A sense of déjà vu at Newcastle?

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It's a conspiracy!
It's a conspiracy!
After the latest five year plan was revealed in the rather grim statement by Newcastle United yesterday, I can’t help but feel a sense of déjà vu with regards to possible upcoming events.

I’ve never been one for the conspiracy theories, but the recent statement seems to have left more questions than answers. It is the hot topic of debate at the minute, and rightly so in my opinion. Since it’s release it has taken preferance over any reports of new signings, although we know why that is, player interviews, everything. There is simply nothing else going on that matters as much as the content of this statement currently as Toon fans around the world chew the fat and dissect just what the detail of each point means. Ironically this comes from a statement that was aimed at halting wild speculation in the first place, but is there a more sinister, secretive, intention at work here?

Things have changed at Newcastle United, statements used to arrive on a Friday. In the space of less than 24 hours a cautious optimism has been replaced with negative vibes, mainly due to the revelation that expenditure on player purchases looks to max out at the incredible value of zero in the close season. The idea of this statement was for the club to become more transparent in their dealings, which it has, although not in the way a fan of a team that is about to embark on a season in the Premier League may like. But it’s also a level of transparency that is open to everyone, not just fans of The Toon.

Was there any need for so much financial detail to be revealed, whilst keeping other details in the dark? Surely the official accounts would have been a better platform with which to mention any losses and expected losses? Is this the plan for Ashley wanting out?

Twice he has announced in full public glare that the club was up for sale, twice it failed. With the statement and the accounts being released pretty close together, is it a case of drumming up interest in a potential sale of the club? Is this a case of Ashley subliminally saying ‘here is what we payout, here is what the debt is, if you’re still interested you’ll need to take this on and pay me off?’

That would make a bit more sense. That way a sale could remain quiet until it is done, much like when he bought the club in the first place. Nobody would need to know until a deal is done, nobody would have to pay to get a rough idea of the books.

This is of course all speculative, and a little crazy I’ll admit, but it’s food for thought aswell. Surely Mike Ashley will know that he will more than likely face a backlash from this? The relationship between boardroom and fan has not been strong for a long while, although in recent weeks the mood had changed to tolerance as the club was seeming to be doing things right.

With the apparent claim that no money will be spent to strengthen a team and back the manager with a few signings, that fractious relationship has just exploded back to a level somewhere like what it was earlier in the season. Whether the statement says one thing and means another is currently being hotly debated, not just by fans, but by the press aswell.

Ironically, we will have to wait for confirmation which will either arrive when we sign our first player or when the transfer window slams shut without us signing anyone. I don’t think many fans were expecting the cash to be flying around freely, but to rule out any signings at this early stage is foolish.

As ever, time will tell.

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190 Responses

  1. wat more can we expect from the fat bastard..I think he loved winning championship & after 1 year in premiership next season he again wants to win championship after that

  2. “Surely Mike Ashley will know that he will more than likely face a backlash from this?”

    Has Ashley not convinced you enough of his short-sightedness in football matters. The guy is clueless and seems shocked when supporters have disapproved of his decisions.

    As for your conspiracy theory… NOT A CHANCE!!!

    Its plain and simple… the statement is a statement of intent to make the Club a more sellable asset at great risk so that he can recuperate his money within five years! Simple as that… No conspiracy, its plain and simple… sorry Toonsy. Nice try though…

  3. Why not? It sets out publicly what it would take to get him talking of a sale.

    Do you reckon that if someone came along, gave him the cash now and took the club off his hands he would say no?

    “Nah mate your alright, keep your money. I’ve got a 5 year plan”

  4. “I don’t think many fans were expecting the cash to be flying around freely, but to rule out any signings at this early stage is foolish.”

    Spot on.

  5. Déjà vu, again? How many’s this I wonder and it seems like an annual feast since our illustrious owner arrived.

    There’s nothing wrong in your speculation about this being a subtle marketing exercise to sell the club but I think not. The only time he’ll attract interest is when the club’s established in the Prem and steadily using the income stream to achieve break-even. That aint gonna be this season, even if we do survive. Prosepectiev buyers’ll want to see either progress or steady state and you get neither of those in one season.

    Nobody can deny that Ashley’s shrewd and it’s just not in his interest to oversee another relegation and because of that I believe that although there’ll be some prudent management of the finances, he’ll spend where he thinks he needs to spend. Let’s not forget that he’s planning to recruit an experienced football person to help with the administration attached to transfers. Nothing to do with playing matters you understand, purely off the field business!

    Have a little confidence and let’s support the club without criticising MA for looking to get back the £100m or so he’s owned – it’s a lot of money after all. Ah, maybe NUST might willing to pay it off for a stake in the club. Oh, but then again, NUST’d have to borrow it….. Mmmmm, something to ponder.

    Have faith in yourselves people and have faith in the club – for sure, Ashley will not want to preside over another disastrous season…. I hope.

    you need to see someone about the paranoia amd

  6. All mike ashley is looking for in these upcoming 5 years is love.He hasn’t been loved.I am looking at ebay so dat he can provide him the love

  7. *checks web address* Hmmm, this is .org, I thought I’d wandered onto .com with all these new articles being posted. ;)

  8. toonsy…
    “I don’t think many fans were expecting the cash to be flying around freely, but to rule out any signings at this early stage is foolish.”

    I see you coming to your senses!!

    Money will be spent on players, there is no doubt!

    I just wish they had said it more clearly so that even all the doom and gloom mongers out there couldn’t have had a go!

    NUFC fans need to stop seeing the worst in everything and rather look for the positives. in 2 to 3 years time when ManU Liverpool etc are going into administration or down to the championship we will be smiling… :)

    Seems the only people on here with any rational sense are Daverism and BrownRob!

  9. lesh says:
    May 10, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    I didn’t think he wanted to preside over a relegation last year but his actions proved otherwise.

  10. Anyone else noticed the strange coincidence that this statement is released two days after the season ticket renewal deadline date?

  11. TAP – I mentioned that a few threads back ‘strange, or not strange at all’ was more less my angle.

    Stu – I might cancel my card…

  12. Toonsy, thought it was going to be more exciting that this…..don’t think Ashley is that clever anyway.

  13. Roscoe,

    Please explain how you can translate the club’s media spokesperson stating “there will be no capital outlay on new players” into there will be money spent on players, there is no doubt ????

    No capital outlay = no transfer fees

    It is even doubtful if we will spend any money that we get in from player sales

  14. Roscoe,

    I wouldn’t bother trying to argue your point mate, you’re right of course, but I wouldn’t bother.

    Just remember what you’ve said and have a little giggle in september. (I really hope that sentence doesn’t come back and bite me on the pips like!!)

  15. Ashley is doing a good job for humanity.He is providing helping hands in stopping human trafficking.How can someone buy any other person,its so distasteful.Way 2 go assley

  16. I have tried but failed all season to remove this awful feeling i have about the biggest kick in the nuts yet to come but it arrived buried on a Sunday night.
    I kept telling myself that things had changed, we were on the up, this squad was for one season only and better players would arrive but no, my bullshit detector was in fact in good working order.
    I have always maintained that Ashley would operate the club like his shops, season ticket money is in the bank, more to come from the league and tv money but Jack Shit going out, maximum profit against minimal outlay, and also, they are not availlable for further comment but feel free to put our sacrificial lamb, CH, on the spot.
    What a complete pack of twats!

  17. Stu 10..
    ‘I didn’t think he wanted to preside over a relegation last year but his actions proved otherwise’

    Only because he’d assumed that there were three clubs worse than us. He clearly didn’t factor in the fact that may of the players were fed up to the back teeth with the shenannigans they’d been surrounded by and wanted out.

    I wonder whether he’s learned from that experience?

  18. Daverism, perhaps you would care to enlighten us….

    I’m all for hoping there is a significant loophole in these ever so cleverly worded and considered statements issued by the club, but if we were going to spend, why not just say we will have a limited budget…..we could have coped with that & it would not have told abyone anything about how much or little that was going to be….

    Oh I know, the plan is to create a huge fuss, then for Ashley to ride to the rescue with a couple signings to look like a hero & put up more cash to support his life-long love of all things black & white

  19. It’s time to face reality, The English Leage and it’s Clubs are built on a house of cards. Only three or fours clubs can keep up with the rediculous financial set up that has developed with the influx of foriegn players and owners. It’s time for Quotas and wage controls.
    As a Newcastle fan it hurts to see the Hughton and the lads not get the help we need to survive in the Premiership. If we can achieve a mid table position for a couple of seasons and watch the administration woes of a few other clubs something will make sense.

  20. And talking about conspiracy theory,the official website seems to be down???? I can’t access it???

    Anyone here can?

  21. I’m coming to watch a game in september.

    I expect a beer from everyone for every new player on the pitch.

    Can’t wait to get pissed like!

  22. Care to enlighten you?

    I’m as much in the dark as yourself mate, however, I take new capital outlay, to mean money funded by Ashley himself. Rather than “living within our means” and spending money available to the club such as TV Revenue, Kit Sponsor, Promotion bonuses etc.

    Until the words “Newcastle United will not be signing any players during the transfer window unless players are sold” are uttered I believe money will be spent, not from Ashleys pockets, but from the clubs pockets.

    I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I never am. :)

  23. Roscoe, I’ll take up that offer aswell man, luckily I get pissed on 2 pints!

  24. It should be obvious to anyone with a brain in his/her head, Ashley wants his money and out of the nightmare that has been going on since he discovered he had been conned by John & Freddy.
    Last season he had little choice other than pay up, (high wages etc.)in order to make it back to the PL, even though he paniced a bit over the hollidays and actually sprung for players.
    Now we are back and hopefully sellable (face it he wants out and few would be unhappy to see him go)to someone who sees his/her future tied up with the club.
    Problem is he wants his money ALL of it and will milk the club until he gets it.
    Forget the five year plan bullshit, he will be outta here long before five years is up.
    Thats just a con to cover up his milking the club.
    Though he did do a great job on conning the fans, that he had the interest of the club at heart, christ thats all you heard on this and other blogs.
    Fiscal concervatism reached new heights here, some even more concervetive than Ashley himself.
    Well face the reality, his interest is strictly to make money.

  25. The ‘deja vu’ for me is that they just don’t get this football lark and I doubt they ever will.

    It’s not just about the money, it’s about the cack-handed manner in which they deliver these sermons and the tosh they spout. ‘Geordie Nation’ this, ‘spiritual torch holders’ that…

    ‘We’ll run the football club but Chris can keep you in the loop about it all via a good-looking guy with a quiff on his head and a twinkle in his eye.

    In the meantime, here’s a loaded message to get you irritated and keep you on your toes throughout the summer. Hope you enjoyed the promotion party while it lasted. Got your season ticket renewal in already? Nice one.’

    What a gaggle of gormless goons.

  26. Hopefully toys will be back in prams by tomorrow. I flipped out when I read the statement, but I’m starting to look at it another way now.

    My thoughts on it:

    1. It’ll help when negotiating for players, in terms of keeping demands for fees down and stopping people (us, mainly) taking it seriously when the press stir things up with daft rumours.

    2. As has been pointed out above and in most press analyses, it seems to point to loans and freebies as CH’s only options to shore things up until the likes of Vukic come through. Van Aarnholt and Lovenkrands come to mind when I think of what the management team can do with loans and free agents.

    3. I strongly suspect that CH and Ashley have picked through next year’s prem team by team and decided that with some loans and free agents, they can sufficiently mitigate the risk of relegation. I’d agree with them; it really isn’t hard to pick more than 3 teams we should consistently out-perform. It’s not hard to find a lot more.

    All in all, I think it’s another naive bit of wording, perhaps with a wee bit of diversionary tactic built in, but setting out a contraversial but cohesive plan.

    I think it’s risky, and, as Toonsy has said, a bit daft to rule anything out now, unless it’s to keep the press at bay. Which I think it is.

    So let’s not go off the handle here. They set out for 2nd last year, and beat it by 23 points. They’re setting out for 17th next year, so who knows?

    Keep with ’em, people, and don’t underestimate the chaos and crisis going on at rival clubs right now. We only need to beat 3 of them.

  27. Daverism says:
    May 10, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    Capital outlay is capital outlay – Whether it’s Ashley’s money or from the clubs own revenue.


  28. Howay man lads – you’re wasting your time moaning on here. If you’ve got something important to say, say it with bedsheets!


  29. I would but I’d be worried about getting the accent right on deja vu…

  30. At least through all of this everyone seems to bestickingwith Hughton and the players, long may it continue.

    They have been given the role of fire fighters after this latest stunt reignited the fire.

  31. One more thing: if you’d (through your own cack-handedness, admitedly) pumped another £70 million of your own dosh into a club which just keeps demanding more, wouldn’t you approach it “as a business”?

    And what if it does work – in two years’ time we’ll have a cracking squad, largely from our own academy, with lots of local lads in it, but without the crippling debt which will have sunk several other clubs by then.

    Of course, my concern is still the level of risk; I think we’ll still have about a 20% chance of relegation. But CH and Ashley know a lot more than we do, and I’m confident that if Ashley needs to bung in another £5m to bring that figure down he will.

    Lastly: I like the fact that we’re going after the prem with pretty much the same squad. Something to prove is more fun, if more stressful. I’m just hoping it’s the doom-sayers who are eating humble pie come Christmas and not me!

  32. Haha divint worry man, BBM – poor smelling and a shabby use of grandma never got in the way of a good bedsheet before!

  33. “NUFC fans need to stop seeing the worst in everything and rather look for the positives.”

    Emm… You know what, I will do just that… again!

    But every other time I’ve gone for the positive, the worst has happened. So now I’m trying the opposite approach.

    I’m expecting no body to be bought, and if we get anyone decent, it’ll be a bonus.

  34. Capital outlay. Interesting term that! I’m with Roscoe on assuming that funds generated from increased income WILL be available for new players. I think Ashley in his own cack handed way was just signalling that HE wasn’t going to fund new purchases. Either way no great sums will be spent which simply mirrors the state of everything these days from the banks to politics and especially the financial lunacy of EPL football.

  35. I don’t think so Stu mate.

    I think that the money from the club is classed as operating revenue and capital outlay is further investment.

    Think of Ashley as a bank, who has basically told us he’s giving us no more credit so we must work within our budget.

  36. please tell me the freebie players or loan players we an get to help the squad and stay up ?

  37. chuck @31 – completely agree.

    statement = club for sale (in the near future)c/w 52k zebras & a wage bill compatible with stoke/wolves/wigan/bolton ect

    – that’s just as soon as i take my loan back.


  38. Some how the only thing that is more pressing to me is that since He stated/promised this current squad will form the basis for next season in PL~~~

    How about quickly settle down and extend the contracts of krul and steven taylor.

    That will be two new signings though. ;)

    Toonsy: is there a section that shows each of the contracts of NUFC 1st team players??

  39. Whumpie says:
    May 10, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    That’s a great theory as long as all these youngsters turn out to be good enough!

    There aren’t many who actually make it.

    I ask the question again as nobody seems to want to answer me:

    If it’s so easy to turn to youth why doesn’t every other club do it?

    Also remember Middlesbrough? They have the 2nd most successfull academy in Europe – What good has it done them? Where are they??

  40. Spending more money than you earn makes no sense no matter what spin you put on it… I find it amazing that some fans demand that money be spent when they have nothing invested in the product being purchased other than their pasion and love. It is so easy to find things to spend money on when it is not your money… Lesh summed it uo well, that clubs will be falling by the wayside in the coming years because what is transpiring now is not sustainable… and one last thing… Not everything MA does is aimed at pissing off the fans that dislike him… The way some bloggers find an angle for his actions is down right funny(Chuck take note)

  41. So thats me, Cropper and Chuck who reckon the sale sign is quietly up so far ;)

  42. the sale flag is flying high its just who will be willing to pay 200 milion gordon bennetts will not be inundated with calls put it that way and if they do t will be people who can just scrape 80 million toghether with no other funds

  43. @Toonsy: Are you being optimistic and hoping a new owner coming in real soon???? Cause i seriously don’t think any rich-oil guy would come in and buy the club at the moment now.

    Unless,i go to USA now,have a tea with bill gates,and ask him to try managing a football club. :lol:

  44. Actually Dave, no.

    If someone wantedto come along and pay a price Ashley wanted the of course he would sell.

    But now it’s a bit of a hint as to the inside financials. We now know what would be needed aside from a purchase price, why the sudden freedom of information?

  45. AOD – Optimism isn’t allowed ;)

    And if your going to have tea with someone, that Anil Ambami would do. At least it’s closer for you :)

  46. Aussie Magpie – erm, I’m pretty sure they have my £400 authorised and ready to commit for the privilege of following my beloved club. I’m certainly not alone.

    I’m not sure in what context people you mean people are demanding money be spent but that’s generally how this ‘beautiful game’ we all love works, no?

    Most of us are just ticked off at the manner in which they deliver these unnecessary messages and also at the muffled nature of them. They cause more bother than it’s worth.

  47. hes clever he is giving a glimpse into the books for potential buyers which will be none anyway whilst unsettling players and making fans blood boil if he gets rid of a couple of players before someone buys he will gain more he will win all the time now

  48. I think the freedom of information is just to try and let us lot know why he’s chosen to do what he’s doing. Rather than go “well, i’m giving you no more money. deal with that.” Imagine the uproar that would have caused?

    I could be wrong, but that’s only happened once and it ended up a rather embarassing night in Thailand

  49. Bill gates is more generous and kind guy. He support charities,and whenever a window computer is On in the world,his Microsoft company earns money. ^_^

    Free-flowing cash. ;)

  50. moat might bid again but the thing is he will run us into more debt as he hasnt got the cash we need

  51. said to toonsy about 1 week ago he would make his money back by keeping the wage structure the same but not in me wildest dreams did i think he would not be buying any players.that means i was right in saying he would get his money back in 5 years making a huge profit on us each year 4 five years which will get the money he has put into us what a big tw>.t he is. no way is he staying on now he will sell soon and get out of are club. but his he missing the point he has got to keep the club in the prem 4 five years or we will still put money in that fat bast..rds pocket which will start by buying the new kit.

  52. im deffo there mate send letters to all arab billionaires but if they have anything to do with selling trainers have a tee towel on there heeds false beard and nose with a cockney accent and spurs shirt be careful he will sting ya for the lot

  53. The whole crux of it is that this statement has created more doubt and uncertainty than there would have been without it.

    Communication is great, and I appreciate the reasoning behind it. But communication also needs to be definitve, to not leave things unanswered. This has just raised more questions.

    Less than 24 hours ago we were all bickering about whether we would spend 5,10,15 million or whatever, because that is all we could speculate about really. Now look at it, questions about everything.

    PR skills are slightly below zero with Ashley, surprising when selling products is supposed to be his forte. You think he would know how to entice people and keep them interested.

  54. I quote –

    “He’s basically just looked at a handful of successful footballing templates and applied it to us without any substance or grounding.

    – Become self sufficient – Arsenal
    – Promote from within/boot room mentality- Liverpool of old
    – Develop stars of the future – Barcelona
    – Stand up against the press – Man U

    All we need now is to put a Wenger, Shankly or Fergusson in place and get the greatest scouting network on the planet up and running…piece of p*ss
    and all without spending a penny…*

  55. i bet any money when ashley sells he sells to a complete plug as a parting shot without a doubt

  56. Toonsy, not sure if this has already been covered in a previous blog. But, a mate of mine reckons Ashley has changed the payback clause in the accounts.. Do you have any evidence of this? not sure if I believe it..

  57. Daverism – It’s gone to payment on demand and not payment on sale so I hear.

  58. Daverism – it’s in the published accounts. It’s now payable on demand rather than if we get sold.

  59. BBM, Toonsy..

    I’ve tried finding something about it but all I can find is Payable on Change of Ownership.. can you point me in the right direction?

  60. Re Club Sale

    Any Business is for sale at the right price. Mike Ashley ( What ever else he may be is a Buisness Man) and if the right financial offer comes along will sell. Newcastle United are once again a Premier League Club and have an ubelievable attendance record which held firm during their spell in the Championship.
    The club are a more impressive buy than they ere the last two times on the market. The question is -Do we want to be another Man City or Chelski or are we happy with the success of a group of players who understand what it means to play for Newcastle. I don’t want to go back to the prima Donnas like Michael Owen.

  61. toonsy says:
    May 10, 2010 at 2:59 pm
    So thats me, Cropper and Chuck who reckon the sale sign is quietly up so far

    For sale signs never came down.

    BBM – Is it coincidence that the loan is now payment on demand and all of a sudden next season we will be running at a loss when it’s been widely accepted we would be at least breaking even?

    Even Mr Humility himslef acknowledge we’d be in top notch shape next season – Rangerman too, who is an accountant I believe…

    Something amiss imo.

    Cannot he not just say this club is now starting to pay me back?

  62. Ah right..

    Still, until I actually see the accounts in black and white or get a quote from someone in power about that, I don’t believe it. Not least because it’s in the Sunday Sun and the Journal is reporting it as being on Change of Ownership.

  63. toonsy – see Stu @ 81, there’s your conspiracy theory…

    stu – yep, a bit of honesty wouldn’t go amiss, I guess the waters will become ever muddier. In fact, a cynic might say this has been smoke and mirrors all along. Except the opposition aren’t the ones being misled.

  64. Daverism says:
    May 10, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    Why don’t you go and pay a fiver to companies house and look at the accounts if you don’t believe the papaers, you tight sod!

  65. Nah, I’m no theorist. Just offering a tasty alternative for those who want to run with it.

  66. Never let a lack of understanding(of jargon) get in the way of a damn good moan or conspiracy theory.

  67. danny wellbeck and tom cleverley on loan they will keep us up like!!! and the survey said eeerrr eeeeeerrrrr

  68. toonsy says:
    May 10, 2010 at 2:43 pm
    Bowburn – just look it up and copy it, like I did.

    Toonsy, you disappoint me…. copying indeed!

    We need genuine intellects like Stardust to wow us with their wisdom……… he told me to say

  69. Probably because I wasn’t aware you could do that Stu, you sarcastic clem!

    Also, No. I do not believe the papers, with good reason. 60 pages of scary bullmuck.

  70. Aussie Magpie fan.
    What exactly do you find funny about my contribution above.
    I simply stated that Ashley wants out, thats obvious if you have a brain in your head, but before he goes he wants to collect some of the big bucks from tv. revenue.
    Doubt if he is in a hurry to sell as he would like to get his 100m loan back first, that would make the club easier to sell.
    Therefore the supposed five year plan.
    Does that sound unreasonable ?
    The risk is not venturing funds to keep the side from being relegated.
    We will see come Christmas, if the club is struggling then he may be forced to buy, but dont expect much untill then except perhaps a few loaners.
    In other words, maximise income minimumise expenditure.
    I suppose thats just fine with you being the fiscal concervative and seemingly concerned about Ashleys fortune, than having a decent side.

  71. There are no guarantees when it comes to developing younger players.

    For every Andy Carroll there’s a Fabio Zamblera.

    And for every Steven Taylor, there’s a Phil Cave.

    Well said Lee Ryder.

    Huge risk from Ashley – Yet again!

  72. When Mike Ashley says that there will be no “capital outlay” on new players, this doesn’t necessarily mean that no new players will be purchased, or that players will only be purchased at the expense of old players leaving the squad.

    Capital expenditures or outlays are costs which can’t be deducted in the year in which they are paid or incurred, and must be capitalized by Ashley injecting more of his own money into the side. If the costs can be deducted from increased revenue coming from being in the Premiership, then it isn’t necessarily CAPEX or Capital outlay. Though of course, muckrakers like Louise Taylor will attempt to convince supporters that no new players will be bought at all.

    Happy now everyone?

  73. Cheers Worky,

    That’s what I’ve been trying to say in my own special stuttery sort of way.

  74. Worky,
    if i thought that that would be the end of it, i would be very happy.
    But as we all know, you’ll need a air-hammer to get through.

  75. Chuck says:
    May 10, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    You’re spot on mate.

    It can be easily explained like this:

    1, Ashley wants to sell

    2, He knows nobody will pay his £200m asking price (Which would pay his loan back too)

    3, He takes the loan back over a period of 5 years – Thus the club running at a loss – All spare cash goes to him not improving the club on the pitch – Massive gamble – But he does like a gamble doesn’t he?

    4, When the loan is paid off the club is a much more attractive proposition (Providing it’s still in the PL) he then sells and makes a nice profit.

    5, If someone comes in and makes an offer in the meantime, he still gets his money back – He’s in a no lose situation.

    Only people who lose are the supporters – All our money goes to pay back the man who has made the club a laughing stock, yet again!

  76. wait for it the next player we are linked with wait for it well if it isnt andy o brien this would be a coup !!!!!!!

  77. workyticket says:
    May 10, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    Oh thank God for the great Gatsby!

    We’ll take that as gospel then, Worky.

  78. Daverism says:
    May 10, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    “Cheers Worky,

    That’s what I’ve been trying to say in my own special stuttery sort of way.”

    The statement is a very confusing use of words for the majority of supporters who aren’t au fait with business terminology. It also shows that fans are still on something of a ‘hair trigger’ as far as Ashley and Llambias are concerned, and that they are still suceptible to being negatively influenced by dishonest journalists.

  79. I’d take old Broken Conk back. He’s a good professional and by signing old players who aren’t wanted at their current clubs, it’s step in the right direction. Backwards, right?

  80. Agreed Worky,

    As I was reading it last night, I was thinking ah well that ain’t all that bad. Then I thought “ah, wait til the papers read that bit, they’ll pull us through every sh**y hedge they can find.”

    Sure enough.

  81. ‘CapitaL Outlay’

    Apparently means when you pay for something over the period of more than a year. So the statement simply means if we buy players, it will be done outright instead of paying in installments.

  82. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 10, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    if i thought that that would be the end of it, i would be very happy.
    But as we all know, you’ll need a air-hammer to get through.”

    The “Ludovico Technique” might work, Clint. ;-)

  83. worky – howay, it’s not just Taylor and her ilk. It just reads so negatively that it’s going to immediately be interpreted badly by those reading it. And even now in the context of where we are, it’s not necessarily explaining that we have a budget. All it does is permeate doubt amongst supporters. I can’t believe they couldn’t see that.

    And surely you of all people, cringed at their ‘Geordie nation’, ‘torch bearers’ spiel?

    Presumably they haven’t installed the new media officer…

  84. hitman says:
    May 10, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    They can’t mean that, hitman.

    They haven’t been doing that for 2 years now and we all know it – So why say it now?

    That fact is somebody at the club should have read that and said “Why the fck are we sending this statement out like this?”.

    It just shows the complete incompetance of the men running the club – They still think their chasing Arabs for gambling debts or selling cheap golf clubs!

    This is a business where the customers are emotive – Not swayed by how many pairs of socks you get for the price of one.

  85. this is somthing that would float the almighty ones boat,this is reet up his sh1tter :)

  86. ‘CapitaL Outlay’

    Apparently means when you pay for something over the period of more than a year. So the statement simply means if we buy players, it will be done outright instead of paying in installments.

    Said that hours ago – paying for a player from Revenue and not capitalising the asset in the accounts to depreciate over a number of years.

    Many are understandabley confused by a statement that’s been designed to give a message and penned by a legal drafter. Ashely, no matter what many might think, aint stupid – a bit cack handed sometimes but not stupid.

    Must say I just can’t understand how folk can resent Ashley for wanting his loans repaid. Would the critics lend me £130 (not £130 million) on the basis that I’ll not repay it? I doubt it very much.

  87. Worky,
    That might ‘just’ work.
    Pin the glazzies open & force ’em to viddy a business jargon course.
    Pure horroshow!

  88. Haiz,i am gutted that no one notice the clear open inverted commas i made in the comment i made way earlier.

    I thought some ppl here will get something from my hint.

    Here i type again.Hope you all get to understand. FYI,capital Outlay is not the main word.

    The first team squad that won the Championship this year will form the basis of the team for next season in the Premier League. There is no plan for “NEW” capital outlay on players.

  89. I don’t care about Ashley,
    He don’t care about me,
    Alls we care about is Nufc….

  90. Lesh,
    aye mate.

    People invariably don’t like what they don’t understand.
    Sad but true.

  91. bowburn,
    i’m a ‘bit worried’ by you semantic terms, so i’m off for a hissy fit.

  92. A couple of things i have been going on about for ever are, the total lack of any sign of a PR dept. at this club.
    And the obvious ignorance of those two footballing geniuses as to who their audience and customers are.
    Though fair play to them up untill yesterday they had done a decent job in converting a fair number of former radicals, into fiscal concervatives.
    No mean feat.
    Appears there`s a search for Llambias`s replacement, probably a beancounter as opposed to an oddsmaker, someone who can confuse the money issue with finance speak (something like Workeys statement)
    Folks the future of this club does not look good, you heard it here first !

  93. Soz chuck,
    but it’s ‘conservatives’ mate.

    That should sort it-a spelling bee.

  94. i cant believe how over the top the press and fans have got over this statement. most fans have taken the statement the wrong way.

    “new capital outlay mado on players” simply means we wont be buying players on payment scemes such as paying over 2-3 years

    this is the definition
    “Payments made in cash or cash equivalents over a period of more than one year”.

    so if there is £5m in the kitty we can spend it. if ashley was going to stop buying players he would of stopped it in the championship but instead he spent in january even though we were top at the time. i dont like the man but everyone has taken the statement the wrong way (i agree he should of made it clearer).

    if you also read between the lines through the rest of the statement it means we as a club wont be releasing rumours and the club will only speak about normal team matters to the press from the press officer or CH. also we will only buy players if they accept a privacy agreement so no rumours get out to the press. its about time this was done.

  95. All this is just semantics, anyway.

    There’s been about a dozen different definitions of ‘Capital expenditure’ if nobody on here can agree what it means, how do we know what they mean?

    The club must have realised what this statement would do due to it’s objectivity.

    If they didn’t mean they wouldn’t be spending any money, why didn’t they just say so? Why use a term that it’s quite clear nobody knows what they mean?

    They have been asked to clarify the statement but they have just repeated what it said.

    Who is the PR guy at this club?

  96. They’ve put out a typical business statement.
    If people &/or the press twist that to mean ‘whatever’, so be it.

  97. I need more tin-foil, not because I’m a heroin adict. I need to make a new hat ;)

  98. Stuart79 says:
    May 10, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    “All this is just semantics, anyway.

    There’s been about a dozen different definitions of ‘Capital expenditure’ if nobody on here can agree what it means, how do we know what they mean?”

    Waldorf, you wrote that you had a “business degree” once, so surely you should know what capital outlay or capital expenditure is anyway.

  99. workyticket says:
    May 10, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    No I don’t Worky! Stardust mistakes me often for someone else.

    You quite obviously don’t have a clue what they mean too, I guess.

  100. I’m pretty sure, like many terms (jargon if you like, as CLiNT put it), Capital Outlay can quite easily be misinterpreted or used differently. I’m not convinced it’s hard and fast.

    So while this might only be related to the ‘installments’ policy it might also just as easily mean we just don’t spend using a new cash injection, i.e. something which undoubtedly needs to be paid back

  101. for people on here to say it dosnt mean were not going to buy players,yous must be reet coz every paper football web site and sky sports have it as we wont be buying anyone,well done.. :wink:

  102. Is it just me or does this statement seem to have come at a rather bizzare time considering new season ticket sales are due to commence. Surely it would have been better business sense to come out with a statement claiming positives for next season.

  103. DJG – they’ve obviously got a decent take up on the mugs who have already renewed. Oh hang on…

  104. There has`nt ever been a PR dept. @ the club, from my observations.
    Hey stuff like that cost`s money!

  105. The press aren’t exactly a paragon of intelligence though are they.
    & they hate us & will twist/spin anything they get their hands on.
    Especially after they’ve read the bit about them being left out of the loop.

  106. bowburnmag says:
    May 10, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    “I’m pretty sure, like many terms (jargon if you like, as CLiNT put it), Capital Outlay can quite easily be misinterpreted or used differently. I’m not convinced it’s hard and fast.

    So while this might only be related to the ‘installments’ policy it might also just as easily mean we just don’t spend using a new cash injection, i.e. something which undoubtedly needs to be paid back”

    It is quite hard and fast Bowburn. It means major long term investment that will have to paid back over a number of years, like building a new stadium for example, as opposed to expenditure which could be paid out of the revenue coming in for a given financial year.

  107. as for people……………

    ……….well they voted for mr blobby or laughingly thought the libdems were an alternative.


  108. The club under this regime deserve no sympathy with regards to the press after they admitted lying to them and us in a public relations excercise.

  109. so at the end of the day chaps,will we be spending money on players,because i carnt make head nor tail of this shite..

  110. My understanding of capital outlay is that it requires multi- year liability on a balance sheet. So for emaple 10M goes on the books as a 2M liability for each of 5 years. You could instead put something on the books for 10M in the year the asset is acquired.

    Stuart @97: i think you sum it up well. But it isn’t exactly win/win for Ashley if we get relegated in the meantime.

  111. hitman says:
    May 10, 2010 at 5:24 pm
    so at the end of the day chaps,will we be spending money on players,because i carnt make head nor tail of this shite..

    Despite the patronising comments from some on here, hitman the truth is nobody has a clue – When it comes to second guessing Ashley it’s a mugs game.

  112. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 10, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    “The press aren’t exactly a paragon of intelligence though are they.
    & they hate us & will twist/spin anything they get their hands on.”

    They don’t “hate us” Clint, that was just a guff from John Hall to get Geordies radged. Actually, John Hall saying that “they” hate us is the same kind of manipulation as the press use on simpletons, which is quite ironic really. It’s nothing personal though, just business.

  113. Ashley’s 5 year plan is this…

    Get rid of overpaid players from previous regime, last summer Owen £100K+, Martins, Viduka ect. This summer Geremi £60K, Nicky Butt £50K handshake, thanks alot ta ta.

    Ensure we have enough ‘homegrown’ players for the upcomming rule changes, both English and being here 4 years through academy like Krul and Vuckic.

    Gamble on players like Krul and Vuckic being good enough to keep us in the prem in 5 years who cost relatively little and keep wages just high enough to keep them here. Hope they arnt so good that other teams dont come sniffing.

    Next season and season after that have £60M income and keep lowering wages below £40M mark to ensure paying off the overdraft and then Ashley getting his money back so is in 5 years in a position to sell at profit.

    Hope that more and more clubs ‘do a Portsmouth’ while we are relatively secure and new rules come in about ‘homegrown’ players and ‘spending within means’ that will allow us to gradually have more spending power than other clubs that have either imploded financially, (Man U, Liverpool) or have lower support to us (Wigan, Wolves ect).

  114. hitman says:
    May 10, 2010 at 5:24 pm
    “so at the end of the day chaps,will we be spending money on players,because i carnt make head nor tail of this shite..”

    Hitman, It means that if they do buy any players, it would have to be paid for out of some of the 90 million or so revenue coming in next year. We won’t be buying Ronaldo, Messi, and Kaka and offsetting it against projected income many years in the future (ie the ‘Shepherd Doctrine’)

  115. Worky,
    aye maybe,
    but they do a great impression of hate.

    Let’s just say they see us as a perfect opportunity to practice the worst kind of ‘petty’ journalism(?).

    we will be buying, just not splurging mate.

    Like the design DJG.

  116. DJG says:
    May 10, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    “Next season and season after that have £60M income”

    DJG, Newcastle United’s overall income will be more thn that in the Premiership, it will be more like £90 million per annum. This will be slightly lower than before, but our expenditure will be lower too.

  117. adam boulton and alistar campbell have just nearly went tot 2 toe on sky news :)

  118. Wht’s all this about not buying on tick anymore being the definition of CAPEX?

    It quite obviously doesn’t mean anything of the sort – NUFC have always paid up front for transfers since Ashley took over. Why would he say it in these terms, when in the past he and Llambias have come out and explained it in perfect English?

  119. OK, I concede so far as my ‘expert in the field’ describes, the type of purchase we’re looking at is ‘revenue expenditure’, i.e. based on using what’s coming in rather than against the next lot of books. I can see that makes sense now, so fair play worky.

    And of course it makes sense but like I said earlier and echoing stu, what has changed that they need to spell it out (but in terms that are confusing to the layperson)? Also why make a comment about not making a comment? Just don’t comment.

    It was still a rotten statement, the proof is in the chaos it caused.

  120. Stuart79 says:
    May 10, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    “Wht’s all this about not buying on tick anymore being the definition of CAPEX?

    It quite obviously doesn’t mean anything of the sort”

    No, it doesn’t, Waldorf. That’s just you trying to distort the argument again to point score. It doesn’t work. What’s the point?

  121. bowburnmag says:
    May 10, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    “It was still a rotten statement, the proof is in the chaos it caused.”

    Nowt like a good (or bad) statement to get people foaming at the gash ;)

  122. bowburn,
    surely it clarifies everything now though.

    If you see a player in a Toon shirt, we’ve bought ’em, not before.
    If it didn’t come from the ‘horses mouth’, it’s BS.
    Etc, etc.

  123. That’s Stuart’s schtick though worky, you should knaa that by now.

  124. Oh, beaten to it :(

    CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 10, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    “That’s Stuart’s schtick though worky, you should knaa that by now.”

    I never noticed ;)

  125. Good old certain Japanese hybrid cars on Downing Street. Keep up the good work ;)

  126. workyticket says:
    May 10, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    “Sorry, that long e.mail I promised may have to wait. I’m reentering the blogging arena!”

    Crack on. Have to plan tonights 400 mile journey anyway :(

  127. workyticket says:
    May 10, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    My point is wannabe oracle, that the regime have been telling us for the last two years we pay for players up front now and don’t pay in installments.

    So why all of a sudden if what you say is true, are they starting to use ridiculous business jargon?

    They have never used that talk before – In the past it’s all been very straight forward with no room for mis-interpretation – Meaning the same thing according to you.

  128. toonsy says:
    May 10, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    “Recon Worky should write something on this”

    Toonsy, there’s a dinner with my name on it, then I’ll get gannin’!

  129. Stuart79 says:
    May 10, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    “My point is wannabe oracle”

    Fight fight fight :lol:

  130. Thanx lads, hitman, toonsy.

    Worky, get y’writing boots on mate.

  131. bowburn,
    nice one,
    the media don’t like it up ’em, do they.

  132. I have indeed, CLiNT. Hoping to get another 5 dealerships out the way tonight :(

  133. A plan to make the club “break even” by 2015-16 has been introduced. That can only mean the squad will be pared back further in coming seasons. Big earning stars won’t be handed the same contracts. If they leave, kids from the academy and reserves will be “promoted from within” to fill the gaps.

    The dream of having an Academy mopping up and developing Geordie lads into first team stars is great if it can be turned into a reality. But that was the dream when Ashley took over three years ago.

    The progress? Newcastle United Academy side, with only a handful of locals, finished third out of 10, in Group D of their league this season, behind Sunderland and Notts Forest kids. “Newcastle United currently has a footballing academy brimming with talent, skill and dedication,” says the statement. Not as brimming as other clubs, it seems.

    The reserve team, the testing ground for those kids who will now be “promoted from within” to Premier League squad, finished 6th out of 10, behind champions Leeds, and trailing Hartlepoool and Rotherham.

    Of course it is laudable that United want to end: “…the days when players such as Alan Shearer, Steve Bruce, Peter Beardsley and Michael Carrick had to leave Newcastle to begin their illustrious football careers elsewhere. Newcastle United is more than aware of the great passion for the game of football that exists locally and is intent on ensuring that every great Geordie footballer has the opportunity to play for his home team club.”

    Great, but how does that fit with home grown defender Steven Taylor, who could be sold this summer because United won’t want to renew his contract that has a year left.

    Sums it up pretty well I think.

    Our reserve players cannot even get the better of Rotherham or Hartlepool.

    How will they do against PL clubs I wonder??????


  134. Why won’t we ‘want’ to renew S Taylor’s contract?
    That’s a bit of a leap.

  135. Simon Bird actually, toonsy.

    CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 10, 2010 at 7:08 pm
    Why won’t we ‘want’ to renew S Taylor’s contract?
    That’s a bit of a leap.

    I guess that’s his opinion. I wouldn’t have thought we would pay him what he will get elswhere anyway – So he could well be on his way this season.

  136. Well Stuart,
    if more deng is more important than the Toon, so be it.
    Wouldn’t wanna get in the way of someone’s happiness like.

  137. But didn’t you say ‘United won’t want to renew’?
    Then you shift the emphasis to Taylor might want more cash?

  138. Just seen that Adam Boulton v Alistair Campbell bust up. How funny?

    Adam Boulton needs to calm down – Full credit to the other fella trying to talk to camera to introduce the next piece while their still both going at it!


  139. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 10, 2010 at 7:28 pm
    Well Stuart,
    if more deng is more important than the Toon, so be it.
    Wouldn’t wanna get in the way of someone’s happiness like.

    Are you on planet earth?

    Do you know anyone who wouldn’t swap jobs for better prospects and a higher salary?

    CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 10, 2010 at 7:31 pm
    But didn’t you say ‘United won’t want to renew’?
    Then you shift the emphasis to Taylor might want more cash?

    No I didn’t say that actually – If you read my comments after I told you who written that piece – Simon Bird, not me!

    Get all the facts before you try and be smart.. It would help you – Otherwise you look retarded.

  140. You’re an abusive & cheeky C*** mate.

    I know plenty of people who do a job they love for less money.
    What planet are you on?

  141. Fat Mikes 5 year plan…..1st Year Relegation
    2nd Year Pocket Parachute payment
    3rd year Pocket Parachute payment
    4th Year Pocket Parachute payment
    5th year Pocket Parachute payment

    Administration!! Cos they still owe me 111 million!!

  142. Thanks for that CLiNT.

    Still 99.9% of people don’t work for less money than they could get unless thirty old or insane!

  143. Stuart79 says:
    May 10, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    “Do you know anyone who wouldn’t swap jobs for better prospects and a higher salary?”

    Stuart, quite a few actually. Not everyone in this world is as mercenary and as one dimensional as that.

  144. I’d have put my mortgage on you saying something like that, Worky. Or at least you knowing somebody like that.

    Although I would call it ambitions not mercanary. But I guess not everyone has that desire and hunger to improve themselves and their lives.