Magpies modern classics – Leeds 3-4 Newcastle

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Next up in my series of modern classics involving Newcastle United is the trip to Elland Road, home of Leeds United, way back in December 2001. A total of seven goals were shared that night in a pulsating encounter with the table toppers, but we had the last laugh this time..

It’s match that will be remembered for it’s slick attacking play rather than defensive fortitude, which obviously added to what was a great spectacle.

Craig Bellamy gave Newcastle the lead after some good work by Kieron Dyer, only for Lee Bowyer of Leeds to equalise immediately and make the score 1-1 at half time. Further setbacks for Newcastle were soon to arrive as Mark Viduka and Ian Harte put the hosts 3-1 up and looked to have killed the game.

This Newcastle side never gave up though, and hope was restored when Robbie Elliot pulled a goal back quickly. Alan Shearer converted a penalty to make the score 3-3 and seemingly split the points between the two sides. Nobby Solano had different ideas though, and popped up in stoppage time to score a dramatic winner for the away side and send Newcastle to the Premier League summit, ironically at the expense of Leeds.

Howay the lads!

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130 Responses

  1. icedog says:
    May 17, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    If I actually understood what you were on about I would reply.

    Putting these videos on just depresses me – What we use to have!

  2. Uziblogging always backfires in the end…looks great for a few days on news now….but then becomes robotic and the banter vanishes soon after.

    Can we have a thread on favourite NUFC Haircut thread 1969-2010?
    Waddle and Venison will be well in the running.

  3. sirjasontoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    “Can we have a thread on favourite NUFC Haircut thread 1969-2010?
    Waddle and Venison will be well in the running.”

    Hmmmmm, there’s a thought, SJT. I’ll have a look, Waddle’ll probably win though. :-)

  4. What a class video. Wish I supported the toon in those days instead of being a stupid arrogant kid who didnt like footy.

  5. Stuart,
    if you read the Tao, you wouldn’t have to feel like that mate.
    Welcome change with open arms, like an old friend.

  6. Stuart79 says:
    May 17, 2010 at 8:15 pm
    I read plenty of books, just not pointless boring books.

    get it now or do you never remember what you have said,I said, on books one mans meat is another mans P

  7. I’ll take your word for it, CLiNT.

    I’ve not got enough days left on this mortal coil to be bored stiff by anything that Worky finds interesting.

  8. Honestly Stuart,
    You’re missing out mate.
    I know it’s hard to take, but worky does in fact ‘know the craic’, particularly on this one.

  9. Venison had a proper Barnet…lime green Versace suits and all that crap :)

    I had a Waddle…the one with the curly fooka back….waddle had 2 cool cuts the perm one and the long mullet.

  10. hate colo hair reminds me of reminds me of P.big nose thompson in his playing days (dick)

  11. I used to like Shearers barnet – His wig looked like it had a hole in it!

  12. sirjasontoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    “Venison had a proper Barnet…lime green Versace suits and all that crap”

    They looked more like lime green ‘Mr Byrite’ suits.

  13. Aye he wore some fashion clangers Our Barry.

    Can we have a Venison Fashion page as well…maybe get him to do a guest spot?

  14. Keegans Flare’s in 74 Pic …must have been heading straight up to wigan casino :)

  15. Cheers Worky…Weetabix Heed haha Quality man..just spat me Amstel oot laughting :)

  16. Keegans Flares in 74 would have put the Stone Roses in the Shade…40inch bottom flappers :)

  17. I don’t believe you’ve just spat beer out, sjt! I heard you don’t spit, you swallow!

  18. Peter Withe….Wolf Heed…when he stood on his head he looked the same…Loved PW,Ws down Spanish City with my uncle and seen him Withe and his Wife and Baby…my uncle said go on Jason get his autograph…I bottled it..he looked evil and was my favourite player at the time…proper star struck I was :)

  19. sirjasontoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    “Malcolm’s Pork Chops are Legendary proper Geezer !”

    I touched them when I was a bairn.

  20. Only on a weekend Stu…don’t want to ruin my Velvet “Sword” Smoking Jacket fella :)

  21. Haha Quality Worky…was that when he was dropping Xmas presents at Byker Borstal dressed as Santa?

  22. Remember Pineapple Heed..Jason Lee….Fook me should have lived in a Tree with that barnet :)

  23. Clint I had a Withe clipping on my wall out the chronicle as a kid and after a season or two it went really faded so I coloured his wolfheed in black felt tip…looked bang on like :)

  24. The first clip of me on my army trainig video is getting marched off to the barbers with my Waddler half perm at the back………..I’d struggle to grow a Bobby Charlton now :-)

  25. My waddle perm was a disaster…got it done cheap next to the newsagent I done my paper round…had all the plastic helmets the granny’s get roasted under.

    Toonsy just incase any of the lads have been roasted on here…I use the word purely in a hairdressing sense :)

  26. sirjasontoon says:
    May 17, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    “Haha Quality Worky…was that when he was dropping Xmas presents at Byker Borstal dressed as Santa?”

    Sir Jason, As I’ve said on here before, my brother in law used to be the manager of the Swallow hotel on Newgate Street (is it the ‘Quality’ hotel now?) in the ‘Seventies and Malcolm used to have his shop in the arcade below. My BIL. was his ‘landlord’ and used to take me to see him. It broke my heart when SuperMac offered him cup final tickets in ’74, and he turned them down! He wasn’t into football. I was radged for years!

  27. Aye Clint I remember my Newcastle football cards and there was some cool cuts…Tommy Craig had a bit of weetabix I am sure :)

  28. SJT,
    those cards made all the players from the ’70’s look like something outta the ’50’s. Hellish.

  29. Mick Martins is still the same, Davey Mac’s wasn’t great,not much on top but flowing locks at the back.

  30. Cordone…Bang Tidy :)

    Irving Natress…looked like a retro proper bungle…surprised he could see the ball with that big fookin mop…thought he was king of the mods rood the quayside…giving it LARGE BUNGLE HEED !!

  31. jay jay says:
    May 17, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    “Daniale cordone had shocking hair as well.”

    Argentines and hair don’t mix as we know, jay jay.

  32. Charlton v Swindons been a canny game so far………John Baileys scouse perm

  33. Used to love collecting football cards…first pannini I filled was football 79…a mate had loads but give up and gave me his book…cut all his out and pasted them in mine with flour and water…Job Done.

  34. Be a funny thread Worky…be good to see some mental old barnets from the old Toon Boys.

  35. Can we get it sponsored by Trotters Barbers? They where based just up from wallsend metro back in the day…got a happy scalping from them many a time..Happy Days :)

  36. You will probably glad of that tomorrow when Worky delivers some WigMagic….!!

  37. SJT….I think someones slightly disagreeing with 1 of ya comments on the Hughton”I can see…” thread mate.

  38. don’t always agree with everything ya write(would be boring if I did but right to reply and all that m8

  39. Charlton vSwindon going to pens,it’s been a cracking game not as good as Charlton v Scumderland tho :-)

  40. Aye Richie…whole point of a blog to have opinions….and that makes it interesting,when someone starts giving it the keyboard warrior after a can of warm Amstel then it’s good to have a heads up mate :)

  41. They’re not there yet raffo.
    only in the final v ‘uddersfield or millwall.

  42. Some dodgy or funky barnets…

    Billy Askew – ginger mullet (perhaps the worst combination??)
    Jonh Bailey – slick perm
    Killer Kilcline – nuff said
    Nicky Papavasiliou – curly curtains
    Marc Hottiger – part of the mullet brigade
    Salty Sellars – curtaintastic
    Pav – bowl cut
    Hooper – curly and ginger (poor)
    Didier Domi – square head like that fella off Red Dwarf

    That’s all for now…

  43. By the way, this Leeds game was brilliant. Didn’t get tickets but I remember going nuts in the Union Rooms upstairs. Quality.

  44. Congratulations to the blogmeisters! Just raced past my ‘busiest day’ figures for number of views, set in January. Thought that might last until the summer speculation days. Bollox. The place is starting to take off again, even in the close season.

    Bravo chaps.

  45. Remember this game very well like. A grit and determinaton shown by the lads that could be compared to the squad of last season perhaps?..To think we were top of the league at that point and commentators were speaking of those games needing to be won if we were to have a real chance at winning the league, madness. Wor Nobby pops up in the 90th minute and sends the away end mental. He’s still one of my all time favourites, the stories of him calling Sir Bobby and playing his trumpet down the phone were hilarious. Obviously can’t go without mentioning Sir Bobby, RIP. Still absolutly gutted he wasn’t here to see us make our return to the Prem.

    On another note, has anyone seen the new “Do it for..” England advert?, I thought the “Do it for..Sir Bobby” was a lovely touch. It’s an emotional one at that point like!

    And as for the haircuts, I havent been around long enough to witness the likes of KK, Waddle etc in their prime, but i’ve seen some crackers none the less. Bernard’s “Pineapple heed” always used to have me chuckling, Colo’s homage to side show Bob is a funny one, and Carroll’s braids were just an absolute disaster. Looked like a cheap Snoop Dogg rip off!

  46. Is it just me that finds the “do it for Bobby” bit tasteless and tacky?

    Maybe its because I am Scottish, have no love for England and want it to fail miserably but the mixed in Sir Bobby with a bunch of drunken spastics and losers.

    It just seems crap to me.

  47. RIP Sir Bobby true legend.

    Wickywoowoo IF scotland qualified for a major tournament and………actually nah forget it.

  48. Scotland will struggle to ever qualify again – that’s called a realistic opinion. England to win the World Cup – not realistic opinion.

    I just think that advert is crap and the way they name drop the genuine class of Bobby Robson’s name in to try and give it a “touching moment” is crass and quite disgusting, to be honest.

  49. Yeah spew’s right – not nearly enough doom and gloom on here lately.

    Shouldn’t we be having a poll about which month our near certain relegation will be confirmed, or how about how many weeks CH will last as manager in the Prem?

    Is that more like it Spewey?

  50. hughton will be ashleys scape goat if it goes pear shaped in the prem,shame like hughton dosnt deserve it..
    hughton should be backed with a decent transfer kitty..

  51. IF being the operative word hitman.

    Howay – keep the faith!

    Managers will always be owners scape goats – no matter how successful or not they may be – that’s just the name of the game these days…

  52. aye TC but also owners back there managers when the manager has just got the promoted to the prem.

  53. hitman – i’ll admit CH probably deserves a longer contract, but you can’t really blame Ashley for a “suck it and see” approach after the club was almost brought to its knees by the compensation demands of our so-called “Messiah”.

    As for funds – the books don’t lie – we’re skint and unless Ashley puts more of his own dosh in we’ll have to make do for the time being.

  54. Thing is Ashley is one of the richest men in the UK his sport shops are doing well and he has plenty shares in Black and most of his stock he makes himself as he owns the labels.

    Shame he will never really pump a good wedge on decent players to compete in the premiership…he will simply deliver either a team of survivors or more relegation fodder for a 52,000 capacity crowd paying hard earned cash to be “Entertained”.

    I am expecting the football to be even worse than last year without some creativity and a decent prem striker brought in.

    Struggles are never fun to watch.

  55. 104-I don’t think CH deserves a long contract and clearly Mike has a Man that is happy to graft for a small salary with a small kitty and just get on with whatever Mike tells him to do.

    MA would be mad to tie himself up with CH in a binding 4 year deal as he is unproven at the highest level…that is probably one of the reasons he won’t back him sufficiently in the transfer window either as he don’t see him here longterm-unless he conjures up miracles with marbles :)

  56. Ashley won’t give Hughton a longer contract because Ashley know’s Hughton’s on a hiding to nothing in the PL.

    If he needs to sack him (Which judging his past record, he will) it will cost him nowt!

    The books don’t lie – Absolutely correct. We made a loss last year of £32m – The extra revenue from promotion quite clearly covers them losses – Where’s the rest gone?

  57. Oh yeah Spew – cos we all know that revenue for the year ahead is paid in a lump sum on the final day of the season.

    You really will pedal any old spurious BS to furnish your argument won’t you.

  58. Toon Chicken says:
    May 18, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Just remind me when I said we will get it all up front?

    I actually said, if you can read, that we have enough revenue next season to ensure we don’t run at a loss.

    Am I wrong?

    Just explain how it’s going to take five years to break even..

  59. been off the blog for a while as ive been abroad with troy stavers girlfriend for a long holiday whilst hes been in wormwood scrubs. Hes back out shortly so its back to normal.
    Anyway, can someone tell me how we lost 32m last season? Has it been shown in the accounts?

  60. Whooooooo Hoooooo Bobby Man ye daft radge…Stavers died man…got his throat cut in the nick for pinching a pack of Rizla from “A” wing….Carling the Daddy cut him up real bad…from ear to ear..looked like Zippy oot of rainbow…it was the billiard ball in an old ‘Boro sock that turned his lights oot once and for all though.

    Wor Mick was in tears at the funeral man…the whole of Benwell stood and cried…all in black shell suits and lonsdale trainers an’alll as a mark of respect.

  61. 110-Anyway, can someone tell me how we lost 32m last season? Has it been shown in the accounts?

    Losing at Roulette,Poker,Black Jack,New Helicopters,Global Travel to Open new sweat factories,Stocking up on Shite trainers and other Sports direct Stock :)

  62. Cool Hotel Story Worky-Made me chuckle.
    Proper snappy dresser supermac…Loved the Double Breasted Jackets,Kipper Ties and Muckle Radge Flares!

  63. Anyone saw the west ham owner 10-point plan????

    Short and sweet statement. ;)

  64. My mate is a season ticket holder and life with them 2 in charge will be tighter than a you know what.

    They always come up with excuses to not spend money-they run a tight business ship fair enough and pocket the difference Kerching Kerching !!

  65. Bobby Shinton number 9 says:
    May 18, 2010 at 10:53 am

    “110-Anyway, can someone tell me how we lost 32m last season? Has it been shown in the accounts?”

    Yes, it does show it in the accounts. The main reasons are because we lost around £50 million in income through getting relegated, and even after the big clearout, we still had a team that was on very high wages for the Championship and the much lower revenues it brings.

  66. You’re wasting your time worky.

    The spew crew obviously studied at the Gordy Broon skool of economix.

  67. wickywoowoo @96

    “Maybe its because I am Scottish, have no love for England and want it to fail miserably”

    Right back atcha mate.

    I remember the good old days when you at least used to qualify for the odd tournament. Then we’d have a f*cking good laugh as you made your way home after the first round ;-)

  68. Aye. Scots remind me of mackems. They’d rather see the English lose than the Scots succeed ;)

  69. Toonsy-I’m up in Edinburgh and had a mate yesterday pretty much refuse to buy a kit kat because it had a “keep your fingers crossed” slogan for England’s world cup chances on the wrapper. I was embarrassed for him.

  70. Ross – Poor market research by Nestle there though. A bit like if our PUMA kit has the black cat logo on it.

    They should know that things like that are likely to cause a drop in sales :D

    Like Sugar Puffs in Sunderland

  71. Q…what dya call a scot in the 2nd round of a football tournament?


    The old ones are the best,mind you have to change that to just ‘a football tournament.
    Just kidding WICKYWW ;-)

  72. Toonsy-mars do the same thing and my mates kick up a right fuss. My old man is from Glasgow but doesn’t really live with a chip on his shoulder like alot of other lads I know. He also lived in the north east from 18 onwards so pretty much classes himself as a full on toon fan. Gers were his Glasgow club though so I keep an eye on them. I find the whole thing quite amusing. They’re patriotic which I fully respect but they’re obsessed with the English failing. Like, an English loss is a Scottish win. My mates claim England are the same with them, but just get frustrated with me when I tell ten they’re dead long and that 99% of England couldn’t really care less about them. Yes, we’ll have a laugh at their expense but that’s primarily brought on by their persistance with wanting to see us fail!

  73. Bloody iPhone! Tell them they’re dead wrong, I mean. I don’t go around complimating my mates lengths, honest! Haha

  74. Ross – Like I said, Scots = Mackems :D

    Most Scots anyway ;)

    You goin to the Rangers game pre-season?

  75. Ross – I did see it, but didn’t want to mention it 8O

    That stuff should stay personal ;)

  76. Thanks for posting these. As a newer fan (2006) I’m not always familiar with some of the recent influential players that some of you lot reminisce about. Great to see them in action and it was particularly great to see Nobby bag the winner.

  77. Tripp – Don’t eorry maye, thats part of the reason I have been reposting these. Not everyone has had the fortune of being able to watch us play at the top of the game when we were actually a good side, so it’s nice to show some of the newer/younger fans that it is possible and we have done it.