Carroll holds no fear of the Premier League.

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Carroll - The one punch machine gun.
Carroll - The one punch machine gun.
Right, now that England malarkey is temporarily out of the way we can get back to domestic matters, particularly our first love of Newcastle United.

The release of the Premier League fixtures on Thursday swifly put paid to any idea that we would be given one of the kinder fixtures to start the campaign with, as Manchester United away was “randomly” generated for the second time in three years to be our opening fixture.

This whole Premier League thingy has become a sticking point with fans though, as questions are now being asked whether or not a team that scored so many goals last season will be able to score enough goals in the top flight to secure survival in the forthcoming season.

Andy Carrolll finished last season as top scorer with 19 goals, an impressive feat when you consider he had only managed to bag four goals by Christmas, and he seems to believe that there are enough goals in the current Newcastle squad to ensure we can achieve the main aim of survival come next May.

“Last season we scored a lot of goals, and we have strikers who can still score a lot of goals in the Premier League. We had four lads on more than 10 goals,” Carroll said to The Sheilds Gazette.

“The service was the most important thing last season. The goals were coming on a plate for me because the ball was being worked into the right positions. The lads around us have helped a lot, and they’ll be important again next season.”

Last season we had four players who reached double figures for Newcastle, and whilst they may not score as many back in the Premier League, the threat still remains. Of course we can always strengthen what we have, and who is to say we won’t, but even if we didn’t, we have Andy Carroll who looks to be showing some form of realisation of his potential.

“For me, I appreciated knowing I was first choice for the first time. From November, I started playing week in and week out because of injuries really,” Carroll said. “I got on a bit of a roll, scoring a goal and then getting another one the week after. I think from that point I was picking myself.”

I can’t really argue with that. Carroll got given his chance and took it with both hands, making himself one of the first names on the team-sheet. If the service is right then he will score goals, his aerial ability is too good for him not to be a threat. There is more that that to his game though, and he started demonstrating that towards the end of the last campaign where he introduced some neat hold-up play and distribution to his team-mates into his game.

The Premier League is the next step on the career ladder for Andy Carroll, and in many ways it is an important season for the Gateshead lad as he gets his chance to prove he can cut it in the big time. He has been watched by the current England setup, although at the minute that is something that is best kept quiet, and is likely to be given the nod for the number nine shirt next season.

I just hope he can keep his head down, avoid trouble, and continue improving at the rate at which we saw last season.

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295 Responses

  1. I’ve no doubt at all that Carroll will score if he gets the service,and I think that’s the area where I have the doubt.Can Jonas and Routledge provide him with the service? I hope so,you can be the best header of the ball in the world but if decent crosses on coming in your not gonna score.I’d still like to see a proven winger come into the squad.

  2. if he is to be a success, he needs to be treat on the pitch like Shearer was in the last few years of his career. He wont be able to do it on his own, so put players around him who can create the chances for him to put away, and ive got doubts he will score goals.

    Cant wait for next seasons now like fixtures have been released!

  3. Felt it was a bit harsh to send Kewell off. I mean, sure it was handball on the line, but did he have a chance to get out of the way of it? I mean it wasn’t exactly a daisy cutter of a shot was it :D

  4. aye I agree Toonsy,would like a better angle to see how much if at all he moved his arm.

  5. That Annan in midfield for Ghana looks canny. In an ideal world I would look into signing him. A mobile defensive midfielder, it’ll never catch on ;)

  6. Until the other day Watching the season review dvd, I couldnt actually remember how many goals Danny Guthrie created last season, I would say about 70% of the teams goals and about 90% of Carolls goals.

    I just Hope CH doesnt go down the old route of Smith holding when Guthrie and an fully fit Barton give us a creative, box to box option and saves the over reliance on our wingers and left back to create chances for our strikers.

  7. Thats why I hope Nolan gets the skipper as he is better at playing behind Carroll than Smith is a playing in front of the back four. If Smith gets the nod the there will be an expectation for him to play more often, and whilst he is fully comitted, it doesn’t change the fact that ,ainly he just slides around on his arse.

    Anyone seen ofr heard from Worky recently?

  8. I was wondering if anyone was going to post a comment on this thread.
    It was a stone cold penalty, would have been a goal if it hadn’t struck his arm. Applying the full red to the offence was possibly a bit harsh however but I think the refs don’t have a choice.

    And I would hope Andy is confident about scoring goals, not much sense in him being on the pitch if he isn’t. I reckon he is good for at least 15. Probably would have been a better bet than Heskey in SA.

  9. Big Willy – I could have been a better bet than Heskey in South Africa, and a better bet than Rooney by all accounts when you consider last nigts ‘effort’ :lol:

  10. our best team? (with the team we have now of course)


    Gutierrez Nolan Routledge

    Barton Guthrie

    Enrique Williamson Coloccini S.Taylor


  11. heskey heh heh.. that moment when he tried to do a stepover and nearly fell over the ball and scuffed his cross.. priceless..

  12. Barton is a better tackler, passer, more creative and is better at long shots than Smith.

    He started off as a holding player at City and would do as good as Smith at the very least.

    —S Taylor—-Williamson——Coloccini—-Enrique—-

    Got to be the starting 11 for the opener…

  13. Carroll scored 3 goals last time and that was mainly off the bench. West Ham at home and Stoke away were the best ones. I think he can score in the Premier League and I think he will get between 8-12.

  14. Both of them starting line ups are good enough to stay up. In fact I am convinced of it. It’s just we need cover for injuries, or players to come in that are better than what we have (I know there are planty) so the current players can bacome back-up.

    Anelka to be sent home form the Frnace squad :lol:

  15. Said a while back, 10 has to be the target for Carroll next year, any more and it’s a bonus.

  16. i think it might be asking a bit much asking carroll to play up front as a lone striker.. drogba yeah, carroll not yet…

  17. Domenech told Anelka to stay upfront so he swore at him was taken off at half time. This is what he said: “Va te faire enculer, sale fils de pute”. Apparently Henry, Ribery, Gallas and Henry were telling Domenech what formation and tactics to play so that is where the problems lie.

  18. “Va te faire enculer, sale fils de pute”

    oh well, what does he expect…wtf?

  19. Yeah, I would take offence to that aswell if I knew what it meant :lol:

    EDIT – Just translated it, and yes I actually would take offence if someone said that to me :)

  20. Evere sen a Mackem in Milan – Yes, that comment that needed moderating was the same answer I came up with :lol:

  21. I’m a big fan of Carroll but he won’t be able to do it all on his own. We need a PL experienced striker that can take the pressure off him.

    All our strikers are unproven in the PL.

  22. depends on the service he gets this season,because he’s never going to be one of the quickest,so most of his goals will have to come from set pieces corners etc.
    he wont get that much time on the ball either,that he enjoyed in the trampionship.carroll could never play as a lone striker anyway,he’s is just a target man,carroll should look at the way niall quinn used to play.people might shoot me down for saying it,as quinny played for sunderland,but i see carroll being another niall type of target man if he’s brought on properly.
    i still think we need a little pacey sort of striker,dare i say it like kevin phillips to play along side him.

  23. i think carroll will be good next season.. if he aint HMP! tell you what else, i am now not so worried about out lack of signings blah blah after seeing our shower of shit at this world cup. that is the best we have and they are expensve players – very expensive… and they are crap. CH is right when he bangs on about attitude being key etc. I
    feel somehow comforted by this world cup. i am backing us to stay up based on this, even if we add no-one and just keep what we have .

  24. I bet MA’s taking a look at North Korea.

    As we know, he’s very fond of cheap foreign labour, and he could probably pick up their entire back line for a herd of cows and a couple of trucks of cement ;)

  25. this on sky news about why they think we got beat… kinda same as what i just said!!

    “But the superstars paid many millions of pounds by clubs and sponsors – some of whom are globally-recognised icons of the game – were outshone by an Algerian team who demonstrated much better togetherness and teamwork”

    we’re gonna be that same team next year lads…..infact, i would be arsed off now if we went out and paid good money for any well known player… waste of fooking money – priks!!

  26. Haha, nee chance, A day of peace of love today, after last night we deserve to take it easy lol

  27. craig chisholm says:
    June 19, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    just been thinkin the same myself today…overpriced rubbish

  28. Rich – I see no reason why not, and the Morale Officer needs a day off anyway ;)

  29. Well, Algeria came thru for me, but now I’m all for the 3 Lions again :)

    Provided that the USA wins against Algeria, that is. If the US wins and England wins, we both advance. That’s what I’d like to see the most. Y’all just need to remember that it’s 3 LIONS, not 3 housecats lol…

  30. Morale Officer-

    I think your English lads might need you doon sooth, like… :D

    Seriously- where’s the team spirit and cameraderie???

    And what about my Yanks!!!! What a comeback. We SO won that game, stupid Koman Coulibaly bastard.

  31. Aye they played like pussies OHurley,they need to get it sorted and play with a bit of pride(and skill)

  32. Richie-

    For my own selfish purposes, I was ower the moon to see that toothless performance, but when it comes down to it, I want my Yanks AND your English blokes to advance.

  33. On a side note, did anyone read Landon Donovan’s comments about the goal he scored? Claims to have seen the look on the Slovenian keeper’s face and aimed his shot right at his heed!! HAHAHA class!!

  34. ya have to look after your own team first mate………the formations wrong team selections wrong but even with that those players should have been good enough to beat Algeria.No disrepect to them,they did there job and playted as a team,we didnt.Reminded me a little of the Toon v Villa….toothless.

  35. OHurley

    It was a good team effort from the USA. Something we just don’t seem to be able to manage.

    Not that our dismal performance was all down to a lack of teamwork. Some of our big-time Charlies seemed to suddenly become incapable of kicking a ball.

    I still can’t believe how bad Rooney’s performance was.

  36. Is this heralding a swing in the minds of some people who have written Newcastle off already? The fact that teams of so called inferior players can perform against team of a so called higher staure, and still get results ;)

    OHurley – I’ve given up counting now. Overall I’m still up, but the marging is decreasing day by day :D

  37. Darth-

    Yeah, that whole team just looked toothless. I mean, yeah Algeria played well, but even against an in-form Algeria, England should be winnin’ 2-1 at least.

  38. toonsy

    “Is this heralding a swing in the minds of some people who have written Newcastle off already?”

    Is what “heralding a swing” and who has “written Newcastle off already”?

  39. toonsy

    “Is this heralding a swing in the minds of some people who have written Newcastle off already?”

    If that was aimed at me – I’ll be glad to point out any number of posts where I’ve said that I’ll be more than happy to see the bulk of the championship side having a tilt in the premiership.

  40. OHurley @68

    Couldn’t disagree with any of that mate.

    Maybe they’ll come out fighting on Wednesday. It’s happened before – several times, in fact – where they’ve been galvanised into action after a good roasting from the fans and the press amd they pull out something special in the last game.

    Of course, there’s a fair chance that Rooney will get sent off after ten minutes as well :)

  41. Darth – FFS man, why are people so bloody touchy. Hopefully you have been on here long enough to know that I don’t piss about and if I have something to say to someone then I will address them by name before having a dig or replying


    I am making a general statement which could apply to any number of posters.

  42. Round four was a balls up for my predictions but so far today I’m right back on track. Jst need a 2-0 Cameroon win and I’ll be back in the ball game :-)

  43. richietoon

    I was inspired by your 2 Tone avatar!

    Almost went for The Clash (first album) cover but it was a bit too dark.

    We you a punk?

  44. toonsy

    “Darth – FFS man, why are people so bloody touchy”

    I hope you don’t mean me there. Because I can point to…


  45. no me Dad wouldn’t let me :lol: I did cut my hair into a spike when my dad was at the club..he nearly killed me lol…..did have a striped fluffy jumper and some pcv troosers and a denim waistcoat wi Angelic Upstarts on the back for the old youth club discos :lol: I liked alsorts really Ska,Punk even the old Rock n Roll.

  46. richietoon says:
    June 19, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    “I did have a striped fluffy jumper and some pcv troosers and a denim waistcoat”

    I don’t give a shyte what anyone says, you are Richard Fairbrass from Right Said Fred! To remind everyone;

    Image Hosted by

    PVC trousers, honestly ;)

  47. “richietoon richietoon says:
    June 19, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    JJ,I can see you put a lot of thought into ya avatar ;-)”

    Ta Richie, its actually a drawing I did myself, then stylized and photoshoped to exhibit all my talents.
    I see its caught on, as others are adopting it now. Bit sad really but I suppose I should take it as a compliment.

  48. Toonsy..ya should see what I wear under that skirt…………..or maybe not :lol:

  49. Dave – Not yet 12 to go. And this is me after my haircut, leaving the barbers no less;

    Image Hosted by

  50. i reckon the way his play nd goals improved so dramatically around xmas shows the lads potential. at fist he was the typical lanky ariel target man, but the way his 1st touch nd holdin play improved, i reckon he is the type who can raise his game.
    unlike so many england players last night, alot looked like theyd been eating curries n drinking beer for the past 2 weeks, talk about lethargy, but were still in the tournament, so untill were knocked we can only pray they improve.
    but gettin back to andy, even his comments sound good, my bro’s mate met up with him, nolan n barton, he reckoned nolan was a right prick n carroll came over like a sound lad. so heres hopin his brawling days r over, n he can concentrate on scoring goals for the toon.
    i have confidence that carrol will score double figs nxt yr, if he avoids injury ;)

  51. I still cant get over that tosspot Rooneys outburst does the guy have a brain “thats what loyal support is” yeah all those Loyal supporters saving for ages to get the money so they could afford to go to SA for that sad display. Thats what playing for Manure does for ye f uking knob

  52. Carroll impressed me(I think Toonsy’s said the same in the past) at the time of the bother with Taylor when he played at Doncaster rovers and scored the winner with all the pressure and focus that was on him at the time………..England players take note……….still the only match I’ve been to with bouncers on the stadium beer kiosks!

  53. I agree he was bang out of order saying it but playing devils advocate the old adrenalin would still be pumping,he’d be angry and hopefully frustrated and p*ssed off at his and the teams performance.That’s not to say he shouldn’t come out and apologise for saying it now that he’ll have calmed down.

  54. Dave – It was along the lines of “F**k you, you dirty son of a bitch” :lol:

  55. Aye, carrolls the man. I think terry should get the arm band back, we never looked so spineless when he was skipper IMO

  56. I think Gerrard can be captain, and a good one, better than Rio anyway! But what he needs to be most effective is to play in his own position, so England can benefit from the Gerrard at Liverpool.

  57. Richie if he gave it his all and it wasn’t good enough I would understand his Rant, but he played like toonsy does on a sunday morning and now that he realises that he needs the same “Loyal supporters” he has appoligised. He is an arrogant little tosspot, atlest Stevie G admitted that it wasn’t acceptable and he tried to put a shift in.
    Toonsy I haven’t noticed Icedog on have you ?

  58. I hope there are some transfer rumours in the morning. Either or I will make some up myself :twisted:

  59. Dave – Icedog or Worky, haven’t heard from either for a couple of days. Perhaps the dog has jetted to Malta on the sly?

  60. Richie he issued one through the FA, and I think there is a press conference tomoro I only caught a bit of it on the news

  61. for me if its a press conference then its all staged,they’re plenty of reporters following them about all the time why couldn’t he have just grabbed one and said “I’d just like to say sorry to all the England fans for being a complete pr**k etc etc”

  62. Geremi whips in another good cross from the right and he has been excellent in a wide position.

    ;) ;) :lol: :twisted:

  63. Dave….I didn’t even know he’d said it straight into the camera,thats the first time I’ve seen it.I thought he’d just muttered it walking off the pitch and a camera had caught him……….so on reflection…what a knob!

  64. Jay Jay – Perhaps it was another Jay Jay? It wasn’t anyone that has commented on this site before.

  65. no mate only really read about it on here,thats the first time I’ve actually seen it.I’ve been chillin on the sofa all day wi me Ipod and the only time the tv has been on is for the games.

  66. I just thought it was someone taking the piss because I think I mentioned before I’m not a big fan of Boyd :) if there is gonna be a jay jay, jayjay and a JJ then I’m changing my name I think.

  67. could be Toonsy could be……’s having a wee drop of port now though :-)

  68. I think it was more the dodgy free hotdogs in the pub rather than the beer like.

  69. Port :D

    Used to be mental on the stuff. Mix it with Blue WKD and it’s nice. Tastes like pop aswell so you dont realise your getting smashed lol

  70. “jay jay says:
    June 19, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    I just thought it was someone taking the piss because I think I mentioned before I’m not a big fan of Boyd :) if there is gonna be a jay jay, jayjay and a JJ then I’m changing my name I think.”

    Ye, change it to J’y J’y ;)

  71. I wouldn’t touch a hotdog ever again after I saw a programme about how they were made. Having said that, offer them to me when I’m pissed and I wouldn’t say no!

  72. Toonsy that was another thing I meant to ask lastnight has Hitman served his time ?
    Jay Jay there is only one Jay Jay ;)
    Thank f uk :lol:

  73. Someone said something bout hotdogs.

    Made me wonder about the food at the World Cup Stadia.

    They are not selling Boerewors Rolls!!!

    What kind of South African World Cup is not allowed to sell Boerewors Rolls because they are not Fifa approved!!!

    Wors Rolls are 20x better than hot dogs! And then the biltong is R30 a packet! Bullsh!t

    Ok now that, that rant is out the way…

  74. …with blue wicked?? Toonsy ya so uncouth,one doesn’t mix it with a commoners drink :lol:

  75. > I wouldn’t touch a hotdog ever again after I saw a programme about how they were made

    I wouldn’t take mayo out of KFC after I seen what someone done in it :(

  76. Dave – Aye, and in a kebab shop where I live. Traces of crap found in the mayo. Hmm lovely.

    And on your point 141, the answer is yes. He apologised, said he was full of beer on the night so fair enough.

  77. im tryin to work out who has the brownest tongue with the chosen few :0
    get in i got 2-1 both ways nd 2-2 draw ;)

  78. Fecker, bloody African teams letting me down again in my predictions.

    I got Ivory Coast down to beat Brazil :(

  79. i agree like.. stuff rooney…. the fact that people have scraped money together in a ressession to go and see the pile of shite that is england half way round the world seems lost on the multi mega millionaire rich england players!! no pride in this team.

  80. Toonsy fair dues to him atlest he had the balls and he isn’t normally like that.
    Richie yeah the very thing mate adding a bit of extra protien

  81. “And on your point 141, the answer is yes. He apologised, said he was full of beer on the night so fair enough.”

    Well that explains why Chuck gets excused all the time ;)

  82. will fab have the backbone to start with an alternative to rooney hesky ? poss crouch defoe, thought defoe made a good enuff impact to demand more play

  83. Dave – I agree. It used to irritate me at times, JJ, but now I just ignore it or shrug it off. Although I notice that last night he pulled the seniority card on Darth Broon. To clarify, seniority doesn’t matter.

  84. Johnny – I don’t think Rooney will be dropped as he is a player that can change a game. I would be tempted to put Crouch on for Heskey though. Joe Cole for Lampard with Gerrard back in the middle would be another move I would make.

  85. forget about steve g playin outa position, the guy can play at right back for pool nd still get m o t m, forget this team sheet 2 hrs b4 KO bein a prob, coz every week thats the routine at most clubs. stop blaming the manager, coz thats all we seem to do, at the end of day all fab can do is select 11 men, once they leave the dressing room, its up to them toonsy.
    i agree with ya, i think rooney will start, but last night he should of been subbed. the hesky debate is now finished, the guy grafts but isnt a class player. read today that messi has played for more games this season than rooney, so him nd jonas dont look half fit nd sluggish.
    it might sound like im blaming the fabio, but im not, his teams (even with heskey nd the other debates ) look good on paper.
    am just a tad frustrated i guess, but sacking the manager wont make the players any better imo, not in this case.

  86. The manager has to take the blame if he picks the wrong players/tactics/formation but its not his fault if £100k+ footballers can’t pass a bloody football from one to another.

  87. Have any of you lot heard about this Bullard and Boyd rumour? Just been talking to a lad in the pub who seems to think it’s a done deal and that we’re talking to big gay Sol about a 2 year deal. Apparently the guy’s brother in law is a youth coach.

  88. cant believe Geremi is playing in the world cup like!
    pile of dump! Canny team Cameroon though i think

  89. meant to say that jonas and messi dont seem to be fatigued or physically exhausted.
    by the way do u reckon diego might regret leavin collo in toon ? reckon he might, but if the argies go 1 down me nd they believe they’ll score 2. best team by a mile, but have they peaked too early ? will there luck dissapate in KO stage ?
    must say i reckon the standard is improving nd its lookin classdy imo
    den 2-1 i got 9-1 but 2-2 will bag 16 oh well 1st return at bookies lol

  90. Phew just back after watching my country snatch a 2-1 win… Nervous match tho lol… A few players in the Danish team i could see play for us tho.

  91. CC – There was a lad on here the other day called jayjay (not to be confused with jay jay or JJ) who said the same rumour.

    Batty – Hope you’re behaving wherever you go, or wherever you have been ;)

  92. but isn’t there also a CC and now a C.C. saying the same as jayjay,not to be confused with jay jay :lol:

  93. Capello is a good manager. But to be quite honest. Ooh and I’m gona get slated for this…
    I think Sven Goran Erikson is a better mananger. And plays more entertaining football.

    Cue insults…

  94. No doubt fat Sam will be in the papers tomorrow declaring that he sgould take over from Capello :lol:

  95. Hey I could change my name to “JC” as those are my actual initials however, some find it offensive…

  96. if carroll continues his improvement then by nxt Euros he could get into squad. a little optimistic i know, but was lucky enough to get to a few games last season so i saw the improvement on pitch. i really think this guy has the potential, but nevertheless could do with some competition from an additional proven striker.
    so would many of u have taken darren bent to WC ? i wasnt that bothered over walcott coz he wss poor at club level this yr, but bent ?

  97. Batty

    Thanks mate… Jon Dahl should have scored on a few chances, but this result will do i guess. No doubt we got some talent, but also a few players that seem a liability. Any players in the Danish team you guys would like in NUFC, asides from Bendtner, Agger and Kjær who we wont get for sure?

  98. i think capello has stage fright and has kak’d his pants. he has made loads of shit decisions so far this world cup and we were all on here on the final warm up games saying it was a joke that we were flying to world cup in a week and he was still farting around experimenting.. joke man.

  99. I just think Bent maybe a bit like Andy Cole, as in good at club level but crap at international…..he needs to be given a bit more of a chance though to find out for sure.

  100. Johnny it hurts to say it but I think Bent offers far more than pesky. I hope yer right about Carroll I do know he has loads of potential and I really think if he keeps the heed down and keep improving he should have a great future ;)

  101. Awrite. Don’t know what to make of bullard and Boyd, bullard could be good if he stays fit and boyd’s got a good scoring record though it is in the spl. Campbell I think could be a canny sighing if we get him

  102. everyone knows that boyd is lazy, poor work ethic. skips training, not a team player, ego issues and a general wanka! dont like either of these two names!

  103. Boyd’s free so maybe worth the gamble,if it doent work out you can sell him to a championship or Scottish club…….Bullard I’m not so sure,he’s a good player maybe if we could get him on a pay as you play.

  104. couldnt agree more richie, he is unproven at int level,im just trying to find a poss reason why we were so so utter shite last night m8. am canny frustrated to tell the truth :O

  105. Dave – The page for here? I cant work out how to get the articles to post straight over there aswell. I used to able to but they changed Facebook around again and moved things that now I can’t find. Arseholes :mad:

  106. aye ive just checked his stats dave, very very similiar to heskeys, only less int’s 6. club stas r 1 in 3, nd hes 26 not 32. but even takin that into account, surely out of 11 players u expect an overall decent performance. last night NUFC would of beaten algeria, u agree dave?

  107. If all that is true Craig then I agree divnt touch him.It’ll be hard enough next season,don’t need any rotten apples in the barrel.

  108. I don’t know about beating Algeria johnny but they would defo have beaten England.

  109. Johnny lastnite Northern Ireland would have beaten Algeria ;)
    Toonsy yeah do you go on it much, ye never even sent me a msg to thank me for joining up you rascal

  110. Dave – I went on the other day to try and sort some stuff and ended up losin my temper. Reckon I need Worky for assistance before it gets rolled out properly ;)

  111. So that means it’s just me :twisted:

    My ban hammer is getting warned up as we speak :lol:

    Right, who wants it first lol ;)

  112. like the logo richie, saw the beat a few yrs ago, top drawer, the sax player was sat on a stool at front of stage man he was ancient, good night tho lol.
    well the denmark game was 1st bet ive won so far so kitty is still down ;(
    mind u been impressed with tournament overall, but there has been a few (more than uaual ) GK blunders this time. they will of designed it for more goals, but how different can it be?

  113. If FIFA really want more goals then they should give bonus points for each goal rather than having a different ball all the time.

  114. dave not realy cant stand the shite judas comes oot with and i tell him just every now and then wen a want too slag some 1

  115. Wonder why the news doesn’t show rooneys whole outburst they show you him saying “Nice to see your home fans boo you, ” but allways leave the last part out “That’s what loyal support is for f*ck’s sake.”

  116. nice too see your home fans boo you and that toonsy is a c unt <<< thats what i took it as dave

  117. just seen england rugby beat aussies on tour lol missed penalty to win ozzies lol, c mon ENGLAND lol ;)

  118. Good on ye Batts oh and I was just looking at Eds :lol:
    Hayley why did ye cheat on poor Roy, he is suicidal do ye not think he has had enough trouble to cope with after nasty Tony the Jock try to drown him.
    Toonsy why will you not accept me on facebook, what have I done on you ?

  119. ooh u got 18’s i got 16’s at my local ladbrokes, was that online or local bookies, coz 2 points in 2 horse race is v gd :)

  120. Dave – Have you tried to add me as a friend? Not on the group, but actually my profile?

  121. Hayley thats no excuse, why didn’t you just bite it off. and that might be part of the problem Roy said you wouldn’t go down on him and he offered to buy you a new frock

  122. lol…I was asked if I was a punk earlier…liked alsorts batty punk,ska,rock n roll 60’s just aboot everything.

  123. grt singles band the beat. when they came out the covers were mint, grt musicians, just wickied them nd found out guitar nd bass players went on to form fine young cannabils

  124. Dave – She takes it up the clarty hoop n all lol

    Seriously though, cheers. She will be pleased to recieve a compliment! God knows why she is with me ;)

  125. up the skins lol @) ma m8’s at a fest this w end tonight was the beat nd eat static, some ska then old skool techno :)

  126. Anyone like old school ravey stuff? Like early/mid 90’s? Still piss about mixing that sort of stuff when Im bored and record some of them. If anyone wants to download them and have a listen I can sort out a link at some point?

    And yes I am good at it 8)

    (In my opinion)

  127. Toonsy get me a link mate I like that sort of music now and again when im working. I used to remix stuff in the early 00’s

  128. Dave – I’m confused?

    Jay Jay – I don’t like Duran Duran, Batty said I did. Bronski Beat mate, the way forward lol

  129. will get u in touch with my m8 mushroom pete, hes on myspace lol yeah darren emmerson nd underworld v feckin grt in 90’s saw them a canny few times, at polly nd uny couple times nd other places happy times toonsy :)
    sweets rnt the same tho ;( all that scene was fun imo lol

  130. Dave – Will have to upload them to somewhere first, megaupload or something like that as the ones that I record are usually about an hour long.

    Will sort it tomorrow :)

  131. mm my lasdt comment under consideration wtf ? yeah was a big underworld fan toonsy saw them loads , happy days, happy biscuits lol not the same today , both in music nd biscuit flavour ;) old skool rap is mint n all toonsy, big, tupac, p enemy, all diffeernt flavours, jungle bro’s. krs1, early ice t … OG origianl gangsta .. og … lol

  132. Dunno Dave, still doesn’t check out behind the scenes if you know what I mean, which is why I reckon they are actually different people ;)

  133. By the way my Lass thought Jimmy Somerville was brill she often does a spot of housework with Hit that perfect beat going in the background :)

  134. Johnny – I’ll take a look, chances are the swear filter has eaten it up.

    I used to DJ all that sart of stuff, not when it was out originally but whne it came back in fashion for a couple of years. Then I moved onto Trance and Techno befoe giving it up.

  135. megadog club nights at the uny, drum club, eat static, u world, all them lot went to loads of them, lol. yea jolly times

  136. Dave when I did the Maze the old Naafi put on a concert for us,we were made to go,about 200 squaddies cross legged on the floor to see………bloody ‘Bucks Fizz’ it wasnt even the original line up…….I bet ya wish ya’d joined up now eh Toonsy? :lol:

  137. its mad this thing about an irrate fan, then he got away, like leo di crap in catch me if u can lol, canny read by the way

  138. sorry am talking about the england fan who managed to get into the dressing room immediatley post match, apparently berated d beckham ? wtf, prob deliberatley avoided present team coz he would really loose his rag. dunno but watta ninja eh, in out, nay bother , watta star player lol

  139. aye thats who I mean too Johnny.
    Whey thats me,got work tomorrow :-( juat for an hour ish and paid all day tho :lol: