Hughton: “I can certainly see players coming in”.

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Hughton: On the sniff despite what the press say.
Hughton: On the sniff despite what the press say.
Toon managerial maestro, Chris Hughton, has been looking forward to Newcastle United’s return to the Premiership, and keeping an eye out for new players so it seems. In an interview for Newcastle’s Chronic, he spoke of the need for selective reinforcements, though reiterating that feels he already has the nucleus of a squad which could succeed at the highest level. He began on the need for continuity, saying:

“One thing we need to keep is the spirit and enthusiasm we had last season. That, for me, is one of the most important things.”

Although members of the press have kindly informed Hughton that he will have no money whatsoever to spend on new players, Newcastle’s deluded manager insisted that he has been out trawling for new faces at the club. On this he added:

“We know what we need to do to the squad, we’re identifying the players we need to bring in.”

Hughton then added he has been taking a more ‘hands on’ approach in the hunt now that last season is over, saying:

“I’ve managed to get out to quite a few games in a couple of countries.

“During the season, I didn’t get out to as many games as I would have liked because of our fixtures.”

Continuing, he suggested that he knew what the priorities were for the squad, put wisely kept his cards close to his chest as regards naming what they are:

“We’re aware of what we have to do to the squad, and the areas we need to strengthen, and also the cover we need.

“I don’t think there’ll be a lot of players coming in, but we need a squad capable of competing in the Premier League.

“I can certainly see players coming in, but I don’t see wholesale changes.”

Hughton finally moved on to the perpetual press speculation, and how he has been happy with his previous dealings, concluding:

“A lot of names will be thrown at us, and a lot of names will leak out to the Press.

“For a lot of them, there’ll be absolutely nothing in them at all. We have to accept that.

“What we’ve managed to do well is bring in some players in the right way.”

Here’s to hoping it continues in the next few months…

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185 Responses

  1. Why not Stu? I get accused of being racist by Chuck for telling someone to ignore him.

    Just roll with it man :D

  2. CH Definatly sees players coming in…average foreign youngsters between 12 and 16,couple of freebies,few cast offs from premiership and championship clubs,some big names from scotland etc

    I see him on the dole by xmas if he is not given sufficient funds to assemble a decent premiership team,Ashley will tell him to get stuffed and appoint another yes man.

  3. “I don’t think there’ll be a lot of players coming in”

    Me neither, Chris. Just look forward to your pay off in January.

    We know Ashley likes splashing the cash on managers pay offs – Not incoming players.

    Good luck and I hope it’s not too dry – When you’re hung ou by the prick!

  4. sirjasontoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    “I see him on the dole by xmas if he is not given sufficient funds to assemble a decent premiership team,Ashley will tell him to get stuffed and appoint another yes man.”

    What do you mean by “yes man”, Sir Jason? Would it make you happier if he walked out of the club as some kind of protest against Ashley?

  5. WORKY,whats you take on comments by N.Quinn,of the dark side on ssn about ashley

  6. Worky,

    Is it a fixation of yours to twist peoples words into a meaning which suits you, so that you can set up an arguement?

    Don’t you have anything better to do in your sad lonely existance?

  7. @4

    Very droll….

    You don’t half whinge. Wait until September 1st to moan (or otherwise) about the transfers. We have the squad to stay in the premiership now.

    Remember…we have a 5 year plan (renews daily) in place so I would expect too much too soon dude!

  8. icedog says:
    May 17, 2010 at 6:34 pm
    WORKY,whats you take on comments by N.Quinn,of the dark side on ssn about ashley

    I’ll answer that too – Quinn thinks Ashley’s a complete prick like the rest of us, only he’s too much of a gent to say so.

    He’s the template for all chairman – Watchin Lambs arse?

  9. Careful SJT

    Next thing he’s going to pop a quote of some historical figures personal opinion to excentuate his arguement :)

    He thinks it makes him look intellegent. But just go with it! For his sake. Shame…

  10. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    May 17, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    “New Head of Media – “Wendy Taylor, formerly of Newcastle Airport”

    No relation to Louise, I hope.

  11. STUART was thinking more on money to spend comment,but take your point like m8

  12. thats true ch will be shown the door some one will come in change things end up fightin the drop be laughing stock again we need good players in or face it back in fizzy pop

  13. My Name is Chris Hughton,
    I landed my dream a while back at a big Club called NUFC.
    Can you believe it ?? Me given the opportunity to manage a once great club that has fallen on hard times because of neglect by it’s owner Mike Ashley…I still pinch myself every morning…it is amazing!

    I feel like a real manager and Mike calls me “The Gaffer”, I have a cobbled together contract,no decision making duties to do and earn a very little salary compared to other managers..that’s all good to me.

    All I do all day is make Mike and Derek the odd brew, spin what the Owner wants me to say at press conferences,I ask for very little,keep my mouth shut and I am always and do as I am told (it’s in the contract).

    Most footballing decisions are made by the team,Smithy takes team talks about motivation,Nolan talks about tactics and positional awareness and I take notes and clean the boots as well while they crack on about technical stuff.

    It’s a great Job,

    Thanks Big Mick and Derek
    Regards Chris “The Gaffer”

  14. jj,
    you’re spoiling for a fight mate.
    Let it go dood.

    quim is a ****, he’s not a gentleman, i’ve met him, inadvertently. Not a nice man.

  15. Worky;

    I echo that statement.


    Chris Mort mark II? I certainly hope so. We certainly need someone “media friednly” to communicate messages to us fans.

  16. Bollox to communicating to the fans.
    That’s the same as spilling all to the press mongs.

    We only descend into clairvoyancy & fantasy anyway, so what’s the point?

  17. I like Chris don’t get me wrong but he seems a bit ballless to me-he should be banging Ashley’s door off it’s hinges “Show me the Money Fatty !!!”

    Mike will walk all over CH give him time.

  18. icedog says:
    May 17, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    “WORKY,whats you take on comments by N.Quinn,of the dark side on ssn about ashley”

    Icedog, I’ve only read:

    “They could be playing a clever game,” Quinn said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Hughton has loads of money to spend.”


    “They may have set themselves up a little bit when Mike took them on, there was a new pressure because he was bringing so much money into the club, the outside world thought, ‘This is it, Newcastle are going to be in the top four’. This time around I’m sure they’ve learnt an awful lot to give a lesser message out and anything better is a bonus.”

    I think it’s an exaggeration to say that people thought that Newcastle would be in the top four after Ashley took over, and I don’t think that Chris Hughton will be given “loads” of money either, just some. But the rest more or less is more or less in agreement with my own thoughts.

  19. CLiNT – We do that anyway, I mean SJT knows the inside and outside of everything that goes on privately at Newcastle, cant you tell? :)

  20. workyticket says:
    May 17, 2010 at 6:30 pm
    sirjasontoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    “I see him on the dole by xmas if he is not given sufficient funds to assemble a decent premiership team,Ashley will tell him to get stuffed and appoint another yes man.”

    What do you mean by “yes man”, Sir Jason?

    Chris is a grateful “yes man”

  21. ice,
    i was a bit surprised, as he gets very good press, though that shoulda been a warning like.

  22. If only Clint – I’d finish the debate far quicker that way :)…


    I’ve been very impressed every time Hughton has come out to talk to the press.
    I think every time there need be comment made, he has been very reassuring to the supporters without giving too much away to the media. Which I think is the perfect mix.

    As far as Ashley’s part goes. I don’t trust him. But we will only be able to see what his intentions are by the time the league kicks off. Hopefully, CH will get the players in he feels he needs without losing anyone of importants.

  23. Come on lads Mike is just laughing at CH,He has a man at the helm who “JUMS!” when either Mike or Llambias clap their hands.

  24. sirjasontoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    “I like Chris don’t get me wrong but he seems a bit ballless to me-he should be banging Ashley’s door off it’s hinges “Show me the Money Fatty !!!”

    He’d just end up as a pundit like Alan Shearer and Kevin Keegan though, and Newcastle would be back in turmoil looking for another manager. What’s the point of that, Sir Jason?

  25. I believe the season ticket up take has been really, really poor so far.

    Wouldn’t be suprised if we have less holders than last year , personally.

  26. sirjasontoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    “Come on lads Mike is just laughing at CH,He has a man at the helm who “JUMS!” when either Mike or Llambias clap their hands.”

    Sir Jason, why do you hate Chris Hughton so much? What has he ever done to you?

  27. I just think if CH is given measly backing and we start badly pressure will mount and CH has not been under much last season…Big Mick wants miracles with peanuts and it isn’t going to happen at premiership level…look at the baggies….proper YO-YO’S.

  28. I’d rather be a pundit with dignity than a football manager who’s a yes man.

  29. 33 Worky I have already stated I like Chris…just think he needs to demand some decent cash for transfers.

  30. sirjasontoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Ashley wants champagne on beer money!

    We all know he likes his bottles of crystal – He spent more money on it in a bar in New York than he’s giving Hughton to spend on new players!

    What a prick!

  31. There is no dignity in being a yes man Stuart I agree.
    Like I have said CH is a decent chap…will find it tuff in the prem though once he gets a few maulings and heads start to drop.

    My gut feeling is Big Mick doesn’t see him as a long term manager cos he would be backing him to the hilt and tying him up in some lucrative deal,(Like the one he offered JK but with the names changed.)

  32. kk is very indignant every time he here’s of a manager getting the push or walking away.
    You see him get all 5’6″ high & mighty on espn regularly.
    & Shearer is a motd ‘yes man’ these days, sad.

  33. We don’t know what CH has asked for or been promised if anything,but any manager can only ask for money and not demand.At the end of the day at any club its the chairman/owner who decides how much money is available and any amount of foot stamping and shouting won’t make a blind bit of difference imo.

  34. Sadly,
    MA is probably doing the right thing with regards CH.
    Got a year on his contract, if it goes tits up, we’ll all get on his back, he’ll be able to ditch him & get someone else, which will appease the natives.
    Sounds like a sensible situation.

  35. If I was CH I would be wondering how we might create and craft some goals against premiership opposition…the gulf is huge,bigger than I ever realised seeing this championship stuff for a season….against so many teams that where toothless up front we scraped by sometimes only creating 1 scoring opportunity in that match..I think Swansea awaymatch went along them lines.

    Next season we will be facing proven strikers that I think will make us whipping boys quite easily without some decent spending.

  36. Stuart79 says:
    May 17, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    “I’d rather be a pundit with dignity than a football manager who’s a yes man.”

    You’ll never be either, Stuart, and you will never have the dignity that Chris Hughton has, not in a million years.

  37. Thats reet Icedog. You can scream blue murder but it means nowt if no-one listens.

  38. Evening lads, SJT tbh im glad he isnt offering him a long contract as I have said before CH had a massive advantage in the CCC with the squad we have. I think we’re better waiting to see how he can pick the players up after a few beatings in the Prem.

  39. Evening David ;)

    I don’t think Hughton will need to work too hard to pick the team up if we do get battered. He has Nolan and Smith who will take it upon themselves to do most of the work of keeping the team on track in my opinion.

  40. TOONSY,i know m8 have that problem with wor lass ;),still say 3 comeing in like

  41. That’s true SJT some of the finishing we faced in the CCC was woeful which helped our clean sheets but I still think defence wise on paper we are better than most of the bottom half teams in the prem.Obviously on paper means nowt and I agree we will need to strengthen and believe we will to a degree.The question is to what degree because we don’t just need to strengthen for cover,but we possibly need 2/3 players who can go straight into the team.

  42. He’ll be hung out to dry like the rest of Ashley’s managers!

    It’s all in the form book – Just read it!

  43. toonsy says:
    May 17, 2010 at 7:08 pm

    Words don’t win you matches – Skill and talent does!

  44. BIG DAVE seems like 1yr rolling contracts are becomeing the way to go at a few clubs.

    hows the golfing going m8 ;)

  45. Who thinks we’ll be battered next season?
    How many thought we would get battered last season?
    How many thought both?
    How many neither?
    Extrapolate some %’s from that & decide who to believe.

  46. i think your all wrong dont you think hughton asked for players in jan and got them routledge, williamson, best and simpson so i think he has asked i think he will make a few decent signings he hasnt done too badly so far apart from best but he is young and can only get better cant belive a lot of you slagging hughton if it wasnt for him wed be in league one now

  47. danny,
    stop applying history & logic mate.
    You’re asking for trouble man.

  48. danny,

    Ashley knew without PL football it would cost him a fortune to run the club and if we didn’t get promotion this season we never would, as most of the other high earners would have to be sold.

    Now were in the PL he can let us drift along without investing in new players – That’s whay we spent in Jan.

    He’s gambling that now were here we’ll stay here –

  49. Evening Toonsy me old Bean, im not 100% sure Smith will have a big part to play as I cant really see where he is going to fit in so he might not be a happy bunny.
    Ice ye Rascal ;)

  50. sorry clint trying to be positive but you cant with SOME of the nagative unrealistic fans on here!!

  51. Stuart79 says:
    May 17, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    “He’s gambling that now were here we’ll stay here”

    Has the transfer window closed yet?

  52. Danny….which bit am I wrong on m8?……I havn’t said CH didn’t ask for and get money for transfers and I’ve never slagged him off.He did a fantastic job last year in difficult circumstances and has earned the right to lead us into the prem.

  53. The thing about the net is people hide behind their keyboard and say things they wouldnt dare say to people in real life. Its sometimes quite amusing to see what people really think but sometimes a bit disrespectful like.

  54. Big Dave:
    May 17th, 2010 at 7:20 pm
    Jay Jay hows the Bro mate

    he’s not too bad thanks mate, he’s coming over in a few weeks, how’s yourself?

  55. Like I have said before if NUFC was mine right now I would put up £20m just for new players and see how it goes….then if things are looking bad at xmas spend another £10m and at least I could hold my hands up and say as the Owner I invested in my Club and tried to push it forward.

    If that fails I would kill all the players and staff,demolish the ground and blow my feckin brains oot…Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

    More Leon Best’s please Big Mick.

  56. At least Toonsy joins in with the comments and is there to defend his opinions. Ed just buggers off to find the next scrap of nowt and write a thread about it.

  57. DJG……too true mate,insults can be funny but sometimes people over step the mark………mind that can still be funny ;-)

  58. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooon !!!!!!!! Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooon !!!!!!

  59. Danny,
    hang in there mate, i’m with you.

    good call mate.

  60. toonsy says:
    May 17, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    It’s all in the form book – It’s free to read – Take a look.

    There the facts.

  61. A bit of banter on a blog never hurt nobody….not really had any run ins on here had a few with wum’s on the old blog…calmed down a bit these days though and there aint so many wum’s about to batter with my macbook warriorboard :)

    Miss Ganiyu though what a TW@T.

  62. DJG says:
    May 17, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    “At least Toonsy joins in with the comments and is there to defend his opinions. Ed just buggers off to find the next scrap of nowt and write a thread about it.”

    Believe it or not, I get moaned at for commenting too much ;)

  63. Wormwood scrubs doc on itv later…bet Caroll is checking it oot on his matsui plasma.

  64. Where’s Troy Stavers these days…shared the same ip address with Stardy?

  65. Whhhhhoooo Hooooo !!! Man I was oot with Big Mick and Owl Heed the other Neet doon Blue Bamboo….man as was off me not on the columbian cuckoo dust !!

    Was mental like……proper mental, this lush lass was fluttering her eye lashes at Wor Andy and the Big Lad punched her right in the Mooth…proper funny like and Big Mick gave him a bonus…whhoooooo hoooooo proper radge like.

    Dancefloor covered in teeth..looked like an explosion at the tic tac factory lads.

  66. for what it’s worth and I’m sure SJT and Stuart will back me up ;-) I think we’ll stay up anyway,we’ll finish above WBA and Blackpool/Cardiff so we just have to finish above 1 other team who struggled last year,which I believe we will. How many of our players would you swap with Wolves/Wigan/Stoke/ not many I would think.Of course I may just be an idiotic optimist but there you go thats my opinion.

  67. Though Stardust was Stavers?

    Aye remember Ed Case had a right laugh that day on .com got everyone to say his catch phrase went on for hours :)

  68. SJT I was thinking about that the other day :)

    on a different note I cant wait to see how the new Head of media gets on, as I think that has been 1 of the biggest problems that MA and Co have had. So hopefully it will be onwards and upwards from here on in ;)

  69. SJT

    Aye mek sure to buy some plastic beakers before I invite Big Lad roond like


  70. me too Stuart lol.what I really think is nailed on Champions league,but thought ya might laugh if I said that ;-)

  71. I think this team might scrape it I do…but it is not entertainment is it….wolves,wigan and Stoke will stay up as well…good togetherness,may spend a few quid and wolves will have learned alot and the gaffer reckons they will add new players so they should be alright with a year of prem experience under their belts as well.

  72. Aye plastic beakers,soft drinks and get the hinari black and white portable out of the attic when Big Andy is on a mission :)

  73. NEVER go on ED blogs,couldnt read them as fast as he writes them anyway,always stay on this blog (the best imo)so dont know whats going off elsewhere,used to leave odd comment on dooceys blog but seems to have gone missing lately seemed canny lad like

  74. I reckon Andy will go down this time had a few to many brushes with the old bill and will be made an example of and give the local police some accolades in the local press.

  75. SJT,
    but who’s gonna sign up for wolves, stoke or wigan?
    They don’t exactly conjure up heady football & lovely places to ply ones trade, do they?

  76. Thanx worky.
    I mighta guessed, i think i was considering the long march.

    Well, y’relearn something every 7.3 days, hey?

  77. Aye good lad Doocey…been on a couple of times…I look at Ed’s Blog but never have any banter on there as soon as 1 comments been made a new thread is started….served its purpose though and was good when there was nowt else :)

  78. True SJT scraping it isn’t entertaining but it is more so than relegation..I’m hoping Wolves get 2nd season syndrome and that Wigan will be selling some of their better players and praying Bent leaves the mackems too.Alot of if’s I know but heres hoping.

  79. icedog

    Ed’s was the biggest blog for about 2 years but he got headhunted and stopped it for a few months. When he came back everyone had gone elsewhere. I know what you mean like when you say writes them faster than you can read them, proper discussion never gets going.

  80. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 17, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Anybody if they get offered more money – That’s human nature.

  81. workyticket @114 I’m sure it was my training instructor in the army ;-)

  82. Lee Ryder from the ronnies trying to get in on the act now with his blog on the tyne. Was canny when he was at a youth game like and kept updating the blog with the going’s on.

  83. It accounts for a large % of human nature Stuart, but not all. Some people have standards & a sack.

    So you would go to play for stoke et al for a few dollars more, rather than go to a bigger/better club for a tad less?

  84. CLINT,would have been happy if we had got K.DOYLE before wolves,good team player and grafter with a bit of skill,spot on for toon imo

  85. ice,
    he is the type of player that could flourish at the Toon mate.
    There are players out there who would love to play for the Toon.

  86. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 17, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    “Thanx worky.
    I mighta guessed, i think i was considering the long march.

    Well, y’relearn something every 7.3 days, hey?”

    Clint, you should read the Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching in the Richard Wilhelm translation. It’s the most profound book I’ve ever read, and I’ve read it countless times.

  87. Icedog
    The Wolves fans were dead touchy on a thread about us going for K Doyle like so must be a canny player.

  88. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 17, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Well personally, no I wouldn’t go to Stoke – What cannot you buy on £25k a week that you can buy on £35k? But football has a history of people going for the money.

    Oh and some players would see Stoke as a more attractive proposition – Established PL aren’t they?

    Oh and forget about Doyle we’d have to sell half our squad to get him.

  89. I might well do that mate (worky).
    Thanx for the tip man, always on the hunt for a good read.

  90. CLINT who would you fancy m8,another thing about doyle he knocked back bigger clubs and bigger wages to sign for wolves,not many of them types about now m8

  91. Stuart,
    in most people’s/players minds we’re a more established team.
    No one will even remember this season.
    We have history, massive stadium etc.
    stoke are newbies.

  92. ice,
    tell that to Stuart mate, he thinks all everybody cares about is dosh.

    Stuart’s dissin’ your spiritual sensibility man.

    read a book man.

  93. Reet lads, I’m off to work. I’ve put a video on for you to watch so BE GOOD lol.

    Catch ya later ;)

  94. DJg aye m8 he is, watched him now for a couple of years even before wolves,my type of player,sure there must be still the odd diamonds out there S.COPPELL seemed to find them at reading,will be keeping eye on who he signs for bristol like

  95. Yeah remember Bennytoon aka Nando etc etc and all the others..Tom Toon was Mike Ashleys main Euro Scout and Showed wise the benefits of youtube as a scouting “Tool”.

  96. Uh Oh!
    Even you can’t dis Lao Tzu.
    His words have survived 1000’s of years, for good reason.

  97. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 17, 2010 at 8:17 pm
    Uh Oh!
    Even you can’t dis Lao Tzu.
    His words have survived 1000’s of years, for good reason.

    Aye, cos nobody reads the bloody things!

  98. I remember Tom Toon. He’d give a svouting report on obscure players…

    But the best ever was:


    Ed (Speed)

    mon the lads

  99. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 17, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    Stuart’s dissin’ your spiritual sensibility man.”

    “When a foolish person hears of the Tao, he laughs out loud. If they didn’t laugh out loud, it wouldn’t be the Tao!”


  100. Stuart79 says:
    May 17, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    “Aye, cos nobody reads the bloody things!”

    Stuart, the Tao Te Ching is one of the most widely read books in history.

  101. Pretty smart family the Tsu`s,
    The art of war was written by Sun Tzu i believe ?

  102. Chuck – and “How to cock your leg and wee against a wall” was written by Shi Tzu, wasn’t it?

  103. sirjasontoon

    i havent read such a load of utter plonking garbage before in my life. like most other deluded fans that give our club its bad name, you need emotion & fights within the club to stay happy

    yes, we’re all upset at mike ashley – but you seem to want CH to fight with mike on your behalf…you really do want another keegan situation. the footy not enough to keep you entertained mate? perhaps then you should stick to watching reality tv or some other emotionally charged form of entertainment coz CH has got dignity (look it up d-i-g-n-i-t-y) and he’s here to make the best of what he’s got.

    CH isnt a yes man … nor is mike ashley laughing at him (you mate are a real plonker for believing that a multi millionaire has appointed CH as manager so that he can sit back & have a good laugh)

  104. I didn’t even continue Reading the article after

    “Although members of the press have kindly informed Hughton that he will have no money whatsoever to spend on new players, Newcastle’s deluded manager insisted that he has been out trawling for new faces at the club.”

    Funniest thing I’ve read on this blog. Right. Time to read the rest.

  105. Bakerman-I want CH to demand Funds to make a go of it in the premiership…instead of being grateful on his £2.50 a week and as much free bovril he can drink and collo creamy’s he can eat on Match Day :)

  106. Chuck says:
    May 17, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    “Pretty smart family the Tsu`s,
    The art of war was written by Sun Tzu i believe ?”

    Every top football manager has that one! Also highly recommended.

  107. richietoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    “Daverism….I think thats Toonsy tongue in cheek to be fair mate.”

    I was being “tongue in cheek” there, richietoon.

  108. This blog might the the ultimate definition of the stereotype of Newcastle fans. Lunatic psychopaths who want a manager who has worked miracles this season to demand money on the basis they leave if he doesn’t get it.

    I really no idea what to say to that. If this blog was linked to even one newspaper sports writer, this club would be the laughing stock of international football nevermind in England.

    Seriously people, look at what you are saying here.

  109. bakerman@156

    I like CH, and think he is a decent manager as well as a gent. But no, the footy is not entertaining if I must say.

  110. Toonsy

    Show me where I called you a racist, I questioned if you were one, seeing as you stuck your nose in defending JJ who is an obvious racist.
    Look if you want to take a shot at me,o`k, but get your facts straight first.
    And you would come off better by not being so sophomoric with the personal insults, very childish !

  111. I just said to ignore you Chuck, so the argument would end.

    Does that even hint at why I should be questioned as a racist Chuck, your skating on thin ice you fecking prick. What you queationed me about was bang out of order.

    I would like an apology for you casting an aspersion on my character.

  112. Chuck, demonstrating what an old git he is again.

    Chuck, if I may ask, are you black? Because I doubt that you are, you know so little about the culture of their people…

    God help, ignorant people like yourself…

    Best way to sort someone like you out is to knock some sense into you. Which I’m sure you’ve had happen many a time with your mouth…

    But let me give you a background on this racist…

  113. Well having examined the STATEMENT from every conceivable angle by these blogs most astute minds, the answer appears to be ….Yes we will be signing re-inforcements.
    Or maybe not !
    Sorry I remain confused.
    Curious anyone see this 17yr. old kid Connor Whickham play ?
    At 6’4″ and banging them in sounds like one for the future, or even present, any interest from us ?
    Enough for the future , it`s now this first season back we should be worrying about.
    See Sid. Govoue is available as a free agent, gets his goals, a perenial pro. at around 30 would`nt break the bank and probably got two good seasons left.
    Screw the age cap, theres nothing like a bit of experience and thats where we should be looking.
    Youth is not everything.

  114. My ancestors come from British decent. About six generations back…
    My father and mother have been life long members of the Democratic Party. Now the Democratic Alliance, which stood up against the National Party (Apartheid Government) in a fight for a Democratic South Africa.
    I remember my father getting into fist fights with other people defending the rights of black people in South Africa.

    I remember the first black children that came to my primary school after a vote was held to allow mixed racial schooling. That vote was 100% in favour incase you were wondering.

    I then played my cricket for a township called Duduza, because I found the players more accepting of an English speaking person.

    I have practically been raised my black maid (domestic worker) and consider her my second mother. She calls me “Pampoen” which means Pumpkin. She still phones me to this day.

    After school I worked as a Game Ranger for 2 years. Learned the Zulu laguage. And have many black friends still working there.

    I moved on to work as a journalist. Where I work with 4 other black journalists. We all play in a social action football team once a week.

    I am extremely patriotic, of the New South Africa. My favour cricket player is Hershelle Gibbs (a coloured), my favourite Football player is Didier Droba (a black), my favourite golfer is Tiger Woods (a black) and in fact he was my ultimate idol as a human being until I found out he was shagging the world.
    My dad’s idol is Mohammed Ali. He has hundreds of books on him and posters.
    I have album after album of Lady Smith

    If you go onto Facebook, have a look at the comments my black friends make when I state exactly what I have said to you about the current government. They agree. And most of all respect me for my honesty.

    What they hate Chuck, is people like you… that treat them as if they are disadvantaged. Like some kind of mentally challenged people who need special attention.
    Because they view that as discrimination!

    When a young black cricketer gets forced into the national set up. Someone like Justin Ontong…
    On an Australian tour, Rudolph got pulled from the team because he was white and there weren’t enough players of colour.

    Justin Ontong got told he would get his first cap…
    Instead of walking out on the field, as the proudest moment of his life. Ontong was in tears in the dressing room apologising to Rudolph.
    He had to go out and bat a couple hours later. Obviously not in the right state of mind. he went out first ball…

    He is a very talented player but ha never had the same confidence since that day… They broke him… And he is not the only example.

    How dare you call me a racist for saying that politics should not get involved in sport… You sick old pathetic twisted little man!

  115. There is a big difference between European or American and African Blacks Chuck…

    The vast majority of black people here can’t stand those blacks Chuck.
    They call the “coconuts” (black on the outside, white on the inside)… They hate when they call “Africa” home.
    When you know half an atom’s worth of anything relating to the African cultures. Then you can try accuse me of whatever you like.
    I’m hear, I love this country, I love the people. I hate the government…
    Does that make me racist? If it does in your opinion, then you can get stuffed..

  116. Right… If anyone knows where Chuck lives… I promise you, I’ll buy you two season tickets for the 2011-12 season if the address is right…

  117. Oh! you had a black Mammy and your favorite cricket player is a black S/African.etc. etc.
    I`m allmost in tears here !
    Dont dig yourself a bigger hole pal!

  118. Worky,

    If you want to stop something nasty happening to Chuck, I suggest you give this toss strict instructions to drop his racist allegations… And if he continues ban him from the site.
    I don’t need to read abuse aimed at me from this ignorant f@ck when I’m looking to talk football…

  119. I’m not in any hole Chuck… But you will be if you carry on… I swear you will.
    I have nothing to prove to a waste of space like you.

    You are clearly a sad lonely person, who has been let down, probably by himself. And you are bitter inside.
    You have no friends. I bet you have no wife. If you do, I doubt shes happy…
    And your kids probably hate you if at one stage you got some las drunk enough to stick it in… which is doubtful in itself…

  120. I’m not impressed about Chuck questioning my integrity either.

    In fairness though, I think this should stop here as it’s gone far enough now. Politics and sort don’t miss, something I got hammered for saying a few weeks ago, and I have been proved right.

    Let’s just draw a line under it and move on, all of us.

  121. JJ
    My advice to you is to find some proffessional help, you are out of control.

  122. I had moved on Toonsy… It got brought up today! AGAIN by Chuck…
    Until I get an apology, the offer I made still stands…

    But as for the rest. I will stop commenting on it…

    Worky, however, should have the balls to spam and bann anyone who makes continued snipes at someone that don’t know…
    I have not initiated anything… In fact that was down to Worky himself…

  123. JJ That is all Chuck does, leaves backhanded sniping comments to wind people up. I have had enough of it from him, so I just ignore it now uless I am addressed directly by him.

    There are thousands of decent folk here to jabber on about Newcastle and stuff so just ignore it.

  124. Toonsy,

    If you had your integrity questioned, by people that had never met you, know nothing about you, nor the history or current circumstances that you or your fellow countrymen live in… based on a miniscule amount of knowledge they’ve learn from history books. And you got attacked for it every day on a football blog.
    When you get told, the murder of loved ones is poetic justice!!!
    Would you accept that, ignore it and move on!

    And the blog allows this???

  125. Chuck said:

    “how me where I called you a racist, I questioned if you were one, seeing as you stuck your nose in defending JJ who is an obvious racist.”

    Log on for the first time today to read this…
    Addressing me DIRECTLY…

    I’d love to see him have the balls to say it to my face…

  126. Just ignore it JJ(easier said than done I know)……..obviously I havn’t read all your blogs but I’ve never seen you say anything racist… fact the other day you were saying if you’d been old enough you would have been fighting apartheid.Doesn’t sound like a rascist to me.Don’t rise to the bait mate.

  127. Richie is right. Chuck puts out bait for a cheap thrill, which is sad really but hey ho. Must be funny in the US of A, it’s quite childish in all honesty though.