

  55. Have y`all got your excuse ready for what`s gonna happen against Algeria, ah! should win that easy enough, the Irish beat them recently putting in three against them.
    Walk in the park !

  56. Donnovan’s a tosser or waving the imaginery card…… should be a booking for doing that!

  57. toonsy – Capello tells the players 2 he’s before, but he doesn’t hand the team sheet in until an hr before, like every other team.

    The media think the players should be told a day before, when in effect it just doesn’t matter.

  58. Stu – I am sure Capello named the team 2hrs before in the last game? Or was I pissed :lol:

  59. Whadda ya worrying about bullshit things for (team selection) this is Algeria not Argentina, are you lot not confident of beating a team like Algeria ?
    C`mon !

  60. Ahhh, he told the team two hours before, just read it :D

    2-2, would be nice if it could stay like this ;)

  61. Well you were pissed, hitman can confirm that!

    Well I guess that’s when the team sheet needs to be in.

  62. USA USA USA !!!!
    Still think were outta here, we don`t fold like a pack of cards, kicking ass and taking names !

  63. richietoon says:
    June 18, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    “Donnovan’s a tosser or waving the imaginery card…… should be a booking for doing that!”

    Just seen that, yeah I agree. Gets on my tits when any player does that. Straight red would sort that out.

  64. Cannot quite work out what a draw does for us in this match.

    I guess it wouldn’t be that bad.

    We don’t want a US win.

  65. Stuart79 says:
    June 18, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    “Well you were pissed, hitman can confirm that!”

    I never said anything to Hitman last Saturday. I have checked what went on you know ;)

  66. Stu – It would put Slovenia on 4 points, and if we win we would be on the same. USA would be on 2.

  67. 115

    Toonsy, their was also that play acting by Greek player when he got kicked by the Nigerian.
    I agree the Nigerian deserved a straight red for that lash out with studs.
    But he hardly scrapped the Greek player who dropped in a heap…
    Players that fake serious injury to make sure opposing players get sent off. Should be red carded themselves.


  68. JJ – I agree, any sort of thing like that should be a red. It would soon put an end to it.

    Like shirt pulling in the box, give a penalty each time and it would soon stop.

  69. Well we got robbed by a poor ref`s decision, but we aint gonna whine about it, game speaks for itself !

  70. “we got robbed by a poor ref’s decision,but we aint gonna whine about it”………you just did ;-)

  71. Just seen the German penalty decision. Shocking, and justice done by the jerry’s missing it aswell!

  72. makes me laugh… i didnt see in yanks whinging with the draw the other night which was a fluke by some shocking keeper work on our side… it was ok back then to have had luck on their side………today they are saying it wasnt and you were robbed.. cake and eat it by any chance??

  73. Richietoon
    Just stating the obvious not whining, thats an English thing, for god`s sake you are still whining about Maradonas hand of god goal !
    How many years ago ?

  74. no I’m not chuck,most players would have done the same as Maradonna.when we point out a FACT that you only got the draw because of a goalie error you say we whine,when you blame poor refereeing its stating the obvious.Chuck your nowt but a hypocrite,get ya heed oot ya arse.

  75. The Goal Keeper jersey looks nice,but i must pity those who are washing the white jersey. If there is still got ppl doing that.

  76. Craig Chisholm

    Craig says
    damn, damn, take my name chuck pls cos i wil say fair asn square i cant stand you.

    What!! ???
    Calm down and take your medication !

    Your post (136#) does`nt make sense (not unusual i might add)
    We are not talking about luck here, we are talking about a refs decision.
    You all saw it !

  77. Toonsy,

    So you saying you don’t think Vidic intentionally handballed that? Are you kidding me… I thought he was playing volleyball for a second.
    Straight red for me, if there was a German player behind him for intentional handball.

  78. I like the wavy feeling on the gk shirt….though the color is indeed quite dull. :(

  79. JJ – Can you try jumping without using your arms for propulsion. If it was deliberate he didn’t make much of a fist of it, I mean the flight of the ball didn’t appear to be altered by it.

  80. a ref decision is also classed as luck chuck!! if you get a pen when you dont deserve one its good luck, and bad luck the other way round. Its all luck. usa were lucky that green was crap and threw the ball in his own net to actually score the goal for you… otherwise you would not have scored and would have lost, same as if you played better today but didnt win you were unlucky. you cant just accept good luck as being the right result and then dismissing bad luck as being the wrong result.

  81. another ref may have sent Dempsey off,another ref may have sent the yank defender off for hauling down the Slovenian at the edge of the area….lucky you had that ref then!!!

  82. Lets see, Slovenia on 4 pts. possible tot. 7
    USA on 2 ” ” ” 5
    England 1 ” ” ” 7
    Algeria 0 ” ” ” 6
    Aint over till it`s over.

  83. 148………..wasting your time richie, you will never get chuck admitting at least one of his players should have been sent off, the mickey taking card gesture was an instant red too. yanks were lucky not to be down to 9 players really. all in all, a lucky draw for usa.

  84. Final table, well my prediction for it anyway.

    England 7 pts
    USA 5 pts
    Slovenia 4 pts
    Algeria 0 pts

    It’s a shame ze Germans aren’t playing ahead of us so we know if 1st or 2nd os the best place to finish in.

  85. Aye true craig,whey I’m ganna sharpen me heed then shower ready to gan oot.happy days

  86. Look the game speaks for itself, It`s history !
    I know you want to take cheap shots at me, so go ahead, but you can`t deny what you yourselves witnessed.

  87. Toonsy,

    Vidic knew exactly what he was doing. He didnt even looked shocked the penalty was given. More resigned to the fact the ref had spotted him.
    You must really hate the Germans for seeing that one as anything other than a blantant hand ball.
    Look how he streches out his arm then flaps his wrist out at the ball.

    Haha, oh well, we all have different judgements I suppose. But I would have given Vidic a straight red.

  88. Guys, don’t let your allegances get in the way of the truth.
    Believe it or not, I’m not Chuckie boys biggest fan. But he is right. The Yanks were robbed, by a poor decision.
    England was robbed by a poor goalkeeper. There is difference there.

  89. 147 & 155…………it goes in circles lads. lucky for draw against us and unlucky for draw today!! this is a stone cold fact so why is chucky only acknowledging today an unlucky day but not that against us was a lucky day… you cant say it wasnt lucky against us as green threw the ball in the net for you!!

  90. We prob all get a little blinkered where our own teams are concerned it’s understandable…………except me obviously,I’m always right :lol:

  91. As a yank, I’ll acknowledge our luck in the England game, that there was sloppy handling on one end, but not going to call Tim Howard’s MOTM performance luck. He was great in the US goal that game.

    Today, a fantastic game, and will take the point. But, i have to say, looking at that 3rd US goal again and again, it was a terrible, terrible call. I wish the Ref would explain what it is that he saw that made him call that one back. Very unlucky to only walk away with 1 point after a gutsy performance in the 2nd half.

  92. richietoon says:
    June 18, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    “We prob all get a little blinkered where our own teams are concerned it’s understandable”

    I agree, I’m still gutted Newcastle aren’t in the World Cup ;)

  93. Shoot, meant to say good luck to England today…you’re always my second team. Though, from a US perspective, I am hoping you draw, so that your lot are motivated to actually beat Slovenia next game.

  94. I think NorCal raises a good point. It’s widely percieved that it was a balls up by the ref to disallow the USA goal.

    But the ref can just toddle off now and never here anything of it again. There is no accountability, and refs should have the balls to come out and explaining the decisions they make. They get paid well enough for it nowadays!

  95. Yeah right NorCal,nowt wrong with your 3rd goal.Good game too…..just waiting for wor lass to plaster her face then I’m off oot…could be a while yet like ;-)

  96. There is one thing I can possibly see, and it’s a stretch, but wouldn’t surprise me if it was the “explanation.” Looking at the replay, just as the ball is coming over Michael Bradley’s head, he’s being held by a slovenian, but then he reaches and grabs the slovenian as well…potentially stopping him from getting to the ball.

    i don’t think that could be it because there’s no way the defender would have gotten there, but of everything i see, that’s the only call I would remotely accept.

    Ah. F- it…I am just pissed that we missed out on that opportunity. Good luck to the 3 Lions…put on a good show.

  97. Hey Richie,

    Ye I got one quarter final game, but I have no idea who will be in at at this stage.

  98. Is it just me lads, or should the Toon go for the american defender Jay Demerit, who won almost 90% of the headers he went up for, and really has impressed me, especially in the confederations cup. he seems much better than his partner Onyewu.

    I think he is also available for free as I think his contract ran out at Watford.