Speculation begins as Hughton confirms signings.

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Ashley will back Hughton this summer.
Ashley will back Hughton this summer.
Hooray! It now looks like summer speculation time can get into full swing as Chris Hughton has finally confirmed that new players WILL be arriving at St James’ Park this summer.

I wouldn’t get carried away just yet as it is still unlikely that there will be any players bought for a significant sum, but it does at least appear that we can now focus on assembling an actual squad fit for the Premier League rather than just concentrating on the first team, of which aspects of both need work doing to them to ensure we survive. Still, it does mean we can start speculating on potential new signings again which should lift some of gloom that has recently surrounded Newcastle after the release of the now infamous statement, despite it being well intended. Now we can finally put the myriad of differing descriptions of capital outlay away and actually await the arrival of our first signing.

Speaking about recieving financial backing from Mike Ashley, Hughton had this to say:

“I was backed in the January transfer window and I will be bringing in players this summer, but we don’t expect to be making wholesale changes.”

“We’ve just gone through a good season where the squad have developed a momentum and spirit. I’m keen not to disrupt and disband everything we’ve done but I’m aware we’re going into a better division and need to bring in the right players for what will be a tough season.”

It will be a tough season, but if we can get the two or three players through the door that really compliment the players we already have then it will make it that little less tough, and will allow some breathing space in case of injury to what is a thin squad.

Reagrdless of any new potential signings, Chris Hughton is still looking forward to next season and the chance to pit his wits against some of best managers in Europe:

“I am very much looking forward to next season. This has been a long and tough season and after going through what we have, you have to look forward to the challenges and it is a very exciting prospect.”

So at least we know Hughton will be backed by Ashley, something a few us knew all along. I said earlier, I don’t expect there to be much cash floating around, but I would like to see enough investment to strengthen the team and ensure survival at least, comfortable survival ideally.

The media seemed to have latched onto the £15 million figure again, which would be a decent amount if true. Unfortunately, we know the press know nothing about that sort of thing, and leaks from the club are far less common than they used to be.

Roll on signing number one!

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125 Responses

  1. I always knew there would be signings. The press said there was no money in January and look what happened. I have full confidence in CH and his scouts, who knew MW and WR were coming. Another couple of signings like those two and I will be even more happy.

  2. Wow… people stealing my name now to claim they were right… hahahahahah!! toonsy can you ban this IMPOSTER above!!

    anyway… I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Where’s Daverism?

    You looking forward to those pints that all the mugs on here are going to be buying us…

    can’t wait for Stu to EAT his words!

    have a little faith!


  4. There was no way he was going to spend £5/6m last Jan then nothing in the summer.CH may not get much but hopefully it’ll be spent wisely.I said last night,how many teams have been promoted in recent years that have been stronger than ours? not many if any imo.HWTL

  5. I hope out first few signing’s is to extend our exsisting newcastle players. Some of them have only 1 yr left. ;)

    Extend TAYLOR,Krul contracts first.

  6. phew, pleased that’s cleared that up..!! hopefully now we can all get on with supporting the club. see man utd are talking down expectations regarding any new signings. a sensible approach, it really is…..

  7. @richietoon: Not sure about Haris Vučkić,i was known that his contract is till 2012. However,it seems Brad Inman contract is due next yr. 1 yr left.

  8. cannot wait to see what develops… if CH has been in france the signs are good. there’s some amazing young talent over there.
    fingers crossed

  9. rich – I’m guessing by the time of his post at 4am toonsy might be in bed so I’ll answer for him. Aye, it’s his. He hasn’t tagged it but it shows him as the author on the Home Page.

  10. This shouldn’t come as a massive surprise to most people but I think we’re jumping the gun by assuming money will necessarily be spent. Reading between the lines, it could still suggest loans or freebies. Which is no bad thing if Hughton can pull it off. He did quite well in January. But getting the quality of player to make the sort of impact in the Premiership is very different to what he managed in the Championship!

  11. cheers bowburn.Agree most will probably be loans which is ok it’s just a bummer if they do well then have to go back to their parent club.Still ‘cut your cloth to suit’ and all that.

  12. I am very glad to hear this. I got a little hammer from STU et al for suggesting this may happen.

    Free’s, loans, cheap buys, big expensive gestures, who gives a gash. Players are coming in and so lets get positive.

  13. I am all for loan deals so long as they are for à full season with an agreement that the parent club can not recall the player . Hope for at least a rb and premiership proven goal scorer brought in .

  14. it’s looking like our owner and manager are pioneers in this new age of austerity. certainly the bigger clubs seem to be following their lead. happier times ahead?

  15. Saw a list of players available on “a bosman” yesterday & there were some real quality players,loan deals with a transfer fee agreed at the end might be an option. It gives us a chance to have a proper look at the player.

  16. does not matter if the players coming in are loans or freebies!! so long as they are good players, who improve what we have and dont upset the team spirit which is so evident!!
    why spend stupid money again on 3/4 year contracts for players who are not hungry for success or who have pride in their performances (owen, duff, luque etc)
    Slow and steady, lets not be a laughing stock again in wasting money which is so tight these days!! let the mackems do that lol

  17. It’s easy enough to state the obvious about not spending money for the sake of it. But the flip side is that many loans and freebies bring their own risks as they are available for a reason. They’re either unproven, not good enough, quite selfish or trouble-makers. That doesn’t hold true for all clearly and some lads just want to make a step up or be given an opportunity. But will we be at the front of the queue for those players? I guess we’ll wait and see. Hughton will have his work cut out firstly finding specific positions from that particular cluster of players, persuading them this is the place to be and then making it happen.

  18. Spend Ashley Spend !!
    3 loans,3 freebies,Sell Best,Shola,Lua Lua,Ranger and that to a £20M Transfer Kitty and we will be laughing…HO ! HO ! HO! :)

  19. getting in loan players is a short term fix,we need players that are going to stay a few seasons and bed in..

  20. I wouldn’t say no right now hitman to a couple of loans,couple of free transfers and £20M on a striker and a couple of full timers :)

    I agree loans are short term fixes unless they have the option of a perm signing at the end of a loan period.

  21. Its nice to see the majority of people on here being positive. There’s nowt wrong with a bit of healthy speculation, its better than spreading the doom and gloom!

    god only knows who we will be bringing in but at least now we know we are after players and are looking to strenthen the squad.

  22. Toonchicken….the thing is Ferguson says that every year,currently they are being linked with Ribery and Luis Suárez neither of which will be cheap.Of course he’ll be competing with us for them so he has no chance ;-)

  23. Aye it does hitman – Spewey’s been trying to convince us all that the recession never happened – just like his mate Gordy Broon!

    According to him the Prem will keep on spoffing big bucks like its going out of fashion.

    I think not Spewey!

  24. TC fergie on ssn now says he will probs make 1 signing,and we know that wont be cheap..

  25. Whether other clubs spend or not is beyond our control.CH has what he has and his job is to make the best possible use of it.Ours is to back the team come what may.HWTL

  26. Way we’ll wait and see hitman.

    To be honest – it dunt really bother me either way.

    I just love it when Spew’s is proved to be talking out his Arsharvin – AGAIN!!!!!! :)

  27. Nope but you’ve consistently detracted from any sort of constructive input because of your crusade to belittle him. It’s disappointing, boring and despite normally trying to avoid any virtual jousting for whatever reason, this morning I just felt like saying it.

    And while I’m at it, stop abbreviating as much you lazy get.

  28. STIYFAYSRPOS – try and work that one out ;)


    Seriously tho – you might want to focus your attention on Spew’s cruseade to belittle all of the good work that CH has done at NUFC – and his attempts to put a downer on the general good feelings the majority of fans I know have for the Toon right now.

    You’d have thought being proved to be full of Spew once was enough, but the moany old scroat never shuts up.

  29. ToonC……..I disagree with alot of what Stuart says mate but as far as I know he’s not been on here today,wouldn’t it be better to comment when he is here and can reply to your posts?

  30. Is Steven Taylor staying ?.There seems to be very little said about him.
    Maybe it is the much more canny way of keeping things away from the press.

    I think if CH can go about his business in his usual quiet way , we may well find some good signings at sensible prices who will add to the current squad .

    Makes a lot more sense to me rather than the silly money and comments made in the press about all players from Fabregas at £30 to £50 m and Turan to Spuds etc etc . Doesnt neccesarily mean it will happen though but I suppose it keeps us on our toes and winds us all up.

  31. It’s Greek for “I’m a sarcastic tw*t”?

    I didn’t want to get into anything, in all seriousness but Stu has already admitted Hughton has done a great job, his main focus on the contiuing ineptitude of the board.

    Does he moan a lot? Yes. Does he put other posters down all the time? No.

  32. Well,well,well! Chicken accusing me of saying things that I haven’t – What a shock!

    Get ya facts right first, then we’ll debate.

    As I have been pointing out since this statement, it’s Hughton I feel for. He’s being hung out to dry. Nobody can deny this if it does turn out he has no money.

    Anyway, does anyone else think Chicken has more than a little bit of Stardust in him? Shame…

    Thanks for the back up BBM – Cannit believe you reckon I moan slot! :)

  33. BBM hows it going Fella hope all’s good mate ;)
    Stuart you might go on abit at times but you normally stick by your convictions even when getting abused for it, which in my book is a good thing. Another thing which BBM said is you arn’t allways trying to belittle people for their opinions.

  34. It’s called intelligent debate, Dave. That concept doesn’t exist in chickens or cocks! Take ya pick!

  35. If it’s intelligent debate on here Stuart we’ll all have to find somewhere else to debate :-)

  36. Did I hear “debate”?

    Oooh I’m in… as long as its about football this time.

    Toonsy, I see the plug I gave you got six more members on facebook… ;)

  37. Jees is it just that its off season or is everyone at everyones throats on the blog!!!

  38. JJ your better than Toonsy at plugging his facebook.
    As for debateing its hard on here sometimes as it can end up in insults and abuse which is sad like :( as once you have said owt in the heat of the moment even if you didn’t mean it really it is out there for all to see, forever unless you can edit it ;)

  39. Ye Richie, I’m going to South Africa vs Uruguay. Portugal Ivory Coast. And a pre-tournament warmup between Argentina and South Africa.
    Football fever really is starting to hit hard here now…

  40. Ye Dave.

    Problem is, I’m generally a pretty nice guy. And when i do let steam off, I’ve usually been pushed quite far. In which case I don’t regret it :-)
    But I’ve promised myself to just ignore that idiot from now on… he’d be too sad and ignorant to turn his opinion anyway…

  41. I’m jealous enjoy it mate,think I’m destined never to get to a match in a major tournament.I missed Euro 96 here because I was in Germany at the time :-(

  42. Well you have a World Cup bid and Olympics coming up. So I wouldn’t give up on that dream just yet.

    We’ve been very fortunate in South Africa lately.

    We’ve had the World Cup Cricket, World Cup Football, World Cup Rugby, ICC World Champs of Cricket, T20 Cricket World Cup, IPL Cricket tournament, The Presidents Cup Golf. All in the past 20 years.
    I expect we’ll get an Olympics if this World Cup goes well too. So I’m hoping there are no nasty suprises. Don’t think there will be though.

  43. Hehe, it was just an observation not a criticism dude!

    You gotta do what you gotta do. You’ll always get stick for it. Reap the good times.

  44. True JJ but I’m thinking of moving to Spain so I’ll miss them…I’ve done ok stadium wise watching games,San Siro,Nou Camp,Bernabeu,Marseille Velodrome oh and Blackpool,Scunny and peterboro.lol

  45. You know what Big Dave…

    There is A LOT wrong with South Africa… That, no resident will deny.
    But if you ask those people if they could choose to live anywhere else in the world. I reckon 90% of the people would say no… Because there is also so much RIGHT with this country. And for that I’m very fortunate to have been born here.
    There arn’t many coutries in the world, that within five hours drive East of a major gold mining metropolis, that you can find complete and utter tranquility and sit watching watching a sky full of stars, next to a camp fire and hear a lion roar, or a hyena whoop, or fish eagle call.

    Then you drive five hours South and you are on one of the most beautiful coast line stretches in the world. With warm golden beaches. The best fishing in the world. Watching dolphins swim past your flat. Go for a snorkel or scuba dive with tiger sharks or just float in the reefs and look at the angel fish shoals.

    Five hours north your in Zimbabwe, where there is the amazing Victoria Falls. Or close West the spectacular Drakensberg Mountain range and crystal clear trout lakes.
    Or ski on the Tiffendal slopes.

    The most beautiful golf courses. Cricket grounds where its like going to a beach and everyone sun tans on the grass embankments.

    Five hours west, your in the Namib desert where you can the landscape and red dunes are amazing. Blue Blue skies. You go quad biking on the skeleton coast, looking at the seals. Or sand boarding down the biggest dunes in the world.

    The mix of cultures just makes it even more diverse and colourful.

    I could go on and on but I’d only bore you…

    I wouldn’t live anywhere else if you paid me…

  46. JJ says:
    May 19, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    “Ye Dave.

    Problem is, I’m generally a pretty nice guy. And when i do let steam off, I’ve usually been pushed quite far. In which case I don’t regret it”

    JJ, you may have put one over on Toonsy and the rest, but you haven’t put one over on me. Don’t get too cocky.

    Apologies, Chuck.

  47. toonsy says:
    May 19, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    “Nice to know people have a high opinion of me”

    I have a very high opinion of you, Toonsy, but don’t be fooled by little troublemakers. ;-)

  48. I was trying to settle things down and get everyone to move away from it, peacefully (ish)

    Then I got accused of sticking up for a particular side, which I wasn’t (re above), and had someone planting the seed in peoples mind that I may be racist.

    If that is acceptable from Chuckle then fine, but I am still far from happy with it, regardless of what happened between him and JJ. Accusations like that catch and spread pretty quickly, and in my book it’s a fecking insult to even be asked about it.

    Rant over. Apology from Chuck – Pending ;)

  49. It’s a shame “the voice of reason” has moved ower to the dark side – he’d have sorted this oot in a jiffy! ;)

  50. Toonsy,

    I’ve just read all the comments. I see what you mean but I do think he was being somewhat rhetorical, rather than making an accusation. It’s up to you though.


    Give Toonsy a break and don’t rise to JJs bait again. If he starts gannin’ on about “coloureds” and things like that again, I’ll deal with it.

  51. TOONSY,for what its worth i have a good opinion of you and worky and a few others,one is yous never hide from anything,right or wrong,what i dont like is some are like knocking shops quick dip and out again,no time for them

  52. Toon Chicken –

    The voice of reason probably got banned because he disagreed with Worky ;)

  53. Worky – I know what you mean, and I accept I was harsh in reply. But it’s fine trotting out things like that when your over the other sode of the world.

    It’s when people on the ‘blog know of me in real life, including people who may read but not comment, read it and start thinking about it.

    People I work with read this, and that could be potentially very harmful for me in a professional sense if it was chosen to be used against me as a platform to attack the gaffer if you know what I mean.

    Hopefully that clarifies why I was so livid about the accusaton that the question could present. In a corporation and position such as mine, it could have been, and could still be potentially very damaging to my career, hence the ‘lets move on quickly’ kind of thing.

  54. Icedog – Cheers man, I was typing when you wrote that. Hopefully above clarifies why I was going mental about it, something I probably should have clarified at the time.

    I know most people have a decent opinion of me, whilst I also understand others wont, but it still doesn’t change the fact that in the wrongs hands, a question like that can be very damaging for me.

  55. Worky

    You lack of knowledge of the South African culture really makes you look foolish…

    Maybe if you were a bit more knowledgable you wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    But let me try explain for your interest.

    In South Africa the races are classed as follows:

    Black (indigenous people of Africa)
    Coloureds (A mixed race between white/black and the original Cape Malay slaves which were brought into the Cape as Labourers in the 1600’s by the dutch).
    Indian (obviously orginally inhabitants of India who settled on the country’s east)
    White (Originally came from Britain, Holland and France).

    In South Africa, our overall population is about 70% black, 12% coloured, 10% white and 8% Indian.

    The coloured people are mainly live in the Western and Eastern Cape region. They are very proud of their own mixed culture.

    And in fact when filling out Identification, Drivers Licence, or Job applications, you have to state wether you are Black, White or Coloured.


    You will probably only accuse Wikipedia of being racist too, but heres a more indepth look at the history of the Cape Coloured people…

  56. toonsy says:
    May 19, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    “It’s when people on the ‘blog know of me in real life, including people who may read but not comment, read it and start thinking about it.

    People I work with read this, and that could be potentially very harmful for me in a professional sense if it was chosen to be used against me as a platform to attack the gaffer if you know what I mean.”

    I understand that entirely, Toonsy, and Chuck should think about what he writes sometimes, but you have to admit that these things happen on a ‘blog sometimes! ;-)

  57. Toonsy,

    I know I there really isnt anything I can say that can make someone with the stubborness of Worky to admit he was misled in his judgements and scrutiny of my comments.

    But I guess, we live in two different worlds. And you’d have to actually live here to ever understand.

    Our cultures here are so diverse, and so different. That we cannot view each other as being the same. The only way we can get on, is to accept that we are different and respect each others cultures.

    In Europe, you may all be classed as one. Here in Africa, we are black, white, coloured etc.
    We all speak diffent languages. Have different beliefs, different ways of treating medical concerns, different ways of showing respect, or joy or saddess. All of which are so different, they can be badly misunderstood causing conflict between cultures…

  58. I’ll give you a clear example…

    When I get called by work mates. They will call me “mlungu”.

    This means “white”…

    Now over here its not insulting. They are refering to me, as the only white person in the room. Its just a way of calling me…

    In the UK, if someone who was black walked past you in a room and said “hey white boy!”… you’d probably take it as an insult. But over here it isn’t! Its just understanding the culture.

  59. Worky @ 82 – I understand it happens, and as I said earlier, I probably spat the dummy a bit far, but at least I have now clarified my reasons behind it.

  60. Worky


    The problem with people that “know” a bit, is they assume they know enough…
    Why would you highlight me using the term “coloured” if you know even an incling about our culture… you’d know that its not an offensive term at all.

    You see, your stubborness restricts you from admitting you were wrong…

    I’m still waiting for you to point out ONE SINGLE racist remark I have made to back up your allegations against me.

  61. JJ dont know why you keep banging on,you have a opinion,I have one, worky has one,toonsy has one etc etc,just respect that and move on,who is right and who is wrong is once again a matter of opinion,try footy

  62. JJ says:
    May 19, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    “I’m still waiting for you to point out ONE SINGLE racist remark I have made to back up your allegations against me.”

    JJ, I don’t recall ever accusing you of being a “racist”, you’re just trying to be manipulative and twist my words to get sympathy. Big Dave tried that too and it didn’t work.

  63. Icedog

    People have opinions in football, in politics, in food.

    When it comes to being branded a racist, by someone that has no idea of who you are, or what you are about.
    And being brought up in conversations like each day on a football blog. Its something that needs to be resolved.
    I’m not the one bringing up every day…
    I’m only trying to defend my integrity after having me character insulted in the worst possible ways…

    Would you simply ignore it, if every day you go on a football blog to see how your team is doing, only to find the comments: “Icedog that racist”.
    I just don’t think thats acceptable…

  64. JJ says:
    May 19, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    “When it comes to being branded a racist”

    JJ, who branded you a “racist”? If anything, it was yourself who were accusing your own black countrymen of being racist in terms of positive discrimination. Bearing in mind the HUGE inequalities that still exist in South Africa because of Apartheid, that’s a bit rich to say the least!

  65. JJ,sorry i just cannot see were anybody said you were a racist in so many words,i have only seen it once on here and in workys defence he put a stop to it in quick time,if i have missed something please enlighten me,99% of the guys on here get on well,i agree i would be most upset if someone called me a racist

  66. Worky, I completely agree with you there…

    There are still huge equalities… And yes, there needs to be some kind of transformation system in place for employment, housing, land ownership etc… I can understand that.
    However, all I stated was that it is not a system that works in sport! All races have had equal opportunities in sport since just before apartheid ended in 1994. Thats over 16 years ago.
    So what I was saying, is that, it is not fair (in the sporting scene) for our sports teams to be selected on a racial agenda… And yes, I do think that is racist, and completely unfair on those young talented white players being told they can’t play, even though they had nothing to do with apartheid.

    I can’t believe you don’t agree thats sports teams should be selected on ability, not race!

    And to answer your first question, Chuck has called me racist, a number of times on the blog – only for his claims to be backed and supported by yourself…

    Are you honestly going to deny that! Because I don’t want this topic harping on and on. But everytime I am being accused of something or insulted by yourself or Chuck!

  67. And then when I try explain my circumstances, or explain the terms and wording i use… I get told is all about trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and trying to get sympathy…

  68. Can we get back to Football please-To be honest I don’t give two hoots about south africa,or any part of that side of the world and what ever divides they have,customs,who owns what etc…save that for nationalgeographic.blog as it is boring.

    I am not racist my girlfriend is mixed race and I have slept with many gorgeous foreign ladies and tasted culture and customs first hand in many great places including hong kong and china 6 times in total plus many more…..let’s get back to soccer or whatever you call it :)

  69. P.S Who will be watching the world cup games with the mute button on or audiophile headphones at full blast to drown out the drone of them stoopid horns ?

  70. You know what burns me Worky.

    Is that there are many things, and differences that will always divide races in South Africa. Its unfortunate but thats how it is…
    But… and anyone who lives here will back me on this…

    If there is ONE thing that brings this nation together, that makes them forget our differences, it is sport.

    We don’t care what colour the players skin is, as long as that play deserves his place in the team. But the second there is government interferance in who should play, based on race – it takes something away from that. And its very unfair on the player/s in question.
    I just don’t want to see that – and i made that statement, and somehow, it has got way out of hand…

    Anyway… can we please drop this now…

    I don’t even know why it upsets me so much. But lets just talk football now please.

  71. Sir Jason

    To be honest, I hate the sound of a Vuvuzela too, but when you are actually at the ground it really does create a unique atmosphere. They believe it emulates the sound of an elephant, and thus strikes fear into the heart of the opponents. It probably just irritates the daylights out of them making them lose concentration – but either way, it works ;)
    But don’t worry too much, there won’t be that many in games that don’t involve African sides.

    And we call it footballtoo by the way. The black people call it “Diski”. Its the yanks and Ozzies that call it soccer.

  72. I heard some on TV and though my huge samsung had blown a speaker :)
    Only messing with you JJ I am sure your a canny lad and care about your culture etc
    That’s cool by me…I am sure most of the lads on here are not intentionally racist so enjoy the blog Dude :)

  73. SJT with you on the horns,it’s the same at Real Madrid games.95% of the time only the ultras sing but those bloody horns are constant.

  74. I agree SJT…

    Just explaining why they blow those “horns”…
    You might not care, some might… It still is football.

    Better than

  76. Yeah I got my headphones ready for the world cup incase my mute button goes on the blink JJ :)

    Big fook off 70’S Phones…I wear em with my roolerboots and tight shorts just like cliff richard did in the 1970’s..cccccoooooooool

  77. Just for the record though,soccer was first used in England to distinguish between football and rugby football ;-)

  78. You never know SJT

    There might be something to this Vuvuzela horn…

    If the Toon getting 4 or 5 hammerings early in the season it might be worth giving them a shot at St James Park.

  79. Reet off to pour a large Amstel…kick back and groove to some Cliff Richard melodies…laters lads !

  80. Cliff Richard???

    Something tells me you and Xisco have more in common that you letting off SJT…

  81. Soccer became a shortened reference to the word as’soca’tion football…

    There you go then…

  82. Me Xisco and Cliff are a Band of Brothers JJ…We go out rollerskating together in tight shorts on sunny days with our big yellow sony sport walkmans on….happy days indeed ;)

  83. Ye you do…

    “Me Xisco and Cliff are a Band of Brothers JJ…We go out rollerskating together in tight shorts on sunny days with our big yellow sony sport walkmans on….happy days indeed ;)”

    England has sunny days???

  84. well i for one have not made my mind up on best ill wait,i think backto when berkamp,henry,etc came to the gunners the first season they were cr-p how did they turn out?ime not saying hes in that class,but some players take time to come good,ill wait and see

  85. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeon

    Go Zorro Go !!

  86. Made up my Mind Icedog-Leon is a God in the Making…A New Number 9 is here

  87. Toonsy 76#
    Be a cold day in hell when you get an apology from me you little weasel.

    You and your new friend the whack job from SA can go pound salt as far as i`m concerned.

    You are a minipulative little crybaby, with a massive ego to feed, maybe you would be better to go find a life instead of wasting it here.

  88. Nice to know I have toughened up enough to get a bite off the mighty bore ;)