Newcastle United finally release official statement.

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These two are going to face a backlash.
These two are going to face a backlash.
Well the anticipated statement has finally arrived, and although it stops short of putting the club back up for sale, the contents aren’t pretty.

I am honestly a little bit lost for words right now having quickly skimmed over the contents, but my initial reaction is that it doesn’t sound pretty and we should settle down for what is going to be a long hard season next year. The statement begins by summarising the accounts from last season, with the headline being an operating loss of £37.7 million for the accounts just filed. It then goes on to forecast estmated losses of £32.5 million for the season just gone whilst also indicating that we have a £20 million overdraft that is fully comitted. Dire financial circumstances indeed which is something I think that deep down we knew all along. Those financial circumstances could become even more dire when I reveal the most chillng words of the whole statement in my opinion.

That is the fact that there are no plans for any capital outlay on any new players, and that the team from this season will form the basis of the team we will start the Premier League season with. Any new additions will have to be self funded by player sales by the looks of it. I am actually lost for words as I really thought that there may still be a surprise this transfer window and that Mike Ashley had learned that that the playing staff needs investment. Apparently not.

The clubs focus will be on academy players with the ethos of promoting from within. It then bullishly claims that ‘no longer will players like Alan Shearer and Michael Carrick slip through the net at Newcastle United’. Thanks a lot, I guess we should be grateful for that!

What ambition eh? The new five year plan will see us in a ‘break even’ financial situation by the year 2015 apparently. I never expected a fortune spent, but he is asking for trouble if he thinks running with this squad is the way to go. We may survive, just, but it would have been nice to see our owner back Hughton a bit to give him the best possible chance of staying up.

If you want to read the full statement you can do so here. But it looks like again next season we have to do our bit to help out the players. They have done nothing wrong in this so we need to stick with them. I hate liars, but I actually hope they are telling porkies this time. Doubt it though.

I’m off to punch a wall..

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241 Responses

  1. This statement + Hughton’s statement that no more players will be leaving, makes for a disappointing start to our Premiership campaign. I do still believe we will sign 2 or 3 players, but something tells me they will either be on a free, on loan, or as a result of recieving an offer for one of our current players that we just cant refuse.

  2. Toonsy so much for the faith showed that MA had learned from his mistakes. and would invest in the team this season ;)

  3. Right, time to dust the bedsheets off lol

    Sorry, if i don’t make a joke of it I’ll go crazy :(

  4. What is ED going to write multiple blog posts about bow if it’s not us being linked with players?

    On a serious note we didn’t expect to have much money to spend anyway so I’d rather find out now than have to spend the summer reading about who we should buy and why no deals have been done.

    I’m finding it hard to believe we won’t be debt free for 5 years, I would have thought we would be debt free this year coming so I can only wonder if Ashley plans on taking all of the money out that he’s put in first.

  5. What about the estimated £60 million profits made on selling players the last two years??? what about the parachute payments??? nothing mentioned in the statement but just the losses, fat Ashley must of pocketed the profits!!!!!!

  6. I think that we should arrange some pretty tough friendly matches that should be compulsory for Ashley to watch, if we perform poorly it will be a clear indication to him that he needs to make our financial situation a bit more worse…in order to make it better, a bit of a conundrum for him to understand, the c-achne bas^%rd!

    Realistically we could comfortably get a 12-15 position finish if we spend like 12mil.

    Other premier clubs are going to spend, and look at Fulham, a few seasons ago they struggled to stay in the league, Al-Fayed put in some cash and now they are in the Euro final. Now that he sold Harrod’s they will spend even more, i must assume.

    Ah,can’t he try find investors? or something, i feel our situation is hopeless if their “vision” for the club plays through

  7. I don’t know if I’m just grabbing at straws here but, doesn’t capital outlay mean Ashley will not be giving us money for players or getting players on finance? Doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to spend, as long as it’s in our means, which should be half decent this season with tv income, promotion bonus, new kit deal, new sponsor??

    Like I said I don’t know, but that’s the way I took the statement when I read it and I didn’t feel too bad about it…

  8. see, typical ashley.

    just as sections of the supporters were beginning to warm to him, they come out with another retarded, ill-advised statement that just undoes all the good feeling and optimism on tyneside in one fell swoop.

    fecking disgraceful.

  9. As I said on the previous story, the comments regarding the investment of the squad are frightening. Like you’ve said Toonsy, it seems to be a case of sell to buy, or don’t buy at all. This squad needs reinforced. 3 or 4 players, would suffice and I think would allow us a great chance at survival. However, that apparently wont be happening and if it does, it wont be without losing players. Taking a quick glance at the squad, who would we get decent cash for?-Carroll, Enrique, Colo?, Our 3 most consistent performers last season. Players we just can’t afford to lose. Or maybe we’ll try and make a profit on some of the younger lads-Krul, Kadar, Vuckic, all players we had hoped would get a shot next season. Either scenario is a lose lose. Looks like the bubble has been swiftly burst lads, next season is going to be tougher than our last PL outing it would seem.

  10. Wonder what will happen when we go on a bad streak next season. Although I thought we should base our team round most of our current players without doubt we needed a couple of prem quality players to add to our squad.

  11. Craig, pass us the number of someone rich/stupid enough to buy us and maybe we could get him out.

  12. we can’t afford new players it’s as simple as that, we need to stay up and build from there. Is no one learning from pompey’s mistakes?? or do we want to go into administration? a couple of clever free signings could be some good business and our team will stay up, we our nufc and the pain of relegation still haunts the players and fans. Lets get behind the players we have got because we are staying up for good.

  13. Wonder if we’ll be the first club in history to get promoted and not invest in any new players?

    It’s obvious to me that were paying Ashley off over the next 5 years. What a great owner he’s turned out to be?

    What will happen if we go down again? He’ll struggle for his cash then.

    Total prick who has just made all aware of that fact.

  14. AYE ROSS it gets harder and harder to surport someone who just seems to take the water out of you then likes rub your nose in it.what can you do?

  15. Pires – Free

    Reo Coker – 2.5 – 3million (Money from the sale of Krul?)

    Perch – 1.5. – 2million (Money from sale of R.Taylor?)

  16. Well, we are Newcastle. We’re used to dealing with sh1te lads. We’re in all together so lets stick together and deal with it as best we can.

  17. The statement literally means Ashley himself will not fund players, aslong as the funds come from the club and it still keeps them on track to break even then we will buy, how much will we spend? I would say we will sign one or two players permanently and anyone else will be loaned in or come on a free transfer, we should spend 5-10m I would say. I am glad the youth will get a chance, we have players laying in wait who are prepared to step up and ready to, Vuckic, Kadar, Ranger, Inmann, Airey, Donaldson, Krul, Tozer. All these are ready to make the step up, we have a very talented squad, we know ashley is a fat coont and is a tight arse but we can’t do nothing about it. Chin up lads, we’ll still get our boys over the line! HoWay the lads!!!

  18. Daan4tooN,

    it just seemed the most obvious idea, rather than assuming No money will be spent, I thought capital outlay was money being put in. Rather than “living within our means” as it says in the statement. Everyone assumes it’s player out cash but there’s alot more to it. I think.

  19. Bend over boys Big Mick wants to shove his Flaccid little Tool firmly up our asses.
    Cockney Twat…invest or get fked !!

  20. Daverism

    I hope you are right, mate. I don’t think we need to spend much, between 10 – 15million should be more than enough.

  21. Stu – If we go down again we will have another 5 year plan lol.

    Sorry, gotta laugh or I’ll gan all crackers. Anyone seen SSN? Are we on there? Is batty outside SJP already?

    I understand the sustainable bollocks, and that long term it’s the only answer, but if we get relgated we would be back in the deep end and would lose more money.

    Surely it would make sense to invest to stop up whist paying down loans? Very short sighted in my opinion.

  22. Big Dave-I get what you’re saying mate but Hughton gave an interview the other week in which he said he thought Vuckic was ready to show us what he could do next season. I believe in the whole “if you’re good enough you’re old enough” thing, it’s mental but at the age of 17 there would be players younger than him featuring in the PL. We just have to hope he’s still bloody here though. Maybe Hughton was well aware there wasn’t going to be anything to spend when he spoke to the press?..

    Ice-Areet mate, aye it’s been tough in the past, last season was a welcome break but it looks like normal service resumed if this statement is anything to go by. The lack of cash to spend even from TV revenue and the like would say to me Mike will be taking a special trip to Greggs soon, because he’s pocketing it.

  23. toonsy, nice words but should we just keep giving him 600 pounds a season to watch us struggle and implode?

    Our only hope is that we get bought out

  24. We will buy players this summer, mark my words.
    I reckon we’ll spend around 10mil. With none leaving. Except butt etc.
    You guys are stating it yourselves and not even realising. We will break even by 2015 but if we put all the cash bak in the club we will break even by this or next year.
    They are taking into acc that some of the incoming cash will be spent on players!
    Why do we always read doom and gloom when its not the case. Wait till the end of august and if nothing by then , then by all means throw your toys.
    Have some faith!

  25. am i the only newcastle fan that is pleased the club are gonna run the club properly and within there means, take this statement how you want but of course there will be signings two or three maybe and houghton has already stated no more players will leave. the ashley haters will use this statement to try get him out but lets face facts if he wanted out he would of sold up last summer he is here for the long term n i for one am glad they gonna bring young talent through n live within there means survival is the aim next year lets not forget that n the longer your in the premier league then the more money you can start spending on players, of course it wont take long for the boo boys to start probably the same fans who turned there back on the club when we got relagated

  26. bolton, west brom, 3rd place finish of ccc, wolves, stoke city, birmingham, wigan, west ham we have a better squad than all these teams. we will stay up we just need the same spirt the lads showed all season and we will comfortably stay up. htl

  27. Stu – I know what your saying, but we need to rally behind our boys. They are gonna get feck all help from their owner so we need to get right behind them, give them that extra 10% to push them over the line. Make the opposing teams fearful like Stoke do.

    We need to stick with the team, feck Ashley.

  28. u must be reading a different statement to me, ashley took us down! Yes, it hurt! Yes, it was a blessing in disguise, get a grip, our team is good enough 2 stay up easily live in the real world. kenny wharton 1.0.

  29. Does the 5 year plan to break even depend on us being in the premiership for the next 5 years?

  30. Roscoe – Has a point, and I didn’t think of it like that.

    It’s a short straw I’m willing to cling onto lol

  31. WONDERS NEVER CEASE just when you think everything getting better team had a brilliant season looking forward to next season the fat cockney plays another stunt like this and releases statement on a sunday night good job im not going to work tommorow otherwise id lose my job!!! need to get the fans in now nust is a deffo and throw that cockney trainer sellar back to where he came from

  32. Terrible news , gutted. Here go my hopes of signing Huseklepp , Skjelbred and Gignac…

  33. Daverism

    Ye… I’m not very sure… but I’m really hoping “no NEW captial outlay” means Ashley will not put anymore of his own money into the club. And we have to buy from our own income! But it does really scare me!

  34. Agree el toro. 10-15 Sounds about right, everyone needs to chill out and remember Ashley is treating this as a business, I know everyone on here would run it differently and invest etc, but were all emotionally attatched to NUFC, mike Ashley is financially attatched, and that’s the difference!

  35. “need to get the fans in now nust is a deffo and throw that cockney trainer sellar back to where he came from”

    NUST have the organisational skills of the BNP, mate.

  36. and why is everyone even talking about relagation this squad we have now may have alot of the players that took us down but this has got real grit and determanation about and a fighting spirit i havent seen for many years, and if people are realistic we to finish top of that bottom half of the table for god sake blackburn and birmingham have jus finished 9th and 10th in the premier league and our sqaud is much better then any team in the bottom half of the premier league

  37. Roscoe, can you not read over them trousers?

    We are losing 30 m a year and have no plans for capital outlay on players. Is there a little tree in the office to take fifty’s off?

    We have to sell to buy, we have nobody to sell who we wouldn’t miss!

    This is no bullshit. It’s clear – were not buying anyone and the only thing Ashley hasn’t told us is how much were paying him back every year.

    He wants all his money back- then we’ll ne making a profit and he will sell. He’ll have made a packet on us!

    Thanks Mike!

  38. Hopefully, they WILL COMMENT once more to clarify that, otherwise the press will jump on it like hounds for the next week…

    Can’t wait for the morning headlines :(

  39. Problem with the 5yr plan was that we allready had a 5yr plan and we were 2yrs into it when he decides to scrap that and issue another 5yr one that took out the invest every yr out of the 1st

  40. So what model we following now AIRFIX or secondhand Mechano?
    Back to Steptoe and Son methinks – Rags and old iron…what a bunch of tossers….Chris Puppet will be out talking about how strong the dressing room is etc Blah blah YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN !

  41. Aye toonsy, if there’s a straw to be seen, I will CLING with all I have!
    Come on lads, cheer up! We are the fu@king CHAMPIONS and going back to the PL!
    Imagine we had lost all our players and were in boro’s position! Things could be a lot worse!

  42. Daverism – true enough on the net spend outlay point. I can not believe – if nowt else – ashley hasn’t learned about the danger in getting the supporters back up.

    This is an exercise in lowering expectations – both to supporters, and possibly to other clubs and agents looking to get rich quick deals on cast offs. I do think free x-fers are going to be a big theme this summer – across the leagues, and fancy a player like beckford could be being lined up.

    If anything is positive in this it’s giving vukcic a crack – but then who else is nailed-on ready for the plunge against the country’s best sides? not many.

  43. ive felt sorry for all the fans last year but tonight its the players and chris hughton colin colderwood i feel sorry for they have worked there socks off this season and restored some faith and chris hughton deserves to be knighted for what he has done for this football club the last season i cant believe that fat cockney can look chris hughton in the eye

  44. Genius – What happens if we get injuries next season?

    If we do stay up, what happens next season? Do we just have relegation battles to look forward to? We won’t win them all- we’ve only been in one and we lost that.

    Everyone on here with the rose tints on- wake up you set if weak fckers!

    This us called Mike’s revenge!

    He wasn’t going to just carry on as if nothing has happened was he? He wants his money back and we have to pay him! Doesn’t matter how it effects us he just wants his cash!

  45. JJ, if that’s the case, that we buy from our income, I’m happy with that.. Isn’t our income massive compared to most sides in the PL? Sure our outgoings were massive too but nowhere near as bad now. Factor in the sponsorsip money etc (which I believe was blown by FFS last time round to sign Owen) and we could be alright. Scary it is, but I think the doom mongers are circling and the press are ready to make it a sh*tload first. Get ready for the banners and dopey fellows on SSN. :(

  46. Dave it’s like the imaginary war on terror…never-ending 5 year plans…please excuse me Toonsy bit of a political overtone :)

  47. BigDave – would that be the same 5 year plan detailing zero net spend, optimistic reliance on youth and no press communication? I seem to remember we were basing that on Villa then who by the way 5 years AGO we were finishing above in the league.

    5 years until we make the europa, is a bit patronizing to the supporters of this club. When your own daddy don’t love ya – you know you’ve had it.

  48. After such a great season…this happens.

    ASHLEY OOT YOU TW4T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I’m almost nervous to say this to you Stuart, but one relegation battle? We flirted with the beast for a few years didn’t we?

  50. He must hate NUFC.
    I have berated Ashley but eased of recently…..the HATRED button has been pressed !!

  51. There seems little doubt that Ashley will be seeking to recoup his loans to the club over the next few years. After all he changed the payment terms on it from repayment on sale of the club, to repayment on demand… all adds up now.

    And for anyone trying to say that no capital outlay means the club can fund transfers….get real….it means we are not buying anyone unless we sell.

    This is a very high risk strategy for staying in the PL…and for recouping his loans…….without staying in the PL he won’t get his money back.

    Anyone got Anil Ambani’s phone number ????

  52. The press are already all over it, daily mail have already published an article.

  53. so what would you rather el toro fat ashley who keeps sticking his 2 fingers up at us who pay for season tickets year in year out to cheer our team on get laughed at by the makems and rest of the footballing world because he is just going to screw this club now and laugh while he is doing it yeah nust might be badly organised but they are fans wiyh passion and certainly arent tottenham fans

  54. Yup we sucked for ages and craved fresh faces…January window spent jot and look what happened…..this will be a long hard season..possibly worse than our last premiership season.

    The squad is nowhere near premiership quality if we be truthful…no disrespect to the players but they are going to find it very tuff.

  55. Sorry Nobby, not a business man myself, you obviously are though, dismissing what was a relatively sane idea just like that. My bad.

  56. Plays right into the hands on the NUST this does. I would expect their propaganda machine to notch up a step or two ;)

  57. I always said he would put us in admin….this bloke certainly knows how to make friends and influence people :)

  58. JJ-I’ll be sticking to my guns and ignoring the rags when we are mentioned. Not because they’ll be spouting sh!te, more just because they’ll be ripping it out of us something special! :(

  59. Chrissy Hughton and Calderwood have had there pants well and truely pulled down, now Ashley is aiming for penetration, cockney fookin ape

  60. Still rather have Fat Mick than NUST….I hope we can be sold and survive…Maybe they have chosen the WBA model and aren’t letting on.

  61. The best thing about the club set up by a country mile these days is CH. Can you imagine if he gets the hump and calls for a cab -keegan style? Him and CC replace the departing hodgson at fulham, who goes to liverpool. Meanwhile, the old ‘cockney mafia’ placards are dusted down for the sky cameras.

    Well at least we know Kinnear is available,, and then there’s Shearer.

  62. Daverism says:
    May 9, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    We only really had one real battle – We lost it!

  63. Ok, so no splashing of cash by Ash……a few free transfers & loans though surely.

    I wonder if hughton new this or not…..he has apparently told vuckic he will be more involved next year, but if he knew, why didn’t Kadar & Ranger get more games ??

    I can understand why Ashley can’t afford to keep ploughing in money, but I wonder if he is sticking to his pledge to give the club £20 million per season? I doubt it now…looks like it will be the club giving it back to him as he knows he won’t get it by selling the club.

    If the club is breaking even in 5 years time, does that mean we will basically have a net zero outlay on players between now & then?

    Look for players like Vuckic to be sold for a large profi if he does well next year…..we are going o be a selling club.

  64. Well Looks like we could be the new West Brom.after all!
    Soh! JJ, whada ya think aboot, yer hero Big Mike now, still believe he has the right approach ?

    Reading between the lines, looks like Ashley has given up on the club.
    Could have bought it as an adjunct to his main business originally, perhaps as an advertising medium.
    Unfortunately for both Ashley and ourselves things did`nt exactly work to plan and the recession did`nt help.
    Mostly the losses can be chalked up to poor management, the blind leading the blind, we all know the story, though some will interpret it differently .
    Our best hope should be for a white knight who has a few bob to spare, as continued ownership with Ashley is not something anyone wants to contemplate.
    I believe he had to hold on following last years relegation, although being totally unprepared, big wages etc. and made his goal getting back to the PL where there was the possibility of a sale.
    If he could come close to getting his money back believe he would jump at it, aint been a great experience for him.
    Soh hope someone comes along to buy him out and we go back to being a regular EPL club.

  65. If you were Jonas, Colo, Nolan, Enrique, Carroll, S Taylor or Smith what will you be thinking?

    Would you really want to stay, knowing that the club won’t be progressing at all?

    This could signal an complete exodus!

  66. weve well and truly lost it it all depends on how long he wants to punish us because thats what he is going to do ten fold

  67. I think there are going to be numerous clubs who will not be spending much this summer. I think there are freebies we can find and I realise we are going to be in the lower end of the league but I would rather have a club to support than us go the way of Pompey and Cardiff for example.

    I happen to be a glass half full person and I will keep the faith, however fruitless, until the window slams shut. We didnt see a few of the buys coming. I think we need to use the youth, something I have wanted for a while and I would like to think the players like Vuckic will save us loadsa money.

  68. The players are well drilled…we already heard Nolan say we are not afraid of the prem etc
    Expect loads of player spin to pacify us in the next few days.

  69. raffo says:
    May 9, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    Hello?? Is there anybody in?

    Why do you think there’ll be numerous clubs not spending this season? It’s bullshit – Spending won’t be down.

    WBA could only spend £1 and they will have a higher gross spend than us.


  70. Surely the NUST can raise funds which can be donated to the club for transfers only? Or am I being naive? :\

  71. I would like to think the players like Vuckic will save us loadsa money.
    Er he has hardly played in the championship and I am sure all our kids would find the premiership very very tuff Raffo…as will a large majority of our current senior squad.

  72. Thanks for the article Toonsy, just didn’t end up that you could write about something good.

    The only positive thing we can hope for is a few frees that can help to keep us up. If we do get them, have to forget the reported age limit and go for the lads who have done it in the past and won. Maybe the higher wages on the frees won’t hurt too much, but I very much doubt it.

    As has been said, just when things were stating to look positive, everything goes wrong. But I agree, we still have to do our bit and get behind the lads on the pitch, they will need all the help they can get

  73. I’m confident this set of players will go into the season with their tails up, I can also sees us getting into a bad run and not having the quality individuals to dig out results if heads go down.

    The story in the press will be toon supporters being unrealistic – expecting to sign David Villa, when actually we just want the required essentials from the chairman to the manager, other players and supporters, and to send the message that our immediate survival is more important than any flakey 5 year corporate model – which has already failed once.

    playing the geordie nation card again – how patronizing is that?

  74. So we lost £30m this year – Getting promoted is worth approx £40m – If we don’t sign anyone we make £10m, no?

    Why coudn’t he just say the club are now starting to pay back Ashley’s loan?

    Thought is was too much of a coincidence that the terms of the loan had changed from repayable on sale of the club to repayable on demand.

    I guess he’s demanded!

  75. OK then lets all jump on the doom and gloom boat Stu. Christ I usually sit here and agree with what you say even though 99% of all others are slaggin you. I am here and wide awake. We have seen what has happened to Pompey and where would we be without Fat Boy?

    We WILL be in a relegation battle again next year of that I have no doubt, but at least we will have a club to support. I shall go back to being a reader and non commenter if this is what you get for sticking your head above the parapett to speak against the idealogy

  76. Stuart , gaining promotion is worth 60 million!!! So how the hell can he not fork out 10 to 15m out of there for blooming transfers? I don’t get him… Just when things were starting to look up… (sigh)

  77. all this aswell about breeding homegrown players and not missing out on the shearers ,beardsleys,bruces,carricks first time round load of balls were are they? no offence but i hardly think there going to find the next rooney or drogba from north east even if they did the top four would swoop with bigger better offers

  78. raffo – Don’t you dare go into hiding. Your comments are always welcome :)

  79. danny says:
    May 9, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    “i hardly think there going to find the next rooney or drogba from north east even if they did the top four would swoop with bigger better offers”

    At least we’d get to reinvest the cash :lol:

  80. Stu is right, he’s starting to get his money back over the next 5 years, starting from now. Does look like his promise of £20m a year is being knocked on the head as well now.

    Can’t understand why he bought us in the first place, no sensible business man would buy a club unless he had a great love for it. If I had the money, I wouldn’t get involved as I know I would never make anything. Mind you, I would find it hard to say no to Newcastle if I had the money, but I know it’s never going to happen

  81. Raffo, give it a break man! We’ve been absolutely bent over and rogered with a cock the size of a big fckin stallion!

    There are absolutely no positives to be taken out of this statement. It’s nothing against you, but where are the positives?

    Players will want to leave – Why would they want to stay? Where does that leave the club?

    This has far more rammifications than just us being unhappy.

    This is just the start.

    This regime is a cancer and it needs to be cut out!

  82. Raffo TBF there isn’t really much to be optimistic about. I have allways tried to be optimistic and TBH I thought MA had learned from his mistakes but this statment tells me all I need to Know. I think there will be a few of our good players that wont really want to be involved with a club going in the direction we will be going. Can you really see the likes of Colo, Jonas, Jose wanting to be stuck in a relegation fight from the start to the finish

  83. fair comment toonsy but if you could find players from the academy that were that good then we would rather see them in a black and white shirt keeping us in the prem not reinvesting in shite

  84. does a newcastle fan’s blind faith and loyalty in their club get taken advantage of ?
    you dont see any of the other team’s in the world’s rich list comming out with anything like this , the earlier poster who compared us to say pompey is way off .
    id love someone to have a proper look at our books ! i dont belive were in anywhere near as bad a position as they would have us belive , they have been saying it since they came in and it’s their doing if it’s got worse or hasn’t improved , yet we have got 5 year’s of mediocrity ahead of us as one of the richest club’s in the world , i wonder how many year the plan will be for after this one to try and compete with the team’s on a similar financial footing as us .the like’s of spur’s haven’t been shy in spending and managing their debt

  85. i think a lot of the players will be away now jonas,colo,taylor,enrique,carroll who wants to stay at a club with no direction and whilst playing in prem listen to us shout for ashleys heed no chance theyve got us back up so they will think they owe nothing especially to fat cockney spurs fan

  86. Stuart79 says:
    May 9, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    “This regime is a cancer and it needs to be cut out!”

    Howay Stu. I get what your saying but things like that aren’t on. People have lost loved ones through Cancer and probably wont want to read things like that man.

  87. What is the worlds rich list based on? Turnover? Sponsorship, fan base, revenue? It must be as Real are regarded as rich but yet they are massively in debt are they not?

  88. I must say that I was very upset with Fat Sams comments about us Toon fans this morning, but perhaps theres no smoke without fire

  89. I just want Mike removed now-Vision of a cockney Bat – he must hate NUFC.
    No vision,No Passion,He hates us.
    End Of.

  90. toonsy says:
    May 9, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    Yup I am one of those people – I’m not offended by it. Its harsh but that’s how I feel.

    Their just bad news! Do you know of any other club that is so badly embarrassed and badly treated as us?

    WHtever he’s pumped into the club to stop us being a ‘Pompey’ he’s taken it back now and with interested charged at 100% APR!

  91. Stuart – Like I said, I know what your saying, and just because you find it non offensive it doesn’t mean others wont. I know one lad who comes on here is that exact situation with his Dad and he wont want to read that kind of thing.

  92. So what do people think of these ‘scouting’ missions recently then? Do we think these are just smoke screens?

  93. Fook me Toonsy….this is a football blog-sure people have lost people to cancer but as a descriptive word big deal.

    It’s like saying “Lads we need a war against the Ashley regime” sure we are losing soldiers left right and centre but that is not in anyway me being disrespectful to servicemen and women?

    It is like me saying “Ashley is Scum”…whoops I have offended sunderland :)

  94. We’ll be another Wigan, groom our young players into quality players and sell them off. I still feel confident however that our current squad will keep us up.

  95. FlashJonas says:
    May 9, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    “groom our young players”

    8O Sounds wrong, very wrong ;)

  96. Yeah Raffo…we had a few scouts at the Whitley Bay match today as well…trying to unearth the next diamond.

  97. FlashJonas Keep the faith my friend….We have a great dressing room and that will see us through. :)

  98. You seem a Bit tetchy these days Toonsy?
    You ok….used to be relaxed and had a good banter…does seem like you are turning into uzimoderator RAT TAT TAT :)

  99. Well we are all entitled to our opinions and I shall respect others’ opinions and shall have my own.

    I have accepted for a while there will be no more 15million players through the doors, and I still cling to a slim hope of a 5 million player at best, but as long as we get 3-5 free’s or loans of decent quality then I think we have to make do with that and accept it as the short term future. I honestly would love to see us bought out, but by someone with money Barry Moat couldnt scrape the money together to but us for example and we wouldnt be in any better situation in terms of player investment anyway.

  100. Toonsy im not taking sides but I never took offence to what Stu said, My wife had cancer and got the all clear last year. I understand what he means and in some ways he is right MA seems to be a like a cancer to our club and we need to get a cure or get it taken away.


  102. SJT – Nah I’m cool man. It’s following the Toon, it’s sending me over the edge man lol

    One thing that is beginning to irk me more and more is that patronising Geordie Nation crap in the statement. Where have they dug that from?

  103. Cool Toonsy…let it flow,articles and the blog in general is a great place,think your a good lad and have the blogs best interests at heart.

    Makes look like a ball bag with elephantiasis fella :)

    Sorry Stardust if you are reading no offence.

  104. Nee bother toonsy! :)

    Raffo, could you expand on where you think we will get the 15m will come from? Or at the very least the 5m player?

    Is it that money tree again in the office?

  105. Toonsy that is one of the things I like about you mate you have balls, when your in the wrong you admit it ;) . It takes a Man to say sorry proud of ye lad. I did understand where you were coming from

  106. These are the most chilling words:
    “There is no plan for new capital outlay on players”

    Ashley is playing with fire again, how on earth can he expect folk to invest in the club. This has seriously pissed me off. Goodnight.

  107. Sirjasontoon

    Although i agree Ed’s blog isn’t the best, we should still be grateful for all of the hardwork Ed put in over the years. We all had some great banter on there at times and his blog got me through the majority of my degree :D

  108. Just a thought, and I’m desperately trying to find positives but, it says nowt about the £20 million going into the club?

    If that doesnt go in, will he take it off the debt? 5 years = £100 million.

    Hopeful thinking like but I need some before I take me toaster for a bath lol

  109. Read what I wrote Stu. I said the days of the 15million signing are over. We wont get any. I said I cling to the hope, in vain, that we may get a 5 million signing but I doubt it.

    It will be found as some have mentioned through possible sales of fringe players, maybe we can use some money from the increased revenues.

    What I said was that I thought we would be relying on a number of frees and loans which as long as they are astute and clever will not be such a bad thing.

    Please read my comments befor slagging me off. I know it is a hot topic

  110. I remember a year or two back someone had the cheek to argue that Owen was better than Anelka! Haha! The joys of Ed’s blog eh?

  111. I still remain quzzical about this ‘new money’ business.

    What that statement doesn’t mention is the £60mil extra the Club has with getting back up. Some of it (I hope, as I read the statement) will be for Players. It did NOT say he wasn’t going to spend ANY money on players, just not ‘new’ money. As in debting the Club.

    I’m running out of straws to clutch at lol

  112. Toonsy no harm to ye mate I would get the toaster ready ;) as im sure if we were getting any money for players there is no way in this world MA would have said “There is no plan for new capital outlay on players” He would have just said nowt imo like

  113. Well, more tomorrow I guess. Let’s see what it brings ;)

    Catch you all tomorrow :)

  114. Very strange…

    ‘The days when players such as Alan Shearer, Steve Bruce, Peter Beardsley and Michael Carrick had to leave Newcastle to begin their illustrious football careers elsewhere are over.’

    ‘newcastle United football club is an organisation that holds a special place in the hearts of Geordies worldwide and the board understands that it is they who are the spiritual torch holders of Newcastle United Football Club.’

    Nothing about the new kit, sponsorship, season tickets, nothing.

  115. spyro-I 100% still remember that. I cannot for the life of me remember who it was, but i was shocked when I read it and probably along with you, gave my two pence on how poor a statement it was,lol.

    What ever happened to that RyanToon lad? I’ll always remember him as he used to regularly claim that Enrique was terrible, i’m sure he once actually said he was one of the worst defenders we’d ever had, things of that nature. Hilarious.

  116. “There seems little doubt that Ashley will be seeking to recoup his loans to the club over the next few years. After all he changed the payment terms on it from repayment on sale of the club, to repayment on demand… all adds up now.”

    Toonsy –

    There is NO 20Mil going into the club…

    What has happened is blindingly obvious now 8(

    Ashley realised he can’t sell the club in this financial state. He also wants his loan money back because he is losing the interest on it.

    If we had an operating loss of 32Mil last season. It means that this season we’d already be breaking even, and infact making a profit of around 20Mil.

    So 20Mil times five = 100Mil which will be paid back to Ashley each season for him to recouperate his loan.

    “After all he changed the payment terms on it from repayment on sale of the club, to repayment on demand… all adds up now.” – like Nobby said.

    Once he has recouped his loan. The club will be debt free and making a profit and thus will be a much more sellable asset. Meaning Ashley sells and makes a profit on his initial investment.

    Money for the transfers in those 5 years will come from the sale of the youngsters at a higher price to what they were bought in for (money raised from within).
    These players will be replaced by further youngsters coming through the youth system…

    Easy as that!

  117. Noticed those expounding the wisdom of Ashley`s fiscal conservatism on the previous blog have suddenly either gone quiet or disappeared.
    So how does JJ and Geordie fan feel about their hero, now he has declared he “aint gonna spend one thin dime” on players, happy now !

  118. Ashley is after the best of both worlds. He gets his money back that he loaned the club, then he sells it for more than he paid.

    Nice bit of business fir him.

    Anyone who thinks or said he was in it to have fun and not to make money look like fckin ejits now!

  119. I believe the statement referred to ‘New capital outlay’.

    Just to clarify…

    Capital Outlay: Payments made in cash or cash equivalents over a period of more than one year. Capital outlays are used to acquire assets or improve the useful life of existing assets. An example of a capital outlay is the funding to construct a factory. In accounting, capital outlays must be capitalized; that is, the outlay is recognized on a balance sheet gradually over the course of asset’s useful life. Capital outlays are recorded as liabilities on a balance sheet. They are also called capital expenditures. See also: Capital asset.

  120. Yeah Alexkid, but I’m sure players will be classed as assets and should be there on the balance sheet

  121. Chuck, I don’t know where you got the arguement that I ever said Mike Ashley was my hero.
    I merely said that your approach of spending loads of cash is not feasable nor practical.
    I did say sensiblle spending was needed… I did not say,NO spending was needed!

    I have never been a fan of Ashley, and in fact administrate a Facebook Group called Ashley OUT… Although there are many…

    But I did say we need to wait and see before being critical because I thought he did a fair job of keeping the club together this season after a disaster in the Premier League.

    I guess he hasn’t learned anything from not investing/poor investment the first time round.
    Its clear he just wants his money back and to get out the club. It is a very disappointing statement.

    But like I also said, regardless of the bad news, the last thing we need are banners at the ground causing poor spirit. The focus needs to be on lifting the players – not cursing at Ashley.

    That would be a repeat of the mistake the supporters made in our relegation season. I just hope we don’t do an Ashley and not learn from our mistakes either. Despite the anger in us…

  122. Simon – I agree completely. I just noticed some comments above that mentioned the ‘new capital outlay’ term just meant that Ashley wouldn’t be putting up any more cash for players.

    So I thought I’d bring some definition to the term.

    Suppose it all depends on if the Club have used the term true to definition in their statement.

    The interesting bit for me is the ‘over a period of more than one year’ I know the current regime have been very critical of FFS for hocking us up to the eyeballs on players that we were paying for in instalments.

  123. Everyone is acting like they know all the clubs finances. We have made a loss of over £60M over the last two years, thats without the debt that we already have within the club and the “loan” from MA this year. There is no way that we could have expected to have a transfer kitty of any substance. CH has said that we will sign 2-3 players at most which shows that he was aware of this situation, these will either be freebies or loans but cover on our left, a pacey striker and a creative mid would be enough to see us through the season anyway. Even if we had £20M to spend we wouldnt be able to spend it! Can you think of anyone that is actually worth say £10M that would want to join NUFC that wouldnt have a better offer elsewhere, Everton or Fulham for example? I would love to see us sign some quality players for big fees but you wont see anyone outside the top 7-8 clubs making big signings, we wont be alone!

  124. Yeah Alexkid,
    but for us the fans, it simply means there will be no one brought in and the tea ladies and those who formerly worked at St. James Park, will have to continue collecting the dole.

  125. Matty – I think the concern comes from the usual need to ‘speculate to accumulate’ meaning spend some in the near tem to make more back in the longer term.

    In the context of NUFC thats ensuring we have a squad that has the quality to keep us in the premier league in the short term, so that we can pay off some of the debt and be on a better footing financially.

  126. Chuck – Times are hard mate, but to be honest. You know where the majority of the dosh that we owe to Ashley went dont you?!!

    FFS and DH either pocketed it or p1$$ed it away.

  127. Funny Toonsy :)

    Got nothing against Ed never have done never Will.
    I have spoken to Ed a few times via email and he is a decent bloke.

    Sure he will vouch for me being very polite too….just a shame he has gone for the heavyweight blogging which has done .com no favours and it is impossible to have any decent conversation about anything remotely relevant.

  128. Um Matty,

    The finances have been made pretty transparent.

    And the debts do include the losses made in those years.

    Also, you are stating the obvious in saying we won’t make big signings, but even a “pacey striker” and “creative mid” of premiership standard would cost in the region of around 7-8 Million pounds. Where are we going to get that money without capital outlay?
    You are also blinded if you dont see the need for a decent right back.
    The fact is… yes, we only need 2 or 3 players in… But we arn’t getting ANY… unless we sell.
    And none of of players are very sellable apart from the ones we desperately need to hand on to.
    If he had said 10Mil to spend, we could understand. But NOTHING!!!

  129. FFS guys… Ashley says there will be no capital investment for new players and the current squad will form the basis of the team next year…

    This is good. I am not an Ashley fan btw…

    Capital investment is money Ashley puts into the club that will need to be paid back to him, crippling the club with more debt, a la Pompey. Players will come in this summer, as the statement says “basis” meaning more will come in.

    The overdraft is maxed out. What can we do? The club is losing money and cannot continue to do so. Man Utd, Liverpool et al are also haemorraging money and they are on borrowed time. They will fall the hardest. The finances of football are changing, Blatter and Platini are going to make sure clubs spend within their means, so in effect, we will be ahead of the game

    I think the club wherever possible, will try to gain free transfers and season long loans with options to buy. There are some great free transfers available so we will have to see who comes in. However, “no capital outlay” will not mean no transfer fees will be spent. This money will come out of club profits; from TV revenue, gate receipts, parachute payments and kit deals. Next season, our wage bill will be approx 50% of turnover which is universally accepted as a sustainable level for a football club, unlike Pompey who were over 100%. Do not forget, the accounts do not take into account Geremi (60k a week) and Butt (50k a week) will be off the wage bill.

    I am pleased that there will not be wholesale changes in the team, people harped on about the squad harmony. The team needs to be strengthened.

    We complained that the bairns didnt get a chance this season, when this season was all about getting back into the Prem. They will get a chance next season.

    There will be money spent on players as the squad needs to be improved, CH knows this, MA knows this, he did not sanction spending last time and look what happened.

    Keep the bedsheets in the cupboard, wait until the end of August and if no players come in then I will join you in the protest.

    I am not trying to make this rose tinted, I see very few positive remarks from readers, on what I think is a sensible statement. I am owrried for the future, but I think like CH, MA is learning on the job how to run a football club, this season was a wakeup call for them.

    Things are going so well for us winning the league at a canter. The lads on the pitch need every ounce of our support, so I sure as hell am going to give it to them.

  130. JJ – I dont recall anything in that statement about ‘NOTHING!!!’

    I believe the term was ‘New capital outlay’ which could be a very different thing.

  131. Alexkid….that regime had us in Europe and cracking the top 4,don’t forget that and the football was beautiful and turned the club from nothing into something.

    Look at the stadium they delivered all Fat Ashley has done is rename it and plaster his shitty shop banners all over the place.

  132. brownrob – at the risk of sounding like a broken record ‘Capital outlay’ not ‘capital investment’ again, different things.

  133. This Club deserves better….if he can’t afford Scalectrix he should buy some rusty old mechano gear….cheapskate cockney 645tard !!

  134. I agree with the “speculate to accumulate” phrase but as the club effectively has nothing to spend to speculate with then we would need to borrow this money. Borrowing money that we dont necessarily have to pay for players sounds pretty similar to Pompey. They had a squad of quality players but didnt actually pay for them so they had to sell sell sell, look at them now. It is the same approach FFS took with us leaving us in debt. Our squad is only 3 players short of survival in my opinion, yes we wont set the PL alight but we could then build from there. Like I said we wont be the only ones and our squad is good enough to compete with the teams that will be around us

  135. The club will make money from acheiving prem status and spend that. I think it just means the Ashley won’t continue to plough in his own money. Either way he will have to spend because going into next season with the current squad will be suicide. When We think of all the times we have made mistakes this season and not been punished because of poor finishing. That won’t be the case next year.

  136. SJT – Here’s the way I see the blame falling.

    Relegation and numerous catastrophic PR blunders – the responsibility of the Ashley regime.

    Everything before it including blowing the entire current and future financial stability – Shepherd and Hall.

    You can quote Champions league and beautiful football and great stadiums all day but if its not sustainable you end up where we are, or even worse like Leeds.

  137. Toonsy

    That was a bit of a sanctimonious attack on Stu due to his use of the word cancer, unfortunately it backfired causing you to retract, being a cancer survivor myself I had no problem with it.
    Have you now promoted yourself to the position of “word policeman” if so would be obliged if you could inform us of the words that you have banned, including those purposely miss-spelled.

  138. MattyB – Yep I agree, I’m not talking about throwing cash around willy nilly. But if we Ashley doesn’t allow the club the means to bring anyone in he’s taking a big risk!

  139. DJG – Spot on. And equally so when I think of all the decent footballing teams I’ve seen in the CCC, that we beat because they were toothless and couldnt do it in the final third, that wont be the case next season either.

  140. J says:
    May 9, 2010 at 11:33 pm
    Um Matty,

    The finances have been made pretty transparent.

    And the debts do include the losses made in those years.

    Also, you are stating the obvious in saying we won’t make big signings, but even a “pacey striker” and “creative mid” of premiership standard would cost in the region of around 7-8 Million pounds.

    These are a few players that I know are available off the top of my head
    Pacey striker – Beckford – Free
    Attacking Mid – Whittingham – Free
    Attacking Mid/Forward – Albin – Free
    Striker – Boyd – Free
    I agree that they are not huge players but would definitely add something to a decent squad.
    Also there is nothing in the statement regarding the amount of Debt that we actually have, it only tells us the operating loss for the last two years so unless you have some info I dont…

  141. Brownrob- Please explain how we use profits made by the club on transfer fees if were losing 30m a year?

    Are you for real?

  142. At some people talking sense and not just being doom n gloom merchants houghton has said he will sign n he will he has done wonders this year expect similar signings to ones in jan window just be realistic people we were never gonna make massive signings jus players at round the 2million mark,maybe beckford or juan albin on frees

  143. Matty

    The club have stated many times that Ashley paid off 100 mil to cover the clubs debts.
    This season he had to put in a further 10Mil and ask for a bank overdraft which is now maxed out at 20Mil. Thats the 30Mil loss made this year.
    Meaning the club’s total debts to banks and MA amount to around 130Mil.

  144. Davy – Just as long as their not world beaters like Leon Best eh? Then again he might rise to the occasion in the PL.

  145. I would love us to get Belletti, he is aging but still quality at right back and can play in midfield. On a free.

  146. Let’s clear something up- Free transfers by their very nature have much higher salaries associated with them – If were not planning any capital outlay I cannot see us offering big salaries to free transfers – The upshot of that will be the players will go somewhere else where they will get the salary.

    This has far reaching rammifications for the club.

    If we cannot compete for the freebees we really are going to be struggling.

  147. I`m surprised transfer fees still exist in this day and age, it`s an out dated business practice.
    Brings to mind a form of indenture.
    There is no such thing in professional sports in the US it`s all about wages and trades between clubs.
    Then the professional leagues here are more regulated and profit sharing between owners and players is much more refined, something that could be emulated in the European leagues.
    My advice would be to let the owners and players associations work it out, not FIFA or EUAFA or you will be sorry, but with the present financial situation at many of the PL clubs, changes to the way business takes place (through regulation) is obviously needed.

  148. It is still guess work but lets say we just agree that the debt is £130M in total, how would the club have money for players without borrowing more? We would end up the same as pompey! Dont misunderstand me I want newcastle to be signing some top quality players but we all have to put things into perspective and realise that an achievement next season is survival and then build from there. For too long we spent money we didnt have, if newcastle feel they can survive with the current squad + 2-3 players then I am going to support them all the way.

  149. This is why it’s not a good idea to have one owner who ‘lends’ the club money rather than turns the debt into equity.

    If they want their money back they will get it and screw the club over in the process.

    This is the first time this has happened in football. The other owners have lent their clubs money then written it off as equity.

    Not us! We get shafted!

  150. I just wish these TOOLS would sell up… vision,understanding or passion for NUFC.

  151. I think we are in for a shocker of a season with no investment…I expect the club to go through another asset stripping session…well we have to make ends meet :)

  152. Stuart

    Next year we will have income from sponsorship.

    Remember FS spent all of that on Michael Owen in one go £17m of it. I would not want a repeat of that, but spending it wisely would be the way to go.

    The wage bill will be around £45m next year, which will be £30m less than the last time we were in the Prem after we got rid of wasters such as MO, OM, MV, DD. The main reason we lost out this year was lower attendances and lower TV money, which will be remedied once August and the new season comes about.
    I do think some big earners will be offloaded too, players will leave, reducing that figure further. We have players on 70k a week which will reduce the annual wage bill by £3.6m each.

    I think the Academy will be heavily promoted so rather than bairns leaving us to go elsewhere in the past, bairns from all over the country will come to us so the club has to spend money.

    We still need to service the overdraft and the debt, I think the club will start to turn a profit pretty soon providing we stay in the Prem and we need to start paying back Ashley his £100m he put into the club. Some of the profit will be used to strengthen the squad, Ashley isnt going to put money in until he gets what he is owed back.

    Honestly some people here think he is milking the club, the club has milked him to the tune of over £100m (due to his negligence to perform due diligence, which is his own fault, but he has every right to reclaim what is his!).

    The last man to milk the club was Freddy Shepherd and he cronies. The blame should land at his feet.

    But please explain Stuart. How do you suggest that we progress and become sustainable financially? I don’t want to fight, I understand you love the club as much as I do and want what is best for it

    I for one do not want to see some rich Arab come in and bankroll us to success, it would rip the soul from this club.

  153. BrownRob-The Owen deal was done via money owed for Woodgate we never really paid 17m for Owen we reached an agreement with Real to settle our differences.

    Nobody wants to go back to the crazy transfer days but surely some sensible investment is required so we can at least have a go in the premiership this season.

    This team has some great personalities and has developed a team spirit that we have not seen for years…surely as an Owner you would feel now is the time to invest a little so we can as a minimum compete?

  154. It’s not hard to imagine how CH felt when he was told that he won’t have any money to invest in the squad next season… I’m not a natural optimist , but I do believe that CH can pull this off and secure a mid table position next season, in my opinion, we still have a better squad than Hull, Burnley, Portsmouth and rest of the lower end table teams have, I do believe it…

  155. We are certainly a sensitive bunch, eh? Glass perpetually half empty?
    This was one of the worst press releases I think I’ve ever said. So vague and unclear. And because it was well off from what we all hoped, the pitchforks are out again.
    Settle down for a second guys. It doesn’t say NO money will be spent. Just no NEW money. It’s called living within our means to run the club as a steady business. We have £60m in extra money coming in. Surely a portion will be spent smartly on new players. Plus we have the wages from butt, geremi, pancrate, and anyone else who might be gone. Can pay at least 3-4 players on that. If the window closes and we’ve brought nothing in, I’ll totally eat my words, but have a bit of faith guys. Nothing more than another blunder by the worst PR team in the world

  156. It seems a bit crass to say some of us told you so…

    Ah just kidding, who knows maybe we’re jumping the gun? And most ideas/thoughts I mentioed on the previous thread have now been covered so I won’t go over old ground.

    Strange that this came out a week after season ticket renewals? Or not strange at all??…

  157. I really thought MA had learned his lesson…..Invest of Pi55 Off is my new motto :)
    Night all.

  158. You were being sarcastic, right?
    There is quite a difference between THAT team which played in PRM and this TEAM which is going up. At that time we only had overpaid individuals running down the pitch for 90 min. , now we actually have a team and it looks like they do care what happens…
    Also we didn’t play against Hull at the best moments… especially when KK left.

  159. I haven’t looked through all the comments but thought I would add my two cents. If the club is relegated then the club will not be debt free by 2015/2016. The thinking behind this is flawed. Ashley spent money in January to get us promoted and he needs to pull his finger out if he wants the big money to keep coming in. I really can’t see us staying up if this the transfer policy that has been put in place.

  160. Back from my college.

    The following comment made by me may sounds that i am supporting Ashley,but actual fact is base on neutral point of view.

    Firstly,when i read the comment,i was ecstatic.Yes.I was happy.Cause when i read the word. “No capital Outlay on new players”.My first thought was be that there will be transfer kitty,but no restriction on how much to spend in the summer.

    But I guess i interpreted the meaning wrongly. :lol:

    Anyway,i admit i am a optimistic guy here.I actually agree somehow on what Ashley intends to do.

    Come On,even he himself believes the current squad is able to survive,yet most of you all here are indirectly saying this squad is SHIT!!!! ;)

    I presume all of us are praying only for survival next season right??? Ashley only said No Money from him this coming summer.

    But CH still can get money from sale of players. Rmb we can try to squeeze as much money as possible from sale of Xisco. €2-3.5Million should be ok. Then If CH thinks Best really can’t make it,€900K-€1Million from sale of best.

    Let’s just say when next season winter transfer window is open and our situation worsen,I am sure ashley will allow transfers coming in. But on maybe loans etc.Didn’t we did that???

    And i am sure ppl will tell me later that,A small transfer budget of around €15Million is ok too.But to me,€15million is alot.Let’s say CH buy some players for €2-3Million,and keep the rest,But still after the fees being paid,we still got wages to give to the new players monthly.I got a certificate in Biz finance management,and by looking at the current financial status of Newcastle,It still not advisable to continue capital expenditure.

    To sign Off,if anyone got any comments on my perspective,feel free to comment.

    There will be no comment from My Parents on what i said or write here. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  161. Having slept on this and after a certain amount of reflection I still think he’s a complete prick who is screwing us over!

    His ownership has hit us supporters like a cluster bomb – just when you think you’ve dodged a bomb another comes along and gets you.

    What kind of club gets promoted then a week later comes out and telss it’s fans there will be NO money to buy new players? It beggars belief it really does.

    I’m still trying to get my head round the ridiculous notion.

    I can understand the club trying to control expectations for next season but they’ve just totally abliterated any hope the supporters had, whether of just a couple of decent players coming in or 3 or 4 coming in.

    So once again we, the supporters are paying for his fck ups!

    God help us!

  162. For those we don’t know. Capital Outlay=Capital Expenditure.

    Funds used by a company to acquire or upgrade physical assets such as property, industrial buildings, or equipment.

    In this case,NUFC Players. ;)

  163. well mike ashley is that stupid if we get relegated again(God forbid we dont) then he will lose more than what he was trying to get back, clearly it will take a long time to clear the debt but cmon invest in players that well help us stay in the premiership

  164. that is of course the 5 year plan do we want to be in the premier league in the next 5 years or the championship in the next 5

  165. AngelOfDeath says:
    May 10, 2010 at 8:33 am

    It’s that fckin ridiculous that nobody wants to comment!

    We only have one asset we can sell that we won’t miss – Xisco – We might get a couple of mil. What could we buy with that? Another Best?

  166. Great finally a debate for me.

    So may i kindly question you,what is the minimum amount needed for a decent striker now????

  167. I no longer plan to invest for new capital outlay on anything tarnished and run by the fat grubby Mike Ashley.

    Fraud squad, where are you?

  168. AngelOfDeath says:
    May 10, 2010 at 8:50 am

    More than we’ll get for Xisco.

    Don’t forget these issues could arise from this:

    1, Players might want out. Would you want to stay and fight another relegation battle with the knowledge that you won’t be getting any other players in to help?

    2, Supporters, sponsorship, corporate and merchandise revenue will go down without a doubt if the club are showing no willingness to invest on the pitch – Why should we?

    3, The teams we will be competing with next season Stoke, Wolves, Bolton, West Ham from the PL will all strengthen and go further away from us – That leaves us battling against WBA and A N Other – We couldn’t beat WBA this season and they will strengthen so they could well go ahead of us too – Where does that leave us?

    4, There is absolutely no doubt that this further de-stablises the club, just when the club have managed to get stable.

    5, If we get off to a bad start it will be a nightmare – There will be more boycotts (And who could blame them) and the atmosphere will be poisonous.

    This really is just the start of the complete melt down of this club in the PL.

    I still cannot get my head round the fact that we get promoted and then get told we won’t be spending 1p on buying new players.

    It’s just unbelievable – You couldn’t make this up!

  169. There are so many deluded people on here…..

    ‘No New Capital Outlay’ means there will be no money spent on players unless we sell first……(& even then I would not put my mortgage on it all being spent)

    Loans & free transfers…possibly

    Payment of any profits back to Ashley….definately!

    Ashley having fun & falling back in love with the toon after a great season…..ha ha ha……no its Ashley falling in love with money again…..keep the club, recoup his loans & sell after 5 years…….kerching

    What is the opposite of Carlsberg??… in if Carslberg did football clubs….

  170. So the Board’s adopted a policy of transparency in its communications eh?

    Who’s chairman these days – Kim Jong-il?

  171. Yep Stuart,

    Our only sellable players IMO are Xisco and Smith (Smith won’t be sold).
    But if we were to sell them they would fetch in the region of 4million.
    Ryan Tayor could be sold, but he is our only real cover on the right wing. We also have no cover for Jonas at left wing.

    We have to buy a right back, a striker, and cover at for the left back and on the left wing. Would also be nice to get a creative player in the middle.

    Thats what it would take just for us to haev a squad which covers all the positions. And that FIVE signings!

    Remember, we have already lost Butt, Geremei, and Pancrate. Leaving us three players short of what we had as a thin Championship squad.

    Would three free signings and two loanees suffice?

    Yes, I think our first side has the ability to survive, but, it’ll only take two or three injuries to key players and we will be in huge trouble.

    Ashley is taking a massive massive gamble. And the last time he gambled, we got relegated.

    Its all very well going on about squad unity and morale, but do you really see the crowd not having a go at Ashley’s lack of ANY investment if we lose the first three games? Spirits will drop, attendences will drop, merchandise sales plummet, players become unhappy… protests will occur at the stadium… And we are right back in a massive mess.


  172. told you so.ive had this coont sussed from day one..
    this fat twAt has just sunk this club before a ball has been kicked..

  173. And Shearer’s recent statemet that Ashley must support Hughton in the market was very timely wasn’t it? He’s stirred the pot before the mix is cooking!

  174. lesh says:
    May 10, 2010 at 9:14 am

    You could have some sympathy with the board regards the ‘misrepresentation of NUFC’ within the national press paragraph if it hadn’t been for the KK tribunal where they admited to lying to the supporters as a exercise in public relations!

    Thie just completely discredited – It couls almost be argued that the supporters should just rip up their season ticket renewals.

    If they won’t invest in the club, why should we?

  175. Some comfort in the statement though in that the club’s looking for an experienced administrator to look after matters off-the-pitch football.

    Could that mean the end for Llambais? Not a cat in h*ll’s chance!

  176. Big smilies Stuart? There’s no point in being negative man – that’ll make things worse than they appear to be.

  177. JJ says:
    May 10, 2010 at 9:15 am

    It will will only take Jonas and Enrique being injured for a few weeks and we won’t win a game!

    How many goals came from our left wing last season? They were our major threat.

    This is not knee – jerk but I cannot see this squad staying up – Injuries are part and parcel of football, not to mention loss of form – Especially in the PL.

    If I hadn’t already paid for my season ticket I would have sent a renewal to Mr Llambias with a turd in it!

  178. To say the club will only be “BREAKING EVEN” in five years is an absolute lie… ANOTHER OUTRIGHT LIE… with estimated losses on 32Mil last season, with the increase in revenue in the Premier League (estimated at 60Mil) and no extra expenditure (“NO NEW CAPITAL OUTLAY), the club should be running a profit of at least 25Mil per year!

    Why is it that we only hope to break EVEN after 5 years!

    Because Ashley will pocket that money – get back any investment he put in and sell at a massive profit!

    But the idiot is too blind to see, with no “NEW CAPITAL OUTLAY”, the risk of us going back down increases massively.

  179. @Stuart79:relax dude. I was that furious when i read the statement too.But what can we do?? None.Other than to continue supporting.

    Point 1: Players wants to be transfer-listed.Okay,always a possibility.But Who?? Let’s say Ryan taylor want to be out first.Money from the sales of Him can buy 2 decent replacement too.Also CH already assure that no players will leave this coming summer.So if winter transfer got players wanna leave,and i mention above,if situation worsen,Ashley will sure allow transfers be it free or loans to cover.(**Done deal**)

    Point 2: I am sure in the world,there will still be some hardcore Newcastle fan will be willing to support no matter what happen.(**Done deal**)

    Point 3:Don’t forget the winter transfer window.(**Done deal**)

    Point 4: Stability,based on no-active in transfer market???Our club is not even financially stablize yet.That’s why he wanna to cut cost.And the only few ways to cut-cost would be: Sell Players off(Mike tried that,didn’t work well with fans.) don’t bother NUFC and quickly sell off the club(No owner wants to buy).

    So only way,keep players,no transfer kitty,sell no-so good players to get money.(**If this method still fans hates).The last resort Mike will do is sky-rocket the ticket prices.

    Which i am sure there will be the more or less the same backlash.(Point 4 done deal).

    Point 5: Well ain’t wigan got thrash 8-0 yesterday night and 9-1 with spurs. has the fans give up supporting the club,has the manager be sacked straight away after the 9-1 defeat?? the atmosphere is poisonous all due to impatient fans.(done deal)

  180. No words :(

    I think instead of giving this statement it would have been better to give no statement. They have not clarified anything. Wrote stupid financial jargon. Why can’t they simply say they will buy new players or not.

    My personal opinion after reading this statement is that it don’t say clearly anything about buying new players. Only thing it tells is that don’t expect change of whole squad like say 5-6 players. But I still think we will buy 2-3 decent players. Or you can say I hope so.

    We have to wait before next season starts and then pray for whole season that we are not relegated. I still can not forget pain everyone went through in our last season of PL. I simply can not go through it all over again. But might be we will be better prepared for this this time :) as we all gone through it atleast once. I wish we just survive somehow.

  181. Stuart79 says:
    May 10, 2010 at 9:23 am

    “If I hadn’t already paid for my season ticket I would have sent a renewal to Mr Llambias with a turd in it!”

    Quality :D

    You could have packed mine in there aswell. Corona (not the pop) doesn’t sit well with me :(

  182. Ye Stuart,

    Knowing our history when it comes to injuries…

    Carroll, Jonas, Enrique out first few weeks, and we’d have the weakest side in the Premiership by some margin.

    We needed 3-4 decent players in as insurance to have a squad which could cope.

    Without that, I’d say theres a 70% chance of us going straight back down :(

  183. AngelOfDeath says:
    May 10, 2010 at 9:25 am

    Sorry, now you are being totally discredited!

    Two decent replacements with the money from Ryan Taylor??

    P1ss off I cannot debate with a ejit!

  184. I was so positive just 48 hours ago…

    This pr!ck has managed to destroy my hope in one sentence.

    And there blantant “Geordie Nation” … “Brimming with quality youngster” … “never again will a Shearer, Carrick etc be missed” …

    Just reeks of Lambias propaganda. This guy must think we are completely stupid to buy his bull.

  185. sahota says:
    May 10, 2010 at 9:27 am

    Can you read?

    It states clearly ‘There are no plans for new capital outlay for new players’ That means there will be NO money spent on new players!

    How do you get 3 or 4 decent players when the budget isn’t even a steak bake and a can of pop…

    I’m not sure how much more clear they could have been!

  186. Is it just me, or have they also taken the “Your Shout” opinion section out of the official website to hide the comments there?

  187. You do realise that now that this statement has been released, other clubs will know our dire situation & offer us stupid money for our best players as they know we need the cash…. so the Toffees will offer £2m for Stevie Taylor & £3m for Colo….

    If this is gen & Ashley isn’t spending any money on the squad, then I’m not gonna read any papers, website or listen to the news all summer as I’ll be well pi$$ed off hearing about other clubs like WBA buying players to help them stay up….

    Can someone on the board please clarify what the statement means by capital investment??

  188. @stuart79

    Yes I read that :)
    But just trying to be bit positive and hope that few signings are done. You can only hope.

  189. €50-€60 millions from sale of our most prized asset,Leon Best.
    Luca toni,Beckford are free,we better grab them & sell them in next transfer window so that ashley can use the money to go & invest in Poker

  190. @Stuart79: Arghhhhh~~~Our Main aim is to survive first.

    So what i meant 2 replacement can be S.taylor moving to the right-back,and one more player being on a season-loan deal or a free-transfer…

    Still can isn’t it???

    Our youth Tamas Kadar,can play Centre-back, Left-back.

    Unless somehow,we are struck with a injury curse,when all out first-defender is out at the same period of time,then i have no words to say.

    He does say The first team squad that won the Championship this year will form the basis of the team for next season in the Premier League.

    So i don’t expect any core players leaving this summer.

  191. Sahoto

    The statement should simply have read.

    Mike Ashley sees this season as an opportunity to get his money back as quickly as possible, so that he can sell as soon as the club becomes affordable.

    Due to this fact, he has decided to take the risk of using our inexperienced and unproven youth to keep us in the premiership for the next five years.

    Spending sensible capital outlay on players, alhtough making more long term sense by reducing risk… would only lengthen the process of getting his money back. And so he feels, with his fat body and short life expectancy, five years is long enough to wait!

    If on the 5% chance he succeeds, he will sell the club making another fat profit.

    Yes, he is an !diot for thinking this will work, but if it comes off he will have his money back in 5 years time.
    If not, he will simple go into administatration and try recouperate his money by asset stripping.

    He is well aware of the backlash that will occur once he releases this statement, and as such had made it clear he will not comment!!! And he has intructed the rest of the board they shall not comment!!!

    Ps. No comment…

  192. A lot of the ‘no capital outlay’ bit depends on the level of one-off spend that defines it needing to be capitalised and thus appearing as a capital cost in the accounts. High value players are of course assets whose worth needs to be depreciated annually.

    Is it not possible for relatively small-beer or free signings to be covered as revenue costs?

  193. “There is no plan for new capital outlay on players”

    a plan is a living thing & can change from day to day, you ask any project manager & they’ll tell you the same… so you never know lads…..

  194. batty says:
    May 10, 2010 at 9:54 am
    you fat useless cockney b@stard get out of our club

    For once I agree!

  195. hes a coward by doing this he should be doing press conferences even freddy shepherd used to do them i dont agree at all with what he is doing but i will say we were in debt long before ashley came along we have a galvanised squad last night i was fuming but having slept on this ridiclous statement im going to get behind the taylors barton nolan enrique harper etc etc they cant go through protest about the board at games anymore its not fair on them they have tried there best to restore some faith and if we dont be there twelth man for 90 minutes each game the players heed will drop and it will be us getting humped 8 0 by the chelseas man utds arsenals so lets just see what happens first i was too quick to kick off last night

  196. toonsy lads fine thanx seen a bit of action in the last couple of weeks be glad when hes back

  197. Stuart79 says:
    May 10, 2010 at 9:56 am
    batty says:
    May 10, 2010 at 9:54 am
    you fat useless cockney b@stard get out of our club

    For once I agree!
    <<<< stu ive agree with most things u write but it dus me me head in wen ya keep on aboot it :lol:

  198. Excuse me, guys, but all this anti cockney crap is beginning to get really embarrasing – for example:

    sirjasontoon @ 22 ‘Cockney Twat…invest or get fked !!’

    danny @ 35 ‘throw that cockney trainer sellar back to where he came from’

    danny (again) @ 49 ‘i cant believe that fat cockney can look chris hughton in the eye’

    FlashJonas @ 68 ‘…now Ashley is aiming for penetration, cockney fookin ape’

    danny (again) @99 ‘…fat cockney spurs fan’

    sirjasontoon (again) @ 104 ‘…Vision of a cockney Bat’


    sirjasontoon (again) @ 160 ‘…cheapskate cockney 645tard !!’

    batty @ 226 ‘you fat useless cockney b@stard get out of our club’

    Just to set the record straight, Mike Ashley was born in Buckinghamshire, so he is NOT a cockney, so why the hell do you people keep referring to him as one?

    Thank God there are some sensible people on this blog (in particular brownrob @156) who manage to argue their case articulately, without resorting to cheap and misguided insults

  199. hows that for a cheap insult the fat tw@t has been insulting the fans since he brought the club

  200. Ok, only because people seem to be getting confused, here is a quick simple finance lesson. I’m not an accountant, so it’s going to be in simple terms.

    I’ll use buying a car as an example.

    You go to Honest Geordie Cars in Scotswood and pay him £1000 for a 1989 Fiesta with no service history.
    This is your capital expenditure or CAPEX.
    Because you are a good boy you want to tax and insure it and because HGC are tight you need to fill it up with petrol. So, you pay £250 to insure, £100 for road tax and £30 for fuel. These are you operating costs or OPEX.
    You have to continue to pay these for as long as you keep and use the car.

    In NUFC terms CAPEX can be buying new players.
    The OPEX is the upkeep of the players, wages, etc…
    So, while I don’t necessary agree with they way they’ve been saying it Stuart, SJT, etc.. are correct. No capital outlay means no new assets, which means no new players.
    However we will be able to get people for free because the wages are an OPEX.

    The caveat to this is the phrase “no NEW capital expenditure”. Does this mean the touted £20m per year is still there as that is old news?

    People are also saying where is the money from promotion, if we are -£32m then the £60m from promotion = £40m approx in the black. Unfortunately the way a finance forecast is created means that we are -£32m AFTER the £60m has been taken into account.
    I haven’t seen the accounts, so this might not be correct, but it is the most plausible explanation.

    Sorry for the dull post, but hopefully it will help some people who were asking for help.

  201. MT – simples.

    By the way did you see it was Frankie Pingel’s birthday yesterday? Fortunately he didn’t celebrate it with his team winning the Premiership. They lost, poor old mancs.

  202. BBM- If I’d know I would have sent him a card. But it would have probably gone to Frank Pringle.